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IARU HF World Championship   2009   Jul 11   Comment Summary

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KC4HW   SO CW LP   6,5162009-07-11 18:48:31
Could not get on until after 1700z and was really only working on this when I
had time. Used a 155CA at 71' and 150 watts. Signals on 15m were pretty
strong and was surprise to work a couple of JAs, KH6 and KL7 as well as a few
EUs. Probably could have had more EU but could not get on this AM. Thanks to
everyone for the Qs.

K1SE   SO CW HP   32,4122009-07-11 19:25:33
Tks for all the Q's. All S&P.
K4WES   SO SSB LP   26,1802009-07-11 21:08:33
Tnx for the QSOs! Bands appeared worst than last year and not as many stations
either. It was a fun contest as usual.
73 de k4Wes
NØBUI   SO CW LP   35,4782009-07-12 04:33:18
Band conditions seemed good. Nice to work 10 meters again.

Thanks for all the QSO's.

73, Mike N0BUI
W2GD(@N2NT)   SO CW QRP   442,6142009-07-12 04:51:50
I want to thank Andy, N2NT, for loaning me his station on short notice.


John W2GD aka P40W
DL3EBX   SO CW LP   95,2812009-07-12 04:56:58
Worked with 100W and a 20m long wire. On 15m I tried my Buddipole on the
All QSO were made in S&P Mode.
Tnx for the contacts.

73, Frank
W2YC   M/S HP   542,7162009-07-12 05:00:42
Used spotting.
LU6FOV   SO SSB LP   31,2662009-07-12 05:01:41
Beutiful contest, terrible propagation
AA3B   SO CW HP   1,183,2152009-07-12 05:05:18
Lost three hours to thunderstorms. The 80' tower apparently took a direct hit.
Not sure how much damage - it looks like I lost a XM240 and HDR300 rotor.

I heard 48 individual HQ Stations and worked 47 of them.
OH1F(OH1NOA)   SO CW HP   1,594,9012009-07-12 05:08:26
TS-2000, Alpha 91b & antennae

Laidback operation, more calling where it was fun instead of chasing mults or
moving by strict plan. Took some breaks during the night and also in the
beginning of the contest when I had T-storms outside. IARU always gives
propagational suprises, this year as well: worked over 75 US/VE stns on 15m
mtrs, including W6/W7/VE7, also hrd W1AW/KL7. Total blast was on 15m B7HQ 1743z
from the back of my beam.
K3WW   SO Mixed HP   782,6282009-07-12 05:13:11
Did not plan to do full time and big thunder storms went thru before time to go
to 80/160 so stopped earlier than expected.
N8BJQ   SO CW HP   310,5152009-07-12 05:13:25
Lost 4.5 hrs on Saturday morning to a huge thunderstorm which I think was camped
over the house. At least one tree hit across the road and around 2" of rain
which was needed.

Fun but very noisy most of the time. Nice to work 5 or 6 JA's on 15 and a few
on 20 this AM plus 9M6BG.

First test of the new 20 and 40 beams. Nice to have everything working again.
K8GL   SO CW HP   320,9762009-07-12 05:14:29
Ran out of gas! Between storms, electrical QRN and being tired the odds were
against me. Oh yes...finally worked JA on 15! 20 had some nice morning
openings to Asia.
W4MJA   SO CW HP   16,4642009-07-12 05:15:02
Kenwood TS-570D (G), Ameritron AL-811, Writelog, Wires.

Intended to go at this one 24 hours, but fighting a sinus infection is no way
to work a contest.

Only did 10-40, as once I was tuning on 80, bad RFI got a hold on the station
computer, and shut it down. Writelog came back up flawlessly. I really enjoyed
all CW this year, I think I'll do this again. High power was also an excellent
choice for this contest. The new wires performed great. The K9AY loop and the
160 tee should be finished in the next few weeks, giving me just enough time to
break them in for the contest season.

VK's were louder than normal on 40 at sunrise. 20 was a love/hate relationship
here during the afternoon on Saturday. 15/10 were in good condx, and allowed me
to put some Q's in the log.

Stratigie needs to be worked on here. 196 Q's and only 5 HQ stations is
unacceptable. SO2R will be put in place here soon, allowing the possibility for
a better score in contests to come.

CX7TT   SO Mixed HP   25,0632009-07-12 05:15:07
IARU Member Society, Radio Club Uruguayo CX1AA (RCU), operted as M/M with teams
on diff bands/modes. I was honored to be part of the 20m cw team so only did
some S&P outside of my op sked.
Great fun and tnx to all for participating.
Rig: K3/Acom 1000; Steppir 3 ele @17m and Force 12 vertical dipole on 40m.
ACØE   SO CW LP   3,5862009-07-12 05:16:10
NX9T   SO SSB HP   162,4502009-07-12 05:16:18
I had a fun time and enjoyed the contest a lot. While I was only on for about
5.5 hours, the times when I operated kept me busy with some good activity. My
version of N1MM doesn't seem to break out the zones and HQ mults but I trust
the final score is ok. :)

Thanks to all. Good summer radio fun.
Hope to see you in the fall.

Jeff NX9T
W4IX   SO Mixed LP   312,3252009-07-12 05:18:03
Definitely not the best condx for using a single dipole with a tuner for 160-15,
had a 5 element yagi up for 10 meters for the little prop that was there, did
get 1 EU (IU9HQ), P40HQ ans surprisingly, 2 KL&'s ( NL7Z & W1AW/KL7 ). 15 and
20 were almost impossible from the start of the contest till almost near
sunset, then guys were workable, the biggest surprise for me was the condx on
40 meters where I actually held a run freq with my 100w and a simple dipole,
wrkd almost 200 q's in 2.5 hrs, 40 was the best band for me, 80 was ok early (
i did go there too late ) but got very noisy as the morning went on..73's to
all and tnx for the q,s..I think I will take the rest of the summer off from
radio and cant wait till the fall season. Caio John W4IX
K1LZ   M/S HP   2,826,0892009-07-12 05:18:58
73 and tnx to all
N4PSE   SO CW QRP   45,6962009-07-12 05:19:14
Thanks to all who dug me out of the mud. Antennas: 2 ele. TA32jr @ 28 ft.; 23 ft
ladder line fed GP, and 80 M OCF at 40 ft in center.
KS8O   M/S LP   24,8162009-07-12 05:19:43
Good activity, Had two members of the Young Amateur Contest ham Team (YACHT)
working with me and they made 94.7 percent of the contacts. K8MBI, Hunter
worked very well as a contester, and Derek who just passed his Tech license,
(still waiting for FCC), worked like a madman and made 72% of the total
contacts. All in all a good learning contest for them and they had alot of
fun. Thanks too all the Hams that took the time to pull these kids in and for
working with them to make the contact.

Jim, ks8o
NE7D   SO CW LP   118,3112009-07-12 05:19:51
Zone total includes HQ mults.

Tnx for the Q's........73, Rock
K6LRG   M/S HP   736,9442009-07-12 05:21:07
N1MM does not break out the HQ Mults in the score summary but you should get the

Condx were fair for this contest. What a great TEAM EFFORT that went on here
at K6LRG. This was a very smooth operation with minimal technical probems
(Finally!!!) and a wonderful Multi-op team.

Our second year at this test, and were able to effectively triple our score
from last year. A couple of instances of rain static (summer?)when a small
front came in on Sunday. fortunately it did not persist.

JA opening on 20 in the early morning hours was a life saver! overall a great

Thanks to everyone for all the spots and QSO's.

73 and seeya next time!

for the entire K6LRG team
N7AT(@K8IA/N7RQ)   M/S HP   888,8252009-07-12 05:24:43
No easy way for me to tabulate HQ Mults so just entered zeroes so the form would
take. They are included in "Zones".

CW Position:(K8IA)
Orion II, Alpha 91B

SSB Position:(N7RQ)
TS-870S, Acom 1000

160: Shunt Fed 78' tower+mast and 60 radials
80 SSB: Inv Vee at 66'
80CW: Inverted L (45'X23') and 16 radials
40 CW: M-Squared 40M3L at 71'
40 SSB: Below 7180, see CW antenna; Above 7180 Inverted L w/24 radials
20 thru 10: 3teppIR at 78' plus Bencher Skyhawk fixed east at 45'

First time in a very log while with a serious multimode/multiop effort.
Strategies need to be studied very closely for a better performance next time.
Way more difficult to analyze compared to our single mode efforts. Lots of new
things to learn! Thats good.


73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
HB9/NV1P   SO Mixed LP   37,7652009-07-12 05:25:21
This was originally going to be multi-single with my sons KB3RUP, KB3RUO and
KB3SPI, but they all had commitments this weekend (camps, Boy Scouts, etc.) so
I played around as 'Single Op Mixed' instead.

This was 99% a European contest from here, since condx were short skip and
could only work a handful of the louder U.S. stations (K1LZ, KC1XX, etc.) with
80 watts and dipoles. But still had lots of fun with rates of up to 70/hr via
S&P, and was even able to run Europe for an hour on 40 meter CW Sunday

Used my N3ZN key for entire contest (no computer interfacing) to practice for
HST Championships in September, but no chance for QRQQ since my call 'NV1P'
would get busted as 'N4JP' over 50% of the time over 30wpm anyway. Time to
get a new callsign :-)

Thanks for all the QSO's and cu in the next one. 73 de Ken NV1P
KO7X   SO Mixed HP   117,6842009-07-12 05:29:14
Local thunderstorms forced shutdown Saturday evening.
NG7Z   SO CW LP   114,1292009-07-12 05:30:59
Nice openings on 10 and 15. Best ever for this contest.
W4PM   SO CW HP   211,1452009-07-12 05:33:52
RIG: Tec Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600 500 Watts
ANTENNA: 176' Center fed at 60'

This was my best effort in this contest. I wish I could have spent more time
at it. At least I'll get a participation certificate. :-)

Thanks for the Q's.

Puck W4PM
K9GY   SO CW LP   39,3902009-07-12 05:35:18
Pulled out the Kenwood TS-440S that hadn't been used in at least seven years.
Still works ... glad not to send it off for repairs. Antenna is Cushcraft R8 at
11' above ground.

Was active between taking XYL out to lunch and going to Chicago Fire (soccer)
game. Early on seemed like a sweepstakes event with NA only then about an hour
before leaving for the game (22z) the bands started to perk up with non-NA.

Looking forward to WRTC 2010 in Russia. Maybe my schedule will allow me to be a

Eric K9GY
VE3NE   SO CW LP   803,3972009-07-12 05:36:43
Condx to EU were very bad at the start but managed to work a few nice DX like
9M6BG, B1HQ and 8N3HQ. After one hour I had to pull the plug because we had a
bad thunder storm with lightning. Condx improved during the day. 40m was in
great shape with lots of big signals. With 150 watts I was able to break a few
big pile-ups like one on CN3A. It was fun. On 160 I was called by YR0HQ and he
was strong but no other EU. The W1AW and NU1AW teams did a great job. They were
everywhere and W1AW/KL7 even called me on 40m for a nice mult.
Thanks for the contacts and see you next time.


Lali, VE3NE
NN1N   SO Mixed HP   2,195,5622009-07-12 05:37:57
This is mixed mode, don't know the Q breakdown by mode. Only made a few low
power QSOs on the second rig.

Thunderstorms all night. Had to completely disconnect twice. Hard to hear
anything on 160, but amazed at all the activity there despite the noise.

Fun to do a little phone work. Seemed like there were more HQ stations than
ever. Great signals from A71A! Over S9 on 80!

10 was weakly open to EU at 2200Z, but not much activity. GB7HQ OL9HQ SN0HQ
all with good ears and loud enough...

Fun to have W1AW/KL7 call me early on 80. That KL7RA station KnockS down the
ionosphere like HAARP!

Also fun to find NU1AW/KH6 all over the place.

IC-7700 AL-1200
160: Vert and Inv V
80: 4 Square
40: 2 el East and 2 el West
20: 5/5 and tribander on roof
15: 3 el
10: 7 el
PY2MTV   SO Mixed HP   146,5962009-07-12 05:42:14
Thanks for all qso.

The log is loaded in the LoTW and eqsl.

RIG: FT1000MP Mark V Field Drake L4 abt 1KW antenna Hi-Gain 2 ele 7Mhz, 3DX3
14/21/28, invert vee 3.5Mhz, Half sloper 1.8Mhz.
Log; N1MM Vs 9.7.0

73 Nice week to all.

Andre PY2MTV
RA9CB   SO SSB HP   459,3402009-07-12 05:46:16
Thanks for the Contest. Conditions here were not good on 15 m, though not bad on
40 m. Too much QRN on 75 m, but most of the signals were very strong.
Icom-751A+650 w output + wire antennas+local thunderstorms.
DL2AA   SO SSB HP   760,2962009-07-12 05:48:21
Thanks for an awesome NA run between 0000z and 0200z. I already wanted to go for
a nap when I decided to check 20 again - and yep, it was wide open. The rate was
above 200 for almost an hour. Not too bad...

Due to a lack of a decent Low Band antenna I had to run low power on 80 and
Kept my focus on the HQ mults. That was it.
Used the Titanex Vertical on 40 which was pretty good.

For only 16 hours operating and a partially disassembled station it was
surprisingly good.

Thanks to all who called in.

K9SD   M/S HP   1,070,6502009-07-12 05:51:04
Thanks again to Sam for having us up at his place! Equipment worked FB again,
and condx seemed pretty fair. Thanks to K9QQ for some AWESOME Red beans & rice
for dinner!

Nice to see activity on 10/15.

K9QQ: " I kinda suck at CW, too rusty. But, I was listening in on your 10 CW,
and hanging in there with you" Brian, I was at 34 WPM then...

ICOM 781
Alpha 87A
80 meters --- 4-square & 80' dipole
40 meters --- 2 ele @ 130' & 2 ele @ 50'
20 meters -- 3 stack KT34xa 120/80/40' & 5 ele @ 110'
15 meters -- stack & 5 ele @ 120', 5 ele @ 70'
10 meters --stack

73- Chuck KI9A
N4PN   SO Mixed HP   1,024,5512009-07-12 05:52:48
Great activity in the middle of Summer....20m was open all night to
somewhere. Thanks to ARRL and all who participated..
73, Paul, N4PN

Rig: FT1000MP - AL1200
Ant: TH-5 @ 70'
Alpha-Delta 40/80
Inverted Vee 160
2 - short "beverages" (real short)
VE1DT   SO CW HP   343,9172009-07-12 05:56:30
Too bad that 10 & 15 didn't cooperate as well as last year.
K4AB   SO Mixed HP   688,4562009-07-12 05:57:34
Just the total Mults listed...N1MM doesn't break'em down by Zone/HQ.
KR4F   SO CW LP   195,1442009-07-12 06:02:00
Went low power to reduce Alabama heat in the shack. But, low power was really
difficult on the low bands!

Johnny, KR4F
VY2SS   SO Mixed HP   57,2182009-07-12 06:03:42
Conditions were very poor from here on Saturday morning so I washed the car. In
the afternoon it was much better and I even got a few on 10M.
I have no lowband antennas until the fall. I fried the R7 vertical after 8 QSOs
on 40M. I hope to do better next year.
K1TN   SO CW LP   103,3522009-07-12 06:19:17
Welcome to the K1TN Superstation at a secure, undisclosed location in southern
New Jersey!

Elecraft K3/100.
60-foot end-fed TX wire in a tree.
MFJ-993 auto tuner,
130-foot snake-in-the-grass RX aerial.

I bought the K3 used on Thursday so this was its shakedown cruise. I'd never
even seen a K3 before. No CW filters in it but it came with an AM filter and a
hand mic, if that tells you anything.

In the past month or two I made several station "improvements." Since I've not
had a single TVI/RFI complaint in two years of operating from this apartment I
felt brave.

1. Moved the end of the TX wire from the corner of a door frame to the top of
16 feet of plastic conduit strapped to the balcony railing and ran coax up to
the feedpoint. This got the TX aerial a few feet higher and away from the
building. It's still only about 25 feet above ground, though.

I hung two flowering plants off the balcony railing near the conduit to maybe
distract prying eyes.

2. Pounded a six-foot copper pipe in the ground for a, well, ground. Treated
myself to 25 feet of 3/4 inch tinned braid from The Wireman.

3. Ran 130 or so feet of wire along the ground and into the woods for a "snake"
receiving antenna. My 80 Meter local noise is down two S Units on it compared to
the TX antenna and at times it's even better on 40 Meters.

4. Installed two AC line filters, one I.C.E. and one MFJ, for all the station
equipment and the computer.

During contests, I unplug just about everything in the apartment, including the
cable TV connection and phone/internet lines, hoping to keep RF pickup to a
minimum. I've spent months trying to track down stray RF. At one point I
discovered that unplugging the heated mattress pad on my airbed made my "hot
key" problem on 80 Meters go away. Maybe in winter this will have the added
advantage of keeping my butt in the chair instead of in the rack.

My station is so many decibels down I can't even "compete" with "QRP" entrants
with towers and beams but this is just one reason why I don't care about
certificates and "competing." My score this weekend was five times higher than
last year and that's good enough for me. I admit that I put in more hours this
year learning the K3 by "doing."

I told a friend that I think I can make one meg in the CQ WW CW with this
station. But that's a secret, so don't tell.

Jim Cain
K7FA   SO CW HP   103,5302009-07-12 06:20:39
Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP MK-V Field, AL-800H
Sfw: N1MM-Logger Ver. 9.6.1
Antennas : 7-El Hy-Gain TH7DX at 90',
M-Squared 40M3FS-125 at 140',
Inverted 80-m VEE at 90'
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP MK-V Field, AL-800H
S&P limited score to manageable size.
I used to have normal hearing; but that was then and this is now!
The kitchen was checked twice to see if eggs were frying, but QRN is result of
summer sizzle. Someone left a buzz saw running at the bottom of the 40-m band.
TNX to all the contest participants. 73, TOM - K7FA
W1EBI   SO Mixed HP   512,2442009-07-12 06:21:48
Wow, the QRN on 80 was awesome! With few exceptions, I worked whatever I could
hear (which included about zero on 160 and 10). Let's hope the WRTC players
have a bit more help from Mr. Sun next year. Thanks for the Q's and the "big
signal" comments.

1kW plus dipoles on 80, 40, 20, 40m delta loop.

George W1EBI
N4LF   SO CW LP   19,2762009-07-12 06:22:37
Busy weekend here getting ready for our Italy trip. But, it was fun spending a
couple of hours handing out Q's and getting some points for FCG. Conditions,
especially in the evening, seemed pretty good here.
K7LAZ   SO CW LP   116,2832009-07-12 06:31:12
Going into this I needed or an easy country for ten meters like KL7 for my final
country for 5 BDXCC (now I will have 7 Bands done) and had a hunch this would be
the last chance for awhile..Not only did I work one but three are in the
log...AK was not easy on ten until today.

Thanks to W1AW/KL7 (WHO WERE THE OPS?), KL8DX, and KL7AI> Can someone tell me
the qsl route for W1AW/KL7 and I do know KL8DX uses LOTW. MADE MY DAY...KL7AI I
FOUND IN QRZ.COM THANKS ALASKA OPS!!!!! Worked a JA and XE as well on
ten,,maybe things will change.


CU you in the WA State Salmon for N7PP from a rare county again
this year.

73 Harry
DL8SCG   SO CW HP   515,1302009-07-12 06:31:55
K3 + Alphapower
OB11-5 ,Inverted L , K9AY
K4PG   SO CW HP   56,6372009-07-12 06:47:29
Condx on Saturday were awful. Very few loud signals and EU did not really start
to come in until late. 40 on the other hand was very loud and many stations
with EU in early. H&P most of the way with 350 watts and a folded dipole at 35
feet. This contest will get my full attention next year!
K7ABV   SO Mixed HP   158,0642009-07-12 06:47:34
fun time again, strange skip on 15 and 20 working local in state stations at
same time as never know..10 was open nicely also so even at the bottom
their is activity when a contest comes around..tnx to all for the q's...
NØNI   M/S HP   1,807,5462009-07-12 06:57:45
Not sure how to report Zones and HQ Mult separately in the logging software and
too tired to figure it out.
DK8EY   SO Mixed LP   13,0662009-07-12 07:05:25
ICOM IC-7400, Fritzel FB-53, N1MM-Logger
N2CU   SO CW LP   75,5652009-07-12 07:07:47
FT1000MP, TH6DXX @ 15m., 40m slopers.
ZY7C(@PT7CB)   M/S HP   1,969,8252009-07-12 07:22:04
Low band propagation wasn't how it suppose to be.

Thank you all for the contest.

Luc, PY8AZT & Rafa, PY2NDX
K5KA   SO CW HP   188,3442009-07-12 07:29:22
This was a fun contest. Good summer condx. Managed to work W1AW/KL7 on 10
through 80 but just could not hear them on 160 with my summer noise. Also very
nice to work A71A on 40.

73, Ken K5KA
K1EO   SO CW HP   257,2582009-07-12 07:29:30
IARU Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2009-07-10

CallSign Used : K1EO
Operator(s) : K1EO

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 8
Gridsquare : FN44RL

Name : Whit Carter
Address : 1965 Old Middle dam road
City/State/Zip : Magalloway ME 04216
Country : USA

ARRL Section : ME
Club/Team : Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger V9.6.3

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
1.8 CW 3 3 3
3.5 CW 35 87 23
7 CW 96 312 42
14 CW 259 1027 66
21 CW 69 169 27
Total Both 462 1598 161

Score : 257,278
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2009-07-12 Signature :

Thunder storms at 10:00 PM on Saturday night shut the station down for the
night. Rain static was very bad on 40 and 80 as well. Thanks for all the good
contacts. Great contest

W6SX   SO CW HP   25,2002009-07-12 07:30:43
K3, AL-1200, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TR4W
VE9ZX   SO SSB LP   144,0182009-07-12 07:36:18
Thanks and 73!
W1IG   SO CW QRP   11,2502009-07-12 07:38:08
Thanks to those that had the time to dig out my weak signal!
Bob W1IG (ex-W1AMF)
DR4A   M/S HP   1,465,1822009-07-12 07:41:25
We just wanted to test some new parts, but it made lots of fun. The saturday
evening opening on 20m to W6 showed what we can expect when the number of
sunspots is starting to raise again ...
Thanks for calling us
and thanks for the great station support to DL6WT, DJ9KM and DC8SG

73 de
Wolfgang DK9VZ
K5GO   SO CW HP   1,143,5062009-07-12 07:41:25
Storms around me all weekend causing really high QRN on 160 through 20. Used a
beverage for vast majority of contacts which was only slightly better than
listening on the transmit antenna.

Thanks for the contacts. Log will be loaded into LOTW soon.

Station details at new website, thanks to N5DX. WWW.K5GO.COM

73...Stan, K5GO
K6VVA   SO CW LP   80,3012009-07-12 07:43:34
Partial QRV primarily to experiment with some new SO2R REMOTE operational
matters. Finally, basic SO2R REMOTE CONTROL is now a REALITY here (but the
operator needs much more practice)!!! (Home QTH Hands-On Control Setup)

The new Remote Rig (SM2O) control equipment performed flawlessly on Radio 2,
whereas the W4MQ IRT control on Radio 1 crashed 8 times. This will hopefully
be replaced with another Remote Rig next week and solve a longstanding

Biggest thrill in the IARU was to work my Expedition QSL Printer, Tony, LZ1JZ,
at LZ7HQ, which was also our first QSO ever.

On Monday Night, I will be giving a slide show presentation at the NCCC
meeting: How NOT To Build A Remote Station. For those interested in Off-Grid
Remote and SO2R REMOTE CONTROL, a list of Presentation References is now at: (equipment links, etc.).

