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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2013   Mar 30   Comment Summary

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W1KQ   SOAB HP   222,7802013-03-31 17:14:02
Easter and Granddaughter's birthday made this a not so serious effort. Got a
certificate in the mail for first place 2012 for WPX SSB 1st Call Area
tri-band/Single Element. Not even close this time. Still had fun while it
VE3RZ   SO(A)AB HP   1,607,9522013-03-31 17:14:22
Thanks for all the Qs
WA7PRC   SOAB LP   137,5882013-03-31 17:14:31
Not bad for all S&P and not being able to sit in the chair for long periods
of time! Many stations were VERY loud!
VY2LI   SOSB40(TS) HP   459,4662013-03-31 17:14:50
Thanks for the Qs.Happy Easter!73,Bill
K6RIM   SO(A)AB HP   219,7602013-03-31 17:14:54
Just horsing around with new radio (Kenwood TS-990S).
VA2UTC   SOAB LP   34,3442013-03-31 17:15:56
Bettered my score and QS by quite a margin from 2011.
W3UL   SO(A)AB HP   104,8252013-03-31 17:16:14
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 8 14 5
7 33 104 16
14 103 244 77
21 83 196 63
28 15 41 14
Total 242 599 175
Score: 104,825
K7FLI   SO(A)AB LP   19,1782013-03-31 17:16:25
Wow. My first SSB WPX, and it was FUN! Another part-time S&P effort, but
with a goal in mind this time--reach the 100-Q level. Not only did I reach it,
I managed to exceed it by a few--A first for me! 40 still seems full of
alligators for me, but since this is becoming a common theme, Im starting to
think that it is me...20, 15, and 10 were good to me thugh, so I am further
motivated to finally put my tri-band vertical up (still only wires here).
VE7YU   SOSB10 LP   5,6282013-03-31 17:16:26
80M OCF dipole
YW5W(YV5TX)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   383,0842013-03-31 17:17:13
ANT: G5RV @ 10m
POWER: 100w
KB5DRJ   SOAB LP   2,7602013-03-31 17:17:20
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.0
NAME: David S Lund
ADDRESS: 2005 Victoria Rd
ADDRESS: Carrollton, TX 75007
KB8O   SOAB LP   380,6002013-03-31 17:17:26
With Easter on Sunday there was not much time for radio... With only 12 hours at
best I was able to rack up over 500 Q's. Thanks to all that I qso'ed with 73
till the next one...

Jay KB8O
KK6P(W7IV)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   750,2002013-03-31 17:18:30
The Girlfriend saw a snake in the shack and I had to get my own meals.

I got some boots and kept calling CQ. Lost some time travelling to/from the

My amplifier broke, then the ionosphere broke.

Ionosphere fixed itself - I'm hoping the amplifier will do the same.
N9GUN   SO(A)AB LP   14,2202013-03-31 17:18:34
Part time for a few hours....Bands not very good.
NF4A   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   3,916,3232013-03-31 17:19:42
Had some work related interruptions but was able to put in 32 hours. Certainly
not my best effort. Bands (20,15 and 10) were much better here on Sunday. Log
is uploaded to LOTW.
SJ2W(SM2WMV)   SOSB20 HP   7,202,0132013-03-31 17:19:51
Aweful propagations at the beginning of the contest. The first 40 minutes were
decent, but then it was downhill. I decided there was no idea to continue and
took offtime. When I woke up after a couple of hours the band was still dead,
so I slept a bit more and when I woke up again 20m was still quite bad, so I
wasted most of my off-time during the first day, which I guess was a good
choice. However it ended up being the way that I lost about 2 hours of the 36h
op-time, however I doubt it would have generated many QSOs.

The score is a claimed new Scandinavian record, but I don't know if I have been
accurate enough for it to pass log check. I tried my best, but there were so
extremely many QSOs that were pulled out of the noise because of the quite
varying propagations. Sunday was decent and it looked good but some small
aurora on Sunday evening made the rate drop. However it picked up great by the
end so I could speed above the current record. I am very happy about the result
considering how the propagations were.

It was really fun to follow the progress of the SH3Y team, a bunch of young
kids from all over Europe who went to SK3W and operated the contest in the M/M
category, shattering the current Swedish record. Congrats!

6/6/6el + 5el + 4el @EU
FT1000 MKV + ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)

Check the website to follow the progress of the SJ2W build,
PY1PL   SOSB10(TS) LP   1,085,0602013-03-31 17:20:55
5 qso in 15m only check log

See my qrz.
KG9Z   SOSB40(TS) HP   91,3322013-03-31 17:21:11
Really had fun. Fun to work many SMC club members. Running old SB-200 since my
AL-80B died. Single band 40M with a dipole at 40 feet. Condx were good, but
only heard one JA Sunday morning.
W4EE   SO(A)AB LP   282,0642013-03-31 17:21:26
TS-440 es G5RV
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
WO8CC(N8BJQ)   SOAB HP   2,400,2402013-03-31 17:22:22
This was a lot of work. Very strange conditions here. Not much to Asia until
the last hour or so. Not many Russians and strangely not many G's. Nothing
broke except my voice at the end. Tnx to N8NR for the use of the club call.
KE3X   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   138,0002013-03-31 17:23:02
After spending the week in Utah skiing with the family, returned to DC in time
to hit spots for the last 3 hours. Conditions did not seem too great. 73,

KCØMO(KØOU)   SOAB QRP   315,8542013-03-31 17:24:54
Strange condx and rapid QSB made finishing a QRP contact difficult. Lost a few
Q's because they didn't get my ROGER that the had it ok- geez. Oh well, the cw
portion will be better. TNX for digging me out.
VE9AA   SOAB HP   2,129,4722013-03-31 17:26:21
Condx Friday and most of Saturday up here = Terrible. 99.9% S&P
Wasn't until well into Sunday things improved enough I could run whatsoever.

Working Indonesia and China LP.
RANDY (K5ZD disguised) : asking me if I had set any trees on fire with my 10m
antenna....had me laughing out loud (LOL) for real !

Prop on Friday until Sunday mid morning. :-(

Thanks for all the calls.

Mike VE9AA
WØPAN   SOAB LP   99,7922013-03-31 17:26:36
15 was the money band for me in AZ. QSB on 10 and 20 was very bad leading to
some Terrors in copy. I had laryngitis all week so it was a rough go at times
- need a CW contest when that happens. Vox's don't work well when you have a
cough - thanks to a foot switch was able to keep it rolling. Always great to
work the old friends on the various bands. Some go back to the 60s! I like
the new score submittal form. N1MM and all the guys working on the logger have
made contesting fun and deserve a huge thank you from all of us in their labor
of love for contesting. The newcomers can't imagine what we used to do before
the 1980 computer revolution.
N5TIT   SO(A)AB QRP   13,7762013-03-31 17:26:45
This was a hard fought contest for me. My station is a wimpy station at best
with only a 75 foot end fed insulated wire laying on a 45 degreed roof facing
north. With running QRP on top of that it was a battle for almost every QSO.
I can only remember a small hand full of Q's that I did not have to repeat
several times either my call or the exchange. Above the station and category
limitations I had a great time. I did notice that the 80M activity was mostly
below 3800 khz so not really much opportunity as a general for Q's there so I
concentrated on 40 and 20 meters mostly after sunset. I guess it is time to
start studying for my extra to open up that part of 80M. During the daylight
hours I was able to do good on 15M with a few Q's on 10M. 10M did provide a
bit of a challenge as most stations were to my south and the main angle of
radiation was north so stations to my south had a hard time hearing my signal.
Thanks to all the stations for the Q's and will look forward to CQ WPX CW in
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)AB HP   602,7422013-03-31 17:26:47
Only had a few hours available the first day. Sounds like condx were better on
the second day.

73, Mike K9NW
N3QE   SO(A)SB160 QRP   12013-03-31 17:27:02
I had a phone QSO and it wasn't so bad. Took a lot of tries though.
AB2E   SO(A)AB HP   565,8202013-03-31 17:27:13
Just in a few hours to give out points.

Antennas: all wires
15m delta loop
20m delta loop
40m delta loop
80m inverted L
160m inverted L

Rig: Icom 756 Pro III/Acom 2000A
Had a few good runs and had fun.
73 Darrell AB2E
TM5A(F5VHJ)   SOAB HP   2,452,8982013-03-31 17:27:14
Big mistake to operate from home. Usually do not do so and for a good reason.
Too many Easter holiday distractions kept me out of the chair so this was just
21 hours of operating. 15 meters on Saturday was dismal to USA. 15 to USA
picked up on Sunday.
Thanks to all for the QSOs!
K6TU   SOAB HP   2,189,4902013-03-31 17:28:13
FlexRadio 5000 with Alpha 9500
Steppir DB-18E at 50', 80m dipole, 55' top loaded vertical for 160

With the geomag storm that started early Friday, I got off to a terrible slow
start and as Saturday dawned, I was way off the pace I had wanted. I should
have remembered Winston Churchill's "Never, Never, Never give up!"
and stuck to

After no JA's on 15 on Friday afternoon, my expectations were NIL for the
Saturday afternoon. Boy was I wrong! I had a three hour run of my life on
15 and got back in the game. Even motivated me to set the alarm clock earlier
than usual to hit 40m.

I finished with my best score ever in this event - greatly helped by a
spectacular (at least for cycle 24) opening to EU on 15m Sunday that lasted
well into the afternoon.

Tired but happy - thanks to everyone for the QSOs - there were some amazing
QSO counts - I suspect quite a few records fell this weekend despite Old Sol
and his best plans.

Stu K6TU

Points credited to CCCP - Contest Club California Peninsula.
VO1JNS   M/S LP   4,061,3762013-03-31 17:29:12
We decided to try the Multi Single for this contest, bands conditions were
better on Sunday but not all that great overall.
Thanks for the contacts, lots of fun!

Icom7600, 100 watts
Mosley classic 33 at 56ft and 80/40 dipole.

VA7IR   SOSB10(TS) LP   5,7962013-03-31 17:30:03
Well the 10 meter band sure fizzled for those of us near the 53 latitude.
but i stuck in there and worked what i could hear and they could hear me.
no JA,s? nothing from europe. no russians? well they have been on there but
the signals were not coming into western Canada..just about wore out the dial
spinning it up and down the band. oh well maybe the sun will be nice next
73,s to all Ken Williamson VA7IR
NE5LL(N1CC)   SO(A)AB LP   781,2882013-03-31 17:30:12
Rig: FT-990 100W
Antennas: Force-12 C3E @ 40', Alpha Delta DX-LB Inverted Vee with apex at 40',
DX Engineering 43' vertical w/remote tuner and 32 radials.

First contest since Open Heart Surgery 4 weeks ago (3 bypasses and 1 Heart
Valve) WPX used as stanima building exercise.

Conditions were not optimum, about 50% of the contacts were made by running.
Best score from here in Texas running this mode - 2010-2011-2012 were lower
scores and I won 5th Call area 1st Place each year. So the individual
challenge of recovering from heart surgery and doing a good job was well worth
this effort.

73, Jim
WB5AAR(N5RZ)   SOSB80 HP   122,4272013-03-31 17:30:48
Thanks to all for the QSO's.

73, Gator
K7JQ   SOAB(TS) HP   402,7442013-03-31 17:32:06
Seems like last years' conditions were better, as the mults were harder to come
by this weekend. Through Saturday, I thought Europe fell into the ocean...nary
a peep at my QTH. Fortunately, Sunday morning and early afternoon showed some
EU action on 15 and a little on 20, although not too strong nor plentiful. I
always have a problem piercing the east coast (and mid-west) curtain anyway. 40
was REAL noisy (static) early Sunday morning, and 10 was disappointing (again).

As always, had fun, and looking forward to the CW WPX. Thanks for the Q's.

Icom IC-7600; THP HL-1.5KFX amp; ground-mounted screwdriver antenna.

73, Bob, K7JQ
AB1OC   SO(A)AB HP   2,074,1802013-03-31 17:33:08
Mostly worked this one for CQ WPX awards and DX.
N7RQ   SO(A)SB15 HP   825,8602013-03-31 17:33:52
A part-time effort that turned into a funfest after a dubious first night. With
too many commitments on my plate going into this weekend, I decided just to get
the club a few points. When Europe came up out of the soup Saturday morning,
the fun started. I ran stations for awhile in the afternoon, and worked a
healthy number of JA contesters. Sunday morning, much improved solar
conditions pulled the stops out and I was dragged in like a hooked fish. It's
just too hard to walk away from a feast like the one contesters enjoyed on 15
meters Sunday. Many thanks to my OM Bob K8IA who sacrificed his birthday
festivities to support my efforts. Now that's love! Thanks to all the AOCC
Outlaws who stopped by, and to casual contesters who took time to give out
points just for fun. The free-for-all atmosphere really makes CQ WPX the best
contest fun of the year!
K3TUF   SO(A)AB HP   140,1402013-03-31 17:34:26
I got on to work out a new 15 meter antenna. Worked some new entities, so I am
pleased with the performance.
Phil K3TUF
K9CT   M/2 HP   14,214,8632013-03-31 17:35:07
Our goal was to break the W9 M/2 record. We accomplished the goal but had no
idea it would be possible after the first few hours. Propagation was difficult
and the low bands were noisy with storms in the area. Thankfully, the bands
improved steadily as prop improved. No real rate on any bands but still had
some good runs. Lots of surprises with some good openings over the pole on the
second evening.

Pete, K9PW joined the team for the first time. We had a solid team but could
have used one more person. Easter holiday affected everyone's plans to some
degree and made it more difficult to nail down the team members. Not the best
weekend for this contest.

Thanks for the QSOs and fun on the bands. We are looking forward to the cw

73, Craig K9CT
KBØEO   SOSB40 HP   368,0002013-03-31 17:35:46
Planning this contest for Easter weekend was a major malfunction.

I had a limited amount of time to spend on this contest - my family
participates in all the Holy Week activities and Masses at church. I figured I
would be able to get on late at night only, so decided to go for single band 40
meters. Friday night I got home from church and fired up the contest starting
around 9:30 pm - difficult to make QSOs in EU due to all the QRM, but managed a
few. I had a very good run of USA and Canada stations Friday. I got on for a
little on Saturday morning and worked some JAs and VKs - not too strong.
Saturday night after the Easter vigil Mass, I got on for about 1.5 hours
starting at 11:00 pm - once again, a pretty good run of USA and Canada with a
few non-NA stations mixed in.

Sunday morning there was S9+10 QRN, so only made a couple of QSOs before
heading up to church. I finished off the contest Sunday evening after all the
company had left. There was some clown who kept deliberately QRMing me with
some kind of a video signal that was S9+40 - I would get a clear frequency,
then he would find me and start hammering away. Every time I moved, he found
me. I listened around and heard him doing it to other stations. Happy Easter -
I hope he got great enjoyment out of making other people miserable.

I decided not to activate any other bands so that I would not be distracted
from taking care of all of the Holy Week duties - seemed to work out OK.

This is still one of my favorite contest formats - everyone works everyone. I
hope next year it doesn't fall on Easter weekend.

May the Lord bless all during this holy time of year.


Dan - KB0EO
WW1MM(N1EN)   SO(A)AB(R) LP   440,9602013-03-31 17:36:24
Tough weekend to run low power in a phone contest.

Rig: K3
Antennas: 80m Carolina Windom (for 10/15/20/80), 160m Carolina Windom (for
40/160 on the first night), Random inverted-L ish antenna (for 40m after the
coax to 160m went bad)
WW9DX(K9NW)   SOAB LP   11,6442013-03-31 17:37:10
Managed to sneak in a little time at the very end.
KØUK   SO(A)AB LP   102,3862013-03-31 17:38:07
Band conditions werent that great and not enough time to do it seriously. Just
played when I could. Had fun. PTL bill brown
KF7IWA   SOAB LP   16,3882013-03-31 17:38:58
great contest had alot of fun.
PP1CZ   SOAB HP   1,672,8252013-03-31 17:40:20
Very bad propagation from my site, and no one single running time in the entire
Too bad, but I hope in the CW WPX the propagation be better.
Thank you all for the QSOs.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
KZ1M(W1UJ)   SO(A)AB LP   1,757,0522013-03-31 17:40:51
Conditions were rough. Mostly S&P effort and could not work the second
radio with many, many repeats required while S&P. This would have been
about 15x more fun with HP. It was easy to decide to spend Easter Dinner with

Exceeded goals of 1000 QSO's, 500 multipliers, and 1mil points

Thanks to the Eastern CT ARA For the use of KZ1M (sk)

2x K3/100
10m-15m 20m 4el SteppIR @75' Stuck West, 180 deg is 3el East
40m 2 El Moxon @90'
80m 2 El Vert
160m 5/8 Inv L with FCP

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 17 18 0 0 35 35 3.1
0100 0 13 21 10 2 0 46 81 7.3
0200 0 0 22 14 0 0 36 117 10.5
0300 0 5 29 15 0 0 49 166 14.9
0400 15 0 11 12 0 0 38 204 18.3
0500 0 15 16 1 0 0 32 236 21.1
0600 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 238 21.3
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 238 21.3
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 238 21.3
0900 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 239 21.4
1000 1 1 4 2 0 0 8 247 22.1
1100 0 0 4 15 0 0 19 266 23.8
1200 0 0 0 14 23 3 40 306 27.4
1300 0 0 0 9 27 7 43 349 31.3
1400 0 0 0 6 9 11 26 375 33.6
1500 0 0 0 4 13 9 26 401 35.9
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 401 35.9
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 401 35.9
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 401 35.9
1900 0 0 0 7 28 8 43 444 39.8
2000 0 0 0 14 16 9 39 483 43.3
2100 0 0 0 10 8 12 30 513 46.0
2200 0 0 8 3 5 9 25 538 48.2
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 538 48.2
0000 0 2 6 0 8 0 16 554 49.6
0100 0 2 7 43 2 0 54 608 54.5
0200 0 0 82 2 0 0 84 692 62.0
0300 4 10 33 2 0 0 49 741 66.4
0400 2 24 13 2 0 0 41 782 70.1
0500 0 9 8 0 0 0 17 799 71.6
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 799 71.6
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 799 71.6
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 799 71.6
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 799 71.6
1000 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 800 71.7
1100 0 0 2 23 1 0 26 826 74.0
1200 0 0 0 13 24 1 38 864 77.4
1300 0 0 0 21 20 0 41 905 81.1
1400 0 0 0 9 18 3 30 935 83.8
1500 0 0 0 4 33 1 38 973 87.2
1600 0 0 0 0 5 2 7 980 87.8
1700 0 0 0 0 18 6 24 1004 90.0
1800 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 1006 90.1
1900 0 0 0 0 3 2 5 1011 90.6
2000 0 0 6 23 6 3 38 1049 94.0
2100 0 0 5 18 2 0 25 1074 96.2
2200 0 0 8 2 6 2 18 1092 97.8
2300 0 8 9 7 0 0 24 1116 100.0
Total 22 92 311 324 279 88 1116

Gross QSOs=1116 Dupes=0 Net QSOs=1116

Unique callsigns worked = 833

The best 60 minute rate was 101/hour from 0221 to 0320
The best 30 minute rate was 118/hour from 0222 to 0251
The best 10 minute rate was 150/hour from 0223 to 0232

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 9 times.
3 QSOs/minute 18 times.
2 QSOs/minute 152 times.
1 QSOs/minute 722 times.

There were 317 bandchanges and 114 (10.2%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 8
4 575
5 368
6 154
8 8
9 2
10 1

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 658
2 bands 102
3 bands 42
4 bands 28
5 bands 2
6 bands 1

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 15 43 190 193 161 56
AB9M   SO(A)AB LP   63,7922013-03-31 17:41:09
First contest using .wav files (created in AUDACITY with Heil HC-4) in the N1MM
message macros, RIGblaster nomic, to the TT-715 Speech Processor 8-pin mic
connector and the HC-4 in the eight inch connector. Seemed to work well. VU2RTC
(15M) couldn’t believe I was running 100 Watts! Equip: OMNI-VII w/ FLEX-1500
sub-rx (panadapter), TH7 @ 50’, umbrella loaded HV-2 w/160.
KD3HN   SOAB LP   360,6722013-03-31 17:42:09
160m loop, HF2V, 20m doublet; Kenwood TS-2000 @ 90 watts
AA3B   SO(A)AB HP   5,989,5002013-03-31 17:45:02
6050 QSO Points
KD7MSC   SOAB HP   53,1572013-03-31 17:45:26
Many interruptions this year.
VK8AA(VK2CZ)   SOSB20 HP   418,0032013-03-31 17:49:38
My first half serious attempt at using the 20m band in an event, and found the
band never actually closed. Weirdest moment was an opening directly over the
North pole with signals from nowhere else. Lots of interesting and quite long
special callsigns, and am sure they each have a graet story behind them.

Was plagued by an earth loop that was generating hum in my audio, but got it
down about 30dB.. still annoying however, especially with strong signals.

Worst part of the event was many stations thinking I was VK9AA... no thanks to
their indiscrete partial check database lookup methods... ugh..;-{

Regards, David VK2CZ
K5OA   SO(A)AB HP   66,2892013-03-31 17:50:33
Just to give a few points out. Other family commitments.
3G3W(@CE3WDH)   M/2 HP   13,003,0482013-03-31 17:51:25
Gracias a todos por un excelente contest, nos vemos en el CQ WW DX SSB 2013.
N1SZ   SO(A)AB HP   25,9442013-03-31 17:52:46
After being in Colorado skiing for two weeks.... it was hard to get active in
the contest with so many things to do around the house. It was fun to get on,
if for only a little while. (Boy do I miss my powder days at Vail and our home
PJ4D(@PJ4G)   M/2 HP   22,636,1042013-03-31 17:53:51
This was a relaxed serious effort. First time for some of us at the other end of
the pileup which made for an enlightening experience.
Thanks to PJ4G and the group for access to this great station.
W7SLS   SOAB LP   7,5602013-03-31 17:54:13
CQWPXSSB Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2013-03-30

CallSign Used : W7SLS
Operator(s) : W7SLS

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : CN85QT

Name : Scott
Address : Scheirman
25115 NE 68th Ct
City/State/Zip : Battle Ground WA 98604
Country : USA

ARRL Section : WWA
Club/Team : Willamette Valley DX Club
Software : N1MM Logger V13.3.2

Band QSOs Pts WPX
1.8 1 1 1
3.5 7 10 5
7 16 29 12
14 32 50 26
21 22 30 19
Total 78 120 63

Score : 7,560
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2013-03-31 Signature :
ZM1G(ZL2HAM)   SO(A)AB HP   1,525,6362013-03-31 17:54:57
Just got a dual-band inverted-L up for 80 and 160, making this my first true
"all band" contest ever, even though I only had one Q on 160.

Generally poor condx in ZL, although at least 10 was open for a while to JA and
US. 15 was weak much of the time, 40 was awful, and propagation to EU was
sporadic at best (it's usually very good for me). 20 was my most active band,
which is not typical.

Band crowding was much worse than in previous contests, for some reason, in
spite of the poor condx. Splatter / wide signals and poor modulation are also
continuing to get worse. Definitely takes some fun out of the contest.
WR1TC(K5ZD)   SOAB HP   2,353,1712013-03-31 18:02:00
Was sitting in the Houston airport when the contest started. Arrived home about
0500z and decided I needed some sleep after a week of business travel and a head
cold. Didn't get on until 1900z Saturday afternoon. Fun to be a fresh
multiplier on the band!

Did some running and some tuning. I love chasing prefix mults in this contest.
Didn't bother turning on the second rig.

Conditions Sat were better than expected, but not great. Sunday seemed much
improved. Worked Europe on 10m. Had a nice JA run on 15m to finish the last

Enjoyed using the WR1TC callsign. It seemed to be well recognized as
representing the World Radiosport Team Championship that will be here in New
England in 2014. Lots of great comments!

Good luck to Terry, N4TZ, in his role as the new WPX Contest Director!

By Continent

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

NA 2 29 36 181 132 15 395 30.9
EU 0 33 26 291 286 4 640 50.0
AS 0 1 0 30 73 0 104 8.1
AF 0 1 0 6 5 4 16 1.3
SA 1 0 2 24 30 44 101 7.9
OC 0 0 0 4 18 0 22 1.7


QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm Off

1900Z - - - 145/126 - - 145/126 145/126
2000Z - - - 65/50 13/8 49/33 127/91 272/217
2100Z - - - - 58/42 - 58/42 330/259 24
2200Z - - - - - - 0/0 330/259 60
2300Z - - - - - - 0/0 330/259 60
0000Z --+-- --+-- 44/25 --+-- 43/24 --+-- 87/49 417/308 16
0100Z - 9/0 - 73/43 23/9 - 105/52 522/360
0200Z 3/0 55/29 1/1 51/23 - - 110/53 632/413
0300Z - - 10/2 - - - 10/2 642/415 53
0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 642/415 60
0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
1200Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
1300Z - - - - - - 0/0 642/415 60
1400Z - - - - 10/8 - 10/8 652/423 55
1500Z - - - - 193/110 - 193/110 845/533
1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 81/38 18/8 99/46 944/579
1700Z - - - 37/17 25/11 - 62/28 1006/607 16
1800Z - - - - - - 0/0 1006/607 60
1900Z - - - - - - 0/0 1006/607 60
2000Z - - - - - - 0/0 1006/607 60
2100Z - - - - - - 0/0 1006/607 60
2200Z - - - 140/50 - - 140/50 1146/657 4
2300Z - - 9/2 25/10 99/40 - 133/52 1279/709

Total: 3/0 64/29 64/30 536/319 545/290 67/41

Best 60 mins was 204 QSOs. That was fun!

Stations worked on 4 bands: DR1A HG7T HK1NA LZ9W NQ4I OT5A TM6M
W4LT   SO(A)AB HP   501,8162013-03-31 18:05:06
Rig : Elecraft K-Line @ 500w peak

Antennas : A3s @ 40ft / Two Half waves in Phase for 40m at 38ft

Soapbox :

Easter Weekend got in the way of contesting. Only could put in 10 hours into
this contest.
Two fun runs, especially the one on 40, I think I finally have an antenna
solution for this band.
I worked on my SSB technique (keeping them short!) during this test. Im getting
better every day.
Condx fair and got better as the contest wore on.

Negatives: Audio quality of some stations makes figuring out what they say
difficult. Too much
processing makes the meters dance, but you cant understand what they say.

Thrills: Being called by T2TT on a run on 15 meters. Working VK's long path.
Getting up at 2am
Sunday morning and finding 20 meters wide open into central EU! Having a
descent signal on 40
meters at last from my own station. Working my friends at NQ4I on all bands!
Worked them
backscatter on 20 and 15.

Difficult to get serious about this test when it falls on Easter Weekend, as
there is too many
family issues to deal with... Also, the WX in FL was so wonderful, it was tough
to come inside
and sit down at the op table...

Thanks for all the points.

AA9A   SO(A)AB HP   884,2652013-03-31 18:05:49
Because of the holiday and family commitments all weekend I was only able to
sneak in a few 1-2 hour operating slots between commitments.Looking forward to
the CW weekend and more operating time.
N6HI   SOAB QRP   1,0642013-03-31 18:06:49
Operated the 6 hours that the busy weekend allowed me,
5 Watts and a 20 foot end-fed wire. 10m not bad Sunday!
Thanks for the Q's.
PY2DV   SO(A)SB15 LP   146,7402013-03-31 18:09:27
Rig: Yaesu FT897D Antenna:Rigid Dipole
NR6M   SOAB HP   1,148,6302013-03-31 18:10:46
I enjoyed this contest. I found the bands to be really tough but I pushed on
anyway. Thanks to everyone I know that took the time to work me.
73 NR6M
KJ3X(K4XS)   SOAB HP   13,998,4802013-03-31 18:14:24
My ears hurt! 40, 20, and 15 wall to wall in peak periods.
W4GV   SOAB HP   788,7602013-03-31 18:14:35
Rig - FTDX-9000D, Alpha 9500, MFJ 434 Voice Keyer, Heil Pro Set Elite, Mosley
Pro67B @ 60 ft and 80M dipole. Used Writelog Ver 11.09B

First ever participation in this contest. I've learned how to get and hold a
run freq. Sure does help the score. Voice keyer helped my voice survive.
Several good runs on 20 and 15 with short term rates approaching 150 and long
term rates (over an hour) between 60 and 80 per hr. Got 2 good nights sleep
and went to church this morning - I was a lay assistant and helped serve
communion. Went out Friday night and had a few drinks with my friends so I got
started later than planned. All in all it's been a great weekend and hope I
helped the ACG club score. Woke up Saturday morning and Charlie, NF4A, was 700
Q's ahead of me. He wasn't at his station much during hunting season weekends
so he was serious on this one.
And, of course, thanks to the community for all the Q's.
KE7AUB   SOAB LP   13,0322013-03-31 18:15:41
Friday with its K5 and A27 was nearly a bust - how I managed to get Senegal on
20M I'm still not sure. All I know was that everyone else was in the Cape Verde
pile-up; suckers. I heard/worked no JA's - until Sat mid morning on 40M, and
Alaska was an effort on friday.

