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IOTA Contest   2015   Jul 25   Comment Summary

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AEØEE   SO12Mixed LP   6442015-07-25 19:08:25
100 W, dipole up 20'.

Propagation conditions were bad. I fought with N1MM+ to find out how to log a
non-island station (still don't know, so I worked NA000). It was really
difficult to figure out who was an island station and who was not when they
were calling CQ.

In general, it wasn't very enjoyable. At least my log is short enough that I
can edit the island numbers and calculate the score manually.
K3MD   SO(A)12Mixed HP   175,8002015-07-25 19:23:47
Very poor condx at 1200, improved somewhat later. Very noisy on 40M.
AA3B   SO(A)12CW HP   946,4962015-07-25 21:33:31
5144 QSO points.
N3RS   SO(A)12CW HP   623,7572015-07-25 22:17:59
Many interruptions, so couldn't make it 12 Hrs. Tested my 2nd ACOM 2000A in the
SO2R setup & all worked well.

73 de Sig
OZ4CG   SO12CW LP   228,4902015-07-26 02:55:57
RIG: Kenwood TS590S (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8M
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5049.0

My contest ended as the antenna blow down to the ground at 07:09 UTC !!
NS9I   SO(A)24CW HP   248,0002015-07-26 04:04:25
Great contest - tnx to the sponsors - t u all for q's 73 Condx spotty up in the
Northwoods of WI!
MMØLID   SO12SSB LP   54,1142015-07-26 04:34:44
Part time effort. Was even more limited due to a power cut in the village for 9
hours during peak contest time. Bands were not fantastic but enjoyable during
the time on the air none the less. All qsos were S&P

73 and see you in the next one
Scott MM0LID
SO9T(SQ9ORQ)   SO(A)24SSB HP   2,050,6142015-07-26 05:03:01
See you in next year :)
OM2MM   SO12CW LP   114,3762015-07-26 05:06:26
used ANAN 100D, HF-9V, WinTest
LY5W   SO(A)12CW LP   445,1582015-07-26 05:08:14
Just for fun.
EU HFC and WAE DC - waiting me :)

73, Sam LY5W
YT2AAA   SO(A)24CW LP   1,161,4052015-07-26 05:10:03
IC-746 PRO + random wires from balcony
VE3UTT   SO(A)12CW HP   318,3702015-07-26 05:10:34

Condx pretty poor and very noisy with many thunderstorms.
K2ZR   SO12CW LP   47,1382015-07-26 05:18:30
Rig: K2 @ 90W Antennas: HX5Bi Hexbeam & Wires Log: N1MM
Conditions Poor!
TU for the QSOs
Dick, K2ZR
SK2T(SM2LIY)   SO(A)24CW HP   1,738,0922015-07-26 05:22:10
IC756 PRO III + ACOM 1000.
4 el on 10/15/20, wires on 40/80.
N1MM+ software.
73 Per SM2LIY
KS4X   SO(A)12Mixed QRP   5402015-07-26 05:35:10
qrp 1 watt ft-817 Yaesu a3s cushcraft antenna.
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SO(A)12CW LP   413,5052015-07-26 05:47:47
Mostly islands QSO's. Only S&P'ing no CQ
to avoid cheap QSO's with mainland stations.


73! Andy
N2BJ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   155,8402015-07-26 05:48:50
Lots of company and family activity. Got on very P/T when I could find an hour
here and there. Another contest = GREAT Conditions!!
W3HAC(KØOO)   SO12SSB LP   7382015-07-26 05:48:57
Hoping to give out a few points to those that may need it. This was a
maintenance weekend here to get it all in order for the fall season. Look
forward to hearing all on future contests. Great to speak to all.

Band and propagation conditions were down but that did not stop the crowds.

See you all in the next go round.

Pat K0OO
N1RR(@K1TTT)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   1,553,4162015-07-26 05:57:40
Conditions seemed to improve throughout the contest. Did not hear or work many
from Asia, deep OC and there was very little activity from Africa except EA8's
& FR4NT. 15M was skew path to KG6DX Saturday evening. Nothing ever heard on

Should I try a mobile operation from a W1 IOTA or go to an existing station ? I
want to! Or is there interest in YCCC to try an island expedition for next year

Thanks to Dave K1TTT for the use of the station. Dave does quite a lot for me
and the other guest ops throughout the year. Thank you Dave.