73 & Tnx for all the Q's and SO2R REMOTE CONTROL experimental opportunities...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
W5GN   SO CW HP   302,8802009-07-12 07:49:30
Where were the Russian WRTC stations? I aggressively S&P'd for them whenever
the band was open to UA-land, looking for them, but heard nary a one.
NO5W   SO CW LP   77,6882009-07-12 07:52:51
K3, 80/40/20 inverted vees at 25ft,CQ/X de NO5W

For me IARU started with a bang with my first QSO being with R0HQ but then it
settled in to mostly domestic QSOs for the rest of the morning and then on
Saturday afternoon it seemed like band conditions on 20 went totally to pot and
everyone disappeared. I was hoping that after returning from dinner with the XYL
that things would pick up on 40M and I wasn't disappointed with some good
openings into Europe, Africa, and South America. While 40M had a good bit of
QRN I was amazed at how well the noise blanker and noise reduction worked on
the K3. With the noise reduction set at 1-4 tuning across the open frequencies
on 40M you could hear nothing and then a signal would pop up out of the silent
background -- amazing.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and for pulling my mediocre signal through the
QRM/QRN. It's always fun to work a contest with so many excellent CW ops.

NØAV   SO CW HP   630,9902009-07-12 07:59:21
First contest with downsized antenna farm. I was pleased with the performance of
both the small tribander stack and the F12 40m yagi. My M2 rotor controller went
south shortly after 1am so I figured that would be a good excuse to shut down
and get some sleep.

K3 + Ten Tec Titan X 2 (very few qsos on the 2nd radio this time)
Cushcraft X7 stack @ 87'/50'
TH7 @ 65'
Force 12 Delta 230-240 @97'
80m inverted vee @85'
LU6KA   SO SSB LP   2,5422009-07-12 08:03:25
Rig: Kenwood TS 450 SAT
Antena: Wileres Monoband
Power: 100 W
NØKE   SO Mixed QRP   132,8182009-07-12 08:16:52
Good activity out of Europe and USSR Asia late into the night.
LW3EWZ   SO SSB HP   25,0402009-07-12 08:20:58
Not good cond for SA 20 and 15 many hours open 40´s good but poor contacts
N2WN   SO CW QRP   191,8502009-07-12 08:22:50
Thought I had made a major mistake going QRP a couple hours into the contest.
Very rough time making anything happen, but things improved as the time

Had fun on 10M and very happy to add an all time new DXCC and State with
W1AW/KL7. They were BOOMING in and the only station heard at the time. Had a
feeling this might happen with some of the recent 6M posts and the way the band
was behaving. No EU opening as best I could tell...

15 was decent and was amazed at the wall to wall JAs... didn't hear my QRP
signal and it sorely tempted me to change to LP. Good signs of things to come!

20 was much better later in the day, was working 5 continents. Only Africa
seemed abnormally quiet with one DXCC worked and one other heard doing S&P.

40 was good, with several EU stations still quite loud at the end of the
contest. Missed a few zones here that would have been "easy" with 100W ;o) Nice
to hear many more VK stations than I have in a while.

80 was the big surprise. Worked many EU & SA HQ stations with few repeats with
a dipole who's apex is at about 45'. My compliments to the "ears" at those
stations. 160 and 80 were both a little noisy, no DX was heard on 160.

My compliments to The folks in Alaska and Hawaii on hosting ARRL and IARU. Job
well done! Wish I could have worked NU1AW/KH6 on more bands, but didn't seem
like conditions favored that direction, only one other KH6 heard...

Put in a lot more time to try and get the score up, much easier to do when you
don't feel like banging your head against the desk ;o)

Thanks all!


Elecraft K3 did a fine job....
SN2K(@SP2YWL)   M/S HP   1,630,4402009-07-12 08:27:31
Great fun, see you next year. Thanks for calling us.
K6TD   SO Mixed HP   67,0502009-07-12 08:35:12
glad to see 20m stay open so late. 15m was open, ops didn't seem to be giving
it much time.

static crashes made 40m pretty tough in the evening.

Great time, but, I got fatigued and couldn't put in enough BIC time.

Thx for the QSOs, 73 K6TD
KE7YF   SO Mixed LP   10,4402009-07-12 08:35:29
IC-746 PRO
40M Antenna - Ground mounted Hustler mobile stick and resonator, no radials
20M Antenna - Short Dipole made from Huslter mobile sticks and resonators with
current balun 10 foot height over ground
15M Antenna - Same as 40M - works across entire band at less than 1.2 swr
KN5H   SO CW HP   16,3772009-07-12 08:41:43
Rig: TS 850, SB 220 300W to R7 vertical dummy load.
Lots of good ears out there.
NDØC   SO SSB QRP   4,2842009-07-12 08:43:03
Just spent a few minutes here and there playing around with 3 watts. Conditions
seemed pretty mediocre from here.

Rig: Ten Tec Argonaut 509 (3 watts)
Antennas: Wilson SY-3 3 el Yagi at 15 meters and inv vee at 13 meters

Randy, ND0C
N5AW/Ø   SO CW LP   150,4102009-07-12 08:43:16
N1MM doesn't give an easy breakdown of Zones and HQ mults by bands in the
summary ...or if it does I haven't discovered how to find it.

Made my annual pilgrimage to Colorado to make me appreciate my antennas at home
(and get away from the Texas heat). It can be frustrating but it is also amazing
what you can work at times with 100 watts and a low wire. Also decided this
would be a good time to try out N1MM – only one radio and no way I can be a
top competitor. A few mangled exchanges but by and large it went smoothly.

My past experience with the G5RV antenna is it works pretty well on the lower
bands but poorly on the higher ones. This proved true again. I worked most of
the DX I heard on 40 and the little that came through the static on 80... with
an antenna only about 25 feet high. Twenty was tougher but I do have a ground
plane to supplement things there. Fifteen was down right frustrating. Heard
many Europeans Saturday morning but only a handful went in the log. Called and
called without success. Even US stations would CQ in my face. Need to do
something about this as sunspots increase.

I don't know if it is just conditions and the “little pistol” DX stations
aren't heard but it seems like nearly all the DX activity in this contest is
from the headquarters stations. Perhaps it is the multiplier scheme that gives
a premium for those contacts – not sure that's really fair but those are the

Some may wonder why I tack on the cumbersome /0 to my call. Just want to let
those who may be working on awards that I'm operating from a different
location. The /0 actually works to my advantage at times as it seems to catch
attention in pileups. Surprisingly when a station is struggling to copy my weak
signal the /0 is usually what they get first.

Had a good time. One of these years maybe I'll stay home and see what a
difference real antennas make!

Station: Elecraft K3 100 watts
Antennas: G5RV at about 25 feet, roof mounted 20 meter ground plane
Logging: N1MM + WinKey on an IBM laptop

Marv, N5AW
KB1H   M/S HP   1,263,1082009-07-12 08:45:25
First, the summary from N1MM does not break out Zones and HQ mults so they are
all grouped in one.

Some of the Barnstormers got togrther to put forth a serious effort.
Looking back at the past 5-7 years we always seem to end with between
1700-1800 QSOs. I don't no wheer K1LZ found another 1000 QSOs! Good job
Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and the log will be on LOTW in a few days.
N7IR   SO CW QRP   16,7002009-07-12 08:51:03
Spent a few short S&P operating sessions to see what I could do with the
antennas parked at monsoon height. 20 was pretty good to the eastern zones of
Europe. Lots of HQ stations were loud here from over the pole. Switched to 40
at 0500Z, just before I quit, and was surprised by the loud signals from South
America, southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Maybe next year I'll try a
full time effort in this one.
Gary, N7IR
W3LL   SO SSB LP   28,1202009-07-12 08:52:03
The MonstIR is on the ground for hardware updates.
Used the 80M vertical on all bands utilizing the antenna tuner in the K3 and
low power.
KØRH   SO SSB HP   560,9702009-07-12 08:59:27
No Qs on 160m hurt and not much on 80m.....Lots of people on 10m but no
mult's.....Good luck to everybody.....Jim
ISØ/IT9VDQ   SO Mixed QRP   15,2152009-07-12 09:14:37
W7WHY   M/S HP   41,5382009-07-12 09:14:42
I like the format for this contest. Just comes at the wrong time as there is
always something going on this time of year. Only got to put in about 4.5

Ten meters was a real surprise here. First time I've been able to have a
little run in a contest. Band seemed to be open all over the U.S. at the same
time. Was working Oregon and the east coast at the same time. Twenty was open
over the pole with some good signals from Eu and Russia.

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200
Radio 2 FT-840

2 el 10 meter monobander
2 el 20 meter monobander
40 meter vertical

N1MM Logger 8.12.9
YR6M(YO6MT)   SO CW LP   180,1982009-07-12 09:17:06
Power: 100w and 40w
Ant: LW 63m
VERTICAL 7m up 0,9m
Log: SD by EI5DI v14.00

73 de Cornel
XE1KK   Headquarters HP   456,8892009-07-12 09:20:26
Propagation during the day was poor but at sunrise, sunset and early night it
was very good specially on 20 meters. We had a pipeline with ITU Zone 30.
Some stations were impossible to copy and at 0230 UTC work them with huge
signals: AT1HQ, 9K9HQ, UN1HQ, etc. Didn't have a good JA opening on 20 meters
unfortunately. Some unusual DX stations answer my CQs like TL0A, always a
pleasant surprise.

Saw reports from stations working 10 meters but never hear anyone, not even the
powerful LUs and that is hard to believe in this latitudes. 15 meters was also
poor. 40 meters signals were good and not so noisy. Propagation is getting
better... slowly.

Finding so many friends is the best part of the contest. Its amazing how much
trill you can get when you get a DIT DIT from an OM on the other side of the

CU next year!

Ramon, XE1KK
N7NT   SO CW LP   47,7392009-07-12 09:27:08
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion II, 100 watts
Antenna: Dipole at 30 feet with tuner

Those HQ mults sure make a difference!
K6KR(K6KF)   SO CW LP   86,5412009-07-12 09:29:13
Elecraft. K3, dipole from our cottage on Whidbey Island.
WC1M   SO CW HP   889,5662009-07-12 09:36:08
Thunderstorms and jet lag combined to reduce my effort to a little over half
time. Nonetheless, it was great fun while it lasted. My sense is that
participation was good, especially by HQ stations. I beat my personal best for
HQ stations on 20 and worked several I had never heard in past years, such as
A7 and VU. As always, EU activity was great. Russians were plentiful, too,
including lots of UA9 and UA0. Worked a couple of JAs, but otherwise no other
deep Asians except the VU. US activity seemed to be very strong as well. Thanks
to all for the QSOs and mults.

I wasn't sure I could make it through the contest this year. We arrived from a
two-week holiday in Spain late Thursday night, and I figured the jet lag might
make it difficult to stay up for 24 hours. I had to try, of course. I'm pretty
sure I would have made it, had it not been for time lost due to thunderstorms.

I was doing quite well until about 2330z, averaging almost 100/hr despite poor
propagation on 15, virtually no propagation on 10, and a couple of dedicated
sweeps on 20 to find mults (I was CQing on 15, but it wasn't producing much.)
The rate on 20 was waning and I had just started a dedicated sweep for HQ
stations and mults on 40. I was racking up lots of them at high S&P rate --
really fun.

There was a 50% chance of rain with thunderstorms, so I kept an eye on the
radar maps. Also, my shack window looks out to the west over the CT River
Valley, which is the direction most of our weather comes from. Usually I can
see the lightning from across the river well before it gets here, but all I saw
was dark clouds, so I kept operating. Then it started raining hard and a few
bright flashes suddenly appeared on our side of the river. The arrival time of
the thunder indicated the strikes were only half a mile to a mile away, so I
quickly shut down the station and ran downstairs to the basement patch panel to
unplug everything -- and I mean "everthing". A $10,000 disaster two years ago
resulted in a project to build a patch panel where I could quickly disconnect
every wire coming into the shack from the outside world. I have an extensive
ground system and suppressors on every wire at the towers and shack, but I'm
now a belt and suspenders guy. There are so many wires, however, it takes at
least 10 minutes to unplug or plug everything.

Unfortunately, I had to stay off the air for two hours during the sweet spot on
40: 2330z-0130z. Luckily, the rate was still strong when I got back on the air
and I was able to rattle off about 300 QSOs in 2 1/2 hours. It was a pleasant
surprise because the band doesn't always stay open that late. Also, the rate
was probably a function of 20 shutting down, 160 and 80 being pretty poor and
me being fresh meat (my full-size Cal-AV 2-el is pretty loud, too.) I figured
the lost time precluded a win, but maybe I could work enough stations on 40 to
make the top 10 or even the top 5.

Then, at about 0400z, the rate on 40 dropped off. At the same time, I realized
160 and 80 were so noisy that they wouldn't produce a competitive number of
mults. The stations could hear me, but I couldn't hear many of them despite a
good beverage. A run on 80 was out of the question.

That's when the jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks. Probably largely
psychological due to the receding chance of posting a good score, but very
rough nonetheless. I got fuzzy-headed and started nodding off between QSOs. But
with less than 10 hours left, I thought it would be silly to quit. I probably
would have pushed on, had it not been for the second wave of thunderstorms.

Before and during the first wave of thunderstorms, I monitored the local
weather radar. But after the first wave passed, I made the critical mistake of
not checking the larger regional map. Had I done so, I would have seen the
second wave. Also, it was dark so I couldn't see it coming across the river.
All of sudden, I was stirred out of my jet-lagged stupor by torrential rain and
series of bright flashes and thunder so loud the windows shook. It was really
close! Once again, I shut down the station and dashed downstairs to unplug.

At that point, I threw in the towel. I was so tired I didn't bother to check
the radar map to see how large the front was. I went to bed and fell asleep to
the sound of rain and thunder, and slept through the end of the contest. I
think the second wave lasted a couple of hours, too.

All in all, glad I did the contest. I'm still learning to optimize use of the
various antenna combinations here, including the SteppIR stack, and still
learning how to make the K3s sing. This was good practice, which is always
needed by this op.

Since my contest itch hasn't been fully scratched, maybe I'll try WAE for a
change. Otherwise, see you in the Fall.

73, Dick WC1M
WA1FCN   SO CW LP   273,4612009-07-12 09:36:25
Nice finish 3 minutes left in test and get vr2hk for last qso.
Quick visit from Murphy. Storms moved beam 60 degrees off, quick
trip up tower and back to business. Discovered this 4 hours into
test. 73 BoB WA1FCN
NX5M   M/S HP   1,638,1182009-07-12 09:43:51
Tentative plan to do a multi right up until a couple of days before the contest.
KU5B and I were not sure if we wanted to do this one without another operator
to help out but we did it anyway. Unknown to us, whether we would actually do
the whole 24 hours or not, we basically stayed in the shack the entire 24 hours
although only getting 22 hours of operating time. I think the omen started on
Friday morning when I walked out of the house and saw that the top 2/3 of a
large oak tree had fallen across the south anchor and guys of the 15m tower. I
had to spend a couple of hours getting that cleaned up and then noticed that one
of the limbs had taken out some of the elevated radials on the 160m antenna. It
had also fallen across all the coax and control cables running out to the 15m
tower so I was afraid that there might be some damage to those but they ended
up being ok.
40 and 80 were brutally noisy but it got better later into the night....thank
goodness. Struggle to pull calls out in all that noise. I still do not like
the multi-single rules in IARU. One of us had to sit on our hands while the
other operated. Although the rules apply to all, sitting around doing nothing
is really not very much fun.
First catastrophe: 30 minutes into the contest the amp that I thought had been
repaired decided to act up again. Being an Alpha, it kept faulting without any
LED indication of what the problem was....same problem as before it seemed.
Could only run about 500w out of it...anything more and it would fault into
standby. We thought about it for a while and finally decided to swap it out
with the amp that is used on the 15/80 station and just use the 20m amp on 15
at seriously reduced power. That lasted for a while but not long after we had
started working 15m the amp decided it did not even want to work on low power
so we ended up being barefoot on 15 for a while. We then decided to swap band
assignments with the 40m radio so that we could run some power so another 15
minutes of fumbling through coax, re-routing cables, moving antenna switches,
etc., were spent doing that.
We made the old 15/80 radio into the 10m radio.....moved the antenna switch to
accommodate the operator and just ran barefoot there. Even managed to work
into EU on 10m with low power.
So when it came time to do 80m.....we had to use a smaller amp at one of the
other operating positions. Probably no big deal really but it seemed to make
it a bit harder to get into EU so we spent less time on 80 than we had actually
thought we would. On top of everything else, the 80m beverage switching could
not be moved so we used the 160 beverages on 80. They work, but not as good as
the ones that are specifically set up for 80m operation.
In all, we spent 22 hours operating, a total of 1 hour trying to figure out
alternate plans to keep things going and another hour disconnecting and
reconnecting this and that just to be able to be on the band we wanted to be on
even if it was not with the right amp or no amp at all.
The end result was not too bad. A better score than the last multi in
2007....but now I have to send an amp back to Alpha.
About 0700z we decided that one of us should sleep for an hour while the other
operated and then trade places. I think I felt worse after I had slept an hour
and Colin did he.
Next year, who knows! There are going to be some things happening in the near
future that will impact the station to some degree but may end up making it
KØOU   SO Mixed HP   112,7782009-07-12 09:44:18
More operating time than expected after being out of town for last few days.
Station was still torn down from FD so had to hook everything back up Saturday
before I could get started. Didn't make my first contact until 21:00z. Antenna
was stuck pointing SW so had to work most stations off the back of the beam.
Surprised I did as well as I did. Had fun making contacts. Tnx to all who
picked me out. 73 de K0OU
VE4AEO(VE3KI)   SO CW LP   115,6322009-07-12 09:47:13
Elecraft K3, low G5RV
USØHZ   SO CW LP   574,2652009-07-12 09:53:43
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults Zones

160CW 31 31 37 19 3
80CW 180 180 386 25 9
40CW 180 180 454 36 14
20CW 345 344 1002 37 20
15CW 273 273 745 27 11
10CW 23 23 47 10 4

Totals 1032 1031 2671 154 61
NR3X(N4YDU)   SO Mixed LP   541,5002009-07-12 10:00:37
Another great IARU contest - this is one of my favorites - I had so much fun
this time I never left the chair for more than two or three minutes. Biggest
propagation thrill was working W1AW/KL7 on 10 through 80 meters. My score is up
from last year - coditions to Europe on 40M were impressive.

1260 qsos (18.6 percent Europe, 75 percent NA), 2,850 points, 190 mults.


IC 765 and IC 761

A vareity of wires. The new delta loop for 40M worked better than I thought it
10M - 15 - 20 - Rectangle loops and dipoles
40M Delta loop fixed NE
80M 1/4 vertical
160M 1/4 L

G5RV and Carolina Windom for the second rig - also used for domestic qsos on


Nat/N4YDU - NR3X
WB6BFG   SO CW LP   25,7832009-07-12 10:06:26
Just played around here and there throughout the contest. Thanks for the fun!

de Wild Bill ~ WB6BFG
N5DO   SO Mixed QRP   131,6752009-07-12 10:08:57
I knew I had a few obligations that would take me away for several hours at
scattered times, so I decided to try QRP. I had operated QRP in some domestic
contests, but never seriously in a DX (and domestic) contest. For most of the
day it was very difficult, but in the late afternoon and evening everything
magically got better and almost everyone I called heard me without too many
repeats. There were a handful of stations that could never hear me, but seemed
to have good signals on my end (9M6, YD, BA, VR2). Other than those few that I
thought would have heard me for sure on LP, and the occasional multiple repeats
I had to send, there was not too much different from my typical LP effort. Rig:
K3. Ants: 3 ele. SteppIR at 60 ft, 402CD at 55 ft, and 80M inverted vee at 50
KA3DRR   SO CW LP   1,9042009-07-12 10:09:45
40m defined my effort this year while 20m proved a little too much for my
antenna system between two homes. I did not synchronize with 15m and my 1Q
demonstrates a need to learn when this band opens. I checked on the half hours
and called CQ however the Qs did not materialize. Timing is everything in
RadioSport that is, "Knowing when and where to be there."

My best hours were 12, 13, 1400Z then 8, 9, 10, and 1100Z shared between 40m
and eighty meters. Twenty meters felt like RF combat this year because signals
finally picked up around 0100Z with on-going QSB throughout the event. My
signal requires alot more RF punch to compete against the 20m swarm.

I shared an almost equal amount of time between CQ in addition to search and
pounce. My antenna system radiates sufficiently on 40m and I took advantage of
its efficiency. However, and for some reason, RFI on this band for the first
time, played havoc with my keyboard and computer. My keyboard was completely
neutralized and I clicked function keys instead of pressing function keys. A
footnote for my on-going to-do list.

There remains plenty of work at the condo contest station and I learned a lot
from the IARU HF World Championship experience.

Scot, KA3DRR
AF6EV   SO CW LP   9,9722009-07-12 10:13:11
I had limited time for this one, but I had fun when I was on.

FT450 @100W
80 Meter Loop @25FT

KC7V(@W8AEF)   SO CW HP   633,4222009-07-12 10:13:57
Missed the first 4 hours 15 minutes of the contest due to a work commitment.
Otherwise I found conditions decent and good rates to keep it fun. 20 stayed
opened very late to Asia so it was good to work the 5 pointers.

Operated from W8AEF's place for this one and Paul's 4 squares on 40 & 80 work
very well. Thanks to Paul and his wife for the hospitality.
K2KW   SO Mixed LP   14,6632009-07-12 10:14:28
Antenna: 20m inverted-V with the apex at 10', 100w.

Was amazed at some 5 minute spurts running 120/hr. Just got on to hand out
some QSOs.

73, Kenny K2KW
VE2EKA(VA2WDQ)   SO CW HP   1,204,4252009-07-12 10:15:20
I was working from CQ zone 2, ITU zone 9. It was a big "quest" for many con
testers. I received often "zone ?" then "call ?" and again "zone ?" after
sending VE2EKA 599 9 ))) Looks like we used to trust our contest logging
software too much! And a logger always suggests zone 4 for VE2 by default! In
some cases could be nice to have an ITU zone map on a table)))

Conditions were very poor on Saturday morning. The solar K index was jumped to
3 and we got even short high latitude Aurora during morning hours. Anyway
conditions got improved afternoon. Low bands: 160-80-40 were not bad but there
were too many QRN from southern thunderstorms.

10 meters was almost closed. I heard some activity from south but it was so
difficult to get few QSO's there! Heard K1ZZ was CQ-ing there but he didn't
hear me with my almost 1 kW and 4 el!!!

Saturday morning opening on 20 and 15 meters bands was so nice! I did S&P and
was lucky to caught few new mults on 15. But it was time to stop((((

Thank you all for the Q's! Sometimes run rate was up to 250 Q/M! Sorry guys who
didn't get my respond on lower bands. The QRN there were so strong here!

RiG: FT-1000D PA Ameritron AL-80B
ANT: 20-15-10 HyGain TH-7, 160-80-40 Alpha-Delta dipoles.


WØRAA   SO CW LP   16,0822009-07-12 10:17:24
Fun contest. Mainly S&P for me. Looking for TPA Contacts and new DX.
Good to see 10 meters open, as well as 15 meters. Hope to be in it again next
year. Thanks to all who gave me a contact. Hope they will upload to LOTW!
KA2KON   SO SSB LP   83,5382009-07-12 10:19:05
Did a little better than last year, but it was a real slog. All S+P, I was much
too light to attact anyone for a run. It was a lot of dial spinning and keeping
the band map up to date manually.
F8CRS   SO Mixed HP   6,3002009-07-12 10:21:31
just came quickly to give points to TM0HQ and others.

