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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2007   September   Comment Summary

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N5BO   Single Op LP   4,1042007-09-15 20:55:07
TS2000 100w
Windom at 30ft

Tough with horrible antenna!
AA3B   Single Op HP   8,3582007-09-15 21:02:26
Lots of casual ops. One station told me I was his first QSO in 30 years!

This was my first ever SSB Sprint.
K6TD   Single Op HP   6,7642007-09-15 21:03:36
Wow! Condx wans't bad! Better than I expected. THis one was actually fun!
Thanks All!

73, K6TD -KR-
K6LA   Single Op HP   12,9262007-09-15 21:04:00
Never got many couplets going on 20m, even though the band seemed in good shape.
Everyone was louder on 40m. Worked all mults heard. Didn't hear CT, SC, MT, ID,
WY, LA, ND, VE1, 2, 5.

73, Ken, K6LA
AJ1M   Single Op HP   6,3202007-09-15 21:05:08
Problem with the log submit robot.. Date set wrong.
KO7AA   Single Op HP   13,3862007-09-15 21:12:50
This one will come down to the log checking!

The only AZ I worked was a guy a mile away. I had the volume
cranked up to work backscatter on 20M and his 59+60 sig sure
made me jump!

73, Bill KO7AA in Tucson
WW9R   Single Op LP   7,1202007-09-15 21:14:22
Almost identical to my winter NA Sprint scores, same number of mults, Q's on 40
and 80. This time however I have 12 more Q's on 20. At least I am

See you in the next one,
WW9R in WI
VA3NR   Single Op HP   6,4002007-09-15 21:14:36
Mk-Vf, Al-811 (400w), vertical & wires.
Tnx QSOs. Had fun.

73, Chris VA3NR.
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   5,6242007-09-15 21:17:26
20 to the east was dead at the start, West coast, Gulf Coast and TX was all that
could be heard from here on 20.

40 showed promise early. Heard the ND station but couldnt work him. My last
state for WAS and it is the closest one to me.

80 was suprisingly good, fairly low noise.

As always a lot of fun.

Thanks for the pateinece and the Q's!

73 Ed
NDØC   Single Op QRP   3,1052007-09-15 21:18:43
Decent conditions, but no real opening to the east on 20 from here. Thanks to
everybody for their patience and persistence in pulling my 5 watt signal out of
the noise and splatter on 40 and 80.

Yaesu FT 897D at 5 watts output, 3 el Yagi and dipole.

W7WHY   Single Op HP   4,0252007-09-15 21:20:54
Had to work and didn't get home till 0030. Grabbed a bite to eat and came to
the shack, but was kinda tired and just couldn't get into the swing of things.

Then the XYL came into the shack with a proposition I couldn't
refuse--blackberry pie and ice cream, so the Sprint had to take a back seat for
a while.

SSB isn't my favorite mode anyway, but is fun to get on and hear a voice behind
the calls from the CW and RTTY gang. See 'ya in the CQWW RTTY. 73
KU5B   Single Op LP   4,9352007-09-15 21:23:16
Wow, this was painful but the great ops helped me stick it out the entire thing.
Got some reports before the test that the amp was cutting out so had to barefoot
this one.

Thanks to N3BB for organising the team; sorry I wasn't able to do more for
y'all! Thanks also to NCCC for hosting the sprint warmups and ladder throughout
the year.

TA-33-jr @ ~35ft
40m dipole @ 30ft
80m dipole @ 40 ft

See y'll in Texas QSO Party from NX5M and from G6PZ in CQWW SSB.

Colin KU5B
K6VVA   Single Op HP   3302007-09-15 21:31:34
Handed out a few Q's near the end.

