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RAC Canada Day Contest   2015   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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VE3DXK   SOAB LP   23,5802015-07-01 10:10:49
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 CW 3 22 1
7 CW 34 190 5
7 LSB 9 102 6
14 CW 46 248 7
14 USB 14 172 8
21 CW 14 52 3
Total Both 120 786 30
Score: 23,580
1 Mult = 4.0 Q's
KS4X   SOSB/20 QRP   1,6002015-07-01 16:21:09
limited by Thunder storms.
VA7FC   SOAB LP   34,3162015-07-01 16:43:58
AL9A   SOSB/20 HP   18,0802015-07-01 17:03:20
Fun contest, but wish some other bands had been open too!
W1UJ   SOAB/CW LP   15,7702015-07-01 17:04:47
A very happy Canada Day to you!
K2ZR   SOAB/CW LP   34,2162015-07-01 17:07:11
Rig K2 @ 90W Ants: Hexbeam & Wires Log: N1MM

TNX for the Qs & 73,
K1IMI(N4CW)   SOAB/CW LP   16,8642015-07-01 17:10:30
Fun contest with good VE participation. What a surprise working VY1AAA and
VE7BQO/VY1! Thanks to all.
VE3CV   SOAB LP   26,7302015-07-01 17:10:51
Missed Friday night, so just an S&P effort for fun during the fog! Happy
Canada Day!
73 Jeff VE3CV
VY2SS   SOAB HP   20,2002015-07-01 17:11:02
K3/P3>KPA500>KAT500>40M vertical
W6SX   M/S HP   37,0162015-07-01 17:11:41
Always enjoy this event. Happy Birthday Canada.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM
K6LRN   SOAB/CW HP   6,0962015-07-01 17:22:54
99 degrees at operating position at 0000Z at end. Thunderstorms in mountains to
the east did not help any.
VE7TJF(@VE7XF)   SOAB/Ph LP   31,7242015-07-01 17:26:36
Enjoyed the Canada Day contest. Able to work longer times running and feel more
confident compared to last year. Wish the bands had been better. 10m not even
K5YAA   SOAB HP   182,8002015-07-01 17:29:10
Activity was quite good from North of the border. I always enjoy Canada Day as I
have roots in Quebec. My Dad was born there.

Thanks to RAC for continuing their tradition. Makes for a fun July 1st.

Best 73 to our Canadian Friends and Happy Canada Day!
Jerry K5YAA

Rig: K3 and Alpha 9500 Amp into 6el on 20, 3el on 40, and 6el on 15 all Force
antennas. Great performers.
K4BAI   SOAB HP   209,7122015-07-01 17:32:45
FT1000MP, SB220, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, zepp. Low bands very
noisy. Blew 80M section of amplifier trying to load on 80M SSB. Only one 80M
QSO barefoot after that. Sorry for not having a working keyer (lost the power
supply for mine on FD) and had to use a hand key from time to time. Lot of
Canadian activity. Not too much elsewhere. 15M signals were generally weak.
Nothing heard on 10M. Thanks for all QSOs. Hope everyone had a Happy Canada
Day. 73, John, K4BAI.
VE1DT   M/S HP   12,2082015-07-01 17:37:57
The weather was just too nice. At least that's the excuse I'm going with.

>> Gerald, VE1DT
KC9EE   SOAB/CW LP   7322015-07-01 17:45:05
Literally only had a few minutes to play. Nice to work some familiar calls
during the week. 73,

Gary KC9EE
NØAC(@NØAC/Ø)   SOAB/CW LP   20,3662015-07-01 17:47:42
Thanks to the RAC sponsors for a fun contest. Thanks for the QSO.

Bill, N0AC

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains.
VY1AAA(@VY1JA)   M/S HP   53,5002015-07-01 17:50:39
A lot of fun! Arctic propagation not too bad, but signals always attenuated.
What a great way to celebrate Canada Day! Operators were Andy, VE0DX in St.
John, NB, Cary, VE4EA in Winnipeg, MB and myself, Gerry, VE1RM, the ex-pat, in
Hancock, NH. Remote is a beautiful thing! Thanks for all the QSOs, and
special thanks to J, VY1JA for the use of his station.
VE3CX   SOAB HP   548,3402015-07-01 18:05:19
Happy Canada Day, and thanks for the QSO's!

Tom - VE3CX
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   88,6502015-07-01 18:17:40
A slow contest! It shared the weekend with cutting grass, walking parks, reading
novels in the sun, and planning supper ... but fun!