73 david F8CRS
W7VJ   SO CW HP   46,5522009-07-12 10:34:19
Tremendous fun, and good fast pace. Interesting how EU stations were spotty
during the day. Teir I signals woud suggest a solid opening, but very few EU
stations otherwise. The summer QRN remains a killer, as does internal room
temperature as the amp pumps out enough heat to make it slightly
uncomfortable... thinking fans for summer contests. Still like the 24 hour
format. 73 and thanks to those who called. Andrew, W7VJ
WI9WI   SO CW HP   32,1602009-07-12 10:37:18
After havig my right shoulder reconstructed Friday last week I felt well enough
to spend some time on the radio. So with a bit of difficulty and slowness I put
the station back together and spent a few hours Sat afternoon and evening. All
QSOs were S&P, one finger hunt and peck with my lefthand. Bands seemed OK for
the cycle. Nice loud HQ stations on 40 easily workable even with my low

Gear: K-3, AL-80 except on 15 where I have to run qrp due to rf problems
135 ft OCF dipole at 25 ft


K6WSC   SO CW LP   43,8182009-07-12 10:39:58
The 20M S&P passes Saturday night that each yielded new HQ stations were

CW sent with thoughts of Tom, KM6K.

Thanks for the Qs!

Bill K6WSC
SO8T(SP8TJU)   SO Mixed LP   81,9892009-07-12 10:40:29
Unfortunately, that was my first year when I must lost my participation in
SN0HQ. But i don't want to loose a IARU Contest.
Thanks for a QSO's.
Lukasz SP8TJU
AA4FU   SO CW LP   173,8882009-07-12 10:46:48
I had fewer QSOs than last year, but the multiplier total and the points per QSO
were both higher. The first few hours were slow as Europe didn't open up for me
on 20m until the afternoon. 80m was noisy for the first couple of hours after
sunset, but the thunderstorms up in Virginia finally settled down around
midnight and 80 got very quiet. Of course it was frustrating to hear a lot of
stations that couldn't hear me.

Station is almost the same as the last few years. Kenwood TS-570D with 3
80m - Cushcraft MA8040 Vertical
40m - Used both the MA8040 and my Cushcraft R-8 Vertical
20m - W6MMA YP-3 Yagi and the R-8
15m & 10m - R-8 Vertical

I normally use the R-8 exclusively on 40m CW, but I found the European stations
could hear me better with the MA8040 this year. I added a few radials, so maybe
that helped. The YP-3 was also a new addition this year, and helped pull out a
few more stations.
YU7U(YU7BH)   SO Mixed HP   140,0002009-07-12 10:51:17
Just spend few hours on low bands. Very simple equipment ft2000+ompower 1,5 kw +
Inverted vee for 80, and gp for 40 and 15.
But nice propagation on 15. Also few nice dx on 80 . PY0FF has a good signal on
80. Also good copy ve3ej on 80, but no answer :-(

YU7BH, Brane
K6MM   M/S HP   123,3102009-07-12 10:54:18
95% Search/Pounce. Great conditions, especially on 20M, which was open to
Europe until 0800 UTC Sunday morning. Good 10M opening as well. Maybe there's
hope for this sunspot cycle yet. Worked 72 HQ Mults-- 50 were unique stations.
Most curious QSOs: 3 Cyprus stations -- all with a different prefix: 5B, H2,
and P33. Decided to experiment during this contest with my K3 LP-Pan
Panadapter + CW Skimmer, so reclassified as M/S. Thanks for all the QSOs, and
CU in NAQP RTTY. 73, John K6MM.
KH7XS(K4XS)   SO SSB HP   2,154,9452009-07-12 10:54:33
This contest is fun, it's like a longer version of the NA Sprint. It's not a 48
hour marathon where only the supermen can make it without any sleep. 24 hours
without sleep is something an old fart like me can do.

At the beginning of the contest, I knew condx were crappy and after about 4-5
hours into the contest I was already 350 QSOs behind last year's score. Condx
improved over the 24 hours and were OK by the end, but I only caught up to 250
QSOs less than last year, despite some awesome runs on 40 and 20. Result: the
score has about 20 more mults and 250 less QSOs than last year. However, the
score is within 25K of last years score. The increase in mults was a result of
having a couple of HQ stations close by and increased S/P due to the poor runs
in the first part of the test. W1AW/KL7 and NU1AW/KL7 were worked on 5 bands.

One of the highlights of the contest was to be called by a couple of EUs (RSGB
and F6BEE on a 15 meter band that was marginally open to only the states and
South America. More stations to check for band openings on the marginally open
15 and 10 meter bands during contests. Openings don't work unless there are at
least two stations.

The SSTV police were out in force and have claimed 14227 as their own and was
promised by one dummy that he was going ot turn his beam around and
intentionally QRM me no matter where I went. Fortunately his level of tenacity
matched his IQ level. On a similar note KZ8O was out in full force on 14275
doing his thing late into the night.

See you all in a couple of weeks in my first serious attempt in the IOTA test.
K7WP   SO CW LP   175,1492009-07-12 10:57:02
Worked this one from our RV in Flagstaff, AZ. Great time and very interesting
conditions. Nice to see activity, particularly on 15m, that was workable with
modest means. 20 was active virtually for the 24 hrs. here. The late evening
opening to Eastern Europe and Asia showed up and stations were quite workable
with LP and modest antenna. Strong EU stations on 20 and 40...amazing. Even
80 meters gave up some DX and and added sections, which suprised me with my
working conditions. Simply a fun time...thank you sponsers! And, thanks for
all the Q's and repeats for K7WP's portable setup here this weekend!

Rig: FT1000MP, and a modified HF6V vertical strapped to a chain link fence.
K5ZD   SO Mixed HP   799,6322009-07-12 10:59:54
Borrowed a K3 from Dennis, W1UE. The goal of this contest was to learn and
evaluate the radio. Spent much of the first few hours taking breaks as I read
the manual and tried various settings in the menus. The longer I operated the
more comfortable and more impressed I became. The K3 is fantastic on CW.
Simply amazing. It took awhile to get the receive and transmit settings
adjusted for SSB. Still some work to go to make it sound as good as my usual

Summer contests are funny. All the action seems to happen over darkness paths.
The contest started slow with equally weak Eu signals on 20 and 15. I mostly
tuned around and tried to learn the radio.

By afternoon, things started to pick up, but had some family time obligations.
Managed to get back in the shack after dark in order to experience the K3 on
the low bands. Several very loud HQ stations from Europe on 15m at 0000z!

It was noisy here with the approaching front(s). The Europeans seemed to be
hearing well as they were getting my call on 80 without many repeats. Had to
spend some time on 40m using my Beverage for receive just to hear through the
rain static.

All the activity staffing the big HQ stations seems to take away some of the
usual single op and multi callsigns that we hear in every contest. But, it is
a great celebration of national pride. Certainly gives those of us on the East
Coast who can work Europe on the low bands a huge advantage for scoring.

Back to WPX log checking (and looking for spare change in the couch to start a
K3 acquisition fund).
NN7SS(K6UFO)   SO SSB QRP   4202009-07-12 11:10:42
Just two hours in between the visitors, cleaning up from
tower work the day before, and getting ready for
antenna work the day after. I was pleased to see 10m open
so I left the rig QRP to see what could be worked. According to last years IARU
results this would be #4 for
W/VE Single-op Phone only, QRP (and 10m only).

NN7SS Burt WA (op K6UFO)

10m: 3-el Steppir at 50ft
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software
NB7V   SO SSB HP   123,5102009-07-12 11:15:02
No idea how many HQ mults N1mm does not do that.
Lots of static, weird propagation,I could see the Dark storm clouds heading
east from the window in my shack. Thanks to all who stuck it out and worked me
through the noise!!

See Ya next time,
AL9A   SO Mixed HP   166,3892009-07-12 11:15:54
My first serious effort in IARU HF Contest. Was really surpirsed by the level
of activity for a summer contest. The recent increase in sun spots really
helped the propagation. This was the first time I entered a contest in the
Mixed category and I was glad I did. SSB QSO's were difficult and I could
never get a good run going even though many EU's were loud here in AK. The
advantage of CW over SSB was obvious and I was glad I didn't choose to run SSB
only. That would have been sooo frustrating. Maybe I should have done CW
only, but I know many SSB stations were happy to get the Zone 1 on phone. All
in all a fun event. And the timing of the date for a 24 hour contest was
excellent. My XYL and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on July
12, so it was good to get the contest in BEFORE any conflict with anniversary
plans. Thanks IARU!
K4EU   SO CW HP   212,0042009-07-12 11:33:26
Contacted 43 different Hqs/Radio Society stations.... Neat to put B1HQ, 9M6BG,
8N3HQ, R38WRTC in the log..... W1AW/KL7 was loud every time I heard them even
on 10m/cw.... Finally caught up with NU1AW/KH6 on 20/cw and 40/cw....
Interesting that H2Q and ZF1A both were CARS -- H2Q must be the Cyprus ARS and
ZF1A the Caribbean ARS..... Good mid-summer activity. Thanks for the Q's....
73.....//Steve K4EU
GWØETF   SO CW HP   448,5262009-07-12 11:35:11
K3, Acom 1000 amp and a 102 foot doublet. Antenna and poor 10/15m conditions
here restricted most of the action to 20,40 and 80m.
AK4I   SO Mixed HP   88,8842009-07-12 11:43:38
This is one of my favorite contests. Propogation was down but it was still a
lot of fun. Equipment included a FT-2000 with 20 meter uTuner, an Ameritron
AL-80B amp, a LDG AT-1000 Autotuner, all feeding a Cushcraft MA5B at 76 feet
(23 meters) twisted with a Yaesu G2800 DXA rotor with an Idiom Press control
board. Propagation was so poor at the start of the contest I actuall walked
outside and inspected all of the cables to make sure that none had come apart.
None had and in about an hour 20 meters opened up and that was the end of my
equipment inspections.
WF7T   SO CW LP   33,2992009-07-12 11:50:42
Had fun S&Ping between chores, le Tour d'France and business trip prep.
MDØCCE   SO Mixed HP   1,709,9042009-07-12 12:02:03
Always good fun. 16 HQ Stations worked on all bands, and 6 of those on both
modes on all bands. Best run was the last 90 minutes at 150/hr av with the
rate meter hitting 240+ a number of times - lots of fun! Thanks to all for the
QSOs and see you next time!


Rig: FT-2000 plus Quadra, SteppIR 4-el at 24m, inverted vees for low bands,
N1MM logger (which only hung up twice this time....)
VA7ST   SO CW HP   301,0742009-07-12 12:03:49
* FT2000 + SB221 (400-800w)
* N1MM Logger special edition 9.6.2
* 3 ele. SteppIR @ 45'
* 40M twin half-squares (US-VE or Asia)
* 80M twin verticals (US-VE or Asia)

SFI=68 A=2 K=2

Total of 15 hours on. Generally good conditions, except for 80M which was a bit
noisy. For once, 10M opened to more than one or two stalwart stations and the
callers kept coming.

Ended up with 56 HQ/official stations -- 21 HQ stations worked last year, and
40 in 2007). That leaves 58 zones worked, vs. 59 last year and 70 in 2007. So I
suspect conditions were a bit better in 2007, which was my previous best outing.
Score up about 122,000 (40%) from last year, and up 62,700 (21%) from 2007.

The Steppir 3-element plus 40 dipole worked very nicely, and on 40M the dipole
was the workhorse outperforming the twin half-square array in head-to-head
switching. Last year the half-square array gave me my best-ever 40M total (119
more Qs than this year) so I'll have to see why it's not quite hitting the mark
since being taken down then re-arranged this spring.

Figure the new antenna gets some of the credit for significantly improved
totals on 15M and 10M. On 20M CW it's a saw-off between the new Steppir and the
old Mosley Classic-33 with the longer 18' boom. Still, the Steppir won the 20M
5-pointer DX derby (averaging 3.27 points/Q vs. 3.02 last year... was just 2.95
in 2007). EU openings over the pole were pretty weak, with mostly HQ station
worked and few others. Never heard much from JA other than a few flurries on
40M in hour 3 and on 20M after 0700z early Sunday morning.

On 80M the twin vertical array felt weak early in the evening 0300z but by late
evening 0600z it was doing just fine. Never did catch last year's 120 Qs on 80M
because I kept bouncing up to 40M as there was usually more to work there.
Overall, 80M activity seemed down this year.

Had a trio of five-banders, which wouldn't have happened without 10M opening up
a bit. Special thanks to K7HP, N0NI and W7YAQ. Was great to hear the VE7 lads
out in force. VA7RN called in with a whopping signal on 80M. Also VE7XF and
VA7KO were booming every time I worked 'em.

Progression in band totals over the past few years...

Band 2009 2008 2007 2006 HQ Zones
---- -------------------------
160 0 7 1 0
80 94 126 120 103 3 6
40 207 326 169 228 12 15
20 382 212 369 285 37 26
15 112 38 36 14 3 6
10 52 8 8 0 1 3
------------------------- --- ---
Total 847 717 703 630 56 58
Pt/QSO 3.12 3.12 2.97 3.19

-- Bud, VA7ST

Year Qs Pts. Mult Score (claimed)
2009 847 2641 114 301,074 -- 51 HQ SOCW (HP)
2008 717 2239 80 179,120 -- 21 HQ SOmixed (HP)
2007 703 2091 114 238,374 -- 40 HQ SOCW (HP)
2006 630 2012 96 193,152 -- 44 HQ SOCW (LP)
2005 267 843 42 35,406 -- 10 HQ SOCW (LP)
2004 462 1446 88 127,248 SOCW (LP)
2003 181 31 17,019 SOCW (LP)
2002 235 799 77 61,523 -- 27 HQ SOCW (LP)
WB8JUI   SO CW LP   79,1822009-07-12 12:04:26
Had to cut things short due to a business trip.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WI2E   SO CW LP   294,3452009-07-12 12:05:37
Our barefoot Field Day results were encouraging, so I decided to try this one
with low power. In short, I ended up having a great time. The only
disappointment was losing nearly three hours to thunderstorms in the 0130Z -
0430Z window. As has been reported, the lightning was frequent and the rain
heavy in much of central and eastern Pennsylvania, and as the line(s) of
thunderstorms approached, I almost couldn't believe how noisy 80M became; the
noise even overwhelmed the K3, which is saying something. When it was all over,
not only had I lost some prime time, but one half of my phased vertical array
was on the ground, making me an SO1R operation for the second half of the
contest. Still, the 24 hours just flew by (not as quick as the NS, but close!),
and I'm already looking forward to next year's event. Thanks to everyone for
the QSOs.

Rig #1: K3
Rig #2: TS-940S
Antennas: 43 ft. vertical, two phased Hy-gain AV-14AVQs
Software: N1MM (advanced SO2R mode was great; didn't easily have the HQ/zone
breakout, so the zones above are inclusive of both mult types)


N4AF   SO CW HP   1,713,0002009-07-12 12:06:52
Sri d/n have hq breakout.
Watched condx leading to contest and was amazed how good they were !
160/80 took their summer hit but 40/20- and even 15, rocked.

Surely nice to again hear JA on 15M.

73, Howie
N9LYE   SO Mixed LP   28,6552009-07-12 12:11:41

160 0 0 0.00 0 0
80 4 8 2.00 3 0
40 64 130 2.03 10 9
20 116 244 2.10 12 13
15 25 63 2.52 5 0
10 34 76 2.24 3 0

Totals 243 521 2.14 33 22

Score: 28,655 points
F4FDA   SO Mixed LP   137,1152009-07-12 12:21:39
80m dipole
40/15 Linv
20 vert loop
10 vert loop
WC2Z   SO SSB HP   36,9002009-07-12 12:22:05
WØPAN   SO SSB LP   5,2002009-07-12 12:22:54
MFJ Vertical at 12 feet and IC 735 at 100W
K1GU   SO CW HP   210,7262009-07-12 12:28:26
No rotator. 40 m low power.
NQ7R   SO CW HP   164,3402009-07-12 12:37:29
746 plus Alpha 76A @ 500w

Antennas : Th6DXX and HF2V on 40m
Soapbox :
Conditions not very good for me. Ran mostly stateside early on. My best
run was 04-05 on 20 with mostly UA/Eur.
Also amazed at the audacity of some who work me then move off 200 Hz and
start CQing. Also introduced to a new pro signal: ..--.. means "I'm taking
over the frequency"
KU8E   SO CW HP   145,1162009-07-12 12:38:08
IC756PRO + AL811H (500 watts) + wires in trees.

Wish I had more time to play. Condx not bad for the middle of Summer and the
bottom on the cycle. Heard several EU on 15 meters but couldn't break thru with
just wire antennas. I happened to tune back to 15 later around 0030Z and worked
DA0HQ and E7HQ. Had a couple nice runs on 20 CW just before sunset working both
EU and USA and later on 40 meters. See everyone in the next one....

Jeff KU8E
KØFX   SO CW HP   400,3282009-07-12 12:38:59
Great contest as usual. Glad to see some activity on 10/15m. Like so many others
had thunderstorm Sat eve that lasted several hours. Good to work fellow GMCCers:
K6XT, KO7X and N0KE and his QRP sig, didn't hear any others. Condx fair at times
and great on 40m for this time of year.

73 Don K0FX
K4BAI   SO CW HP   436,1282009-07-12 12:44:01
FT1000MP, Titan at first, then Alpha 78 after Titan failed. Alpha had no output
on 40 or 160 so 100W there and 100W on 20 after 05Z when the Alpha failed there.
TH6DXX fixed north. Dipole, zepp, inverted vee, t vertical.

Both amps need repair now. Hope to get the rotor controller shipped off for
repair tomorrow. Bands seemed fair, but would have been better if could have
rotated the beam. Better than when the controller first failed and it was
pointed south. The brake must be off. I haven't seen it moving, but it has
moved to East, then NE, and now North. Not too bad a direction, but would have
preferred NE, I think. Lots of noise on 80 and 160, but signals were pretty
good. Thanks for all QSOs and for hearing my sometimes LP signals. Lots of
fun in spite of the frustrations. 73, John, K4BAI.
N1CC   SO Mixed LP   65,7722009-07-12 12:50:57
Conditions Saturday late morning to afternoon were not great here, along with
renewed power line noise making what signals present almost inaudible. Late in
the contest a nice EU, AF, AS, and OC opening and reduced power line noise
helped the score.

First time in sometime have found both EU and AS Russians on SSB with good
signals and "ears". 5 minutes before the contest started DX1 station on 40 CW
was pounding in along with several JA's. Managed one JA before the conditions
went totally downhill.

Noise was too much for 160M and only heard local rag-chewers on 10M.
KT3Y   SO CW HP   295,5852009-07-12 12:59:09
73 Phil
K4RO   SO CW HP   978,7922009-07-12 13:10:11
Band QSOs Pts Sec
1.8 25 45 8 wire vertical with one elevated radial
3.5 165 353 31 half-sloper, ground mounted vertical
7 425 1157 59 two el wire beam to EU, rotatable boom dipole at
14 778 2396 69 Mosley PRO-57A @ 60' & 100', Windom @ 50'
21 307 689 25 " " , NW/SE beaming dipole at 50'
28 80 158 12 " " , Windom @ 50'
Total 1780 4798 204

Score : 978,792 Rig : 2X IC-781, AL-1200, AL-811, N1MM Logger 9.5.1

Sorry, I have no no breakdown of zones VS HQ mults.

Missed my usual full time effort last year, and was glad to be back in the
saddle this year. I woke up the night before the contest at 3:00AM local
time, and just could not get back to sleep. The opening felt like the second
day of a 48-hr DX contest, which was a little unnerving. Thunderstorms and
some "domestic tranquility" moments kept my operating time to about 23 hours.
Speaking of tranquility, I must acknowledge my darling Susie for putting up
with my full time efforts in both the WPX CW and IARU contests. As you all
know, there is a lot more time than just the operating weekend time involved.
There were a dozen trips up the tower, and countless other tasks to prepare
the station for the game. Susie helps with with tower work, and encourages my
efforts. I am very grateful for her support.

The contest started out pretty rough, featuring my worst opening hour ever.
After fruitlessly trying to scare up a QSO on 20M at the starting bell, my
first QSO was at 1204Z with local N4ZZ - on 40 meters! So much for a big
opening hour to start things off. My total QSOs were down by 150 from my
previous PB, but my final tally was 150k higher for a new PB score. However,
my logging program seemed to be logging every 5th QSO with a zone 8 station
as 3 points, and I have no idea why. 80% of zone 8 stations were correctly
logged as 1-point, but occasionally I would see one go in as 3 points.
I'm not sure effect that may have on my final score (besides log checking.)
The contest was a lot of hard work, but also very satisfying in they way
that only a full-blown effort can be. I know I can still do better though.

I never heard any of the Russian WRTC-style stations, so you competitors
really have your work cut out for you next year. :-) I kept my CW speed
up a little higher than usual, which seemed to help my rate. After all
these years I might be starting to get it. Not only do stations call you
faster, but every one of your CQs or exchanges is shorter. It all adds up.
The best DX of the contest was AT1HQ. Thanks for calling in. The HQ stations
did a bang up job. Hats off to the excellent teams; it's a lot of hard work
to pull off a coordinated effort on all bands simultaneously.

The best part is exchanging dits and dahs with friends all over the world.
As XE1KK put it, there nothing like the feeling of a single "dit dit" from
a friend in some other place, traveling over the magic ether of radio.

73 -Kirk K4RO

Callsign: K4RO
Contest: IARU-HF
Operators: K4RO

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y --------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
1200 0 0 10 76 0 0 86 4.8
1300 0 0 3 101 2 0 106 5.9
1400 0 0 0 33 60 0 93 5.2
1500 0 0 0 10 76 10 96 5.3
1600 0 0 0 18 41 35 94 5.2
1700 0 0 0 12 43 17 72 4.0
1800 0 0 0 21 30 16 67 3.7
1900 0 0 0 94 5 2 101 5.6
2000 0 0 0 34 40 0 74 4.1
2100 0 0 0 68 10 0 78 4.3
2200 0 0 3 71 0 0 74 4.1
2300 0 0 13 78 0 0 91 5.1
0000 0 0 22 38 0 0 60 3.3
0100 0 2 14 55 0 0 71 3.9
0200 0 8 0 24 0 0 32 1.8
0300 5 17 82 0 0 0 104 5.8
0400 0 0 85 5 0 0 90 5.0
0500 0 17 78 0 0 0 95 5.3
0600 7 41 5 0 0 0 53 2.9
0700 6 50 12 0 0 0 68 3.8
0800 7 26 20 2 0 0 55 3.1
0900 0 3 33 0 0 0 36 2.0
1000 0 1 33 6 0 0 40 2.2
1100 0 0 12 32 0 0 44 2.4
Total 25 165 425 778 307 80 1780

Gross QSO's=1800 Dupes=20 Net QSO's=1780

Unique callsigns worked = 1133

The best 60 minute rate was 120/hour from 0328 to 0427
The best 30 minute rate was 136/hour from 0329 to 0358
The best 10 minute rate was 156/hour from 0331 to 0340

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 23 times.
3 QSO's/minute 127 times.
2 QSO's/minute 387 times.
1 QSO's/minute 533 times.

