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IOTA Contest   2013   Jul 27   Comment Summary

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NW3H   SO12Mixed LP   12,0002013-07-27 21:40:18
Just played around for a couple hours mostly to continue to test the new Mosley
tri-bander. It is up at about 43 feet and so far is exceeding my expectations.
Looking forward to NAQP CW next week and WAE CW to continue to get ready for
contest season 2013-14. Thanks to the IOTAs and the DX for the contest.
Worked a couple VK and ZL but conditions in a word were terrible. Decided to
just concentrate on 20 meters as 15 and 10 were not worth it this go around.
See you next week in NAQP CW. 73 de Bill NW3H
VK3TDX   SO(A)24Mixed HP   94,5122013-07-28 00:53:21
Only 6 hrs operation but fun on 20 and 15.
SP8K   SO(A)12SSB HP   627,8102013-07-28 04:04:50
TS 590 + PA GU 43

4 el Yagi 20/15/10m @ 15 m + GP7DX + INV Vee 80m

See You in next Contest.

Kornel SP8K
OO4JZ(OP4K)   SO12Mixed LP   408,4772013-07-28 04:21:26
Not really a serious effort but just squeezed about 9 hours in this contest.

Had fun with the OO prefix and that's what it's all about.

Thanks to all for the Q's

Yaesu FTDX-5000MP running 100 Watts
Optibeam OB18-6

73 Joe
OP4K (OO4JZ between July 21 - September 20, 2013)
N3QE   SO12CW HP   91,0532013-07-28 05:00:01
Heard some really good stuff on 40M (Indonesia, Taiwan, China) that I had never
heard (or heard so clearly) on 40M before! But could not raise them :-(
LY5W   SO(A)12CW LP   95,2002013-07-28 05:04:03
Back home like last IOTA contest years after LY-Hamfest 2013. But was too much
tired, so only for fun this year.
S56A   SO(A)24Mixed LP   3,139,7312013-07-28 05:09:36
The best antenna is new one so I spent a lot of time testing 40 m Moxon. It
seems to be OK appart from SWR. Same problem with refurbished TH6DXX :-) Good
condx for summertime. Lot of stations from Oceania and lot of EU IOTA numbers.

73 de Mario, S56A
N4AF   SO12CW HP   418,9142013-07-28 05:14:31
Condx favored 20/40. Hard to reach into Europe at the start but easier once
evening hours arrived.
Testing new 6L 40Quad fixed on Eu.
73, Howie


START DATE: 27-07-13

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt N4AF
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek

RUN/SEARCH: 346/196 Qs

SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.248

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
80CW 17 17 159 9
40CW 179 179 1329 44
20CW 269 265 1743 42
15CW 77 77 543 16

Totals(null) 542 538 3774 111

Final Score = 418914 points.
OK8DD   SO(A)12CW LP   138,5162013-07-28 05:18:33
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
VE9AA   SO12CW HP   166,2932013-07-28 05:22:15
Had only intended to get on and make my 100 Q's and 20 mults for the special
RSGB Centenary CErtificate, but once I reached 100+/20+ (leaving some slush
room) the pace seemed to pick up a little and I was hooked.

Condx up here were dismal at the start. 10 & 15 were essentially dead
(well...I made 2 big Q's on 15m in the 2nd hour, as I started late) and signals
on 20m were 409-519...even the big guns in EU weren't hearing me. Thankfully I
made a few surprise LP QSO's into Oceana and Asia with my low wires, so I was
rightfully chuffed !

I took a long break and came back before midnight and 40m was in good shape,
however static crashes were taking out 1 character and sometimes two. Ugh.
Signals were good though, so I stuck it out for a bit. Sounded like a EU FD
contest with only a smattering of NA/Carib/SA signals heard.

80m the crashes were really bad, so I hunt and pounced what I could and went to
bed around 1am or so.

In the morning 10m was still dead and 15m yielded one QSO with a s59 who had
great ears.(S59AA-nice call !)

Grabbed a few new mults on 20m and the test was over.

Most memorable QSO was with Dave KH2/N2NL....I heard him calling stns on the
bottom of 20m, moved up a few kcs and called CQ and BAMMO....he was in here
very nicely over the S.Pole. Good ears Dave that you heard my weak wimpy
wires. Appreciate the call.

Also on day one on 15m very very early I worked FO5RH which I can only assume
was also LP. It surely must have been extremely early if not still in darkness
in FO and the QSO surprised the heck out of me.

Called CQ to no end on 10m SW-S-SE and not a single LU or fact only
worked a couple on any band all weekend.

I am not very familiar with this contest, so am not one to make assumptions,
but it sure seemed like most of the activity was in EU and very little
elsewhere, save the USA.

Thanks a lot !

MIke VE9AA dit dit
IC-7410, 749.5 watts, and wimpy wires.
OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   474,5042013-07-28 05:28:32
Modest set up this year, operating from Praha city QTH with 70W output and a
single wire off centre fed antenna at 13m apex.
Poor upper bands condx.

Thanks for the QSOs, 73
OJØR   Multi-Op HP   9,764,0402013-07-28 05:52:35
Robert Lind predicted that we would reach 3000 QSO's in total. We beat that with
a 3 QSO margin! CU next time from Market Reef!
OK2BFN   SO(A)12CW LP   869,7602013-07-28 05:55:03
IC746, 7.5m vertical, AH-4 ant.tuner
DL7BY   SO12CW LP   127,8322013-07-28 06:07:39
Hope tu cu with better condx in August from EU-043 (Orust-Isl.)as SM6/DL7BY/p.