Our teammate Mike Perry, WM1K is still fighting cancer. He's spent 9 weeks in
Newton-Wellesley Hospital out of the last 14, as a result of the side effects
of the treatments. Please consider donating to help Mike :

Charlie N1RR
KM7N   SO12SSB LP   642015-07-26 06:23:14
Bands were not great, so I stuck with 20M. All S&P, but not much to find.
Wish I could count the number of times I called PJ4DX (who had a loud signal on
20 ALL DAY LONG) with no answer.....
K7ABV   SO24Mixed HP   2,8082015-07-26 06:23:53
Bands in poor shape for me...didn' spend much time, wasn't much to work, but
enjoyed the test anyhow...logging program led much to be desired for this test,
but, stumbled through with it anyhow..thanks to all for the q's...
GW4BLE   SO12SSB HP   1,157,6002015-07-26 06:28:31
First time to put in a reasonably competitive score, never been a great IOTA fan
in the past. Conditions were poor, but guess this isn't necessarily a 'DX'

Contest audio will be available on my audio site in about 24 hours time here:
KO7X   SO12Mixed HP   44,4602015-07-26 06:30:06
What awful conditions.
K4SXT   SO12CW LP   12,4042015-07-26 06:36:05
Conditions from my QTH in Melbourne, FL were a challenge for my low power,
stealth antenna challenged station. Admittedly, I did not spend much time
there, but 10 meters seemed totally dead and 15 held few signals. My objective
for the contest was to see if a home brew 80 meter loading coil would improve my
signal on that band and it did - I am pleased with the results. Many thanks to
everyone who had the patience to pull my weak signal from the noise.

IT9CLN   SO(A)24Mixed LP   471,3902015-07-26 07:03:01
SOA LP Mixed, Icom-IC 718+Microkeyer II, EndFed multiband antenna, N1MM+
K2QMF   SO(A)12CW HP   157,5842015-07-26 07:09:17
Location = NA-26
The Island of Long!!

It's good to be an IOTA!
OK2BFN   SO(A)12CW LP   652,0592015-07-26 07:15:04
73, Tom
NP2X(K9VV)   SO(A)12CW HP   313,8302015-07-26 07:42:20
Welcome to what conditions will be like as sunspots fade... :(
N3QE   SO(A)12CW HP   25,6652015-07-26 07:48:58
20M seemed decent enough in my late afternoon to EU and OC.

Saw no bad storms predicted for the night, and was hoping for an all-night joy
festival on 40M but 40M was painful. Weak signals and lots of static crashes,
but no storms visible on lightningmaps.

Next morning almost defected from CW to try to make a phone contact to work a
P29 on 40M but he never heard me. 40M a little better in the morning than the
night before.

Some 120Hz utility noise Sunday morning, but noise blanker worked well and even
had some Asiatic Russians and JA's call me!
VO1HP   SO24CW LP   358,3402015-07-26 08:10:38
K3; C3ss; 40m Sloper
VA7ST   SO12CW HP   3,8222015-07-26 08:15:53
Not a lot of time to devote to the poor conditions. Not much EU to work from out
here during the brief windows I was on.
9A6XX(@9A1P)   SO(A)12SSB HP   579,5312015-07-26 08:33:37
Just a couple of hours on air.

Nice fun as always.

Hrle - 9A6XX
SV5DKL   SO(A)12CW LP   303,3002015-07-26 08:46:46
CQn 99% of my operating time.
That was rather a "give-away" of EU-001 (Dodecanese) multiplier than
going for a high score, like in previous years.
Wasn't sure about available operating time. Started off for the 12-hour effort
and ended with just a bit under 8 hours on-air.
Propagation was one of the worst I've seen over RSGB IOTA Contest, in years!

73 and enjoy your holidays.

de Stathis, SV5DKL
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SO(A)24CW LP   8,5602015-07-26 09:04:53
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.16

Heard several IOTA stations on 10m but pile ups are huge, no success...

I believe 12 hours category in 24 hours contest simply reduces overall
Therefore, happy to submit logs in 24 hours category even Win-Test shows my op
time is only 4 hours.

73 Kazu
W9ILY   SO(A)12CW HP   172,2162015-07-26 09:23:39
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals.
9A/S54O   SO(A)12CW LP   166,3352015-07-26 09:30:31
Island Losinj

FT897 + dipole @2-12m
OE1HHB   SO24SSB LP   228,3152015-07-26 09:38:11
My first entry in the IOTA contest.