There were 317 bandchanges and 130 probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 2
4 835
5 645
6 273
7 3
8 17
9 4
10 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
08 11 63 122 196 123 41 556 30.9
06 1 39 78 120 61 16 315 17.5
07 6 24 57 100 64 8 259 14.4
28 0 4 49 97 1 0 151 8.4
04 3 5 18 31 20 5 82 4.6
29 0 0 8 42 1 0 51 2.8
27 0 1 9 32 2 0 44 2.4
45 0 0 6 22 6 0 34 1.9
02 0 4 7 9 4 2 26 1.4
15 0 1 4 9 4 2 20 1.1
30 0 0 0 17 0 0 17 0.9
09 0 1 3 6 2 0 12 0.7
ZRS 0 0 4 8 0 0 12 0.7
18 0 0 0 11 0 0 11 0.6
FRR 0 2 1 5 2 0 10 0.6
09 1 1 2 3 2 1 10 0.6
03 0 1 2 2 3 1 9 0.5
URE 0 0 4 1 2 1 8 0.4
60 0 0 5 3 0 0 8 0.4
59 0 0 4 3 0 0 7 0.4
61 0 1 1 3 0 0 5 0.3
09 0 1 1 1 1 1 5 0.3
09 0 0 2 2 0 1 5 0.3
URE 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 0.3
RSGB 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.2
AARC 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.2
11 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.2
PZK 0 0 1 1 0 1 3 0.2
12 0 1 0 2 0 0 3 0.2
IARU 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
09 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
09 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.2
09 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
URE 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
URE 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
URE 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
13 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
ZRS 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
REF 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
REF 1 0 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
59 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.2
BFRA 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
31 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.2
RCA 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
05 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
64 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.1
FRR 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
09 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.1
09 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 0.1
URE 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
13 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
13 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
ZRS 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
DARC 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
REF 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
32 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
31 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
31 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.1
36 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.1
58 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
54 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
NZART58 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
LABRE58 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
UARL 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
FRRA 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
LABRE58 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
JARL 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
MRASZ58 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
32 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
55 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
NZART58 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
REP 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
LABRE58 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
58 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
R3 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
RCV 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
LABREWIA 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
WIA 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
SRR 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
Total 25 165 425 778 307 80 1780

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 739
2 bands 232
3 bands 95
4 bands 47
5 bands 16
6 bands 4

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 33 155 450 81 20
W1NN   SO CW LP   355,2092009-07-12 13:13:08
HQ mults are included in the zone totals above.

Lost quite a bit of time to the thunderstorms on Saturday. Had to shut down
three times. Lucky the power only flickered a couple of times but came back on
each time.

This was a rough contest to operate with low power and dipoles with heavy
static on all bands. Conditions were strange. I had 12 fewer mults on 15 this
year than last year and 20 was really tough during the day. But I had 20 more
mults on 40 than last year. Signals on 40 and 80 were really loud and this
helped offset the static. I can’t remember ever hearing EU stronger on 40.

Kudos to the ops at W1AW/KL7 and NU1AW/KH6. What a great job. They were
always loud and easy to find. (K1ZZ was also everywhere.) NU1AW/KH6 was really
booming in Sunday morning (1030 zulu) on 80 meters. I even heard W1AW/KL7 on
10 meters on Saturday, albeit at sub-S1 strength. I tried for about 5 minutes
to get their attention but no luck. Still, it was good to even hear them.
Maybe a sign of better things to come.

Thanks for the contacts!

73, Hal W1NN
NG7M(@W7CT)   SO CW LP   227,7722009-07-12 13:14:35
Operated at W7CT's Station. It's been years since I put in a SO effort... it was
fun. Thanks to Jim for the company and food breaks.

80 was noisy for the duration and 40 was bad early on too. I really needed to
work the mults better when I see the other scores.

It was nice to have K5KA call me in the last minute to make the Q count 801,
Utah's main Area Code. ;)

Thanks to the guys that got on and called me in the last few hours... I was
feeling it and was in zombie mode.

de NG7M
N2IC   SO CW HP   1,723,8422009-07-12 13:18:45
It was great to have sunny, hot weather, and not have to worry about unscheduled
breaks for thunderstorms. Of course, I had to listen to everyone else's
thunderstorms on 20, 40, 80 and 160. The ham shack was hot (no A/C), but that
was a small price to pay.

Despite having no sunspots (again !), conditions were reminiscent of the old
days of sunspots. The low bands were poor here, compared to last year. Signals
were generally weak, and, of course, buried in static crashes. Only worked four
JA's on 80, and nothing else heard from the far east. 40 was all S&P to Europe,
due to the static and weak signals. Overall, the low bands were down by 263
QSO's from last year.

On the other hand, the over-the-pole nighttime opening on 20 was the best I
have heard since the sunspot peak, extending from UA0 all the way across to
eastern Europe, before closing around 05Z. Actually, it never really shut down
- some UA9's were S9+ all night. 15 was hit-and-miss, with a fair number of big
gun Europeans worked, and tons of USA/VE worked, thanks to hours of Sporadic E.
If there was an 07Z opening on 15 to the far east (which occurs most years), I
missed it. 10 meters never really happened here, which was surprising,
considering the Sporadic E on 15.

The number of multipliers worked was just astounding this year, with the
overall number worked up by 37. Makes me wonder if I have been doing something
wrong the other 25 times I have operated this contest ! The result was my best
score, ever.

Thanks for all the QSO's !
OK2ZI   SO SSB HP   633,0612009-07-12 13:19:43
Due to family programm I took only a part of contest. Very bad propagation to
the USA and Japan. Lot of YO,DL and UR/UA stations. Sunday was a nice opening
on 10m.

Equipment: FT-1000MP, microKEYER II, 1kW, 2 el. cubical QUAD (20-10), vertical
18m (40-80), inverted-L for 160.

Thanks for all QSO. 73! Karel OK2ZI
N4BCD   M/S HP   61,5442009-07-12 13:32:29
Relative newcomer to contesting and first time for this one. With worldwide
participation it was even more fun than Field Day! Picked up a voice keyer for
this event and glad for the voice-saving gadget. Did mostly (80%) S&Pounce.
Used two (467' & 320') horizontal loops fed with ladderline & separate tuners
for multiband use. As expected, lobes / nulls on 15 & 20m made one antenna
better than the other on some contacts. Realized neither loop is worth a damn
on 10m during the afternoon opening. 73, Mark
ACØDS   SO CW LP   70,5872009-07-12 13:48:56
This was a part-time effort with the main purpose of evaluating adding a top hat
to my temporary 40 and 80 meter vertical to improve the efficiency for DX.
Seems to have worked fine on 40. I'm guessing it was an improvement also on
80, but the high noise level and modest activity on that band didn't entice me
to linger there too long.

Was good to hear some strong signals on 10. Hope they are still there for the

Worked two new countries and already got back the confirmation from one of them
via LOTW! So a worthwhile effort overall.
N4GG   SO CW HP   409,0052009-07-12 13:58:10
Everything was working great - except for a lack of focus on keeping the BIC.
Had the station ready for 24 hours and got off to a great start, then backed
off to "as the spirit moves me." "The spirit" moved me to take several 15
minute breaks, eat dinner with the family and go to bed at midnight. Bad

The bands sounded great. 14 is open 24 hours now - really nice to hear the
over-the-pole path back after sundown; including into northern EU. Decent
antennas for 21 and 28 has been a back-burner project here for 4 years - time
to get to it - the sunspots are back. I managed 4 JA QSOs on 21 using the 80
meter inverted vee for an antenna - anything will be an improvement. 80 and
160 were very noisy with thunderstorms to the NE in the EU path. The signal
strengths on 40, 80 and 160 were amazing. The EU HQ stations on 160 were well
over a lot the high QRN. The out-west KL7 & KH6 IARU and ARRL stations were
LOUD here - easily worked on any band - nice job guys!

2X: FT-1000MP w/mods and INRAD; ACOM 2000A.
Home brew SO2R, WRITELOG, Wires in the woods, K9AY loop.
K4EA   SO Mixed HP   92,7382009-07-12 13:59:55
N1MM software does not break out HQ mults.
W7YAQ   SO CW LP   393,0402009-07-12 14:01:14
The bands were in suprisingly good shape. JAs on 10! Who would have guessed
it! My score probably would have been higher if I had been able to rotate my
antenna. The rotor broke a few weeks ago and was not yet back from the repair
shop. So the antenna was lashed a few degrees west of north -- ideal for UA9,
but not for the major ham population centers, even with the Steppir 180 degree
reversal switch. So I pressed my well-worn DXpedition HF9V vertical into duty
for many QSOs on 20/15/10.

I have always liked this contest because of its 24-hour format, choice of
modes, and unique summertime propagation conditions. I remembered to look at
the greyline indicator in time to catch PY and OA at their winter sunrise for
new ones on 160.

Thanks to the IARU members and friends for all the fun!

KD4HXT   SO Mixed LP   92,2762009-07-12 14:04:48
This is a real contest. Operators must balance proficiency at CW and SSB. They
must be skilled at looking for mults and higher point DX. With that in mind,
thanks to what I learned from the NCCC and CTU, I doubled my score from last
year. I simply made an extra effort to work multipliers. Wow, it works.

Had to work Sunday morning so I cut it short by 3 hours to get a little sleep.

Was worried by mid-day about band conditions but Saturday afternoon it's
improved a great deal and 20 was open someplace all night long. Who knew!

Thanks for the q's!

FT-950 to Full Wave 40 Meter Horizontal Loop at 25 feet.
N1MM and Digi Keyer for CW.
PY2BN   SO SSB QRP   5,7092009-07-12 14:07:15
Cantareira dx gruop (is not in list. club?????)
N3BB   SO CW HP   1,306,1252009-07-12 14:19:21
This was a very trying contest at times, but filled with some major "highs."
There was almost nothing on ten meters except some US and VE E-skip, and little
heard to South America. Fifteen was poor to Europe and did not open to JA other
than one or two signals heard. One-sixty here was pretty useless.

Forty meters was spectacular and Europe was workable before sunset on a S&P
basis with the very hot sun well up in the sky and the temperature nearly a
hundred degrees F. I started Search and Pouncing to EU at 23:45Z, or 6:45 PM
local summer time, and was able to knock off many of the large HQ stations. The
band was very "hot" with lots of atmospheric noise and huge signals. It was
noisy and crazy and open like crazy for at least two hours before the sun set.

I was able to run EU on 40 meters starting around 01:45Z and had a very good
run of US/EU stations until 03:00Z. That might sound like "who cares" to a
east coast US station but it's extremely hard to do from central Texas and I
was thrilled. At 03Z, I needed to spend some time on 80 before the sun rose in
EU and was able to work most of the loud EU HQ stations and some others, on a S
and P basis. I returned to running 40 meters at 03:25Z and was able to continue
to run 40 to EU until 05:45Z when 20 opened to JA and Asia and I switched to 20

Twenty was flat in the days, as usual, but opened to Asia and JA between 06Z
and 07Z (1 to 2 AM here), with a nice little run of 35 JAs and HQ stations in
Korean, Japan, and China. It was nice to see twenty open to the north over
night as it has not happened for quite a while. Looking back on this, is sounds
like a minor little thing in terms of numbers but it livened up the night and
was a lot of fun.

After that, as 20 began to fade, it was back to 40 and 80. 40 meters was
runnable to somewhere all night. The JAs started to come in a little after 08Z,
and the run was one of the best I have experienced. At its peak, the band was
quiet and even QRP JAs were S7. Other Asian and Oceanic stations including 9M6,
YB, KG6, ZL, VK, etc were loud.

By 11Z, I was concerned about getting a JA on 80 meters and found JA7COI who
dug me out of the mud after several overs. He was the only one I heard, which
is amazing based on the spectacular opening on 40 meters. I also worked the JA
HQ station on 80 although they had lots of trouble copying the US stations who
were calling.

As the contest wound down, I was back to running JAs on 40 and approaching my
"dream goals" of 2000 QSOs and 1.3 million points. The contacts were continuing
on track, but I was short of the score by 25 or 30K points, and then, at 11:59Z,
a very watery and difficult station called with "HQ" in the suffix. It turned
out to be HL0HQ and that multiplier added the final little push to put me over.
Thanks guys!

It was a hard working contest, and lots of effort to get ready in the heat
here. I still have occasional spells of arcing line noise, and it comes and
goes. But it "went" for all but several hours and I was able to work around it
with the noise blanker on the MPs for the louder stations. This cost me some
weaker stations but all in all the weather was good in the sense that we had no
storms at all and the atmosphere was quiet. It was a PR for me in this contest
and it's always a thrill to be in there with the best CW operators all over the

Jim George N3BB
W1KQ   SO Mixed HP   9,3152009-07-12 14:27:15
Worked at the Candy Store all day then came home and had to run a 220 line into
the shack as well as take down the AL-811H and set up the new AL-1200 amp. Then
thunder bumpers came through. As always, worked S&P and this time unassisted.
First time ever running legal limit in my own shack. Don't know why I didn't
do any CW. Stayed warm. :)
W5KFT(K5PI)   SO CW HP   1,335,3652009-07-12 14:28:40
As the evening wore on, I kept spinning the knob across the low bands, thinking
I should rack up some numbers there, but they were deserted. 20 was still
hopping so everyone was there. I worked 27 EU stations and 16 JAs on 15 meters
-- hopefully a taste of propagation to come!
N1LN   M/S HP   991,3282009-07-12 14:28:49
Early opinions about propagation unfortunately were proven to be quite correct.
Decent openings to EU, or actually any place out of NA, were few and far between
from out QTH on Saturday until almost 20:00 UTC. Yes, we did have the
occasional Q, but no runs. That reflects big time in our overall point total.
Our average point/QSO = 2.81. We finally made the Q number 1000 at 0016, half
way through the contest. Knowing that the low bands were going to be a major
QRN issue told us that the 2000 Q goal was going to be difficult to impossible.
So, what would any good team do at that time? Leave one person operating and
everyone else EAT.

You don't read much in these post contest comments about food, but I will make
an exception. Chef Archie (aka: W0UCE) loves to cook and we all love to eat
his cooking. Our dinner from Chez Jacques consisted of stuffed chicken breast
covered with ham and Provolone Cheese served in a wine sauce, sliced potatoes
and vegetables cooked on the grill, homegrown cukes and onions in an excellent
cream sauce, mixed salad, bread and red or white wine. For desert we had a
selection of four different types of cake to chose from. CONCLUSION: We may
not have finished in the top of the M/S category, but we sure ate well!!

Back to the contest....

The low bands proved to be as expected. Lots of QRN and not much for rate.
Around 08:00 UTC 80 and 40 seemed to quite down, but too late for EU, but the
NA rates came back. At 11:15 UTC 20 opened into EU for the final 45 minutes.
We thought we were going to make the 1M total, but not quite.

Our gang had a great time. We used the single radio M/S rule to our advantage
and had many great conversations.... and food!

We also greatly enjoyed having Jose (EA5DFV) being part of the team. He
doesn't get to this side of the pond often, but when he does, there is always
an invitation and an operating position waiting for him!

1 point Qs = 672
3 point Qs = 503
5 point Qs = 517


(2) K3s, Ameritron AL1500, Ten Tec Centurion
WriteLog sw
160 mtr inverted-L at 90' / elevated radials
80 mtr vertical / elevated radials
40 mtr 2 ele at 125', 2 ele at 65'
20 mtr 4 ele at 105', 68, 35'
15 mtr 5 ele at 95', 4 ele at 65', 3 ele at 35'
10 mtr 10 ele log at 105', 4 ele at 70', 3 ele at 35'
Beverages: W - 500', NW - 750', N - 500', NE - 750', S - 450'

Bruce - N1LN
N2CQ   M/S LP   29,0362009-07-12 14:42:10
8 Hours
AA4NC   SO Mixed HP   1,142,2182009-07-12 14:42:20
IARU - "The Find the HQ QSO Party"

I have missed operating this contest for quite a few years. I just got back
into it last year hosting W1AW/4. Lots of fun when you can work everybody for
points and there is a vast supply of mults. It's over in 24 hours, what's not
to like?

I was initially planning a casual operation, but conditions seemed good and I
just kept "butt in chair". This was the first time I have used all 6 bands in a
contest in a long time. VIVA SUNSPOTS! The low bands were noisy, but hey it's
the middle of summer here...
W4ZW   M/S HP   12,2432009-07-12 14:55:31
Got in from a week's vacation with the kids to operate about 1.5 hours in rather
poor conditions on Saturday late. 40M yagi and SteppIR were stuck on JA, so used
the 2nd tribander mostly. Family company all weekend, but there's always next
year if for once the xyl doesn't plan a trip..

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
PY2SEX   SO Mixed LP   302,6732009-07-12 15:02:01
Well, what a crazy 24 hours!! Started with raining just 10 minutes before the
contest start, so QRM growing up a lot on 20m and 15m. I gave my best to get
all stations on first call, but all signals come to me very low, actually the
noise was huge! 10m was a nice surprise, I have enjoyed this moment, then I
went to 15m where I could copy Europe and USA at same time, was like using a
Vertical antenna. My best hour! hihihihi
I got sick to call on SSB on 20m with 100w, so I turn my LInear on, and just on
my second call, My upstair's neighbor knocks my door. $#%!@!!! Back to 100w,
maybe later on 40m. No chance, and a new cold water over me again. On my third
call with Linear on 40m, my another neighbor complained about SKY TV, I though
that I have resolved that last week!!! Damn Murphy. Then I get some beers and
start my suffering to be heard.

The most incredible thing was Low bands, I do not have antenna to 160m, but I
tunned my 80m Dipole and used it with 50w, well, I have worked south America
stations only and could heard pretty fine the PJ2T, but no chance for me. On
80m another good surprise, when UN1HQ reply me back, after around 20 calls..
hihihi.. My Inverted V is only at 1m up to the ground. I have a broadcast
station that give me S9+10 QRM on 3510 and out of there I have S7. So, only big
guns can be heard here. I gave up and went to sleep, I had to work on Sunday
Morning, but I woke up early and another amazing thing Happens, 20m at
Morning!! I got very surprise and remeber the old times with good propagation,
I could work a bunch of American Stations as well as, Japanese, 9M6 (Big
signal) and some more caribean and central america, was completely
unbelievable. No QRM and good signals here.

Thanks everybody to be patient on High Bands and for be on my Log. I hope to
see you guys on next contest.

Log Already uploaded to LOTW.


PY2SEX, Alex

Yaesu FT-950
ANT. 2 el. for 40m (By PP5UA)
7 el. Tri-band (By PP5UA)
Inverted V for 80m
Ameritron AL-80AX (Could not be used ) :'(

KJ5T   SO SSB LP   45,4352009-07-12 15:05:06
This was my first "serious" effort in the SOLP category since 2005. I operated
the contest from a station belonging to Humanitarian International Services
Group, a global non-profit organization. The goals of this station are not for
contesting, but rather domestic and international disaster relief and
communications to benefit global humanitarian relief efforts. However, it was
an excellent opportunity to try the station out and test it's capabilities. I
have to say I had a great time operating from here, the rig is an IC-756ProIII
and the antennas consist of an A3S at 40ft as well as a G5RV at 40ft.

Overall, I found band conditions on 20 and 15 to be about what I expected, not
too much activity on 15 from what I could hear with only the tri-bander and
nothing on 10 the few times I switched and tuned across that band. The low
bands were very noisy and the G5RV at 40ft isn't the ideal antenna for trying
to work DX on 40 and 80 meters. There were several mults I lost on 40 because
the DX just couldn't hear me. As far as operating strategy, I have a lot of
work to do in the area of trying to decide when to call CQ and when to run so
that rate evens out. I probably spent far too much time calling CQ on 15
during the day and 40 later in the evening than I should have and I noticed
this after my QSO totals were about 250 short of what I wanted. I also quit
operating about 4 hours earlier than I had anticipated as I was fairly tired
and knew I had some work to do today in the office and didn't want to be a
total Zombie as I have a very busy week coming up and needed to be ready for
that. As far as station improvements, I doubt that much more work will be done
with this station. The group has things where they want it, and it should serve
their purpose. I will probably continue to use it in future contests until I
can get something else. I think if anything the 40m add on would be

I look foreword to next year, no telling where I will be operating but this was
one I have enjoyed in the past and enjoyed over the weekend.
VA3RKM   SO CW QRP   27,3602009-07-12 15:09:27
K2, 5w, verticals and wire. Great condx for QRP. Worked all continents. Thanks
for the Qs.
VA7KO   SO CW LP   230,7462009-07-12 15:26:06
Was feeling rather ignored with NA east coast looking only at EU and SA contacts
early in the morning, but persevered all the same. Glad to hear usual west coast
ops also trying very hard to be heard. Thanks for all the contacts. Catch you
later 73,
W8MJ   SO Mixed HP   444,0482009-07-12 15:42:36
Part time effort from here. Log has been uploaded to LOTW.

Ken W8MJ
VE3UTT   M/S HP   1,289,8322009-07-12 15:46:19
Station - K3 + ETO91B
ANT - Optibeam 17-4 + 80m Dipole + 160m inv "L" (turns out that neither dipole
or "L" was resonant in band)

Conditions were very noisy due to storms most of the time. Lost about one hour
due to software issues and power supply replacement. Lucky to work all ITU

Thanks to VE3FF for tireless engineering support.

Hope all had fun.
K7RAT(N6AN)   SO CW HP   881,2622009-07-12 16:00:52
A BIG thank you to Tree and his family for the invitation to hang out at the
Boring estate. My 13 year old son came with me and found plenty to do while his
dad played radio.
I brought my new K3 to combine with Tree's for my first SO2R operation since
the 2002 IARU from K7RAT. The radios worked very well as did the extensive
antenna farm that Tree has been cultivating. It was fun to be LOUD.

A limitless number of zone 29/30/31 calling on 20.
Real QSOs on 10 and 15!!
Being called by A71A, 9M6, YB, HS, KG6DX to name a few.
Getting called by my buddy XE1KK for a multiplier.
Using the K3's diversity receive on the low bands.
Watching my son use a chain saw for the first time on a recently felled cedar.
Enjoying Oregon's clean air and majestic scenery.

I did manage to stay awake the full period,though technical difficulties kept
me off the air for a coule of hours. I realize there is a big difference
between awake and functional, hi!

Although I "get" the general idea of SO2R I remain fully impressed by those of
you who can really use it to advantage.
Thanks for the QSOs.
73, David N6AN
N6RO   SO CW HP   1,127,9632009-07-12 16:08:00
About the same score as last year thanks to a bigger mult total, but down 350
QSOs because I couldn't keep my butt in the chair! Had little sleep Friday
night before the contest and had to take a nap Saturday PM, missing some 15m
action to Asia.

160m was productive for mults, 80 was disappointing - very noisy. Glad to get
the loud HQ stations in EU on 15 and 40m. 10m opened to WA, OR, KL7, and JA
mid-day Saturday. Couldn't hear the stations to the east that Seattle was

160 80 40 20 15 10 30 17 12 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 19 108 242 194 182 21 0 0 0 766
VE calls = 5 6 24 29 31 6 0 0 0 101
N.A. calls = 1 3 9 5 2 2 0 0 0 22
S.A. calls = 1 3 8 4 5 0 0 0 0 21
Euro calls = 0 0 18 142 29 0 0 0 0 189
Afrc calls = 0 1 5 4 3 0 0 0 0 13
Asia calls = 1 2 22 41 3 0 0 0 0 69
JA calls = 3 24 148 74 33 4 0 0 0 286
Ocen calls = 2 14 27 15 5 0 0 0 0 63

Total calls = 32 160 503 508 293 33 0 0 0 1529
XE2WK   SO SSB HP   21,0422009-07-12 16:18:05
I like this contest, this is the first time I use my new callsing XE2WK after a
few years with XE2YBG.

The excellent condx on 20 / 40 meters allowed me to many new ones.

Thanks to IARU, HQ stations and to everyone who gave me points and multipliers,
Log Already uploaded to LOTW in a short time.

Thanks for the contacts and see you next time.

Beni, XE2WK
K6RM   SO CW LP   1,9962009-07-12 16:23:55
N1MM doesn't seem to differentiate between Zone mults and HQ mults so I just
entered all as "Zones"
K5BG   SO CW HP   388,4802009-07-12 16:29:55
Very nice to know 15M lives and to work some JA there.
10M was also nice.
Worked 70 JA on 40M.
My first IARU and was surely better being on the radio than in the
105 degree F temps here in NTX.
Thanks all.
PY2WC   SO CW HP   512,9362009-07-12 16:37:59
Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and the log will be on LOTW in a few days.


N7WA   M/S HP   642,1152009-07-12 16:53:18
Rig : two K3's, MLA 2500
Antennas : C31XR @100', 3el 40M yagi @90',
TH6 @ 60', 80M Inv Vee, 75M vertical

This test is a traditional M/S with Guy N7ZG. We've been doing
it for years and we've gotten better. We had our best Q totals
and mult totals.

