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KCØW/M   Single Op LP   12011-02-12 18:52:05
Say what you want, CW is still the king!!!

Operated once again from the driveway instead of from on top of the hill in
the cow pasture. Signals are down a little when I operate this way but I really
didn't wanna drive out to the pasture tonight. Only put 2 hours into the Sprint
& my final total shows it, hihi.

Nice to work my contesting buddies on SSB who I usually work on CW. Great to
work South Dakota as well. I have to wonder when was the last time the two
Dakota's worked each other in the Sprint? Nice also to work another bovine
station, AC0W. It was a real "MOOOOving" experience.

Installed a 900 watt solid state homebrew amplifier in the mobile last week
but because of the sprint's 100 watt limit I didn't put it in line. Plus I need
to me moving to keep the RPM's up to power the 150+ amp draw it needs.

I'm getting shellacked in 'tests by not being able to run SO2R from the
mobile. Just as no one I know is running 900 watts from a mobile, I'm seriously
thinking it's time to explore a SO2R setup in the KC0W mobile. I'm kicking
around some ideas on paper regarding some extreme attenuating homebrew bandpass
filters. Chances are I will go with another Kenwood TS-480 HX for the second
radio. Not sure what I'm gonna do about the most important item, the second
screwdriver antenna. I get enough weird looks now with my big screwdriver
antenna just wait 'till I install a second one.

As most can tell by now, I don't log anything except the total number of Q's
in most 'tests while operating from the mobile. I contest because I LOVE to do
it & not to win any paper. This MIGHT change in the near future as I start to
incorporate computer logging into the mobile station. I played in the big RTTY
'test this afternoon from the mobile using a laptop..........Bet some of the
240+ stations I worked were scratching their heads when KC0W/M came across
their screens, hihi!!!

As always happy to provide the North Dakota mult to the boys & see ya all this
Thursday using the KING of all modes, CW.


Tom KC0W
KO7X   Single Op HP   3,9682011-02-12 19:55:11
Yet another evening of fun and frustration. Tough conditions all around. 20
folded early, 40 and 75 are just a mess. Tough sledding from here. Managed to
work the other team members on 75 early. Nice to work both Dakotas this outing.
K6LA   Single Op HP   7,3342011-02-12 20:03:23
I don't think it is possible for a sprint to be any more painful than this one.

73, Ken, K6LA
NO3M   Single Op HP   4,5602011-02-12 20:04:26

73 eric no3m
W1UJ   Single Op HP   3,1682011-02-12 20:05:06
That was fun. Tough going at start.
WWØAL   Single Op LP   3,9102011-02-12 20:08:46
Basically my first real effort at a sprint. I've got a lot to learn.
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   1,8002011-02-12 20:12:28
Stayed a whole hour on 20m, cuz I knew the low
bands would be worse.

Stayed two hours on 40m, cuz I knew 80m would
be worse.

Spent one hour on 80m, and it was worse. In
between QSOs I had time to eat tortilla chips,
next time I'll try eating saltines and whistling!

At the start 20m was long and I couldn't get any
close-in stuff like CA and OR. On 40m and 80m I
could hear all of you, but it was rare pair of ears
that could hear me. Thanks for the extra listening!

20m: Force 12 C-31XR at 71ft
40m: Force 12 Delta 240 at 78ft
80m: Half-sloper from 60ft
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software.
KU8E   Single Op LP   3,1042011-02-12 20:15:31
Pretty poor conditions and low activity. I think the WPX RTTY contest this
weekend is taking away a lot of activity from this one. Although, it seems like
the phone sprints have been going downhill the past several years. Took a 1 -1/2
hour break in the middle because there was no one to work. Got back on the last
45 minutes to work everyone on 75 meters.

Jeff KU8E
NDØC   Single Op QRP   1,5752011-02-12 20:18:06
Interesting... Heading into the weekend I had misgivings about how miserable
this Sprint was going to be, figuring that 20 would be worthless and I'd have
to go to 40 right away and take my QRP beating there. But fortunately I was
able to get some easy QSOs on 20 before moving down to the land of QRP
masochism: 40 and 80 SSB. 40 didn't go long like it dead a week ago - that was
good. And at first I seemed to be relatively loud on 80 - but then the QRM
became a big factor. 80 seemed really noisy here.