Rig: Kenwood TS-570D and vertical antennas on the balcony (MFJ-1675T for 80m
and MFJ-1979 for the other bands)
G5W(G3BJ)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   6,254,6302015-07-26 09:41:01
K9OM   SO24Mixed HP   507,0582015-07-26 09:54:18
Always a fun contest, it would have been more fun if the band condx had been
better. 10 was completely dead and 15 wasn't much better. 40 & 80 were
very noisy with heavy QRN. Thank God for 20-meters!

Dick- K9OM
DH8BQA   SO(A)12Mixed HP   757,1822015-07-26 10:00:23
Bad condx and just handing out a few QSOs and points every now and then. Neither
time nor motivation to do much more, sri. See you in the next one again! 73,
5P2I/P(OZ1BII)   SO12CW LP   66,4202015-07-26 10:11:53
Island Expedition: EU-172 ENDELAVE

Rig: Elecraft K3 100 Watt
Ant: Diamond BB7V 7mtr Vertical

See you in the next CW contest.
N1LI(K1DG)   SO12Mixed HP   330,0502015-07-26 10:53:06
Busy weekend, part-time operation to give out the multiplier. Surprised to work
another NA-137 station...first time in quite a while.


Doug K1DG
K6JEB   SO(A)24Mixed LP   6,6882015-07-26 11:10:53
The noise levels were so bad here (S-9) I could barely hear anyone during the
day, though most hear me fine. Using a Yaesu FT-857D into a Cushcraft A3S Yagi
up 10m and a ground-mounted Butternut HF9V vertical with 83 radials for the low
VE3VV   SO(A)12CW HP   22,2002015-07-26 11:17:46
[log removed from comments]

NAME: ted hughes
ADDRESS: 968 Germain st
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5049.0
WB2AIV   SO(A)12SSB HP   6302015-07-26 11:26:50
Operated about 4 hours in three spurts. Lots of QRN and QSB.
W9AV   SO(A)12Mixed HP   23,3702015-07-26 11:46:41
Not too much activity and sharing time with the County Hunters Contest.
PJ4DX   SO24SSB HP   2,375,2202015-07-26 11:49:29
Conditions dire for the first 7 or 8 hours but then 20m opened nicely to Europe
with some great pile-ups. I managed to hold the prime 'DX frequency' of 14195
for hours! Only 2 QSOs on 10m, and one of those was less than 1km away! 40m
and especially 20m were good in the end, 15m and 80m disappointing. Once again
there was very little activity from the Caribbean and, apart from those few
NA stations on IOTA islands, most USA stations gave me serial 001. A few USA
stations seemed confused by the rules and gave NA- followed by their serial
number, e.g. NA-005, even if they were miles from any island. Rig: Yaesu
FT-2000, Acom 1500 amp at 1kW to Spiderbeam at 10m high, 40m pair of phased
verticals, 80m single quarter-wave vertical. See you next year. 73 Steve PJ4DX.
IT9RBW   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,261,9202015-07-26 12:07:29
I decided only 5 minutes before the start . My rotor has stopped to nord . I
lost many multipliers . I started at 1400 gmt , bad conditions on air.

Icom 756 pro 3
antenna 3 elem tagra @ 6m
500 w

Thanks all and 73 de

NG7Z   SO(A)12CW LP   1,6022015-07-26 12:27:19
I was in and out of the "shack" all day long so a lot of dial spinning
looking for folks to work. CQing was not productive at all given the propagation
conditions so all S&P. However, I did work NA-169 and OC-013 for two new
ones which brings my IOTA count to 367. I met Bruce Osterberg, the IOTA
checkpoint at Visalia in April and he remembered me. Probably because the last
batch of cards I sent was over 100! Europe was non existent with my tiny ears
so no joy with new ones there. Anyway, even though the QSO count and score is
pretty shabby, I was pleased to take something away from the contest. Cheers
and 73, Paul NG7Z
WX4G   SO(A)24Mixed HP   349,9282015-07-26 12:41:20
My contest expectations were diminished in the first 15 minutes when I heard
only BV9A and JA6LCJ from Asia...and no Oceania...leaving Europe and
North/South America. North/South America are notoriously low on
IOTA's..Leaving Europe. but Europe was working Europe...and it was almost
impossible to break thru...and virtually none of the Europeans had signals over
55. With 8 QSO's in the first hour..I decided to look for new IOTA's instead of
contesting....and found it was not a total waste. Yes...conditions got
better on 20 and 40 later...and signals improved...but nothing like last year.
I had hoped to work several B0OK...or B2/BY1CW..or B4/BA4TB..but
never heard any over 459...and they were working Asia and Europe. I also was
hoping to work PX8K...but before, during and after the contest, I have never
heard him. Well...their is always next year..

