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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2016   0300Z Jul 7   Comment Summary

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K4GUF   Single Op QRP   252016-07-06 20:34:16
Short night.
W6NS   Single Op LP   1002016-07-06 20:34:31
Rig: Elecraft Antenna: Buddi Pole.

OP from NV-DM25nx.

Got 10, time to pack the rigs and bags, 10 hour drive to better antennas for
the next session and another small test IARU, less meaning to me than CWT. See
you on the week end or better next CWT.
K1GU   Single Op HP   2,2002016-07-06 20:42:52
Quit for storms. CU IARU test.
NA6O   Single Op HP   3,0002016-07-06 20:46:36
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals (TX), dipoles (RX), N1MM+
W9ILY   Single Op LP   2,1732016-07-06 20:46:58
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
NØAC(@NØAC/Ø)   Single Op LP   3,7052016-07-06 21:01:03
There's no meters like 40m but S7 static.

Bill, N0AC
At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, 7100\'

Rig 1-FT1000MP~100w
Antenna 1-HyGain HyTower Jr.
Antenna 2-2 Element 20m vertical array

Rig 2-Ten Tec Omni VI~100w
Antenna 1-40m Dipole
Antenna 2-15m 2 Element vertical dipole array

K3WW   Single Op HP   13,6622016-07-06 21:01:13
lots of folks seemed real weak on 40 tonight
K6RB   Single Op HP   9,8822016-07-06 21:01:18
Rough condx on 40 for sure. Thanks for the Qs. CU next week.
KØRF   Single Op LP   8,8922016-07-06 21:01:43
Thanks for the QSOs.


N5PHT   Single Op HP   3,7052016-07-06 21:01:57
Thanks again for another nice session. Hope to see you next week.
AB5OR   Single Op LP   3,7102016-07-06 21:01:59
Conditions not bad but not great. Had trouble being heard on the lower bands
which isn't usually a problem, just condx. 20 was fine for me though.

Thanks everyone for the Qs and can't wait for 2 weeks from now. Next week,
I'll be on the beach.
KJ9C   Single Op HP   3,2502016-07-06 21:02:08
K3, KPA500,
N5EIL   Single Op LP   1,8202016-07-06 21:02:15
Finally broke 50q's !!
WU6X   Single Op HP   6442016-07-06 21:02:48
WU6X's Contest Summary Report for CWT
Created by N3FJP's CWops CWT Contest Log
Version 1.4

Total Contacts = 28
Total Points = 644

Operating Period: 2016/07/07 03:00 - 2016/07/07 03:59

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
80 5 0 0 5 18
40 6 0 0 6 21
20 17 0 0 17 61
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 28 0 0 28 100

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 26 93
Aruba 1 4
Canada 1 4

Total = 3
AD8J   Single Op HP   8,6922016-07-06 21:02:56
Brutal QRN from storms all around. Sorry for all the repeats. Mostly just got
partial call signs and had to figure out who it was.
W1UU   Single Op QRP   1,4402016-07-06 21:03:03
K2 5 watts to a 43 ft. auto-tuned vertical with 25 radials.
Terrific propagation but had a hard time working stronger stations!
Peter W1UU
K3SEN   Single Op LP   1692016-07-06 21:03:18
Miserable! For some reason I couldn't Xmit on 20M?? Then had S9 noise on 40M.
What a night. Thanks for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN FTdx-1200
W7OLY   Single Op HP   1,6922016-07-06 21:03:23
Personal best for me in CWT. All S&P.
N5ZO   Single Op HP   11,7002016-07-06 21:03:25
K4IU   Single Op HP   3,7962016-07-06 21:03:27
Tons of QRN on 40 and 80, thanks for QSOs and your patience guys. 73
WJ9B   Single Op HP   10,8902016-07-06 21:03:30
73, wj9b
NQ6N   Single Op HP   6,8402016-07-06 21:03:31
40 was noisy for me this week, WSPR tells me there is propagation on 15 but I
continue not to check it at the start of the contest.
K3WJV   Single Op HP   6,3922016-07-06 21:03:32
Lots of noise on all bands, good thing its only an hour, hi. Tnx for the fun.