73's es best DX


N2BJ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   311,4662013-07-28 06:40:50
W4IX   SO(A)12CW HP   360,5282013-07-28 07:13:33
I wasn't planning to enter this one, got up Sat. morning and decided to get the
station set up ( I do not have permanent feed lines for antennas or rotors )
and started at 1530Z. I went with the 12 hr assisted category since I did not
have enough time to do a full effort. Even in the 12 hr cat. you need a
strategy of off periods to maximize your Q's and Mults to different parts of
the world on different bands during different times of the day..I did not have
a strategy, just worked 7 hours, took 3 off, then 5 more to finish. I want to
thank all the island stations for their participation and everyone else for the
Q's. This is an AWESOME contest for the summer and condx. were actually quite
good for this one. 15 had some good sigs but i did not spend much time there.
20 was strong as usual ( Daytime is usually tough for us in the South ) but
stations were workable throughout the day. I had a great opening to Eastern
Russia but not many JA's. The band was even open at 0500Z to most parts of the
world. When I went to 40, I was surprised to hear some nice sigs from Europe.
There was some static crashes that required some repeats of numbers, but
overall it was outstanding. 80 was vy noisy, did not bring the antenna feed
into the shack. 73's until the next one!!
TS940S & Dentron 10-160L @ 600W
TH7DX @ 40 feet
1/4 Wave Sloper off 40 foot tower.
DF1LX   SO(A)12CW LP   201,9682013-07-28 07:45:44
Nice contest - but 34 degrees outside let me be not too active.
Very good conditions in my opinion.
PY4ZO   SO(A)24CW LP   17,9142013-07-28 07:54:27
SV5DKL   SO(A)12SSB LP   1,199,2322013-07-28 08:12:42
Thanks for all QSOs.
K2QMF   SO(A)12CW HP   87,8402013-07-28 08:12:59
Poor Conditions as usual!!!
IT9VDQ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   2,129,3002013-07-28 08:27:35
What a contest!! worked only 10m,15m and 20m due to problems on 40m & 80m
antennas. 12-hours category
20m: not so good, with some USA
15m: with many JA & Asia, but very few USA
10m: Saturay 10m closed, just 4 or 5 qso, but sunday ES opened and...... very
big pile-up on 28Mhz, jumping from CW to SSB when the rate was low.....
10m: 5el + 3el fixed
15m: 5el + 5el
20m: 5el + 2el fixed
Thanks to Joe, IT9BLB for the use of the IB9T (ex IR9Y) contest site!
Thanks all for the qso's!
VA7ST   SO12CW HP   56,4082013-07-28 08:54:46
N1MM says 10.5 hours on, but that included at least three "nearly
hour-long" breaks, so I operated about 7 actual hours.

Bands were in poor shape anywhere near the polar path, but DX contacts were
available with some hard work to pull them through. 20M was open to Europe
through Saturday until after midnight 0700z.

Once again, with the notable exception of a few who pointed their antennas
westward occasionally, Japan was not present in this one. Just 4 JAs but 6 ZLs
-- tells the story. What a wealth of 15-pointers not participating.

Had a great time and despite conditions being in the terlet, ended up with a
second-best-ever outing. Looks like 2007 was quite a year, compared to every
year since.

One more week of vacation -- once the new deck is finished (80 percent done
now), it's on to some major improvements to the wire antenna far in the woods.
Plans include yet another attempt to put up something useful for 160M, and
expanding the twin-vertical 80M array into a triangle of wire verticals. If
either one of these projects actually gets done in this heat, I'll be most
happy and surprised.

See many of you in NAQP CW.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Category QSOs IOTA Score
==== ======== ==== ==== ======
2013 SO12CWHP 238 44 56,408
2012 SO12CWHP 149 26 18,564
2011 SO12CWHP 158 34 32,844
2010 SO12CWHP 138 24 18,288
2009 SO12CWHP 108 19 11,400
2008 SO12CWHP 190 30 30,780
2007 SO12CWHP 292 47 75,576
2006 SO24CWLP 254 37 49,950
2004 SO24CWLP 39 10 2,370
KI1U/VE9   SO24CW LP   179,5202013-07-28 09:14:47
Operated from Hole in the Wall Campground on the north end of Grand Manan. Very
nice spot to operate from. Not a super serious run but had a lot of fun.

Antenna - G5RV
Rig - Elecraft K3
Software - N1MM

Thanks for all the QSO's!

Mike KI1U/VE9
N1LI   Multi-Op HP   3,239,4122013-07-28 09:35:52
Poor conditions on the high bands, but lots of good fun and good food with good
K8GU/3   SO12CW LP   9,4712013-07-28 09:38:03
This operation almost did not happen, but I did promise to go activate NA-140.
So, I was able to operate for about 3 hours (plus a 5-hour round-trip drive and
setup). CQing on 20m the whole time was not a winning strategy, but I hope many
of you were able to work a new IOTA or multiplier.

K3/100 at 50 watts output.
"GU Special" reconfigurable monoband vertical about 2-3m from salt
TR4W software running on 13-inch MacBook Pro under Windows XP
100% battery power.

I had some line noise about S3, the wind and motorboats made copy difficult in
some of the pileups. There also seemed to be some slow QSB---pileups would
appear and disappear with some periodicity.

NA-140 is very easy to reach from my QTH so I intend to return.

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

--Ethan, K8GU/3.
KU8E   SO12CW LP   135,6812013-07-28 09:47:50
I had considered going to an island - in either Florida or Georgia - but have
been very disappointed when I have done this in the past since the activity is
so poor from the USA in this contest. So I stayed at home and just operated off
and on until I was bored.

Had a nice opening on 20 meters starting around 5:00Z with a bunch of VK/ZL/KH6
stations. Also got an FO5 and 7Q7BP with some of the big gun EU stations thrown
in. Worked OJ0R for my last contact around 06:16Z and then shut it down for the

Jeff KU8E
XR1J(XQ1UIC)   SO(A)24SSB LP   1,2742013-07-28 09:50:06

bye bye
5Q2T(OZØJ)   SO12CW LP   57,9152013-07-28 11:02:05
My competition in this IOTA contest was from a very small summerhouse on the
east coast of Samsoe Island, EU-172 and JY-008 for Danish Island Awards.