Thanks to all Bob WX4G
VY2TT(K6LA)   SO24Mixed HP   4,068,6252015-07-26 12:45:48
Conditions were marginal. 20m was the money band when it was open.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
OH5TS   SO(A)24CW HP   2,533,8002015-07-26 13:11:14
Nice contest as always!
I forgot to close the cluster when configurimg the contest in a hurry and
realized only after about one hour that I had cluster on. So I put me into the
assisted the first time ever. I did use the cluster somewhat on Sunday when
conditions became really poor. Lot on heavy static rain on Sunday, too. Just
used time to get mults then.
The rig is a K3 and a Drake L4B amp, 600 w out, a new 3 stack of AD-223
tribanders to main direction and a jp-2000 tribander to + 120 degrees, KLM 40M2
on 40 m and two guy wires fed parallel as half slopers on 80 m, all in my 30 m
high tower.
VE7JH(@VE7UF)   SO24CW HP   998,0452015-07-26 13:22:29
Big thanks to VE7UF for letting me play with his station again.

Conditions leading up to the contest were very poor but I set the ambitious
goal of meeting my 1000 QSO / 1M point goal. Came close but no cigar.

Europe was only possible on 20m, but there sure were a lot of stations on. Most
of the time I was slugging it out with casual operators in the USA who luckily
showed up in great numbers and padded the 40m and 15m log.

Of the 86 IOTA I contacted many are new ones for me and I sure appreciate the
efforts of the expeditioners who activate those rare ones.

My thanks to those who QSY'd with me for mults and apologies to those whose
requests I could not accomodate.

Log will be sent in to RSGB if you need credit for NA-036 and QSL is always
100% via buro or direct.

Gabor, VE7JH
PJ4V(PJ4LS)   SO(A)24CW HP   1,421,4602015-07-26 13:26:07
All stations mni tnx for Q'ing PJ4V.
Me pj4ls and Steve pj4dx were planning for multi op mixed mode, but had a lot
of problems with networking the laptops. So on thursday we decided to go for
single op. First hours conditions were not as advertised. I found that due to a
big signal from PJ4V, the pile-ups were so huge and signals were so loud, that
it was very difficult to be quick in logging.
So many stations were calling that I have to wait for every qso until it became
a bit quite to answer.
David NA2AA made a lot of promotion on Facebook for the PJ4V operation.

I wish I set up the beverage for this contest, hi.
Anyway I enjoyed what I have done and looking forward to do the IOTA mixed
multi op for next year!
Next to do now is looking at the waves around the island because of the heavy
After that we are having dinner and a good glas of Scotch.
Hpe to su next contest
AF6GA   SO12CW LP   1,2872015-07-26 13:57:46
Just dropped in every couple of hours tuning up and down 20 and 40 to try and
pick up some new counters.

K3/100, 107ft EFW inv-L.
K1IMI(N4CW)   SO12CW LP   183,4382015-07-26 14:13:21
Rough first four hours. Glad conditions improved at least a little! Next year I
plan to put on NA-55, only about 5 miles away from this QTH. Lots of VERY good
ops out there! 73, Bert N4CW/K1IMI
VA3RKM   SO12CW QRP   8472015-07-26 15:22:41
KX3, 5w, verticals. Not the best conditions for QRP. Thanks for working a weak
VK3JA   SO(A)24Mixed LP   56,2982015-07-26 16:16:21
Just a few hours available but always a fun contest.
K6CSL   SO12CW LP   5342015-07-26 18:03:40
I love hunting for those islands. Wish I had more time to get on. The E51 and
OH0 were great. 73's, Bert, K6CSL
K4BAI   SO12Mixed HP   316,8632015-07-26 18:26:29
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Ten meters seemed
always dead and 15M was almost the same. Only a few USA QSOs and a few Pacific
Ocean stations were possible on that band. 20M seemed weak to Europe for most
of the contest. 40 and 80M both seemed good for summer time. Thanks for all
QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
N2GC   Multi-Op HP   1,328,0552015-07-26 19:19:35
Another year of poor conditions for IOTA. As baseball fans in Brooklyn used to
say "wait till next year". We also have some new power line noise to
track down. We were deaf on all of 15 and the phone end of 20. Despite the poor
conditions and line noise we still had fun when the bands were open.
IV3BCA/IV3   SO12Mixed LP   422,5602015-07-26 22:01:55
Bad propagation
ten meter closed
running QARtest + TS 850 + DSP 100 and multidipole from Holiday House
73 de IV3BCA Paolo
ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SO(A)24CW HP   290,8802015-07-26 23:19:51
Very hard work indeed.

