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New England QSO Party   2009   May 2   Comment Summary

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KI4MXY   Single Op LP   1322009-05-03 12:50:26
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
14 USB 12 12 11
Total Both 12 12 11
Score: 132
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   12,3002009-05-03 13:13:17
Epilogue for the busy QSO Party weekend.

Lots of activity throughout the weekend with the NEQP, 7QP, INQP, ARI, MARAC,
and a few other contests. Seems like everytime I changed N1MM for 7QP or INQP,
I found another NE station to work. There has to be a better way...

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
N1SV   SO Mobile LP   10,2962009-05-03 16:30:41
I operated from the following counties Sat; CHENH, WNHVT, FRAMA, HMPMA, and
WORMA. And operated from the following counties Sun; HILNH, MERNH, ROCNH,
NO5W   Single Op LP   7,1402009-05-03 17:07:54
I arrived back in Houston from the FQP in deep honeydue debt to my driver for
her 1000 mile 18 hour drive through Florida so I could only find a few hours in
between items on the to do list. Had fun chasing K1KI(5), N1RR(4), WA1Z(3), and
WW1M(2) around New England.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and especially to the mobiles.

Hope to see many of you at Dayton,

KS8O   Single Op LP   8,7402009-05-03 17:15:23
Lots of fun again this year, but alas, no lobster again this year. Hope to be
here again next year. Thanks for the contacts and for the Mobiles.

KA1CQR   Single Op HP   3,7532009-05-03 17:18:38
I had short time for operating this year, but, it is still a blast. Thanks to
all those that make this party a great one! I hope I helped someone get some
of that New England Maple Syurup!
W1EBI   Single Op HP   91,6322009-05-03 17:28:12
More QSO's than my three other NEQP's combined. Thanks for the activity.

George W1EBI
NF4A   Single Op LP   35,0912009-05-03 17:29:46
Had to work part of the time so missed a couple of hard to get mults....It was
nice to actually make contest contacts on 15 and 10 meters for a change. Wish
more stations would have checked 15 and 10 they were open both Saturday and
Sunday at least from here to 1-land. Had to convence several stations to QSY to
10...they said it was closed.....NOT!

Thanks to all the mobiles....they make the contest what it is!
K1BX   Single Op LP   173,8852009-05-03 17:38:36
Thanks for all the activity. Condx made it fun. Lots of band changes to find the
E-skip. 49 states, no KH6, VO1, VY1, PEI. (3) KL7's!

IC-775 150W
80 Inv Vee
40 1/2 402-CD
20, 15, 10 X7, A3
N1MM logger, WinKeyer USB

73, art
W7WHY   Single Op HP   1442009-05-03 17:39:12
Just a few Q's while doing the 7QP.

WJ9B   Single Op QRP   25,5362009-05-03 17:39:41
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
WI1G   Single Op QRP   3,7442009-05-03 17:41:30
First NEQP for me. Was interesting. Thanks for the patient ops as I was running
QRP at 5 watts into the following:
Home brew 3 Element 20 meter hamstick beam at 35 feet
Hamstick Dipole on 10 meters at 20 feet (fast fix)
Vertical for 80/40 w/ only 1 radial per band.
N1RR/M   Single Op LP   82,5522009-05-03 17:48:06
Operating mobile in NEQP is fun and I wanted to be in it, but did not have a
current vehicle wired up. So, Friday I wired our Buick. After moving my daugter
out of college back home, I tuned up the antennas and started the TEST.


New Mobile county record scores will be claimed for :
WORCMA-2800, PROVRI-9430, BRIRI-4582, KENTRI-4936 and NLNCT-1890.

Best DX: UA3AGW on 20 and 40, ZP0R on 40M, KL8DX - heard on Sat, worked him
several times on 20M on SUN. Thanks !

Guess all the Kentucky stations were at Suffolk Downs, cuz they never called in
! Missed: Del, KY, SD, KH6.

Thanks to Tom, K1KI, for all he and his team does for NEQP !
K4BAI   Single Op HP   9,8472009-05-03 17:50:37
FT1000MP, 100W, 88' center fed zepp at 45'; 80M inverted vee dipole, apex at
50'. Time was limited, but activity seemed good and so were band conditions
despite rainstorms moving through the area. Thanks for the QSOs. Hope to see
many of you at Dayton. Also from WW4LL in CQ WPX CW, either M/S or M/2. 73,
John, K4BAI.
K1TN/2   Single Op LP   7,8722009-05-03 17:52:29
Great 40 Meter condx from here, short skip and quiet. Tnx to the mobiles. Sorry
I can't do more on 80 Meters.