Went to the multi-1 effort and the bands began to improve on Sat. Pretty good
condx on 20M at grey line and 40M at night was pretty good too.

Sunday for my wee station was ok, even 10m was open enough for me to make a few
DX Q's - I am still putting out a wanted poster for the entity that was flipping
the on-off switch for the bands I was on - some brutal QSB at times. I got an
all time new one, so this makes my home effort for the weekend worth while.

Thanks to all who heard my small signal (at times it seemed pretty big based
upon how the other station(s) got my call and exchange on the first try). Even
with less than optimal band conditions I still had a lot of fun.
AD7JP(K2PO)   SO(A)AB LP   1,022,6262013-03-31 18:16:03
It was a "best of times - worst of times" sort of contest (or, more
accurately, vice-versa).

Conditions were initially horrible. Our west coast tradition for Friday
afternoons - a JA run on 15m - never materialized. Then 40m was a bust - with
loud QRN and pathetic signals. 80m was worse. And Saturday morning wasn't
much better. No Europeans on 15m, and only marginal signals on 20m.

The salvation finally came Saturday evening with a great 20m opening to
northern Russia, etc. I worked 110+ stations in less than an hour - heady
stuff for 100 watts. And then 40m resurrected itself, with booming European

I wasn't able to put in a full effort this weekend due to Easter commitments,
so soon after I got 1000 QSOs and then a million points at about 11pm Saturday
night, I pulled the plug.

Due to the Saturday evening run, my log ended up Russian heavy - with a total
of 115 'R' and 'U' calls, to only 70 'J' calls (and only 72 total Europeans).
60% of my contacts were North Americans; 47% were from CQs.

Thanks to the 'real' AD7JP for use of his call, and to all the folks who
patiently dealt with repeats (asked and given), and most especially to the
casual contesters who make up most of the log.


/Bill, K2PO
K4BAI   SOAB(TS) HP   3,522,1932013-03-31 18:16:24
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 800-1500W, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, tee vertical. I
heard a lot of complaints about band conditions, but they seemed pretty much OK
to me except for no European opening on 10 (unless it opened during church
services Sunday) and almost no east Asia stations. I did work an EA8 on 10M
Sunday. Hard to get a run going to Europe on 15M on Saturday, but better on
Sunday. Low bands were quiet Friday, but noisy Saturday and Sunday nights.
Cold front is almost upon us coming from the west. Had some problems with my
headset/boom mike and minor problems with the logging computer. Just had to
reboot occasionally when the rig control went crazy and started reading another
band (or even another mode). Hope everyone had a happy Easter and a lot of fun
in the contest. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
W7WHY   SO(A)AB HP   22,0222013-03-31 18:21:11
Nice opening over the pole on Saturday night.

Thanks for the Q's and 73.
WI4R   SO(A)AB LP   183,2862013-03-31 18:22:12
Rig : Kenwood TS-590
Antennas : Quad, HF6V, W9INN 40,80,160
Soapbox : Rotor took a hit and had to rotate by rope
K6GHA   SOAB LP   544,2752013-03-31 18:28:06
WB8JUI   SOAB LP   105,4802013-03-31 18:28:50
Spent a few hours between other "duties as required" and our family
Easter get together.

Great to work HZ and the ever elusive VE8 that I always seem to miss in SS.

Thanks to all for pulling me out of the QRM, QSB and splatter.

73 - Rick WB8JUI

Icom IC746Pro
Hustler 5BTV Ground mounted
160M Inverted L
NDØC   SOAB QRP   460,3882013-03-31 18:32:13
This was the most challenging WPX for me in many years. A full-time effort was
precluded due to family and church-related activities on Easter weekend. And
the conditions were pretty poor in general, especially in the first 36 hours,
which made it especially difficult for QRP. Propagation seemed to improve late
Sunday morning, and apparently 15 opened nicely to Europe while I was in church!
Fortunately it was still pretty good when I got home and I was able to S&P
at a pretty decent rate.

There didn't seem to be a lot of VEs running - I miss those Qs and mults,
especially on the low bands.
40 and 80 were extremely difficult with high noise levels and poor
propagation (at least for QRP and compromised antennas!) It was kind of like
using a dummy load, except that would have been quieter.
I didn't hear a single JA on 10, 15, or 20. I heard a couple weak ones
Sunday morning on 40, but it was impossible to work them.
10 was good for SA and Oceania, but never opened to EU from here.
There was a lot of QSB on all bands at various times - fast and deep.
There was good activity again from South America - a rich source of Qs and

As always, thanks for the great ears (and patience) out there, pulling my
little 5 watt whisper out of the noise, especially with challenging propagation
and nasty splatter.

The ND0C "super-station":
Yaesu FT-897D running 5 watts
Wilson three element triband Yagi - 15 meters up; inverted vee with apex at
14 meters
Heil microphone and N3FJP logging software

Randy, ND0C

"You don't have to be crazy to contest with QRP ... but it helps."
VE7JH   SO(A)AB LP   66,7382013-03-31 18:35:02
I put a 3el tribander up on my 30' tower Friday afternoon. I though something
was wrong with it, I heard virtually no one in the first few hours on 20, 15 or
10m, so instead of radio I watched the Canucks lose to the Oilers.
Saturday morning I put my 20m dipole back up to compare it to the Yagi and
that's when the bands finally started to play.
Operated on and off between chores around the house, tried to give out a few
contacts to the big guns. There were some pretty impressive serial numbers out
Sunday morning was great towards Europe.
Thanks for all the stations who heard my barefoot Icom-706.
KØMD   SO(A)AB HP   468,0662013-03-31 18:35:05
Limited time on the air with Easter.

Band conditions were "tough" I found Sunday morning had some
openings to Europe that were great!

Most fun was the run to Asia (Russian, "Stans", India) Saturday night
late on 20 and hearing 15 "light up" on Sunday morning to Europe.

It was great to work so many friends in the contest.
AK6W(@N6RO)   M/M HP   17,229,3662013-03-31 18:35:24
Friday nite condx were awful; no JAs on 10 or 15m, but got some EU on 40m. 160m
had high absorbtion and T-storm noise, little activity. Saturday was better on
the high bands, with s nice opening over the pole on 20m after sunset. We had
6M points at the halfway point, so projected abt. 12M for a final score. But
Sunday found 10, 15, 20m in good shape, we finally got some EU mults, and rates
were good, despite the Easter holiday. Masa JN3NFQ did the JA runs on 40 and
15m, increasing the Asian totals significantly (24% of QSOs)! All in all, a
fine team effort.

Setup: 4 stations (one was SO2R); five K3s, two AL-1200s, LK550, Alpha 76 and
70. Yagi stacks, wire 4-squares; Wintest, two cats, bottle of Sake.

UA4M(RU4HP)   SO(A)AB HP   7,396,5902013-03-31 18:36:27
My 73 for all and many thanks for my friend Vlad/RA4LW
- Alex (RU4HP)
NX6T(@W6HCD)   M/S HP   3,384,3652013-03-31 18:40:40
San Diego Contest Club Ops found QSOs to sparse compared to last years Club
record of over 2500, whereas this year, conditions held us to 1735 Qs. 15 and
40 Mtrs were the money bands and we could never get anything going on 20 meters
and many times were calling into the ether and hearing EU stations who could not
hear us and we know we have good performing Antennas and Radios. JAs were sparse
and no really big runs and we are thinking that the contest falling on Ester
weekend played a role besides mediocre conditions and we all felt like finding
QSOs or good runs at times was akin to finding Easter Eggs that were hidden by
very devious sadistic adults ! Played with a new TS-590S and found it to be a
very capable contest radio and definitely a poor man's K3. It seemed that
adjacent station interference was not as good as our no9rmal K3 radio but it
wasn't a show stopper and seldom did we not pull a QSO through due to adjacent
interference. ACOM 2000A amp, 2 portable tower trailers ( 70 and 40 footers
with a 3 El SteppIR and 2 El 40 Yagis on each and used 80 and 160 mtr dipoles
at 70 ft apex. Happy Easter de N6KI
VE6EX   SOSB20 QRP   139,9412013-03-31 18:42:02
This was tough!!! Long hours in the chair doing constant fillins and wishing for
a spot. Used my "New" fieldday rig at qrp power and TH7 at 60'..TRLOG
on a dosbox and a chiptalker to save my voice. A few EU, no JA and no ve6
mult....YUP!! CU on CW..
Cheers, Dan VE6EX..
WC6H   M/2 HP   10,195,9202013-03-31 18:44:08
Very poor conditions at the start, with zero JAs worked on 15. Saturday
morning, N6TV's K3 receiver went dead, perhaps due to signal overload on the
tribander (no bandpass filters here, just stubs), but fortunately we had a
backup K3 from K6ST to put in place. Then Saturday night, a large lightning
storm passed through, and we had to shut down for about 35 minutes. Finally on
Sunday, the power went out for another 30 minutes, perhaps due to the local
utility making lightning repairs!

All in all conditions did improve throughout the entire weekend, which meant
that things sped up rather than slowed down.

Bob N6TV
(for WC6H)
NQ4I   M/M HP   22,326,3042013-03-31 18:49:21
160m-N4DU bands were noisy and not as much activity.
80m W4IX noisy bands,signals from EU were weak, and lots of QRN made it
difficult even the strongest stations.
40m VE7ZO,N4XL,N6TR...kept this band running 24/7...nice job guys!
20m-K4NV and station record of qso's on 20m in wpx ssb. Lots of
really good dx over the pole on Sat night. A never ending supply of contacts.
15m-K4AB and AG4W...very slow first day...but a real bounce back on Sunday.
Nearly a 1000 qso's on Sunday and even some JA's.
10m-W4DD and KD3P kept the fires burning on this band. They didn't give up and
stayed persistent. Selective openings to EU....

Record number of total qso's in WPX SSB, along with record number of qso's on
20m. I felt that both propagation and participation was down this year. Easter
weekend or just propagation. Lots of rain static here on Saturday. No major
equipment failures.

Watching CQCONTEST.RU was really fun....lots of first day, with all the
see-sawing going on.

We finished the contest with more than 2000 qso's greater than K1LZ, yet his
score is just a small amount less than ours...he has a chip shot to EU on the
low bands....and when we cannot work EU, we are having to work the stateside from this far to the south, this contest is a domestic qso party
compared to the NE US, but this scoring favors the NE US, since they enjoy
nearness to EU. Now understand that we were on the bands 24/7 if they were
open, so its not from not trying, its from not being able.

This weekend I tried 2 new breakfast casseroles, and both were a hit with the was was good...and contesting was fun...

Two new operators to the station were Larry K4AB, and Tree N6TR....we were gald
to have both join us...I think they both had a really fun time...

Really enjoyed seeing the scores posted on the Russian site....others need to
join in...

For QSL's we will post the log to LOTW...please use LOTW for all qsl's.

73 and thanks for all the qso's in this contest. See everyone in May in WPX

de Rick NQ4I
KX7L   SO(A)AB LP   4,7602013-03-31 18:50:14
The WX was too nice to spend much time in front of the radio, so a limited
effort this time. 20m seemed to be the money band here. Thanks!
NA2U   SO(A)AB HP   7,5242013-03-31 18:56:30
Pro III, AL-80B, KW, ground-mounted Bravo 5 vertical dipole.

Limited time. Phone...ICK!

73 from the desert,

KD5J   SOAB LP   145,1882013-03-31 19:00:10
2013 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest KD5J AR Section

Prefix Multipliers:

3G3 CV5 EI7 K8 KP4 N6 OG1 PY7 VE7 WX7
5D5 CW5 ES9 K9 KQ6 N7 OH0 R25 VE9 XE1
6V7 CX2 HB3 KA7 KS1 N8 OH5 R3 VO1 YL2
6Y3 CX3 HD2 KA9 KS7 N9 OL7 RQ5 VY2 YT3
8P5 D4 HG7 KB0 KT8 NC4 OT5 RT4 W1 YU5
9A2 DJ2 HK1 KB1 KV9 ND6 P33 RU1 W2 YV1
9A3 DL9 HK6 KC9 KW7 NE6 P40 RW3 W3 YV5
9Y4 DM4 HQ2 KD4 KX7 NF1 P41 S50 W4 YW2
AA6 DQ4 IB1 KD7 KZ1 NF4 PI4 S51 W6 YW4
AB1 DQ8 II2 KE0 KZ5 NH6 PJ2 S53 W7 YW5
AB2 E77 IK4 KE3 LO5 NJ6 PJ4 S54 WA1 YY4
AD5 EA3 IQ4 KE7 LO7 NL7 PP1 S57 WA6 ZF2
AG6 EA5 IT9 KF7 LU4 NQ4 PQ5 T48 WH7 ZZ2
CM2 ED3 K0 KJ6 LY2 NV1 PW5 TO7 WP3
CM5 ED8 K3 KJ7 LZ9 NV9 PW7 UW7 WT8
CN2 ED9 K4 KK7 N0 NW3 PX2 VA3 WU3
CO2 EE1 K5 KK9 N2 OA4 PX5 VA7 WV4
CO6 EE6 K6 KM3 N4 OE0 PY1 VC6 WW8
CR3 EF5 K7 KP2 N5 OE2 PY2 VE3 WX3

Total: 222
K3PP   SO(A)AB HP   643,7122013-03-31 19:02:01
Didn't plan to do much, but I was having too much fun to quit. Lots of
interruptions kept me from running and trying to go truly hard. I was glad to
get in what time I could! Thanks to everyone!
NXØX(N4PN)   SOAB(TS) HP   6,148,3502013-03-31 19:03:32
Still as good as it gets even falling on Easter weekend...only missed
out on 4 hours after staying up all night Friday night and begging for

Condx seemed good to me on all bands...storms stayed away long enough..

Worked as many China and Thailand stations as I did each!!..
Wow! Could have won a bet on that one...JR4GPA, BY5CD and E21YDP...

Lots of LP on Sunday afternoon on 20m....bunch of VK6's, VK8AA, VK1CC
along with the VK3's and 4's....

Thanks once again Brian for letting me use your was fun to
work his XYL, Sharon, KB0MHH on Sunday afternoon...

Thanks to all who showed up and made it a great time...

73, Paul, N4PN
AE7VA   SOSB80(TS) LP   11,4402013-03-31 19:06:43
Weak signals here. Much less results than last year.
KZ5MM(W5PR)   SOSB10 HP   391,9892013-03-31 19:08:47
The worst conditions on ten meters for several years. Slow rates. Had to climb
a tower twice on Sunday. Lost a few hours with repairs. Had terrible allergies,
sorry my voice was so hoarse. Had some really nice DX call which made it fun.
If this is the top of the cycle, I hate to think how bad the bottom will be!

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

SA 0 0 0 0 0 170 170 30.1
OC 0 0 0 0 0 116 116 20.5
NA 0 0 0 0 0 207 207 36.6
AF 0 0 0 0 0 31 31 5.5
EU 0 0 0 0 0 25 25 4.4
AS 0 0 0 0 0 14 14 2.5

3DA 1 1
5R 1 1
5W 2 2
5Z 2 2
8P 1 1
CE 17 17
CM 1 1
CP 1 1
CT 3 3
CU 1 1
CX 10 10
D2 1 1
D4 2 2
DL 3 3
E5/s 1 1
EA 5 5
EA8 8 8
EI 1 1
FH 1 1
FK 1 1
FM 1 1
HB 1 1
HI 2 2
HK 4 4
HP 1 1
HR 1 1
I 1 1
IT9 5 5
JA 14 14
K 173 173
KH0 1 1
KH2 2 2
KH6 17 17
KH9 1 1
KP2 1 1
KP4 12 12
LU 35 35
LZ 3 3
OA 2 2
OE 1 1
P4 1 1
PJ2 1 1
PJ4 1 1
PY 87 87
PZ 1 1
T2 2 2
TI 1 1
UR 1 1
VE 10 10
VK 53 53
VP9 1 1
XE 2 2
YB 6 6
YV 8 8
ZL 30 30
ZP 2 2
ZS 15 15

QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 25/19 25/19 25/19
D1-0100Z - - - - - 20/11 20/11 45/30
D1-0200Z - - - - - 1/1 1/1 46/31
D1-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 46/31
D1-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 46/31
D1-1200Z - - - - - 3/3 3/3 49/34
D1-1300Z - - - - - 22/22 22/22 71/56
D1-1400Z - - - - - 52/43 52/43 123/99
D1-1500Z - - - - - 41/23 41/23 164/122
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 25/11 25/11 189/133
D1-1700Z - - - - - 11/6 11/6 200/139
D1-1800Z - - - - - 13/5 13/5 213/144
D1-1900Z - - - - - 20/7 20/7 233/151
D1-2000Z - - - - - 18/7 18/7 251/158
D1-2100Z - - - - - 32/10 32/10 283/168
D1-2200Z - - - - - 21/12 21/12 304/180
D1-2300Z - - - - - 33/15 33/15 337/195
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 32/15 32/15 369/210
D2-0100Z - - - - - 31/14 31/14 400/224
D2-0200Z - - - - - 1/1 1/1 401/225
D2-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 401/225
D2-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-1200Z - - - - - - 0/0 401/225
D2-1300Z - - - - - 6/6 6/6 407/231
D2-1400Z - - - - - 19/9 19/9 426/240
D2-1500Z - - - - - 22/10 22/10 448/250
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 5/3 5/3 453/253
D2-1700Z - - - - - - 0/0 453/253
D2-1800Z - - - - - 6/4 6/4 459/257
D2-1900Z - - - - - 24/12 24/12 483/269
D2-2000Z - - - - - 23/7 23/7 506/276
D2-2100Z - - - - - 15/6 15/6 521/282
D2-2200Z - - - - - 15/7 15/7 536/289
D2-2300Z - - - - - 29/10 29/10 565/299

Total: 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 565/299
NR7DX(K7ABV)   SOAB HP   538,9682013-03-31 19:10:43
got off to a slow start, things picked up when I got spotted and then the fun
began...still had things to do around the house etc...10 meters not so hot,
good to SA..15 had nice Eu opening Sunday...20 was busy friday night as
usual...had a good time and line noise was way down...good deal...thanks to all
for a fun time..hope many need NR7 prefix...only use it 2 times a
year...everything worked just fine so i was a happy camper..
WX3B   M/M HP   22,384,1282013-03-31 19:10:50
HI3TT   SOSB20 LP   1,208,4382013-03-31 19:17:14
Elecraft K3
2 Element of the TH6DX

See you neex year
73 Franky HI3TT
WC7Q   SOAB HP   13,7832013-03-31 19:21:50
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 13 23 13
14 58 119 52
21 17 37 12
Total 88 179 77
Score : 13,783
The weather was too nice with temperatures in Seattle ranging between 70-76
with wall to wall sunshine to be sitting indoors at a desk. Just fooled around
and made some contacts. Was a fun diversion from outdoor work.
P41A(P43A)   SOSB20 HP   11,337,8082013-03-31 19:23:34
After many years i tryed a 20m SB effort again to check my recently build
homebrew yagi under "battle conditions". Boy, do i like 15m a lot
Conditions were only good the first 10h of the contest or so, after that it
just went to the drain...
Had to fight for evey QSO on Saturday & Sunday, what a pain...

At least antenna worked fine and "new" amp did'nt loose a beat in it
first real test.

FT2000D/ Acom 2000A/ 4 el. homebrew 20m yagi @ 60'

73's de P43A, Jean-Pierre
NS1L(W4SVO)   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,437,2352013-03-31 19:26:37
Too many family problems going on. So had to take breaks to deal with all of
this. My mom just got out of hospital and I could not get help to come in, so
limited amount of time. Anyway did break USA record for 20 mtr assisted high
power. Gosh if I could have been in there full time. This is probably last
contest from here too. I have been here for almost 4 years at my Dad's house
(W4PZV) taking care of my mother and this is about to change. Hope to cu all
soon again. Mark W4SVO
W2RDS   SO(A)AB LP   1,408,4162013-03-31 19:27:08
Personal best for me in this contest. Could not spend the whole 36 hours due to
other commitments but managed a decent score for a low power into tribander at
50' and a ground mounted vertical for 40/80m.
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOAB HP   2,085,3182013-03-31 19:27:59
Again our good friend Mamiro, PY2DM opened the doors for me! Decided at last
moment to go to the station early saturday morning and then I had to leave for
easter dinner at sunday morning, great fun and fine runs, thanks to all that
gave me a shout and answered my S&P calls.
Managed to get contacts with SH3Y, an international group of young coming
contesters that operated from SK3W, good show of them and Mattias, Gunnar,
Johan, Tore etc.!
Big thrill was to get KH2KY on 15m over the EU pile/up that he had.
Our new 10m stack seems to be well worth the work efforts.
K7WP   SOSB40 HP   10,2262013-03-31 19:28:02
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ F12 6BA@ 70'/ N1MM

Limited time, then lost amp after about an hour...hello Murphy.

Thanks for the Q's, as few as they are...73!

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
KS4L   SO(A)AB LP   30,1712013-03-31 19:28:41
Elecraft K3/100, 80m Inverted Vee, 44' vertical dipole. Enjoyed!
NR3X(N4YDU)   SOAB LP   391,5002013-03-31 19:30:45
Fun time - good mix of activities this weekend - hamfest, contest, family.

Last 30 minutes on 20 was a blast.


K3WW   SOAB QRP   425,1822013-03-31 19:33:56
I like to do this QRP now and then, to be able to take some time to listen to
what the other guys are doing. I suspect I was at the radio more than the 22.5
hours registered, as there were some slow stretches between QSOs.
WB4OMM   SO(A)SB80 LP   4,9322013-03-31 19:41:44
Only able to work 2.5 hrs early in did 80M single band (Easter
Holiday had priority with the family!) Hope all did well! 73! Steve WB4OMM
NH6V(@KH6LC)   SOAB LP   6,828,3902013-03-31 19:44:35
Some good old-fashioned SO1R fun!

160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
North America 1 5 178 517 593 319 1613 61.2
South America 0 0 10 26 17 30 83 3.1
Europe 0 0 2 83 41 1 127 4.8
Asia 0 0 212 34 241 199 686 26.0
Africa 0 0 1 1 7 0 9 0.3
Oceania 0 1 31 21 34 30 117 4.4

Thank you, Lloyd!

73 & aloha,
Rob, NH6V @ KH6LC
WA2JQK   SOAB LP   803,9852013-03-31 19:46:10
I am sure that many Hams couldnt operate as many hours due to this being held
on Easter weekend. I would have equaled last years score if I didnt have to
give Priority to the Family gathering on Sunday...Poor scheduling..

I hope that the Contest chair realizes this was a poor choice !
K7EG   SO(A)AB HP   43,1252013-03-31 19:47:29
Running contests on major holidays is not smart - Easter, Memorial Day,
Thanksgiving weekend etc. Many contestors (myself included) believe these
dates are for family togetherness - not radiosport.

AH6RR   SOSB15(TS) LP   102,4462013-03-31 19:47:38
It was a fun contest as always. I did not get to operate as much as I would have
liked to but when I did it was fun. 15 meters was open wide on Friday night my
time with stations from SA, AF, Asia, NA, Oceania and the middle east all at
one time. I did not make a bunch of contacts but I did work some new countries
on 15.

Roland AH6RR
N9UA   SO(A)AB LP   644,4002013-03-31 20:04:42
10 Meters will be open Monday. Thanks for all the Q's. 73, Mike
NE7D   SOAB HP   36,5942013-03-31 20:07:42
A few S&P runs up and down 40 Saturday evening and 15 Sunday afternoon to
add a few points to the club total.

K3 + KPA500 + DB18E
WU6W   SOAB HP   144,5602013-03-31 20:08:14
Still trying to get back my contest Mo-Jo after surgery. Took half of Saturday
off to be in a Pistol Shooting competition.
Friends and family over for Easter Dinner on Sunday killed anything after
In actuality maybe worked 10 hours

Rik - WU6W
KT8K   SOAB QRP   31,3202013-03-31 20:09:14
Rough going from the start - all signals were down here, peaking at S7-S9, and
that was enough to make QRP contacts extremely difficult. I got SO tired of
hearing others just fine and having them hear me not at all. To make one
successful QSO I would have to scan for 5-10 minutes, stopping to call the
loudest stations (or those most in the clear), and most of them either wouldn't
hear me at all or would try repeatedly to hear my exchange and eventually just
give up, some without comment - they just suddenly started calling CQ "in
my face". Kind of rude, but folks are exhausted and sleep deprived after
the first night.

Every QSO was quite hard - conditions were like a few years ago in the depths
of the sunspot minimum - but I tried as much as I could stand to. Then my
wife, who had been suffering from an intestinal bug for days, was worsening
Sunday morning and I had to take her in to the hospital emergency room. That
was the end of the contest for me. Hopefully next year's conditions will be a
lot better.

Thanks to all who strained for my weak signal and patiently asked for repeats
until we got through. I heard quite a few QSO's where the first exchange was
wrong, followed by the return exchange also being gotten wrong, after which
they fixed the 2nd exchange but never fixed the first one. People sure get

Couldn't hear any but the big guns in Europe and Asia - but still 40m was a
zoo. Hope to catch everyone for a QSO in the CW version in late May.
73 to all, and thanks for enjoying my ham radio song "I want a Big
Tower" at
Best reception to all de kt8k -- Tim
VA7FC   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   195,4472013-03-31 20:14:29
Part time sons Birthday and easter and stellar weather outside
...made it hard to stay in the chair ..
WQ6X   SOAB HP   173,2802013-03-31 20:26:08
This year WQ6X ran the SSB WPX contest solo from a cabin in Twain Harte
California. The low Solar Flux & high A/K indices were quite a
disappointment. The upside is that there were a plethora of new/unusual
prefixes to drive the scores higher and higher. For the 1st time in WPX I
heard QSO counts of over 7,000 - wOw! I ran the ICOM-7000 with a Yaesu FT-900
(and it's internal tuner) as backup into an SB-200 amplifier. Antennas were an
OCFD dipole at 55 feet and a pair of phased Cobras as a 1/2-wave sloper pointing
to the South Pacific at 65 feet.
WD5K   SOAB(TS) LP   1,460,5592013-03-31 20:27:40
Elecraft K3 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Sloping Dipole
80m Inv V
T6MO(K9GY)   SO(A)AB LP   160,9932013-03-31 20:29:28
Decided to enter SOAB(A)-LP and set a new T6 record (there was none) versus try
to beat last year's SO-10m entry. That was a good decision...

Nothing like the contest starting out with the K=5 (day one 03z)...ugh! Then
people confusing "Tango Six" for "Echo Six". Several times
on 15m I called CQ with no response or being spotted on packet. Had a dilemma
of whether it was bad band choices or bad propagation or both, hah! At least
with CW there is the reverse beacon network but not on SSB. Combine high K with
SSB and wire's a struggle even from here. My favorite is when
Europe CQ's in my face...NOT! Had a couple of stations leave my CQ frequency
before confirming their number was received correctly.

The Idiom Press "LogiTALKER" and Heil boom mike saved the day for
this CW op. In 2012 I used a hand mike! Discovered an issue with trying to tune
the off center fed dipole on 10m SSB which I don't remember was a problem

Great to work fellow SMC members: NV9L, K9CT, and N9RV. Heard but couldn't work
KK9A. Worked 52 DXCC...Also great to work SA: HK1NA and CW7T.

This was my last SSB contest from here. The Yuri Gagarin will be my last CW
contest from here. Rodeo is coming to an end.


Best of health to all,
Eric T6MO / K9GY
N4TOL   SO(A)AB QRP   21,2712013-03-31 20:34:10
Yaesu FT-817 at 5 watts into Buckmaster OCF in CC&R neighborhood. Just
acquired the FT-817 so I though I would give it a try.
Worked 37 countries and enjoyed short time operation on holiday weekend.
Highlight was New Zealand on 10 meters.
AL9A   SO(A)AB HP   163,5122013-03-31 20:34:35
This was ugly. Will someone please find the dirty rotten SOB who keeps aiming
the sun burps towards Earth just before the contest start time and shoot him?
KK7PR(@K7ZS)   M/S HP   2,167,2002013-03-31 20:34:38
Shortened effort this year with Easter, nice weather, and upcoming travel
shortened our effort this year. Pretty much the same group of faithfuls for
our Portland Radio Contester Club (PDXRCC), a 'sub-club' of the WVDXC.

Joe KT7E, Jim KI7Y, Andy 'The Machine' KE7AUB, and a stop by from recent Oregon
transplant Eric W7NNN rounded out the roster.

Friday night - HORRIBLE conditions! Saturday, improving but anemic at best
here in the PNW. Saturday, after a dinner break, we caught our first big run
with the antenna pointed over the north pole on 20m, lotsa fun.