Tnx & 73...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
K7RL   Single Op HP   14,2562007-09-15 21:35:57
Heard a lot of great scores, including K7SS, N3BB, KO7AA and W7WA to name a few.
Congrats to Danny, K7SS, on that big ol' mult total!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
AE6Y   Single Op HP   9,8702007-09-15 21:37:19
A strange contest. 20 was barely usable for me due to a local man-made noise
source that made copy very difficult. Special thanks to Andy, VE9DX for
calling in a second time for a valid QSO on 40, after I just couldn't quite
make out his number in spite of many repeats (while KA9FOX patiently stood by)
the first time.
73, Andy, AE6Y
[Don't forget CQP, first weekend in October!]
KØOU   Single Op HP   9,4302007-09-15 21:37:30
As in every sprint the 3rd hour killed me. Everyone has left 20, no gone to 80
yet, and no one new to work on 40. I'm going to have to devise a new strategy.
Mults also a little anemic. Heard but did not work NJ, MT, and NE. Managed to
work KL7, KH6, VE9, and XE on 3 bands. Where was CT, NC, AR and OK? I never
heard them and they are usually easy.
I had been fighting an ear infection, and wasn't hearing 100% but it seemed to
resolve well enough for me to sprint for 4 hours. Fun once again. Maybe someday
I'll learn how to do this.
Heard the guy on 14.275 go into a rave about everyone calling on his QSO freq,
but I wondered what kind of QSO he was having that he never talked to his QSO,
just gripped at the contesters - at least for the 5 to 10 minutes I heard him.
Even the guys on 3.835 kept the freq busy talking to each other - I respect
that and will do everything in my power to aloow them their QSO.
Got a bottle of wine in the mail from last year's CA QSO Party. TNX to the NCCC
for the award and will see every one in this year's CQP - the next contest on my
agenda. 73 to all and CU later- Steve in MO K0OU - QRZed?
KU8E   Single Op HP   8,7752007-09-15 21:57:33
IC756PRO, AL811H , 130 ft zepp @35 ft , 40 meter wire vertical
NG7Z   Single Op LP   1442007-09-15 22:23:53
45 minutes of that nonsense was enough for me.
W6XK   Single Op HP   9,7612007-09-15 22:34:44
This was my first attempt at the Sprint and the experience was a blast! I look
forward to comparing my opening night performance to other SO1R entrants. I
also want to thank N6EE for his enthusiasm and motivation to get me to get my
feet wet.
N6EE   Single Op LP   5,4942007-09-15 22:36:15
One of the most interesting contest formats. My Senior body LOVES the 4 hour
limit! Thanks for all the Q's.

TS850 / Cushcraft A3 at 45 ft / 40/80M V at 45 ft

Ron N6EE
W5KFT(K5OT)   Single Op HP   10,1052007-09-15 22:49:00
Late start, early finish, and some time(s) off in mid-test to nurse a sick
footswitch. Memo: Keep a spare handy next time.

Larry ('Ed') K5OT
AL7IF(@KL7RA)   Single Op HP   7,0202007-09-15 22:52:06
Another fun sprint, though I was feeling a bit rusty at the start. 40 opened a
bit sooner than I had expected, and 20 died sooner, so I probably missed some
Qs there that I would have had otherwise. Lots of loud signals, and lots of big

Was a bit disappointed that I didn't get some mults that I would have thought
would be sure-fire, like MD... Also missed other obvious onces like VE3, and
lots of the northern Rockies (ID, MT, WY).

Coulda done better... I'll be back...
NN3W(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   4,0642007-09-16 03:44:45
The first time I've given out any points in a Sprint in about 20 years.

I was doing a half-hearted effort in the SAC, but it was boring me to pieces.
So, I decided to give out some points since I heard that NOBODY else was on
from the "Old Line State." I made the same amount of QSOs in 1.5 hours as I
did in about 6 hours in the SAC.....Hmmmmm....