But after all this is a QRP/lower power/simple antennas Euro-centric contest
and southern hemisphere winter propagation is always poor ZL-Europe, our summer
propagation is must better to Europe. Without the JA's the contest would not be
worth bothering with, plus the 20 VK qso's and the steady but slow rate of
qso's with NA stations kept me awake.

My island station qso summary was:

7 41 4 11 18 1
14 20 13 9 13
21 47 2 10
Totals 108 17 21 41 1

Total islands: 188. Total non-islands: 248

Only 47 Eu qso's including just 5 with G/GM/MD stations.

Rig: IC-7600, 800w, triband yagi and 7MHzGP

In a few days time propagation will of course be much better to Europe, because
its the WAE CW contest! I hope to make around 750 Eu qso's instead of just 47.

73 Frank
9A7T(9A2EU)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   3,279,6332015-07-27 00:58:04
98% QSOs with IOTA stations. Conditions were very poor and 80 meters was
suffering from big QRN crashes from nearby storms.
W1END   SO12CW LP   15,1062015-07-27 04:31:16
Started out doing a lot of searching and very little pouncing. But conditions
improved towards the evening. Actually was able to do some CQing.
Thanks for the islands.
FTdx5000 and Butternut HF6V,

Eldon - W1END
G9W(MØDXR)   SO12CW LP   452,0002015-07-27 05:00:03
Conditions didn't seem their best this year. Nice that 15 and 10 had a few
signals on the Sunday morning which allowed me to work a few IOTA mults on
these bands. All QSOs were with my new Butternut HF9V vertical antenna. High
noise level made it difficult however.
Thanks for all the QSOs! 73, Mark M0DXR (G9W)
IQ3ME/P   Multi-Op HP   3,608,9302015-07-27 06:32:41
Contest from EU-131.
VY2LI   SO12SSB HP   45,9902015-07-27 08:43:07
A few hours of play. Condx rough until I swung the beam stateside.Horrendous
noise level to the NE which had me considering packing things in during the
first hour. Mostly ran, which is reflected in the low mult count. 73,Bill
IT9BLB(@IB9T)   SO(A)12CW HP   1,278,0602015-07-27 09:50:48
Sharing the station with another SO-12H effort, I run just
the first 12 hours without any plan or strategy.
Conditions were really poor: 10m death, 15m not so interesting,
all people on 20m, 40m and 80m noisy here but good for some
Qs and Mults.

See you in next one!

one of IB9T
AA4V   Multi-Op HP   557,0302015-07-27 10:54:39
My friend, Dave, K8AJA and I operated the first 11 hours of the contest. This
contest operation was a learning experience for Dave who had never operated a
contest other than field day. Despite the poor conditions, we had fun and
hopefully welcomed a new contester. Set-up was K3, ACOM 2000A, 3 el. Steppir at
60 feet and vertical 0n 40 in the salt water. N1MM plus worked flawlessly.
N4YDU(@W4O)   Multi-Op LP   715,9152015-07-27 11:14:57
The weather started out rainy as we arrived on Ocracoke Island, NC on Thursday
afternoon. We waited for three hours until we began setting up at the NPS
campground. As it turned out, the WX was FB with cool temps and a nice breeze
through our departure on Sunday morning.

The campground does not have electricity, so we were 100 percent battery power.
Kaz did an excellent job of setting up the solar panels and batteries. We were
thankful to get an additional solar panel from good friend WB8YJF who was also
on the island to participate in the contest.