Of course, Sunday was better but had no real plans to operate - managed to
squeeze in a few hours chasing mults but missed the best part of the weekend,
of course!

Lots of fun, just the same.

Compared to last year: 2/3 the operating time, HALF the score!

Best 73, lets hope the CW weekend in May has better conditions!

73 Kevin K7ZS for the PDXRCC Sub Club!
W9VQ   SOAB LP   204,7162013-03-31 20:50:38
Logging India (twice) and South Shetlands were definite high points in this
contest. Heard many really strong stations from Indonesia and China but never
broke through. Odd conditions that went from dead silence to wall-to-wall DX,
even on 10 meters, in a matter of minutes. Fun!
WI5ID(K5IID)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   485,5602013-03-31 20:58:10
Have you ever noticed:
Mother nature always calls during your peak EU run.

The only good thing to come out of this is that I did better my score from last
In my case Saturday was tough! Sunday was a whole lot better.
I always complain about my low band antennas. This time was the worst ever.
I could not make a single contact on 80 and only managed 14 on 40.
Interestingly enough the easiest Q was HK1NA and was the only DX Q on 40.
Can't wait for the CW part...
WOØZ   SOAB HP   29,9882013-03-31 20:58:15
Got my new tower and beam going on the high bands. Did a year's DXing in a
casual contest weekend. 15 was wide open to the Middle East
KD7H   SOAB HP   68,9122013-03-31 21:03:41
Although I had a limited amount of time, I enjoyed the contest.
VY1EI   SO(A)SB20 LP   41,0642013-03-31 21:17:02
Last year I got 950,000 points in a single band 15M effort. I was going to try
for 1 million points in an all band high power effort this weekend. Band condx
were so horrible for the opening evening that I quickly gave up that goal and
went 20M low power instead.

Conditions were awful again on Saturday. I couldn't get a run going to US
(that's never happened before). On Sunday conditions were much better to EU. It
was an endless opening to EU but again I couldn't get a run going to the lower
48 states. This was despite getting a run going to EU on low power. Quite
strange band conditions.

A highlight was on Sunday morning when H27A called in with a QSO count of 7214,
and then another station from Cyprus, P33W, called in a few minutes later with a
QSO count of 7221. Now that was an intense rivalry!

VE4VT   SOAB HP   649,6382013-03-31 21:18:09
Arrived home late Friday from a spring break vacation in Orlando with the
Family. Unfortunately on the last day my glasses broke and anyone that knows me
would associate me with Mr. Magoo. I am blind without my glasses. With one lens
usable I tried to start the contest but typing was a challenge and I soon
developed a massive headache.

Being Easter weekend also meant a series of family gatherings and distractions
that made this contest a part time affair at best.

Looking forward to spring (it has to stop snowing, right?)

K7ZSD   SOAB HP   4,516,3212013-03-31 21:18:10
A planned multi effort was not to be this weekend, so with the weather in the
seventies and most folks out mowing lawns, my wife at a family event, I decided
to close the curtains, put the reading glasses on, drink caffeine, stare at a
monitor, collapse my head with a pair of headphones, and talk as fast as I

During the contest I heard a neighbor knock on the door. Without thinking, I
stood up and yelled QRZ. I pulled back the curtains and saw him shaking his
head and walking away.

It’s been a few years since I have done a single effort and I really had a
great time. It was a pleasure hearing the familiar calls. A pleasure talking to
so many great ops around the world.

Cheers to a wonderful fraternity.
73s, K7ZSD
OK1DO   SO(A)SB10 HP   213,3502013-03-31 21:19:13
10m band many hours unusable for interference...
W6KC   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   27,1922013-03-31 21:42:56
I think I might place pretty high in the SO(A)AB(TS)HP if not too many stations
pick this category.
NAØCW(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   205,0562013-03-31 21:50:44
Rig: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts
10-15-20 3 el SteppIR up 32 feet
40-80 Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials

I have done the last three years of this contest operating at TI5N. But with
Easter falling on this weekend, I was not able to travel for this contest
because of family commitments.

As a result, I had to fit my operating in between a number of family
activities. So I ended up with about 24 hours of op time instead of my usual
limit of 36.

Condx seemed to be lousy on Saturday morning, and I was able to work only 2
Europeans! On Sunday condx were considerably better and I was able to work a
good number of Europeans. But I had to leave in the morning and afternoon for
Easter related activities!

In the end, only 23 (6.5%) of my Qs were with Europe. 37% were with the USA and
49% were with North America.

I had a DXCC total of 56 different entities which is about 20 or so worse than
usual. My Zone count was 24.

Only 13 Qs were made by CQing. I just could not get anything going by CQing
despite being able to work the USA in this contest. QRP can be tough!

So condx were not so hot, and when they got better on Sunday, I had to be
present elsewhere! I certainly hope this contest doesn't fall on Easter
weekend again in a long time!

A special thanks to my long time friend Phil (N0KE) who let me use the club
call, NA0CW, while he was off to PJ2T to do a QRP All Band effort as PJ2DX. My
most thrilling QSO was to finally find and work him on 15 M late in the contest
on Sunday!

But even with all the interruptions and constraints from Easter activities,
this contest was still a lot of fun. And I maintain that a bad weekend of
contesting is still a heck of a lot better than a good weekend of doing almost
anything else!

73, Bill W8QZA - NA0CW
PV2P(PY2DY)   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,846,3482013-03-31 22:00:49


8P2K(8P6SH)   SOSB10 LP   231,1362013-03-31 22:01:54
Easter is never a good time for radio for me so family and other commitments
kept me away from the radio. Propagation on 10m was a bit rough and running low
power never kept any kind of rate going. Still it was good to work and hear some
great prefixes. On Sunday Europe seemed to be open past their sunset up to
nearly 2100z which is a good thing.

Thanks for all the great QSO's and look forward to the next edition.


Dean - 8P6SH / 8P2K
KK5I(W5CW)   SO(A)AB HP   943,7042013-03-31 22:03:35
Great fun as always operating from Connie and Pam's station in OK.
73 and thanks for all the Q's.
Dave, W5CW
VA7BEC   SO(A)AB LP   975,7922013-03-31 22:06:53
Despite a very slow and frustrating start on Friday afternoon and through most
of Saturday, my Q count is exactly the same as last year. Mults are down, and
so is score. But WPX is more than just numbers for me. I like the "anyone
anywhere" aspect of this contest because it means there's usually constant
activity even when conditions are poor. This time around, however, the first 24
hours were just awful. I thought, if this continues, I won't even get 300 Qs.
Luckily, the situation took a turn for the better on Saturday evening and was
markedly better on Sunday. EU and JA magically appeared and there was lots of
activity from every direction.

To everyone who persevered through all that QRN and QRM to catch my call and
exchange and/or wait while I did the same during my run times, thanks so much.

In the end, this was another enjoyable contest with more smile-inducing moments
than grumbles.

See you all again soon.

Rebecca VA7BEC
VK6NC   M/S HP   6,471,7452013-03-31 22:31:06
High noise floor on the Saturday night meant poor conditions.
A real struggle for contacts, especially on 20m.
Radio to PC link broke down mid contest.
Better conditions later meant we achieved a Club record high score.
KC3R(LZ4AX)   SOAB HP   8,933,6202013-03-31 22:33:51
Got my phone dose for several years to come.
Thanks to Jim, WA3FET for letting me operate the station again.

Alex LZ4AX
UA9CTT   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   1,961,2782013-03-31 22:38:07
Thanks to all !
VK6DXI   SO(A)SB10(TS) HP   1,825,4502013-03-31 22:38:57
Well Easter and contesting make a bad mix. No chance for serious operation. :-(
Luckily it does not happen every year for WPX Contest.
10m had some nice openings, even long after sun set on Sunday night.
Some great signals noted from Eu. Worked some qrp's and mobile stations.
It was fun, as always.

Spot checked 160 and 80m and it was rather diseappointing here.
NF1R(N7MH)   M/2 HP   2,327,4882013-03-31 22:49:47
A new grandson born a couple weeks early and other family issues got in the way
of planning for this contest.

Thanks to Clayton NF1R for use of his callsign. I kept hoping that one of our
other ops would show up to join me in this casual M/2. Clayton stopped by
briefly but didn't operate. Dave, AA6XV, operated for several hours using his
own callsign. I operated two radios in non-interlocked fashion for a few hours
so I'm submitting as M/2 even though I was the only operator.

-Mike, N7MH
KH7Y   SOSB15 HP   861,8652013-03-31 22:54:21
Token effort due to Easter with family. 15 meters was hot at the start of the
contest, Saturday very strong signals then weak.

Thanks for the Qs and Aloha, Fred KH7Y
YP7P(YO7LFV)   SO(A)AB HP   3,840,2282013-03-31 22:58:25
My first wpx with SO2R it was fun . All equipments works great .
Nice jobs with Live Contest Score

My equipment : FT 1000 MP , FT 950 , 2 PA (HM by yo7bga) , Microham u2r , 2
Band decoder (HM by yo7bga),2 Ice Bandpass filter , 12-4 lz antenna at 12 m
high , dipol 1.8 , dipol 3.5 , GP 14 ,7 ,GP 3.5 (Spiderbeam 18m) .

73! Robert yo7lfv /yp7p
3Z8T(SQ8JX)   SO(A)SB80 HP   1,785,2642013-03-31 23:22:54
Thanks for all qso's.

FT2000 and TS 590 ( alternately ) - NO SO2R


Vertical 31,5m + Inv. Vee.@ 7m + 10 x beverages ~ 300m

I invite you all to our Polish SPDX Contest next week :

Rules :

73' Kornel SQ8JX
WH7DX   SOAB HP   205,2482013-03-31 23:28:56
Had a good time poking around between other things. Almost all my contacts were
coming back to CQ. That's a lot more work and I was running out of unique
CQs..... Next time it's going to be the opposite. Enjoyed helping those
calling, especially the little ones in far off places. Had some good 40M and
80M, conditions were pretty good. Hardly had any Europe though. 20M was
unusually noise for me, usually my strong point. Looking forward to the next
event.. had a good time. Everything worked. Software going.. getting the hang
of it. 73 and Aloha!
SP4LVK(ZBIG)   SOSB20 QRP   60,6802013-03-31 23:37:32
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el Delta Loop
IV3BCA   SOAB LP   896,7602013-03-31 23:40:02
Easter holidays - QRM home made
Too bad because the propagation was great
I stopped at 800 QSO of Technical KO (HI!) Signaly og my Lady!

Setup Usual Yaesu FT 1000
Antenna system (home made)
Moxon 10 meters (VERY STRONG QSB)
4 elements 15 meters
3 elements 20 meters
Rotary Dipole 40
Inverer V Dipole, and Slooper 80/160.
At the next opportunity to contesting.

Vy 73 de Paul IV3BCA
LY7Z(LY2TA)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   600,9842013-03-31 23:44:19
TS 850S/AT + ACOM 1000
AD 223 V2 Tribander + Wires for 160-40m.

Part time operation. 5 hours early Saturday morning and 3 hour late Sunday


73! Andy LY7Z
E74WN   SO(A)SB80 LP   626,0402013-03-31 23:49:15
Had fun!
Setup:FT1000MP,100W,TX-RX Delta loop
Tnx all for QSO
73 & CU in CW part
OK1JOC   SO(A)AB LP   33,1202013-03-31 23:53:11
S52W   SO(A)AB LP   136,2002013-04-01 00:00:31
Part time effort. Only S&P and put few spots on cluster. Tried to avoid
spoting well known self spoters, and stations with wide over modulated

73 Damjan S52W
SQ7DQX   SOAB HP   2,630,9632013-04-01 00:08:46
I had realy good time last weekend during WPX SSB contest. I met understanding
from my family and I spent time alone at shack. I lost some time because of
snow fall. I had to dig out a car and push it out from snow and frozen grass
after contest. 1/4 vertical works much better than wires, coax malfunction did
not allow me to come back to 80m, 2 el delta SP3PL works nice at 14/21/28 -
much better than A3S and Spiderbeam above (really bad idea). I need better
antenna for 80m and something for 160m (verticals, half delta or something
else) to catch mode DX on that bands nut snow did not allow to do any antenna
work. Thanks all for QSO's, sorry for QRM and see you at SPDX Contest next
weekend !
K4WW   SO(A)AB LP   29,7002013-04-01 00:26:41
100%S/P. Original intention was 100 contacts and 100 prefixes. Must have messed
up one on 15.
9A6A   SO(A)SB15 LP   744,1202013-04-01 00:41:29
RIG: TS690S, <100W
Ant: 3 el Yagi
OR2F   SOAB(TS) LP   107,6272013-04-01 00:43:02
TA4AU(RASID)   SOSB15 LP   2,100,5682013-04-01 00:46:20
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: None
NAME: Mehmet Rasid OGUNC
Mail Adress :
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.3.3
LZØM(LZ2SX)   SO(A)SB20 LP   176,7822013-04-01 00:53:34
Almost every station that I had a QSO is a multiplier .Very interesting contest
and good operators that pull your signals out of the QRM .I took part in the
event only on Sunday .Conditions on the bands was not as good as I wanted but
anyway Great time on Air and a lot of fun .I had a few QSO's on other bands
just to give a mult. to other participants that were calling CQ .

80 wtts
2 el. yagi
Dipole 2x15m

73 Boyan
EI4CF   SO(A)SB10 LP   22,4102013-04-01 00:56:57
Very hard going! Skip seemed to be mainly long and signal stengths were very
low, except for a few ststions in the middle east.
IK7YTT   SOSB40 LP   187,7982013-04-01 01:00:03
i had to be at xx9 again but i have to be back in italy so i changed the plan.
Worked ony on 40mt with 100w and the new 40mt 4 square antenna. Testing for the
the first time. the band was in good shape expecially to us. I had an old rtx so
a lot of noice.
II9P   M/2 HP   26,407,1612013-04-01 01:04:23
We had a very happy Easter week end with family and contesting. No Murphy visits
during this contest at the II9PAPA station. We followed the TV world blessing by
Pope Francesco and we had Benedetto at our station too (Antonello, IT9EQO son)!
Special guest operator Carlo, IK1HJS. Nice guy! He will be again in our team,
that's sure!
About conditions we didn't expect a big partecipation during the Easter week
end. This was truth during some hours and not true during others. Maybe we had
a notch of partecipation during lunch time.
Propagation was not good during saturday, but we even had some skewed path QSOs
to USA on 10 meters as well. During sunday we had some good QSOs on 10 meters
direct path with States, but not really widely open to all of USA on 15 meters
too. As prop conditions were disturbed in the previous days, I think that
openings to high latitudes were not so good. But here in South EU maybe we
suffer this conditions not so much as other stations in Northern Sky. What
about our score? We can improve that next year! Antennas on 15 meters are not
very good and this is the best band for WPX. On low bands good antennas on 80
meters worked. On 40 we still need a Yagi and maybe we can build a SIX ELEMENT
WIRE YAGI with a 200 meters slope in USA direction. USA stations, thank you for
your patience in making QSO with us. We are working to make that think simpler!
Best regards, on behalf of II9P Team, IT9GSF, Fabio.
9A7ZZ   SO(A)SB10 LP   9,7202013-04-01 01:20:35
Contest on wrong date this year!!
ED5T(EA5KV)   SO(A)SB15(TS) HP   756,6082013-04-01 01:24:03
73, EA5KV VIC.
S54O   SO(A)AB HP   158,5082013-04-01 01:51:56
TS590 IC2KL 3el@15m wires @3-15m

73's de Boris S54O
Z39A   SO(A)SB20(TS) LP   542,3012013-04-01 02:01:56
As I mentioned on the NG3K list, this was part effort from my home. It was
easter sunday, so we went to the lunch at my mother house. The conditions,
HMMMM...noisy both days. 73 and thanks for the points in this one. CU de Chris,
Z39A ex: Z35X, Z31GX

Radio: TS-940SAT
Antenna: TH3-MK3
K3TN   SOAB(TS) HP   109,2722013-04-01 02:02:17
Just a few times on the bands to give out the rare K3 prefix to the 12 stations
who did now work K3ZO or K3WW.

Always amazes me when I can't work EU on 10m but I can work VK/ZL.
EA5DFV   SOAB HP   5,085,0722013-04-01 02:06:47
I try to get 3000 QSO but the conditions not permit it. I get less prefixes that
the past year on SOSB 20m and similar numbers of QSO.

10m improve sunday evening and I can work mults on it with good signals from
some ZL stations.

40m seem on good shape, but the segment from 7125-7200 was unusable due to the
"overbooking" and I move to call in sunday evening to the lower part
and I can get a decent run where I was surprised for a lot of BY stations
calling me: I will pay more attention on it the next contests.

The money band was 20m. I was poorly run on 15m saturday evening when my friend
Alex YO9HP say me that 20m was a lot better. I move on them and get the best
running of the contest. Thanks, Alex.

Thanks for the QSO and I hope everybody enjoy the contest.

73 de Jose
KU4V   SOAB HP   1,150,5552013-04-01 02:27:59
Bands were in poor shape for most of the contest period.
SV5DKL   SO(A)SB80 LP   836,7372013-04-01 02:40:48
Yaesu FT-2000 @ 100w
27,5m Inverted-L w/ antenna coupler and 56x random length radials on the
Writelog v10.72E
4 x 185ml Red Bulls
TF3AO   SOAB HP   91,5802013-04-01 02:51:02
Awful condx, only a bit better Sunday afternoon.
KM4HI   SOSB15(TS) LP   172,0202013-04-01 03:03:28
Part time mostly S&P effort with several short runs here and there. Average
start on Friday night but Saturday was slow with band conditions as they were
on 15. No JA's or Eastern Asis this contest but did manage a VU2, AH0, KH2, VK
and ZL. Frustrating to hear 6's and 7's running JA's. Sunday op time limited
with church and anniversary dinner. Thanks for the Q's. 73 de Jim KM4HI
OE2S(OE2VEL)   SOSB15 HP   1,164,0962013-04-01 03:07:29
Murphy did a great job this time, hope he finished for 2013
KL7RA   M/M HP   15,636,6852013-04-01 03:12:38
Reviewing the 48 hour activity chart post contest looks like our day-night cycle
was flipped. Big rates on the high bands at local midnight and slow rate at high
noon. Obviously we were not going to get the big 1000 Q's first hour we have
seen here from Kenai when there are no signals on any band before contest start
but I also didn't expect it would take ten hours to hit 1000 Q's. Now this would
have run off your average multi-multi crew but not us here in alaska. We look at
it as the boy's night, (and day and night and day) out with the magic of radio.
We don't have to work anyone because we have snacks, lots and lots of snacks.
Even a second town run for even more snacks. Then the bands exploded open to
Europe, at local midnight no less, and all was well again for awhile. Now the
rates were too big and the problem of slow rate was too many calling, good
grief, no mercy.

North Pole Contest Group welcomes new member Steve, KL7SB who did a FB job for
us catching all the "new guy" assignments. He is signed up for the
WPX CW. Lloyd, K5ZO, (AL7CQ) came up from Texas to see if everything was as
good from the Kenai as I claimed and was not impressed until Saturday night
when the Europe piles blasted open at full Kenai 20 over S-9 strength. Lloyd
and I did our first WPX multi-multi in 1978 from Fairbanks where we often
suffered the aurora. We look different in the 35 year old picture on the wall
for some odd reason. Want to goggle some interesting villages in Alaska check
out Carl, WL7BDO in Nenana. Dave, KA1NCN in Bethel. Kris, AL2F in Anchor Point
and Jeff, KL2HD in famous Homer. The station is in North Kenai past Nikiski.
All often featured in Alaska state troopers. Not us, the villages...

Next up Dayton 73 Rich KL7RA
K6CSL   SOAB(TS) LP   18,7322013-04-01 03:28:21
Friday Evening started with no contacts on 10M(obviously the high A Index in the
propagation stats) I had only 3 contacts on 15M, LV5, HK1 and KR4Z. I moved to
20M at 01:13Z. I worked 13 Q's on 20 and moved to 40M at 03:15Z. I worked 9 Q's
on 40 and moved to 80M at about 08:15Z and subsequently to a try at 160M, but
found nothing on either band. Saturday night was the same experience. In fact I
never heard one station on either band, other than the usual strange stations on
3840(the reason I almost never use 75 SSB) Early Saturday morning I did hear
AK6W calling on 160. I called him, but apparently he was not hearing me during
his very short listening period between his calls. Each time I said my call
sign, he would be half way through his next call before I could say my call
sign twice. I was very surprised to check and find he was in SCV. I
quit for the night about 10:00Z. I resumed the contest at 16:30Z on Saturday.
The bands were still poor with severe solar noise. 2 Hours on 20 netted 6 Q's
on 20. 20:45Z to 22:45 netted 11 Q's on 15 followed by 10 q's on 10M and then
15Q's on 20 as the bands began to improve. At about 05:30Z I had to disconnect
the antennas, and I even shut down the radio and my computer and pulled the
plugs from the wall outlets as a wild thunder storm with heavy rain and hail
blew through Riverbank. I got back on 40 between 06:00 and 09:30Z for 3 Q's on
40, N4RV, JH9URT and VK4YB. I didn't get back on until 19:15Z on Sunday. The
bands were greatly improved by then with 22 Q's on 15M between 19:24Z and 22:00
when I moved to 10M. Between 22:00Z and 23:00Z I worked 10 Q's on 10M. At 23:00Z
I figured I would try 20M for the last hour. Big error. I would have been better
going to 15M. The last contact of the contest was WP2Z, on 20 at 23:46Z. I had
hoped to beat my 2012 WPX SSB score which was 123Q's in 102 mults, but the poor
conditions on Saturday and then the loss of almost 3 hours to the thunder storm
just really ruined things. So I'll hope to do better on CW at the end of May.
Bert, K6CSL
K1LZ   M/S HP   21,577,3362013-04-01 03:33:25
No stellar conditions, essentially no 10M, no great rates (steady but never
great), but still a potential new MS record! This was a weekend of grind it
out- rates were steady at 110-120 per hour, with a few hours 150+ but never
getting to
200. 40M especially was a good place to be, with the extra points from the low
band figuring in to the strategy.

Congrats to the crew at KM3T for a great first 24 hours- we knew going in that
they were going to be competitive (for the first 24 hours, anyway), and indeed
they were. As both of us were using the Online Scoreboard, we could watch both
stations as they went through the ebb and flow of the contest. It was
fascinating to hear their 40M op run stations that we couldn't hear the first
night. They were as much as 600K ahead during the first evening, but by the
end of the first day we were neck and neck. Thanks to them, they provided the
motivation for us to keep our butts in the seat and keep on grinding!

Thanks to Krassy for the use of his great station.

Dennis W1UE
K1ZO   SOSB15(TS) LP   95,5042013-04-01 03:41:04
Mosley TA-53M @ 43 feet
S53M(S51FB)   SOSB20 HP   3,105,3762013-04-01 03:53:40
Initial ambition was much higher than final outcome.
I was happy with Saturdays score but Sunday, I lost lot of motivation to run
Thanks for all calls, special those coming from rare DX countries. In some
cases I was really surprised.

73 de Miha, S51FB
F/E73CQ   SOSB15 QRP   53,7852013-04-01 03:54:48
just for fun..but not much fun with 5 watts in phone contest :) , cw is ok

many JA'a called but none copied me..same to BY stations (most of them just
calling, calling...)

thanks to some great contest operators from US as usually to copy me at first

vy 73 to all and thanks
ZP8T(K2DER)   SO(A)AB LP   113,0882013-04-01 03:57:54
Ayolas DX Contest Club
Kenwood TS-480S + Delta Loop 40M
YP9W(YO9GZU)   SO(A)AB HP   8,846,1512013-04-01 04:17:20
As from WPX SSB 2011, this was already my 5th phone CQ contest in a raw operated
from Ionut's station YP9W. To be honest, I was expecting band conditions at
least as good as in 2011, but it turned out to be the toughest one so far in
this series. The propagation this weekend had really messed up my target of
beating the previous year score.

Some contest facts:

* Excepting the first 10 minutes in 40m, I don't remember to have a remarkable
run all weekend long. Instead, I was struggling for every QSO and had to work a
lot on the second radio for keeping the rate at 80-90/hour.

* The conditions were awful particularly on Saturday, and it no surprise with
an A index of 25 and k of 5. The bands were very noisy, with signals seeming
like they come from the barrel. Morning window towards JA was almost
nonexistent, and later the path to NA seemed skewed to me, the signals coming
better when I was beaming to South and Central America. The first day I've
managed to put only a handful of NA stations in the log, with both 15m and 20m
closing very early in the evening.

* Like never before, first night I couldn't make anything going in 40m, neither
simplex above 7125 nor split, hurting the score as well. Second night was much
better, with a slow but solid NA run and amazing morning with lot of West Coast
coming in at the first show up as multipliers.

* On Sunday, even 15m and 20m were in better shape and closed late in the
night. At the first sight, given the better condx, I was in doubt if it wasn't
a mistake not to keep more operating hours for the second day. After dawn, 15m
was wide open to NA and very quiet, but simply there were not enough callers,
maybe because of Easter holiday (???) so I've had only limited runs.

* My feeling was that if you're not on the cluster, you simply don't exist.
This time I got way too few spots, for example a single DX one in the first 14

* It is really exciting to follow realtime scores on There were a
lot of ups and downs on the scoreboard, so I could enjoy every moment of the
game, even in the slow hours. Special thanks to IR4M, IW2HAJ, S53MM and others
for the fine competition, and kudos to team for their good job!

* Some guys have a bad assumption that they deserve at least 2kc up and down
from their main frequency, and they become very aggressive in behavior if you
pass this limit. These guys should make a simple calculation to see how many
stations can simultaneously hold a running freq on a band like 40m if you apply
this formula. Lets act with more fair-play and be more tolerant, keeping in mind
that QRM is a part of the game.

* Saturday was my birthday, and I even got greetings on air from some friends.
It was a cool way to celebrate my 30th anniversary, but now I have to return to
a lot of missed phone calls and explain why I wasn't reachable ;)

See you next time!
73 Tibi YO9GZU

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 22 82 0 0 0 104 104 3.6
0100 0 39 36 0 0 0 75 179 6.1
0200 0 36 37 0 0 0 73 252 8.6
0300 0 34 17 4 0 0 55 307 10.5
0400 0 0 80 20 1 0 101 408 13.9
0500 0 0 64 14 2 0 80 488 16.7
0600 0 0 0 19 17 0 36 524 17.9
0700 0 0 0 0 18 10 28 552 18.8
0800 0 0 0 0 57 20 77 629 21.5
0900 0 0 0 0 7 1 8 637 21.7
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 637 21.7
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 637 21.7
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 637 21.7
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 637 21.7
1400 0 0 0 15 60 34 109 746 25.5
1500 0 0 0 107 4 11 122 868 29.6
1600 0 0 0 46 53 8 107 975 33.3
1700 0 0 1 63 23 5 92 1067 36.4
1800 0 0 75 2 7 0 84 1151 39.3
1900 0 1 15 69 4 0 89 1240 42.3
2000 0 3 31 19 0 0 53 1293 44.1
2100 0 0 94 6 0 0 100 1393 47.6
2200 0 46 13 0 0 0 59 1452 49.6
2300 36 8 40 0 0 0 84 1536 52.4
0000 0 1 86 0 0 0 87 1623 55.4
0100 0 10 58 0 0 0 68 1691 57.7
0200 0 6 73 0 0 0 79 1770 60.4
0300 0 2 75 0 0 0 77 1847 63.1
0400 0 0 58 11 0 0 69 1916 65.4
0500 0 0 25 49 0 0 74 1990 67.9
0600 0 0 1 5 0 0 6 1996 68.1
0700 0 0 0 0 32 1 33 2029 69.3
0800 0 0 0 8 46 0 54 2083 71.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2083 71.1
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2083 71.1
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2083 71.1
1200 0 0 0 0 17 5 22 2105 71.9
1300 0 0 0 10 77 6 93 2198 75.0
1400 0 0 0 0 81 8 89 2287 78.1
1500 0 0 0 5 66 13 84 2371 80.9
1600 0 0 0 21 69 1 91 2462 84.1
1700 0 0 0 86 9 0 95 2557 87.3
1800 0 1 10 22 47 0 80 2637 90.0
1900 0 0 13 80 4 0 97 2734 93.3
2000 0 10 10 56 0 0 76 2810 95.9
2100 0 22 30 5 0 0 57 2867 97.9
2200 0 10 52 0 0 0 62 2929 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2929 100.0
Total 36 251 1076 742 701 123 2929

Gross QSOs=2939 Dupes=10 Net QSOs=2929

Unique callsigns worked = 2290

The best 60 minute rate was 138/hour from 1527 to 1626
The best 30 minute rate was 164/hour from 1538 to 1607
The best 10 minute rate was 192/hour from 1455 to 1504

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSOs/minute 10 times.
4 QSOs/minute 45 times.
3 QSOs/minute 210 times.
2 QSOs/minute 606 times.
1 QSOs/minute 857 times.