I may have to think about this more seriously.
W1KLM   Single Op QRP   4752007-09-16 04:42:40
Never worked a sprint before. Had no plans to work this one. K6LA and K7SS
talked me into giving them a point while I was CQ'ing Salmon Run on 20M. Found
myself with no one in WA to work around 22:30 and began listening to the Sprint
on 40M and decided to give it a try. Moved to 80M around 23:20 and WOW! This
kinda contesting could become addictive. Thanks for all the patience, you guys.
I hope I didn't slow you guys down too much. 73 de Kevin W1KLM
N4PN   Single Op HP   9,6752007-09-16 05:12:02
Nice break from the SAC Contest. Must have gone to sleep at the switch to
miss NH, RI, NC, SC, MS, ID, MT, UT, WY, & ND. Only VE's worked were
MAR, ON & MB....
Worked all of the Team members several times except Scott, W4PA unless
he was using another call.
Time does fly when......or maybe it just hauls butt. Short four hours.
73, Paul
N5DO   Single Op HP   10,2902007-09-16 05:25:18
I started off well but got slower and slower the longer it lasted (hourly QSO
totals: 87, 63, 54, 41). If it had lasted another hour I would have worked no
one the last hour. I was glad to see a few more of the CW Sprint regulars
trying their hand at the SSB weekend.
K5NZ   Single Op HP   12,2322007-09-16 05:27:54
Only mult heard and not worked was MS. Lots of new ops on, made sure to take
time with each of them explaining how the contest works, thanking them and
asking them to come back and play again... maybe they will stay with it and
start CQ'ing so more couplets can be made. I had to just bounce and CQ after
the initial new band runs. Should have stayed on 20 and just pounded out CQ's
because the Q's seemed endless just not fast, tried to make 40 work too early
and got way behind.

Congrats to the big scores!
N2NL   Single Op LP   3,6752007-09-16 06:38:27
I unfortunately missed the CW Sprint - one of my favorite contests - since I was
underway (N2NL/mm). A few minutes before the start I decided to get a Sprint
fix and try tuning up my heavily top loaded HF2V (only resonant at 3.5 and
1.83). The rig's tuner did a decent job on 20 and 40, but wouldn't match 75 so
I packed it in.

Kudos to everyone who heard me - I know I wasn't loud! K7SS, W7WA, and K7RL
were all quite annoying - you guys seemed to be everywhere, all the time!

CU this week in the NS once I get the rest of my antennas up. It sucks having
to take them down every time I deploy, but I'm sure they'd get plastered by a
hurricane if I didn't.

73, Dave N2NL
K4RO   Single Op HP   5,1152007-09-16 07:22:42
Took an hour and a half off to have supper with my gal.
Got back on for the last half hour and did what I could
between static crashes. Conditions were actually decent.

Had to work N6TR twice on the same band, because I fumble-
fingered the number the first QSO. By the time I asked
for a fill, it was too late. I wonder what folks typically
do in this situation? I made a point to hunt down Tree for
another QSO (and explain the dupe.) This would have been
tougher in a full-out CW effort.


-Kirk K4RO
K7SS(@K7RI)   Single Op HP   15,5042007-09-16 07:31:49
Congrats to teammates the Salmon Kings (ie Team Chum) N7LOX, W7WA, NG7Z, W7OM,
K7RL, & W7WA for a great run of late summer Chinook from the northwest. Its
usually 20 that pays off for us in Sept, but this year 40 was the money band.
Fortunately K7RI has installed a new 4 element on 40 that really plays.
Preliminary mult count had included some DX that turned out was not in NA.
Never heard close neighbors ID or MT. Thanks again to K7RI for the fine station
to drive. (Come join the "3725 Street Corner" and hang out on 75 most nights
this fall and winter.. we usually drop in about 9pm west coast time. totally
informal contester corner.) 73 de Danny K7SS
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   6272007-09-16 07:49:17
Bah, military duties cut into my time...then the tuning dial went wonky.
W6YX(N6DE)   Single Op HP   13,6222007-09-16 12:44:24
1 radio, 2 band changes

Most of the W6YX operators had conflicts for this one and couldn't participate.
Since I was ill with a bad cold, it looked like the station would go unused for
the Phone Sprint. Then AE6Y, debating his own activity in the SSB Sprint,
posted to the NCCC reflector that we could field a competitive team if enough
volunteers signed up with our team organizer W6FB. After we both agreed "I'll
show you mine if you show me yours," we signed up!