In addition to the electrical setup, Kaz did a fantastic job with antenna
supports. We used various fishing poles and military mast sections to erect a
dual band 40/20 inverted vee (about 30 feet in the air) along with an inverted
L for 80M. We also set up a 2 element tribander at 18 feet on a separate mast.
The antennas worked FB but propagation was sluggish for the most part. We did
get a really good opening to Europe on 20M for about two hours. Nice to work
VY2TT on 10 meters.

The Elecraft K2 worked well - it was perfect for this application.

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Nate/N4YDU
DKØMM(DJ7IK)   SO(A)24CW HP   2,073,8242015-07-27 13:54:17
W2CDO   SO(A)12CW HP   42,1892015-07-27 17:27:40
Lousy condx, lots of islands to work. Thanks RSGB.
GØDWV   SO12SSB HP   351,6252015-07-28 01:55:03
Short time entry due to family time clashes, tree fell down morning of contest
and had to be dealt with causing a late start. Operating times were low rate
times and band conditions didnt seem great, so not a real full on entry. I had
fun worked and some nice DX but 8.13 hours is hardly a competetive entry, must
try harder.
Thanks for all the Qs see you next year
73 Chris
9A8CV(S53V)   SO(A)12CW LP   184,9552015-07-28 03:20:41
Poor condx and heavy storm. Using FT 897D + multiband vertical antenna
9A/OK1RS   Multi-Op LP   477,3402015-07-28 04:18:24
TS-480 100W + triple leg vertical

Holiday style contest with my XYL from Pag Island, EU-170. Very poor condx
especially on 15 and 10m.We lost electricity for 4 hours. During the night was
big thunderstorm and we were QRT. We can spend only 12 hours on the bands due
this reasons.

Thanks to all for calling.

73 Ondra OK1CDJ
AB1NE   SO(A)24SSB HP   56,7422015-07-28 04:35:55
Conditions were pretty poor. I used this as a "dry run" as it was the
first contest I participated in after joining YCCC, first contest with more
than casual effort, first time using N1MM logger and first time using
Good fun!
N6AR   SO12Mixed HP   420,2102015-07-28 05:46:37
Just awful conditions here!
DK8ZZ   SO(A)24Mixed LP   3,711,4492015-07-28 07:43:04
IOTA Contest 2015 :)

This year once again active in World Category.
Island activity makes more fun :)

10m in DL almost dead. 20m was winning band, despite no condx for Asia/Far

CU in 2016
XM2I   Multi-Op HP   1,424,8402015-07-28 10:10:19
Beautiful temperature for installation. Rainstorm for disassembly.

Very poor condition. As usual, 10m was dead but the 15m was dead also this
year. 18 QSO gave 18 Multi on 15m but we needed 800w to be copied in EU through
their local QRM.

20m was good by moment by not easy to stop a rare good RUN to work multi. 40m
was very QRN Saturday evening. Very low activity between 06:00-10:00Z (25 Q).
Many NA IOTA gave you 001 or 002 for exchange. They worked us for the prefixe
not for the contest.

Despite all a lot of fun and good food.

See you next year somewhere on NA128


K3/P3 + Ameritron AL-80B

K3/P3 + ACOM 1010

Hy-Gain TH3MK3 up 10m

SteppIr 2 el up 10m

quarter wave vertical on 40m

Dipole on 80m
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   4,204,2502015-07-29 00:05:05
Had problems with 80m antenna so could only run 100w with radios ATU.
Enjoyed contest especially when 10m opened on Sunday Thanks for all who took
part 73 Norman
9A9J(9A7ZZ)   SO(A)12SSB LP   466,5932015-07-29 12:59:57
FT-450 ,OB11-3 ,vert.quad for 40 & vert obl.for 80
PI4COM(PD9DX)   SO24SSB HP   961,5202015-07-29 16:23:25
I decided to join the IOTA contest, for me the first time as a non island
station. I took advantage from the pi4com contest location. I've done this
contest once before but that was from an Island I didn't knew what I had to
expect as a non Island station in this contest, but at least i was hoping for
lots activity and a lot of fun. I participated in the World Single operator
unassisted ssb 24H HP Category, with the callsign PI4COM.