There were 739 bandchanges and 383 (13.1%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 24
4 984
5 1122
6 765
7 9
8 18
9 4
10 3

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 1820
2 bands 339
3 bands 102
4 bands 21
5 bands 7
6 bands 1

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 22 126 693 451 444 84
D4C   M/M HP   97,812,0442013-04-01 04:19:57
Just Amazing !

We had planned a M/S with 4 operators, but few hours before the contest the
conditions were so good, that we chose to have fun and try to beat the All time
score MM, even only with 3 station and 4 ops. What a blast !

This was a training for the incoming CQWW 2013 SSB planned for the next

The new low band antennas were amazing, we really had improved the QSO numbers,
and High band opening were unbelievable, 10m was just a juice, and we closed the
band too early because we needed to move on 40m, but never mind after a while we
had settled our target to 100 Million, and we almost did it !!

The first hour we did 661 QSO and 472 pfx, a good start !

Congrats to the M/S guys for their fabulous scores, you were very lucky .....

Thank's to everyone who called us, we did our best to work everyone, next time
we try to do better ...

73 de Fabio I4UFH

one of D4C Team
KR2Q   SOAB LP   26,6892013-04-01 04:33:03
Just handing out the KR2 prefix. About 5% of the stations I called asked me if
I was QRP. No, I was not QRP. :-)

From 2009z to 2022z I sat on 21229 and called CQ. I worked 24 stations. That
was enough fun for me.

de Doug KR2Q
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   M/S HP   1,352,8902013-04-01 04:47:12
What a blast. This is the best our team has done from W3RFC. Hopefully we can
keep it up in the future. Good time and Good food/drink was had by all.
HQ2N(JA6WFM)   SOSB10 LP   768,5342013-04-01 04:47:50
Loma de Toro
IC-756PRO3 2ele vertical beam
YT2AAA(@YT2AAA/P)   SO(A)SB40(TS) LP   719,5652013-04-01 04:49:01
IC-745 (which died 3h before end) :(
GP 2 elevated radials
Hand mic
S53F(@S52AW)   SO(A)SB15 HP   4,410,9962013-04-01 04:52:39
73 de Vinko s53f
OL5W(OK1IC)   SO(A)SB20 HP   2,076,0322013-04-01 04:57:26
Thanks for all QSOs! CU in CW part with (hope) better propagation :-)

73 Tomas OK1IC / OL5W
E77XZ(DK6XZ)   SOSB15 HP   5,683,5902013-04-01 05:02:32
A spontanous action from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as being here for some business
+ taking advantage of holidays... Sorry not being able to join the DR1A crew as
planned, but it was despite several technical restrictions a semi-serious
effort I was able to accomplish.

The club station E71EZC at the hilltop ( 1000 m asl ) was equipped with a
TS140S which surprised with a solide performance. Tricky was, I was using hand
microphone and was writing/logging with one hand :). What a job! Two antenas (
X7@27m and PV5@18m ) but no single rotator in function. A rope helped up to
turn the 5 EL monobander into direction JA or USA. Sometimes I was a bit off of
the direction, but at least the fitness component was added :)).

Was nice working dosens of JA on Sunday, several hours as they were in the
darkness. Band opened up strongly to the West Coast and Midwest for 1-2 late
hours of Sunday. It was great despite extreme QRM. Very low level of condx to

Many thanks to everyone for the fun!

73 Suad, E77XZ/DK6XZ

Some statistics:

E77XZ - Kontinente
Nach Band - Alle Betriebsarten
QSOs (mit Dupes)

| Band | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 | | | | | | |
| 80 | | | | | | |
| 40 | | | | | | |
| 20 | | | | | | |
| 15 | 26.7% | 46.0% | 2.7% | 0.5% | 22.0% | 2.1% |
| 10 | | | | | | |

Powered by Win-Test 4.6.0

Nach Band - Nach Betriebsart
QSOs (mit Dupes) - Nach Zeit

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 |
Total |
| | SSB | SSB | SSB | SSB | SSB | SSB |
| 00 | | | | | | |
| 01 | | | | | | |
| 02 | | | | | | |
| 03 | | | | | | |
| 04 | | | | | | |
| 05 | | | | | | |
| 06 | | | | | 23 | |
23 |
| 07 | | | | | 121 | |
121 |
| 08 | | | | | 136 | |
136 |
| 09 | | | | | 84 | |
84 |
| 10 | | | | | 74 | |
74 |
| 11 | | | | | 99 | |
99 |
| 12 | | | | | 83 | |
83 |
| 13 | | | | | 99 | |
99 |
| 14 | | | | | 134 | |
134 |
| 15 | | | | | 153 | |
153 |
| 16 | | | | | 169 | |
169 |
| 17 | | | | | 150 | |
150 |
| 18 | | | | | 48 | |
48 |
| 19 | | | | | 43 | |
43 |
| 20 | | | | | 15 | |
15 |
| 21 | | | | | | |
| 22 | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | |
| 00 | | | | | | |
| 01 | | | | | | |
| 02 | | | | | | |
| 03 | | | | | | |
| 04 | | | | | 1 | |
1 |
| 05 | | | | | 21 | |
21 |
| 06 | | | | | 27 | |
27 |
| 07 | | | | | 54 | |
54 |
| 08 | | | | | 48 | |
48 |
| 09 | | | | | 40 | |
40 |
| 10 | | | | | 40 | |
40 |
| 11 | | | | | 69 | |
69 |
| 12 | | | | | 69 | |
69 |
| 13 | | | | | 45 | |
45 |
| 14 | | | | | 71 | |
71 |
| 15 | | | | | 89 | |
89 |
| 16 | | | | | 98 | |
98 |
| 17 | | | | | 113 | |
113 |
| 18 | | | | | 105 | |
105 |
| 19 | | | | | 51 | |
51 |
| 20 | | | | | 4 | |
4 |
| 21 | | | | | | |
| 22 | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | |
| | | | | | 2376 | |
2376 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.6.0
NA4W(K4WI)   SOSB10 LP   172,8542013-04-01 05:10:16
Condx on 10 were pretty low this year! Friday evening only put two in the log;
ZL and LU. Saturday was slow, no euro's heard; Africa was pretty well
represented as well as South America. Sunday was a little better with a small
opening to southern Europe at 1630Z: mostly I's, EA, SV, LZ,CT and actually
worked one PI and one EI. Sunday evening worked one JA and one KL7 but a lot of
VK and ZL. Mostly S+P but could run every now and then high up in the band. Fun
but tiring! Thanks all, Cort
K4WI   SOSB160 LP   2,2052013-04-01 05:16:14
Finally got my 160 meter loop back up and working! The band was very noisy and
wasn't much activity. Hard to scratch up any contacts. Mostly sat on one
frequency and called CQ. But I am glad I have 160 back! Thanks, Cort
SK2T(@SK2AT)   M/S HP   3,337,4882013-04-01 05:17:18
Hard time first night with weak signals because of the Aurora. Saturday mainly
EU worked. Sunday much better with lots of 3 pointers on 15m, and 20m best band
as usual in the disturbed conds up in Auroraland. Nice LP openings on 20m after
sunrise to VK/ZL.

Hat of for clubmember Mike SJ2W who made a great score in 20m singleband from
Da Traesk!

160 Loop
80 2 el Wirebeam dir EU
40 2 el Moxon dir EU, dipole E/W
20 4 el
15 4 el
10 4 el

TNX QSOs /Per SM2LIY FURA radio club.
DF9ZP   SO(A)SB10 HP   281,5112013-04-01 05:17:37
Vy bad conditions on 10m.
Only a few NA and JA.

Vy 73 Jo DF9ZP
ON6NL   SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP   182,0002013-04-01 05:17:45
Wanted to set a new Belgain record again. This time
on 15 meter. When I discovered the new QRP assisted class I wanted
to try that of course. It is great to have cluster support to
hunt new once specially the 2nd day!

Thanks to all the great operators who pulled out my call and info
from the crowed band!
GØDCK   SOSB20 LP   110,8602013-04-01 05:23:54
not much time just a few hours to play, cheers to all
4LØA(4L4WW)   SOSB15 HP   5,983,9472013-04-01 05:24:59
Had different plan iniially (SOAB) but few problems discovered prior to the
contest changed it for SOSB. Opted for 15m just for fun (never tried before)and
perhaps beating the Asian record. No opening to USA first day (and to Japan
too), only the stations in the radius of 3000Km....over 90 percent EU stations.
The second day in terms of propagatin was better, as expected with low EU
activity, (partly because of Easter)but with quite decent US opening for few
hours. Both days the band was closed around 7PM Zulu hence only 28 hours of
Thanks to all who called and who was trying to reach me but had no success,
hopefully we do it next time
Gia 4L4WW
DR1A   M/M HP   40,687,1552013-04-01 05:29:59
Distorted propagation in our Northern location. 40m did not produce the typical
stateside runs. 20m was just a shade of itself. 15m only gave a few handful of
stateside contacts on Saturday, with Sunday being better for some running. Not
to speak of 10m - almost every contact was hard work, and unneccessary to say
there was no direct path to the USA. Only a handful of very weak W's on skewed

Special thanks to Halina (SP3LPG/XYL) for her *** Catering servive. Besides she
was learning for her license exam coming soon. Robert (8 years old) made his
first QSOs giving out the call DN3DA to about 30 stations during a low-rate

Nice to have two first-time new OPs visiting the station: Martin, DL4NAC, and
Andy, UU4JMG (of UU7J). Hope that they will come back again some time!

CONGRATS to all winners, and hope to see you all again in the next contest (CQ
WPX CW). Will be doing some station work in April/May to work on 3 new towers.

73 Ben
RV9UP(@UA9UR)   SO(A)AB LP   3,619,8322013-04-01 05:33:34
It was nothing to predict this kind of 'propagation' cndx couple days before.
Moreover the friday evenig sowed opened 10m band. Not fabulous, but seemed to
be ready for repeating last year 400 QSO.
Wow, guys! It was not 'propagation'! It was real constipation!
Planned goal was not reached. Believe me I tried hardly... (all guys say
See You in WPXCW. May be solar's constipation will be treated.

F5VKT   SO(A)SB15(TS) LP   376,0962013-04-01 05:39:29
Condx to US West Coast were poor.
N2WN   SOAB(TS) QRP   740,8682013-04-01 05:46:41
I had to get pumped for this one as I always find SSB a strain on the senses.
It's a real love/hate affair, nice to put a voice with the regulars and work
places that seem like they should be really tough QRP, but... frustrating with
the VERY wide signals, absolutely horrible audio (PARTICULARLY the recorded
messages (still)), and literally screaming into the mic at times (I know better
too!). Still there were a few exhilarating moments that are unique to phone

So on to the test...

My 160m Tee lost half of it's top hat Thursday. 7 years of wind finally took
it's toll, so now had a short L. Built a little L network to match it slapped a
baggie over it (rain and storms were expected) and hoped for the best.

Propagation looked a bit dicey as we started and the low bands were a bit
noisy, but passable. Virtually all of my domestic prefixes were on the low
bands and other than the big guns, activity seemed light from the US and
Canada. Most of the QRP and LP folks would agree the Canadians are vital to a
good showing on the low bands, still worked a VE8 which is unusual for my QTH,
Ontario was light.

40 was so-so, heard a number of JA stations Saturday morning, fewer Sunday, but
didn't work any (going to try and fix that with phased verticals, concrete work
involved but that is another story...) 40 is intimidating on SSB to me, with
little nighttime spectrum attempting to run is a pleasant fantasy. Still
managed some decent DX with EU, VK, KH6 heard KL7RA on two bands but very
light. 67 prefixes on the band and 23 countries it weren't bad!

160 and 80 were less productive. It was nice to work KG9N/C6A and have NP4A
call me when I was running. Missed HK1NA, who was really loud at times, on 160,
but not from a lack of trying. Friday night/Saturday morning was definitely MUCH
better than the following night. Only seven DXCC on 160/80... Never heard D4C on
160 or 40 (MEGA pile-up).

15 was the game band for me, followed closely by 20 and a distant 10 (which was
better than I had expected). 15 has a bit more room to spread out and brute
force is usually not necessary if it's open... and it was! 68 countries were
worked including A71AM (way loud at times and had to really WORK to land them),
HZ, 4X, 4L, 5W and 4U1ITU were some of the neat catches. Some of the weak (on my
end) stations were much easier to work than the boomers. On Sunday, things were
percolating along well on 20 early. Made the switch to 15 and at one point it
was like someone said "oops, we forgot to throw the switch" and the
band just "popped", everyone jumped a couple S units it seemed. This
was good and bad, easier to hear some stations, but the "blooms" came
out in force as some stations covered twice as much spectrum with rumbling as
they had before.

Saturday was nice and steady on 10, providing many prefixes from the Southern
regions and Pacific and Africa, but nothing from EU. Heard EU on Sunday, after
the "big switch" was thrown, but all were weak and very distorted. 10
was not much help on Sunday for me.

20 was interesting as it there were more attempted jamming or intentional QRM
events. Someone was plating music over on DL station (didn't seem to phase the
operator or his run), a number of "tuners" and one broad spectrum
noise event. There was one Polish station I heard who moved when asked for a US

I did try to run a few of times with very limited success, less than ten
stations. Have better luck running on RTTY and CW than on SSB, but it's not
from a lack of trying! SSB is pretty much a S&P and band change game. Think
it's much harder to stay focused with long NoQ periods.

Heard ND0C and KC0MO, who generally run QRP on Saturday doing S&P, was
ahead in QSOs by 100+ QSOs. Which I took to mean that conditions weren't too
good for either. Had hoped to work them on the low bands, if for no other
reason than to chat (OK, the multipliers would have been nice too!) and do a
lil' QRP high five.

Wasn't sure how the Easter weekend would play out. Sunday had the potential of
being very quiet. which was true early in the morning, but it picked up, and a
number of stations where sharing Easter greetings. All in all everyone seemed
to be in good spirits, little complaining was heard. About the only negative
comments were related to static crashes with storms across the US.

A few other observations: I commented to a couple stations about audio issues
all of them made adjustments as I listened and sounded much better. It still is
a mystery to me how many stations hear "zero" instead of
"two" in my call. Having a call that starts with N and ends with it
isn't the best for contesting. DVKs are nice, but LISTENING for more than a few
nano-seconds should be mandatory hihi.

There were a lot of patient stations who worked hard to make sure the exchanges
were good, which was a challenge at times. My hat is off to them. Heard many
female and young voices, which is encouraging. A few seem to be developing new
contesters and I hope they will try other modes. Thanks for all the QSOs and
efforts, even if we didn't manage to make it happen.

Elecraft K3
160M former Tee, not short inverted L
80M Vee under the yagi at about 40'
4 element SteppIr @ about 15m (AB-621 mast)
Fat butt stuck to chair.

K5RT   SOAB HP   3,476,7652013-04-01 05:47:12
Thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday mornings forced me to QRT for several
hours. Mother Nature made this one hard work for sure. Conditions Sunday were
much improved compared to Saturday.
W1CEK   SOAB QRP   2,8832013-04-01 05:47:14
Managed a few hours QRP. Able to make a few contacts on all bands.
Rig: FT897 with GAP Hear It in line module
Ant: 160M 3/8th inverted L with 4 counterpoise wires. Used on all bands with
SG230 Auto tuner.

OL9R(OK6RA)   SO(A)SB20(TS) LP   340,9762013-04-01 05:50:47
Very bad conditions:-( I hope that CW part will be much better.
FT-1000MP MarkV Field, 100W, Vertical dipol.

73! Vaclav OL9R/OK6RA
AB1QP   SOAB(TS) HP   336,0152013-04-01 05:55:18
Arrgh. Like pulling weeds. Strange condx with openings to specific EU areas - I
hour of Italy, 1 hour of France, etc. Everything sounded compressed, with few
stations standing out in the bands.I note the A index dropped back to 4
immediatly after the end :)
LZ2HM   SO(A)SB10 HP   565,8772013-04-01 06:02:49
Had a good time poking around between other things.
Almost all my contacts were coming back to S&P.

5 el.short yagi @ 20m
Elecraft K3
ACOM 1500

Thanks for all the great QSO's and look forward to the next effort.
See everyone in May in WPX CW.

de Andy LZ2HM
P4ØZ(DF7ZS)   SO(A)AB HP   20,200,0002013-04-01 06:05:51
With 10m not open 15m and 20m really s***** big time.

Sorry for all the stations I coult not pick up in the pileup due to lots of QRM
and intentional jamming. I am 750 QSOs down from my last years effort, but
fighted hard to get at least to the 20MIO mark.

I could underwrite all the comments from Tibi aka YP9W as i found this the
hardes one i ever did.


P40Z aka DF7ZS
S56A   SOAB(TS) LP   1,752,7302013-04-01 06:06:10
I was curious about condx with A=23 and K=5. Easy start on 160 m with love
traped dipole was positive sign. 10 m SA was also easy despite weak signals.
Nice Sunday opening on high bands. Strong Pacific in the morning. It was

73 de Mario, S56A
XR3Y(XQ7UP)   SOAB LP   3,349,7552013-04-01 06:11:45
Nice contest, broke CE record in the category.
IZ3ALW(IZ3NVR)   SO(A)SB15 LP   19,5942013-04-01 06:22:22
On saturday I was not even sure to take part, bad conditions on the bands made
me procastinate the participation till late saturday evening when made the
first QSOs. On sunday Easter commitments took me away from the radio for quite
a few time, especially during the hours where 15m were wide open. Targeted to
100Qs and finally worked them during sunday evening. Heard also KL7RA on sunday
morning (that is quite strange from here) booming with a tremendous signal.
Few NA stations, and even less from OC. The fact that VK/ZL/YB is not that easy
from my station is not a news but usually I work way more W/VE.

Not a single JA but I have not been active during the usual JA opening of the

Thanks anyway for the QSOs and see you next contest

RTX: FT-450 (100W)
Ant: Threebander Vertical
N4NX   SO(A)AB HP   1,074,2722013-04-01 06:26:35
Other obligations limited operating time

Eqpt: (K Line)= K3, P3, KPA500--Power 500 watts

Wish I could have spent more time on 40 meters.

Always a FUN contest
PW7T(@PT7CB)   M/M HP   26,461,8562013-04-01 06:33:31
This wasn't a typical WPX Contest at PW7T. Most regular operators couldn't make
their way to Fortaleza due Easter Holydays and other devoted part time to
contest, but we've had 3 visiting operators coming from Piauí: Junior PS8DX,
Nelson PS8NF and Milton PS8HF - They are the voices (dits) behind of newborn
ZW8T Contest Station.

We started the contest as M/2, but we moved to M/M category to keep all
visiting operators managing pileup on the bands.

Thanks all that called us. Sorry If we couldn't work some of you. Let's try
again on CQMM DX Contest ( and WPX CW.

Congratulations to D4C Gang! Wow, hats off to you guys!

73, PW7T Team.
Fortaleza DX Group
KU2C   SO(A)AB LP   22,0982013-04-01 06:33:45
Had fun for a few available hours.
PT2IC(@PT2CM)   SO(A)SB15 HP   514,2802013-04-01 06:37:06
Only 3 hours operation. Great Fun...
A65CA(RV6AJJ)   SO(A)AB LP   737,6702013-04-01 06:45:35
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 16 62 13
14 243 629 150
21 155 385 91
28 289 759 148
Total 703 1835 402
Score: 737,670
GW4BLE   SOAB HP   1,473,6002013-04-01 06:51:51
Just a few days before last year's WPX SSB contest I was diagnosed with bowel
cancer and had an uncertain future ahead of me. Now life is good, the cancer
has been cured and I just wait for a final medical procedure before getting
fully back on track.

While waiting for the return to hospital, activity times on the radio are
restricted but it was tremendous fun to get on the air and make some QSOs with
friends old and new.

Audio from contacts made in the contest is available on my web site here:


MØC(G3WGN)   SO(A)SB40(TS) LP   1,049,5102013-04-01 06:54:56
Have a temporary station here so had no idea how it would play in a WW contest.

Just a 40m dipole at 90ft and a barefoot transceiver.
Plan A - set a new UK SO 40 LP record. Had a great start so by the time the
band faded Saturday morning, was within a few Qs of the record.
Plan B - go for a score over 500k. Achieved by early hours of Sunday
Plan C - maybe I could score a million? Sunday night - job done!
Had a really fun time in the contest!
Thanks to Chiltern DX Club for use of the Club's call.
W2IRT   SO(A)SB40 HP   152,0482013-04-01 07:01:53
Just wasn't feelin' it for WPX this year. It had been a long week, then Saturday
had turned out to be the nicest day of 2013 to date. Our yard needed a lot of
work to prep for the growing season, so that's where my energies were
channeled, in helping the XYL do the big spring cleanup. I had nothing left
afterward for contesting, although I did manage a few hours here and there. All
running this time, almost exclusively stateside as well.

WPX sounds more and more like field day every year with all the "please
copy" and assorted CB/emcomm nonsense from the statesiders. So much so it
turned one of my favourite contests into one I can essentially forget about.

Equipment behaved itself nicely and for once no computer glitches either. It
appears as if I've found a sound card configuration that is functional. I do
think it's time to re-record a few .wav files, however. WPX lends itself to a
different style and some of my old ones could use some updating.

I intend to do a half-decent effort in IARU, but other than that one, CQWW in
October will be my next big forray into the world of contesting.
NA8V   SOAB LP   1,891,6702013-04-01 07:05:36
First day was very slow, only operated 12+ hrs - dozed off during the MSU/Duke
game and called it a night. Was interesting to see some of the longer paths
open on 15/20 Saturday at the same time western EU was virtually non-existent.
Propagation seemed to "spotlight" and move around until it collapsed
at 1730z.

Second day was much, much better with a few not so fast runs later on 15 and
20. Have had some intermittent line noise the past couple months, and it was
off and on for the weekend primarily in the afternoon. This was the first
contest it really had an impact. Noise limiter in the rig helped, but it was
still s-3 or so. Resorted to my beverage for a while, was fine for the louder
stations but didn't hear the weaker ones so well. Don't think the noise had a
major impact on my score. Worked my only JAs in the last hour on 15, not much
from that area.

Lots of big numbers out there, especially considering the conditions!


BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes
160SSB 8 8 17 1
80SSB 122 122 311 47
40SSB 98 98 350 35
20SSB 398 392 956 243
15SSB 501 499 1117 278
10SSB 78 78 214 34

Totals 1205 1197 2965 638
VE1AL   SOSB15 LP   229,3562013-04-01 07:12:14
Strangest condition I've ever encountered in a contest I've chosen to operate.
Saturday was a virtual writeoff but Sunday offered some strange stuff. Heard
but couldn't work HS, A7, YB and VU. No southern Africans save D3AA, nothing
in the Pacific except AH) and KH2. No VK/ZL, not a single JA and no central
Asia. Did I have fun? Jury is out.
N9AA   SO(A)AB HP   49,7762013-04-01 07:14:16
First time keeping a contest log of any sort, and my first time doing the WPX. I
wasn't able to commit much time to it, but I had some fun.
HK1NA(@HK1R)   M/M HP   69,590,0002013-04-01 07:16:05


VU3KPL   SOAB LP   136,3722013-04-01 07:22:30
With Solar Conditions not so great i.e SSN 49, A Index 14 K Index 4, Solar
Wind(SW) speed 573 km/s to start with, it seemed like this time there would not
be much on air.

When it all started on Saturday morning, bands were all noisy. This condition
gradually improved as hams started frying the ionosphere ;).
In this contest i wanted to observe if there is any effect of SW factor on
propagation, as i had read that around 300 KM/s is ideal for long distance.

Nothing great was happening till i started observing 15mtr on Saturday at
9:30pm IST (i.e 16 UTC). Suddenly all EU and other Russian high power stations
vanished from scene and only NA emerged out of nowhere. It was like a
communication tunnel someone switched on for us over the North pole!. This
condition pattern repeated again on Sunday and in Bangalore we were having
thunderstorms at that time. Fortunately mains supply went off and area was
blacked-out for me. So i could hear even weaker signals from W land having
internal QSOs. All big stations were coming back to my 50W signal within first
or second call.

My ham friends with bit higher power/better antenna and electrical ground
conditions might have rocked during these tunneling periods.
It was very easy to work NA and propagation went deep south covering
Cuba,Caribbean Is, Columbia, Brazil etc.

For me it was long awaited nirvana on air as i am mostly dug deep inside
I did my personal best Qs of 251.

So now i know what effect of SW can have on communication- it is helping waves
to squeeze over North pole when Sun is at high position in NA and this effect
was great on VU as we are on exactly opposite part of globe, where all waves
then merge like a high pressure wind effect over a cricket ball ;)

Keep learning. Enjoy Ham Radio.
CE3CT   M/M HP   33,981,1392013-04-01 07:22:55
W4KW   SOAB HP   1,021,9602013-04-01 07:24:44
Fair conditions Friday and Saturday. Improved Sunday. Nice short 10 Meter
openings to ZL's & VK's Sunday starting around 19:00 Z. Hard to do a full
Contest weekend on Easter weekend.
Tnx to all for the QSO's.
N4RV   SO(A)AB HP   1,539,7302013-04-01 07:31:39
Could only op the first day, so did a hit & miss operation. Spent some time
working some of the M/M stations in EU., on 10 and 160, to help their score.
10 meters was only open to EU on the skew path on Sat. while I was on.
Mostly S&P, except for a nice run of Asiatic Russians on Sat. night on
During the run, I had a very nice 30 min. rag chew with my friend of about 45
years, Willy, R8AA, aka UK9AAN. First met Willy while op'ing M/M from W3MSK..

Before going QRT late Sat. night, I had nice 3 hour run of US stations on 40
meters, which added a lot of new prefixes to the log.

What an amazing difference operating this contest today, versus back in the
early 1970's, when the available prefixes were few. Today, one can work almost
as many different prefixes and you could work QSOs in the past !

Keeps the contest interesting..

Jack N4RV
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   19,5202013-04-01 07:31:45
Beautiful weekend here. Other priorities...but then again, I never do very well
at this.
S53MM   SOAB HP   8,840,8002013-04-01 07:43:05
160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 47 308 474 396 148 0 1373 45.5
NA 0 25 246 490 436 1 1198 39.7
AS 0 12 48 60 93 4 217 7.2
SA 0 4 18 42 25 34 123 4.1
AF 1 4 8 8 8 9 38 1.3
OC 0 0 8 51 3 5 67 2.2

Affected band condx on Saturday, no west coast on 15m. 40m did not produce
enough DX on second night. Great VK/ZL/JA on 20m long path both mornings. Nice
finish on 15/20m on Sunday evening. QRM problem on phone remains.

S57C   SO(A)SB15 HP   2,535,1932013-04-01 07:48:41
73! Branko
CW5W(CX6VM)   SOSB10 HP   15,200,0002013-04-01 08:08:28
Wow, what a contest!


See you next one

K7LY   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   286,5782013-04-01 08:27:29
Easter weekend reduced operating time, but a loving wife saw to it that I got at
least a partial effort to give the Club some points.
IK4AUY   SOSB10 LP   13,8882013-04-01 08:29:59
Just a few hours in contest.
W7ZR   SOAB HP   1,000,9202013-04-01 08:39:51
Fun contest but wrong weekend for me. Was able to operate only until early
Saturday evening. 15m opened late and was fun. First contest with new
TS-990S. Thanks for the Qs.
S57AL   SO(A)AB HP   8,976,9752013-04-01 08:45:48
Thanks God it's over.
After last year tests and the final result was a realistic to expect a similar
result, but the poor conditions and rainy weather (lots of static on the yagi
antennas) made ​​their own. The plan was to reach 10M points, which was at
the end not so far.
For me this was one of the hardest tests in the last twenty years.

According to the recommendation of Randy K5ZD (from webinar), I sent the log
without any adjustments after the end of Contest.

Thanks Bob (N6TV) for advice on settings in the WT, but I finally decided to
use N1MM, which was the right decision (on the advice of S55OO; Goran, thank
you again). I hope that somebody wil help me until CQ WW SSB part.

So at this point I would ask if anyone has configured setup (WT - micro2R -
SSB), which works, if you contact me at my e-mail:

Setup as usualy:
2x FT-1000MKV + PA, N1MM program
ANT: 5.el. monoband Yagis for 10, 15 and 20m,
3.el. for 40m , & INVV for 160, 80m
RX: K9AY loop

Congrats to all of you for nice results in such conditions.

Cu in next one!

73, Ivo S57AL
II1A(IZ1LBG)   SO(A)SB20 HP   4,211,4242013-04-01 08:47:50
Once again a really big thanks to all IQ1RY team for let me use their station,
expecially to Flavio IK1RQT for prepare the setup and Flavio IK1SPR for let me
use his contest callsign.