Got a kick out of picking up NU, with the beam east, out of the blue.
N4PN   SOAB HP   393,7002015-07-01 18:19:24
This was fun as always..lots of activity in and outside of Canada...
Great having the always reliable VE8NSD call me twice on 20-CW/SSB and twice
on 15-CW/SSB....Surprise to find VY1AAA operating remote from VY1JA...bunch
of good ops there...Another surprise, VY0CF called from NU...don't hear that
one very often....
Thanks to all...
73, Paul, N4PN
VE2CWT(VE2FU)   SOAB/CW HP   103,7682015-07-01 18:24:24
Thanks to All for contest QSO's

QSO'S will be uploaded to LOTW and E-QSL

Happy Canada Day

73' Phil VE2FU
W2GN   SOAB/CW LP   34,3722015-07-01 18:25:14
Thanks for the qso's. Lots of fun. Happy Canada Day.
KN4Y   SOAB LP   10,1102015-07-01 18:27:44
Since this is a Canada Day contest I decided to work only stations in Canada, I
enjoy the great CW coming across the boarder I wept with joy, which shorted out
my popcorn maker.I was faced with working the rest of the contest without was battle but I prevailed and was there for the ending dit dit. It
was different having a mid week contest, kinda confused the radio shack cat.
VE3BR   SOAB LP   99,3222015-07-01 18:35:16
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM 14.6.0

My first time in the RAC Canada Day Contest. Had to fall back on my old N1MM
logger, because N1MM+ despite unchanged (and correct) set-up in configuration
refused to recognize me as a Canadian station and insisted on treating me as a
DX (saying that my callsign and ARRL section do not agree). I didn't feel like
fighting this and just switched to the old logger. Just poking around, because
the weather was too good to miss out on the outdoors. Very pleasant experience
despite mediocre conditions (with my set-up only 40 and 20 were workable, 15
marginal, 80 really bad, 160 and 10 non-existent). In fact, I managed only 1
QSO on 10m thanks to Nick VE3EY who graciously moved there for me - thanks for
the multiplier. Enjoyed the contest nonetheless. Thanks for the Qs. Happy
Canada Day!
VE3OSZ   SOSB/160 LP   7922015-07-01 18:35:25
It appears that most people stayed clear of 160. Can't sat that I blame them !
VE3SMA   SOAB LP   15,5402015-07-01 18:41:36
Just poking around for a few hours in the afternoon.
VA3GKO   M/S LP   235,7242015-07-01 18:44:40
This year was like a field day operation with wire antennas all over the back
yard that was set up the day before the contest. Conditions were up & down
on Saturday but started out good on Friday night.
Sure was great to have JP ve9bk the father in law & Marcel ve9ml his
brother to come set up the radios & antennas for this great contest we had
a great time.
Happy Canada day to all !!!
Greg, va3gko & team.
VE4VTR(@VE4EA)   M/S HP   473,3402015-07-01 20:43:10
Another RAC Canada Day Contest is headed for the books. Once again, Art, K3KU
traveled to Winnipeg to operate from VE4EA. For the first time, ART used his
own personal callsign (VE4VTR).

Thanks go to Tom, VE3CX for designing and building a new 80m antenna for us and
to Kelly, VE4XT for arriving early to help erect a full-size 40m vertical.

The original plan was for VE4VTR to operate as standard multi-single from the
local station and other ops to operate remotely as K1C ("Kilo one
Canada", in honor of Canada Day) together with Gerry, W1VE. Sadly, Murphy
had other ideas.

Art spent many hours preparing a special box to interface a borrowed K2 with
N1MM+ just for this trip. With the remote operation scratched, the K2 and the
box were not even used.

It ain't over until we say it's over. Please stay tuned for further
developments in the curious world of remote radio.

Thank you to the many, many US, DX and Canadian hams who gave of their time
patiently working us on many bands and modes.

(All Members of Radiosport Manitoba)

K3/500 Watts
TH7 / Assorted wires, vertical, etc.
N1MM Logger + (flawless as usual)
N1EN   M/M LP   29,5022015-07-01 21:04:10
Happy Canada Day!

Fun little contest on an otherwise slow day, if you ignore how assistance puts
you in the multi-op category, and how click-and pounce potentially removes you
from the single-transmitter category.
VE7RAC(@VE7IO)   M/M HP   338,8002015-07-01 21:20:40
Despite the heat, 35C, in the shack it was a fun contest. We missed 10 meters
this year, we just never found it open. We had a couple of small problems but
nothing that was not resolved quickly. We ran two stations at close to full
legal limit so to try to stay cool we had four fans running, AC may be a
consideration for the next Canada Day contest. The amplifiers ran warmer than
normal but we kept the temperature down by adding an external fan. This worked
well but pumped the heat into the shack, oh well we saved the amps.
Thanks to all the stations that gave us points keeping our rates reasonable,
well reasonable at times, band conditions were just not there for us.

Fred VE7IO
WA8HSB   SOAB QRP   9202015-07-01 21:27:29
Thanks for the Qs! Hope all Canadians had a great Canada Day!

K1 @ 5 watts to attic antennas.