The biggest surprise was the reappearance of 10meters. It was
probably a tactical error to dismiss the strength of the 10M
opening as our local competition (N7BV) cleaned our clock
with 200 more 10M Q's then we had. (I guess when you've had
a non-existant band for several years you just don't expect
an overnight resurrection). A second tactical error was
changing the 160M antenna to 75M phone. 75M phone was not
a producer of mults and we could have used the additional
mults available on 160M.

We pushed hard on phone this year. Neither N7ZG or I are phone
ops but we are doing better. For a while, it looked like
some SSB totals would exceed the CW totals for the same band but
the world continued turning and things righted themselves in the

Band breakdowns
10M - again a big surprise, especially when a JA called in. I
later found that same JA posted us on packet so it wasn't
our imagination. We saw N7BV making post after post all morning
long for 10M Q's. I honestly thought it was stuff they were just
hearing and not working because a lot of it was very weak when I
checked it here in Kent. It was only later we found that they
were weak BUT quite workable.

15M - this is what held our attention while 10M buzzed above us.
It was also stronger than it's been over a number of IARU's. When
zones 22, 29, 35, 37, and 39 popped up, we got grins on our faces
and it was all we could do not to perform a little dance for the

20M - always the workhorse band. I think I have a decent 20M
station here and there were no real surprises.

40M - after 20M, the next band of strength. This is the first
IARU with the 3el Yagi. I put a hairpin on it Thursday and
fixed a matching problem I've had since last Fall (forgot that
a 3el antenna was 20-30 ohms). Just lived with it untl now.
The hairpin and a bit of adjustment really helped make the
antenna more useful across CW and phone.

80M - what can you say. 80M in the summer sucks. Very noisy.
I will have to think about whether any 75M phone is worth
an antenna in the future. Would have rather had the 160M
mults. (We could have tried the tuner on the K3 into the 75M
antenna at 100 watts but had little confidence in doing so.)

Congrats to the N7BV team in Port Angeles. We went head to head
on Live Scores and they were the regional competition in our class.
(I really suggest giving Live Scores a try if you haven't already.)
They pulled it out in the end (something happened early in the
morning and they pulled ahead with 90Q's after we had evened out.
We always had a mult advantage but they found something in the
wee hours of the night that we didn't.

The IARU has always been one of my favorites (I got my first
contest wallpaper in the IARU way back when). My thanks to Guy
for coming over and making it a team effort - it's fun.

Finally, I am keeping my fingers crossed. For years, we have
been saying "Next year Sunspots PLEASE!". Maybe this weekend
was a harbinger of things to come.

dink, n7wa
W7ZR   SO CW HP   273,5702009-07-12 16:56:55
This is a great test. If it weren't in July where shack temps were 93 most of
the time. Had problem with computer about 17 hours in. It seems my 80/160
inverted vee got into the UPS and the computer and had a shut down that took a
long time to recover. After that got a little discouraged. I did put in more
time than I had planned for since conditions on 20 were great.

Was working EU from 9am until 11 pm on 20m when I quit. Who would have thought
that with the SFI and A numbers so poor. Even the few contacts on 10 were
N2BZP   SO CW LP   1,4222009-07-12 17:07:56
W5ZL(@N5AW)   SO Mixed LP   803,6702009-07-12 17:10:46
Once again, I had the good fortune of operating IARU HF from Marv, N5AW's
world-class single op contest station while he and XYL Judy were away in cooler
climes. And again, I enjoyed the company of lifelong friend Bob, W5EK, who
mounted a SOLP CW effort under his call from a card table set up next to my
operating position in Marv's shack. Each of us carry our own IC-756 Pro II's
out to N5AW along with our laptops, WinKeyers, paddles, and all the trappings,
where we reconfigure the shack for two separate operations swapping antennas
back and forth. We'd done this probably four times before, but Marv's station
continues to evolve, and the antenna complement gets better every year.

As always, we had a "MARVelous" time thanks to N5AW. The antennas were
magnificent, and conditions appeared to be a little better than last year on
the high bands, but atmospheric noise pretty much neutered 160 and 80 where my
numbers were down significantly. By the time my 40 meter turn came up Saturday
night (0200Z) things had slowed down drastically on 20 and I was having a lot
of trouble being heard outside the US. The new 40 meter Moxon yagi Marv added
since last year was an absolute machine gun. I've never seen anything like it.
As I buzzed up and down the band I was hitting almost every S&P Q and new mult
on the first call - seemingly no matter how weak the station was that I was
calling. One call - BANG. It was amazing.

Different this year - I did a lot more running than last, which was almost 100%
S&P. Never had any big rate-making runs (certainly never anything that resembled
a pileup), but I stuck with runs longer this year, less often wondering if I was
wasting precious time CQ'ing than in previous years.

Bottom line - a few more Q's than last year, more mults. And another Walter
Mitty contesting experience for ZedEl. Thanks to Marv and Judy for their
fabulous hospitality, and to my best friend W5EK, for putting up with my
incessant antenna-grabbing.

Note: the N1MM software score summary combines zones and HQ mults so the totals
shown reflect a quick scan of my log and may be off one or two. The totals are
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO CW HP   1,160,1972009-07-12 17:25:57
First 1 1/2 hours were lost waiting for a serious thunderstorm to pass through.
The QRN level for the next two hours allowed only S&P of loud guys - mostly W/VE
types. Finally the noise dissipated enough on the high bands to allow for
CQing. Low bands were noisy but signals on 40 made that band manageable.
80/160 were a tough slog for anything resembling DX.

Nice to have a quiet 20m stay open all night. It allowed for a brain refresh
every now and then after fighting the QRN on the lower bands.

Worked two of the Russian "WRTC warm-up" stations, both on 20. YR0HQ called in
on both 10 and 15 while I was beaming north/northwest. Switching to NE antenna
made the signal go away. Some weird polar E-skip thing?? Who knows... After
working W1AW/KL7 on 10m I was hoping for the "ARRL" sweep but not even a trace
of signal heard from Rich's FB station through all the noise on Topband.

Thanks for the QSOs!

And, as always, mega-thanks to John and Jean!!

73, Mike K9NW
PW2P(PY2XAT)   SO SSB LP   97,1552009-07-12 17:49:31

K6AW(@W6NL)   SO CW HP   1,042,3532009-07-12 18:07:18
Nice to see some activity on 10M (W-T says 18% Asia) - 15M was sort of ho-hum in
comparison. The low bands suffered from all the activity on 20 which was "the
band." Terrific polar opening Saturday evening produced a constant stream of
EU and AS stations.

Lots of activity and it seemed there were many new contesters on this time.

I checked the SO2R box here only because there is no SO1.01R box which would be
a more apt description of my technique.

Thanks to Dave and Barb for their warm hospitality and use of their great
station. Thanks to everyone for the qso's.

73, Steve K6AW
WO4O   SO Mixed HP   658,8452009-07-12 18:11:19
Went QRT early because of T-storms.
AD5VJ   SO Mixed LP   11,8322009-07-12 18:26:03
Had a great time and thanks to all who gave me a contact. The bazooka antenna
seemed to really fight the noise on 40 so that was the band of choice Hi Hi

K8GT   SO CW LP   55,7522009-07-12 18:29:53
Both H2Q, Cyprus Amaterur Radio Society and ZF1A, Cayman Amateur Radio Society
have the same abbreviation, CARS. My logging program only allowed multiplier
points for one of them per band. Added a dash after one of them and then the
logging program and I were both satisfied. Finally worked B1HQ, luckily he
wasn't getting many answers on Sunday morn, so after several attempts he got my
call. Cool. Hope everyone was a easily pleased as I was, and TNX for the Q's.
K7HP   SO CW HP   396,5522009-07-12 18:38:29
N1MM sumary does not show HQ vs other mults unless there is a way I am not aware
of. So zones are sum of HQ plus mults.
VA3OR   SO Mixed LP   18,0442009-07-12 18:48:23
Part time effort. No time to break down the qsos.
VE7WEB   SO CW LP   34,2912009-07-12 19:01:16
Just starting up contesting with this being my second effort. Had a great time
and worked some great ops. Thanks for all the contacts!!
WA7NWL   SO CW LP   2282009-07-12 19:04:41
First 'laid-back' weekend in a long time, so just a very small effort on 10M
only, with just a basic radio/antenna set-up.

I had listened on Friday night and heard several 10M beacons from the midwest,
north and California coming into Arizona fairly well up until midnight Friday
night (local).

From Phoenix, it was very interesting to hear 15M in particular going strong
most of the contest day.

Thanks for the contest and for the Q's.


John, WA7NWL
K5ER   SO SSB HP   380,2482009-07-12 19:38:33
Always look forward to this contest as an excuse to stay in the cool shack
during the heat of Louisiana summers(99 degrees today and heat index of 107).

Kept looking for an opening on 10, but never materialized at my latitude. 40
was very noisy early Saturday evening, but got better late. Surprised to find
so few on 80, considering the few I got were clear and loud.

Good to hear several friends from the CTDXCC, and many I've met @ Dayton. Also
glad to see we are getting more Louisiana stations on (GO Louisiana Contest

Thanks to those who stopped by for the Q's. See you guys in the next one.

Mark, K5ER
RK3VWA   M/S HP   565,7502009-07-12 19:50:03
Rig: FT-897 + PA ~ 200 Wt.
Ant: 2 el Quad 20-15-10
IV - 160-80-40

73! Aleksei RU3VD
KZ5D   SO CW HP   717,5262009-07-12 19:50:19
Surprisingly good conditions IF you don't mind digging for the weak ones. And
digging I did, asking for repeats often to copy around all the static from
nearby thunderstorms. I kept hearing the thunder and kept thinking I had better
shut down, so finally at 0048Z Saturday I did. After 45 minutes, the lightning
moved out of the area and then I was ready to jump back in. But, for the first
time in a major contest, I had computer problems. The keyboard would not work
with 'MM. Nor could I get any F key to transmit a message. After about 15
miniutes of frustration, I was about to call it a night and give up. Posted an
urgent appeal for help on the N1MM Reflector. Quickly got a response from W1UE
suggesting to reboot. It worked. Amazing how your brain freezes in the heat of
a battle (contest). So finally, at 0217Z I was back in business. Spent most of
the evening on 40/80 while others were knocking off the Russians right and left
on 20. May not have been the best strategy. But after the unexpected 2+
frustrating hours, who could think straight? I felt fatigue taking its toll
around 0900Z, but the JAs starting coming through nicely on 40 so that kept me
going. However, it was too little, too late because I kept dozing off between
Qs. So about 0955Z I gave up and hit the sack. But overall, I was extremely
pleased with the 2 el 40 meter yagi that netted me more Qs on 40 than my usual
money band, 20 meters. Considering my one tower, 2 el 40, 2 el tri-bander, half
slopers on 80 and 160 plus single radio unassisted, I'm well satisfied with the
end result. Now for some physical conditioning so I can keep my eyes open for
24 straight hours. Many thanks to all the gang for a really pleasureable event.
73 de Art.
VE4EAR   SO SSB LP   22,9102009-07-12 20:16:54
Real part time effort here. just too many non radio things to do. A few hours
late Saturday morning and thenagain late Saturday night. Conditions seemed
veruy poor on 20M and the late night on 80/40 were wip[ed out by QRN and static

The one contact on 80m was to an AO8 HQ station who heard my 100w from the

On 20m EU didn't appear until almost noon local time, 1700z. Even when signals
were a true S9 on RX, many could not hear me in EU. Stateside I felt I was loud
enough to work anyone I wanted. Not sure what was happening when the EU station
was calling and calling and myself and many other NA stations were calling in
rsponse and they couldn't hear NA. More one way propagation I guess.

15m had a weak sporadic E opening earlier in the morning as did 10m.

Hopefully next year I will have more time and conditions will be better.


K6CSL   SO CW LP   4,1042009-07-12 20:33:49
I would have really liked to have worked W1AW/KL7 on more bands than 20, the
only time I heard him when he was not hiding below .025. I heard NU1AW/KH6 on
80, 40, 20 and 15 but never above .025 where I could work him. I'm sorry, but I
can't help but believe there's a sportsmanship problem that only allows the
"elite" access. I guess they don't need me in their log if I'm a General class
operator. This just added to the dismal band conditions. Very discouraging.
Bert, K6CSL
KØTG   SO CW HP   27,0302009-07-12 21:06:58
The WX was just to good to spend much time in front of the radio. Gotta take
those days when you can. But then if the WX was bad there would probably be
lightning, so .....

This was a 90% S&P operation. Due to my choice, not condx. Did not spend
enough time in the chair to give a run a chance. Still had some good rates
running S&P. In the last 15 minutes Sunday AM I decided to call CQ. Had a
blast running at the end.

I did not think 20 was all that great from my perspective. I expected better
condx but was disappointed in the lack signals from EU.

Decided to run HP and CW only due to time spent operating.

73, John K0TG
K9MMS   SO CW HP   243,2942009-07-12 21:24:00
Part time effort due to other activities on Saturday. QSB and QRN were very
heavy on most bands. Had the receiver set to optimize the S/N as much as
possible -- no receive antennas used. Ten and 160 were almost useless -- very
few stations found. Went high power for a change due to limited operating
time. Sixty-two percent of QSOs were via CQ runs.

IC-746PRO, AL-811H (500 - 600W), TH6, 40-2CD, 80m INV V, and 160m INV L.
HL1VAU   SO CW LP   20,1192009-07-12 21:35:34
I got a lot of fun even my time limit due to unexpected working order.. Bands
were really crowded, propagation getting better and better.. If I here'em, I
may work'em although my antenna was little mobile whip which hanged on steel
balcony window railing..!
I'll build permernant antenna for autumn contest season..

73 Rocky
W1AW/KL7(@KL7RA)   Headquarters HP   5,871,6792009-07-12 22:09:58
Being W1AW has to be something special. I remember the W1AW building on the
cover of my novice license guide and 49 years later I'm W1AW for 24 hours.
Life is good.

We assumed summer time conditions during the low spots and we would have two
bands open and no 160 or 10. Hope for a few hours on 15. Ended up 15 meters was
open 24 hours and we were running five bands at the end.

All the Alaska stations were linked to Kenai using Win-Test thanks to F5HRY,
DL6RAI, N6TV and others. We kept the network up and running for testing where
we practiced trying partner mode and all the features this program allows for
the IARU headquarters stations.

I had super ops fly up for this event and they got their radio fix for the
weekend. These guys are pros and go around the world contesting but even they
seemed "up" for the IARU and using W1AW.

The Alaskan stations all spent months getting ready for the "big one".

Debbie KL7OU and Frank WL7O installed a new Tower and 40 meter Yagi. Larry,
N1TX and his crew at KL2R worked on new antennas. Kris, AL2F in Anchor point
put out miles of radials for our 80 meter SSB station. Corliss, AL1G operated
all day and night as our 20 meter SSB station mostly by herself (without
M&M's???) from her soon to be super station in Willow. Big plans for Willow,
look for them soon as they recover from the loss of KL7FH, sk.

Here in Kenai, KL7RA was the six band CW station and host to the operation so I
fussed with all the "issues" getting things ready with software/hardware, etc. I
was mostly a nuisances to everyone and to the software dudes and my main IT guy
Wigi, AL7IF who did all the magic router "stuff" you need to make an operation
like this work. Contesting use to be radios and antennas but no longer.

Thanks to Gator for his "idea", N1NN and the ARRL staff as well as Dave, K1ZZ
for the use of the W1AW call.

Added bonus, Ward, N0AX and Tom, K1KI gave talks at the local ham club meeting.
K1EA even showed me how to use the CT features of WT and why he did it that way,
cool. Everyone reports a great time. I love this hobby. 73 Rich KL7RA
YL7A(YL2GM)   SO SSB HP   1,930,2482009-07-12 22:29:30
Tnx for the QSOs!
OG1M(OH1VR)   SO CW HP   781,8302009-07-12 23:05:13
I spent most enjoyable hours on bands: good pile up's, a lot of activity, nice
multipliers etc. My operation was limited due to some another Saturday night
activities - especially lost 15 mtrs openings to west and 80 mtrs hot hours.
Anyway a lot of fun. This was my third bigger activity with my Elecraft K3. At
least on cw it is a dream machine. It was easy to find empty freq's on loaded
bands. Unfortunately somebody was soon announcing: QRL! Those guys do not use

This was my first IARU Championship operation from home station after many
years. Usually I have operated this contest as OJ0 since early 90's.

My station:

Elecraft K3, Acom 2000a, MicroHam Station Master and MicroKeyer II, Win-test


Tower 1 (42 mtrs)

160: 1/4 sloper
80: two dipoles and a 1/4 sloper
40: 4-el at 35 mtrs
20: 2x5 el
15: 2x5 el
10: 2x6el

Tower 2 (24 mtrs)

3-el SteppIR

My thanks to everybody who called me!

Seppo OH1VR/OG1M/OJ0VR/AE6PP etc.
WT6K   SO Mixed HP   13,3202009-07-12 23:07:57
FT 1000MP - Hercules II - Force 12 Phased Vertical Dipoles - N1MM Logger
K7HBN   SO CW LP   122,1122009-07-12 23:16:50
Whatever will the bands be like when the sun comes alive?
DF6FR   SO CW QRP   81,8622009-07-13 00:02:49
Actually I participated for the fun of it, set up a second antenna (Triple-Leg
for 15m next to my 2x10m Lévy) and just started to S&P. As N2WN wrote, the
first hours were rough as QRP station, but in the evening it improved. Then I
became decided and set a goal of 250 QSO and 3 hrs of sleeping. 40m worked so
great during the night that I didn't sleep at all. During the day my main bands
were 15m and 10m. But I had my share of 20m, too. In the last half our I decided
to switch to 20m to fulfill the 300 mark. It almost worked out, I didn't achieve
any QSO in the last 8 minutes. So in the end I'm just 3 QSO short of the triple
century. It probably could have been more if I focused on 40m & 20m, but 15m
and 10m was good fun as well.
VE7XF   SO CW HP   218,4002009-07-13 00:03:00
Another part-time operation. Not nearly as good a score as last year.
The surprise was working a dozen or so Europeans on 15m for the first time in
many years. Looks like condx ARE getting better!

Ralph, VE7XF

Ft-1000mp, Acom 1000, 3el Steppir, NA.
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   761,1242009-07-13 00:48:43
Condx were better than last year. Some short skips on 15 and 10.
My hardest works: T40C on 80 and K1LZ on 160.
Antennas are still verticals and wires yet, but I got a new fan in TRX ;)
Tnx all for QSO's. 73! Slaw sp2lnw
K7KR   SO SSB HP   27,6482009-07-13 00:57:35
First ever IARU. Very part time due to other commitments. Conditions seemed
very poor to start in the morning, but later in the evening things picked up.
Europe was booming into Zone 6 most of the evening on 20M. Asia picked up
nicely in the wee hours so for all intents and purposes, 20M was open all night
long. Nice!
ES5RW   SO SSB HP   1,847,9492009-07-13 01:12:38
Hats off for the guys showing amazing HQ mult counts and not using any kind of
spotting nets.

Thanks for the q's.

73, Rein
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO CW LP   1,439,5682009-07-13 01:19:24

Antennas:- C/Craft A3S + 40M addon @ 50Ft, Titanex 160HD.
Rig:- Icom-756 Pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software:- Win-Test 3.27

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
Tried Low Power this year to see if there was much
difference in score to HP. Compared to the last time
I did a full 24 hours {2007}. There was around a 400
Qso drop and 500k points difference.
Condx were ok albeit a bit noisy on 160 and 80, 10 was
open yet again so cycle 24 must be kicking in.

Will be giving the CQWW VHF Contest a go next weekend
SOSB 6M so hope to cu there.

Log is on LoTW, for paper cards pse see QRZ.COM

73 Steve.
YO5AJR   SO CW HP   261,7322009-07-13 01:42:14
The meteo condition in my area very bad. Propagation in 80m strong noise. My
electrical sourse 220v dead in 3 time...hi.My cond: FT990 - MFJ preselector -
AL80B - Ant: "GAP Titan DX" - Inv."L" - "FD4" - and inv. "V".
YT2AAA   M/S LP   303,9962009-07-13 02:01:04
RIG: IC-745
PWR: 30 w
ANT: W3DZZ Multiband dipole

Originaly started in contest as QRP, but things went very slow for first hour
or two. Decided to turn on the cluster and raise power to about 30 w, which is
currently maximum for my 745 and W3DZZ. Ended up with 707 qso in total, abt 100
qso more than last year. Activity and conditions seemed OK. Kudos to all HQ

1 point: 338 QSO
3 point: 283 QSO
5 point: 86 QSO
JF3GKE   SO CW HP   165,1682009-07-13 04:46:45

80/40:IC7800 Inv.V 12mH
20-10:FT1kMP-V CD318B(20yrs old) 15mH
IBM-s50 Pen4 2.80C Win2k:N1MM ver.5

W1ZT   SO CW HP   248,1602009-07-13 05:27:11
Always fun to operate in this contest. HQ station participation continues to
improve with lots new operators.
Working both NU1AW/KH6 and W1AW/KL7 on 80m Sunday morning at sunrise in our
static crashes.
Being called by JT1CO and A71A without having to deal with a pile up!
Used N1MM for the first time at home; no major issues and excellent
documentation to get started.
Thanks to all for the QSOs and unexpected band openings.
Thunderstorm activity and QRN made 80m and 160m very difficult here.
73, George .. W1ZT
KD2MX   SO CW LP   9,8002009-07-13 07:01:06
Just popped in here and there when I had a bit of time.
K2XA   SO SSB LP   5,4602009-07-13 07:02:52
Just testing a new dipole on 40 ssb. The band was full of European HQ stations.
CE4CT   M/S HP   1,360,2392009-07-13 08:06:26
Thank you Roberto for he fantastic opportunity to test drive the
new CE4CT contest station....what a great experience. This station
will provide us all the opportunity to easily work Chile on all bands
in the future.

Our shack was without heat and with temperatures around 0°C all night
it was cool indeed.Our vehicle even had frost on the windshield which
needed removing before our departure on Sunday morning. IARU is not a
summer contest here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Thanks to all who provide us with a weekend of enjoyment and another
life experience for me.

Congratulations to all the XR1A team for their efforts to activate their
fine station. It is encouraging to hear so much activity from Chile.

Dale VE7SV and Roberto CE4CT
4O3A(UT5UDX)   SO CW HP   2,563,8002009-07-13 08:09:27
What a messy weekend.

I have well known contester Sergei Rebrov, UT5UDX as guest for IARU. Monday
before the contest we completed service on 2L80, after direct lightning hit on
main tower and I tough that will be the last broken item. But unfortunately,
prior the contest I discovered that I still has many things inside the shack

- SO2R box
- Second amplifier option
- Six-pack

Whole Friday I spend in try to make station functional. At the end, Sergei get
very simple SO2R audio switching and looks like he will be able to make a good

But, Saturday morning, at 03:00 local time we had a thunderstorm...!?! In the
middle of July? We lost electricity, and Sergei started contest with
generator, and it stopped every 20-30 minutes because of unknown reason. Very
6 hours after contest start, I asked military (our neighborhoods on the top of
the hill) to borrow us one 16kW generator and they did it very kindly. Sergei
did a break of 2 hours and got electricity again, stable to the end of the

He is serious and obstinate contester. He did a maximum and we both understand
that score he did should be much higher - more than 3000 Qs and more than 3M
points. But, that's a sport we like - a lot of mistakes, problems and

I hope that next year for IARU all will be ready for Sergei to make what he
really can from this place.

Thanks' to YU1JW and 4O2D on their help in solving all the problems we had.

Ranko, 4O3A
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SO SSB HP   1,5752009-07-13 08:10:32
Thanks to M0DCP for letting me use his station for a short period of time on
Saturday evening.
K4XD   SO CW QRP   4902009-07-13 08:11:58
Wow, that was a fun 3 hours of radio!! How on Earth can three hours and 23
QSO's be fun? Sounds like someone who enjoys watching paint dry for

The answer:

New 5W QRP rig put together from a kit - Genesis G40 - and it's an SDR radio!
First contest using the very cool PowerSDR software - who needs the cluster
when you can click on signals on the panadapter?!
First QRP contacts outside North America -- worked three continents.

