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BARTG Sprint 75   2012   September   Comment Summary

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AL9A   SO Expert HP   47,0402012-09-23 14:07:05
Fun contest except for the last 5 minutes or so. Someone must have seen me
spotted and insisted on calling me at 45 baud! No way I could read anything he
was sending nor could he read my CQs, but he was determined to get AK on RTTY.
All he succeeded in doing was costing me a few last minute QSOs with his QRM.
Always someone who doesn't get the word!
W4DXX   SO Expert HP   69,3352012-09-23 14:08:07
10m was open to Eu but not much activity after a few minutes. Seems like most
activity was on 20m. Lotta QSB on 20m, so appreciate everyone's patience with
some repeats. Thanks t5oevryone also for the "fast RTTY" Q's.

Eric / W4DXX
Georgia Contest Group
LY5W   Single Op HP   31,6002012-09-23 14:09:44
P.A. bafff 40 minutes before finish,... another 28 QSO's put in LOG with Low
Power. I am not LY5A! not LZ5W! :)
See You in CQ WW RTTY next weekend, seems propagation going up!
Wkd some W7,W0 on 10m today....
YT2T   Single Op LP   64,2602012-09-23 14:14:23
Thanks for QSO's .

73 Marko YT2T
W9ILY   Single Op HP   70,0702012-09-23 14:22:16
Fast moving, good conditions and lots of fun. Thanks!
K4GMH   SO Expert HP   120,5222012-09-23 14:31:24
Thanks BARTG for sponsoring the Contest. Thanks
also to all who were kind enough to work me.

Took about 10 minutes to get use to the speed of the
exchange. After the first half hour, mentally felt
like I had been operating for a couple of hours increas
speed of the exchange.

Last continent was acquired in the last minute of
the Contest (thanks VK7NET).

Monaco, 3A2MW, was a nice multiplier which
doesn't show up very often in a contest. Thanks.

Lot of fun having 10 meters open to Europe from East Coast USA for the
first hour and half of the Contest. Hope the bands will be as good next
weekend for the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest.

Mike, K4GMH
W3KB   Single Op LP   33,0052012-09-23 14:34:49
Now that is a fun RTTY Sprint at 75 baud.
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   Single Op LP   9,1202012-09-23 14:37:17
I set 100 QSOs target but slow start due to configuration error :-( and felt
difficult to catch up as not easy on 40m.
Overall it was very speedy and pleasant at 75 baud.
Thanks for QSOs and see you all in CQ WW RTTY next weekend!

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
VA7ST   SO Expert HP   31,2802012-09-23 16:48:09
Wanted to throw the shack computer into the creek after the first 20 minutes
were wasted trying to get things to work properly. Two restarts, and finally it
was running. Had worked perfectly fine on Saturday when I leaped onto the air
for this contest a day early.

Conditions on 15M were good to Europe, but only so-so to anywhere on 20M.

Nobody from Asia on this time? Spent quite a bit of time calling toward JA and
UA0 but nothing.

Great warm-up for CQWW RTTY next weekend. Have to skip most of the day
Saturday, but sure am looking forward to any time I can get for that one.

Thanks for the Qs.

-- Bud VA7ST
VA2UP   SO Expert HP   97,6262012-09-23 18:15:59
Took off in a rush from home to attend this fun contest. I had set things up but
it took a good 15 minutes into the contest to be able to decode properly on the
2nd decoder that needed some extra adjustments.
No 10M opening here but 15 and 20 in good shape and provided plenty of 75 baud
action. Missed AS 3 times and finally logged TA7I in the last hour of the
contest for 6th continent.
Thanks Bartg for holding the event and everybody for taking part.

73, Fabi va2up
K5AM   Single Op HP   54,2852012-09-23 18:32:42
Location: Horse Mountain, elevation 2400 m (7900 ft).
Two-element tribander. Generator power.
G3LDI   Single Op HP   62,4242012-09-24 13:19:31
Lot more activity this time, propagation better too. Some very peculiar signals
around however, tuning them was difficult at times. Several stations did not
make it to my log because of sending the serial number just once and asking for
a repeat occured more than once too. They obviously tired of repeating and left
the freq, so they got wiped. Please send the SR 3 times in the first place,
saves a lot of hassle.
Wish there was a direct way of submitting this from N1MM!!
F5RD   Single Op LP   2,7542012-09-24 13:46:42
I had to stop after half an hour for dinner and I restarted at 21:30 TU.
It's a bit late to get a good score ! Only 51 QSO's.
Furthermore, I had some problems with my new computer working on Windows 7.
I ues MixW 3.1.1 with the USB RigExpert Standard interface.
and, from time to time the audio output drops to zero and become normal again
after few seconds.
I do not understand what is happening. This is very unpleasant.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
N9W   Single Op HP   46,2252012-09-26 06:08:11
My first BARTG 75 Sprint. What a blast! See you next time. 73... de Jerry,
W4UK   Single Op HP   7,8722012-09-29 07:25:29
Wire dipoles only.