73, John
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   5,5442015-07-01 22:03:27
Limited time, so was in and out for a few minutes at a stretch. Not a lot of
activity during the intervals I was looking around or calling CQ.

Mid-week contests are just not much to get excited about. On Tuesday evening,
EU was wide open but most of the callers didn't have a clue what RAC meant.
Worked people anyway, of course, but gave up after a few minutes.

Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the contacts.
VE7YU   SOAB LP   1,5402015-07-01 23:43:32
Wx too nice for being indoors!
Cndx poor for the time I was on - late Sun afternoon.

K3 20M EDZ's N1MM+ NaP3
OK7M(OK1DIG)   SOSB/20 HP   104,2822015-07-02 01:30:44
My first entry into the contest. CONDX on 20m allowed to work VE 24 hours.
The highlight was working VY0CF in NU for the mult #13 on SSB 20 minutes
before the end of the contest. Worked 331 VE stations on both modes.
Thanks to all for contacts. The receiveing conditions were sometimes hard
on phone in particular, my apology and thanks for patience to whome concerned.

RIG: K3 + OM Pwr
ANT: 5/5 el

73's aand CU next year maybe in SOAB.
Dan OK7M ( OK1DIG )
K6CSL   SOAB/CW LP   2,3202015-07-02 02:46:18
This is one of my favorite events. Unfortunately Band conditions were poor, with
93% of Q's made on 20m. I hope conditions are better for the RAC Winter Contest.
Bert, K6CSL
W1END   SOAB/CW LP   9,9522015-07-02 03:24:07
Always enjoy this activity but thought it was a bit light this year. Started
out working only VEs until I realized outsiders counted also. Forget lots of
things now-a-days. Thanks to all who came out to play.
FTdx5000 and Butternut vertical.

Eldon - W1END
VO1MP   SOAB/CW HP   43,9042015-07-02 03:43:34
Mid-Week Contest .. and ropey conditions , served to decrease participation,
IMHO .......a lot of the usual suspects were absent from the lineup..
Fun and games ...
Hope all enjoyed Canada Day and Best wishes to our American Friends on their
Fourth of July Celebrations ...

C'Y'All Next One
AB1J   M/S LP   10,3802015-07-02 04:24:12
A fun contest that falls randomly during the week. It works better now that I'm
retired. Besides the VA/VEs, there were many others on the air, including the
1x1 13 Colonies stations and everyone was wishing each other's nation a Happy
Birthday. A nice festive spirit prevailed.

OTOH, I was planning to enter as a SOSB/40 but found out too late that using
Assistance put me in the Multi-Op category. OK, my bad, but I feel that unless
the sponsors can enforce the Unassisted category, they shouldn't have one. And
I really doubt they are going to check it out very thoroughly.

Here's an overlooked point: With skimmers and the RBN, anyone who calls CQ is
automatically assisted, admit it or not. Assistance works both ways, it tells
me where you are running and tells you where I'm running. There's no such
thing as Unassisted except for a purely unaided S&P operation. Think about
it. Call CQ on CW and you're Assisted. RTTY, too.

Besides I like to spot stations to boost activity and stir things up.

This puts me in a much less festive frame of mind for next year's contest.
Sorry about that.

Happy Canada Day to my friends up north. And Happy 4th to my fellow

Ken, AB1J

The usual just-barely antennas
VE4RAC(VE4EAR)   SOAB LP   422,6882015-07-02 05:22:20
I always look at this contest as an opportunity to just get on the air, say hi
to old (and young :) ) friends.

Conditions were less than stellar. Even 15m did not produce any rate. The
sporadic E conditions on 10m seemed to only open weakly to southern Ontario and
Quebec. Even 6m did not open :(

I know it is summer but seems everyone avoided 80 and 160m. Spent a fair bit of
time calling and searching without much success. Could also be the fact that by
the time we are in darkness, many east coast folks have gone to bed. The
downside of a mid week contest.

Happy summer to everyone and thanks for the Q's.


Icomm 7700
Optibeam OB11-5 @51'
F12 Delta 240 @ 62'
Slopers for 80/160
W9QL   SOAB LP   53,2062015-07-02 06:19:55
Unfortunately, a work day for me so limited time to operate (even though I work
from home). Band conditions were pretty rough. I never heard anyone on 10 and
went to bed before any activity started on 80. It's always fun to work many
familiar calls in this contest. A highlight was getting a call from VY0CF on 20
SSB towards the end of the contest. I think that's the first NU I've ever worked
during this event. Missed NT for the sweep. See you during IARU next week.