During 2 visits earlier this year, I prepared the setup and also tested it in
May. The QTH is 31 meter from the sea, so it was obvious to place a vertical in
sea water.

I arrived Friday afternoon with my girlfriend to the summerhouse belong to her
mother. Depend on the tide I would raise the antenna Friday evening. First test
of the setup was Friday at 19.47 UTC on 30 M.

The QTH is a very small house so I worked only CW and only one band during the
contest. The vertical was not available on 80 M, so I decided only worked 20 M
during the contest. It was the bank with the best conditions.

I had some problems with the tuner and the station at the beginning, but after
a switch to antenna 2 on the tuner, everything worked. My Internet connection
was unstable during the contest, and I also had to close other programs on my
laptop, if my CW should be understandable.

It was fun to work pile-up with a fiberglass pole and 100 watt with a tuner. It
was more difficult to work other stations in the pile-up. There I missed my Acom
1000 and a yagi antenna.

I mostly worked EU stations, but I managed to work NA, Asia, VK and ZL.

The log is uploaded to and will be on LOTW soon. QSL via OZ0J as
RT3F(RV3FW)   SO(A)12CW HP   1,636,4522013-07-28 11:04:32
A full report on our website link
TF3Y   SO12CW HP   204,4802013-07-28 11:08:01
I didn't have too much time to operate but had a lot of fun despite the below
average propagation.
K9YC   SO(A)24CW HP   319,0322013-07-28 11:09:02
This was a three-band contest from California -- never saw a signal on the P3
spectrum display on 10M or 80M. I was quite surprised to see 15M open to
several parts of east Asia long past dark here. Nothing from EU or AF on 40M,
not even EA8, and the band was empty after about 0530Z. And where was SA? P43E
was the sole IOTA, worked on one band, and PV8ADI seemed to be the only station
making a serious effort. Or was propagation really that band?
OK1JOC   SO24Mixed LP   704,9162013-07-28 11:28:20
9A2AJ(TOM)   SO(A)12CW HP   143,3902013-07-28 11:32:30
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SO(A)24CW LP   620,7502013-07-28 11:42:24
First time I use this callsign, M5Z. (Jersey version of this callsign, MJ5Z, was
activated in CQ WPX CW contest 2 month ago) Luckily I did not have any
difficulties even I know this callsign is not listed in SCP file anywhere.

Used usual radio (K3) and antenna (5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU on
balcony) Not many DX worked, signals were generally weak, but worked more
stations and multipliers than last year so no complain. Missed EU-005 on

There was thunder storm on Saturday evening so I have to QRT for few hours.
Then Sunday morning, I accidentally poured glass of water over logging computer
(laptop). It shut down and power switch did not respond. About 20-30 minutes
later, power switch of PC started working again and Windows started, I can
start Win-Test for couple of minutes then error message showed up and shut
down. It did not recognise HDD anymore. Luckily after another 20-30 minutes, it
seems everything dried up inside and start working again. So I just lost one
hour of operating time, potentially best 10/15m opening. Needless to say, I
immediately enabled auto backup function in Win-Test.

Thanks for QSO!

73 Kazu
W9ILY   SO12CW HP   106,6052013-07-28 11:48:32
Really terrible conditions!
K2ZR   SO12CW LP   8,7362013-07-28 12:28:23
Antennas: 210M Long CF Wire & 125M Long EF Wire
Logging: N1MM

I was only to operate the first & last hour.
Conditions were not good during those 2 hours.

WB8JUI   SO12CW LP   12,9122013-07-28 12:51:30
Not the best of conditions...

73 - Rick WB8JUI
F5BSB   SO(A)24SSB LP   1,491,6962013-07-28 12:59:20
A bad propagation, yes it's true, but again a so good and so fun contest !
Thanks to everyone for each points given during the 24h of the contest.
The most surprise in this log : RI3ANU on 10M and 15M in AN-010
Best 73 and 88
See you in 2014
IC8FBU   SO12CW LP   108,4372013-07-28 13:22:41
I enjoyed a 10 m. with D.Loop 2 el, other bands with poor antennas for the iota
not make much difference considering the pefix eu31, I am satisfied, acugn,
next year, Tony.
SM5CKV/P(GØCKV)   SO(A)24CW LP   2,731,0502013-07-28 13:55:47
This was a field day style operation except that I operated from a small
cottage/cabin. That was as well because the sun and the heat the week before
would have melted the tent or the gale a few days before the contest would have
blown the tent away or the unusually spectacular thunderstorm on Friday would
have evaporated the tent while any remains would have been washed away by the
rain that is forecast for next week.

This was the location:,17.007995&spn=0.013639,0.046091&t=h&z=15

Since it was my first ever entry in an IOTA contest I tried to be smart and
plan a strategy based on previous results and the contest rules. That clever
strategy cost me dearly - I was well behind after the first few hours before I
decided to go ad hoc and just have fun.

I used a single K3 and two 10m GRP poles holding the center of some simple wire
antennas in inverted-V configuration: an OCF dipole that kind of worked on all
bands with a little tuner help, a 40m dipole tuned for low swr on 15 and two
parallel dipoles for 20 and 10. The loss in the fairly long and thin and light
coax cables made matching easy for the built-in tuner in the K3.

I traveled light so I didn't bring a mic - apologies to those who asked me to
QSY SSB. Since I was going to be on the island for two weeks I did however
bring a few bookshelves worth of books but they were neatly compressed into my
Kindle so quite light to carry.

The summer condx were about as good as they come considering the overall state
of our solar affairs.