At the last minute I decided to use "Doc" as my name instead of Randy -
shorter, matches my call (by design) and, after all, I am a "doc". Well, with
my weak signal and QRM/QSB it seemed to get confused with John and Don fairly
often. - Don't know if I'll do that again!

I think some guys are getting a little loose with the QSY rule. A few times
after I got a frequency, I would hear the station I just worked calling CQ a
kHz away (part of the curse of using a FT-897 that is pretty broad). So what's
with that?

All in all, I had fun. But this one is always a struggle running QRP.

Station: Yaesu FT-897D running 5 watts into 3 el tribander at 48' and inverted
vee with apex at 45'

Randy (aka "Doc"), ND0C

"You don't have to be crazy to run QRP ... but it helps."
KE3X   Single Op LP   8822011-02-12 20:20:07
My NCCC Spring score this week was higher than this. What a joke.

Ken KE3X
KB9OWD   Single Op LP   1,8002011-02-12 20:22:42
I think this is my first SSB Sprint. Didn't get on until about 0145Z. I signed
up for the team last minute when I saw there were openings. I didn't have alot
of time, but figured a few points to the team effort was better than none. I
still have a touch of the stomach flu and not feeling totally myself. I used
some of my "radio time" for the weekend in RTTY WPX, went to church at the
beginning and took the XYL out for dinner, so was happy to still get 1.5 hours

I found K6LL right away on 20 for my only QSO there. Not having been in a SSB
sprint before, I didn't know what to expect. I heard alot of "dead air" and it
didn't seem like that many stations on. Not sure if it was that or conditions,
but after about 20 minutes on 40, I had a hard time finding new ones. I heard
alot of regulars calling alot of fruitless CQ's.

80 didn't seem to go as long as last weekend and I actually worked teammates
W9RE, N9CK and KA9FOX along with the surrounding states. Heard N6ED on 80 for
the only west coast however couldn't get his attention there.

As I said last weekend, I like the sprint format and will be back for more!
Thanks to Pat, WW9R for organizing the teams. Out of everything I missed, I
think I heard the rare DX of K9PG briefly on 80 also.


WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op HP   6,6242011-02-12 20:30:34
YUK! At 0300 I looked at the clock and thought "wow, another hour of this!".. I
wasn't a SPRINT, it was a CRAWL, or a SLOG!!

Great signals from KW8N, K7SS, KA9FOX, N6ED, and many others, just not a lot of
folks to work, seems participation is WAY down from when I did this many years

I about wore the bandswitch out on the amp switching bands, only SO1R, could
have definately used 2 radios tonite, would have helped a bunch, not set up for
that yet.

Thanks to Scott, KA9FOX for the QSO after the sprint.

Congrats to FOX, K7SS, KW8N, N6ED, W9RE for good numbers given the conditions.
Boy, 20m went LONG early, along with 40m, and even 80m for a while, then it
came back a bit.

Thanks, 73 God Bless, Todd WD0T
N4PN   Single Op HP   6,4782011-02-12 20:39:04
Just a few too many contest going on this weekend....
20m was not too hot and 40m was not much better..
As has been the case a lot lately, 80m saved the
day somewhat...
Still a fun four hours.
73, Paul, N4PN
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   1612011-02-12 20:55:28
Once again, a sprint within the Sprint. Op'd the first 15 mins then went DXing
for a bit.

73, Mike K9NW
K6CSL   Single Op LP   4322011-02-12 21:08:01
Well, not my best, but not my worst either. I did do better on SSB this time
than I did on CW, which is a real surprize. Hopefully conditions will be better
in September. I had a lot of problems this time from noise that was worse than
it usually is here. 80 was especially difficult. Bert, K6CSL
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   5,3282011-02-12 21:10:51
Prior to the Sprint, I spent the afternoon
1) using the tractor to move composted chicken manure around the vineyard and
2) digging a hole in the ground to prepare soil for planting bare root
Blueberries next week.