I enjoy the IARU HF contest since it has a lot of activity and comes after
several months of major contest draught. But in the past my fun came from
mixed mode and high power to maximize my own activity.

This year I went in a completely different direction. First off, I went to
Charleston, SC with my XYL on Thursday and didn't get home until Saturday
afternoon, so a full-bore effort was already out of the question, at least

I just finished building this little Genesis G40, single band SDR radio last
week, and being a computer geek and a "it's fun to learn new stuff" geek, it's
a compelling combination. Nothing like getting on the air with a rig you
melted some solder to build. I'd call it a medium-low complexity kit -- not
Heathkit/Elecraft level, but not "here's the schematic, a PCB and a bag of
parts, have fun" either. I made one outright mistake and had several
misunderstandings along the path to getting it on the air, and even
accidentally set the PCB down on one of the switches causing the power supply
to shut down momentarily. I was sure I had fried the rig and deep depression
set in for a bit... augmented by a sticky antenna relay (not in the Genesis, in
my Six Pak) that convinced me I had burned something out on the board because
there was suddenly no signal (the power supply also dropped out to the Six Pak,
which triggered the sticky relay to stick). After sleeping off my depression, I
came back in the AM and "magically" it was working again. (The magic being the
antenna relay coming unstuck). Joy!

What makes this little inexpensive kit special is that you get to play with
several different SDR software packages, including PowerSDR, the one used in
the relatively high end FlexRadio boxes. So for under two hundred bucks, I got
a taste of using a high end SDR product. Lots of very cool features:

* Being able to see a 48K swath of the band at once
* Clicking a signal on the panadapter and instantly tuning it in
* Clicking and dragging the filters to the width of the signal to eliminate
* A very effective RF gain control -- very simple to lower the gain to the
point where background QRN disappears and you are left with a clear as a bell
CW signal
* Being able to narrow a CW filter to 25 Hz and get clear copy with no

This little rig had me hooked. I know for QRP afficionados, working the world
on 5W is no big deal or surprise, but as a confirmed QRO addict (and I don't
think I will sell my amp any time soon), it was very cool to get through on 5W
in the days before the contest -- all North American QSO's, and up and down the
East Coast, so nothing extraordinary -- but I think just the increased odds that
you won't get answered makes successful QRP QSO's that much more fun when you do

So on to the IARU HF contest... I didn't really start with the intention of
running it QRP, but I figured with all those big stations on the bands, it
might be fun to try a couple of QRP QSO's. So I lit up the Genesis G40, which
by the way is a fixed center-frequency rig, which means I have access to 48 kHz
of 40M only, from about 7020 to 7068 Khz. You can modify it to cover 96 kHz if
you have a better sound card, and some enterprising builders have already
replaced the crystal oscillator with a VFO, added multi-band low-pass
filters... and built a multi-band txcvr out of it. I'm not there yet....

The 40M CW band was jumping with signals and I tried answering a few CQ's with
no response. Hmmm, this may not be such a great idea. Then I tried the CT HQ
station, thinking, "yeah sure, my 5W going through 200 feet of LMR-400 to a
shortened rotating 40M dipole at 55 feet is really going to make it 6000 miles
to Portugal..." and then he answered me! #$!, I'm hooked! Even my wife was
impressed to hear that "that little radio I built" had made it across the pond!
Or at least, she's learned to look impressed since that shortens the
conversation, eliminating the need for me to explain at length why she should
be impressed...

From there I worked a couple of US stations, and my first VE QRP....couple more
K's, and then a UR! Hey, the CT wasn't a total fluke! Sure, they asked for a
couple of repeats, but we made the Q. And working QRP really does reinforce
what the theory books show -- pointing that antenna, even a rotating
capacity-hat loaded short dipole, does make a difference. As in "QSO" vs. "no
QSO." My powerful Channel Master rotator got a workout in this contest!

Working QRP also brings back the wonder of radio (although having had my
license for three years, I don't qualify for losing the wonder from ANY aspect
of ham radio quite yet!). As in, "I wonder if this guy is going to answer me?"
Some strong signals couldn't hear me, and some weak signals could.
Psychologists say a random interval reinforcement schedule is the most powerful
-- meaning, you can't really predict when you are going to get a positive
reinforcement, but you get enough to keep you going. I think they're right.

The rate meter was pegging at 4 QSO's / hour -- if I was working QRO I would
have thrown the headphones against the wall in disgust! But instead I was
clicking the mouse like a man possessed, grinning from ear-to-ear with each
finished QSO. Every new QSO was likely a new QRP WAS or DXCC! It was like
starting over.

Moving on up the band I heard a PY -- and he heard me! Three continents QRP!
Maybe I'll get a VK or ZL in the AM? How about a nice juicy CN or EA8 for AF?
(Sneak preview: nope!).

And on it went for the next couple of hours, adding SM, LX, YL, and I in the
"exotic" category.

I started fading after midnight so hit the sack for a few hours. Back in the
AM, and "nothing but K's" But, I still managed to build my QRP WAS total by 10
states, worked 5 zones and 5 HQ stations. My score is not going to excite
anyone, even me, but it was truly an Adventure in Radio!

A -real- thanks to everyone who dug my peanut whistle out of the noise,
especially those of you more than 3000 miles away. I guess in the next contest
I'll have more empathy for that guy with the weak, QSB-ridden signal!

Rowland K4XD
KV1J   SO Mixed LP   15,0402009-07-13 08:24:44
Just on for a couple short periods while in Maine. Had thunderstorms in area at
night so 80 and 160 were very noisy.

73, Eric KV1J
W6YI   M/S HP   12009-07-13 08:58:56

Our final score was 2,342,445. This is a checklog because we made up our own
rules. We have done a serious M/S before in this contest, but the 10 minute
rule makes it sooo boring.

KL9A flew down from MT so we could operate this one together. We will most
likely be a team in next years WRTC, so we figured there is no better contest
to practice opearating together than IARU.

The M/S rules are too limiting, so we used WRTC rules instead. We decided to
go ahead and use HP and use all the antennas avaiable since we are so far away
from EU. We had 2 radios that were interlocked so we could only have 1
transmitted signal at any given time. We used no packet or skimmer.

Thanks to Dennis, N6KI for letting us borrow his K3. Also thanks to John,
K6AM, for getting it all set up and working before we got there. Neither of us
had used one before, but we wanted to try one out to see if we want to take it
to Russia next year. I love my MK V, but it weighs 75 lbs or so inside the
pelcan case. The K3 was definately a keeper. It performed just as good, if
not better than the MKV. We will definately try and track down a pair to take
with us.

One highlight for me was 40ssb. This is the 1st DX contest that I have done
since they changed the JA bandplan so they could work up to 7200. I started to
warm up a freq around 1130z before the contest, and immediately had a big JA
pileup. The pileup carried over into the contest, and I ended up with 150 q's
in the first 45 minutes on 40ssb.. mostly JA's. That was alot of fun!! We
kept going back to 40ssb Saturday night and there were endless JA callers.
Also, the 20m opening over the pole to EU saturnday night was just amazing.
The band was super quiet, and the EU stations were really loud.

We only set 1 goal for the weekend, and that was to make 3000 q's. We came
pretty close, finishing with 2976.

Thanks to Jim, W6YI for his great hospitality, and keeping us well fed for the
entire contest.

Dan N6MJ & Chris KL9A
N4KG   SO Mixed HP   12009-07-13 09:10:21
I did not participate in this year's IARU contest for a number of reasons,
primarily that I had a conflict but also because I find it discouraging to
compete from a Highly Populated Zone (8) where I receive only ONE point per QSO
with my own Zone but entrants from other nearby zones receive THREE points per
QSO for contacts in my Zone.

I agree with N4OGW's comment that contacts within the Same Country Should all
Count the Same. N4OGW also lives in Zone 8, less than 100 miles from the
dividing line with Zone 7. He noted that if he lived in Zone 7 all of his Zone
8 QSO's would have been worth 3 Times as many points and his overall score would
have been 13% higher. Living in the SW Corner of Zone 8 puts us at an even
greater disadvantage compared with the residents of W1,2,3 who are One
Propagation Skip closer to the 5 point QSO's in Europe. WHY BOTHER?

Am I becoming too Old and Jaded?
Or is this scoring Bias something that should be addressed
and hopefully changed? I expect a similar argument could
be made for Europe as well.

Secondly, why are HQ stations (mostly in EU) scored as only ONE point
when everyone else in their home country counts at 5 points from outside their
continent and 3 points from outside their zone but within the same continent.
It seems to me that 3 points would be a better 'compromise'.

Just my thoughts on WHY I find it hard to take this contest seriously.

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
9A/VE3ZIK   SO CW LP   617,8502009-07-13 09:58:18
A great contest! I was originally planned to take a part in Contest with 9A0HQ
team (15m CW), but, due to station problem and QTH changing, I've decided to be
active from our house in Bilice ( .
Another thing was a bet with Sasha, YU2FG (YT2F), who was also active with a
small antennas and yes, we HAD a great time in the contest, and despite during
the night I had almost 100 Q's more than Sasha, at the end he was slightly
better ;) . No limit, no excuse :)
My antenna "farm" :

- 160m L/4 GP for 80m with an antenna tuner, almost dummy load;
- 80m L/4 GP home made (15m fishroad + 5m on the side with 3 radials);
- 40m L/4 GP home made
- 20m 5/8 GP by Andra, YU1QT and dipole
- 15m dipole + GP from 40m band
- 10m dipole + GP from 30m band

My primary goal was 1000 Q's. I guess I need to make more CQ on sunday morning,
I lost too much time trying to work some MTPL.
Thanks to all HQ's stations for QSOs, especially on 160m. GB7HQ Op(s) has a
great patience to receive my callsign (almost 3 minutes), THANKS!
The best ears on 160m has DA0HQ. Jungs, sehr gut :) Worked 9A0HQ on 5 bands,
missed 10m CW.

BTW, I hope, this year will be not too much crazy results in QRP/LP
categories... :)

See you in 2k10...

73, Zik VE3ZIK/DO7ZZ (still in holiday in 9A)...

Next contest: IOTA Contest, in two weekends, from EU-170.
HB9ARF   SO CW LP   368,0002009-07-13 10:00:21
TS-870 ( 100 watts)

Force 12 C-4s for 10/15/20 and 40M
Butternut HF-9VX used on 80M
Short Dipole from Kelemen on 160M

Better then last year about 200K points more

EU 84 % - AS 8 % - NA 5 % - AF 2 % - SA 1 %

About 50% S&P

Thanks to all

Phil - HB9ARF
F5VIH(@F6KAR)   SO Mixed HP   1,526,8802009-07-13 10:04:51
Home obligations couldn't let me be part of TM0HQ 20m CW team, so I did a "last
minute" effort from our club station F6KAR. And what an experience!

Arrived at the club 2 hours before the contest and I had to setup the station
for so2r and the brand new version of wintest 4. The 80m dipole was almost flat
on the ground and the 2nd beam had high SWR on 20-15-10 probably suffering from
the lawnmower passing over the coax cable. Decided to fix the dipole after the
first couple of hours of the contest.

Overall, excellent participation to keep me stuck on the chair all the time
when I wasn't fixing stuff in the station. Couldn't get a run with US on 20m
but 40m good runs throughout the whole night. Sunday morning 10m and 15m open
with strong EU signals with a couple of hours at > 180 Q/h rate on ssb.

The IARU championship is perhaps the only contest that the use of spotting
networks is not permitted for mono-ops. If it stays like that in the future, it
will very likely serve to remind the younger generations how it was contesting
at the pre cluster/skimmer era :-)

Thanks to all the contest gangs for this great weekend. See you at the next
one, EUHF

160m, 80m: dipole
40m: 40-2CD@12m
20-15-10 m: KT34@12m

K3, IC-756, MK2R+ and

Powered by Win-Test 4.0.1
LZ3FN   SO Mixed HP   1,800,0002009-07-13 10:12:09
Some tech problems this time,but finish the test :)
Condx can be better
See you again soon
73 de LZ3FN Christo

p.s. the effort is in SO AB HP MIX
unfortunately N1MM don't show HQ's and ZONES separately
W7QN   SO Mixed LP   73,7882009-07-13 10:21:10
Used mobile whip antennas.
CR3L   M/S HP   2,199,8552009-07-13 10:27:34
For our mixed team of experienced contesters and short wave newcomers, we
believe that we made a reasonable job, and gained plenty of new knowledge.
Thanks to Walter who guided us thru all problems, concerns and highlights.

Greetings from the Island, Arno - CT9/DL1CW
HG6N   M/S HP   3,782,6692009-07-13 11:50:55
IARU is one of our favourites: fast spinning high-rate contest with summer condx
full of surprises.

Before the contest HA6ND cooked a great stew from mushrooms he collected in the
forest around the stations. All the ops except me queued up for extra portions
giving me a chance for a single op entry but George was right and nobody ended
up with food poisoning.

The reason why we love IARU is that everybody can have his share of high rate
pileups and can share a beer with the other resting ops an hour later.

The 20m pileups in the night were great and the 40m NA pileup was the best I
ever had from HG6N on this band. A constant stream of weak NAs in a noise-less
band was fantastic. It lasted 1 hour after sunrise which is quite unusual in

73! zoli ha1ag

ps: where were all the RRTC guys ? we got only 3 of them (32,38,39) They were
loud which promises HUGE pileups for WRTC participants next year.
WN6K   SO CW LP   135,1742009-07-13 12:14:52
While my ontime start at 'zero dark thirty' on 40 gave promise, it sure was
difficult for me from then on. The EU/Russian opening on 20 was a nice respite
from many other calls not being heard. Gave up my last half hour at the end as
just about everyone came to 40m in the last hour to finish out... and it got
pretty crowded with folks I had already worked. Throughout the early morning
hours 02-04 (local) I would flip to 20m to listen and was surprised to hear EUs
and Asian activity - slbeit very light in the S-units and none could hear my
calling them, but it was encouraging to hear something other than 'hiss' on 20
after dark. Things are starting to look up...just needs another year in the
solar cooker.....

WN6K, Paul
YL4HQ   Headquarters HP   16,623,9002009-07-13 12:53:24
K3TN   SO Mixed LP   71,0822009-07-13 13:29:37
TS 850 to Windom at 45'

Sure were an amazing amount of HQ stations. Conditions were not so hot,
especially on the low bands, but still had 5 hours of fun.
WR1Q   SO SSB LP   642009-07-13 14:00:01
I recently received the replacement parts for the Super Antenna YP-3 portable
3-element 20-6M yagi that had experienced some damage from a "gravity spike."
While in Rio Rancho, NM on business, I had a couple of hours free to set up,
operate, and tear down a portable station atop the highest summit at the City
Center in Rio Rancho to work the IARU. The wind was everything from completely
stagnant to a moderate 15 mph, and special care was administered to prevent any
further "gravity spikes" with lots of attention spend on securing of the
antenna. The yagi was fixed at a stable and safe height of 20 feet.

The antenna faced the NE direction and I was happy to hear several east coast
stations within seconds of hooking up the rig, and a quick scan of the dial on
20 meters resulted in the 9 qso's before knowing it was time to get back to

Hopefully while Im away from the home QTH I will be able to continue performing
as a portable station in various areas of the US on behalf of the SMRC. 73's!
N1YWB   SO SSB QRP   16,0592009-07-13 14:17:01
Would have worked longer except for t-storms and worked-out bands around 0800z.
Poor band conditions overall. 20m was ok in the evening. Nice to see 15m open
for a while too. Phone QRP is masochistic; I gotta build a KPA-100. Still a fun
contest. Thanks to everybody who had the patience to work my piss-weak signal! I
dunno how many HQ stations I worked; a bunch.
IK7YTT   SO SSB LP   46,8512009-07-13 14:43:29
Just a few Qso in spare time.
Very funny as always also if the bands was mostly crowded by EU HQ stations.
AD1C   SO Mixed LP   4,0802009-07-13 14:46:50
Radio: ICOM 756 Pro III (100W)
Antenna: half-G5RV in attic
Software: DX4WIN 7.07

Just got on a few times to look for DX and states for Triple Play award.
Worked 3 new states on SSB, and 9Y4 was new for 2009. AO8HQ had a great signal
on 40 meters.
N2QT   SO SSB LP   227,0882009-07-13 14:54:51
Conditions seemed to be off compared to the last two years. This was my
first try at SO2R for SSB, which may be one reason I didn't get the full 24
hours in (SO2R is a lot more tiring), although the noise levels and the what
seemed like lower participation also contributed. Never heard anyone on 160
and 10 was also flat.

I really need to figure out where the residual undemodulated SSB is generated
in the ft1000 as that makes it harder to decipher calls on the other radio
while the ft1000 is transmitting. A good so2r setup really challenges the rf
and audio integrity of the entire station. The k3 audio also seems to have
more white noise than the yaseu and I'll need to work on that. It takes about
12 hours of operating to really show how well things are set up and working.

K3 (first contest for it!), FT1000 MKV
Antennas : KT34 at 55 ft, 3 El Steppir 50 ft
40M rotary dipole 56 ft, 80M dipole 50 ft
OHØR(OH2PM)   SO CW HP   2,819,2082009-07-13 15:01:06
This is the 51st year in my amateur radio and contesting career. Contesting at
this age still tastes great. The first contest of the 50-year aniversary was
WPX CW at TC4X. I it looks like that I managed to break my personal records in
both of them. The chalenge is to do the same during the autumn season.
I made a major improvement in the shack just before the contest, I namely
changed the black curtain of the large window to a light grey one. That lowered
the room temperature on a sunny day by about 10 deg and helped me to keep alert
all the time except the last hour which produced only one thrid of the QSOs of
the first hour. This time there was no antenna work or tower climbing before
the contest and actually the weather was too good for that.
Unfortunately there was not enouhg time to get the SO2R fully operational with
the station computer and I decided to run SO1R with my old laptop and TR. The
same computer that has been in use over 10 years when operating outside the
home QTHs in OH or OH0.
The lack of SO2R can be seen as relatively low multiplier number on some bands.
I was lucky enough to have a look at 15 meter band after 18z just when there was
a kind of opening to North America. Only EU-stations were heart on 10 meters.
The band condions went up and down all the time the temptation to move to an
other band was high because of of low rate.
The two multipliers on 160 from southern America were refreshing but I lost all
the Asian multipliers on 160 as trade-off to a 40 meter pile-up. The dark or
dawn hours are really short here at 60 deg north and you just cannot win them
all without SO2R.
Now when back at the OH-QTH in Salo I have fully recovered from the 24 hour
CW-bath, but right after the contest I must have been a terrifying sight. The
XYL asked me to say my name, at first I considered OH0R but after after a while
spelled out my full name but slowly. The learning is that at the age close to 70
one can no more do many things simultaneously but is still able to translate
Morse code to keybord ABC reasonably by the backbone.
See you all in the next contests to come and many thanks to all of you for the
QSOs, Pertti, OH2PM/OH0R
K4BP(NA4K)   SO CW HP   838,8722009-07-13 15:05:22
Thanks to Jeff, K4BP for the invite to operate from his station.

Very high static levels most of the contest on all bands
required many more repeats than normal.
Looking back, I should have hooked up the second
radio, there were always at least two bands that were open.

Steve NA4K
N7OU   SO CW QRP   3,1292009-07-13 15:30:03
Operated from my car with 5w and a mobile whip.
P33W   M/S HP   5,644,9382009-07-13 16:01:45
It was another complete field day style operation. Again 35-40 C outside, so we
had to wake up 5:30 a.m. when it was pleasant enough to build up antennas until
9:30 a.m. and get back to work at 5:30 p.m until sun-set at 9:00 p.m. I hope the
last one to go this way.

As usual, propagation has gone on the particular contest day. SSB rates were
giving us hard time and we had to switch more and more to CW. 6,5 hours before
end of the contest our major SteppIR yagi antenna stopped performing at all, so
we've been using small C-3 tribander until the contest end.

500 QSOs lost to our last year QSO total but due to higher multiplier activity
made the same score as last year.

We've been monitoring Russian WRTC-fields' guys throughout the contest and can
declare that their signals were nicely readable peaking S9 on 80 with their low
Inverted V dipoles !!!! They had to stuggle getting through with they long call
signs but made 1600-1700 QSOs each which means at least 2000-2200 QSOs on
WRTC-2002 with much shorther calls.

73s, Harry RA3AUU

P.S. Getting to RRTC-2009/WRTC-2010 fields on Wednesday to pepare RRTC
K3JT   SO CW HP   470,0002009-07-13 17:43:01
Great contest. Good to hear old friends on the air and active with big signals.
Nice to hear 10M was open. And thanks to the HQ ops who did a great job. 73
and see you all next year with even better conditions. de K3JT - Terry in
West Virginia (EM99).
NP3D(EW1AR)   SO Mixed HP   87,4622009-07-13 17:52:31
Part time only.

Had nice runs several times on 20 and 40 meters, but had to leave for a
Corporate party and came back at night...

In any event, 20 and 40 meters were good ones.
RA3AWW(YT1NT)   SO Mixed LP   786,8782009-07-13 20:53:26
I enjoyed hospitality of Andy UA3AB and his wife Elena at their dacha near
Moscow. Wonderful station! With so many antennas to choose from, this was
a sharp contrast to my usual single-wire contesting :-) I was so excited that
could not get any sleep prior to contest, so had to sleep for 3 hours after
midnight, costing me a good number of QSOs and especially zone multipliers
on 80, 40 and 20. Overall, extrremely pleased with my first contesting
attempt since my daughter was born three years ago.
K6GEP   SO Mixed LP   23,2802009-07-13 22:30:38
The big guns all thought 20M was fantastic, but from the small station
perspective, condix were bad to Europe on 20. I had a very disappointing
score, way down from 311 Q's in 2007, and 274 in 2008, and even those were
bad years.

I was disappointed that I couldn't work BX5AA with my new tribander pointed
right at him. Didn't work any new countries or band/mode fill.

Lots of good JA activity on 20 and 40. Congrats to the W1AW/KL7 and
NU1AW/KH6 stations. Sounded like fun.

FT-990 100W

80 meter sloped dipole from 45 feet
40 Meter inverted vee at 50 feet
Triband Wilson SY-2 Yagi at 18 feet (armstrong rotor)

N1MM Log
F5IN   SO CW LP   206,9162009-07-13 23:29:34
Powered by Win-Test 4.0.1

kenwood TS-940S

20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
RK4WWQ(RX4WX)   SO SSB HP   100,1162009-07-13 23:47:13
Run/Search QSOs : 269/133
Callsigns : 385
ED5T(@EA5ELT)   M/S HP   2,597,6372009-07-14 00:16:46
For the first time in the TCCs short history, for this contest we were not faced
with any immediate technical issues and were able to concentrate a bit on
strategy and operating. The only novelty incorporated into the station since
the King of Spain two weeks ago was the change from the Acom 1000 to the SPE
expert. Vic quickly paired the amp up to the antennas in the two hours before
the contest and during the whole contest the amp did not flinch. It’s
doesn’t give as much power as the Acom but it ran anywhere between 600 to 900
watts so no real problem. I won’t say it ran cool, since it only runs about
10ºC cooler than the Acom, but any heat reduction in the shack in July is

Compared to our plagued effort in IARU 2008, where we were unable to operate HP
on 20m and had to use our 80m delta loop on 40, this year everything ran
perfectly, except the PC which froze on us a few hours into the contest. We
reckoned it was probably feeling the heat like the rest of us, so we gave it
the same treatment as the ops: took off its covers and stuck a fan in front it!
It liked that a whole lot better.