But what a difference compared with my home QTH in the London suburban jungle:
with these wires I could be heard and the noise level was S0/S1 at first making
me worried about the health of the very quiet K3. At home very little RF escapes
the hidden wires in the shrubs and the noise level is S4-6 on a good day.

IOTA was a fun contest and I believe - but I can't prove - that I more or less
managed to stay awake for the full 24 hours. The price for that was paid by the
stations I worked who had to suffer my confused attempts at the keyboard and
paddle as I got tired.

Few complaints if any - operators were generally excellent; no-one stole my
frequency; the bands were active but not over-crowded; signal quality was OK
except for some with bad key clicks which combined with the remarkably powerful
signals from some stations can be annoying.

If you have half a chance, escape the world and go expedition-style to an
island for next year's IOTA contest - thoroughly recommended!
ZW8T(PS8NF/PS8HF)   Multi-Op LP   490,0652013-07-28 14:00:27
VA7ISL(VE7JH)   SO(A)24CW HP   1,104,7602013-07-28 14:07:00
My thanks to Duane, VE7UF for allowing me to use his superb contest station for
IOTA 2013. The station is set up as Multi/Multi so I took full advantage of the
"SO6R" configuration. Well, I would've if the bands were open.

I thought using a callsign with "ISL" in the suffix would alert
stations that I was on an island and would make up for the confusion caused by
its not being in the calls.txt database. Well, there were a lot of requests for
repeats for the callsign and my hope that once I work a guy on one band the
second band-QSO will be simpler (when using computer logging) slowly evaporated
as this year's contest turned into a 1.5 band affair at least here in the
Northern Pacific.

Not a peep on 10m. I CQ-d here and there but nothing.
Several forays to 80m yielded but 5 QSOs.

15m was limited to W/VE and some S-Am but luckily there were quite a few
Pacific stations who gave a handful of mults.

20m was where tha action was, more than 2/3 of my QSOs were there. It was open
to Europe to some extent almost around the clock, and a handful of JA/BY VK/ZL
were also contacted. Great USA activity and the over-the-pole raspy openings
brought in over 100 UA+UA9.

I don't know if you guys have this game in your part of the world where you
call CQ towards the North Pole and try to copy as many of the half-dozen
Russian/Ukrainian 40WPM auroral distorted callsigns as you can. It can get
frustrating as they are generally very competitive and they don't take kindly
to folks asking for (NR?) repeats. It is definitely an acquired taste, but I
thoroughly enjoy it and my kudos go out to my Russian (and other Eastern
European) friends who seem to prefer waking up at 2AM local time and turn their
antennae North to play radio.

Just as I was wondering what to do in the last few hours 40m popped open to JA
and there was a nice influx of 15 pointers from AS007.

Too bad 40 and 15 did not open to Europe as there seemed to be a station on
every island on the Old Continent giving a multiplier. I've got 46 EU- IOTAs.
Taking part in the RSGB IOTA program sure helps you appreciate those travel
shows on Discovery Channel.

I pulled the plug with a few more minutes to go after reaching 1000 QSOs, gotta
leave room for improvement in 2014.

Until a few weeks ago I was not at all familiar with the IOTA program, err,
programme (would make a good presentation for your next club meeting...) and
really enjoyed the geography lesson. A great amount of effort is put into it by
the vlounteers and it is one of those things that make ham radio an interesting
hobby especially to the casual (or just not "competitive enough")

Finally some numbers from N1MM. Remember, I'm in VE7 on Vancouver Island, in
the North-East part of the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure they would look different
from EU-005.

Unique IOTAs (104 worked)
AF - 1
AN - 1
SA - 1
AS - 19
EU - 46
NA - 25
OC - 11

Most active DXCCs (78 worked):
W: 424
JA: 106
UA: 57
VE: 52
UA9: 49
UR: 35
DL: 35

Most active islands (278 island QSOs):

AS-007: 93
OC-019: 10
EU-005: 10
OC-036: 8
NA-067: 7
OC-001: 6
AS-018: 5
AS-077: 5
NA-026: 5

Thank you all who pulled out my QRO signal eminating from the triple TH7DXX
stack(s). See you all in 2014!

Gabor, VE7JH, IOTA: NA-036
F4DXW   SO24SSB HP   1,060,0762013-07-28 14:32:26
The propagation was good all time with North america but no good with asia.
This year has worked only on 20 meters. Thank you all's for yours calls.

F4DXW Stéphane
9A6A/P   SO24CW HP   2,022,5702013-07-28 14:34:14
Loc: Island Hvar, 400m asl
RIG: TS690S + 1kW PA
80m - inv V
40m - inv V
20m - 3 band GP (DX 3B)
15m - loop
10m - 3 band GP (DX 3B)
NY7N   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,9002013-07-28 15:12:49
Flipped the radio on while doing a little work out in the shack/office Saturday
evening and decided to work a couple of the IOTA stations. Of course,
immediately upon tuning up the amp the center conductor of the coax decided
that was a good time to fail at the feedpoint of the vertical. 30 minutes
later, I was up and running again, with a reminder that it's probably time to
replace that feedline. AZ sun does a number on exposed coax.
VK2CZ   SO12SSB HP   9,1442013-07-28 15:44:01
Lots of ad-hoc operating periods, with the bulk of QSO's on 20m and 15m. Very
little on 10m, and probable the TH7DX antenna I use contributes to the poor
observations on 10m, and to me it sounds only marginally better than a dipole.

I was surprised by the number of non-island stations, and even one island
station handing out 'summits on the air... that's a new one for me to follow up
after this.

Highlight was working Bermuda in between the NA and EU stations creating a wall
of QRM.

Always great to hear some of the usual gang on air, and some I met at Dayton
earlier in the year. Regards, David Burger
NR5M   SO24SSB HP   1,332,9362013-07-28 16:20:55
Wow! Sunday morning at about 05:30z I returned to 20 as the rate on 40 was
slowing. 20 was WIDE open to all parts of the world. Worked AS, EU, AF, and OC
sequentially at 100+/ hr rate until I returned to 40 at 09:00z to catch the
JA/VK/ZL pre-dawn morning run. That did not disappoint either!