Propagation were not good as expected, few signal from Asia and NA station were
not strong as usual but anyway was really a good contest. It was nice to be the
only station with the II1 prefix during the contest!

Thanks to all for QSO!
See u next time!

Filippo IZ1LBG
NA1DX   SO(A)AB(TS) QRP   68,5102013-04-01 09:09:39
First WPX SSB contest since 2001. First time QRP Unassisted. I juggled the many
Easter weekend activities to get some good operating time in. I used 3 OCF
Dipoles and connected them to a Stack Match to use any one or combination of
the three. Phasing the antennas actually helped me work some some stations.
More than 2/3 were worked with antennas phased together. I also used a 40m
Delta loop, but didn't make many contacts using it. I posted a layout on my
QRZ page. I appreciate all those who were patient with my QRP signal during
the contest. Logs uploaded to LOTW and QSL Manager is K3IRV.
W3LL   SO(A)SB160(TS) HP   63,8942013-04-01 09:17:23
Easter weekend activities precludes any daytime contesting.
So chose to operate 160M single band nightime only.

Completed the installation of sixty 130' radials around the 90' shunt fed
MonstIR top loaded tower prior to the contest.

Worked 22 entity pfx's. This was less than half those worked in each of the
prior two contests on 160M.


Bud W3LL
KT5J(K5TR)   SOAB HP   7,630,6082013-04-01 09:22:53
Callsign Used : KT5J
Operator : K5TR

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes

80SSB 12 12 23 1
40SSB 1163 1138 3331 393
20SSB 693 687 993 242
15SSB 1253 1238 2742 355
10SSB 115 115 305 41

Totals 3236 3190 7394 1032

Final Score = 7630608 points.


2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot)
2x AL-1500 amps

160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - 4 element yagi at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE
- 6 element yagi at 130'

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ---- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
0 --- --- 4/2 220/130 1/1 --- 225/133 225/133 0.03M
1 --- --- 114/44 --- --- --- 114/44 339/177 0.08M
2 --- --- 141/52 5/1 --- --- 146/53 485/230 0.17M
3 --- --- 101/40 2/2 --- --- 103/42 588/272 0.26M
4 --- --- 99/38 8/8 --- --- 107/46 695/318 0.37M
5 --- --- 78/34 1/1 --- --- 79/35 774/353 0.48M
6 --- --- 74/32 2/2 --- --- 76/34 850/387 0.62M
7 --- --- 16/10 16/9 --- --- 32/19 882/406 0.69M
8 --- --- 39/16 16/11 --- --- 55/27 937/433 0.82M
9 --- 4/0 60/19 --- --- --- 64/19 1001/452 0.97M
10 --- 4/1 41/10 --- --- --- 45/11 1046/463 1.06M
11 --- 4/0 39/8 --- --- --- 43/8 1089/471 1.13M
12 --- --- 26/5 23/8 --- --- 49/13 1138/484 1.23M
13 --- --- --- 122/26 --- --- 122/26 1260/510 1.38M
14 --- --- --- 7/0 94/39 2/0 103/39 1363/549 1.59M
15 --- --- --- --- 81/27 3/0 84/27 1447/576 1.77M
16 --- --- --- --- 77/24 12/6 89/30 1536/606 1.97M
17 --- --- --- --- 51/23 19/12 70/35 1606/641 2.20M
18 --- --- --- --- --- 4/1 4/1 1610/642 2.21M
19 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1610/642 2.21M
20 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1610/642 2.21M
21 --- --- --- 2/0 127/15 --- 129/15 1739/657 2.43M
22 --- --- --- --- 93/20 7/4 100/24 1839/681 2.66M
23 --- --- --- --- 118/24 12/2 130/26 1969/707 2.95M
0 --- --- --- 5/1 66/10 15/5 86/16 2055/723 3.13M
1 --- --- --- 122/15 1/0 --- 123/15 2178/738 3.31M
2 --- --- 7/3 81/19 6/1 --- 94/23 2272/761 3.54M
3 --- --- 33/10 41/3 --- --- 74/13 2346/774 3.73M
4 --- --- 70/26 --- --- --- 70/26 2416/800 4.06M
5 --- --- 24/9 5/3 --- --- 29/12 2445/812 4.19M
6 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2445/812 4.19M
7 --- --- 3/0 --- --- --- 3/0 2448/812 4.20M
8 --- --- 11/4 --- --- --- 11/4 2459/816 4.25M
9 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2459/816 4.25M
10 --- --- 33/3 --- --- --- 33/3 2492/819 4.38M
11 --- --- 40/7 --- --- --- 40/7 2532/826 4.56M
12 --- --- 76/17 --- --- --- 76/17 2608/843 4.98M
13 --- --- 9/4 --- 103/42 --- 112/46 2720/889 5.53M
14 --- --- --- 3/2 93/46 --- 96/48 2816/937 6.05M
15 --- --- --- 6/1 83/26 --- 89/27 2905/964 6.44M
16 --- --- --- --- 58/15 31/8 89/23 2994/987 6.82M
17 --- --- --- --- 68/11 7/2 75/13 3069/1000 7.10M
18 --- --- --- --- 87/25 3/1 90/26 3159/1026 7.51M
19 --- --- --- --- 31/6 --- 31/6 3190/1032 7.63M
D1 0/0 12/1 832/310 424/198 642/173 59/25 1969/707
D2 0/0 0/0 306/83 263/44 596/182 56/16 1221/325
TO 0/0 12/1 1138/393 687/242 1238/355 115/41 3190/1032

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g)


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 4 220 1 0 225 225 7.1
0100 0 0 114 0 0 0 114 339 10.6
0200 0 0 141 5 0 0 146 485 15.2
0300 0 0 101 2 0 0 103 588 18.4
0400 0 0 99 8 0 0 107 695 21.8
0500 0 0 78 1 0 0 79 774 24.3
0600 0 0 74 2 0 0 76 850 26.6
0700 0 0 16 16 0 0 32 882 27.6
0800 0 0 39 16 0 0 55 937 29.4
0900 0 4 60 0 0 0 64 1001 31.4
1000 0 4 41 0 0 0 45 1046 32.8
1100 0 4 39 0 0 0 43 1089 34.1
1200 0 0 26 23 0 0 49 1138 35.7
1300 0 0 0 122 0 0 122 1260 39.5
1400 0 0 0 7 94 2 103 1363 42.7
1500 0 0 0 0 81 3 84 1447 45.4
1600 0 0 0 0 77 12 89 1536 48.2
1700 0 0 0 0 51 19 70 1606 50.3
1800 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 1610 50.5
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1610 50.5
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1610 50.5
2100 0 0 0 2 127 0 129 1739 54.5
2200 0 0 0 0 93 7 100 1839 57.6
2300 0 0 0 0 118 12 130 1969 61.7
0000 0 0 0 5 66 15 86 2055 64.4
0100 0 0 0 122 1 0 123 2178 68.3
0200 0 0 7 81 6 0 94 2272 71.2
0300 0 0 33 41 0 0 74 2346 73.5
0400 0 0 70 0 0 0 70 2416 75.7
0500 0 0 24 5 0 0 29 2445 76.6
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2445 76.6
0700 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 2448 76.7
0800 0 0 11 0 0 0 11 2459 77.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2459 77.1
1000 0 0 33 0 0 0 33 2492 78.1
1100 0 0 40 0 0 0 40 2532 79.4
1200 0 0 76 0 0 0 76 2608 81.8
1300 0 0 9 0 103 0 112 2720 85.3
1400 0 0 0 3 93 0 96 2816 88.3
1500 0 0 0 6 83 0 89 2905 91.1
1600 0 0 0 0 58 31 89 2994 93.9
1700 0 0 0 0 68 7 75 3069 96.2
1800 0 0 0 0 87 3 90 3159 99.0
1900 0 0 0 0 31 0 31 3190 100.0
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3190 100.0
2100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3190 100.0
2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3190 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3190 100.0
Total 0 12 1138 687 1238 115 3190

Gross QSOs=3236 Dupes=46 Net QSOs=3190

Unique callsigns worked = 2577

The best 60 minute rate was 231/hour from 0003 to 0102
The best 30 minute rate was 274/hour from 0004 to 0033
The best 10 minute rate was 306/hour from 0007 to 0016

The best 1 minute rates were:
7 QSOs/minute 1 times.
6 QSOs/minute 7 times.
5 QSOs/minute 25 times.
4 QSOs/minute 92 times.
3 QSOs/minute 273 times.
2 QSOs/minute 582 times.
1 QSOs/minute 665 times.

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 2092
2 bands 365
3 bands 113
4 bands 6
5 bands 1
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 3 730 385 896 78
K6LRN   SOAB HP   312,5982013-04-01 09:35:17
PT operation due to Easter festivities. Was hoping for 500 for 'triathlon'.
Thanks to all for the Qs!!
CX5CBA   SOSB10 LP   3,650,0002013-04-01 09:38:43

I had fun in this contest and I contacted more than I expected.

My station:

4 elements yagi at 6 meters high.

Thanks to all and see you in the next.

73 de Carlos CX5CBA
WI6I(@N6XT)   SO(A)AB HP   415,3102013-04-01 09:42:17
It was some what of busy weekend with taking the Lady friend dancing Saturday
night in the middle of the contest. So I missed a lot of the Q's on 40 and
and starting the contest 2hrs late do to technical issue with the hard drive.
All and all had alot I hope to improve my score next year.
LX1ER   SOAB HP   2,045,1422013-04-01 09:43:19
very nice contest , i love it . see you again next year
NW3H   SO(A)AB HP   230,1442013-04-01 09:44:18
Played for a few hours here and there on Saturday and Sunday. This is the last
contest with the damaged R-8 vertical. Will be putting up a small 2 element
beam and elevating a 80-40 meter dipole up to 50 feet this spring. May also
try a ground mounted vertical for the low bands later this year. The R-8 still
works though the cap hat at the top fell off in December. 40 meters does not
work as well as before the damage but 15 meters still works great with the
kicker being that 20 meters works better than before the damage. My 80-40
meter dipole at 25 feet high point works surprisingly well so I hope it will
work even better in the clear above my roof line. Worked H27A and P33W on 40
meters with it on Sat night along with RC9O, RL3A and many Russian stations.
Score is down from 2012 due to the lack of 40 meter pop that used to really
help my score with the 6 pointers to EU. It was nice to get on between
spending the holiday weekend with my girls and during nap times. Did not seem
to be as much activity as in prior years. The challenging conditions as well
as the fact that this was Easter weekend probably contributed to that. Also
this phone contest continues to show me I love CW more and more. Had the
typical phone headache several times during the weekend. Have to agree with the
statements made by some about the statesiders sounding largely like Field Day
participants with the please copy, etc. My first lesson in contesting was when
someone commented "drop the please copy". A very valuable lesson.
The VHF/UHF emcomm world seems to drag their lexicon on the airwaves. When you
get a chance to make a comment like "drop the please copy" I think it
can only help a young operator. Thanks to the stateside and DX for the
contacts. See you in CW in May. Go FRC! 73 de NW3H.

Antennas: 80/40 meter sipole Cushcraft R-8 (partially damaged)
Radio: IC-7600
Amplifier: Ameritron AL-811H
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SOAB HP   11,084,7762013-04-01 10:00:59
Thanks to everyone for QSOs!

It was clear that I take part in the contest only in last minutes(I had to go
home on Sunday afternoon). I had time to prepare only USA beverage, the 20 m
YAGI didn't rotate itself... The conditions on high bands were very poor on
first day. I finished the contest at 15.14Z during a big opening on high bands.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   1,350,9602013-04-01 10:27:24
* FT-2000 and SB-221
* N1MM Logger (unassisted)
* Steppir 3-el. at 47'
* 40M -- Steppir dipole and 2-el reversible quad
* 80M -- twin vertical array E-W

What a tough workout this contest was. Aurora was up to 10 during the first
half of the contest, and A=23 at one point. Things slowly (very slowly) settled
down and were much better by Sunday morning.

Friday night and Saturday were horrible, with rate very slow and conditions
about as bad as they get.

Sunday was much better, with Europe workable on 20M and 15M, but very little on
10M except some very welcome South American activity. Just not a lot of depth
there. Sure makes a difference in mults when Europe kicks in over the pole.
Happy to work 75 JA stations on 15M, but where were they on 20M? (zero worked

Worked only 68 countries -- well below par, but so were conditions. Not one for
the personal record book, but still had enough fun to justify 24 hours in the

-- Bud VA7ST

Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 11 43 5
7 163 680 68
14 465 1054 270
21 372 906 149
28 19 57 12
Total 1030 2740 504
Score : 1,380,960

2014-03-31 SOABHP 1030 504 1,380,960
2012-03-25 SOABHP 1401 663 2,618,850
2011-03-27 SOABHP 907 527 1,482,451
2010-03-28 SOABHP 1172 570 2,014,380
2009-03-29 SOABHP 519 294 429,534
VC6A(@VE6SV)   M/S HP   6,401,2242013-04-01 10:39:21
Thank you and thank you again guys for being part of the VC6A team.

Yes, the propagation gods were not with us as auroral activity was very active
for the full 48 hours but we sure had some great laughs and fun for 48 hours!

Rob VE4GV did point out that we forgot to do the "-40 deg bare nake tower
dance at midnight" dedicated to the prop gods. Next year.

73, VC6A Team
WN6K   SOAB LP   839,4092013-04-01 10:41:46
0730 UTC (as I am trying to slip into bed quietly without disturbing her):
"...sooo did you finally work D4C and did he get your '2-2-4'? - I think
you were about one more call from the neighbors calling us to say that THEY got
the report...."

Next morning, I went to DX4Win and copied all of the letter/number WAVs and
incorporated them into the Writelog program...for sanity and peace during
future 'quiet hours.' A subsequent contact with a VK remarked how he didn't
care for the 'robotic sounding report' but I told him that the XYL appreciated
it a lot and he could delete my QSO if it offended him that much....

Despite that poor conditions, (A index was stuck around high 20s most of the
contest) if one stuck it out, there was a payoff in persistence.
Aforementioned D4C was worked on 5 bands. My mult count was down by 102 from
last year (could have been better if EVERY one of the 1,070 possible in the US
was worked!) but the equipment/antenna(s) worked flawlessly throughout.
Bi-direction mode on SteppIR DB18 really helps getting a signal out in a wider
beam-width and if someone is in the noise level, a push of a button gets the
job done quickly...too fun.

In my Sunday morning (UTC 40 meter run) I was working mostly VEs/Ks on 7.219
and a gravely quiet EU voice asked if I could listen on 7.080. I did and
worked one western EU which was still amazing to me in that it was well over
2-1/2 hours after his sunrise. No one else there took me up on the listening
offer and then I went back to monitoring my own freq. Always fun to have those
little surprises pop up in a contest.

Finally I want to comment on the new posting site here on 3830 - This is
fantastic! Great to be able to see score summaries as they come in instead of
pouring thru 100s and 100s of emails the day after - sort of like reliving the
contest for a whole week after.

73 till the next one.
WN6K, Paul
AD7J(W7FP)   SOAB HP   137,0832013-04-01 10:48:22
Contest brought our first nice wx, Easter weekend should be avoided but did some
operating anyway. Condx bad till Sunday but missed much account Church &
family requirements. 2 of 3 rotors only partial working but with all that said
did enjoy what time i was on. Must say i prefer working dx more than the
please copy stuff, worked very few us stns.
SV9GPV   SOAB HP   6,116,5442013-04-01 10:52:13
Thanks all for the qsos .
My setup is 4el Steppir 10-40m only 3m up !!!! of my roof (strong winds 9+B in
crete) 80-160m long wire 42m My radio is TENTEC ORION2 and the ACOM 1000. Op
Time 36 h
Thanks cu in CQWW
EA3CI   SOSB40 HP   278,7602013-04-01 10:53:14
Started 4 hours before end of contest... short but funny.
PX5E(PP5JR)   SOSB10 HP   15,919,6682013-04-01 11:01:13
N4DXI   SO(A)SB15(TS) HP   30,3162013-04-01 11:03:23
I'm afraid Easter trumped WPX....dinner with friends Saturday night, Easter with
in-laws Sunday afternoon. Decided I would just try 15 meters, usually I'm all
band, but with limited time, 15 meters would be it. No disappointments, 15
meters was usually open, stations in the clear, and very copyable into Florida.
HA8BE   SOSB160 QRP   7,4102013-04-01 11:12:46
YT1BX   SOSB15 LP   258,5662013-04-01 11:13:14
85W/sloper/1400m + ASL

KA3DRR(@W6SL)   SO(A)AB HP   1,456,5672013-04-01 11:22:46
First ever WPX SSB score.

Alpha 89
Heil Pro-Micro Boom Microphone Headset
Heil FS-3 footswitch
40m 3 elements
20m 6 elements
15m 6 elements
10m 5 elements
N1MM Contest Logger
OG1D(OH1JD)   SOSB20 HP   1,094,7622013-04-01 11:34:03
Beautiful easter weekend. Cooked chicken stew, roast lamb, vietnamese salads and
many others for the guests coming and going. Didn't forget sweets from our
eastern neighbors, pasha and beyond that had a few hours for wpx too. 20m
really opened when it was time for me to close my eyes and wash the damage from
the weekend.

Will be back with less cooking and more time for the qsos. Thanks for those who
found their way to my log :)
WC3W   SO(A)AB HP   256,3472013-04-01 11:45:49
First contest
LO5D(LU8EOT)   SO(A)SB10 LP   5,122,8522013-04-01 11:47:11
With out dupes.

It was a pleasure for me to work again WPX Contest.. Thank for all QSOs.

The Condx was excellent for me!! Mr. Murphy arrived on Saturday morning. At 14z
the energy was over but fortunatelly come back 3hs later..

I think I lost around 300 Qs with Europe, however I worked an 39% of my log
with Europa.

TRX Yaesu FT-950 (100w)
Ant. Yagi 4el @12mn
Soft. Wintest

See you in WPXCW @HK1NA

RL3A   M/S HP   19,580,7602013-04-01 12:04:10
See more at
W4QN   SOAB HP   71,8822013-04-01 12:04:18
Not much time this year - bands seem good
AB8YK   SOAB LP   47,6552013-04-01 12:15:58
10 was dead, 15 was hard. Very slow and noisy on low power and a wire antenna.
VE5KS   SO(A)SB15 LP   149,1122013-04-01 12:17:40
When the contest started and conditions were so poor, my goal was to get to
50,000 points, then 100,000 and then 150,000. Well I came up just shy of the
150,000. Missed Friday evening, but by looking at the conditions I don't think
I missed much. Saturday conditions were not very good at all. No EU or JA's
heard. I found it very hard to work stations before noon (1800Z) but after that
it worked much better. I could only manage about 20 Q's per hour. On Sunday it
started out much better I worked a number of EU stations and two JA's. Over a
one hour period (2000-2100Z) I was able to get a run going, which accounted for
30% of my score, but then conditions went back down. At least I had a bit of a
good opening. I was pleased to work 5W1SA and D3AA but could not break the pile
up for 3V8BB who was coming in at 10db over S9.
I found the signals were sometimes coming in at strange angles so there was a
lot of turning the beam around to find the best bearing.
The skip was generally over the W7/W9/W0 areas so I missed out of a lot of Q's
and mults from those areas. With normal conditions I would have worked a lot of
them but not this time.
Even with the strange conditions I had a lot of fun, I think the challenge of
working in less than optimal conditions makes it more interesting.

See you all in the next contest
John VE5KS

rig: Kenwood TS 140S
ant: Cushcraft A3S @ 13 metres.
VE6BMX   SOSB20 HP   295,4042013-04-01 12:19:34
Started off wanting to go 10m DEAD. Then decided 15m DEAD. So, went 20m single.
Its funny how band condx are open to some areas of the world, but not here in
the "Dead Zone". I imagine its even worse further north of here Eg:
Alaska and NWT. Those south and east definitely have it better. (know this from
operating experience in USA and East Canada). Glad to hand out the mult to those
who needed it. Thanks for all contacts & see you all in the CW WPX.
DQ2X(DL2DCX)   SO(A)AB LP   347,7542013-04-01 12:25:43
Nice contest like every year.
73s from DQ2X - the only one DQ2-prefix in the world.
9A5Y(9A7DX)   SO(A)SB80 HP   2,251,1252013-04-01 12:39:38
Lots of troubles during second night with n1mm log, internet conection and power

Have power cut 3 times, and last one was 1.5 hour long excatly in the best time
for working US (at 01 UTC), where I lost huge amount of US prefixes and 6 pts
QSOs. After power come back, I have notice that internet connection is off and
lost more time to repair that, unfortunately unsuccessfull :(

Last afternoon i set a new internet connection, and there was no other power
cuts or some other problems, and finish contest successfully.

Was interesting to compete with 3Z8T, 9A3B and specially with DR1A # on 80m
during last evening ( Was pretty close all the time during last
hours, at the end they finish with 6Q more :(

Eqipment: FT1000 + PA, Vertical

Have no beverage this time, so apologize to those callers I couldnt pull out of
noise !

This was my first contest on 80m, so I'm vy satisfied with result in total,
despite all problems.

Best regards !

Vedran, 9A7DX
KT4ZB   SO(A)AB LP   1,864,3202013-04-01 12:40:38
VE9ML   SO(A)SB40 LP   130,9682013-04-01 12:43:20
Great contest lots of stations unfortunatly did not have the time to do all the
contest.Many telephone interruptions and lots of easter festivities.
W4ML(W4MYA)   SO(A)AB HP   3,946,8242013-04-01 12:52:52
Thanks for the contacts!
Take care
W7IJ   SO(A)AB HP   154,3442013-04-01 12:59:13
SSB contests are my least favorite, so did not spend much time on this one.
Looking forward to the CW test in May.
CX2DK   SOSB20 HP   2,473,7802013-04-01 13:10:58
Hi.. my first WPX on 20!

Saturday conditions were better than sunday but I enjoyed.
Had to fight for each QSO during the contest.

Marcelo CX2DK
S51A(@S53APR)   M/2 HP   12,818,8862013-04-01 13:18:33
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1,8 218 451 52
3,5 740 1789 313
7 1271 3478 324
14 1290 2262 309
21 811 1975 228
28 85 243 31
Total 4415 10198 1257

We tryed M/2 for the first time, it was a great experience. Thanks to all the
people who helped us prior the contest, it was a great help!

We tryed to milk the bands of everything, and we succeded at that. Conditions
didnt help us to get over the s5 record this time - worst conditions ever on
wpx ssb that i remember.

Great team, great fun, we love this game!

Till next time!

for the S51A team

Bostjan -Ian S55O
ED1R   M/S HP   17,105,0002013-04-01 13:22:35
This time we could not have the whole Team of operators who in other occasions
and finally we could not be together all the time available, so and with a
propagation forecasts that would not be better than last year, we decided go as
MS category which is also very funny and can move forward with guarantees with
less operators.

Taking advantage of this year the Contest has fallen into the Easter holidays
we decided to go to the station several days before the Contest and begin
assembling antennas step ahead and do the occasional improvement. Because the
days before we could assemble the most basic antennas with time because
although the weather was raining and unappetizing on Friday 29 before the
Contest, the weather changed completely, it began to rain steadily and strong
gusting wind above 50km/h which made us fear for multiple antennas... with a
couple of hours before the Contest, the storm stop and at least partly the wind
ceased (SWR on 40m heaved uncontrollably but finally stayed perfect), we are not
used to having everything mounted so long and so Friday afternoon was devoted to
nap (typical Spanish) and rest assured... the truth that this made us take much
strength to start the contest tirelessly as always... 5 minutes before we are
still in the field with the flashlight ;-)

The contest started as usual, elbowing in 40m, is complicated niche in the
top... there no room for so many people, it is becoming more difficult... when
no one bothers you, you are bothering to another ... is cruel and some moments
and feel like taking off.

Yet our 40m Running the first three hours were the best in the Contest, the
first thing we got the best Rate per hour with 169 QSO/h and the next two hours
with 140 qso/h that is why we decided not made QSY, up 0400 UTC has started down
a bit, at this time began to fall sharply again... conditions we struggled to
get good rates to 13.00 UTC on Saturday they again exceeded the 120 QSO/h but
it was hard to have rate, no many AS stations... suddenly 20m was fine and
suddenly bad few times ... 15m not like we had just opened and 10m usually
better to say nothing... 40m again the second night was very interesting with
very good rate of NA , this allowed us to "save the furniture"
because if not... it would have been more disastrous.

This Contest is difficult to compete with Central-European stations with their
good Run in upper ranges with EU and AS stations, allowing them to work many
multis that we are further west or smell... I guess that they would feel the
same with NA stations when opened completely high bands, but its advantage is
big in this Contest with the actually propagation.

All Contest station worked fine, Murphy no visit us this Contest, no problem
with RX antennas at this time (worked fine), too bad we have not gotten the
Target marked at 20 million (must be some other time), but we are happy to
continue among the first European stations struggling to improve and try to
lower each year passes these differences points to our rivals (still much
higher now)... we had a great time competition with few stations like ED3X,
9A33P, RL3A, EI7M and some more that we forget now, thanks to them for
motivating us and for this fun competition.

Worked 6 bands: D4C ES9C NQ4I OT5A
Worked 5 banda: DR1A EB8AH H27A HK1NA KS9K P33W PI4DX RU1A T48K WX3B


Period, min. QSOs QSOs per minute QSOs per hour From To
Time QSO
# Time QSO #
10 38 3.8 228 30-Mar-2013 14:53 1577 30-Mar-2013 15:03 1614
20 72 3.6 216 30-Mar-2013 14:43 1543 30-Mar-2013 15:03 1614
30 102 3.4 204 30-Mar-2013 14:43 1543 30-Mar-2013 15:13 1644
60 180 3.0 180 30-Mar-2013 14:14 1467 30-Mar-2013 15:14 1646
120 320 2.7 160 30-Mar-2013 14:13 1466 30-Mar-2013 16:13 1785

CU at the next Contest.

73 de ED1R Contest Team
KB8KE   SOAB(TS) HP   404,2622013-04-01 13:32:21
10 finally opened up on Sunday. Pacific came in late Sunday.
HB3ØOK(@HB9CXZ)   M/S HP   6,960,7892013-04-01 13:37:09
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1,8 158 325 42
3,5 526 1420 176
7 860 2475 314
14 529 927 230
21 708 1664 254
28 8 20 3
Total 2789 6831 1019
Score: 6.960.789

Nice conditions after a hard start on 40m, strange propagation the first 2
hours. Then the conditions were better. 20m less qso because of neighborough
claims (has some problem with router that take rf)... 20m opens late night to
caribbeans for more multipliers. No propagation opening on 10m...
VE7XF   SOAB(TS) HP   1,021,7242013-04-01 13:44:17
Time to try a new category, although I like to be listed with the 'big boys',
even if they have big antennas compared to my little Steppir.

As others have noted, condx not too good on Friday night, somewhat better on
Saturday, and Sunday things picked up considerably. No Au flutter noticed

Not much worked on 15m on Saturday, but Sunday was another matter. 20m was
hopping by the time I got on (1430z, 7:30am local) - sigs very strong from EU
and not many NA heard (just the way I like it!). The MUF must have been close
to 14mhz. As the day warmed up and the MUF climbed, 20m faded and 15m opened to
By Saturday night, more mults worked from LU than from JA.
Nothing heard from continental Africa.

My first QSO on Sunday morning was with an HB9, who said he was glad I called,
because I had a "very famous callsign". I did check the calendar to
make sure that it wasn't April 1st in Switzerland :-)

40m Saturday night was 'interesting'. I heard good sigs from Cyprus at their
sunrise, but couldn't raise them with my KPA500. So I fired up the 'legal
limit' amp (AL-1200) and managed to work them and a few other Europeans as the
sunrise grayline moved across the continent.
My 40m dipole doesn't work above about 7.100, so I missed lots of NA mults.
Maybe it's time for an alternate 40m antenna.

N1MM, K3 with P3 (what a great tool - someday they'll make it illegal!),
SteppIR, wires.

