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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2016   October   Comment Summary

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VE9AA   Single Op HP   1,8302016-10-08 19:34:42
Got on long enough to get to the 1,200 pt mark and quit as it was very hard to
be heard here. Only W1 I worked was W1VE (I think)
Only W2 worked was Dean NW2K
Worked Tim, N3QE
A couple fours.
Rest were 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 , 0 !

New 4-Square on 40m just installed today does seem to well remains
to be seen.

Condx punk here !

Mike VE9AA
20m - 4-Sq
40m - 4-Sq
80m - Gnd plane.

About 500w
WI9WI   Single Op HP   1,9042016-10-08 20:43:46
Beaucoup unanswered CQs
K7SV   Single Op LP   4,4942016-10-08 20:54:21
I figured I was going to bag it at two hours, but insanity got the best of me!
Under good cndx a phone contest sucks with low power. This was torture!
W1VE(@K2LE/1)   Single Op HP   5,4182016-10-08 21:00:41
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 56 56 15 1.0
7 44 44 15 1.0
14 29 29 12 1.0
Total 129 129 42 1.0
Score: 5,418
1 Mult = 3.1 Q's
NA8V   Single Op LP   1,3252016-10-08 21:04:17
Cq'ing was pointless. S&P not much better.

Thanks to those who dug me out.
N6RO   Single Op HP   1602016-10-08 21:04:48
Too many fish to fry this weekend: three music gigs, three contests, slowed by
strained shoulder muscle on paddle/mouse arm.

Got on last minutes to find KW8N, but nil, did find Scott FOX tho.

Now for a nap before finishing the OC and Makro tests.
KK7YC   Single Op HP   4,6012016-10-08 21:06:57
always a fun one, started 50 minutes late but still did pretty well, thanks for
a good time 73 de KK7YC Ronnie
WØETT   Single Op LP   4,5512016-10-08 21:07:39
Nice to hear some of the regulars on in the sprint. Condx were good on 20 and
40 but bit noisy and weak sigs on 80m. Most of the PA QSO Party guys were glad
to make an additional QSO, but one W3 kept saying he was in the PAQP but not the
Sprint! Guess he didn't want the extra q's. - Glad to log team members K0EU
on 3 and K0UK on 1 band.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO

Rig: IC756pro3 to HF antennas
ACØW   Single Op LP   5,2402016-10-08 21:10:33
That was ugly, not much more a person can say about that.
KW8N   Single Op HP   11,8002016-10-08 21:16:42
Tough conditions this time around. Thanks for all who stuck it out.
Missed GA. Hope it didn't get washed away.

73 Bob KW8N
VE4VT   Single Op HP   5,5202016-10-08 21:17:08
S9+10 noise on 80 made for rough go. 20m was too long at the start of the
KØEU   Single Op HP   10,9502016-10-08 21:18:23
Never did resort to "CQ anybody in NA". Not sure it would have helped
much. Nice job KA9FOX, KW8N, N6ED, N6MJ. Anybody who stuck with it until the
end has a bit of a masochist in included. I even spent six hours
staining my deck just before the contest to enhance the pain factor :-> Hope
this was an anomaly and not a sign that the SSB sprint is really dead. I think
23 QSO's in last hour is worst finish ever in any contest, even SS. 73 Randy
AB3WS   Single Op QRP   2522016-10-08 21:23:19
I had planned on doing all four hours, but life said I was only going to work
the last hour. Thank you for another great contest!
W7WHY   Single Op HP   3,4042016-10-08 21:30:59
I think the AZ and PA QSO parties must have sucked a lot of players away as this
was a real slog.

Never have been so many CQ's called for so few answers. Forty was a vast
wasteland here. Farthest east I got on 80 was CO. Terrible conditions here on
the left coast. 73
K6MM   Single Op HP   1,0802016-10-08 21:52:46
Sadly, I'm afraid this contest needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. After calling
CQ for 5-10 minutes multiple times, with no takers, I quit with 40 Qs after just
one hour. I appreciate the Qs from those who did get on the air. K3 + ACOM1000
@ 800 watts + 3-ele SteppIR. 73, John, K6MM
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,1752016-10-08 21:53:13
Only stuck it out as long as I did to get a chance at the T shirt!