I couldn't even go to work on Thursday or Friday, staying home in bed, and
missing the practices of course. On Friday night, N6ED told me that the N6DE
he knew would make it on Saturday on a stretcher if necessary! After that
boost of confidence, I needed to nut it up and make it happen! I was still
sick during the Sprint, and had a hard time controlling my coughing fits, but
Ricola provided some relief.

When I arrived at the shack on Saturday before the Sprint, I started to use one
of the Heil headsets, and noticed the mic audio cut in and out. I found it to
be a flaky connection, exposed when I wiggled the grey mic connector. I
swapped in the other Heil headset, which worked well. Also, when testing the
SWR on the antennas, I couldn't find the 80m SSB dipole, nor could I find the
MFJ 259B. I drove up the hill to the tower to see if I could connect the 80m
wire in place of the 160m antenna. I opened the patch box and found a wasps
nest inside with several wasps ready to attack me. I quickly backed away, but
noticed the 75m antenna appeared to already be patched to some hardline. AA6XV
had just returned to the shack to work the 3B7 expedition and the Route 66 guys.
I asked him if he knew where the antenna was patched, and he suggested the 10m
position on the first switch. Sure enough, that was it! If I had only read
the label on the WX0B switch box! I had instead concentrated on coax patch
labels which took me off track. (The 160m antenna was labeled as the 75m
antenna; the 75m antenna was labeled as the 10m antenna.) I'll clarify that
labeling before the contest season.

The contest itself went better than expected. I was surprised that my rate was
almost the same for all four hours of the contest (rate sheet pasted below).
After the contest, I retired to a hot bowl of soup and a dose of Nyquil.

See you in the California QSO Party on October 6-7.

-Dean - N6DE

QSO by hour and band.

80M 40M 20M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-0000Z ---+- ---+- 72 72 72
D1-0100Z - 26 43 69 141
D1-0200Z - 69 - 69 210
D1-0300Z 44 24 - 68 278

Total: 44 119 115
WØBH   Single Op HP   12,0152007-09-16 13:26:40
All day long, I heard basically the west coast on 20 (great for the Salmon Run),
so when Sprint time came along, I worked CA, OR & WA (luckily a fair number of
ops in those states) for a half hour or so before running out of folks to
contact. I'd worked a number of the WA ops earlier in the day, and everyone
was great about giving me a Sprint Q when asked. When I turned the beam east, I
heard only ME at first, but a few more faint Qs started trickling in. It wasn't
great, but at least 20 wasn't a total bust. 40 and 80 were OK with good
activity and relatively low noise from here in Kansas (nice surprise given the
storms which came through in the morning).

Late in the contest I was missing SC and LA. I found a station CQing the SC QSO
Party and he was answered by a station from LA (both loud)! Didn't catch LA but
did get the Q from SC. Heard but missed KS KY LA. Missed MT ID UT OK CT RI.
Worked BC MB ON north of the border. It's not often that I work everything due
north from KS : NE SD ND MB, so I can't complain.

Enjoyed hearing everyone on! Look for me in the Texas QSO Party the last
weekend of this month where I'll be running 31 northern counties.

73, Bob, w0bh
KØTI   Single Op LP   2,3522007-09-16 16:16:18
Operating mobile from RV park near Chamberlain SD
20m and 40m hamstick, FT890

N3BB   Single Op HP   14,2102007-09-16 16:58:04
I was out at K5TR's helping George take down some damaged antennas (with K5OT)
most of the day and got back in time to take a shower and watch the Texas-UCF
game on TV and recharge my batteries. I was OK in the Sprint and didn't feel
tired or that I was fading.

This was my first SSB Sprint in over twenty years. Much different from CW
Sprints given the "pockets" of available space on the bands to avoid Broadcast
stations on 40 meters and established QSOs on 75 meters and the other bands.
The NCCC NS SSB practice Thursday night really helped me as I had no idea where
to operate. Thanks also for recommendations from W9RE and K5OT.

Also this is different as most of the CW contest stations are hard core
regulars or at least semi-regulars. On SSB there is this group to be sure but
also many stations who answered my CQs were not actively in the contest. On SSB
it's pretty quick and easy to tell them the "deal" and thank them for a contact.
Hopefully some will come back. W1KLM's comments on 3830 are a good example of a
good guy who got in the swing late on 75 meters (and provided AR!).