On Saturday I heard some NE on 20 Meters pretty well but only a couple pulled
me out -- resulting in 3-banders with K1IB and W1UE -- how cool!.

Things were hopping in the last hour; guess some people showed up only for the

Lots of big-name NE contest call signs MIA this weekend. Maybe they were
slumming on slopbucket or digital.

I spent time on Saturday in the Indiana and 7 QSO parties, too, and as a result
I pulled the plug early that evening. Not sure if running two or three parties
at the same helps or hurts overall activity or scores.

Used my 42-foot end-fed wire at 15 feet AGL. Flash -- Busted pileups on 40!

Jim Cain,
At the K1TN/2 Superstation
Atlantic City
W2JU/1   Single Op LP   27,2002009-05-03 17:53:21
Thanks for all the QSOs. 73, Alec W2JU/1
W4NBS   Single Op LP   15,2262009-05-03 17:53:37
Great fun. Thanks!

Don't forget, the 2009 Alabama QSO Party is almost here.

Starts: 06 June 1600UTC (1100 CDST 06 June)
Ends: 07 June 0400UTC (2300 CDST 06 June)
W4UCZ   Single Op LP   1,1082009-05-03 18:00:44
K3 at 100 watts into random wire.
N2ZN   Single Op LP   12,3482009-05-03 18:24:17
Sure wish I was a bit further away to take advantage of 20 meters! Only
stations that were workable on 20 from here were the most eastern stations in
ME and RI. Still a great contest.
W4AWF   Single Op LP   7,7902009-05-03 18:25:23
Spent some time working the contest in between chores here at the house. 20 and
80 yesterday, 20 and 40 today. Single op, FT-950, wire antennas. None the less,
it was fun.
W1UJ   Single Op HP   33,6002009-05-03 18:32:48
Started late, 2000z Sunday.
I was 'fresh meat' Ran hard for the first 2 hours.

Operated most of the contest from DUK MA, W1ACT multi-op HamCOW on Martha's

See you at Dayton.

Jay W1UJ
W9RE   Single Op LP   37,8002009-05-03 18:35:23
Operated the off band on Saturday since K9NN was doing the INQP seriously and
that gave me something to do (it was suppose to rain). Operated off and on
Sunday in between church and grass cutting.

Missed NlnCT, BarMA, WasME and MidCT. I heard a station calling people from
NlnCT but could never get his attention.

Absolutely great activity-could have used a few more mobiles to make it really
interesting (but my xyl has said again with a QSO party?).

Couple peeves-fixed stations don't need to sign /cty if they are not going to
operate in another cty. Mobiles just need to sign /cty, not sure how many
times I had to wait around or even ask what cty? Just slows things down.
Didn't notice this last weekend in FQP with more mobile

Thanks for all the fun and good to see 15 open with strong signals.
K1PQS   Single Op HP   14,1042009-05-03 18:42:37
Operated Sunday PM to help with PENME
K1ESE   Single Op LP   103,4282009-05-03 18:46:41
Ten Tec Orion @100w, 80 meter all-band doublet up 85' N3FJP Software --
I did much better than last year with the same equipment and antenna. Either I
got better or conditions were good. Guess it must have been conditions :-)
Saturday held all the activity for me. Sunday was slow going, especially from
noon to 4pm. Almost drove me to pick up the microphone... almost. I was
surprised at the number of DX stations that called in. I missed 5 states and
most of the provinces, but that was better than last year, too.

Heard the big signal from K1EO, so expect to finish second in Oxford County
(ME) again this year. But, I may be gaining on him.

NEQP was a lot of fun, as always. Thanks to all that work to organize the

73 de K1ESE
KB1NRB   Single Op LP   1102009-05-03 18:47:06
Just an hour and a half of cw fun here! Great contest...
KU8E   Single Op HP   17,3762009-05-03 18:50:21
I was SOHP CW Only - I think this is a valid category from looking at the NEQP
webpage but is not a choice on this form.