On Saturday morning at 08.00 UTC I arrived on the Contest location, Ronald
PA3EWP and Kees PA3BWD were there too for other activities. We had a problem
this morning. a rare summer storm was expected with windspeeds up to 90 miles
per hour, during the preperation of the station ,the windspeed increased more
and more and had to turn the beams for 15 and 20 meters in safe positions. At
12:00 UTC the contest began and I decided to start on 7 Mhz, a day before the
contest ,Florian PB8DX put a Low 7 mhz dipole for me in the tower, I was very
happy because the dipole was working extremely well, although the conditions
were not so good. I had some good runs on this band,later in the afternoon when
the storm had passed, I checked 21 mhz but the conditions on this band were very
poor,and after some S&P I went to 14 mhz. This band was much better, and
this is how the whole contest continued till the end. sometimes i changed from
bands and between running and S&P although the conditions were not good on
28 and 21 mhz. The number of stations who participated in this contest was
actually very good. During a nice opening

to North America on 14 mhz I was called by HC8/G8OFQ and by S79OWZ, a very nice
surprise during the contest,but at the same time I heard nothing else from the
Caribbean. Saturday night at 01:30 UTC I went QRT till the
morning 06:00 UTC. On Sunday morning I started again on 7 mhz, but the
conditions were still not very good, same thing on 21 mhz. I heard nothing from
VK and worked only one JA till the end of the contest. I searched again and
called on various bands, but on Sunday I had to do a lot more effort to make
points. Sunday at 12:00 utc, it was the end of the contest and I made a totall
of 1120 Qso's and worked 140 IOTA, claimed score 961,520 points.

I don't now if it's good for the first time. I guess I had to work more islands
but I am quite happy for the first time about this contest, and i am looking
forward to the next year!

Florian, Ronald and Kees thanks again for making this beautiful contest weekend

on behalf Dervin de PD9DX.
9A8RR   Multi-Op HP   15,217,5302015-08-01 04:54:29
Thanks for contest.
Very poor propagation on Saturday, 10 m completely dead , poor 15 m . Usable
only 20 m and low bands.
Better was on Sunday with nice opening on 10 M.
TK5KP(F5MZN)   SO24SSB HP   3,677,4452015-08-01 08:41:06
Taking part to this IOTA was a last minute decision. I unfortunately started to
operate with more than one hour late due to a problem with my SO2R equipment.
Unexpected propagation conditions, with an nice 10m shorts skip opening on
Sunday morning. Amazing VK/ZL signals on 40 meters! Nevertheless, at nightfall
the signals have become very weak, and I wondered what I was doing there,
rather than enjoying some Mojitos at the beach! In addition, I have not been
careful enough to spare my voice during the first hours of operation and I
thought I would never be able to finish the contest! No sweeties nor medicine
under hand, just some stewed fruits... Anyway, as usual it was a nice contest.
Hope to see you next year!
ESØU   Multi-Op LP   5,530,5602015-08-02 05:20:20
Rigs: 2 * ELECRAFT K3,
Antennas: 2*Cushcraft X-7, rotable dipole for 40m, GP for 80m
LZ1DLZ   SO(A)12SSB LP   110,7002015-08-03 05:34:54
Worked from Vitosha montain 1800 m asl.
Antennas - Foldable Hex beam and inverted V,s for 40 and 80 with a common feed
point on a telescopic military mast mounted on a trailer. Power from the
vehicle's alternator. Rig TS-480.
OL5Y   SO(A)24Mixed HP   3,676,7502015-08-05 07:10:46
It was a lot of fun searching for IOTA stations. I used for the first time my
new antenna: the stack of SpiderBeams (17m + 25m height). It works very well,
it fulfill what I was looking for.
K1VSJ   SO12Mixed LP   155,4902015-08-10 18:29:46
From NA-46, Martha's Vineyard
Icom 756 pro 3, 100 watts
Mosley TA-33jr @ 30ft, HF2V vertical
VE3KTB/VYØ   SO24SSB LP   123,9152015-08-13 20:28:16
Conditions seemed to be pretty good on my end. Would have liked to have worked
longer, but needed to be able to work in the morning. Didn't hear much from
the Pacific unfortunately.
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,224,2802015-08-16 02:21:01
The propagation left a lot to be desired. Glad to be able to snatch a few new
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   991,4402015-08-18 19:14:21
Condx were pretty dismal and lots of QRN = tough to stay motivated.

Still, I did catch a handful of new IOTAs in the mix so it wasn't all bad.
Thanks to RSGB and all the island DXpeditioners!

73, Mike K9NW