Although hardware wise we were better off, we sure missed the CW expertise of
EC5KXA, Dave was the one who nursed us through IARU last year and we sure could
have done with him this year. Toni EA5DF has come on a lot in the last few
months but it still took us six ears to do most of the CW work and we hardly
did any running at all in this mode.

Our aim this year was to equal the top European score of last year, to do that
we would need 3000 QSOs and 301 multipliers. We fell a little short but taking
everything into consideration we feel we did very well. Congratulations to the
RK4FWK and UZ2M team who have put in absolutely amazing claimed scores.

Now, time to take stock and see where we can improve for our next test.

Photos will be available when we have time to post them, at the Torrent Contest
Club website

Equipment: FT2000 + SPE expert
Antennas: Optibeam OB11-3, Rotary 40m dipole, bazookas for 80 and 160m
The antennas on T2 were not used for this contest

73 de Duncan EA5ON for the ED5T team @ EA5ELT
OL9HQ   Headquarters HP   24,446,8682009-07-14 01:07:16
Its raw score. Dupes are not included. Average 2.73 pts per QSO. Next info on
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SO CW QRP   393,8902009-07-14 02:37:46
only 19 hours QRV

tnx for QSOs


FT-1000MP 5W
2. el QUAD 20-10m
GP 160-40m
YRØHQ   Headquarters HP   17,104,8722009-07-14 04:32:17
This is the raw score.
Thank you for calling FRR HQ stations. See you on 21-st August in Poland, at
1-st EU HQ meeting. 73, YO HQ Team.
W2LHL   SO CW LP   52,9202009-07-14 07:56:32
5 hrs down on account of lightning storm didn't help.
KN4Y   SO CW LP   30,5152009-07-14 08:06:53
Enjoyed the contest.
YO2MAX   SO Mixed LP   304,3802009-07-14 08:26:50
S57U   SO CW LP   764,5552009-07-14 09:25:47
Because of bad weather before the contest I have no chance to rise better
antennas for lower bands. Crank up tower stay on initial position with DHF5
antenna at 13 meters!
N1UR   SO SSB LP   547,0242009-07-14 09:45:22
Thunderstorms were everywhere. I wanted to go 24 hours but it was not to be.

I was very happy with the results while I was on but killing my sunset and EU
sunrise with off times was a killer.

But still beat my last year score by a little.

Thanks for the Qs.

IR4E(IK4ZHH)   SO Mixed HP   633,1072009-07-14 11:52:49
nice to be in iaru contest as single operator.. 2 hours to sleep and 4 hours at
pub... hf2v used for the first time on ant for 80 and 160

10-15-20 @ klm kt34a
40-80 butternut hf2v
ft-1000 markv field
ampli tl922 (no more of 400w for tvi problems)

cu next goodluck

Filippo IK4ZHH@IR4E
IT9RBW(ALEX)   SO Mixed HP   575,9042009-07-14 11:59:19
Usually problem with set up!
The antenna don't work well( 1.5-1.8 swr).

I try for the first time on this category.

I'm satisfaction of the result whit this condiciones.

Triband @ 8 m
Dipol 80 40 160 @ 8 m
Icom 756 pro 3


See you next here!

F5RD   SO SSB LP   18,4142009-07-14 13:45:26
Not much time to take part this year.
I worked this contest Saturday evening and the last hour Sunday morning
There was a lot of european stations on the five bands.
Unfortunately not much DX stations.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again in 2010.
F5RD Bernard
OH2XX   M/S HP   489,6392009-07-14 14:05:31
Testing some new equipment and SW this time. This was the first contest with my
new K3 radio, LP-PAN panadapter, CW Skimmer and Win-test 4.0.1. And they all
contributed a lot to the fun part of contesting for me.

First of all I am very happy to have the new Wint-test release 4.0 - the new
audio recording function and rotator control both worked flawlessly. CW Skimmer
spots were also appearing in the band map as any cluster spots. What a fun way
to work HQ stations e.g. on 160 meters.

It was nice to work some NA on 15 meters as well. Hope to have more of that in
the near future. Otherwise I just concentrated on the best hours on different
bands and tried to work as many QSOs and HQ I could.

On SW side there is still some fine tuning to do. I have quite a few virtual
COM-ports and there seems to be some conflicts time to time. As I can click
either Bandmap, CWSkimmer or PowerDRS (LP-PAN) to set my TRX frequency it does
not always go right... But I feel to be quite close to perfection with the
setup anyway, hi.


Elecraft K3
Acom 1000
MicroHam Station Master
Win-test 4.0
CW Skimmer

160: OCF Dipole
80: OCF Dipole, GP
40: 2-el yagi
20-10: 3-el SteppIR

73 de Kari, OH2XX
LS1D   M/S HP   962,9622009-07-14 15:24:32
Guys, the team spent a great weekend, long ago and far, who have not visited us
Sr.murphy, and WILL NOT! Everything came out of a thousand wonders. This was
the second contest from our new QTH, with some substantial improvements to the
WPX CW, we have improved the line voltage, even though much needed, we improved
the 40m dipole to a fixed delta 2el USA and RF filters with improved toroid. We
arrived 6 hours with all okay to start the contest, which we look with LU3CT
saying What we do now? rare that happen, then get our dear friend Mario LW8DQ
just when you start the contest, as always on time hehehe.

We regret that our good friend Mark LU8EOT is not involved in this operation.

Condx our work is precarious at the moment, we are working to build more towers
with 6 each of its stacks, for the moment is what we have.

The condx were:

FT-920 - 374 AMP ALPHA with 700 to 800w only.
Triband 6el JVP @ 30m
Wire 80m @ 30m
Delta Loop 40m @ 27m Fixed to NA.

We lost a lot at 40m unable to rotate, we listened to all EU, JA and OC.

Congratulations to CE4CT and LT1F achieved the excellent score!

Thanks to everyone for called us, and we´ll again on the air in WAE CW

73 Team LS1D "Six Stars Contest Station "Dani" "Mark" "Tim"
LP1H(@LU5HM)   M/S HP   1,862,0322009-07-14 17:34:53
We were able to perform several tasks including the preparation for
the TX and RX antennas. The 80 m yagi to fine tune it for better resonance
in the CW portion of the band. The original switching
system has also been improved.

Signal levels on 15 were somewhat stronger than during WPX CW. Twenty
and Forty meters were fine Saturday afternoon/ night, good propagations in 80,
but very poor in 10, excelent performance by LU5DX in CW

It was really nice to hear the HQs from Brazil, Uruguay, Chile,
Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, etc.

Once again thanks everyone for the QSOs. Thanks to LU5HM, LU7HE and
Family for their hospitality and support. We really thank you from heart!

Hope to CU all on the bands soon!

Vy 73!

LU9HS op @ LP1H - IARU HF Championship 2009.
N3ZL   SO Mixed LP   136,4082009-07-14 19:38:01
100W + Dipoles

Both multiplier types are counted together above.

My family was leaving for a mini vacation to Asheville, NC early Sunday
morning, so I missed the last couple hours, as well as a couple hours Saturday
afternoon while I did a few little things around the house.

Two years ago I made 723 QSOs in this contest, the most I've ever made from
home in a contest. I wasn't close to that this year, but I did beat my score by
about 10k points, so I can't complain. (Last year I was busy during this
contest.) At 10Z I heard several JAs and at least one VK on 40m but just could
not work them, but neither could several other callers I heard. All in all, the
bands sounded pretty good but not outstanding.

Hope to see some of you again in the CQ VHF and possibly NAQP RTTY.

73 de Greg N3ZL
AA4LR   SO Mixed LP   25,2002009-07-14 20:02:07
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m high

K2/100 and KAT100


Just a few hours off and on Saturday. 20m was open right at the start, but 15m
seemed to be a bit reluctant. Eventually got a good opening and even called CQ
on 15m in both modes. Good to hear activity on 10m, too. Late in the afternoon,
20m SSB seemed like the IARU HQ band.
W6KY   SO CW LP   34,6502009-07-14 20:23:49
Only had about 5 hours to work the contest.
All S&P.
SP5ADX   SO Mixed LP   165,3472009-07-15 02:18:23
It was fun to participare in this contest. Unfortunatelly I couldn't work 24h.
My ant. for low bands are very simple and I made only a few contacts 80/40. I
don't have 160m ant yet.
S51F   SO CW HP   1,663,5842009-07-15 03:16:13
first time with AL-1500 (TNX S50G team),
IC-781, X-9, 2-el moxxon/40, ...

tnx all for calling
73&GL, Frank
ZW5HQ(@PY5EG)   Headquarters HP   8,135,1522009-07-15 05:13:17
Hi Folks:
Two weeks before the contest PY5KD, Luciano came with the idea to organize a HQ
operation using some of the Araucaria Dx contest stations. For the first time we
entered in this category. LABRE and ANATEL, gave us a great support and we got a
special license to use the ZW5HQ callsign.
The usual nice GADX friends accepted the challenge and we got into the
Very bad propagation but we had a lot of fun, using the Curitiba contest
station (ZW5B), Araraquara (PS2T), Florianopolis (PT5T), S.Paulo (PW2D) and
Follow operators participated of the effort
PY2BK, PY2EYE, and the brand new hams PU5FJR (Du 10 years)) and PU5BIA (Bia 13
years)) PP5JR´s son and daughter.
We had the great pleasure to have our old friend PY5CW (Eduardo) coming back to
contest activity after around 10 years in QRT.
Thanks for being in our logs
OH6LI(@OH6LI/OH4A)   SO CW HP   1,571,7002009-07-15 07:50:24
Had a very rough week prior to contest and could not get too much sleep before
contest either.
Station worked just fine, but the tired mass between headphones and keyboard
simply was not fit for the job.

Thanks all for QSOs - CUL !

Jukka OH6LI
OL3A(OK1DRQ)   SO CW HP   2,063,0402009-07-15 11:15:12
Tnx for QSOs .... hr problem with PA - 10 and 160 m wkd only with TVCR - 100 W
80,40,20,15 - PA 700 W
Congrats to OL9HQ team - super score !!!!

73 Pavel OK1DRQ
JA7ZP   SO Mixed HP   15,2522009-07-15 15:05:37
Use N1MM log.
Summary and Score copied form log.
Thank you for all contester's.
K2LE   M/S HP   1,140,7002009-07-15 15:28:18
N1MM program does not provide a breakdown between zone and HQ mults -sri.
Tremendous level of activity worldwide.
We were somewhat hampered by tremendous storms overnight in Vermont causing
rain static galore. Also we missed the good 10 meter opening reported by
But it was fun as usual...
Tnx forall
Andy and Tony
VK6AA(@VK6ANC)   M/S HP   754,8002009-07-15 22:56:45
Had a great time at NCRG's Ham Heaven in Perth (VK6ANC - see

Things are really shaping up over here. Future projects will see improvement of
160/80 antennas which sure will boost signal and QSO/multiplier counts on these
bands. IARU M/S was a first for both of us: M/S rules in IARU are a bit of a
pain. CQWW M/S is a lot more exciting - particularly in this part of the

Thanks for the QSOs and a special thanks to everybody at NCRG for making it
possible to use this fine contest station.


Bernd VK2IA Kevin VK6LW
KX7L   SO CW QRP   6492009-07-15 23:01:36
Only had time for a quick hour and a half, but was pleasantly surprised to work
some DX with QRP.
SV5DKL   SO Mixed LP   1,2482009-07-15 23:10:10
While taking a break from our HQ operation as SX0HQ (15m SSB station) I went
back home working some HQs I wanted, especially DA0HQ (great job, guys,
congrats!!), because I am after the DA0HQ award...after Iaru 2009 I think I
need 5 or 6 Qs more with DA0HQ for the year it's a must!
Setup was :
Yaesu FT-2000 @ 100W
Antennas: 12,5m high fiberglass vertical by Spiderbeam w/ 1kW auto ant coupler
@ its base
Delta loop w/ total length 30m + 10m ladder line feeder from the ant coupler
I'll prepare my station for CQ WW CW 2009 contest this summer for an all-band
HP entry. Hope to hear you there.
de Stathis, SV5DKL
N5XZ   SO Mixed HP   420,9182009-07-15 23:54:20
I had great fun even part time during IARU. Great to hear 10 and 15 meters open.
I think W1AW/KL7 should get the most posted award! They had an incredible signal
down here in Texas and were heard on 10 meters almost constantly. Hopefully,
I'll have my 80 and 160 meter antennas up by next year.
NU1AW/KH6(@KH6YY/KH6LC)   Headquarters HP   6,579,8802009-07-16 01:48:38
When NN1N at ARRL contacted me shortly after this year's Dayton convention and
asked if we had any interest in activating NU1AW during this, the 50th year
anniversary of Alaska and Hawaii becoming the 49th and 50th states of the USA,
I had a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. I immediately called
Alex, KH6YY, the owner of the contest station on Oahu’s North shore, and
received a very positive response from him as well; Alex was 100% in favor of
doing this... game on!

During the ensuing busy weeks, I contacted Lloyd, KH6LC on the Big Island of
Hawaii to ask if he and his gang would be interested in putting his fine
station on the air for IARU 2009 to join us on Oahu in this effort... he was
all for it as well. Thank you, KH6LC and company!

For various logistical reasons, we agreed to do all of the SSB from KH6YY on
Oahu, with the exception of 80m, where we would do the CW, and KH6LC would do
all the CW, except for SSB on 80.

One of the obstacles we faced along the way was the fact that at KH6YY we use
Writelog, and at KH6LC the N1MM logger is used. We decided that we could sort
out combining the logs after the contest without too much trouble (right!), but
as a means of being able to keep tabs on how our individual efforts were
progressing during the contest, I contacted Gerry, W1VE, the creator of to see if we could work out a way to have our scores show up
in real time on his web page, even though we would be posting under the same
call sign. Gerry spent a considerable amount of time working with me in the
weeks leading up to the contest, burning the midnight oil day after day to make
this happen... thank you, W1VE!

The first 12 hours were extremely discouraging for us here on Oahu, the second
half was exceptional, with over 2/3 of our contacts made during the last 12
hours. I have never seen anything like this before... a phenomenal

Heartfelt thanks to Alex, KH6YY, who was unable to join us due to an extended
business trip, but as always, allowed us to invade his QTH for the weekend

And a very big thank you to NN1N, K1ZZ, and ARRL for allowing us to be a part
of something we will all, always remember.


W1UJ   SO CW HP   29,2052009-07-16 03:02:03
This was at the beginning and very end.
Was on KB1H team multi-operator effort. The rates and DX are better from

I had a couple great runs in the few hours, of Zone 6,7, and 8.

No SO2R with the 10 minute rule.

Jay W1UJ
K6XX   SO Mixed HP   1,325,5302009-07-16 07:38:52
TR4Windoze worked perfectly throughout, even mixed-mode SO2R.
ES9A(@ES5TV)   Headquarters LP   1,231,4552009-07-16 08:14:04
WRTC operation. Strictly according to those rules and setup configuration.
2xFT1000MP, tribander at 15m, 40m dipol at ca 12m and 80m Inv V at ca 12m. TX
lock up.

Well, interesting:) We never got decent rate going on the first day on any band
and S&Ping with two radios gave better results. Finally got EU rates up on 10
and 15 SSB the second day and rate meter over 300-350.

LP is really different from HP:) During RUN you don't have to worry about
picking out weak ones from the noise because there are no weak ones:) All the
callers are strong.

Look forward to see the results of 4 Russian WRTC site stations, will be
intresting to compare the logs.

K5GO was the ONLY US station on 15m for hours and when he finally came up to
579-589 he finally copied us after hours of tring. Second US on 15 was Randy,
great QSY and great ears!

On 20 I landed on weakish US station in the noise saying: Any more Europe?
Popped in right away to have a very hard QSO completed after a few minutes.
Then I listened for 4-5 minutes to get the call. The guy said a few times quite
fast double u one a double u stroke key sth..lost in QRM. Well, good job guys!
If you are calling Europe and thinking that this kind of operating will do then
you are very wrong. KL7 was just my wild guess. Next time try slowly and a few

4L0A was 59+60db on 20m and Toivo worked him after some difficulties. It
appeared later that the TX antenna relay was not working and he sent with
coaxial cable terminated with antenna switch:))

And sorry for all those lousy ops who had already started their next CQ message
when we completed the exchange of ERAU. They just did not listen, logged 29 and
lost the multiplier plus get penalties. Way to go!


Worked ITU zones

| 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 | TOTAL
01 | | | | | | |
02 | | | | 1 | | | 1
03 | | | | | | |
04 | | | 2 | 3 | | | 5
05 | | | | | | |
06 | | | | 7 | | | 7
07 | | | | 4 | 1 | | 5
08 | | 1 | 11 | 24 | | | 36
09 | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
10 | | | | | | |
11 | | | 1 | 3 | | | 4
12 | | | | 1 | | | 1
13 | | | | 3 | | | 3
14 | | | 1 | 9 | 5 | | 15
15 | | | | 1 | 2 | | 3
16 | | | | | 1 | | 1
17 | | | | | | |
18 | | 10 | 10 | 4 | 6 | 2 | 32
19 | | 2 | 1 | 1 | | | 4
20 | | | | 4 | | | 4
21 | | | 1 | 5 | | | 6
22 | | | | | | |
23 | | | | | | |
24 | | | | | | |
25 | | | | | | |
26 | | | | | | |
27 | | 7 | 11 | 53 | 30 | 18 | 119
28 | | 40 | 117 | 174 | 231 | 196 | 758
29 | | 45 | 58 | 86 | 74 | 33 | 296
30 | | 5 | 22 | 57 | 6 | | 90
31 | | | 2 | 15 | 1 | | 18
32 | | | | 3 | | | 3
33 | | | | | | |
34 | | | | | | |
35 | | | | | | |
36 | | 1 | 1 | 3 | | | 5
37 | | 1 | 6 | 22 | 8 | 2 | 39
38 | | | | | | |
39 | | 2 | 3 | 12 | 2 | 1 | 20
40 | | | | | | |
41 | | | | | | |
42 | | | | | | |
43 | | | | | | |
44 | | | | 1 | | | 1
45 | | | | 7 | | | 7
46 | | | | 1 | | | 1
47 | | | | | | |
48 | | | | | | |
49 | | | | | | |
50 | | | | | | |
51 | | | | | | |
52 | | | | | | |
53 | | | | | | |
54 | | | | 1 | | | 1
55 | | | | | | |
56 | | | | | | |
57 | | | | 1 | | | 1
58 | | | | 1 | | | 1
59 | | | | | | |
60 | | | | 1 | | | 1
61 | | | | | | |
62 | | | | | | |
63 | | | | | | |
64 | | | | | | |
65 | | | | | | |
66 | | | | | | |
67 | | | | | | |
68 | | | | | | |
69 | | | | | | |
70 | | | | | | |
71 | | | | | | |
72 | | | | | | |
73 | | | | | | |
74 | | | | | | |
75 | | | | | | |
76 | | | | | | |
77 | | | | | | |
78 | | | | | | |
79 | | | | | | |
80 | | | | | | |
81 | | | | | | |
82 | | | | | | |
83 | | | | | | |
84 | | | | | | |
85 | | | | | | |
86 | | | | | | |
87 | | | | | | |
88 | | | | | | |
89 | | | | | | |
90 | | | | | | |
| | 115 | 248 | 509 | 367 | 252 | 1491

Powered by Win-Test 3.26.0

By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

|Hr |160 |160 | 80 | 80 | 40 | 40 | 20 | 20 | 15 | 15 | 10 | 10 |Total
| | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | |
|12 | | | | | | | 48 | | 13 | 11 | 1 | | 73 |
|13 | | | | | | | 7 | 40 | 8 | 4 | | | 59 |
|14 | | | | | | | 19 | 32 | 3 | 8 | 1 | 2 | 65 |
|15 | | | | | | | 21 | | 14 | 7 | 3 | 1 | 46 |
|16 | | | | | | | | 24 | 2 | | 19 | 2 | 47 |
|17 | | | | | | | | 35 | 6 | | | 8 | 49 |
|18 | | | | | | | 36 | 2 | 6 | 11 | 1 | 1 | 57 |
|19 | | | | | | 19 | 26 | | 5 | 5 | | | 55 |
|20 | | | | | | 23 | 44 | 13 | 1 | | | | 81 |
|21 | | | | | 66 | | 11 | 20 | | | 1 | | 98 |
|22 | | | | 23 | 47 | 1 | | 7 | | | 1 | | 79 |
|23 | | | 5 | 28 | 38 | | | | | | | | 71 |
|00 | | | 52 | | 13 | 9 | | | | | | | 74 |
|01 | | | 40 | | 6 | 8 | | 1 | | | | | 55 |
|02 | | | 7 | 10 | 31 | | 7 | 4 | | | | | 59 |
|03 | | | | 1 | 5 | 11 | 30 | | | | | | 47 |
|04 | | | | | 18 | | 2 | 34 | 10 | | | | 64 |
|05 | | | | | | | | 14 | 38 | | 14 | | 66 |
|06 | | | | | | | | | 22 | 10 | 48 | 19 | 99 |
|07 | | | | | 14 | 7 | | 2 | | 1 | 1 | 90 |115 |
|08 | | | | | | | | 18 | | 57 | 27 | 33 |135 |
|09 | | | | | | | 29 | 4 | 1 | 87 | 2 | 5 |128 |
|10 | | | | | | | 2 | 11 | 73 | | 2 | 12 |100 |
|11 | | | | | | | 33 | 17 | 27 | 2 | | | 79 |
| | | |104 | 62 |238 | 78 |315 |278 |229 |203 |121 |173 |1801|

ES9A - Continents
By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band / Mode | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 CW | | | | | | |
| 160 SSB | | | | | | |
| 80 CW | 93.3% | 1.9% | | 1.9% | 2.9% | |
| 80 SSB | 87.1% | | | 1.6% | 11.3% | |
| 40 CW | 83.6% | 5.9% | 0.4% | 0.8% | 9.2% | |
| 40 SSB | 82.1% | 1.3% | | 1.3% | 15.4% | |
| 20 CW | 67.9% | 7.9% | 2.5% | 1.0% | 20.3% | 0.3% |
| 20 SSB | 65.5% | 6.5% | 4.7% | 2.2% | 20.5% | 0.7% |
| 15 CW | 90.4% | 0.4% | 0.9% | 1.7% | 6.6% | |
| 15 SSB | 93.1% | | 4.4% | 1.0% | 1.5% | |
| 10 CW | 98.3% | | | | 1.7% | |
| 10 SSB | 97.7% | | | 0.6% | 1.7% | |

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LYØHQ   Headquarters HP   18,378,2252009-07-16 09:12:10
Thanks everybody for contacts. 73
VA2SG   M/S QRP   3,8932009-07-16 09:55:19
For some reason and relying on an accurate map, we sent 8 as exchange instead of
4. We realised it too late. Sorry to everybody. We are sending our log to
contest sponsors. We were using a FR817ND at 5 watts , a dipole on 20 and a
budditisck on 40. We had a lot of fun.
YT3R   M/S HP   1,647,4902009-07-16 10:43:16
FT 1000 MP
AL 800
inv vee 80,160
3el 40m
4el 20m
5el 15m
5el 10m
This is first big contest with our new contest call YT3R, ex was YZ1V.
Thanks everyone!
Thanks to our host Lui YT3PL/HB9EDB for using YU1ARC location.
Best wishes,
73 from Alex YU6DX,Zoki YU9DX,Zik YT1HA
LZ7HQ   Headquarters HP   11,371,5322009-07-16 14:17:51
We did our best this year and we are commited to do much better in the next !
This is the point of the contests - competition - we compete with the best ones
and we are proud to be part of this event.
See you in the next incomming contests !