QSO Mult
160 2 1
40 24 14
20 286 238
15 437 210
10 44 21
UT3XA   SO(A)SB40 LP   317,8962013-04-01 13:44:32
TRX: Yaesu FT-897D 100W
ANT: GP 1/4 on 40m and dipole on 40m
DR1D(DL1NX)   SO(A)SB80 HP   2,672,9312013-04-01 13:56:05
Hello everyone,
I don't know where to start but I can say that I will never do 80m SOSB again,
at least from Germany. I will try to do a summary of operation here.
I was invited by DL3KO to operate DR1D on 80m as SOSBHP since we didn't have
enough people to do a MS because of the holidays.
I said yes and let's do it...
First night was quite ok, 500 QSOs as I was expecting but with a low rate, only
the first hour was the best one.
Following the first day but second night something very weird happened, a group
of local HAMs started to complain because I was on "their frequency"
around 3.691. Since my german is not good to understand what they were saying,
I asked Robert to help me and he explained me what that was about. That was the
frequency they used to use to chat about day to day stuff. After some discussion
on the QRG I decided to move and avoid any problems and kept going but some of
them started to stalk me from 20:30 to 00:30 UTC, Yeah!!!! Believe me, 4 hours
putting some QRM with 9+20 signal, thanks God we had 8 circle to minimize his
QRM and I kept working on some stations, that was like Tom and Jerry, I tried
to change frequency and he came again, that is F**** UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Second day came (+3rd night) and after 3 hours during the afternoon on the same
frequency (between 1400 to 1700 UTC), now in 3780, a group of local HAMs started
to complain again and of course I didn't understand. After 40min of discussions
with Robert (DL3KO) explaining to them and they saying "NO CONTEST
HERE!!!" I decided to move to avoid more problems with locals and kept
going in the contest. 1 hour later my stalker from last night came back, and
from 1900 UTC until the end of contest he tried to keep me off the contest,
again 8 circle was very usable to copy all stations with his QRM over.

I can say that I won't make contest on 80m again, because it is too noisy, a
lot of local hams have "their own frequency" to chat and they don't
like big station "doing QRM" on their QRG.

I always say that contest is for fun, not to get stressed for, this kind of
feeling I leave to my work, but stupid people are all over the world. Besides
all problems, I had some fun doing the contest and improved my german trying to
understand local stations saying their call signs in german and foreign stations
doing the same as well. hi hi hi... :)

I would like to thank Robert (DL3KO) for the invite and the hospitality as
always super! Also to all stations that had patience to repeat numbers because
of my personal QRM (like Adams Family and his own gray cloud over the roof).

I hope to see you on the next one in May.

Best 73
PX2B(PY2LED)   SOSB10 HP   7,707,9102013-04-01 14:03:31
SN5V(SQ5EBM)   SOSB15 HP   505,7912013-04-01 14:08:53
Lost some 3-4h/unexpected event. 15m was kinda "dead". Practically no
signals from the Pacific area.Nevertheless it was a very nice contest. My
second time in WPXSSB . Last year in SOTB (2nd in Poland).
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   SO(A)SB15 LP   1,767,8202013-04-01 14:16:53
The greatest thrill I have to get a call from Jacek A3EAQ at Tongatapu.
Worst conditions ever on WPX SSB. High noise on first day.
My score is only a 2/3 of the last year's 15m score.
Missing usual Eu prefixes.
Thanks to all who called me!

VE3DZ(@VE3RM)   SOAB(TS) HP   14,073,4632013-04-01 14:21:18
Thanks to Don VE3RM for letting me use his station for this contest (one of my
Had to drive 650 km one way for that.
One radio (FT2000), Alpha 87A amp, but no 160 m.
Conditions were not soo good on Saturday, but great on Sunday, worked very few
JA's though (mostly on 40).
Some terrible audio signals with S 9+++, but uneasy to understand.
Great fun anyway!
Thanks to all for the Q's and see you in CW leg.
ZY2WPX(PU2LEP)   SOSB10 LP   6,136,3652013-04-01 14:28:53
TNX for all QSO

See you in the next contest.

Radio -FT950
Mic -Heil PS-4
Antenna - 5x5 Element Yagi (OWA)


LN9Z(LA5KO)   SO(A)SB40 HP   1,555,1042013-04-01 14:55:23
Vy tnx to all who called me, in particular all the double-o-one's !
WR3Z(@N3OC)   M/S HP   9,611,6662013-04-01 15:35:55
Thanks again to Brian N3OC for use of his station. Conditions were down
somewhat from last year but nonetheless still had lots of fun. Congrats to the
fine scores posted so far, especially in the MS and MM categories.

See you in WPX CW,

Barry WR3Z
KØRH   SOAB HP   1,509,3542013-04-01 15:51:52
Bad planning on Easter weekend...lots of family things going on...Getting
to old for 36 hours...Thanks for all the Q's...Jim
PW5G(PP5WG)   SOSB15 HP   9,114,8512013-04-01 16:04:52
KM3T(@WW1WW)   M/S HP   17,718,9122013-04-01 16:27:19
Just a semi-serious M/S shakeout operation. Some of us had family obligations
for Easter and Saturday afternoon/evening so we knew we couldn't put in a
super-competitive effort. But fun was had by all - and the eyeball QSOs were
priceless. We also did a bit of station configuration planning in the

Hats off to the K1LZ group on a great effort. They were in this to win and we
told them in advance that they would win. :-) Watch out next time. ;-)

And major thanks to Woody WW1WW for his outstanding technical support,
enthusiasm and first-rate station-building skills!

Thanks for all the QSOs - please QSL via LoTW.

QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | |
| 00 | 116 |
| 01 | 111 |
| 02 | 156 |
| 03 | 100 |
| 04 | 59 |
| 05 | 90 |
| 06 | 136 |
| 07 | 90 |
| 08 | 48 |
| 09 | 34 |
| 10 | 66 |
| 11 | 126 |
| 12 | 121 |
| 13 | 108 |
| 14 | 137 |
| 15 | 108 |
| 16 | 115 |
| 17 | 108 |
| 18 | 102 |
| 19 | 167 |
| 20 | 134 |
| 21 | 76 |
| 22 | 86 |
| 23 | 88 |
| 00 | 50 |
| 01 | 105 |
| 02 | 52 |
| 03 | 81 |
| 04 | 69 |
| 05 | 62 |
| 06 | 44 |
| 07 | 45 |
| 08 | 23 |
| 09 | 12 |
| 10 | 70 |
| 11 | 95 |
| 12 | 76 |
| 13 | 96 |
| 14 | 143 |
| 15 | 143 |
| 16 | 112 |
| 17 | 101 |
| 18 | 60 |
| 19 | 78 |
| 20 | 96 |
| 21 | 75 |
| 22 | 35 |
| 23 | 105 |
| | 4310 |
KK4DZP   SOAB HP   192,0802013-04-01 16:34:24
Submitted under Rookie Overlay.... First Licence was 9/7/2011.... Had fun with
this one...Confirmation #: 1385631.cq-wpx-ssb
KD4D(@N3HBX)   M/S HP   10,741,8362013-04-01 16:44:47
A great time as always. Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting us join
him at "the farm". The new vertical receiving array got a workout on
80 Friday night! N1MM says I managed 140 QSOs in 60 minutes... :-)

I got off to a very poor start on 40. Highlights for me were the first two
hours Friday night on 80 - great conditions - and getting the last 10 rate
above 300 for a while on 20 meters Sunday morning! :-)

We've never done a M/S in this contest but, when one of our operators got sick
Wednesday, we re-organized. We have a lot to learn about M/S! We concentrated
on trying to maximize 6 point QSOs to Europe, with a secondary goal of
maximizing 3 point QSOs on the high bands also.

This was N3RR's first time operating with us at N3HBX. Welcome to the team,
Bill. Friday night was Peter, W2CDO, and I. Saturday was K2YWE and N3RR.
Saturday night, N8II drove from West Virginia to help me out on 40 and 80.
Sunday was K2YWE and N3HBX, with some help from me for the last few hours!

WPX SSB - 2013-03-30 0000Z to 2013-04-01 0000Z - 3121 QSOs
KD4D Max Rates:

2013-03-30 0259Z - 5.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by KD4D
2013-03-31 1121Z - 3.0 per minute (10 minute(s)), 180 per hour by KD4D
2013-03-31 1137Z - 2.3 per minute (60 minute(s)), 140 per hour by KD4D

Date Hour Total 3_5 7 14 21 28 Cum
2013-03-30 0 63 0 63 0 0 0 63
2013-03-30 1 59 2 57 0 0 0 122
2013-03-30 2 103 103 0 0 0 0 225
2013-03-30 3 89 89 0 0 0 0 314
2013-03-30 4 76 72 4 0 0 0 390
2013-03-30 5 72 0 72 0 0 0 462
2013-03-30 6 79 0 79 0 0 0 541
2013-03-30 7 66 0 57 9 0 0 607
2013-03-30 8 48 0 46 2 0 0 655
2013-03-30 9 26 0 18 8 0 0 681
2013-03-30 10 28 7 3 18 0 0 709
2013-03-30 11 109 0 0 109 0 0 818
2013-03-30 12 83 0 0 69 14 0 901
2013-03-30 13 46 0 0 0 46 0 947
2013-03-30 14 68 0 0 47 0 21 1015
2013-03-30 15 48 0 0 0 6 42 1063
2013-03-30 16 95 0 0 0 95 0 1158
2013-03-30 17 66 0 0 12 54 0 1224
2013-03-30 18 39 0 0 39 0 0 1263
2013-03-30 19 54 0 0 25 29 0 1317
2013-03-30 20 44 0 0 30 0 14 1361
2013-03-30 21 35 0 0 2 33 0 1396
2013-03-30 22 57 0 0 55 2 0 1453
2013-03-30 23 94 0 0 94 0 0 1547
2013-03-31 0 102 0 96 4 2 0 1649
2013-03-31 1 87 0 87 0 0 0 1736
2013-03-31 2 59 26 30 3 0 0 1795
2013-03-31 3 59 58 0 1 0 0 1854
2013-03-31 4 84 1 69 14 0 0 1938
2013-03-31 5 60 0 60 0 0 0 1998
2013-03-31 6 43 0 43 0 0 0 2041
2013-03-31 7 51 0 51 0 0 0 2092
2013-03-31 8 18 0 16 2 0 0 2110
2013-03-31 9 14 0 13 1 0 0 2124
2013-03-31 10 62 0 9 53 0 0 2186
2013-03-31 11 116 0 0 116 0 0 2302
2013-03-31 12 77 0 0 35 42 0 2379
2013-03-31 13 80 0 0 0 80 0 2459
2013-03-31 14 87 0 0 1 79 7 2546
2013-03-31 15 74 0 0 0 74 0 2620
2013-03-31 16 58 0 0 1 50 7 2678
2013-03-31 17 32 0 0 3 29 0 2710
2013-03-31 18 26 0 0 6 11 9 2736
2013-03-31 19 47 0 0 17 30 0 2783
2013-03-31 20 82 0 0 0 82 0 2865
2013-03-31 21 63 0 0 55 8 0 2928
2013-03-31 22 81 0 0 69 12 0 3009
2013-03-31 23 77 0 35 32 10 0 3086
Total All Hours 3086 358 908 932 788 100 0
PY2EL   SO(A)SB10 LP   353,9762013-04-01 16:52:13
KK7AC   SO(A)AB LP   791,1602013-04-01 16:54:48
Good conditions, especially on 15. Spent too much time in S&P mode so Q
count is somewhat depressed, but on the other hand, I think I got some good
multi's while spining the VFO for so long.
K7ULS   SOSB10 LP   13,5782013-04-01 17:00:21
FT-897D A99 100w
Saturday only mostly S&P tried to get a run going but no go. Only a couple
of US qso's mainly SA. Farthest to VK,ZL and Samoa
de K7ULS
NN3RP   SO(A)AB HP   66,4302013-04-01 17:23:50
No ears on 10M...overall, despite the short time operating, lots of
countries, too.
N8HM   SOAB LP   6022013-04-01 18:23:52
Rig - Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna - MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop
W1DYJ   SOSB40(TS) LP   70,2802013-04-01 18:26:58
Comments for YCCC to follow.
VA5AA(@VE5WI)   M/M HP   1,773,6962013-04-01 18:36:49
Handicapped by condx and non-rotating rotators but still fun which is the name
of the game, score irregardless. And we enjoyed dealing out the rare VA5 prefix
plus a couple of potential contesters to try out our brand of fun.
WP2Z(@KP2M)   M/S HP   25,632,8552013-04-01 18:40:26
Thanks to K8MJZ & KP2HC for hosting us at Radio Reef, (KP2M). A power
outage had us off the air for 20 minutes while we scrambled to get genset
running. Low band activity was notably lower this year, likely due to better
high band conditions. Always a pleasure to say hello to all of our friends
around the world from a little rock in the Caribbean.
N4KH   SO(A)AB HP   341,2882013-04-01 18:43:03
Just a part time effort to give out some Q's and work a few new ones. I'm not
sure what the thought process was behind scheduling the contest on Easter
weekend - it limited my participation as I'm sure it did for some others.
Thanks everybody for the QSOs.
PJ2DX(NØKE)   SOAB QRP   1,179,7202013-04-01 19:12:32
Thanks to Geoff Howard, W0CG, for the use of the PJ2DX call and the Caribbean
Contest Consortium for the use of the PJ2T Signal Point station. WX great,
conditions were less than great but fun to be there again. QSL to N0KE for this
KP4RV(RAFAEL)   SOAB HP   1,831,4202013-04-01 19:18:23
KP4RV's Contest Summary Report for CQ-WPX
Created by N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log
Version 3.0

Total Contacts = 1,715
Total QSO Points = 1,831,424

Operating Period: 2013/03/30 00:22 - 2013/03/31 23:51

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
20 0 409 0 409 24
15 0 769 0 769 45
10 0 537 0 537 31
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 1,715 0 1,715 100

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
1,709 100
HI 4 0
AK 2 0

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 1,437 84
Canada 90 5
Brazil 28 2
Federal Republic of Germany 15 1
Cuba 9 1
Spain 9 1
Slovenia 7 0
Italy 6 0
Puerto Rico 6 0
Argentina 5 0
Ireland 5 0
Netherlands 5 0
Venezuela 5 0
France 4 0
Hawaii 4 0
Asiatic Russia 3 0
Bulgaria 3 0
Canary Is. 3 0
Chile 3 0
Colombia 3 0
Croatia 3 0
England 3 0
Mexico 3 0
Poland 3 0
Sweden 3 0
Alaska 2 0
Austria 2 0
Barbados 2 0
Belgium 2 0
Cape Verde 2 0
European Russia 2 0
Japan 2 0
Portugal 2 0
Scotland 2 0
Trinidad & Tobago 2 0
US Virgin Is. 2 0
Bahamas 1 0
Bermuda 1 0
Cayman Is. 1 0
Curacao 1 0
Cyprus 1 0
Czech Republic 1 0
Denmark 1 0
Ecuador 1 0
Guatemala 1 0
Hungary 1 0
Iceland 1 0
Isle of Man 1 0
Lithuania 1 0
Madeira Is. 1 0
Montenegro 1 0
Morocco 1 0
Paraguay 1 0
Peru 1 0
Qatar 1 0
Romania 1 0
Saudi Arabia 1 0
Senegal 1 0
Serbia 1 0
Slovak Republic 1 0
Switzerland 1 0
Turkey 1 0
Uruguay 1 0
Wales 1 0

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 1,555 91
EU 88 5
SA 51 3
AS 9 1
AF 8 0
OC 4 0
VE7WO   SOSB20 HP   338,4362013-04-01 19:25:00
Poor condx most Friday and most of Saturday. Where were all the JA's?? Sunday
sure was fun though and S&P was great finding new ones every time
through...lots of fun. Thanks to all who called...See you in the WPX CW


W7XQ   SOAB HP   305,2792013-04-01 19:25:12
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 29 56 17
7 80 176 49
14 110 216 75
21 246 551 155
28 8 22 3
Total 473 1021 299
Score: 305,279
KW8N   SOAB HP   539,8642013-04-01 19:33:41
Only able to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, mainly trying out some
antennas, but did manage to get a 2 hour stretch in late Sunday.
KT4TX   M/2 HP   1,136,5202013-04-01 19:44:28
Limited op time due to Easter weekend activities for available op's.
However we had a great time regardless of the conditions. This was a station
familiarity and welcome to multi-op event as none of op's could stay in the
hunt the whole weekend. 90% of the operating was done by the three ops who got
a lot of seat time. Grooming a crew for a competitive effort in CQ WW DX in the
fall. All the gear worked FB and it was great to have auto antenna switching
working (TNX Larry, K7MI, Hamation). Next step is automate seven (7)
rotors.....oh yeah! Looking forward to IARU in July. TNX for the QSO's
es 73 Tim, KT4TX
N6HD   M/S HP   1,971,8402013-04-01 20:19:03
Saturday, we had some good JA 15m runs and made only a few 10 m Qs. There were
not many EU and AF contacts made that day. Propagation was really poor. On
Sunday, bands were much improved with a reasonable amount of EU contacts along
with JA runs. 20 m was ok but not many strong DX contacts. 10 m was completely
dead all day. There was improvement over our other efforts. We worked 96
countries. We had some surprises, when some semi exotic country’s called us.
In summary operations went well, but we could always use bigger antennas!
KH6CJJ   SOAB LP   733,7522013-04-01 20:49:03
TenTec Omni VII
Mutiband HexxBeam @ 25 feet
G5RV @ 30 feet

Conditions were lousy on Friday, better on Saturday and Sunday. Only could
make 138 Qs Friday. Saturday was much better at 452, but Sunday was again bad
at only 98 Qs. After the good day Saturday, I thought I would do well Sunday,
but it didn't happen. It seemed to me that there was not nearly the
participation, either in the US or DX, that there was in the ARRL DX contest.
Ten meters was dead to the US on Friday and didn't open up to the US until late
on Saturday and Sunday. As usual South America was always available on 10, but
I ran out of stations to work there each day. I worked a few Europeans on
Saturday night and Sunday morning, but it did not seem that there were many of
the big guns on from there and they are the guys I can work with my modest
station. My big thrill was working D4C on 80 meters given my only 100 watts
and G5RV at 30 feet.

Just saw that NH6V's score is about ten times mine! It's hard to believe that
we were in the same contest, but it shows what superior skill and a
superstation to operate can do. Congratulations to him and thanks also to
AK6W, KU6W, and WC6H for working me on five bands.

73 and Aloha,
W1WBB   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   174,2162013-04-01 20:58:47
Relaxed S&P effort - almost exclusively hunting unique DX prefixes (outside
NA) for points on upper bands. Decent but not great condx...Big Guns were loud
of course but 2nd and 3rd tier stns not so much. Sunday saw the better
propagation but still no Eu on 10m either day here, though EA8 and CN were

Thanks to so many for all the cool prefixes around. Just a few of the rare
and/or unusual WPXs worked here include: 3DA0, 4A1, H27, PH600, SH3, TM71, VK8
and ZS5. Nice to snare LU1DMG on IOTA SA-055 as well who was CQ'n in the

rig: 100w to a hexbeam @ 32'
A71AM(@A71CO)   M/2 HP   35,186,5592013-04-01 22:17:46
Big Thanks go first to the man behind this success, A71CO put his effort to make
the station ready in short time with crank up towers and yagis. This activity
has been made to test the performance of the station ad to make it ready for
CQWW SSB this year.
However, more antennas would be installed in the future and miner problems need
to be solved during this time. The station setup is:
3 × FT-2000
160m = Invt L
80m = Rotatable Dipole
40m = 2 elements
20m = 4 elements
15m = 4 × 4 elements
10m = 7 elements
Thanks to all for QSOs and hope to see you soon.
For the group de A71BX
G3RXQ   SO(A)AB HP   1,406,9862013-04-01 23:20:54
My first WPX. Learnt a lot.

10m a big let down, not sure why...

K3, 400W, HexBeam @ 22ft, Doublet @ 40ft.
HG7T   M/2 HP   22,087,7792013-04-01 23:21:38
Unfortunately, the second day was four hours poor very strong noise.
It was raining and lightning

Vy 73 Tibi HA7TM
MØVSQ   M/S HP   3,304,8252013-04-01 23:31:34
Vulture Squadron Contest Group, our first really serious effort from the
Cotswold Hills in central England.

The teamm all had great fun in this event, thanks for all the QSOs.

Team M0VSQ
OH2BP   M/S HP   43,4442013-04-01 23:55:03
Just-For-Fun operation
S58WW   SOSB80(TS) HP   975,0842013-04-02 00:20:10

First of all thanks for all QSOs.

My goal was 700 QSOs. Operating in the middle of village Dob in urban area with
high rf smog, many plasma TVs and high noise, 80 meters is challenge. Top of the
antenna was 17 meters high and that is all I can afford on my home location.
Since I was experimenting a lot, where feed my low loop antenna, I found out
that, it works the best for me when I feed it in the middle of long bottom

I didn't find good frequency for CQ first two hours of the contest.
But that's the part of the game and part of our beautiful hobby.

Best contest on 80 meters from my QTH. I have another goal now... more than
1.000.000 points on 80. I will have to do something on receiving part of setup.
I have idea already.

Setup: IC 775 DSP(two INRAD f. + INRAD roofing f.) + OM2500 + vertical
triangle loop.

See you probably on one of the higher bands in CW part in May with my new X-7.
Thanks to all who had enough patience for repeating calls and serial numbers.

73 Pibo S58WW


I checked DX cluster history yesterday and checked my spoters. Many thanks to
all who send a spot.

SH6E 3663.9 S58WW 2317 31
S51A 3663.9 S58WW 2227 31
S54O 3663.9 S58WW CQWPXSSB 2136 31
S53BB-@ 3663.8 S58WW 2128 31
9A3QM 3676.0 S58WW 1918 31
YO5OHO 3706.0 S58WW WPX 1647 31
E74WN-@ 3706.0 S58WW 1638 31
S57MZ 3706.0 S58WW now hr 1617 31
S53DIJ 3715.0 S58WW 1545 31
SE0X 3667.0 S58WW 0107 31
ES2TI 3670.1 S58WW 2234 30
PA4PS 3669.9 S58WW 2108 30
DJ5AN 3670.0 S58WW 2035 30
DC9TH 3660.0 S58WW 1856 30
LY2KZ 3761.6 S58WW tks ur patience :-) 1809 30
S53DIJ 3691.0 S58WW 0510 30
DJ5AN 3691.0 S58WW 0451 30
UT3UZ 3757.0 S58WW 0305 30
S54KM 3757.1 S58WW 0303 30
IK4VET 3657.7 S58WW 0131 30
9A33P   M/S HP   20,367,1202013-04-02 00:28:10
Very bad weather - constant rain, lot of mud, in-contest antenna work and RF
problems, topped with not so good propagation.

On the other hand this is our best ever claimed WPX SSB result, great fun, good
easter food and a non-working monday (should be after every 48h contest!)!

Inband QSOs decreased from 600 last year to 490 this year despite our big wet
effort in that field.

Great competition with EI7M, ED1R, RL3A, E7DX...

9A1P Team

9A33P QSL via 9A2NA
KW7XX   SO(A)AB HP   2,147,9922013-04-02 01:54:24
Well, no secret that the bands were terrible to start with. 15m was graveyard
dead thru the first 36 hours of the contest depriving us here in the PNW our
normal huge JA run to start the contest. JA/Asia early morning 40M opening
didn't materialize either Saturday. Things didn't begin to straighten out here
until late Saturday evening. 20M opened up strong for a few hrs to Russia and
the Middle East. A nice opening also appeared on 40M to EU about 0300z and
stayed open (off and on) until 0630z. Right at daybreak on Sunday 20m got real
good to EU for a few hrs followed by 15M for 3 or 4 hrs. Things stayed pretty
good thru the rest of the contest but I was already so far behind last years it
was tough to stay motivated. The last 2.5 hrs were exciting as the afternoon
propagation to JA on 15m was hot. Although the QSB was fast and deep it was
refreshing to actually run for a few hrs!!

All in all though it was still a lot of fun. I feel I left some Q's and mults
on the table by not pointing across the states enough and running low point
Q's. Nobody to blame for that but myself. All the equipment ran well. I'm
excited to be replacing my 52ft crank-up tower with a 72ft crank-up and adding
an 80M rotatable dipole at the 80ft level later this summer. As far as
contesting goes I'll still be a peanut whistle station but hopefully the 20ft+
extra heighth will help some.

Thanks to all that worked meand thanks for the Sunday casual ops who show up
and hand out Q's It's great to work so many terrific operators from all parts
of the globe!!

2012 Q's = 2218
2013 Q's = 1560 (-30%)

2012 Pts = 5227
2013 pts = 3388 (-35%)

2012 Pfx = 786
2013 Pfx = 634 (-20%)

2012 Score = 4,108,422
2013 Score = 2,147,992 (-48%)

Yaesu FTdx-5000
Alpha 87A
Steppir DB-18 at 55ft
80M Vee at 70ft
Write Log

Dean KW7XX
IW2HAJ   SO(A)AB HP   8,568,1142013-04-02 01:57:04
Once again a really big thanks to all IQ2CJ team for let me use their station-
Propagation were not good as expected,and many problem with 20 mt antenna.....

Special thanks to IR4M, YP9W for the fine competition.

73 Claudio
EC5AN(@ED5O)   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,962,9742013-04-02 02:10:22
Thanks to the EC5CR support
LZ2DF   SOSB10 HP   380,9522013-04-02 02:16:25
Contest : CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Callsign : LZ2DF
Mode : PHONE
Category : Single Operator - Assisted (SOA)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 10 m
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... :
Locator : KN22IV
Operating time : 27h53

160 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 0 0 0 0 0.00
40 0 0 0 0 0.00
20 0 0 0 0 0.00
15 0 0 0 0 0.00
10 457 0 312 1221 2.67
TOTAL 457 0 312 1221 2.67
TOTAL SCORE : 380 952

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators :
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 4.7.0
LY5W(@LY2W)   SOSB80 HP   824,0042013-04-02 02:28:01
in facebook
IZ3NVR   SO(A)SB10 QRP   17,3012013-04-02 02:30:35
That was tough, really tough.
Having WPX during the Easter weekend precluded an AB entry and much of the time
devoted to contesting.
When I got up early on saturday morning to start scanning the band I had a look
at the propagation indexes.....SFI, A and K were just crap and that was
confirmed from what I was hearing on the bands. I considered many times to go
LP or to try all bands not to get too bored but finally rejected these ideas.

Log says Time On was around 15h but I guess its way more as the time lag
between one QSO and another was quite long.

Saturday morning was simply boring, could not hear almost anyone and those I
was able to get out of the noise could not hear me. During the afternoon things
improved thanks to the presence of many South American stations reviving the
band with very good signals.

Sunday things were quite improved. During the morning there was a good path to
Oceania with outstanding signals from VK/YB (VK6DXI and VK6NC were like beacons
audible the whole day). Heard lots of YB even if I could only work a few. Then
again in the afternoon I turned the beam down to SA to work more people and
higher my score.

Europe was simply silent. Could not hear a single 9A, G, DL or similar during
the whole time I have been on the air. Same for Africa where the only stations
worked where the Canary Islands' stations. Aimed many times to North and South
without anything heard. Not even a single US station on both days.

Heard but not worked KP2TM and NH2DX with nice signals but too busy to let my
few watts reach their attention.

All in all it was not that bad, with some good stations a log (P29FR for
example :)). Thanks to all that pulled my signal out of the noise and hope to
work you again next contests.

Rig: FT-450 (5W)
Ant: 4el monoband @ 17m height

9A8M(@9A1CCJ)   M/S HP   2,302,6502013-04-02 02:46:04
Hi Folks!

Mr. Murphy visited as this time a lot :).. Fortunately our activity was just
for fun during the holidays.

Hope to see you in CW!

Best 73!
Sale, 9A3XV
on behalf of 9A8M team
CR6K(CT1CJJ)   SOAB HP   10,371,7082013-04-02 03:52:01
CR6K back on the air this time with CT1CJJ at the control.

Last minute decided to operate All Band, 80m vertical broke with storm in
January and still had no time to fix it, so 80m was very hard with only a
dipole. 40m 3 elem yagi algo with some SWR problem which needs to be fixed.

Low bands were very noisy on this side of europe, and very low participation
from USA, maybe because of Easter Holliday?

Thanks to everyone who called

73's José Lopes CT1CJJ
YTØZ(YU1ZZ)   SO(A)SB20 HP   4,028,5352013-04-02 03:59:40
73 de
Milan YU1ZZ - YT0Z
YTØW(YU1JW)   SOSB80 HP   1,215,2402013-04-02 04:04:59
73 de Laki
VE3UTT   SO(A)AB HP   6,957,5652013-04-02 04:29:30
K3/Optibeam/Vertical/160m "L"

Poor condx on Saturday very good Sunday.