Activity 1) describes this contest pretty well and
Activity 2) provides a place to bury in this contest in memory.

I almost made the 4 hours, but not quite. After resorting to a concoted sprint
QSO with a ZS6 on 80m, I decided enough was enough. The bright spot. . there
were a few good mults, and a few NS friends in the sprint . N1LN, NO3M and
others. Also a pleasure to work the NCCC Pres Jack, W6FB, who was on our
meager team. Also a pleasure to work team member NM6E using "COW", but it
disappointed that KC0W was not using "MOO".

73 Bill n6zfo
K9PG   Single Op QRP   162011-02-12 21:12:21
Congrats to N6ED for my only 40m Q
And NO3M, N1LN & KA9FOX for the 80m Qs
I think my antenna (my only antenna... a 40m wire around 12 feet up) might be
under the snow laying partially across the roof.
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   10,4722011-02-12 21:13:52
Hmmm... I don't think our forefathers envisioned the Sprint to require CQing and
begging for QSOs for 3/4 of the contest. A change is needed. Nearly pulled the
plug at 03z, just couldn't bear the thought of doing another hour. :-(

Heard some big scores from K7SS, W9RE, N6ED and KW8N -- congrats OMs for
sticking with it!

Best part of the contest was having a nice chat with Todd WD0T right after the
contest. Guess that says a lot about my enjoyment of this outing.

Scott KA9FOX
K6LL   Single Op HP   9,9882011-02-12 21:55:26
I took time out from the WPX RTTY to do the SSB Sprint. The changeover went
smoothly from rtty to ssb and then back to rtty, but there's quite a bit
different in the station setup.

Propagation was poor, participation was low, and we all had to scrounge
contacts from non-participants. It was a pitiful scene. I think it's time to
let the SSB Sprint pass into history.

It was fun to tell the non-participants that the frequency was theirs. "NO, NO
I DON'T WANT IT!" was a frequent response.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

W7WHY   Single Op HP   6112011-02-12 22:06:00

Decided to do this about 10 minutes after it started. Had been doing the WPX
RTTY. Had to set the SSB stuff up.

Glad my wife drug me off to a Valentines Banquet at 0200. 73
N6ED   Single Op HP   10,0622011-02-13 00:33:24
SSB sprint activity is again wayyy down which is just sad, not sure why the
contest community has shunned it so much, it's a blast and back a few years
ago, working 300+ was a possibility and just depended on skill and being able
to be in the groove for 4 hours. It has turned into a band sucking vacuum job
based on major begging and praying for 20 to last more than the first 30
minutes with the hopes for 225 QSO's by the end. Thinking maybe a corporate
sponsor with some nice prizes could help to turn it around or even a combined
winner getting a magazine cover photo shoot!! Might make for some interesting
dart board material ;-)

As usual, even with low activity, solar numbers that are increasing which
seemed to yield the same old usual lackluster propagation, I had a blast. I
spent some of the time cheering on old friends that got on, joked with others,
and plain flat-out crunched for every QSO I could vacuum from the bands.
20 was short lived with most of the east coast guys super weak. 40 was better
but pretty noisy out here due to the extreme dry conditions and wind. 80 was
like licking an electric fence.

Thanks to the usual suspects for an enjoyable challenge and to all of you who
took the time to get on to make this contest still the most fun 4 hours in

73 de Craig N6ED
N1LN   Single Op HP   7,0802011-02-13 04:11:23
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I am sure that many of you have read those words. Perhaps last night you
experienced them both. I know I did.

My start for the CW Sprint was anything but the best of times. 20 meters was
less than good from my QTH. 40 meters was very noisy. I couldn't copy CW to
save my lift and then to top it off, the right side of my head phones decided
to go out. I quit about 1 hr into the contest. DONE.

So, I was determined to get my act together for the SSB Sprint. Both K3s were
taken apart and the Aux BNC connectors installed for diversity RX. I ordered a
new cable for my Heil Pro-Set Plus. The time before the contest was more
relaxing than it was for CW. I was ready.