My only regret was not working 15/20 to the West harder at ~0000 z-- I didn't
realize that the JA/OC run was so important until I saw later how the points
rolled in during that run on Sunday morning on 40!

All-in-all a fun contest with lots of action and generally uncrowded bands
(comparatively). What's not to like about that?

Thanks for all the Q's. (I got so many stateside #1's and they counted just as
much as the non-island DX!)

George, NR5M
BY4IIG(IK7YTT)   SO12SSB HP   138,2402013-07-28 16:57:37
I was excited to try the new antenna system on BY4IIG.
The contest started in the best way, with great propagation on 15mt.
Then when i move on 20mt the noise start to raise due to a big storm.
So game over..noive 20 over 9, no propagation, no power and no multiplier or
qso on 20.
the 40mt are quite difficult form here expecially at this time of the year,i
was already prepared to not have qso there.

After the power come back i had just a few qso on the morning..also no lucky
for bad propagation with Ja!!!

nice contest as always....better if you can do on a IOTA!!!
NE1RD/1   SO12SSB QRP   8582013-07-28 17:37:08
Beautiful sun fell on Georges Island during our trip. I wasn't able to reserve a
campsite so I was limited by the ferry schedule. My KX3 was powered by a single
27 Watt solar panel and a small Goal Zero Sherpa 50 power unit. The sun kept it
completely charged (meaning I ran off the energy supply by the panel for the
whole day). I was impressed. Antenna was a TW Traveler 10-20 vertical dipole
with remote band switching. QRP with tough band conditions is always a
challenge. For those who took the time to dig me out I was happy to reward them
with a new multiplier. Let's all hope condx are better next year!
CE1TT   SO(A)24SSB HP   173,1662013-07-28 17:39:49
good contest....
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO24Mixed HP   1,664,7122013-07-28 18:46:35
Condx were not so great most of the time but there were moments here and there.
I got started 3 1/2 hours late but probably didn't miss much. With 15m not
showing much life, most of the day was spent on 20m trying to attract the
attention of EU IOTA ops through their EU pileups, and chasing down whatever
NA/SA IOTA ops were on - and there didn't seem to be all that many of them this
time. Later in the day 20m improved and 40m was also quite good, although
hampered somewhat by QRN. 80m was pretty tough. Nice condx to Asia/Pacific on
20/40 Sunday morning...only wish there was more activity from there.

Once again, thanks to RSGB for sponsoring this fun summertime event, and to the
IOTA DXpeditioners that go out and activate all the islands!

73, Mike K9NW
VE7DB   Multi-Op LP   6602013-07-28 19:23:53
We operated with battery power charged from a solar panel and a wire antenna, it
was a fun outing. We had scouted out two sites one easy to get to but not good
for our minimal station. We moved to the second site after lunch to a much
better site.

It was a beautiful day and it was fun to put Bowen Island NA-091 on the air.

Fred VE7IO
N5AW   SO12Mixed LP   174,0962013-07-28 19:58:58
Jst got back from a month away from home and several antennas are not working
properly. Fortunately I have back ups. An enjoyable contest even though
conditions were not the best.
K6CSL   SO24CW LP   6782013-07-28 21:11:39
What can I say? Conditions were poor. My only QSO's were those few islands and a
few domestic stations in the contest that ventured into the General Class Bands.
I listened a few times down in the Extra Class bands and found many more
stations operating than I was hearing in the General Class bands. One real
highlight though was working VK7CW, Tasmania, on 20. My first ever VK7. So that
made my day. Bert, K6CSL
S57Z   SO(A)12CW HP   65,0402013-07-28 22:14:19
Antenna G5RV for 3,5 mhz up 35m

F5RD   SO24Mixed LP   108,6802013-07-28 23:37:28
Transceiver: ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY
Antenna: Dipole 80/40m and GP 20/15/10m
This contest is not easy with simple wire antennas!
Moreover, the weather was very stormy during all the weekend.
And of course, the QRN was present on all the bands, mainly on 40 and 80m.
But nevertheless, I had a lot of fun
Thanks to all who worked me
See you again next year
F5RD Bernard
LY7Z(LY2TA)   SO12Mixed LP   1002013-07-29 00:04:34

73! Andy
TM2BI   Multi-Op LP   4,056,0152013-07-29 00:37:16

Second participation to this contest for F6KPQ's team.
Last time in 2011, we were using only loop antennas and verticals.
We made 1039 QSO and 1 700 000 points.

This year we had :
- 100 watts only.
- 1 spiderbeam 5 bands at 8 meters up
- 1 beam 10-15-20 at 6 meters up
- 1 wire GP for 40 home made
- 1 wire GP for 80 home made
- 2 K3 elecraft
- Wintest
- A lot of motivation

Not easy to get multipliers with 100 watts, even with a beam. There were many
people this year. It was really difficult to be heard in Asia and we lost time
to get asian mult and some EU mult saturday.

Propagation was not very good on high bands saturday and we had terrific static
noise on 40-80 due to big thunderstorms on the area. 20 was great.
A good opening on 15 and 10 meters sunday, but due to TWO big thunderstorms and
heavy wind, we had to get down the two beams sunday morning during 2 hours.
And during 45 minutes, we had to turn off all equipments.
So we lost about 90 minutes of pilup.

A very good contest, but it will be better for island dxpedtion to send only
iota reference in the report, instead of iota reference and serial number. It's
too long.

We had a lot of fun, good pilup, good dx.