Big disappointment was 40m Sunday which was better than it has been in a very
long time however, I had S9 noise on my S-Meter probably due to fog at my QTH
where normally I have very little if any noise. I was only able to work a
handful of Asia/Australia that were over the noise.
PR7AR   SOSB20(TS) HP   454,7702013-04-02 04:37:37
YT8A(YU1EA)   SOSB40 HP   8,957,9702013-04-02 04:55:52
I had an accident some days before the contest, I was playing basketboll and the
muscle on my leg was injured-broken,it was a problem to prepare radios etc and
take the part in the contest,so the result is quite OK.I plann to put a new EU
record, but first night the propgations were bad to USA,but 2nd night it was
much better.Anyway,I like sport,I like sex,I like contesting!!!!
CU in WPX CW from somewhere!
Dusan YU1EA/YT8A
Contest Club Serbia
USØHZ   SOAB LP   513,0002013-04-02 05:03:45
Rig: YAESU FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
SN2M(SP2XF)   SO(A)AB HP   1,807,6242013-04-02 05:54:57
TNX for all QSO.
Tower 2 still not usable, so decided to spend most of the Easter time with

Best rate on 40m.
Best fun on 15m (nice opening to US/VE on sunday afternoon).

S9+40db signals from South America on 10m, but nothing heard from USA.

My congrats for SM2WMV (SJ2W) and his amazing SOSB 20M score (it was done in
North EU!!!), as well as for 9A5Y for SOSB 80M result, better than mine from

CU all in SP DX Contest - next weekend.

73's de Mac SP2XF (SN2M)
WØAO   SOAB(TS) LP   1,9802013-04-02 06:20:00
Operated from a park using a 40 meter horizontal loop hung from 20 foot crappie
IR4M(IK4MGP)   SO(A)AB HP   9,719,9052013-04-02 06:24:47
WPX Contest, despite the struggle sending and receiving serial numbers,
is just fun!

Very bad propagation on Saturday, both on low and high bands, with 15
and 20m who closed early. Much better on Sunday, even if conditions on
10m meters still have been at a low very level.

Is fun to watch and join the competition on It's a pity,
however, to see that that this tool is still joined by such a low number
of competitors. Is there a reason for this??

Thanks to my "battle" mates IW2HAJ and YO9W for the fun challenge!

Finally, it's weird to observe that, despite the usual low number of
Assisted participants, each time I was spotted on the cluster, the
pile-up was blowing-up. Strange, isn't it?
YU1BBA   SOSB80 LP   351,9812013-04-02 06:47:47
OP4K   SO(A)AB HP   80,0402013-04-02 07:40:59
Just a few hours from home to give the OP4 prefix and the rest of the time spent
at OT5A M/M.

No specific goal so just wanted to have QSO's on all 6 bands.
As many already mentioned, conditions poor but still a lot of fun.
Hope to meet you all in the cw part.

Yaesu FTDX-5000MP
Acom 2000A running 1.5kW
Optibeam OB18-6 at 50m
Dipole for 80m
Inverted L for 160m
N1MM contest logging software

73 Joe
YT8T   SOSB15 LP   1,605,6862013-04-02 08:12:13
ED5O   M/S HP   537,6642013-04-02 08:28:08
Just for testing new station setup. No time available for full contest. Great
fun as always.
Hope to meet all you next contest!
ED9Z   M/2 HP   27,471,1082013-04-02 08:39:19
As always, ED9Z was actived with 3 guys and a half, our best friend Julio EA7JB
is blind, he can see something but not enough to help as a normal ham radio, but
he did a big extra effor and did much as he can, thank you Julio.
and as always we set up the contest station in just two days and when I says to
set up, I want to says set up 100% the contest station.
2 spiderbeam 10-15-20 in aluminium mast.
1 spiderbeam vertical for 80 meters
1 dipole for 160
40 also as always, the antenna broke in friday nigth, so during all the contest
we were actived with a rotary dipole.... no chance to do more.
Radio Shack.
We were tire but we were more braved and take our final goal to be actived as
M/2, and here are our results.

Of course we cannot forget a special mention for the great suppor from the CW
team part of ED9Z and our friend Con.
Special mention to EA9LS, EA9GW AND EA9PD, they enjoy us during saturday with a
special meal with Moroccan Pinchitos, Beer, Wine and a very very good and big
thank's to all the stations called us during the contest.
YE1K   M/M HP   12,751,6722013-04-02 08:42:05

First trial for us at "Radioland" for Multi Multi operations.

In general propagation was quite friendly where only propagation at 20M was
definitely disappointing and totally beyond our expectation. Really only at the
last 12 hours of the contest we can made score at 20M !!
Some thunderstorms and heavily raining on noon time at first and second day
which made us have to QRX for about 6 hours in total.

No major issues at all equipment, networking and also all antennas were working
flawlessly. Quite smooth operation and all of us can enjoy very good time in
Malang Mt. with nice cool breeze weather plus nice view of tea plantation
around our area.

Thanks to all HAMS who have made QSO with us and hope to meet you again at
other contest.

Best 73
YE1K Team
YU1ARC(YT1HA)   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,789,7862013-04-02 08:46:16
From where to begin...
I came on location 2 days earlier to check the equipmnet with our friend Goran
YT2FSG.We solve some minor problems and setup a new M2 setup in shack.Stations
are functional and all what we need is in front of us.Rotators, now is
very nice feeling to operate.Problems or mr.Murphy visited us just few hours
before contest.During local contest around 17:00 GMT we had problem with 80m
cable and that took so much time and energy.Our friends arrived Zoki YU9DX and
Alex YU6DX around 20:00 GMT in friday.They saw a lot of cables in shack and
asked what is happening,I just said almoust done.Our host Lui YT3PL was asking
are we ready answer was the same.After changing the cable we tryed all antennas
and all SWR were good except 7MHz that we found out @22:00 GMT.Sad faces in
shack...what are we going to do...outside is a strong wind.We called Rade
YU1SMR to help us.He came for 45 minutes (he drove 50 km just to help us! Tks
!)in shack took some ropes and he went on a 40m tower on a strong wind.After
some time he returned and said lets cut a piece of coax and try again.Coax was
damaged!After a while,he said try now but we had no luck...nothing from M2
category:( We watched each others some time in a silence and sad faces and Zoki
said ok live goes on we will work 3 single bands. YU5R 10 meters by YU9DX ,
YU6DX 160m , and me as YU1ARC on 20 meters.
Contest started I made some 15 qso and went to sleep.Woke up and started , at
begginig I see that YT0Z who is workin a same category is giving 185 qso number
and I just 17, YT4W abt 140 and YT1A 140 also.Outside was strange WX so i
started with a nice run and step by step arround lets say afternoon I see that
I am 30 qso behind Milan YT0Z and then things started to be interesting:)
In the meantime Zoki is working on 10m as YU5R not to mention propagations...
hour by hour I got food on a table,coffie but not leaving the chair.In the
afternoon not so many USA not usual strong signals.First day I am finishing
with 1460 qso in my log.Second day started good,but no rates at all,heavy
strugle...wind was so strong that I could not rotate antenna some time.Endless
CQs rates was very low.In one moment I decided that i must go up on tower and
try to manualy push tha antena just to give impulse to rotator and then like
someone above saw me and wind stopped for a moment and i managed to turn
antenna to W. 18,19,20 GMT were at least I can said decent runs but that is not
it.Contest ended and I was listenig a bit ALex YU6DX on 160 m and finaly went to
bed.Heard some time voices in my head and ALPHA RADIO CHARLEY,ALPHA RADIO
I want to express my gratitude to my friends Zoki YU9DX , Alex YU6DX , Lui
YT3PL who gave a great support in cheering and food/drink/sweets support during
contest.Flawless technical support by Goran YT2FSG.
Thanks to every single ham who logged me!Thanks for QSOs!
Congrats to Milan YT0Z on a great score and also need to mention SUPERB score
by SJ2W!!!Congrats Mikael,just amazing!I forgot also II1A!
See you guys in better condx for WPX CW and expect YU5R crew on air as M2!
73 Zik YT1HA

QSL via Buro

Working condx:
Linear TROL 3x GI7B tubes (made by YU1IG) 1500 Watts max
4 element monoband
Pictures are on Facebook - YU5R

Two weeks before contest our friends got idea that all YU amateurs should post
their scores for one club ,all Serbs united in one CC.After so many years
posting the scores to YU CONTEST CLUB from now onwards our scores goes to
Contest Club Serbia.
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB15 HP   4,008,1122013-04-02 09:02:58
In the time since I purchased my radio the K2 has come and gone, the K3 is now a
firm and established favourite along with the 5000DX, SDr's etc. My little TS570
is now a senior citizen among the shacks of the contesting world. In the realm
of Cw it is still a Prince, a star which can hold it's own against whatever
the remainder of the contesting world can throw at it. However on the two
occaisions in each year I press the USB button and lower the Heil mic boom for
WPX & WW it doth protest that I have always ignored it's need for
In a nutshell as an occaisional ssb op I do not have any serious intentions
with these contests but do the best I can. That entails taking into account the
limitations of the rig and choosing the most suitable arena to use it. Because
of the great amount of room on 10 mtrs that is where I normally choose to play
it. Friday evening the indices were looking horrible and looked no better
Saturday morning before I started up so I opted to go for 15 mtrs instead.

I really don't need to add anything to the comments of others, band cndx really
were the pits with the propagation lamp switching on and off causing a lot of
frustrating periods. It was never possible to get any sustained runs going, 2
or 3 minutes and then stop! Whilst dx always seemed to be there along the
tropical belt those are relatively few in numbers. There were only brief
sporadic openings to JA both mornings, nothing from VK/ZL first day and a
solitary ZL plus just 4 VK's second day. Stateside big guns briefly and barely
audible Saturday, SA & Africa always have a good path this way but again
they are small in number.

Those high A & K indices would have ruled out 10 mtrs for all but the south
of EU making 15mtrs very crowded. Because of the absence of filtering I had big
problems pulling through the weak callers and numbers because of the qrm from
adjacent stns who were not necessarily wide or splattering, although many were.
S&P was mainly a waste of time as too often the desired stn was buried under
the qrm so I pretty well gave that up.

Second day there was a noticeable improvement but not in early morning as for
USA, here it didn't happen until mid afternoon leaving only about 3 useful
hours before the band died down. There was a second flush of JA's which was
unusual for that time, pity that most of them would not have been aware and be
qrv on the lower bands at that time. I could not believe that I was spending so
much time beaming east in the afternoon when I should have been working west but
EU just was not coming through. It was a relief to hear USA finally coming in
for gathering a few more prefixes although in my case I have the Mt Olympus
Mountain range ( 6,000 ft) blocking the path and additionally the EU wall to
penetrate so only manage to make it with the strongest stns which is a big
disadvantage in this event when USA is such a large hunting ground for

Despite the many periods of idleness I felt pretty bushed when it was all over,
far more so than after a cw event. I just don't have what it takes to become
accomplished 'phone' op and am full of admiration for the CN2R's who can
vocally keep going at such a furious pace for hours on end - just incredible!

There were good times - like coming across T2, 5W and others I forget, plus
being called by T5, T6, TO9, NH6, HD2, + Carrib travellers, the sort of stuff
that you can spend a lot of time waiting in line for.

There were difficult times, like a bunch of Chinese who seemed to have invented
some new English words I never heard before in their phonetics, plus of course
the badly modulated callers. The constant fading making exchanges an ordeal, my
UBN will definitely have a big Ouch! factor.

There were bad times, like the bully boys who take the frequency, especially
one, obviously an SO2R man, I had asked 2 times if the frequency was
occupied,with a respectable wait for a response, then made 2 qso's before he
came back to claim that qrg. To these guys I say "This is not a Casino
where you can buy a machine reservation" Spectrum is precious on crowded
bands and many other guys want to play too!

Did I enjoy it despite all of the trials and tribulations and will I be back?
Try keeping me away!.

Rig TS570 + Acom 1010. 3 ele Triband Yagi up 15mtrs. Logging with 'SD'

73 Brian C4Z / 5B4AIZ.
CN2R(W7EJ)   SOAB HP   31,580,6402013-04-02 09:12:23
10M was down from last year.
Good opening on 20M on Saturday 0100Z - 0300z.
I worked on my strategy plan for 6 hours on Friday.
My best score in SSB WPX SOAB.
Tnx to all for the QSOs.
LX7I(DJ8OG)   SO(A)AB HP   11,720,0522013-04-02 09:17:48
Big THANKS to Philippe (LX2A) who gave me again his super station. Also to Knut
(DJ6KS) who gave me the TS-590 for the multi radio. To Bad CONDX on saturday
were down but sunday was OK and the fun was back with some nice runs to the US.
QRM was incredible high, sorry for those stations I couldnt hear or had to give
up trying to complete the QSO.
All in all it was a fun weekend on a super station, I still have to learn that
SO2R thing as I just made a few contacts on the second radio and did again
multi bouncing with the running one :-( so lost some time for runs ...
Hope to be back some time in LX
Best 73 Matt - LX7I - (DJ8OG)
UN2E   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,223,3162013-04-02 09:29:38
FT-950,PA is about 500 watts,3 el.Yagi (short boom).

Unfortunately, my antenna does'nt rotate,
hope to fix it during April...
Thanks to all who gave me a number in the contest!
Good luck in WPX-CW !
R9AE   SO(A)SB15 HP   2,446,5002013-04-02 10:09:14
Run - 1252 QSO
Search - 156 QSO
EB3CW   SOSB80(TS) HP   1,790,6502013-04-02 10:14:27
Bad conditions between NA-EU, so I tried to make as much europeans as possible.

Antenna used Optibeam OB1-80. 1 Element at 100 feet (30.48 meters) high
Beverages: 5 cups of coffe + 1 Red bull
NØMA   M/2 HP   3,586,4012013-04-02 10:19:50
As everyone else has noted, first day conditions were poor. We were not able to
meet our totals from the previous year but came close. We had a great run
Saturday night over the pole to many parts of the globe but mainly centered at
UA9 land. Many times DX would appear at unusual times when the antenna wasn't
even pointed towards the DX. Late Sunday morning 15m finally came alive for
long sustained runs. We had a lot of Qs with India and Middle East that we
usually don't hear in the midwest of the US.
IO5O   M/S HP   15,169,0702013-04-02 10:42:34
We finished to put up the 80m ant near the sunset before contest; 26m high
vertical with 4 elevated radials, this was first time we used instead of 4
square due to bad weather and little time to build up and dismatle it after
We tried also 2 new beverages, so we had 3 ones : 300m for NA, 200m for JA-UA,
120m for EU, but we have to improve more and test all better.
Bad weather on saturday with lot of wind and rain, instead sunday was a good
spring sunny day.
We found not good conditiond on low bands, with high static noise on 160m; on
10m conditions only marginal with South-East Asia, Africa and South America,
none from NA or JA this time.
On sunday afternoon we didn't see good conditions with NA on 15m with
difficulties to run a decent rate.
By the way we are happy cause we reach our target before contest: 4000 qso and
15mln of points and we did our WPX record after 6 years !
Thank you to all
YU5R(YU9DX)   SOSB10 HP   242,0002013-04-02 10:44:19
5el + AL800

True battle for every contact, bad condx.
Tnx all for q's!73

Zoki YU9DX
W7QN   SOAB LP   68,8002013-04-02 10:49:54
Antennas 5 mobile whips
PR5B(PY2LSM)   SOSB20 HP   8,751,7042013-04-02 10:56:10
Nice contest as always, see you on the next one.

Alan PY2LSM - PR5B
HI8CR/6   SOAB(TS) LP   187,2502013-04-02 11:02:36
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: None
NAME: Alfredo Rios
ADDRESS: Constanza
ADDRESS-COUNTRY: Dominucan Republic
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.3.3
HA8JV   SOAB HP   7,941,6002013-04-02 11:26:18
Thanks for all calers!
Sunday afternoon was a lightning storm must be turned off 40 minutes.
station setup: Ft1000+hmpa
vertical 23.5mh(160,80,40) 1el quad(40),4el quad 19mh(20,15,10) 4*beverage
120-240ml. All ant. home made.
Big thanks to my wife, LIVI she did not go to work on friday, stay home and
help pull beverages.
73 and see you in cw part!!
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   4812013-04-02 11:47:51
KX, 5w, wire and verticals.
E72ØIARU(@E73ESP)   M/S HP   2,206,0472013-04-02 11:48:13
Promotion 20 years of membership of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the IARU contest
operators were working young, young yl E77AH only 10 years
SEØX   M/S HP   5,192,2062013-04-02 12:03:49
With a two person team our plan was to take a shot at the SM record for multi-op
single TX this year. Two radios were configured SO2R style to enable us to
listen in to other bands while running. Unfortunately a PSU went bad putting
out 20 volt to our K3 frying it. Our only option was to promote the TS-590 to
the main (and only) radio.

The contest started out slow. The first night was a disappointment and Saturday
wasn't much better. The only place we could find decent rate was on 20 meter
with EU, so a lot of time we went S&P for DX points.

Sunday things got better as 15 meter came to life in the morning to AS, and
then later in the afternoon to NA. A few hours on fifteen in the afternoon with
lots of NA improved the situation considerably.

The end result is about 500 contacts below the goal (and the SM record), but
considering the fried K3 and how the atmosphere behaved, we are happy with the
result and eager to do better next time.

Kenwood TS-590 + 1kW
15m 5-el op-des mono
3-el SteppIR
40m 2-el phased array
80m and 160m, top loaded verticals

73 de SM0MDG & SM0MLZ
LZ9W   M/M HP   31,020,7502013-04-02 12:09:52
Condx were weird in this year WPX SSB.

Start was slow, but after first couple of hours we were leading DR1A with 1.5
mln and ES9C with app 3.0 mln pts. Then a huge noise came from somewhere and
started jamming all bands so badly that only stations over S9 were comming
through. Surprisingly only 50m high Inv.Vee for top band was not picking that
noise so much - go figure ? Noise was S9 on Beverage and RX Quad, too ???

Noise was S8-9 on all other antennas and on all bands, too. This torture
continued till 19.00 Z on Sunday. By that time both DR1A and ES9C guys were
well ahead of us with some amazing number of QSOs on 20m.
So, after 19.00Z Sunday normal condx were back and during last 5 hours of the
contest we did our best to catch up as far as it was possible.

ES9C guys made our last year score - almost same number of QSOs and
We had 1000 QSO and 100 multipliers less in 2013 compared to 2012 claimed

Anyway, it was fun to get together and do it once again :-).

See you all in CW part in May. ( hopefully without that source of noise on all

73, Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M Contest team
P4ØL(W6LD)   SOAB HP   20,459,7362013-04-02 12:53:22
Conditions were a bit mixed from P4 this year.

Weak signals combined with local noise issues made copy on the high bands more
challenging than usual for much of the contest.

Thanks for all the Qs.


GJ2A(M5RIC)   SOAB(TS) HP   582,7362013-04-02 13:03:52
This was to be another small effort(high bands only) due to being out of the
loop for so long but I did make some changes since ARRL SSB to hopefully be
more productive and get some more qso's. Thanks to Jeff M0GTO and Olof G0CKV
for their loan of equipment for the trip - beers at HFC guys!

Disaster struck that I was causing problems to a local neighbour on his phone
and had to stop operating. The club is now working to solve the issues but this
meant I had very little operating time.

Saturday was terrible anyway in terms of band conditions, hardly any strong NA
signals until later on in the evening but some great signals from Asia and the
Pacific early morning.

Anyway, despite the problem, which was out of everyone's hands, thanks for the
Jersey club for hosting me once again and for the locals playing tour guide so
I didn't have a wasted trip.

It was the first use of my newly built K3, so at least I got to make a few
qso's and it seems to be working fine.

Next planned outing will be IOTA as SW8CC from Zante - hopefully a bit warmer
by then too!


Rich M5RIC / GJ2A


Force 12 C3S
SH3Y(@SK3W)   M/M HP   12,272,9642013-04-02 13:06:56
A large team of young contesters invaded the station during CQ WPX Phone and
participated in the Multi Operator Multi Transmitter category. Most of the
operators arrived already on Thursday before the contest, and helped to setup
all the equipment and configure computers. We had five operating positions, two
amplifier failures and very high team spirit!

The 14 operator young and strong team managed to break the 13 year old Swedish
M/M Record. More information can be found on several places on the Internet!

Operator list:
SA0AZT Mattias
SA0CAV Alexander
SA0CAD Andreas
SA0BSJ Joakim
ES7GM Kristjan
ES1TRE Kristjan
PA2LS Lisa
ON3LOL Maarten
SA3BPG Markus
SA7BUU Jennifer
SQ2RCM   SO(A)SB15 HP   568,9882013-04-02 13:28:34
TS590 + 3 el yagi
73's Andy SQ2RCM
KE4KMG   SOAB HP   1472013-04-02 13:54:00
Easter Weekend and family from out of state came. Showing Grandkids Amateur
Radio, little interested, but not much. Better half told me to get out of the
radio room and be with the family. Sooooo make 7 contacts...ONLY and still
married :-)
ED3X   M/S HP   14,544,2182013-04-02 14:04:49
Propagation to USA was less "active" than previous years, no real open
in 10m and 40m absolutly crowded. In this situations we've to stablish the
Broadcast Bank Days, in order to remove temporally the broadcast stations above
7200 and provide enought room to the hams during the contest.

Really interesting contest because the strategy it's completly different to the
CQWW and an wrong band change/selection can erode the final result.

High wind during saturday twisted the 40m antenna and we spent the second night
beaming to south america when the rotor control was indicating NA, so it's part
of the game, but.. we love this game.

Great competition with ED1R who finally won us, so congratulations for their
effort and for all the stations that was participating in the party.

EA7EU   SOSB80(TS) HP   480,7502013-04-02 14:22:53
On this time and because a terrible bad WX on my second QTH I suffered several
longs cuts in our electrical supply and specially during the second night, when
at 1:00 Hrs AM everything was DOWN for over 11 hours long.

Just 408 Qsos were on log, but I was working with a good rate.

Almost I lost the hole night, and when you are working this contest only on 80
meters band is TERRIBLE.

Is terrible because is nothing to do, you stay on your shack with a candel
waiting and waiting many many hours and belive me you get SO ANGRY with the
situation, but I repeat again is NOTHING TO DO unfortunately.

During the Sunday day I was on air again but suffering more short cuts but I
was able to work some stations.

After that Im just thinking on the next WPX edition and getting relaxing...

Thanks to all the stations who contacted with station.

Mni 73 to everybody.

Working conditions were:

Vertical Monoband Antenna 80AVM from EAntenna.
EWE antennas from EAntenna.
AA6K   SOAB LP   385,2542013-04-02 14:23:48
Working Conditions:
IC-756PII, 3el SteppIR with 30/40 trombone, Inverted Vee for 80M.
Comments: The bands were not as good as last year!!!
CT1AOZ   SO(A)SB10 HP   231,8042013-04-02 14:29:22
Hi guys, Propagation was very bad to NA, JA,,VK and EU. It was closed must part
of contest. Only SA was open all day... Hi. This time I use High power but no
lucky for pilup's.Second day work ZL and only a few USA stations and a few
Europeans with antenna pointed to south... Really was a nice contest... See all
of you in next one...73 de Jose CT1AOZ
TM1W(F1HAR)   SOSB15 HP   3,674,7062013-04-02 14:30:40
Very bad conditions on saturday, hard job !

Thanks to all for Qsos.

Best 73

CR3A(CT3DL)   SOSB15 HP   15,872,2202013-04-02 14:52:54
This time the Madeira contest team decided d'ont work the wpx contest lot of
problems with the antennas the must is broke, just the 15m ant is ok.I decided

work 15m unfortunately on sunday morming the wind is very strong and the
5 elements rotatable ant broke the rotor. I lost the must of qso's for NA in
the 2 day.
YT4A(YT1AA)   SOSB80 HP   1,570,2872013-04-02 15:16:07
FT 847, dipol, 2 x beverage, lpa 1.5 kw
OL3R(OK1VWK)   SO(A)SB20 HP   175,5002013-04-02 15:44:49
Due to local weather conditions just only part of full contest time from home
backround for TRX and setup test. My neighbor was growing to be little bit
nervous due to caused TVI :-) It was adrenalin when second dipole has been
installed close window of his apartment. Sunday morning definitely stoped

Btw I7SWX Inrad roofing filter mod seems working fine. Filter connected
directly to 1st mixer output is much better than origin solution from Inrad.

2x sloped 0.5wl dipole at 15m

CU in CW part again with full contest setup ...
IT9ZGY(@IR9Y)   M/M HP   22,210,3502013-04-02 16:12:56
For us, Easter weekend and WPX are not the best to drop together, so we decided
to mix the traditional stay together with our families, tipical barbecues and a
big contest. Having some active XYLs (IT9APL and IT9ZRU) and some other HAM
friends, came just for the fest, we decided to run a funny Multi/Multi giving
also them the opportunity to be really part of the contest. For some reasons,
it was also decided to use our elmer's call, IT9ZGY, instead of the usual IR9Y
one. Several newcomers had many hours of nice contesting for their first time:
a real fun for everybody!

CU in next one!
on behalf of IT9ZGY(IR9Y) M/M Easter HAM crew
OL7M   M/2 HP   22,915,2132013-04-02 16:20:47
Because of Easter holidays this year was weak participation from the EU and for
example in our LOG we have more BY or VK than home OK, incredible. Very bad
conditions first night on 7 MHz direct NA and poor CONDX both days on 28MHz -
absolutely none JA and NA in the log and only the strong signals from SA.

This time the team added a new young boys and we experienced a lot of fun.
Special thanks to Jan OK2ZAW for the great work on the station over all visits
Mr. Murphy, hi.

With the result we are under the poor conditions and low participation
satisfied and again thanks for all QSOs.

one behalf OL7M

Pavel, OK1MU
KU2M   SOAB(TS) LP   2,466,1282013-04-02 16:49:08
My tower and all antennas (including wires) were taken down by Hurricane Sandy.
So, I guess when Mother Nature gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade! Fixed
what I could, considering it was the wrong season to be doing tower work
(working up on a tower in breezy, sub-freezing weather isn't fun!). After a
long winter of questioning my sanity, I managed to have a homebrew 2 el triband
quad and a 40M loop installed on the remains of the tower in time for WPX SSB,
along with an inverted vee hung from an oak tree. Thus, I entered the
Tribander-Wires overlay this year. Summary: Great to be on the air and
contesting again! WPX SSB was lots of fun in spite of decidedly less than
stellar conditions on 15 and 10. As someone once said, "thank God for the
NJ1V(@K5XA)   M/S HP   882,6072013-04-02 17:09:32
Fun contest using club call of old NJ1V call sign. AC4CA had a good time doing a
rare SSB Test (rare for him), and N5RJM took good care of us as always in the
food and drink department!
WU9D   SO(A)AB LP   2,7302013-04-02 17:18:21
CLUB: Society of Midwest Contesters
NAME: Michael Rohwedder
ADDRESS: 9556 Hampton Drive, Apt. 20
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.3.3
NY6DX   SO(A)SB80(TS) LP   224,4802013-04-02 17:41:45
Yaesu ft1000mp mark v
1/2 wave dipole @150 ft
80 is such a hard band but had fun and made a few new friends
KP2TM   M/S HP   23,000,0002013-04-02 18:19:00
Thanks for the Q's. Always good to head south to the warm weather and better

Alpha 76PA
2el Quad 10/15/20
2el Cushcraft 40m
80m dipole

73, Tim K9TM
XR1J(XQ1UIC)   SO(A)AB LP   8,2532013-04-02 19:35:44
GOOD ENOUGH BUT ONLY OPERATE THE CONTEST few hours with a simple antenna
multiband dipole hope to be better prepared for the next opportunity THANKS
AE6Y   SO(A)AB HP   124,2602013-04-02 21:05:20
A very limited effort, mainly to help support club members on DXpeditions (e.g.,
PJ4D, P40L, 8P5A), but I couldn't resist doing a little running here and there.
Condx were much better here Sunday than Saturday.
73, andy ae6y
N4VDL   SOAB LP   9,2632013-04-02 21:16:05
Not a good weekend for priests to be playing radio. I was glad to get in for a
short while to, once again, give out the rare N4 prefix.
ZL3IO   SO(A)AB HP   6,397,2582013-04-02 21:35:46
I shared the station with my daughter Sassi, ZL2GQ who was doing 15m SB on day
1. Poor little girl had to fight the lousy conditions we had here in the South.
The high bands were very noisy. White pulsing noise on day 1 which I've never
experienced before. Europe never opened on 15/10m except from a handful of
QSO's (mainly long path!). Even 20m was hard work with Europe.
This year I had better antennas and 500W power but could not get my 2012 result
which was done with low power!

After 24 hours I had about 1.5 mio points. Day two showed up with increased
conds and the last hours brought nice runs into North America on 10m.

The big surprise was 5R8UI calling me Sunday 19z long path on 10m. TO7BC also
called in but unfortunately disappeared before I could get my number. Thanks
guys, at least for trying!

Station: K3 + KPA500
80m vertical
40-17m & 20-10m hexbeams
10m 6L Yagi

See you in Visalia or in the WPX CW!