The first 15 minutes were great. The Qs were coming fast, I was winning most of
the jump balls and even making couplets. Then 20 meters got slow. Knowing I had
4 hours, not only 30 minutes like NS Sprints on Thursday nights, the digging
began to maximize 20 meters. When the rate is that slow, even I can work SO2R,
so I did. Well, that is when I found out that I had miswired the replacement
headphone cable. My left radio was in my right ear and my right radio was in
my left ear. As if that was not interesting enough, that also changed the
listening focus of the RX antennas. Sorry for those I transmitted on top of
until this bit of left ear, right brain and right ear, left brain was worked
out. Fortunately, I was able to turn the headphones around, move the boom mic
in position and keep going.

Keep going. Interesting words. The rate was not exactly challenging. Actually,
it was extremely slow. Many of my Qs were with non-Sprint participants. Those
in the NH and LA QSO party were kind enough to give both Sprint and QSO party
exchanges. THANK YOU! Many others gave me QSO number 1 after having the
exchange explained to them. THANK YOU!

The best of times was a three way QSO with N6ZFO, Bill and KO7X, Alan. It was
not long, but it was during the contest. Thanks guys for the nice chat and for
convincing me to stay in the game.

Mults heard but not worked: MS, DE, BC
Mults not heard, not worked and perhaps not on: MANY

Now it is time to head to the work bench and exchange the white and yellow
wires so my headphone audio, brain, ears, and K3s will be once again in

Bruce, N1LN
N5DO   Single Op LP   6,2902011-02-13 05:49:44
I agree with the following from K6LL's post:

"Propagation was poor, participation was low, and we all had to scrounge
contacts from non-participants. It was a pitiful scene. I think it's time to
let the SSB Sprint pass into history."

I would modify it somewhat -- it is time to let the SSB Sprint pass into
history, or fix it so it has decent participation.

Participation was terrible. When 0000Z arrives in a CW Sprint you can hear the
band explode into activity. Last night there was nothing -- for the first
minute I was frantically tuning around, not hearing anything and wondering if I
had the time or suggested frequency wrong. With two hours to go I moved to 80M,
definitely not my best band, because I could not find anyone new to work on 40M.
In the last 30 minutes I only made 10 contacts, and 5 of those were on 40M
where I was able to find people who were not really in the Sprint, but got
involved in passing out a few contacts. The QSO numbers I received from 7 of
the last 10 contacts were: 7, 3, 2, 8, 2, 1, and 9. Obviously

Everyone was working the participants in the LA and NH QSO parties. And they
don't move after their QSO, they just sit there and call CQ. Hardly the spirit
of the Sprint.

The CW Sprint is intimidating to many contesters: the high speeds and the
frantic pace cause "deer in the headlights" moments that many of us have
experienced. Perhaps that same perception exists with regard to the SSB
Sprint. But the SSB Sprint is a different animal. Many contesters, especially
LP contesters, would find the SSB Sprint to be exhilarating. It is not
dominated by the same few big gun stations that set up camp up and down the
band and turn on the CQ machines. You can get on and operate. Lose too many
"jump balls"? Call CQ -- someone will hear you, work you, and then you move
and call CQ again.

Experienced CW Sprinters seem to look down their noses at the SSB Sprint. But
they would enjoy it if they gave it a chance. It also helps to get the rhythm
of the Sprint down, and will make for less "deer in the headlights" moments.

Somehow we need to collectively build the participation in this contest, or let
it die quickly rather than slowly (and painfully).
K7SS(@K7RI)   Single Op HP   13,8842011-02-13 06:36:03
Whew..that ended up being GOOD FUN !!!

Having done the NA SSB SPRINT for many years, I must concur, that this was one
of the most challenging of them all. Luckily I was at the K7RI station on the
hill, with good aluminum and gear and could make the most of it.

That being said, and after having read the comments so far about the NA SSB I
would like to offer some suggestions on how to revive this contest to its
former activity and fun levels.