K3/P3 & Alpha 89
FT1000MP for 2nd radio when so2r is all together
(On the workbench > Collins S-line SB221 DTR2000L)
2 el Hexbeam @ 24ft, 6 thru 20 mtrs (K4KIO)
3 band Fan Inv Vee broadside N/S @ 55ft - 40m/short 160m, 80m (Hy Power)
40 mtr sloper @ 55ft sloping north
200ft kd9sv RBOG rx ant - NE/SW
N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab as my master logger
W8CAR   Single Op LP   4,6622016-07-06 21:03:33
40 and 80 noisy but lots of activity!
K2RD   Single Op HP   6,4802016-07-06 21:03:41
Thanks for the q's.
W6TN   Single Op QRP   492016-07-06 21:03:46
Thank you everyone to pick up my 5W signal. 73, Trung W6TN
N5IR   Single Op HP   2,6042016-07-06 21:03:47
S&P. Worked: F, P4(2).
KØVBU   Single Op LP   5,7802016-07-06 21:04:15
K3/100 TH6DXX@50\' Trap Dipole apex 30\' N1MM+

Just got the K3 back in line after FD. What a snake pit behind my rig!
40/80 really noisy. Apologies to those I couldn't pull out.
Thanks, and see you all next week!
Bill K0VBU
WØEA   Single Op HP   2,3402016-07-06 21:05:04
got the SB200 fired up for the first time in 2 years and everything working FB.
400w out on 20 and 40. 40m really seems like best band for this Titan antenna.
Good time, thanks for the QSOs!
K7SV   Single Op LP   9,4402016-07-06 21:05:05
Well that completes a day that was fun regardless of condx and activity! New
non-members Andrew K5VI and Luc K0HT. CU some of you tomorrow evening in the NS
and others this weekend in IARU.
NN4K   Single Op HP   1,1782016-07-06 21:05:47
20, 40 were very good but 80 was a noise curtain tonight. Found Bert F6HKA on 20
and 40, and the rest of CONUS was very active. Thanks for the Qs and look for
you next week. Welcome to the new members I haven't worked before.
73 Mac NN4K
IN3FHE   Single Op LP   1442016-07-06 21:05:57
Better score as yesterday, but it's hard to reach the minimum amount of qso's.
But I never give up , for sure.
Helga, in3fhe # 1548
WM4AA   Single Op LP   6442016-07-06 21:05:58
This my first full session, but a lot of fun. 73, Matt
G4NVR   Single Op HP   642016-07-06 21:06:17
Thanks for the Q's - 73 de Phil - G4NVR
NC6K   Single Op HP   4,8382016-07-06 21:06:49
I'm starting to get the hang of SO2R, especially during these short contests. I
still don't have the ability to copy two CW calls in both ears at once, but
with luck and practice, maybe it will come to me. I think this may be my
highesst score yet during a CWT.
N5QQ   Single Op HP   7,6442016-07-06 21:07:06
Dang 40m is NOISY here in the city. Miss the quiet country!
Apologize to all the 40m stns calling I couldn't copy.

Still no 80m antenna.

CU next round or so...

Ron 1218

K3, KPA500, T8 Log Periodic @ 55ft, Butternut HF6 on roof @ 20ft
AI6O   Single Op HP   1,5212016-07-06 21:07:37
Wow, tough go on 40 but still fun. Toward the end had lots of noise and missed
some. Nice to work P40XA. Apologies to VE5SBH, tough in the noise. Always
enjoyable, thanks for the Qs. 73

Ed, AI6O
N5AW   Single Op LP   10,2602016-07-06 21:07:44
A suprise to find 15 open but not many there. 80 was very noisy but overall it
seemed like conditions were better than my score indidates.