Wish I had more time but like every contest anymore it's hard to do a FT effort
with family responsibilities. Activity was good and it was fun chasing the
rovers K1KI, NE1QP, K1DG, WA1Z and others. 80 meters was tough on Saturday
night with thunderstorms in the area and went to bed early. Had a nice opening
on 15 and 10 meters on Sunday afternoon to make up for the bad 80 meter

Look forward to seeing everyone in Dayton and sharing contesting stories after
missing it for the 1st time last year.

73, Jeff KU8E
K1BV   Single Op LP   95,8082009-05-03 19:17:18
My personal best score in this contest.
Noted lots of YCCC calls.
WC2Z   Single Op HP   3682009-05-03 19:20:44
VE3UTT   Single Op LP   26,2552009-05-03 19:47:23
Good fun but 20m difficult at this distance. 2nd radio on 80m only. Good job
by the rovers - thanks for all of the hard work. Hope all had fun and hope to
see some of you at Dayton. 73, Art W1AJT/VE3UTT
N4CW   Single Op HP   37,2962009-05-03 19:51:55
Where was Piscataquis County? I don't think any of the mobiles went that far
North in Maine!
There were some fine ops in New England that QSY'ed when they found out they
were on top of a weaker NE station...good going guys (and gals).
I love this QSO Party.
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   12,1922009-05-03 19:58:18
Another fun contest, great job by the mobules as always. Reasonable conditions
both days. Missed a few hours here and there tending to other family

Didn't hear a lot of other Canadians except VE3UTT and a very loud VE1RGB on
40m late in the contest.

Thanks for all the Q's

WA1Z/M   SO Mobile LP   175,4922009-05-03 20:44:17
A big thank you to everyone who took the time this weekend to play in the NEQP.
From the New England perspective, activity seemed to be near an all-time high.
I hope if felt that way from the outside looking in. It seemed I had more
"followers" from county-to-county this year than in the past.

My Saturday schedule was thrown out the window before the contest even started.
I usually check into my hotel in KENME about an hour before the contest starts
and then move into position to begin the contest. I got caught in a RT95
closure about 15 miles south of the hotel for about an hour due to someone
flipping their U-Haul truck. I had about an hour's drive from the hotel to
where I wanted to start in WALME, but I left the hotel 20 minutes before the
contest started. I changed routes and got to WALME as soon as I could, making
a few contacts from KENME before getting there.

I decided to venture up to SOMME at the end of the night on Saturday to keep
the rate up until the end of the first contest period. Ended up making 45 QSOs
on 80 alone from SOMME and continued operating there during the day on Sunday.

On Sunday, it was clear that everyone wanted me to get to this year's Holy
Grail, FRAME, as soon as possible. <g> I hope everyone who was looking for
FRAME got me.

I went to 15 three or four times on Sunday and only got a short string of
callers once when I stopped on top of a hill in SOMME. Never bothered with

Had a 113/hour in the last hour of the contest, which is always fun - even from
a car. Broke the 100 QSO barrier in 5 counties. Still need to work on the
ergonomics; the operating position is very uncomfortable.

175k breaks K1KI's SO-Mobile NEQP record but I'm looking forward to seeing a
monster score from Tom this year too.

73 es CU next year,
Bob WA1Z
K1ZZI   Single Op HP   45,5062009-05-03 22:02:41
Great fun chasing the mobiles around again. Lots of activity with 10 & 15m open
for a while too. Hats off to the entire NEQP team for a super job and fun

K1KI/M (30), WA1Z/M (26), K1EP/M (16), NE1QP/M (14), N1RR/M (9), KO1U/M (5),
W1WEF/M (4), WW1M/M (3), K1DG/M (2).

Ralph K1ZZI /GA
VA7ST   Single Op LP   7502009-05-03 22:10:07
Spent a few minutes on Sunday morning handing out the BC mult. 20M didn't seem
all that good to New England during the brief times I was on (a few minutes
each in the 1800, 2000, 2300 hours).
W1UE(@K1KP)   Single Op HP   267,8002009-05-04 01:15:29
CW seemed to be a bottomless pit this weekend- it just never stopped. Rate was
so good it made operating SSB almost an afterthought; SSB was really only good
for the last 7 or 8 mults that were workable. Only mults missed were the
Canadians, with PEI being the major miss. Its also nice to have the ARI
contest going on, as many country mults were worked by giving out ARI reports
in addition to the NEQP report.