Some pictures will be updated soon on :
Online log also updated soon on :

73 de F5PHW Phil and all F6KPQ's team.
UR5FCM   SO12CW QRP   33,4292013-07-29 01:09:37
Antenna Delta 40m, Lw 42 meters, Rig HomeMade, Pwr 5 Watt(s).Thanks for the nice
contest! Condx is not good for me I'm tsting my new antenna for 40-80 mtrs. So
have some new IOTA's island good luck and cu next year!
ED1R(EC1KR)   SO12SSB HP   1,205,9832013-07-29 01:53:31
I had only few hours during saturday to enjoy at the contest and I prefear not
use Internet, and entry at unassisted category and made hard Job S&P mults
on all bands.

My strategy at this time was start on 15m during 1,5h and stop my minium 60min
necessary in 12h category, and continnue the other 11h.

Fb Contest, good conditions on 15/20 with NA/AS.

Summer QRM on 40/80 and No conditions saturday on 10m.

GL, CU at next Contest.

73 de Jesus
EC1KR (aka ED1R)
9A5Y(9A7DX)   SO(A)12Mixed LP   1,113,6002013-07-29 02:42:37
Worked from our town location with modest setup, trying to work just IOTAs.
Part time operation even for 12h category :p


Ved, 9A7DX
OHØB   Multi-Op HP   15,953,3252013-07-29 03:29:12
This was a fun gig, with high QSO rates all around. Even the bright red aurora
looming over the northern IOTA counters mostly evaded us. The high number of
active IOTA stations was a pleasant thing to behold, and as a result we managed
to exceed our seemingly high pts/QSO target of 8.5.

Our team was a mix of seasoned warhorses and youthful enthusiasm, a blend that
kept both RUN and MULT stations going even in the wee hours of the night. None
of us had prior experience of a serious multi operation in the IOTA contest,
and for example the earlier serious single op IOTA contest experience of the
undersigned took place 6 years ago. We were thus learning as we went along.

Band conditions were mixed, with 80m-20m generally being quite fine versus 15m
and especially 10m performing below average. Our bandwise goals for 15m and 10m
remained beyond reach. In contrast, our station setup coupled with the decent
propagation allowed us to do really well on 40m and 80m. Our target of 60% SSB
and 40% CW QSOs turned into about 50%/50% as another reflection of poorer
average SNR.

Thanks to all parties for a nice weekend. Despite the rigorous race, the
warhorses remain standing -- both the more seasoned and the younger ones!

A65BD   SO12CW HP   24,1302013-07-29 03:55:28
K3 -> SPE 1K
Hexbeam @ 40ft
Inv Vee dipoles @40ft
SV8/OM6NM   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,084,8502013-07-29 03:57:52
Holiday on the beach and simple antennas on terrace.

A few of remarks:

Nice pileups on 20 and 15 m even Ja and K/W openings using the Buddipole in
vertical dipole configuration, but UK very weaks, as part of the game in this
antenna setup. TS 590s is lovely for field single op operation. It was hard
work to make multipliers. The result has been done mostly on cq operation. Have
a nice summer time for everybody and see you in CQ season from OL4A contest

Enjoy the Hamradio!

Norbert, OM6NM
OZ4CG   SO(A)24CW LP   339,5002013-07-29 04:24:17
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
Antenna: G5RV up 8m
W4O(N4YDU)   SO(A)24Mixed LP   960,8402013-07-29 05:17:31
For the second year in a row I operated from Beachcomber Campground on Ocracoke
Island. The station was simple - ICOM 735 and a Butternut Vertical. The contest
started well for the first two hours but things tapered off quickly and then it
was a slog for about 5 to 6 hours. As normal in the IOTA contest, things picked
up around 20z.

15M was a disappointment with just 12 EU QSOs. Last year produced 188 EU QSOs
on 15. That is the probably the biggest factor in the 10 percent score
reduction this time around. 40M was super this year.

It seems like NA participation has increased. Nearly 60 percent of the Qs were
made with NA.

Plans for next year are already in the works.

As always it was a fun trip and thanks for the contacts.

K4BAI   SO24Mixed HP   1,290,7802013-07-29 05:31:02
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Thanks for all QSOs.
10M was open only to the south and some Es during the day, but very little
activity there. 15M was poor to most of the world and there wasn't much
activity on that band. 20M was fair during the day and quite good at night.
40M was pretty good for summer time. Little activity and a lot of QRN on 80.
Didn't hear any contest activity on 75 phone. 73, John, K4BAI.
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,698,8492013-07-29 06:02:51
The propagation was down from last year but it was fun to chase the islands.
IV3NVN/P(IV3NNVN)   SO24CW LP   1,301,8102013-07-29 07:01:41
Great contest from Anfora Is. EU-130. Frst time that I had a DX-side
feeling from IV3 land. Working conditions IC-756 Pro III and a wire GP
antenna for 10-15-20-40m. Big mistake haven't take the HF2V for 80m. I decided
to operate in an open-air shak, wich was great but from around
20z had a big fight against the mosquitos. Unfortunately I could not
operate the entire 24h because I was wery tired and I had to take 2 sleep
sessions @ 1,5 hours each (without those small sleaping breaks taken during
the CQ's and QSO'S.......sorry guys you had to repeat several times the
Thankyou for the QSO's and see you later on the bands.

73's de Simone IV3NVN
OH5TS   SO24CW HP   2,572,2902013-07-29 08:34:11
My first serious single op IOTA contest from ny island QTH in Kuorsalo, EU-140.
In the past the local ham club has had the summer camp and participated the
contest from my next door building. They have used at least OH5AD and OG5A

My tower rotor is broken, so I pointe my two tribander to fixed directions, one
towards West and the other towards NEE. This left North and South much in

The contest proceeded OK. All in all it was really nice contest and the pile
ups were reasonably good.

The rig is a K3 with a Drale L4B amp 600 - 700 w out, two tribander at 15 and
19 m, a KLM 2 el 40m yagi at 30 m and an inverted V dipole for 80 m supported
at 28 m.