Holger, ZL3IO
N6DW   SO(A)AB HP   53,1192013-04-02 22:20:03
Busy weekend. Had to operate at odd times as circumstances permitted.
K4EET   SOAB LP   62,7842013-04-02 23:31:32
This may look like a very low Q's/hour rate; however, consider that I am:
- Wheelchair bound
- Hearing impaired
- Physically challenged with degenerative neuromuscular limitations in my

Overall, I am extremely pleased to have broken my "50,000 point
glass-ceiling" - - Finally!!!

I had the most fun that I have had in a long time.

And finally, I want to ***especially thank Dan Zeitlin, K2YWE,*** for putting
my 80-40-20 meter trap-dipole back up in the air after it came down in last
Monday's snowstorm. Dan came over last Thursday to make sure that I had an
antenna to use for the 2013 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest on Friday evening.
Thanks-a-million Dan!!! You were my lifeline to working this contest!!!

73 es Happy Contesting with the PVRC, Dave K4EET
LZ3ZZ(ALEKO)   SO(A)SB40 HP   603,5812013-04-02 23:55:45
Thanks for All !
See you in the next one!
EA7RM   SOSB40(TS) HP   747,8642013-04-03 00:44:56
Thanks for all the QSOs.

73s, Nino
EI7M   M/S HP   20,952,4482013-04-03 01:18:03
This contest clashed with Easter which made getting free time much more
difficult. Some ops were unable to make it, while others had a dual mandate
(family/contest) so we selected M/S this year.

We found conditions to be poor, especially on saturday where we spent our time
mostly on 20m. Sunday was better, and we got some good runs on 15m. We noticed
that we did not work a lot of the bigger US stations we normally do .. maybe
the holiday weekend was taking an effect ?

Thanks to Matt M0MAT and Wilf M0WLF who travelled to join us.

The competition in the M/S category is great fun. There is a very small margin
between the teams and it brings an X-factor to the weekend knowing that any
mistake could make a difference at the end.
We enjoyed competing with 9a33p, rl3a, ed1r and others - thanks guys


John ei8ir
NV1N(N1UR)   SOAB LP   5,021,7522013-04-03 03:32:10
Well, that was a lot of fun. While it was not the conditions I
was hoping for for the top of the sunspot cycle, it was still my
second highest ever score. Hard to complain on that.

Obviously, Friday night was very disturbed on the Low Bands and
instead of "bulking up" on USA Qs on 20M, I decided to slug it
out as best I could on 40 and then call it quits early in the
hopes that Saturday and Sunday would be better. And they were,
although didn't get pretty good until Sunday.

The activity was very good. Good stream of USA and EU callers.
Even some South America runs on 10M. 10M never opened to EU
from here. Surprisingly, 80M wasn't bad on Saturday night to
EU but the activity was poor. I believe the relatively poor
conditions had people call it quits for the night early.

JA activity was poor for this contest as it has been for a
number of years. 4 in the log, all on 15M. Got called by
VU, BY, UA0. Always nice.

It still amazes me that I can actually run - splitting 100W
into EU and USA antennas at the same time. Not all the time,
but sometimes it works and generates the best rate.

As I look at this contest vs last year (a personal best), I see that Qs were
down about 150 and prefixes by 35. But significantly, the avg points per Q
was down from 2.76 to 2.56. I believe this was almost all 6 pointers on 40
and 80 that did not happen in 2013. The rest of the contest felt the same as
last year.

Thanks for the Qs.


OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO(A)AB HP   5,082,3602013-04-03 04:06:24
This contest was a kind of a roller-coaster of the propagation. The disturbed
conditions dominated on Saturday and very few NA stations were logged. 15m did
not produce a single JA until 1230Z which is well after the sunset in JA. The
total of 6 JA QSOS on 15m was not what I could have expected.

On Sunday morning 15m sounded a bit better and I was able to run some JA for
2.5 hours starting from 07Z. Later around 12Z 20m started to open into NA so I
moved there for more than 2.5 hours. Then 15m was already rocking and I moved
there around 1430Z. The NA run on 15m lasted 3 hours before I had to start
S&P. After this the propagation took a deep dive never to recover on any

Everything worked fine during the contest but my setup was still not very
flexible for real SO2R operating. I tried a few QSOs with the second radio on
Sunday but as I had no amplifier connected to it I could not fully utilize it.

It is nice to notice that this is my best WPX SSB score breaking the 1000
prefixes and there is still a big room for improvement. Thanks for the QSOs!
The log will be uploaded to LoTW. I can't wait for the CW leg so I hope to see
you there.

FT1000MP + AL80A / 800W
10m 5el + 4el
15m 5el/5el + 5el
20m 4el + 3el
40m 2el
80m wire vertical
160m inverted vee apex @ 110 ft
N6AR   SO(A)AB HP   246,9762013-04-03 04:25:20
Easter is no time for a major contest!
PT5T   M/S HP   631,4962013-04-03 04:39:17
Evandro PP5NZ came for Easter and we had together some time to make some QSOS.
Has been nice to see the number os PYs active
TM6M(@F6KHM)   M/2 HP   36,975,8442013-04-03 04:57:06

The 2013 season begins rather well at TM6M. After two new claimed records
during past ARRL contest in the M/2 category, we decided to continue in this
direction for the WPX SSB contest. The objective was the previous record set in
2012 by EI7M (EI100T).

Propagation conditions was average especially on saturday, but with a small
improvement on Sunday. The 10 m band remained very quiet prohibiting a
productive run.

It's worth noting that TM6M (F6KHM) Contest Station is located downtown Brest,
a major city in Brittany.
In this context, we need to do with a local noise level steadily increasing in
recent months. The nature of these industrial disturbances are unfortunately
present in the RX antennas. Sometimes we have a important noise due to an
advertising sign and industrial ventilation!
Sorry for the stations we have missed, but we have to deal with this

We was pleased to welcome three new opr and support : F8FKJ, F8FTY and F/TU5KG.

Thank you guys for the good times and congratulations to all teams that make
this games more exciting year after year.

More details coming soon on the TM6M blog, with pictures and video :

Of course, you can count on us for the next contest.

73 from the crew


WPX SSB 2013 at TM6M (F6KHM Amateur Radio Club)

Category : M/2 HP

Operators and support :





160 86 3 25 218 2.53

80 769 8 316 2362 3.07

40 1891 19 446 7087 3.75

20 3050 30 528 6615 2.17

15 2070 13 331 4924 2.38

10 171 1 60 468 2.74


TOTAL 8037 74 1706 21674 2.70


TOTAL SCORE : 36 975 844
K2SSS(E78WW)   SOSB10 HP   219,0242013-04-03 05:24:56
It was torture. Here in the north were very bad conditions.
I hope it will be better in cw part.
S5ØA   SOSB40 HP   8,317,0662013-04-03 07:42:56
Relatively poor propagations, very high QRN due to snowing/raining both nights.
73, Tine Brajnik, S50A
EA4RCH   M/S LP   1,173,8942013-04-03 09:30:05
Thanks to everyone that call us.

73, EA4RCH
Radio Club Henares
E73BB(@E71A)   SOSB10 LP   107,0402013-04-03 10:25:07
Setup: IC746PRO - 80W, Ant. C31XR on 30m Tower

Qsl via: K2PF
WI9WI   SOAB HP   565,9472013-04-03 11:15:23
A few hours here and there passing out the rare and much coveted WI9 multiplier
PJ2T(VA7AM)   SOSB20 HP   3,366,2022013-04-03 11:30:03
Lots of fun, computer crash Sunday morning didn't help
HI3EPR   SOSB10 LP   44,7352013-04-03 12:08:41
Nice contest from my home station.

Rig: Elecraft K3
Antenna: Raibeam 3 El 10M (Homebrew)

Location: Salcedo, Dominican Republic
AF6T(K6TD)   SOAB HP   16,6502013-04-03 13:27:45
Tough going. Thx for the Q's. 73, K6TD
TM4W(F5HRY)   SOSB10 HP   99,2642013-04-03 13:38:51
Just an awful propagation on 10m on saturday. Most of the time, no way to run,
and S&P has its limits ... So, on sunday, I went fishing, which appeared to
be the best radio choice I ever made !

NB : 250 Q's is just a one hour run in FY, so the I felt this half contest
terribly loooooong ...

Herve F5HRY
ES9C(@ES5TV)   M/M HP   35,600,3962013-04-03 13:41:03
So this was the very first MM attempt from this station and a truly great
experience in many ways. It showed the numerous shortcomings the station has
for real MM operation and was also a great training for ops.

Had a really nice ES-YL-OH gang present. It was a very pleasant event despite
not getting the station ready in time and people having to configure their
computers on the fly during the contest and nothing being tested before.

Aurora hit us real hard causing the worst conditions we have seen in many
years., Saturday was total disaster. Had some 600 Qs on 15m on Saturday only
with practically no NA.

So we are planning to hit back and come with several improvements in May and
challenge DR1A and LZ9W and possibly EU record in WPX CW! Watch out!


By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 |Total|
| 00 | 40 | 61 | 50 | 15 | | | 166 |
| 01 | 57 | 66 | 46 | 4 | | | 173 |
| 02 | 37 | 60 | 37 | 3 | | | 137 |
| 03 | 26 | 48 | 66 | 16 | 1 | | 157 |
| 04 | 12 | 30 | 115 | 45 | 4 | | 206 |
| 05 | | 29 | 91 | 78 | 6 | | 204 |
| 06 | | 16 | 93 | 97 | 27 | 7 | 240 |
| 07 | | 4 | 71 | 169 | 39 | 10 | 293 |
| 08 | | 31 | 62 | 152 | 28 | 8 | 281 |
| 09 | | | 26 | 109 | 48 | 29 | 212 |
| 10 | | | 25 | 136 | 109 | 19 | 289 |
| 11 | | | 13 | 100 | 92 | 24 | 229 |
| 12 | | | 11 | 146 | 79 | 18 | 254 |
| 13 | | | 17 | 119 | 53 | 25 | 214 |
| 14 | | 5 | 9 | 129 | 35 | 20 | 198 |
| 15 | | 16 | 30 | 134 | 41 | 9 | 230 |
| 16 | 9 | 32 | 19 | 142 | 46 | 2 | 250 |
| 17 | 14 | 37 | 18 | 144 | 41 | | 254 |
| 18 | 19 | 60 | 40 | 119 | 3 | | 241 |
| 19 | 22 | 47 | 90 | 29 | | | 188 |
| 20 | 26 | 68 | 102 | 11 | | | 207 |
| 21 | 36 | 46 | 72 | 1 | | | 155 |
| 22 | 30 | 32 | 82 | 12 | | | 156 |
| 23 | 15 | 20 | 38 | 1 | | | 74 |
| 00 | 14 | 19 | 34 | 3 | | | 70 |
| 01 | 14 | 15 | 10 | | | | 39 |
| 02 | 16 | 10 | 19 | | | | 45 |
| 03 | 10 | 6 | 74 | 7 | | | 97 |
| 04 | | 6 | 72 | 48 | | | 126 |
| 05 | 1 | 14 | 52 | 52 | 13 | | 132 |
| 06 | | 1 | 31 | 32 | 62 | 5 | 131 |
| 07 | | 1 | 27 | 60 | 111 | 7 | 206 |
| 08 | | 2 | 32 | 80 | 101 | 3 | 218 |
| 09 | | 1 | 17 | 73 | 89 | 4 | 184 |
| 10 | | 1 | 15 | 78 | 75 | 21 | 190 |
| 11 | | 1 | 5 | 82 | 57 | 17 | 162 |
| 12 | | | 1 | 82 | 85 | 14 | 182 |
| 13 | 1 | 2 | 12 | 98 | 104 | 12 | 229 |
| 14 | | 1 | 21 | 99 | 140 | 22 | 283 |
| 15 | 1 | 10 | 30 | 100 | 141 | 7 | 289 |
| 16 | 1 | 15 | 30 | 90 | 156 | 12 | 304 |
| 17 | 3 | 15 | 35 | 111 | 101 | 3 | 268 |
| 18 | 20 | 39 | 39 | 85 | 68 | | 251 |
| 19 | 28 | 50 | 34 | 72 | 4 | | 188 |
| 20 | 24 | 43 | 48 | 37 | 2 | | 154 |
| 21 | 17 | 34 | 51 | 12 | 3 | | 117 |
| 22 | 20 | 37 | 60 | 7 | 6 | | 130 |
| 23 | 15 | 35 | 63 | 4 | | | 117 |
| | 528 |1066 |2035 |3223 |1970 | 298 |9120 |

ES9C - Continents
By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 | 97.2% | 0.2% | | 0.6% | 2.1% | |
| 80 | 93.1% | 0.5% | 0.2% | 0.8% | 4.7% | 0.8% |
| 40 | 73.8% | 11.1% | 2.7% | 0.7% | 9.9% | 1.9% |
| 20 | 56.5% | 25.5% | 3.1% | 0.7% | 10.3% | 3.9% |
| 15 | 27.7% | 34.1% | 3.5% | 1.6% | 30.7% | 2.4% |
| 10 | 42.6% | 0.3% | 22.8% | 16.8% | 14.8% | 2.7% |

Powered by Win-Test 4.10.0
SQ8NZB   SO(A)AB LP   191,2002013-04-03 14:24:04
OHØR(OH2PM)   SOSB20 HP   3,260,0002013-04-03 14:45:17
It is nice to live 60 deg N,clean snow and fresh air. That is however not north
enough to benefit aurora propagation to NA.
Got just half of the DX of 2012.
Thanks to all for patience, some times the propagation was very marginal.
Congrats to Mike at SJ2W, well done !

Dee you in coming contets, Pertti, OH2PM
I2WIJ   SO(A)SB40(TS) HP   509,0822013-04-03 14:57:05
I just used the only semi-serious antenna remained after the winter snow falls
(a dipole at 9 meter....!)
Bob, I2WIJ
VA3GKO   SOAB LP   599,7202013-04-03 15:54:56
Had a great time with limited effort.See you all next year.
CA3JRI(ROBERTO)   SOSB10 LP   36,8522013-04-03 17:09:05
Mi primera experiencia en un Contest y es para no perderse esta experiencia
nunca ¡¡¡ 73s.
WØBH   SOAB HP   8,4322013-04-03 18:46:48
Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
6Y3M(VE3NZ)   SOAB(TS) HP   5,603,5742013-04-03 19:31:36
My first SSB contest ever on the "other" side of the pileup at 6Y5WJ's

Jamaica Electric Company tryed to spoil the fun for me, but I was able to
continue on backup generator power (at reduced power 500 Watts approx), while
the mains power was out for 4 hrs on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon we
had gail force winds, at one point we were seriously considering to lower the
Quad, but actually we did so after the contest ended.

A fine contest station, that Josh, 6Y5WJ built at 2200 ft ASL. FT1000MP MkV,
TL-922 amp, 2L Quad Tribander, GP for 80 and 160, and 2 Beverages US and EU.

Great contest, tnx for the calls and the pileups. Will be back next year.

Geo, VE3NZ (Ben)
WA6URY   SOAB HP   104,6642013-04-03 20:01:51
73, Dan - Remote in Tokyo
K4TOJ   SOAB LP   10,6202013-04-03 20:29:45
I used RUMPed ver 3.2.2 and hope the scoring it's reporting is accurate. It
stated out of the 65 contacts, I had 177 points. Other than that, had a great
time operating when I could.

Used a Carolina Windom compact 80 from Radio Works with a TS-590.
KK9A   SOSB20 HP   6,900,0002013-04-03 21:00:36
Last year severe thunderstorms that lasted all of Friday night and reoccurred on
Saturday afternoon kept me out of the 2012 WPX Phone competition. Rain and
thunderstorms are pretty common here in March and they seem to be especially
common on the last weekend of the month. Storms were in the forecast again for
this contest but luckily it was not really an issue. The rain and associated
QRN occurred early both mornings during my off times. Propagation this weekend
was poor especially at the start. I worked very few stations in Asia on the
first night and even many US stations were quite weak. I wound up searching and
pouncing a lot as I had few callers to my CQs. After sunrise I was able to work
into Europe pretty well but many stations were still difficult to copy.
Conditions improved a little on the second evening and I had a nicer run of
Japanese and Russians stations. I also worked an incredible amount of U.S.
stations that evening, which is unusual for me. The European opening on Sunday
seemed a little better although it got very slow when 15m opened but picked
back up near the end. I made over 150 more QSOs on 20m than any other U.S.
station in history. I certainly did not expect such a large score this Easter
weekend with the A Index so high. The WPX contest continues to grow and be a
lot of fun. I would like to thank everyone for the QSOs. If you would like a
picture QSL card please QSL via WD9DZV.

John KK9A
KG1E   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   2,067,8882013-04-03 23:58:17
Started off with the computer not controlling the radio and after finding high
SWR on our 80 Mtr antenna Friday evening, our visit from Murphy had only just
begun.Conditions during the start of the contest were poor since the A Index
24 and the K index 3 with lots of repeats of the exchange.After a fair start on
Sat morning during a lull in the action we decided to repair the 80 Mtr antenna
and in the process noticed that the beam was not pointing to where it should
be: off by 60 degrees or so.Along with this repair we found a squirrel had
chewed through the coax as it passed near one of our trees.More problems were
later found with our 30 year old TS-930S. Anyway, with most of these things out
of the way, our efforts started to improve a bit. 10 Meters did not open to EU
at all here, and 15 and 20 were rather weak signal-wise and the openings were
short. Conditions improved somewhat on Sunday with a good opening to JA in the
last hour.The poor conditions favored stations from the South. Almost half of
our 10 meter contacts were with PY.Conditions also seemed to favor the VK, ZL
and KH6 path.
Tried to run several times with negligible results except for twice being
spotted and buried with calls for 5 minutes from EU multis. Tough to run with
Low Power and 2 El Tribander. Nice to have US worth a point per QSO instead of
zero previously, but not worth calling US when low band DX is worth 6 points.

Casual operators seemed scarce due to contest being on Easter Sunday.

Hope to do better next year.

Thanks to all who pulled our weak signal out of the noise.

Station: TS 930S w/Piexx Force 12 C3 40/80/160 Inv V

5D5A(@CN3A)   M/S HP   36,597,5402013-04-04 00:43:02
Another great contest! We arrive 3 days before the contest to try to fix all the
antennas destroyed during the winter season, we did great job and we finished to
rebuild last antenna saturday evening so at the least station setup is now
See you next, contest.

for 5D5A Team, Stefano IK2QEI
S57DX   SO(A)SB40 LP   1,861,2842013-04-04 00:57:09
Much QRN and noise due bad weather with snow and rain all the weekend. Bad
propagations specially for LP stations. It was hard and my score is very
Slavko S57DX
KU7T   M/S HP   469,2992013-04-04 09:16:07
My 9 year old daughter Emma ran her first contest and did about 100 QSOs. We did
a semi-serious effort in between Easter Holiday and other weekend activities.
Was a blast to see my daughter work radio and computer.
PY2SBY   SOAB LP   111,2282013-04-04 09:27:15
Dear all.

I feel a bad conditions to station that was running low power and was very
dificulty to get qsos.

IC756Pro3 50 watts
ant rod fish pole 10,2 meters long support a wire and in base a AH4

73 and hope to meet soon in next contest
N2WKS   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   514,3322013-04-04 09:48:08
Casual op. Was running LP but that is no fun on 80 so turned on amp.

Was at my home (Bergen County) QTH for a change.

SteppIR 3ele/40 @ 40ft
80meter TLR Inverted V
IC756PRO (adjacent channel mod and Inrad BPF)
EI2II   SO(A)AB HP   3,374,7752013-04-04 16:30:52
Despite the band conditions and all the family commitments over easter it turned
out a great weekend. Tough going on 40m with a Windom, but some nice contacts
none the less. Thanks to all who participated.
73’s Enda
NJØF   SO(A)SB20 HP   413,4002013-04-04 17:15:14
Could only operate for 9 hours, but it was fun!
VU2NKS   SOAB LP   1,089,0002013-04-04 20:07:03
Elecraft K3/100

3 el Steppir with 30/40 addon
WN2O(N2GC)   SOSB40(TS) HP   431,2352013-04-04 22:08:59
IC756PROIII, AL-1200 Dipole @35'

Wish I could have spent more time in this one.
7Z1CQ   M/2 LP   12,626,7362013-04-04 23:29:09
CLUB: Saudi Contest Group
NAME: Abdulhafiz
ADDRESS: P.O. Box: 138763
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.3.2
N4WW   M/2 HP   1,343,4482013-04-05 01:05:05
good contest. No time to operate usual excuses family/easter.
S51CK   SOAB(TS) HP   5,101,2162013-04-05 01:48:17
73 de s51ck
EB8AH   M/S HP   41,633,0002013-04-05 03:04:42
Many thanks to all for the QSOs.

VE3AD   SOAB HP   2,7902013-04-05 06:54:42
N2WF   SOSB40 LP   18,5602013-04-05 09:29:56
DZ1B(@DU1BP)   M/2 HP   4,507,0752013-04-05 10:22:35
Thanks for all which called us through our murphy weekend :)

we lost propagation to US and 10m/20m was very bad!

We had a great weekend in Lipa city even busy with our Easter celebration and
prepare station with such technicial problems and lack of operators!
PT2CM(PT2FE)   SO(A)SB40 HP   2,033,8802013-04-05 15:20:10
Wonder contest, many stations, many multipliers. Because the weekend of Easter
holidays and tiredness harmed goals. Thanks for the QSOs. Congratulations to
PY6HD, great competition hihi.
OM7RU   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   219,2402013-04-05 15:24:01
Only part time participation, just for fun and few new DXCC SSB countries.

Used equipments:
Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV Field
ACOM 2000A (1,5 kW OUT)
MicroHAM microKeyer, MicroHAM StationMaster

160m: Vertical (35m tower + 2 elevated radials)
80m: OptiBeam OB1-80 rotary dipole @34m
40m: InvVee @21m
20, 15, 10m: Cushcraft A4S 3 el. tribander @31m

Riki, OM7RU
WØRAA   SOAB LP   19,3142013-04-05 15:24:59
Strictly a part time effort, due to Easter weekend and family commitments.
Bands were OK, but 15 meters was the place to be. Some 10 meter activity and
20 was not too bad.
PP5EG   SO(A)AB HP   7042013-04-05 17:49:04
only to say helo to friends
PY2NY   SOAB LP   2,871,0992013-04-05 18:47:24
I made a mistake with rest time, and stop for 18 hours, not 12!! But was nice
anyway to see again all old friends...
A particular problem transmiting in 28427, with a "QRG owner" doing
QRM on me, talking about my splatter. I told him that I was low power with 80w
on 10, and he found my picture in the internet - with Alpha 91B. You are what
you show? No way!!
Could be better, for sure...

PY2NY Max Rates:
2013-03-30 0013Z - 4,0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 240 per hour by PY2NY
2013-03-30 2046Z - 2,6 per minute (10 minute(s)), 156 per hour by PY2NY
2013-03-31 1459Z - 1,8 per minute (60 minute(s)), 108 per hour by PY2NY

PY2NY - Off Times >= 60 Minutes
2013-03-30 00:00Z - 2013-03-30 00:00Z 00:01 (1 mins) (Start late)
2013-03-30 03:50Z - 2013-03-30 09:35Z 05:46 (346 mins)
2013-03-30 15:21Z - 2013-03-30 18:28Z 03:08 (188 mins)
2013-03-31 02:49Z - 2013-03-31 09:53Z 07:05 (425 mins)
2013-03-31 15:24Z - 2013-03-31 17:36Z 02:13 (133 mins)
2013-03-31 23:59Z - 2013-03-31 23:59Z 00:00 ( mins) End early
Total Time Off 18:13 (1093 mins)
Total Time On 29:47 (1787 mins)
WA3OFC   SO(A)AB HP   18,6152013-04-05 19:05:27
CallSign Used : WA3OFC
Operator(s) : WA3OFC

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : SSB
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : FM18JV

Name : Frank Stein
Address : 1717 Larkmeade
City/State/Zip : Vienna VA 22182
Country : USA

ARRL Section : VA
Club/Team : Potomac Valley Radio Club
Software : N1MM Logger V13.2.1

Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 16 92 16
14 16 44 16
21 23 64 22
28 20 55 19
Total 75 255 73

Score : 18,615
EE8L(EC8AFM)   SOSB10(TS) LP   695,2402013-04-06 04:42:56
Fantastic conditions on saturday, ALL DAY listening YB PY, surprises E5 and 5W
(WORKS), VK morning and night. Only that JA VE don't heard and few USA. Thank on
Sunday arrived EA, DL, F and I. Another surprise on Saturday, I go to 6M around
19 UTC 9X0 SSB and CW, agn 9Y, PY1RO with 3 elements YAGI on the ground and
too late TJ3 in this moment went QRT. Fantastic weekend. Thanks all and I hope
to heard in WPX CW.
73, Mode EC8AFM/EE8L
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   27,807,3872013-04-06 15:47:10
Another great WPX contest

Had a great start but high bands were mediocre once the sun came up. 40 was
excellent the second night and the last six hours of the contest were truly
memorable, which allowed my to break the North American record.

Thank you to everyone for the QSO's

QSL via NN1N or LoTW

72, Tom W2SC
KH2KY(@KH2JU)   M/2 HP   10,152,1842013-04-07 07:46:14
Band   QSO Points Multi
80m 23 122 (18)
40m 359 2,086 (144)
20m 1,132 3,256 (593)
15m 1,150 3,354 (521)
10m 795 2,326 (304)
Total 3,459 11,144 911

Total Score = 11,144 x 911 = 10,152,184

Thank you for nice QSO in WPX Contest SSB.

And special thanks to Danny(KH2JU) and Maria for our suppot in Guam.

See you again next Contest!!!

de AI2K/JA1OGI Mark
AB5XZ   SO(A)SB15 LP   1,2222013-04-07 12:22:46
Tnx to contest mgr for fixing problem with Cabrillo file!
NØEOP   SOAB LP   4,5152013-04-07 13:51:29
Enjoyed vworking all of the South American stations. Had other commitments so I
was in and out of shack.
VK4KW(@VK4BAA)   M/M HP   17,111,6282013-04-07 14:38:55
Bands were not in the best condition here in VK - certainly not to the extent of
that enjoyed by D4C!! Easter also seems to have got in the way, as activity
appeared to be down somewhat. We had fun anyway! Thanks for a splendid contest
- see you all next time!
WØLSD   SO(A)AB LP   33,4562013-04-08 15:03:32
Part time effort to give out some Qs.
DD1MAT   SO(A)SB40(TS) HP   1,002,0722013-04-10 00:59:37
Since my sons got ill over the weekend, I couldn't spend most of the valueable
prime time hours on 40M. Combined with poor conditions I lost a pretty high
amount of points.

However, the contest was great fun. Equipment worked well and hopefully next
year there might be a more serious SO effort.

Yaesu FT1000 MarkV
Challenger III
Vertical 30ft

YT1A   SOSB20 HP   3,269,1932013-04-10 05:36:46
5 OVER 5
TS 930
I am getting 64!
thanks to all ham radio who logged me.
N6QQ   SO(A)AB HP   854,8802013-04-10 16:22:32
Note only 6 QSO's on 40 meters. Heard the East Coast stations, but no luck
working them.

10 meters - worked 40 countries, but no Europe.

15 meters - the money band - 82 countries. Very strong signals out of
Europe - some 30 over nine.

Overall, worked 102 countries in 35 zones.

John, N6QQ
KQ2M   SOAB HP   11,799,5042013-04-14 05:10:01
AB1J   SOSB40(TS) LP   31,2902013-04-28 08:08:53
"Mama tried to teach me better,
but her pleadin' I denied.
Now there's only me to blame
'cause Mama tried."

Sorry, Merle, if I didn't get that quite right, but that's how I
remember it although memory ain't my strong suit anymore.

Anyway, Mom told me not to hang out in tough neighborhoods where I'd
get beat up and have my lunch money stolen, but I didn't pay her no
nevermind. But she was right and I learned my lesson the hard way
on 40 SSB in the WPX.

But the back story (and my excuse) is that I got a new computer the
weekend before. It took me all week to migrate my software and
environment from XP to Win8. All was working in love and harmony by
Friday afternoon and I was ready to rock and roll. The only game in
town was the WPX-SSB, so I bought my ticket to ride. But why 40?
Well, some men ask why? others, why not? and some just blunder along.
The SFI was punko and I was curious and had never worked 40
in an SSB contest. New computer, new worlds to conquer. What more
could I want? Well, a RTTY contest would have served just fine, actually.

I got my new experiences all right, pain and suffering, mostly. I'm
using my poetic license (got it down at city hall) and exaggerating
a bit, but not much. It was interesting learning experience but
nothing I'd try again without prayer and Prozac.

Thanks for the hard-earned QSOs (from both ends). I didn't mean to
make things so difficult. I was told by enough people I had a weak
signal that eventually I realized there might be something to it.

I hope to see many of you in the WPX-CW in May.

Kermit (aka Ken), AB1J

Wire out my bedroom window
Shiny new Dell Inspiron 17R SE