Hope to work many of you in IARU then off to Colorado for the rest of July.
Will be in the CWTs as N5AW/0 when I have time - lots of visitor this year
K5VI   Single Op LP   3602016-07-06 21:08:07
Enjoyed it as always!
NA8V   Single Op LP   5,9162016-07-06 21:08:14
Very noisy and sigs not that loud.

Pse'd to work P40w on 80/160.

hope things improve for the weekend..........

W6SX   Single Op HP   11,1252016-07-06 21:10:06
Unlike last week, this week forty was better than twenty. Go tell.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-ATY, N1MM+
F6JOE   Single Op LP   2402016-07-06 21:10:36

73 Jean - F6JOE
K9MA   Single Op QRP   1,5842016-07-06 21:11:10
Elroy, WI. Lots of bugs

SO2R folks: It's annoying when you ignore callers because you're busy on the
other radio. We might stop calling you.
N4FP/M   Single Op LP   1,0442016-07-06 21:12:21
Good turnout. Some tough going with my mobile setup, but did manage to work
from France to California on 40. Thanks for the contacts. Flex 6300, 100
watts to horizontally mounted 40 and 20 meter Hustler antennas atop a 3 ft mast
on a mag mount.
N4KW   Single Op HP   5,4402016-07-06 21:12:23
Bad static crashes, but fun never the less
K5CM   Single Op HP   1,5042016-07-06 21:12:54
73, Connie
KG7E   Single Op LP   1962016-07-06 21:16:05
Sorry for the slow sending. I send by hand while chasing the key across my desk
WA8HSB   Single Op QRP   2252016-07-06 21:16:18
Thanks for the Qa!

KX2 @ 5 watts to attic antennas.

73, John
F6HKA   Single Op HP   5,6582016-07-06 21:17:42
Thanks for the QSOs. 73 Bert
SM7CIL   Single Op LP   1692016-07-06 21:44:52
Tnx for the QSOs!

YO3GNF   Single Op HP   42016-07-06 22:53:50
73 de YO3GNF, op. JACK.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   6,5552016-07-07 05:10:14
FTDX5000, Alpha 78, 1 KW. TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Recently purchased
FTDX5000, which I have used in contests at WW4LL, but haven't fully understood
yet. Alpha 78 just back from the repair shop. Great to have full QSK again.
Thanks to KU8E for coming by and trying to repair the feedline to my 40M
dipole. I didn't have the proper tools and used the 88' center fed zepp on 40
instead of the dipole. 15M was open to the west at the start. Could have used
more stations starting on 15M. 20 and 40M were quite good, with some good
European signals in the mix. West coast signals seemed good even on 80, which
I didn't leave much time for. We couldn't get radio control to work even
though it was using the same cable that had worked fine with my MPs for years.
So, of course, I forgot to manually change the bands in N1MM Plus the first two
times I changed bands. Will make the IARU HF Contest harder this weekend, but
I must get accustomed to the new rig and all its features. Thanks for all
QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
K1SX   Single Op QRP   1002016-07-07 07:35:39
Genesis G11 5w to 270' doublet @ 15'. tnx all!
KK4XX   Single Op LP   3602016-07-07 08:29:44
Station is partially back together :-)
VE5SDH   Single Op LP   2,9582016-07-07 09:03:38
busy bands this evening :) maybe i will get to 60 qsos some year :)
thanks everyone 73 Summer
VE7FO   Single Op HP   3,2402016-07-08 00:23:51
Better late than never I suppose.

20 was really good from here until everyone left. Signals nice and strong with
little QSB. Had the ten minute rate up to 114 which I'm pretty happy with,
considering that there were lots of gaps between callers.

73, Jim

40 was very noisy with QSB. Didn't try 80.

Was nice to see old friends VE7IO & KI7Y participating.

73, Jim VE7FO