Big thanks to everyone who worked me. I will load my logs to LoTW during the

73, Kari
GMØFGI   SO(A)24SSB HP   951,9002013-07-29 10:51:55
Conditions generally poor but with a few good spells.Good level of activity.
Quite hard to get good runs going, particularly on 10, 15 and 20m. Best moments
being called by VK, YB and PY in short space of time on 40m.

Thanks for all the contacts and to organisers.

Equipment: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300watts
Antennas: 10/15/20m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m quarter wave wire vertical; 80m
full wave loop.
Software: N1MM
OL7M(OK1MU)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   2,068,2002013-07-29 13:57:17
Nice fun! Only part of the contest, without antenna for 80M and improvised
equipment, hi. Pretty activities on the island, thanks and congratulate all
who activated the islands!

Btw, anyone know why was canceled category Multi-world?

Pavel OK1MU
IC8WIC   SO12SSB LP   843,1602013-07-29 14:04:02
Special year for me, out of my QTH and guest @ IC8POF (TNX Phil)
Nice openings to JA, YB and BY on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
Short skip always present in past editions, strange to describe this year.
80 and 40 unusable due to strong QRM, hope to do better next year.
M6W(G3WW)   SO24Mixed LP   1,300,0002013-07-29 14:56:40
Loads of island activity, always plenty to keep busy. Lost focus around 3am when
tiredness kicked in - must be getting old.

Strong signals heard from the Far East, especially on 15 and 40, although
couldn't capitalise with this simple setup in small garden. Some welcome
sporadic-e livened up 10m on Sunday morning and lasted till the contest ended.

FT-1000MP barefoot
Butternut vertical 80m ~ 15m
Dipole 10m

Thanks to the old man (G4EHT) for use of his station.


Dez, (G3WW / G0DEZ)
IW1QN   SO(A)24SSB LP   1,873,6082013-07-29 14:59:20
Propagation NO Good especially on Saturday with SSN 58 to 64, A 14/15 and K
Sunday better with K 2 and 10m light open especially with center Europe.

I make this Contest COMPLETELY like SO2V (Single Operator 2 VFO) of my FT-2000
and using also Spot on the Cluster.
CU in Test.
73 de IW1QN - IB1B
PY1ZV   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,5002013-07-29 17:06:15
Check LOg
KH6CJJ   SO12CW LP   69,4002013-07-29 18:48:25
My first attempt at this contest. It seems to be very Europe oriented, so
everyone is pointed that way. That makes contacts difficult from Hawaii.
Conditions were not good, but I enjoyed myself and hope to be able to
participate in it again next year. Thanks to everyone who dug out my weak

VY2TT(K6LA)   SO24Mixed HP   4,209,9202013-07-29 19:29:57
Not near as much fun as last year. Conditions were not good and 40/80m were very
noisy. Couldn't get much going on phone.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
KØVBU   SO(A)12CW LP   25,0922013-07-29 20:33:48
Condx very poor. Lots of activity, though.
Biill, K0VBU
NF8J   SO24Mixed LP   32,0042013-07-30 06:15:00
YT2AAA(@YT2AAA/P)   SO(A)24CW LP   1,177,8302013-07-30 11:49:40
Much, much worse than last year

RIG: IC-745
ANT: wires in the trees
G6PZ(MØDXR)   SO24Mixed HP   6,681,0152013-07-30 13:43:54
KCØDEB   SO(A)12Mixed LP   1,2002013-07-30 16:14:55
I sure hope that the poor conditions which pestered us this time do not
discourage anyone from activating an island next year! A big thank you to all
who did activate an Island.

Band Mode QSOs Pts IOTA
14 CW 3 45 3
14 USB 7 105 5
Total Both 10 150 8
Score: 1,200
K1VSJ   SO24Mixed LP   306,3602013-07-30 18:10:21
Operated from summer QTH on Martha's Vineyard. 756 pro3 100 watts.
Mosley TA-33 jr @ 30 ft, HF2V vertical. Conditions weren't too great on 15
& 20!
I think I need to make antenna improvements for next year.
9M8Z(9M6DXX)   SO24SSB HP   2,457,9802013-07-31 03:08:04
Arrived at the station on Friday to find the 40m 2-ele beam at 130 feet was not
working. Made and put up a 40m wire dipole at about 75ft as a contingency. On
Saturday, a professional tower climber spent the whole day up and down the
tower. Fault found to be a corroded connection in one of the driven element's
loading coils. Antenna eventually working after dark and in torrential tropical
rain at 7.15pm, just 45 minutes before the start of the contest at 8.00pm local

The contest started with S9-plus rain static on all bands but fortunately the
storm passed after an hour or two and the first 10 hours of the contest (during
night hours) were great, with over 1000 QSOs in the log by local sun-rise on
Sunday. However, daytime propagation in the tropics is dire. The next 12 hours,
during the day on Sunday, were terrible, with high absorption on all bands up to
20m, no propagation to speak of at all on 10m (and I thought this was meant to
be the peak of the solar cycle?!), and extremely weak signals on 15m, requiring
numerous repeats. The majority of EU QSOs from 0700 to 1130UTC on Sunday were at
ESP levels, often fading into the noise and then peaking just high enough to
copy the exchange.

It was good to hear more participation from JA this year compared with previous
years, but this is still very much a European contest.

"Working conditions": Kenwood TS-990, Commander HF-2500 amp, 400W, to
Create 7-element 15m monoband Yagi at 45ft fixed on Europe; Cushcraft A4S
tribander at 60ft fixed on VK/ZL; 40m wire dipole at 75ft; Cushcraft X7 beam at
120ft (rotatable); Cushcraft 40-2CD 2-element 40m beam at 130ft (rotatable);
Create 80m rotatable dipole at 140ft.