I probably spent too little time on 40 meters. 20 meters simple stayed open and
there was an endless stream of answers to CQs there. 20 meters is easy as the
stations are audible even at ESP as compared to roaring and wild 40 meters. I
probably didn't work long enough on 40 as it was not too pleasant, although it
was open the entire four hours. Many of the mults were stations who called me
on "inactive radio SO2R CQs, with low numbers (low teens or less) and that was
encouraging. At the start I was tentative and was quite a bit behind a lot of
the stations, but apparently caught up. I could tell that gradually from the
number sequences, but it was a hard grind....CQ CQ on the inactive radio while
listening on the active radio for an unworked station to call and hopefully
starting a couplet. I operated the SSB Sprint in much the same way as I operate
the CW Sprints. There were plenty of times when I got bolloxed up by my poor
keyboard typing (lack of) skills. Thanks to the people who stuck with me and
repeated fills. Things are so much faster on SSB.

Missed CT, NC, KY, LA, WY, MT, SD, and VE2 from the list of normally possible
states and provinces. I never heard any of these needed mults.

My hourly rates were 87, 71, 71, and 61. Things seemed to dry up toward the end
on (mainly) 75 meters. I missed W6NL on 75 meters! Amazing.

A high point for me (thanks to the mult gods) was that in the final few minutes
on 75 meters, at a point where I was resigned to 46 mults (a good number) I was
called in short order by AR, BC, and SK, with numbers of 13, 10, and 8. Wow!

Some of the guys who were both loud and "everywhere" were W6YX, K6LA, KO7AA,
KA9FOX, K7RL, and of course the ubiquous K7 Suger Sugar. "He's everywhere!"

K7 "Really Awfully Tomatoes" was so loud on 75 meters in one jump ball when he
called me that I commented on his signal strength. SSB is sort of cool in that
it's easy to make chit chat and keep up the rate.

I'll have at least one known bad QSO as I managed to erase the number of one
QSO received with poor typing and was not able to ask for a fill as the station
had QSYed. I'll guess at it but my probable starting point will be 289/49.

All in all, I enjoyed it. The Sprint is such a hoot.

73, and thanks to the organizers and the NCJ/ARRL. Thanks for this 3830
reporting system too.

Jim N3BB
WX5S(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   9,3282007-09-16 19:40:15
Ooops, first score posting was to NCCC Sprint, instead of NA Phone Sprint!
So a repost for the right contest now!
Many thanks to my host, N6RO! Got off to a slow start but had fun. Didn't get
to the shack in time to get it cooled off - early on I was sweating so much I
couldn't see the screen and I had to jump up and run outside to my car where I
keep a towel. However with sweat towel in hand, I was able to soldier
on....Then I found out that geez is everybody weak...turns out I had a battery
problem in the fancy headset I was using. I had to really laugh at myself about
that one! I did finally sort things out and get rolling...I had fun.../Matt
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   13,1562007-09-16 20:20:46
This contest would be a LOT more fun if there were more participation. It's a
lot less fun having to sit and call CQ and beg for QSOs. That's just like
every other contest. :-)

Looks like W7 was the place to be for this one. Congrats to all the FB scores,
especially K7SS with that big mult total (51? Were we in the same contest?).
Also kudos to N3BB -- first SSB Sprint in 20 years yet he beat most of us.

I'm still SO1R in Sprints. Guess if this is going to continue to be a CQ
Slugfest, I will have to put my SO2R hat on and get with it.

Worked all mults that I heard. No idea what you guys worked that I didnt. My
missed mults were: CT, RI, NC, SC, ID, MT, UT, ND, VE2, VE6, VE8. Only DX
worked was XE (tnx Rex XE2GG for 3 bands!)

I had 40 stations give me #1 for the contest (not including my first couplet).
Some were from the Salmon Run, and the balance were guys that answered my
desperate CQs.