About half the 15M QSOs were QSYs from other bands, as were 2/3 of the 10M Qs.
Thanks to all that moved for me. While there were many, many stations worked on
4 bands, a few on 5 bands, Paul N4PN was the only station in the log with 10 Qs.
QSYs made the difference. Both 10 and 15 were open better than the QSO totals;
it seemed that activity on those bands was lacking.

Thanks to all that made this a great running of the NEQP. Many thanks to Tony
K1KP for the use of his great station.

Dennis W1UE
K1EP/M   SO Mobile LP   45,7782009-05-04 03:37:27
The weather turned out to not be a factor, at least where I was driving, which
turned out to be about 500 miles. I got a late start because the weather was
so nice on Saturday morning, as I stayed at the Nearfest flea market a little
longer than anticipated. On Saturday, the plan was to make a counterclockwise
loop around eastern and central Massachusetts, starting in Franklin. I got to
Franklin by the start of the contest, but unfortunately, I could not find a
suitable place to operate until 20 minutes into the contest. Murphy had
started to pay a visit by then. For some inexplicable reason, the first dozen
or so QSOs had the time stamp off by an hour and a half. By the time I noticed
it, it had corrected itself. Must have been a feature of Windows that I wasn't
aware of. Although the location I picked wasn't great, I stayted there for the
first hour. I found another location shortly after that and did another half
hour there. The next stop was supposed to be Hampshire, but before I realized
it, I was in Hampden. I figured N1BAA was in Hampshire and would give out a
lot of the county, so I skipped it. It was there that I discovered that I was
having problems with the 12V to the radio. The radio is sensitive to voltage
and would shut down if it dropped below 11V. Apparently the powerpole
connections that I had, which were several years old, had loosened up enough
that there wasn't good contact and the IR drop would cause the radio to cut out
intermittently, sometimes in the middle of a QSO. I thought I had fixed it and
decided to press on to the next stop, which was Worcester at a Mass Pike rest
stop. I spent some more time there debugging the problem and when it got
worse, I finally gave up for the night, about three or four hours earlier than
I had planned. I figured going back home, getting some sleep and attacking the
problem in the morning would be a better idea. I ended up with about 150Qs,
which wasn't great. Sunday morning, I redid many of the powerpole connections
to the radio and accessories, which greatly improved the situation. I found
some of them had worked their way loose and weren't fully inserted in the
plastic connector. A good thing to check periodically. I headed out to my
first county, the usually rare Suffolk, spending about an hour there and fixing
the last of the 12V problems again. I got there early and picked a good
location, working RD3A in another contest before the start. Next stop was
Essex, only staying about a half hour there. It seemed that the rate was
slowing down a bit and it showed in the next two counties, Rockingham and
Strafford, where I only had a total of about 35 Qs. It picked up in York at
the I95/Rt1 rest stop. This rest stop links I95 and Route 1, so I got off of
I95 to find lunch. I did find a good lunch, but the traffic and slower cars on
Route 1 wasted a lot of time getting to Cumberland. It was late afternoon at
that point and the rates had picked up. If I hadn't had so many problems and
wasn't so tired, I would have done another couple more counties up in Maine,
but decided to head home and finish up the last hour in my home county,
Middlesex. Overall, rates were better this year than in previous years. There
were times when the meter was over 200 and stayed over 100 for nearly an hour.
Most of my activity was on 20 and 40. I tried 15 and didn't hear too much, so
I never ventured to 10. 80 would have been fine if I stuck it out Saturday
night. But 80 also affects my engine control circuitry and since I had to idle
the car to maintain a decent operating voltage, I didn't operate there a lot. I
apologize to those when I might have suddenly stopped transmitting in the middle
of the Q. At times the radio would cut out and a power reset would set the
radio to 5W. There was a time when the signals were loud enough that I kept
running at 5W! QRP mobile is not something I would recommend, but it did work
for a while. Thanks again for all the Qs and hope everyone had fun. I hope to
fix all those annoying problems by next year.
W7MAP/5   Single Op LP   3,4562009-05-04 04:24:59
What the heck was with propagation? I heard Ethiopian Stations louder than
Sagadahoc and Merrimack counties? I am very happy my life didn't depend on
making QSO's in this QSO Party! I suppose having a SSN equal to the "Square
Root of Minus One" had a little to do with things in general but the the 24
hours of Texas Turd Floaters we had, complete with lightening from the Styx
River, may have dented our score just a trifle.What fun guys! Lets do it again
next year; only next time someone warm up the Palos Verdes Sun Dancers- or
those damned Anoles in Texas.
N2WN   Single Op QRP   36,2702009-05-04 05:02:35
...and the propagation gods smiled upon the New England QSO Party...

What a weekend. Rain and storms all over the place and yet, the bands were in
decent shape, at least from here to the North East. The mobiles were working
really hard and my hat is off to them. K1KI and WA1Z were amazing to listen
too. K1KI was masterful towards the end of the contest in handling the pileups.
K1KI 17, WA1Z 14, NE1QP 12, N1RR 11, K1EP 8, WW1M 2... There were a couple
others that may have been mobile, definitely portable. Many thanks for the new
counties and catching the call. Although I was mistaken for W4PN once (I take
that as a compliment!) It was great to have nice openings on 15 and 10, with
people actually there. The openings were rock solid too!

I wonder if New England thought they were being attacked by the First Tennessee
Volunteers as TCG was out in force.

80 was quiet, a bit noisy the first night and too much going on on 40 and 20 to
move there it seemed.

Worked a couple of stations on RTTY. Thanks to K1LPS for moving and adding VT
to my TPA list. Had hoped for a bit more activity, but thanks to W1NG too.

I had hoped to beat my previous high score, but never thought it would be by so
much. Sorry to lay K4LTA's Tn QRP record to rest...

My wife is deciding what flavor of Ben & Jerry's she's going to pick out. Many
thanks to her for hauling meals over to the shack :o)

great fun, excellent turnout and see ya down da log!


K3 or K2
40M Delta loop or vertical
4 el SteppIr at 50 or so feet
or two element quad in rough shape at 50'
WA1FCN   M/S LP   37,1702009-05-04 05:43:32
Two weeks before contest I decided to enter Multi single instead
of my usual singleop low power. Glad I was thinking this. On tueday
before qso party my life long back problem flared up, which put me in
poor physical shape. On Thursday before contest computer control
chip in rig went dead. Saturday night sever thunderstorms with
tornado watch came right through my area, that took me off air.
Sunday was fine, all in all glad I was part of qso party.
Thanks to all the mobiles sure make event fun. This is
one of my favorite contest. 73 BoB WA1FCN
KØIO   Single Op LP   23,0282009-05-04 07:28:36
First thanks to all the mobiles. Always fun. Put up a single 40-meter delta
loop (apex at 60 feet) for east-west propagation for the NEQP and 7QP -- might
add a reflector if the NEQP date changes to May next year. One of my neighbors
"down the hill" invited me to a graduation party with live music he was having
Saturday night. Remembering the experience on St Paul Island (VE1SPI) when our
80-meter signal modulated the electronic fog horn, I decided to run low power
to avoid any rfi problems. As it turns out, a little CW modulation might have
improved the quality of the garage-band music coming from the valley below!
Only missed a couple of stations that couldn't hear me. -- 73--John K0IO
KØEJ   Single Op LP   1,3002009-05-04 08:44:51
limited play time but great activity. Missed the 15/10M openings

73, Mark K0EJ
WØBH   Single Op HP   18,7532009-05-04 09:09:01
This weekend is one big mult file! With 7QP, NEQP and INQP (plus MARAC and ARI)
all going at once, non-stop action to be sure. Good propagation for the most
part with QRN from storms keeping things interesting. 15m was wide open into
New England from Kansas on Sunday, but heard only a few loud stations calling
CQ and very few takers to my CQs. Even faintly heard one NE station CQing on
10m but no response to my call.

Thanks to the following stations for "most contacts". A better job of mobile
tracking would have improved the mult count, I'm sure.

5 W1UE
3 K1EP/m NE1QP/m W1MX/100
2 N1SV/m K1KI/m K1DG/m

There's talk of moving the NEQP a week later. Part of me knows I could score
much higher and maybe even get a sweep by concentrating solely on New England
(like we do on Sunday). Aother part of me would really hate to give up the
combined Saturday fun of always having something to do and somewhere to work.
Either way, count me in again for next year!

73, Bob, w0bh
W1XX   Single Op HP   236,3602009-05-04 09:35:27
Usual fun operating the NEQP, as non-NewEnglanders seem to enjoy working W1s.
That's good for us as the Qs keep coming. Topped my winning score of last year
but the competition this year was simply too good. Congrats to W1UE (and maybe
others) for an outstanding and probably record score. Had some computer issues
in the closing hours that reduced my CW time somewhat that could have boosted
the score a tad. But there was no lack of callers on 20 SSB. Missed the usual
VE suspects (NT NF LB YT PE NU) and in spite of the ARI activity, DX was a bit
sparse. Did get all states with 5 from AK and 3 from HI calling in. Signals
from mobiles continue to amaze me as they break pileups, including the bicycle
mobile. CU next year.
K4OD   Single Op LP   6,7262009-05-04 13:10:45
Rig: FT-897D 100 Watts
Ant: 20/15/10 TH3MK4 at 45 Ft
Ant: 40 Alpha-Delta 80/40 in Inv V at 45 Ft
KO1H   Single Op QRP   37,7522009-05-04 13:59:53
Wow Great Time. If I had read the rules(again not like this was my first neqp)
I would have had at least 30 more q's in the log. Lots of 7 land stations
worked on 20m cw could have been worked on 40m cw but gee I though it was work
each station once. Oh well Again great time thanks to all who pulled me out!
And were patient with me when I was running.

73 de John ko1h
AD4EB   M/S HP   32,0252009-05-04 14:36:18
Another enjoyable New England QSO Party. It was a rainy weekend for us in
middle Tennessee, good only for indoor activities (ie contesting). Decided to
utilize the packet cluster again this year, which put me in the M/S category.
Hope all the spots I sent out helped increase activity for the NE stations.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
AK1W(K5ZD)   Single Op HP   152,7362009-05-04 16:02:15
Always fun to be on the receiving end of the attention.

SSB, especially on 20m, was amazing. Could always scare up big rates there.
Lots of casual guys who were willing to provide a QSO and did it very

15m was wide open both days, but no one was home. Couldn't get any responses
on SSB, but a steady rate on CW. Why is that? Its almost like people just
don't expect the bands to be open any more.

Got on for the last 15 minutes with the goal of finding N4PN on 75m SSB for
band/mode #10. First though, decided to call CQ on 40m. Wow! Worked 52
stations in 15 minutes!! Went to 75m with 30 seconds to go, but no luck
finding Paul.

Worked all states except DE. Most of the mults came from working DX in the ARI

Lots of breaks and time off. That made it even more fun when I returned to big

CW+PH/Mul by hour and band

Hour 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Cumm

2000Z - - 108/39 - - 108/39 108/39
2100Z - - 114/11 22/3 - 136/14 244/53
2200Z - - 4/0 45/3 - 49/3 293/56
2300Z - - - - - 0/0 293/56
0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 293/56
0100Z - - - - - 0/0 293/56
0200Z - 147/7 - - - 147/7 440/63
0300Z 106/11 15/2 - - - 121/13 561/76
0400Z 18/0 53/4 - - - 71/4 632/80
0500Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
0600Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
0700Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 632/80
0900Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
1000Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
1100Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
1200Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
1300Z - - - - - 0/0 632/80
1400Z - 17/0 74/8 2/0 - 93/8 725/88
1500Z - - 25/0 - - 25/0 750/88
1600Z --+-- --+-- 39/3 --+-- --+-- 39/3 789/91
1700Z - - 103/2 2/0 - 105/2 894/93
1800Z - - - - - 0/0 894/93
1900Z - - - - - 0/0 894/93
2000Z - - 133/3 - - 133/3 1027/96
2100Z - - 1/0 21/0 3/0 25/0 1052/96
2200Z - - - - - 0/0 1052/96
2300Z 1/0 52/0 - - - 53/0 1105/96

Total: 125/11 284/13 601/66 92/6 3/0
W1TO   Single Op LP   14,5342009-05-04 16:38:36
Part time effort from home when not at K1TTT.
NA4K   Single Op LP   26,6222009-05-04 17:14:24
Rained all weekend here in east Tennessee, shut down
a several times when the storms came through.
Good activity from the NE group and enough mobiles
to keep it interesting.

Steve NA4K
K8MR   Single Op LP   5,8142009-05-04 18:02:46
As normal, a couple of hours scattered around a weekend's activities. It was
nice the last hour of Sunday to have three bands open to NE at tne same time.

I hope the NE guys will use this opportunity to acquaint themselves with the
idea that QSO Parties are fun. It is all too often in our parties out here
that I end up missing seemingly commons W1 states such as Connecticut or Maine,
not to mention VT or RI.

CU all in Dayton next week!

Jim K8MR
KL8DX   M/S HP   3,6722009-05-04 18:36:37
Lots of activity this weekend but due to our extremely nice
weather, I spent all of Saturday outdoors. Sunday I found myself
in and out of the shack but managed to work a few contacts in
the QSO Party. The band was great, too.

Most worked mobiles were K1KI followed by N1RR. I tried to follow
and spot all that I could hear, since I was connected to the cluster.

100% S&P activity and thanks to those for pulling me out.

Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park, AK
K1XM   Single Op LP   124,8242009-05-04 19:15:29
I decided to use the NEQP to test the SO2R box I've been working on. I hacked
test program I was using with it to pretend it was a Winkey and MK2R and got it
talking to N1MM Logger.

It doesn't have a box yet, so I put it on the table near the radios and
carefully arranged things so it wouldn't short to the stuff nearby.

The beginning of the contest found me making cables. I only wired up the
headphone and CW key lines, so no phone for me. That's fine.

Overall the board worked OK. I'm not sure the audio switch performance is
sufficient but I'm going to have to make distortion measurements to find out.

Once I caught my foot on the headphone cable and pulled the board off the table
which tested the board's fuse circuitry. It worked, and I'm now on my last 1/2
amp fuse. Oh well, I've got some bigger ones in the basement.

It was fun to hear 15 and 10 open. I worked a whole lot of stations in
Tennessee. Thanks, guys!

The skip zone was such that I never heard most of the mobile stations. I
missed KH6 - my last state was Nevada. And I missed several VE mults.

See you at Dayton or in some other contest.
N1DC   Single Op LP   78,3722009-05-04 19:33:44
Thanks to Tom K1KI and the NEQP team for another great QSO party. This contest
is defintely a blast!

I set two goals this year: # 1 try to exceed 65K points. # 2 at a minimum
improve my Norfolk County MA record of 59,280 set back in 2007. I exceeded both
by an unexpected wide margin. Conditions were great on Saturday and more
challenging on Sunday. Overall I was very happy with my run rates and worked
about 95% of my QSO's via CQ.

I worked N4PN on 5 bands CW and 1 SSB. Worked N4DW, K1GU/4, N4AII and KU8E on
5 bands all CW. Special thanks to KU8E who gave me a heads up on a 10M opening.
This allowed me to pick up 19 stations on what I thought was a dead band. I
called CQ there a few times before the heads up with no results. These were my
first 10M QSO's in the past 2 years !!

Thanks to all the DX stations that called me and were patient enough to wait
for QRM to subside. Special thanks to OH2XX who called at 2350 on Sunday for a
new multiplier.


USA - worked 46 states - missed AR, HI, ND, SD
Canada - missed LAB, NF, PEI, BC, NUN, NWT, YT
DX - 11 countries

Worked many USA stations of the back of my beam trying to generate some EU
QSO's. Never heard anything from the Caribbean. Lots of comments about good SSB
runs by other stations but I didn't experience them. I got a few good signal
reports on 20 SSB but only 1 response from 20 minutes of calling CQ. 100W works
so much better on CW !

Station: TenTec Omni 7 100W
Antennas: 20/15/10M 4 element tribander at 30 ft, 80/40M dipoles at 30 ft.
Software: CT

Thanks for all the QSO's!
73 Rick N1DC
K1GQ   Single Op LP   140,4522009-05-05 04:18:26
Like Art, many band changes, but still missed 10m. New skill this old guy needs:
judging when to leave a "run" frequency after a packet spot flurry. 20 DX mults,
missed SD KH6 many provinces.