Steve, 9M6DXX ( @ 9M8Z)
PYØF/PP1CZ   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,070,5952013-07-31 07:36:34
Despite all the problems I had to be in the IOTA Contest, this was amazing.
My luggage was lost and I only received it just few hours before the Contest,
so I haven't time to assembly the antennas to 40 and 80 Meters, and this took
me a lot of points, I believe. After the Contest I could put the antennas (too
bad 160 Meters one doesn't work as I expected) and put the amplifier (FL 2100Z)
to work.
Thank you all guys, for the enjoyable momments during this stay in Fernando de
Noronha Island.
Best 73 from PY0F/PP1CZ - Leo.
9A/AC6DD   Multi-Op HP   3,947,1002013-08-01 03:38:52
This was the time that the lone Wolf AC6DD met company. It has been some 20
years since I operated anything other than Single Operator in a Contest.

In April I received an e-mail from Stefano IV3LZQ saying that they had plans to
operate from the same small Island for the IOTA Contest as me, and that we
should join forces in a multiop station. My initial reaction was tough luck -
I am doing it alone CW only.
I soon ralized that was extremely selfish, so we decided to meet in person
sometime before the contest, which turned out to be a quick 30 minute meeting
in Udine on my way back to Slovenia from Friedrichschafen.
We met again on Friday before the contest on Sv. Nikola Island, and after a
quick consultation we started to set up the stations and antennas.

We managed to put up two multiband Verticals, one in the water, the other one
on a rock above the water, and one 80m Vertical on the waters edge. It was a
very hot and humid day, we were sweating big time. I was getting worried that
the Beer supply I took along was just not going to last.
Since we were all seasoned operators the beautiful ladies on the Beach right
next to us did not have any effect on our performance.

We dealt with a magnitude of problems in making our two stations work. The most
notable issue turned out to be the N1MM networking. This was my first time using
N1MM, and had to leave the setup to others. I also made an error in setting my
computer time and started the Contest with my computer off by 2 hours, which
affected the common log.
The other big issue turned out that when we had networking we lost cluster and
vice versa. I am not a cluster fan, but in this situstion the Multiplier
Station was severely handicapped by not having cluster access. Also early in
the morning we lost one hour operating time due to some power supply problems.

AC6DD started off the contest Run station on 20m CW with a very decent rate. A
bit later an excursion was made to 15m, but conditions there were were quite
poor with some SA and Asian Stations worked, but we quickly returned to 20. I
thought that if it is this poor here the bands must be dead in W6 land.

One of the SSB operators did not make it, so now we were 3 CW operators and one
SSB. We operated mostly CW through the evening with IV3LZQ taking the run
station and 9A3JH looking for multipliers. 9A3JH spent all of his operating
time on the Multiplier station. This was a tough job.
At around 0200z We did some SSB with IV3PUT at the Run station on 40m SSB and
AC6DD looking for mults on 80m.

Later in the morning we were joined by Adam - 9A4QV, KIko - 9A4WY and Rudi -
9A3R, all top notch CW ops.

AC6DD took to 10m CW for the last 45 minutest of the contest, and we were able
to at least show a presence on 10m.

Our problem turned out to be that other than IV3PUT no one else was interested
in working SSB, and our SSB numbers show it.

This was the first time we spent time together, and I must say we had lots of
fun. We all felt like we have known each other for years, and not just met a
few days before for the first time. When the contest ended we hoped there was
another one starting on the next day so we could extend the great time we had.
The Bungalows we used on Sv. Nikola Island are old and run down, and set to be
demolished this winter. They will be replaced with a new modern Pool Facility.
We shall see how this will affect future IOTA operations from this location.

Run Stn: K2 100, SB200 amp 600W, Butternut HF9V
Mult Stn: K2 100, HLA300 amp 300W, HY-GAin 14-AVQ
Common items: 80m Fiberglass pole Vertical, N1MM logging

9A/AC6DD - EU110 Sv. Nikola Island
N2GC   SO24CW HP   1,579,1602013-08-01 11:24:49
IC-756PROIII AL-1200, fan dipoles @35' and new for this year 3el tribander fixed
on Europe on 30' temporary mast.

Another year of poor conditions for one of my favorite contests. Conditions
were great just 24-48 hours before the contest. At least 40 and 80 were quieter
than last year and I was able to make up some of the mults lost on a lousy 15
and 10. The new tribander worked very well even at only 30' all signals from
Europe were a consistant 1 S-unit stronger than on the fan dipole. The shorter
coax run to the shack and better coax probably helped too.
9A/OM5AW   SO12Mixed LP   1,397,7202013-08-03 11:08:24
9A/OM2FY   SO24CW LP   1,609,2302013-08-03 11:14:18
IOTA DXPN SO 24hours CW Unnasisted LP
DJ1OJ   SO(A)12Mixed LP   378,8052013-08-04 02:26:14
FT-1000MP 100 W
ANT: GAP-Titan (8bands vert)
9A/OM8AA   SO24CW LP   356,8952013-08-06 00:45:52
I have problems whit TVI... see you to next year ... 73 Kurt om8aa
IZ3NVR/3   SO(A)24CW QRP   11,6602013-08-06 10:04:57
First time operating /P with an FT-857 battery powered and few low trees-hung
dipoles. I had lots of fun and worked some interesting stations too.

See you next contest
9AØD   Multi-Op LP   10,163,1952013-08-14 07:16:11
This was our 4th time on Zirje. Second time claimed score over 10 million
points. Great conditions to JA this year on 15 meters. We had monobanders on 10
(5el.), 15 (4 el.) & 20 (3 el.) Vertical & delta loop on 40 meters and
LW for 80 meters.
Even with monobanders it was difficult to get through big pileups on some
stations with 100 Watts. Got some nice 10 meters opening on Sunday morning and
great pile-up last hour on 20 meters. CU next year again!
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU