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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2011   0300Z Jun 23   Comment Summary

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WM4Q   Single Op LP   252011-06-22 20:57:43
Thanks for all the contacts. This little test shows me where I need to improve.
See ya next time.
F5IN   Single Op HP   9622011-06-22 21:02:10
K2PO   Single Op LP   2,5422011-06-22 21:02:32
Fun hour. 73, Bill
N4YDU   Single Op LP   3,6002011-06-22 21:03:48
Good time - nice rates and several three-banders.

See everyone in FD from Stone Mountain, NC as N4PY with N4PY and W4KAZ.


W1UJ   Single Op HP   3,2202011-06-22 21:04:16
That was fun. KB1H reminded me that today was more CWT sessions, so I was able
to take a nap before this one. As usual fun working a bunch of 3-banders
tonight and a few no-numbers and a few high numbers. Conditions rough, but
could be alot worse.

Sorry for some QLFs, the 80m dipole configuration changed last week which
introduced some RFI into the shack/keyer/etc.... Kept power < 500w on 80m and
was able to finish.

Thanks! Jay 426
NØTA   Single Op LP   1,3162011-06-22 21:06:44
Really nice to have a 3-band contest. Thanks for the Q's. K3, N1MM, Vertical.
W4NZ   Single Op HP   2,6002011-06-22 21:07:08
73, Ted W4NZ #831
W7WHY   Single Op HP   1,4792011-06-22 21:07:34
Bands were weird here. QSB on 20 was really bad. Forty and 80 sounded good.

Thanks for the fun and 73.

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200 ~ 400 watts
Radio 2 TS-450SAT
80 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical, 2 el 20 meter monobander

Look for me at K7CCH this weekend on FD. 73
V31JP   Single Op LP   5752011-06-22 21:07:47
Yes, that was better. There were a couple that I missed with the QSB/QRN and
could only get part of their calls. A second "?" might suggest you repeat
twice, but just couldn't dig them out. Sorry. I'm working on a quad loop for
20M and a vertical for 40M. I might add an inverted "L" for 80M to that
73, V31Joe"Palooka"
N2MM   Single Op HP   3,4682011-06-22 21:08:16
80m ant died
W1FJ   Single Op HP   4,8972011-06-22 21:08:18
Nice to get a few 3 baggers. Lots of QRN tonite. CU at FD from NS1RA
N6RO   Single Op HP   4,7852011-06-22 21:09:15
Missed the past few CWTs, and was a bit rusty - forgot to turn on the 40m amp!

Condx ok, a bit noisy. Several EU on 20m, but none on 40, must be summertime.
WØUCE   Single Op HP   3,9522011-06-22 21:17:37
Good sigs and lots of activity made for another fun CWT event. It is nice to
work EU, New Members and Non-members joining in.

S01R: K-3, KPA500, HexBeam on 20, Windom on 80 & End Fed Half Wave on 80

Thanks for the Qs
W6SX   Single Op HP   3,8182011-06-22 21:18:28
Thanks to K2PO, K4BAI, K4GM, K6MMM, N0TA, N6RO, W0UCE, W1FJ, W4NZ, W6KY, and
W7WHY for three-banders.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
K2ZR(@K2AR)   Single Op LP   2,0522011-06-22 21:19:52
Fun evening with good participation.
I never really got going on 20 but 40 & 80 were decent bands for me in this
IC-765 @100 Watts with 425' EF Wire & 660' CF Wire
N1MM & Begali Simplex on the side

Dick, K2ZR/515
OK1RR   Single Op LP   2522011-06-23 00:52:25
Very noisy bands!
K4BAI   Single Op HP   3,4762011-06-23 04:59:28
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, 40M dipole, 80M inverted vee dipole.
Conditions on 20M fair to Europe and pretty good to most of the USA. But ran
out of new stations to work and the lower bands were noisy. A few European
QSOs on 40, but not as many as usual. 80M was OK to the west coast and pretty
good to the rest of the country. Nice to work so many old friends. Thanks for
all QSOs. Hope to work you all this weekend from our local FD site using the
SECC club call, W4AN. 73, John, K4BAI.
K2EGJ   Single Op LP   2252011-06-23 06:10:09
Nice to work F5IN and V31J both with big sigs in the Big Apple.
K4HQK   Single Op LP   6722011-06-23 06:11:53
My best score yet since joining CWOps this spring (#894). Band conditions and
activity levels were pretty exciting.
NG7Z   Single Op LP   9452011-06-23 06:17:24
Good practice copying names. I've always had trouble with names.
WØBH   Single Op HP   1,9242011-06-23 06:58:36
We had company this evening, so jumped in after most ops were gone from 20m.
Good low band conditions. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
N5AW   Single Op LP   3,5522011-06-25 05:22:50
Been having Internet problems here. Thought I posted this Thursday morning but
did not show up in the summary. As usual the late session was much better here,
in large part because there is activity on three bands. Nice to see so many good
scores from Europe.