I had fun...I have to admit that before the test, after listening to the
that there were pretty high expectations for 20 meters. Out here in on the W
Coast, 20 is usually the deal maker or breaker. Short time on 20 means hard
time on 40/80 which usually slows to a crawl. Have done my very best in NA SSB
when 20 stayed open the longest. One year did 3:45 time just on 20, and a hop
to 80 for the last 15 minutes. That was the best NA Ive done.

This year after 30 minutes on 20 we all knew that this was not going to satisfy
with long runs into W8/9/0 and East, like in past years. It quickly became
evident that what we now had was another 3:30 of a familiar kind of "Contest
Scavenger Hunt". Anything heard was worth listening to, turned over, and then
tried to turn into a few more points. Lots of scrambling around once the
regulars were in the log, which didnt take too long!

My guess is, that the major reason there was little 'regular' contest activity
was due mainly to conflict w/ WPX RTTY. Teletype has become much more popular
over the years, and WPX is one of three MAJOR contests of the year. My guess is
that many who would have got on for SSB NA were busy diddling away on RTTY.

I agree with Craig (ED)N6ED and others, that this contest is worth pumping back
up. We dont need to euthanize a contest, just because of low activity or bad
propagation. The challenge is to bring it back into the fold, and I think IF it
can be moved to a more 'friendly' weekend, still near the CW NA, that we would
see a major change in activity. Heck, Im sure all of us have sat on a near dead
band and scraped for any Q, many times. "PROPAGATION IS" and thats what we get
when we throw the dice.

Here are the top 20 NA CW claimed scores from 3830 for last week.

N5KO/6(@W6NL) 376 45 4 16,920 NCCC #1
N2IC 364 44 4 16,016 Arizona Outlaws CC
W6YI(N6MJ) 364 43 4 15,652 SCCC #1
N6TV 337 44 4 14,828 NCCC #1
N6TR 343 42 4 14,406 Oregon Slug Farmers
N9RV 327 43 4 14,061 Ad Hoc Contesters
N5RZ 326 43 4 14,018 Arizona Outlaws CC
N3BB 322 43 4.0 13,846 CTDXCC Snowmen
N6RO 313 43 4 13,459 NCCC #1

K6LL 305 43 4 13,115 Arizona Outlaws CC
N6RT(@N6WIN) 295 43 4 12,980 SCCC #1
K4RO 300 43 4 12,900 Ad Hoc Contesters
N2NT 307 42 4 12,894 FRC Domestic
W9RE 296 43 4 12,728 Ad Hoc Contesters
W5KFT(K5PI) 303 42 4 12,726 CTDXCC Snowmen
KO7AA 294 42 4.0 12,348 Arizona Outlaws CC
AA3B 293 42 4 12,306 FRC Domestic
W6YX(N7MH) 299 41 4 12,259 NCCC #1
N6XI 287 42 4 12,054 NCCC #1

I only worked 3 of these guys in this SSB NA. granted some are CW purists,
most are ambidextrous and worth both modes. Have worked all of them on SSB at
one time or another, Im pretty sure.

So ... IF we can move the SSB NA to a better weekend, w/o conflict of another
major contest, I think most of these guys will show up for the SSB. And the
more the show up, the better it gets for ALL.

Granted the NA SSB requires working the casuals, I usually find that after a
couple hours those giving you #1 or #2 are happy to join in the fray, and give
out a few numbers. They are the lifeblood of this contest, not the
regulars....but its a symbiotic relationship, and you have to have the regulars
in numbers to stir up the casuals, and the more of both, results in more action
and fun. Perhaps an email campaign to all these guys will bring them back next
time, and at the starting gun, for 4 hours.

After 30 min on 20m I felt like throwing in the towel and going back home, but
its a Saturday nite, you are in the saddle on a good horse, so no reason NOT to
keep going a bit more to see whats over the next rise. Well before long it was
half time, so what the heck...keep on keepin on. I can only imagine what this
might have been like doing it back home w/ low wires...and I have to hand it to
those that did not only LP, but QRP, in this one. Hanging in for 4 hours was a
real grind this year. CONGRATULATIONS to all that stayed the course.