K3 100W (great radio)
Dipoles (ummm, not what I'm used too)
WinKeyer USB (great keyer)
K4KO   Single Op QRP   152009-05-05 10:32:34
Attend the Tennessee QSO Party - 1800z on Sunday, 6 September 2009. Visit for details.
AE1P/P   Single Op LP   44,4002009-05-05 19:11:26
Had a lot of fun operating /P from my brothers deer camp in
NH -Coos cnty. First test with new K3, I was impressed, though I did have some
problems on CW with keyer,still trying to tweak menu settings to fix.
Thanks to all who patiently worked me on CW,and thanks N4CW for help
with K3 keyer.

Hope to go back up next year,
It would be nice if NEQP gets moved ahead a week,
I wouldn't mind trying to concentrate on the 7QP instead of trying to work
Most memorable moment of weekend wasn't even in NEQso party, it was the great
qso Sunday nite with locals K1GZL and KB1IZU up here in Clarksville,
Thx Charlie and Bob !!!
Hope to eyeball with ya all next spring!!
N6KI   Single Op HP   20,8802009-05-06 02:14:38
Missed 1 County in CT, 3 in ME and 5 in VT ( even with K1KI and WA1Z mobiling
around !
W1HIS   Single Op HP   121,6802009-05-06 14:36:21
Single wire antenna used for all bands: 21 m long & 6 m high.
WO1N   Single Op LP   36,4102009-05-08 20:07:39
Station: FT1000D, C3-S@38' AlphaDelta DX-LB@50', R7, N1MM

OK, this was shooting-fish-in-a-barrel type of fun. Get on, find a hole, call
CQ and instant pile up. Promised K1KI 200Q's, ended up with 331. This contest
has seemed to have reached some sort of critcal mass. Lots of fun. Need to
figure out the tricks to working the 7QP, INQP and ARI guys at the same time.
Passed by lots of them, especially during Saturday.

K1ZZI was everywhere. Cool to work Kay, N3KN. 10 was probably more open than
activity demonstrates.

CU in the next one,

NZ1U(@KB1H)   M/S HP   104,0982009-05-11 04:58:41
Needed more CW QSOs but CW operator left Sunday on business. This contest is
really FUN!! Lots of QSOs handed out for 7QP as well.
K1KI/M   SO Mobile LP   199,0042009-05-11 06:41:48
Fewer counties than usual this time (20) but there was a big increase in
activity so it was fun staying longer in each one. Even visited a couple of
them twice. Hit all Vermont counties plus a couple in NH and MA and even had a
few from my driveway at the end just inside the CT line.

The front end of the VW and the antennas have a few more squashed bugs than
last year. Less snow in the shady areas in northern VT/NH. No sightings of
deer, moose or anything except dogs and cows. Found some really rocky roads
along the way. Discovered that the Smuggler's Notch road in VT is still closed
in early May so had to turn around near the pass. Nice views though! Nice to
have cheaper gas prices than last year.

-- Tom
N8II   Single Op HP   26,8452009-06-02 12:26:03
Topping 300 Q's wasn't bad, but activity was not overwhelming, espceially slow
Sunday from 14-18Z when activity on 40 was extremely low and the big guns on 20
were a whisper on backscatter. That was the bad. The good was 20 being open on
Es at the start (talk about operator overload, trying to work four QP's!) then
again starting around 1810Z. I had a great run on 20 phone from 1845-1920Z with
S9+ sigs even from western CT which is only about 300 miles away!
At the same time 15 was open, but not worth the slower rate. I tried a few CQ's
on 15 phone with no Q's. 20M reopened again around 2030-2140Z with lower
activity. Highlight of the rare counties was plenty of phone activity from
Nantucket Co., MA with 3 different stations worked! The 20M openings did allow
me to increase my mults up to 59 from 53 last year and phone Q total was way up
also. I was focused on the MARAC CW and INQP, so the score suffered accordingly.
I had a pipeline into NE on 40 for most of the QP, but phone activity was
disappointing and CW down from my last year total. Many thanks to the mobiles
WA1Z, K1KI, K1EP, and N1RR for some rare ones and maybe 40 Q's total, but
please hit 40 a bit more for us without a chance on 20 most of the time. It
looks like a 5th or 6th place finish which is the same ranking as last year,
with a much better score.