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W6OAT   Single Op HP   1802016-10-08 22:36:43
I picked up a couple of extra QSOs by getting guys working the AZ QSO Party to
give me a name so I could also count the contact for the Sprint. Lack of
Sprint activity was disappointing.
WA6URY   Single Op HP   3,7372016-10-08 23:16:51
Activity sparse and condx on 80m were below expectations. Tnx for the Qs ! 73,
Dan - remote in Tokyo
N6MJ(@W6TMD)   Single Op HP   6,0752016-10-08 23:18:51
Not enough participants. I got bored after a while and went and spent time with
my family instead.


Dan N6MJ
N6ED   Single Op HP   10,5352016-10-08 23:33:11
Conditions on all 3 bands were really poor, very few strong signals, mostly very
weak. Participation was way off, too bad for such a fun contest. My last hour
was dreadful, just too much noise and puke weak signals on 80. Worked more DX
and I did W1's or W2's. No AK or HI, lots of easy mults missed due to lack of
VE4EA   Single Op LP   1,8002016-10-09 04:54:18
I had too much going on Saturday evening to really make an effort. I tore
myself away just hear the voices of many friends.
I started at 0036z to help give VE4VT a head start. As it turns out, it
should've been the other way around
Thanks to the coordinators for keeping this event going.
When I'm being heard, This is always a lot of fun
KE3X   Single Op HP   4962016-10-09 05:41:25
Got on to hand out the DC Multiplier - after I worked W3DQ and NN3RP I pulled
the plug

WQ5L   Single Op HP   4,5222016-10-09 05:42:29
Pretty dismal condx for Sprint. Farthest east I worked on 20 was Wisconsin. 40
was long and signals mostly weak. 80 seemed quite good, but I think most folks
threw in the towel early. Only one Q in the final 15 minutes. 73 de WQ5L
KO5OK(NL7CO)   Single Op QRP   6002016-10-09 06:04:51
New Oklahoma QRP record
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op HP   4,1812016-10-09 06:12:04
This contest was probably a good taste of what's to come as the solar minimum
approaches. Add to that the absolutely wicked QRN from two hurricanes which
have churned up storms in the Caribbean, and you get a challenged contest. I
was not surprised when I finished to see lightning flashes out the window, hi

Activity seemed way down, most likely due to condidtions. Thank goodness for
the QSO parties and the SAC contest which were also happening. Worked lots of
those guys to keep the interest level up.

Highlight was working HK0 (San Andres Island) for the first time in a Sprint.
My Spanish teacher would be proud, hi hi. Amazingly loud signals from VE4;
just like beacons!

See everyone in the next one!

Fred, NP2X
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   3362016-10-09 06:35:17
First sprint in a few years. Still not really used to the format, but learning.
N9RV   Single Op HP   2,8122016-10-09 09:23:11
Forgot about this contest. Tried to give out the mult to all the serious
people, probably missed some. Not much activity.
N8FYL   Single Op LP   8582016-10-09 09:41:06
Antenna issue for the first two hours :-( No sprint contesters (or much else)
heard on 20M. Maybe wearing my North American SSB Sprint tee shirt isn't
KN5TX(WA5FWC)   Single Op HP   4,1402016-10-09 09:55:51
NIce concept for a short contest. I had a problem with my program to begin and
it cost me some valuable time. About 20 minuites.