So in sum: MOVE TO BETTER WEEKEND. Promote within the ranks, and with those
casuals that did participate. GIVE PRIZES (tnx N6ED, FOX, etc) . (I would be
glad to work w/ a few guys on this part of promoting the Sprints).

In a few years, if we ever get towards a propagation peak, this weeks NA will
be a distant memory, and we all will be running at full speed once again, with
lots of action. Lets see if we can help make that happen.

DanWa, K7SS

Mults: no ID or UT, but all other states worked. Many gave #1, #2, #3.
DX: FM, J6. VE: VE3, VE7, VY1.

IC 7800, Alpha, Stacked KT36XA, 4 el 40, Slopers for 80 at K7RI...THANKS K7RI &
W7KAT for hosting me.
WØPAN   Single Op LP   4622011-02-13 07:23:32
Tough Going. Band condx very bad in AZ. Not a fun contest. Time to end it?
K8GU   Single Op LP   4482011-02-13 07:36:50
Got on to make some noise in support of the deserving. The bands seemed to be
in OK shape aside from being a bit long.


--Ethan, K8GU/3.
W9RE   Single Op HP   9,9122011-02-13 07:37:50
Agree with most other comments on the SSB Sprint. I keep thinking it can't get
any worse but it seems to. Propagation and participation were bad.
Propagation for me on 40 was especially bad because the strong signals were
from an area CO that isn't heavily populated. The 6's and 7's on 40 were
almost all very weak here.

I worked 67 Q's where the number was #1 or #2. Discovered my friendlier CQ
(anyone, state and name) worked a lot better then regular CQ.

Missed AL, CT, IA, KY, MI, MS, NJ, NE and VT!!! And I thought I was doing ok
on mults because of a lot of #1's.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   6,6442011-02-13 09:50:32
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Got a 5 minute
late start due to a tennis team match and then worked the first 5 minutes on
20M with the 80M dipole by mistake. Got things together after that. 20M was
fading fast. Very sorry I couldn't copy all of the exchange on 20M from W2LC.
A few more backscatter QSOs there, the strongest being W9RE and KA9FOX. Band
was open direct to NH, WTX, and the Pacific Northwest. 40M was long in that no
QSOs in that the only strong stations in the SE US were in South FL. No signals
heard from VA or KY, but stations north of there were workable. Pretty good
signals from the west coast, but not as many as had been on 20. 80M was pretty
good for a change with some good west coast signals (best was N6ED). We seemed
to find channels where we could work without disturbing the ragchewers and 80M
was fun for a change even though the rate was slow. I tried going below the DX
window (below 3790) and found that CQs about 3775 generally brought a call from
some casual operator willing to help out. Didn't hear but one or two actual
sprinters down there, but it is a good alternate to the busier frequencies
above 3800. There were Dutch stations easily workable on both 40 and 80 for
their PACC contest. Still fun despite the lower participation. I think KU8E
probably got it right. The participation in large part is down in the January
SSB Sprint because many who used to participate are now in the CQ WPX RTTY at
the same time. Thanks for the QSOs. Good luck to everyone in ARRL DX CW next
weekend. We will have a M/2 effort at WW4LL with myself, KU8E, K1ZZI, W9SN,
WW4LL and WA2MBP operating. There will be a big M/M operation at NQ4I as
usual. 73, John, K4BAI.
WØBH   Single Op HP   6,3462011-02-13 13:38:41
I think I'll just mention the positive.

1. Getting to say a rare SSB hello to those who I work so often on CW.
2. Hearing neighbor and new ham KR0L give it a try for awhile (also WPX RTTY!)
3. Working 3 different KS stations when I usually work zero.
4. Working both Dakotas.
5. Receiving an "Aloha" from two different stations.
6. Listening to a #1 become rare DX when the gang descends enmasse!