Overall I'm pleased, no equipment failure, and even found out that my F12
rotatable dipole (which is 90 degrees offset from my tribander) tunes up and
works nicely on 20m. That gives me a little gain off the side of the tribander
when needed, and it definitely came in handy!

SSB Sprint... Best way to spend 4 hours in ham radio, despite my whining. :-)


Rigs: FT-1000MP, AL-1200 amp
Antennas (1 tower):
F12 C4XL @ 95ft (2 ele on 20m & 40m)
F12 EF180C @ 100ft (rotatable dipole on 80m, and apparently on 20m!)
160m Vee @ 90ft (tuned to 80m and used occasionally, mostly for RX)

Pictures at:

CU in February.

Scott KA9FOX

P.S. I subscribe to the 3830 Reflector in Digest Form. If you guys don't put
your e-mail address in your posting, or check the box to have a copy of the
post sent to you, then we Digest readers can't see your e-mail address, and we
can't respond to your post.
K7BG   Single Op LP   2102007-09-17 07:30:43
Think I may have won the state. Was looking for some 3B7C action when I heard
the sprint was on so I made a few contacts before watching a DVD with me wife.
Wish I would have heard Danny in my short foray on 40. He looks like he could
have used a mult or two.
W6KY   Single Op LP   3,8152007-09-17 12:08:33
SSB Sprint..100 Watts..Ground Mounted Vertical..INSANE!
N6WG   Single Op QRP   1,0712007-09-18 15:21:09
Not a great showing this outing. Things were slow enough I took
a half hour off to visit the neighbors who were having a Sweet
Sixteen birthday party for their daughter. Had some good eats
there, then came back to finish the contest.
There were a lot of QSOs where I could only hear one side, usually
the station that was giving up the frequency :-) Didn't do much
for me.
Oh well, it was fun and pretty low key this time.
Hope to work a lot of you in the California QSO Party.
73, Bob N6WG
W2LC   Single Op HP   6,8822007-09-18 20:31:32
73 Scott W2LC
K6GEP   Single Op LP   3,1682007-09-18 23:39:35
The first 15 minutes were EXTREMELY frustrating with my Low Power and wires on
20m. S&P-ing didn't work - I was getting beaten in the pileups. Running
work - no one could hear me. I almost gave up.

Seriously, I think in the next Sprint, I will sit out the first 15 minutes.

Once things calmed down, it was a lot of fun. Seemed like a lot of new
2 x 3 calls with new licenses. I salute you for your guts to dive into
a sprint like this. Hope to see them back again.

I took some time out to try to work 3B7C at sunset. (Didnt get him (that day))

Rig: FT-990

Ants: 2 element VE7CA 20 meter beam up 25 feet pointed East
40 meter inverted vee up 50 feet
80 meter dipole sloped from 50 feet

Software: N3FJP Sprint Log - worked well.
K8MR   Single Op HP   3,7402007-09-19 09:38:59
Not a very exciting contest. Interesting that my first two qsos were with

73 - Jim K8MR
XE2GG(N6AN)   Single Op HP   7,7902007-09-21 22:04:54
My thanks to Roman, XE2D, for making his station available on very short
notice. The idea to set up a team from Mexico and find a station to operate
wasn't hatched until Wednesday evening. Great planning, I know, hi! Hector,
XE2K, was going to get on but had a family illness to attend to. So, I was a
team of one. Other DXXE members are interested in trying the next Sprint.
Glad to give many of you the multiplier. How I missed so many mults and yet
managed to work AL7IF on three bands is beyond me. Everywhere I tuned there
was KA9FOX (already worked) or K7RL or K7SS or KW8N. I wish I could have
worked you more than once per band! My Q total would have been better, hi!
I had quite an adventure on the night of El Grito. Viva Mexico!
73, David XE2GG/N6AN
N4VI   Single Op LP   4,5362007-09-22 20:49:46
Way too rusty but had a good time. Dipoles on all bands @ about 40'. 40m was
my best band by far. 20m was disappointing so I'll do some antenna work to get
that fixed.

Had a great time.


chris, n4vi/0