I began the contest with the wrong contest in the program and that took about
30 minuites to correct.Thank to my friend N3BUO a phone call got me on track
with the correct program and all was well.
The format is difficult to work and keep the Q rate very high. There was
tremendous QRN and many lost qs due to the noise. I think the east coast
hurricane keept the score down quite a bit. I had very little propogation
stateside on 20 meters early on and had to go to 40 meters before many qs. the
band was very long and many of the contacts were very week and required
several trys. Thanks to the quys that hung in there with me. I should have got
on 80 about an hour earlier as the signals were better and not so many dupes. I
found it was time consuming to listen to the calls before calling and then the
guy had to change frequency, maybe I can figure this on out before the next
sprint. I had fun and will get better at this format.
Thanks guys that persevered the bedlam Gary WA5FWC/ KN5TX
N4CF   Single Op LP   5782016-10-09 11:20:13
Couldn't work up much enthusiasm this time, due largely to several QSO parties
running at the same time. 75M was dominated by the PA QP.
NØIJ   Single Op HP   3,6052016-10-09 11:43:31
First try at sprint and took a while just to find activity areas from Northern
Wisconsin! condx seemed pretty tough from up here! Thanks for lots of friendly
John, N0IJ
K7SS   Single Op HP   7,1102016-10-09 15:02:33
Pretty slack conditions, especially on 40 and 75. Noise mostly.
Activity was down probably due to conditions, football, and other

Congratulations to those who stuck with it the whole time.

80m was very tough, hard getting heard by those who usually are
easier to work. Must have been noisy across the continent.

73 and hopefully the WINTER SPRINT will bring much better condx.

Dan K7SS
V31VP(WBØTEV)   Single Op HP   2,2012016-10-09 19:40:09
I'd never operated in the Sprint before but thought I'd give it a whirl while
QRV down here in Belize. Glad I could provide an additional mult. You
definitely have to be agile in this one! Conditions stunk. 20 closed early
and 80 opened late for me. Not the greatest score, but I think I may now hold
the NA SSB Sprint for Belize by virtue of being the first and only entry from
down here?

73, Victor V31VP (WB0TEV)
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   10,6692016-10-09 19:51:08
Terrible conditions, especially at the start of the contest, which probably
caused some (or many) to hang up the towel. Combined with the nice weather some
were getting, and bad weather for others, it made for low participation through
much of the contest. Hoping for better conditions and participation next time.

I missed a lot of mults that others got. I never seem to do well with mults, so
nothing new here. Congrats to all with big scores!

- Scott KA9FOX
KK7PW   Single Op HP   9902016-10-09 20:20:29
Thanks to teammates K7SS and W7OM for a great effort! :)
W9RE   Single Op HP   1,0662016-10-09 20:47:29
Got home late from the qualifier for the national over 65 tennis tournament.
Team won Saturday but lost Sunday.

Bad conditions on 40 and 80 for sure.
N7MZW   Single Op LP   1,2002016-10-09 22:21:39
Limited time from portable ranch location, 20 miles south of Cheyenne, WY. in my
home county of Laramie. G5RV running N-S at 25 feet height, Icom 706-MK-2G,
MFJ-939 Plug and Play auto tuner (worked very well),and Heil Pro Set. Paper
logging. Computer left at home, and only got on to give the mult to a few folks
before packing for an out of state trip. Thanks for the Q's. November Seven Many
Zebras Walking
NX9T   Single Op HP   4,1042016-10-10 06:52:26
Had a fun time for a couple hours despite hurricane Matthew's visit in our area
(and throughout the SE). Looking forward to next time and more operators being
unencumbered by storms to get on and play.

Jeff NX9T
N4OO   Single Op LP   9032016-10-10 08:35:55
Figured this might be futile. With the exception of K0EU on 20m and AC0W &
KA9FOX on 40 I thought for a while everyone was running LP or QRP. Many of the
notable big sigs were almost unreadable here which made a two way contact
impossible. KW8N was barely audible. Thx K7SV for the 'not many folks would
even attempt' Q. AND if that wasn't enough my computer went T/U almost mid way
thru. So no mas tonite - work on the computer later. OO
W3DQ   Single Op LP   812016-10-13 04:49:36
Didn't get any traction at all. Lots of the distractions, both on the bands and
in the house.