73's - LZ7HQ team
XE1LM(@XE2AU)   Headquarters LP   116,7022009-07-16 17:51:16
Conds gave short but nice openings, enjoyed working HQ with good friends, for
XE2AAW and XE3ARM this was their first contest so we will do much better next
UA9QCQ   SO SSB QRP   1,134,1612009-07-16 20:18:28
Bad propagation in my QTH.
RU1QY   SO SSB LP   60,4162009-07-17 00:55:29
FT-840, 50-80 watts, ANT: on 40-80, dipole on 20.
A71A(@A71BX)   Headquarters HP   4,041,7302009-07-17 04:59:43
Thanks to Ali 'BX for his hospitality and strong effort to prepare the station
for this effort. Thanks also to Abdulla 'CV for his perseverance to get
permission to put the Qatar Amateur Radio Society club callsign on the air from
Ali's fine station.

Ali has developed a nice station with two FT-2000's and two towers. Much of
the preparation time was spent on installing and testing station automation
using MicroHam products. Now the band-pass filters and stub filters follow the
radios immediately as they change bands. One amplifier is auto-tune and the
other, reliably repeatable manual tune. This made it fairly easy for the HQ
station to bounce frequently from band-to-band.

Station 1: Yaesu FT-2000 + Acom 2000
Station 2: Yaesu FT-2000 + Emtron DX-2SP
Tower 1: OptiBeam OB12-4 @26m, 80m sloper from 26m
Tower 2: OptiBeam OB9-4@18m
160m vertical
Receiving loop

We didn't have time to focus on the 160m vertical, which didn't sound right,
and no QSOs were made there as a result. 80m was a struggle for much of the
night, but a nice sunrise run helped us reach our band goals. 40 was terrific
as usual, though it seemed difficult to work the eastern Asia area. 20 seemed
poor for long-haul, but solid to Europe with great activity. 15 and 10 opened
strongly/variably primarily on Es. Did manage to work Zones 4,7,8, and 9 in
North America on 15. No such luck on 10m this time.

QARS is a club that is getting stronger, with a lot of new operators learning
the ropes and getting set up at home. We look forward to the fall season for
social and on-the-air activities after the summer heat begins to fade.

Meanwhile, Ali now has SO2R automation and will be on the air frequently to
practice and learn how to do this well. Watch for him on the low end of 20!

73 from the QARS group

Dave K5GN
Ali A71BX
Abdulla A71CV
VK6DXI   SO CW HP   185,9202009-07-17 06:29:53
Conditions are still not anywhere near normality.
Heard some activity on 10m but very weak.

Couldn't make full use of 24h but still it was great to get on the air.
Temperatures dropped to +5 deg C at night so had to keep the fire place going.
It is a winter time here....
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SO CW LP   821,2142009-07-17 10:32:19
Usual setup at contest QTH.

Thanks for all the contacts and multipliers.
Strong thunderstorms caused 1 hour late start and two lost hours in 20m NA
prime time.Condx were good here and 1Meg points were reachable but... there
always is next year.Highlights were working ZY7C on 80 meters for second ever
PY QSO there - many thanks!,excellent 40 meters NA opening at sunday morning.
Big guns were at 599 at 09:00 LZT ( 06:00 UTC )with sun high in the sky.
Many exotic HQ stations worked.Average pts per QSO is 2.55
Low bands operating time was 3 hours less due to lost hours in the beginning
and heavy QRN then.

73, CU in RRTC for half time only due to my friends wedding .

Nasko, LZ3YY
EA7RM   SO CW LP   1,276,4522009-07-17 11:36:39
73s, Nino
NR4M(N2YO)   M/S HP   1,192,0022009-07-17 12:28:38
Most of the crew had other things going on, so we decided to do a fun M/S. As
thing turned out the only op was Chip N2YO. He was using packet so it's still
M/S. Chip says he hopes to work you in the YO contest at the end of August!
E7HQ   Headquarters HP   19,400,0972009-07-17 14:09:06
Chief op. E7DX is on holiday so I hope I retyped E7HQ score right.

Second year IARU effort by BA hams from several mountain top locations.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
JJ5GMJ   SO Mixed HP   600,0002009-07-17 15:41:07
thanks for calling me in the test.
see you next test
N7BV   M/S HP   658,2402009-07-17 19:21:56
Rigs: Elecraft K3 & TS-850 + Alpha 78
Antennas: 20/15/10 3el SteppIR @50ft, 2el Quad @50ft;
40m K3LR Sloping Dipole System; 2el Half Square on EU;
80m K3LR Sloping Dipole System; Delta Loop
160m Inv L

This is the 3d year running a MS with some of the newer hams from the local ham
community. This year was Nita's, KE7DRT’s first try at a contest and fourth
for Janet, WA7JEP. Our goal is to do as well as possible and give the newer
hams a chance to work a contest with some guidance to broaden their skills.

Like N7WA we were surprised by the reappearance of 10m which we jumped on early
and road it. We also had an unexpected good JA run on 40m SSB. Later in the
night a good run on 80m.

Our use of Live Scores provided the incentive to work harder. All five of us
were checking and encouraging each other to keep the rate up and to find those
darn multipliers that N7WA had already worked!

The scores are so close; the log checking committee will no doubt make the
difference as to which of us tops the other.

Thanks to K7WA and KQ7W, regulars at this QTH, who treked up and brought their
knowledge and expertise to the challenge.

73, Chuck N7BV
NI6W(W4EF)   SO Mixed HP   141,6682009-07-17 23:22:52
Rig : Ten-Tec Omni 6+ / Drake L-7 / N1MM Logger

Antennas : Cushcraft R7000 Vertical at 10ft

Soapbox : Threw a station together rather hastily at my Littlerock, Ca QTH just
to see how the new location plays. I am amazed at how quiet 20 and 40 meters are
up there. There is some line noise on 15 and 10 meters, but it is still very
quiet compared to my Tujunga QTH. I had the R7000 vertical antenna up on
Thursday, but I didn't start gathering up equipment until midnight Saturday
morning. My goal was to be in Littlerock in time for the start, but I ended up
getting there about two hours late.

There are still some bugs to work out with the new station. The R7000 needs to
be moved farther away from the shack. I mounted it with the base at ~10ft on an
old rusty (but very sturdy) light pole which happens to be about 20 feet from
the shack. The close proximity caused some problems with RF in the shack. I
partially cured this by wrapping the USB cable between the laptop and the K1EL
keyer with a #31 ferrite core, but I still had problems with the laptop's
touchpad locking up if I happen to touch it while transmitting. There were also
problems with the Omni 6 generating random beeps while I was transmitting on
SSB. Apparently it didn't affect my transmitted signal, but it was very
distracting when it happened. Again probably an RF in the shack problem. I also
had what appeared to be fairly large fluctuations in VSWR which were a function

of my transmitted power level. The R7000 has been sitting out in the weather
for several years so perhaps there are some dead bugs in the traps or some such

The station played about as well as could be expected for a 1/2 vertical over
dry soil. I could hear pretty well, but it was obvious that on 20 and up in
most cases that I wasn't terribly loud (lots of DX stations asked for multiple
repeats). On 40 meters I felt like I could hold my own. Unfortunately I missed
a lot of prime 40 meter time due to a late start and then a "nap" that ran from
~0715 to 1045 UTC on Sunday morning. The last hour or so I was able to generate
a nice run on 40CW which was a lot of fun as almost all my other QSOs were
search and pounce. Anyway, great fun from the high desert.

73, Mike W4EF/6
HA2QW   SO CW LP   287,2652009-07-18 02:03:08
Contest : IARU HF World Championships
Callsign : HA2QW
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : Low Power (LP)
Zone/State/... : 28
Locator : JN97EO
Operating time : 18h26

160 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 16 0 3 9 22 1.38
40 125 1 12 29 325 2.60
20 283 0 22 33 907 3.20
15 166 0 10 26 408 2.46
10 37 0 6 15 79 2.14
TOTAL 627 1 53 112 1741 2.78
TOTAL SCORE : 287 265

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators :
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 3.27.0
OL6P(OK2PP/OK2WTM)   SO CW LP   1,009,9202009-07-18 11:14:55
Nice contest and good codx on 20m on saturday evening.
First time more than 1 mil. points.
Congratulations to EA7RM for his famous score.
Thanks all for Qso!

73 Petr OK2PP/OK2WTM
TMØHQ   Headquarters HP   23,252,8642009-07-18 11:23:15

Thanks to all who contact us.
Congratulations all teams for a great battle!

"l'essentiel est de participer" (Pierre de Coubertin)
IY4FGM(IK4AUY)   SO SSB HP   553,8962009-07-18 11:54:56
I'm pleased to have worked all of you, on air, during IARU Contest. I operated
the Marconi Memorial Station at Villa Griffone, Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna) as
single operator IK4AUY, my name is Sergio and I'm one of the official operators
allowed at the station.
QSL Manager is Via IK4UPU (Buro is OK).
FT-2000, Acom1000, TH7DX, and my netbook PC for realtime logging.
I had a great time. Nice to meet you and CU AGN.
Best 73 de Sergio IK4AUY
PA5KT(@PI4Z)   SO CW HP   731,4422009-07-19 06:57:45
Conditions were not that bad.
Worked a lot of HQ station during daytime on 80 and 40.

As I am more DX-er then contester I lost a lot of time calling W0SD on 80m. New
state for me. Unfortunately he did not hear me (and all the other EU's

Made more qso then last year.
We tried to repair the 40m beam but still have a problem, so still on the delta

K3, Alpha 374A.
FT-857D, SGC-500
Force-12 C4-SXL (40m broken), 40m delta loop, 80m delta loop, 160 top loaded
vertical with only 6 radials.

73 Henk PA5KT
IU1HQ   Headquarters HP   21,496,7902009-07-19 08:59:30
We're are proud to have been again part of this event
and we're satisfied enough about our new top score.
This new effort showed us what and how we usefully upgraded
in the right way and, mostly, what and how we've to do more
and better. Our band/mode teams:

Our best thanks to all stations who worked our IUxHQs
and to Win-Test's crew for the availability of their
logging software.

A.R.I. HF Contest Manager
LXØHQ   Headquarters HP   15,161,1602009-07-19 14:17:14
I want to thank everyone who called this year LX0HQ.
A QSL for a bureau card can be requested via email lx0hq at The new
QSL-manager is LX2A from 1.7.2009 on.

I want to thank every operator who joined the LX0HQ team. This year we realized
our best score. This score can not be compared to the big scores of the other
headquater stations but we tried our best with a very simple setup and only 2
different QTHs.

73s and GOOD DX from Philippe LX2A / LX7I
NR5M(N5NU)   SO CW HP   1,397,3192009-07-19 15:14:52
Brand new to the station as well as the software, Jason, N5NU,did a great job
while I was in the Med cruising the Greek Islands. This was the easiest, most
relaxing contest that I have ever been involved in. George, NR5M
W4SVO   SO SSB HP   331,2402009-07-19 19:21:12
This operation was in memory of my father W4PZV. Thanks for all who stop by and
passed on their condolances. I operated fom W4PZV's QTH IN Palm Beach. I tried
to work the whole contest but fell short as I was too tired from the last three
weeks, three trips back and forth from Ocala to WPB. I was hoping for 1000 Q's
but just short. Still had fun. I will be at this QTH for awhile. Mark W4SVO
9AØHQ   Headquarters HP   21,787,6422009-07-20 00:07:49
Great contest this year.
QSL cards for 9A0HQ 2009 operation will be sent automatically via buro next

Thanks to all who worked us.

In behalf of 9A0HQ team,
Chris - 9A5K
OZ1HQ   Headquarters HP   6,811,5882009-07-20 13:05:45
Again this year we managed to get a Head Quarter team for the IARU Champion HF
Contest. This year we managed to have 6 different QTH’s and 17 operators. I
guess that is a new record of number of QTH and operators during the years we
have been participated as a Head Quarter station.

One of the stations should operate from the EDR Summer camp that normally
starts or ends during the IARU Championship contest. As always the Danish
summer weather is unpredictable, but we managed to work from a tent with a
little bit of rain, some wind and some sunshine.

The other QTH’s where fixed places with small or big towers and small and big
antennas. The QTH’s where:


We did not manage to get a station that could handle 160 M CW, and we where one
operator short on OZ9EDR, so the number of QSO’s on 80 M CW was not

The highlight was the opening on 10 and 15 M bands where we worked 17% of the
total number of QSO’s.

Pictures and videos can be found on

As always QSL cards can be send to OZ1ACB or via EDR QSL Buro.

73 and tnx for a good contest

OZ0J Jorgen
Contest Manager of OZ1HQ
AT1HQ   Headquarters HP   980,7202009-07-20 13:16:10
The first attempt by a pan-Indian team to run the ARSI HQ multiplier for IARU.
We were unexpectedly successful at the last minute in getting a single call
sign to use at multiple locations across India and will be back in a more
coordinated way next year :)

20m CW was by far our best band/mode with conditions staying open late into the
night. That station was ably manned by VU2PAI & VU2MTT, who also made a few QSOs
on 15 SSB. 20 & 40m SSB were handled by VU2SWS while 10m CW was handled by
VU2UR, our Contest Director.

ABout 100 JAs worked on 15 CW by VU2PTT who also worked a few big signals on
10m SSB to EU. No QSOs were lgged on 160 & 80 m although VU2BGS was giving it a
good try with Low Power. VU2TS gave it a good try on 40m CW and on the whole we
had some good fun.

See you all next year for IARU 2010 with another HQ callsign.

QSL is via VU2PTT (see QRZ.COM) as soon as the cards are printed and the logs
will be uploaded to LoTW in a few days time.

Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI)
S5ØHQ   Headquarters HP   19,289,9362009-07-21 02:35:51
Contest : IARU HF World Championships
Callsign : S50HQ
Mode : MIXED
Category : Multi Operator - Multi Transmitter (MM)
Overlay : Headquarters
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : ZRS
Operating time : 24h00

160 310 456 14 34 1300 1.70
80 886 1113 26 44 4021 2.01
40 1718 2038 41 59 9428 2.51
20 2648 1980 52 71 15513 3.35
15 973 1205 37 60 5670 2.60
10 396 799 16 42 2959 2.48
TOTAL 6931 7591 186 310 38891 2.68
TOTAL SCORE : 19 289 936

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators : S50A, S50K, S50U, S50WA, S51FB, S51ZO, S52AW,
S52EZ, S52ZW, S53F, S53O, S53XX, S54W, S54X, S55HH, S55O,
S56P, S57DX, S57M, S57O, S57UN, S57W, S57Z, S58A

S50HQ - Continents
All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 75.0% ! 15.1% ! 1.5% ! 0.7% ! 7.1% ! 0.6% !

All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

! Hr ! !
! 12 ! 831 !
! 13 ! 899 !
! 14 ! 797 !
! 15 ! 750 !
! 16 ! 640 !
! 17 ! 655 !
! 18 ! 750 !
! 19 ! 767 !
! 20 ! 800 !
! 21 ! 794 !
! 22 ! 705 !
! 23 ! 570 !
! 00 ! 599 !
! 01 ! 515 !
! 02 ! 341 !
! 03 ! 306 !
! 04 ! 319 !
! 05 ! 476 !
! 06 ! 422 !
! 07 ! 497 !
! 08 ! 611 !
! 09 ! 540 !
! 10 ! 601 !
! 11 ! 518 !
! ! 14703 !

All S50HQ QSL via S5 bureau and LoTW.

S50HQ 2009 log merging by Dan, S50U
Powered by Win-Test 3.21.0
CX1AA   Headquarters HP   3,065,0492009-07-21 03:37:40
HQ Station: RCU

DP4K(DL8OBQ)   SO SSB HP   1,400,0002009-07-21 06:21:02
Rig: 2xFT1000 + ACOM2000
Ant: Opti 17-4 at 30m
Opti 16-3 at 24m
Titanex V160
Dipole 40/80m

Very good score for me. Only number of mults too low.
SO2R needs a lot of training..
Thanks for the QSOs!

Heiko, DK3DM and me did a lot of antenna work during the last weeks.
We took the fullsize 2el 40m Beam down because of too often broken.
We installed an Opti 17-4 instead. A bit heavy (98kg) but very good
quality and it worked fine in the test.
Now we only need more sun spots! This time wasn't bad at all. 20m opened
very late but stayed opened until our sunrise.

cu in the IOTA. We plan to do M/S.
73, Uli
G7DPE   SO SSB LP   3,7062009-07-21 12:15:34
12/07/2009 08:39 08:39 SN0HQ 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 08:41 08:41 OK2ZI 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 08:41 08:41 SP9LJD 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 08:59 08:59 UZ2M 10m USB 29
12/07/2009 09:06 09:06 S50HQ 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 09:13 09:14 E7HQ 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 09:21 09:21 9A0HQ 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 09:24 09:24 EA4KD 10m USB 37
12/07/2009 09:44 09:44 T77C 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 09:57 09:57 HG0HQ 10m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:04 10:04 HG0HQ 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:05 10:05 CR5HQ 15m USB 37
12/07/2009 10:06 10:06 EA1PP 15m USB 37
12/07/2009 10:10 10:10 RS3A 15m USB 19
12/07/2009 10:11 10:11 YT0HQ 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:14 10:14 S50HQ 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:16 10:16 OE1A 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:19 10:19 LY0HQ 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:27 11:27 SP2FAP 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:31 11:31 YL4HQ 15m USB 29
12/07/2009 11:35 11:35 SP5ADX 15m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:21 10:21 OL9HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:25 10:25 S50HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:31 10:31 OE1A 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:35 10:35 SN3S 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:36 10:36 IZ51LK 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:40 10:40 IU5HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:45 10:45 IU9HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:45 10:45 OK2ZI 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 10:51 10:51 HB9HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:02 11:02 SP2LUB 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:02 11:02 YT0HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:56 11:56 E7HQ 20m USB 28
12/07/2009 11:59 11:59 EW8DD 20m USB 29
12/07/2009 11:02 11:02 OL9HQ 40m LSB 28
12/07/2009 11:02 11:02 TM0HQ 40m LSB 27
12/07/2009 11:50 11:50 HB9HQ 40m LSB 28
K6NA   SO CW HP   977,9112009-07-21 13:07:55
Echoing the comments of so many: I really enjoyed the contest, especially the
big 20 meter opening over the pole on Saturday evening. Like "the good old

BUT, a disturbing trend is heard in pileups when I am S&Ping: More and more
stations running a pile are not bothering to ID for REALLY LONG periods of
time-- like, maybe 20-25 QSOs. Unbelievable. This is terrible operating
procedure by any measure, and probably enters the realm of unsportsman-like

I am offended by the likely assumption that 'since I'm spotted on packet, they
all know who I am, I don't need to ID' Excuse me?

If I am tuning my receiver to find QSOs and multipliers (what a concept), NOT
clicking a mouse on a Telnet spot, I should be able to recognize and call the
target station fairly quickly, without calling blind (calling blind is another
bad practice, obviously). Instead, the score suffers (especially for entrants
using just one radio) while we wait. I happen to use SO2R, which helps
mitigate a bit, but the vast majority of entrants don't have this capability.

One day we will see contest sponsors using wideband recording technology more
fully, so they can respond to major complaints of unsportsman-like conduct.
Operators should be aware that their procedures are on display like never

--Glenn K6NA
VP94ØØI(WA4PGM)   SO CW LP   9,7602009-07-22 09:23:47
QSL via WA4PGM cba POB address with SASE.
SNØHQ   Headquarters HP   24,781,5752009-07-23 09:27:14
PJ4LS   SO CW LP   13,0502009-07-23 09:34:12
Hope to spend some time in next contest.
73's to all CW feaks!
W1STT   M/S HP   624,0192009-07-23 20:32:41
Note: The mults are questionable. I could not get N1MM to cough up the HQ
stations worked so the above numbers are a quick manual count and I'm not
sure if the HQ stations are included in the zones column.

Rig : FT1000D, Alpha76, 40-2CD@60', Stepp-IR @ 90', 80M OCF@60'


WO1N and N1IW were mulling over operating options over a single malt 4th of
July weekend. Some of the usual places were not available to us. We
contemplated Single Op efforts but in the end we decided terrorizing W1STT and
family would be more fun. Mike (N1IW) floated and idea by Richie (W1STT) and
received the classic Golden Retriever "Happy-To-See-You" response.

Richie got the OK-to-Launch from Carol (his wife) and Holly (his daughter) and
plans were set in motion. Unfortunately the winter ice storm destroyed his M2
40M beam at 100' and it hadn't been fixed as of yet. A temporary 40-2CD would
have to be rigged. W1STT and N1IW did all the heavy lifting and had the 2-CD
rigged at 60', pointing fixed on Eu. All station fix-ups were squared away the
day before the test.

N1IW got us off to a good start with a solid CW run on 20M, but quite frankly
we haven't figured this contest out in several years of operating. We always
lag in mults. Even 3 hours into the contest our Q's were par with the other
Multi's but we felt we were so far in the hole on Mults that there was
already no hope in making them up. We didn't let that deter us, we kept
plugging away all 24 hours. W1STT did the bulk of sideband operating, N1IW and
WO1N did the CW and, most importantly, Carol kept us fed. Steak tips at 3 AM

I had some good rate on 20M SSB when a land-line suggested we should
re-evaluate our operating conditions. That killed a 190 rate over 26Qs run. We
settled into a rotation with the goal of keeping us sharp in the chair. I
managed to snag my favorite overnight stint where I kept rowing through the
bands and modes looking for rate and mults. 80M was a bit of a problem with no
receiving antenna and two lines of thunderstorms in the area. However, I
managed to snag ZL, VK and a bunch of Eu. The final highlight from my
perspective was sitting in the chair for about the last 35 minutes and doing a
100 rate on a S&P sweep up 20M CW.

All in all a good shakedown for W1STT's developing station. Mike and I thank
Carol and Holly for putting up with us and Richie for letting us abuse his
station. Now to fix the top beam.


RA3CO(@RK3AWL)   SO Mixed HP   3,090,1202009-07-25 14:15:27
9364 qso pts x 330 mult = 3,090,120
3.24 pts/qso
KØDXC   SO Mixed LP   102,7202009-07-26 12:53:11
Antenna: 80M 1/2 wave dipole @ 40 ft, 6BTV, DX-B sloper
Software: DOS NA1059!

I didn't have my PC computer working so I had to boot up an old DOS laptop and
run NA1059. NA didn't have any HQ mults so every time I worked an HQ station I
had to manually add "ARRL, or RSGB, or IARU, or well you get it! So, NA didn't
log "HQ Mults" it just logged really weird zone mults.

I'm not sure if 102K would be my actual score... but whatever. Originally I was
invited to be SO Mixed at PJ2T. Unfortunately that didn't work out so I just
operated for a few hours at home Saturday afternoon.

I hope to work many of you in the NAQP CW this weekend!

VY 73,
RØHQ   Headquarters HP   6,507,9542009-07-26 18:11:42
Unfortunately, propogation has not pleased us. Thanks the Japanese HAM's who
supported us on 10 and 15 meters.
CR5HQ   Headquarters HP   14,490,0402009-07-29 06:54:47
160m CW - CT1FJK
80m CW - CT1ILT
80m SSB - CT1APE
40m CW - CT1GPQ
20m SSB - CT1CJJ
15m CW - CT1GFK
10m CW - CT1IUA

We are trying to improve our score each year...

Powered by Win-test 3.27-HQ and Wttunel
Filipe CT1ILT
YTØHQ   Headquarters HP   18,228,6722009-08-05 15:55:06
AO8HQ   Headquarters HP   26,166,9452009-08-09 06:38:41
Thank's to everybody. See the page
ED1R(@EC1KR)   M/S HP   1,239,8102009-08-09 10:47:02
1 x FT1000MP-MKV + KENWOOD TL-922 + OPTIBEAM OB9-5 + DXE-WA-135 80M + Wintest

See you the next year with best conditions and CW Contesters in the Team.

Our CW station had problems in the last time to start the Contest and we can
operate SSB only.

73 + DX from ED1R Team (EC1KR, EA4TD, EC4DX and EC4JD).

More info please visit:
GB7HQ   Headquarters HP   23,351,0402009-08-11 10:28:18

Software by G3WGV