7. And did I mention getting to say a rare SSB hello to those who I work so
often on CW? !

73, Bob, w0bh
W1WBB   Single Op LP   1,7982011-02-13 15:31:14
Put in only about 2 hrs and glad I did...previous experience has shown recent NA
SSB Sprints to be painfully sloooow for the full 4 hrs, esp. with LP and limited
antennas. Activity level is just too low. Many other's comments show this to
be the case for this year's event too...changes for this contest appear to be
*essential* if it is to continue.

Certainly, schedule it on a weekend WITHOUT a major contest like CQ WPX RTTY.
Promote it strongly within the ranks of regular CW Sprinters and contest clubs.
Encourage activity from the *many* missing multiplier areas, as additional
available mults sustain the fun. Perhaps reduce team participation maximum to
5, vice current 10 members, making it easier to field a full team. Improve
recognition/awards for top categories and area achievements. Other ideas??

Sprint IS a fun format, including on SSB. Hope it can be revived on Phone.
As it now stands, I'll only be a part-timer at best in this one.

Sorry to lose KB9OWD part way thru QSO on 80m due to sudden big QRM nearby. We
never did reconnect. Got started late at about 0125Z and went straight to 40m.
After later move to 80m for awhile took a 1/2 hr break due to many unanswered
CQs. Returned for final 45 mins with numerous ops providing me with very low
or single digit serial #s. Good to work many familiar calls and hear the
voice, esp. from the Thurs Nite CW Sprint gang.


Bill W1WBB
WA7NWL   Single Op LP   5442011-02-13 16:00:49
Thanks to all for the contacts - didn't know if I would be able to get on, but
did get to play for a bit. Power to the neighborhood went off about 0040Z and
was out for a couple of hours.

Mainly operated to test recently repaired radio and antenna system.


John, WA7NWL
WI9WI   Single Op HP   7262011-02-13 22:31:11
Started with hopes of making maybe a hundred QSOs before punking out in this.
Very slow start, after 11 minutes I had all of 4 QSOs. I then called CQ and
tuned around for another 9 minutes. I heard maybe 3 stations I hadn't worked.
Weakly. Couldn't work any of them. I figure I called CQ maybe 100 times in that
first 20 minutes, and got exactly one answer. So I went upstairs, heated a
barbeque skewer on the stove and stuck it in my eye. That was a lot more fun
than he contest. I figured this would be a good time to feed the dogs and cat
and take a nap, so I did. About 0130 I got on 40 meters and worked a dozen
people in about 15 minutes. Then that dried up. Then I went and made a few
contacts in the RTTY contest and walked the dogs. Got on 80 about 0300 and
worked 17 QSOs in 30 minutes. Then that dried up. Went back to the RTTY contest
for a bit, then went to bed.

It's not like I have a real bad station. I did this one from home in Madison
with a K-3 and 500 watt amplifier. The antennas are a C-3S at 30 ft and a full
sized, albeit low (25 ft) 135 ft dipole for 40 and 80. I also have a small
terminated receiving loop.

Conditions seemed punky, and participation very low. It gets worse every time.
Fifteen or twenty years ago there were many scores with QSO totals in the high
300s. In fact my best score in any sprint ever was in the SSB sprint about 15
years ago. I think I had almost 50 mults which is huge for me. This contest was
fun then.

I have no idea what to do about this. Others have made many well thought out
suggestions...changing dates, recruiting, etc., etc. Frankly the only reason I
get on anymore is to give a few QSOs to those who are serious about it.
Otherwise it's not much fun, and I feel as if I'm wasting my time. I'd kind of
hate to see it die, but nature may have it's way.

I'll probably get on for the next one or two, but if it continues like this
those will probably be the last ones.

73 to all

VE3RZ   Single Op HP   3,3662011-02-14 17:11:03
Enough comments from everyone on this one!!

Good luck and see you in the next one.

KW8N   Single Op HP   9,3602011-02-18 19:32:04
This one was tough. Missed lots of mults including MI and had to struggle near
the end to get a very weak OH on 40 meters for that one.

Worked more than the usual # of KS and OK. Guess that was where the
propagation was?