FTDX-5000MP with a G5RV at 35 ft.
VA2WA   SOAB/CW LP   83,5562015-07-02 06:48:27
I was using my old TS-830S (power output about 100 watts) without CAT and
bandmap. That was a fun )))

VE7UF   M/S LP   373,3122015-07-02 07:54:22
After entering the last two years as CW only I convinced station owner VE7UF to
enter as a multi-single in 2015 to see if we could better VA3RAC's 2014

Conditions were as expected from the low solar flux.
The 160m and most of the 80m QSO's were the result of QSY's from 40m.
40m was all right, 20m and 15m were playing very well. 10m was dead, dead,

Canadian activity was great with almost 50% of our 800+ QSOs coming from
stations in the Great White North. As usual, our American cousins joind the
fray in numbers . Not much DX from these parts, our 100W did not make it very
far. Running low power gave a whole new meaning to "A Mari Usque Ad
Mare" , especially on the low bands.

Just after dawn on Sunday I clicked on the wrong thing in N1MM (Spot All
S&P QSO's) and spotted a few dozen of my QSOs on the cluster. The problem
was quickly rectified thanks to an anonymous helper who pointed it out to me in
no uncertain terms on 20m SSB. My apologies for the inconvenience this caused,
lesson learned.

At the end no records were broken but great fun was had.

Thanks to all who called and hope to CU AGN on July 1, 2016.

73, Gabor, VE7JH
VE3OZO   SOAB LP   73,2362015-07-02 09:41:37
Antenna used was an Alpha-Delta DX-LB+ dipole for 160-10m at 25ft installed the
day before the contest. Didn't use a computer but used pen and paper for
logging and also a multiplier check list on paper. To avoid dupes I spent a
lot of time tuning for needed mults with a little time also spent calling cq.
The result is a low q count but high mults per q and points per q. Compared to
previous Canada Day contests low band condx were poor but 15m was better than I

73's & thanks for the q's.
Steve, VE3OZO
W1WMU(W5WMU)   SOAB/CW HP   96,0642015-07-02 14:10:53
The contest started slowly, but as time went on the activity seemed to increase
as the day/night went on. Once I heard my rival N8OO was ahead of me, I just
was determined to do 24 hrs to beat him. Tried my best...22 hour effort,
later I learned we were in different categories. Oh well, C'est la vie.
Despite losing a tower this past winter with 6 antenna's on board,
was able to activate 2 tri-banders, single vertical for 40, and the 80, and 160
verticals survived the winter intact, so was able to use them, but not much
activity there due to summer conditions. Will see everyone in Radiosport. 73,
and thank guy's for all the Qso's. Pat
VE6SV   M/S HP   468,1602015-07-02 17:00:05
We let some major smoke out of the main amp.
Low bands very noisy and not very productive.
High bands no openings.

Did I mention we let the magic smoke out of the amp?

73, Sierra Victor Gang
WA6URY   SOAB HP   3,4322015-07-03 05:57:35
Tnx for the Qs 73, DAn - remote in Tokyo
KE6K   SOSB/20 QRP   2482015-07-03 10:11:18
All were made during the CWT Wednesday.
OK I promise...last time.
I put the contacts into n1mm to get the score this time. I KNEW that last one
looked hinky.
VE5KS   SOAB/CW LP   50,8082015-07-03 13:21:41
Conditions were generally poor, had to work hard to copy some of the Q's.

Thanks for all the Q's


Kenwood TS 140S
Cushcraft A3S
Fan Inverted Vee (40/80 mtrs)
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   80,0642015-07-04 14:02:23
Rig : Knwd TS2000 @ 100W
Antennas : 270'& 132' OCF dipoles; 15M/30M inv-vee dipole and 44' sloper(N)
with auto-tuner
Misc: HamGadgets-MasterKeyer and logging with N1MM (old version 13)
Soapbox : 10M & 6M not usable at all and 80M and 160M VERY noisy. Decent on
20M and 40M and 15M, when open. Not too many stations around due to mid-week
contest. Tnx US and European stations for extra contacts. Happy Canada Day --
Happy 4th of July !!!
VA3QV   SOAB QRP   6,1762015-07-05 04:17:32
Operated from Rideau River Prov Park with my FT 817 and PAR ENDZFED QRP triband
antenna... Was able to make contacts on 10, 15, 20 and 40... Best band was

Worked VO1, VO2, VE1, VY2, VE2, VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6, VE7 and VY0.... Missed VE9,
VE8 and VY1..

Had a great time operating portable in a location with a ZERO NOISE LEVEL...

CU next year....

WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   4,4442015-07-05 17:05:01
Hope all our neighbors to the north had a great Canada Day! Unfortunately just
a few hours of participation on my part, as I have not been successful in
convincing my employer to give me July 1 as a holiday (yet)...

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE3KJQ   SOAB QRP   1,1882015-07-06 14:36:39
KX3, Cushcraft R7, battery power
VE3KTB   SOAB LP   6,2722015-07-15 18:01:42
Sporadic operating time fitting in to holiday family schedule