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NA Sprint RTTY Contest   2007   October   Comment Summary

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NA7XX(WØMU)   Single Op HP   4,8882007-10-13 21:10:49
20 was a bust. It sounded open but just could not sustain a run. 40 was good
but not very many mults. 80 was 80 rain static and very noisy. I sure could
have used some receive antennas on 80 the 4 sq rcv array is need of repair.

Running 500 watts. Up at the Montana house for the kids Fall break. Did not
want to tear apart the Colorado shack.

Ameritron AL-811

Highlight was having K6LL turn me down for a QSO since he was not ready for

Lots of big numbers. W0YK was way ahead at the end.

Hope to see you all from this station for CW SS.
W6ZL   Single Op LP   2,1282007-10-13 21:10:56
First time in the sprint.

K6TD   Single Op HP   6,1322007-10-13 21:12:52
1st time in a sprint operating SO2R.

I heard a few mults that I never was able to work. :-(.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   3,4002007-10-13 21:13:26
Activity seemed way down on this one. Maybe with the activity in the Makrothen
and LOTW contests going on the same day, there was some burnout. Seems like
this contest doesn't attract the newcomers like the other contests do. Didn't
seem to work very many unique calls in this one.

Seem like I worked the same 15 or 20 stations over and over again. Still fun

Band conditions actually seemed pretty good--signals were loud for the most

Thanks for the Q's and see 'ya in the next one.

TS-450SAT X 2 + SB-200 ~300 watts

80 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical and 2 el 20 monobander.
N1MM Logger (works slick)
WØYK   Single Op HP   9,8672007-10-13 21:14:39
I was pretty much a total LID in this one. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and
your patience. I had the worst time copying on all bands. The signals seemed
strong enough for good copy, but the printing was pretty shabby.

Ed - W0YK
N6EE   Single Op LP   3,1982007-10-13 21:39:21
Had a blast in spite of rig problems. Power output would sporadically drop to 2
watts on 20M. Did it a few times on 40M too. Apologies if you struggled to
copy my exchange - lots of great ears in this group! Thanks for all the
(multiple) Q's.

Ron N6EE
K5AM   Single Op HP   7,9532007-10-13 21:49:32
Location: Horse Mountain contest site, 7900 ft. elev.
Tribander at 50 ft and wires. Generator power.
One radio. Photo:
KEØWO(@NØNI)   Single Op LP   3,1292007-10-13 23:18:25
This was the first time I had 2 radios available. I started using the second
radio the last half of the contest. I now have a deeper respect for those that
can do SO2R well.
K6MM   Single Op HP   2,9262007-10-14 03:26:01
Well, this was my first NA RTTY Sprint. After I got into the swing of things,
the pace picked up, but I'm still learning the tradeoffs of CQing vs S&P.
Thanks for the Qs. 73, John, K6MM. FT-1000MP MV, 400-500 watts into F12 C3SS
& G5RV. Used N1MM software + DigiKeyer.
KC4HW   Single Op LP   8962007-10-14 04:55:06
Not very good conditions. Really not much in the order of antennas to play
with. Just a vertical for 40M and nothing on 80M. The tribander seemed to
play pretty good on 20M but the band was long.

Had not played this sprint in a good while. Since moving back to Alabama, my
RTTY activity had definitely been curtained. Good to get back on!

Had some equipment trouble in the middle. Took a little while to sort it out.
One of my TUs lost it's audio amp (I guess) anyway will figure it out later.

Took a few minutes to get back into the grind of the QSY and it went fairly
well afterwards. Interesting concept, keeps you active with the radio and

Met up with Wayne/K7WM and Tom/W7WHY for the first time in a good while.
Enjoyed a moment chatting! Hope I did not hold you two guys up to much!

Thanks for the contacts, maybe next time I can get a signal on 80M.

NTØF   Single Op LP   3,4962007-10-14 05:51:24
Band conditions were horrible here in the midwest. Virtually nothing heard on
the easy coast.
K6LL   Single Op HP   8,7782007-10-14 08:59:17
When I got to 80, I found that the FSK wouldn't key properly on transmit at
anything over about 300 watts. I haven't operated RTTY in a long time, so
everything felt really strange at first. I used only one radio in this contest.
Thanks for all the Q's.
W6SX   Single Op HP   2,5962007-10-14 09:17:26
Omni VI+, AL-1200, 80 meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM Logger
W6YX(N6DE)   Single Op HP   8,0002007-10-14 10:01:15
1 radio

Yuck. That was ugly.

Rebar warmed up the rig in Makrothen, and then I took over at 0Z for the
Sprint. Unfortunately, I got off to a terrible start, and was out of sync for
this contest.

I forgot my lesson learned from the March 2007 RTTY Sprint: the RTTY Sprint
requires a completely different strategy than the SSB Sprint! That different
mentality hurt my QSO total.

I know the dupe rule keeps us busy, but it totally changes the character of the
contest into one big dupe fest where we work each other 15 times. I don't like
that, yet I realize there are substantial drawbacks to eliminating the dupe

I heard AK and ID, but didn't work them.

Thanks for the QSOs.

-Dean - N6DE
KY5R   Single Op LP   3002007-10-14 10:24:59
Well I can thank KC4HW for getting me on for the Sprint. Wasn't quite sure what
to expect as a budding novice RTTY op. Worked thru some setup issue and
evntually got it going. Didn't have the ability to spend a F/T effort however
enjoyed the time I spent. Looking fwd to the fall event as I hope to have a
little more op savy in regards to this mode.

Tim, KY5R in the "Heart of Dixie"
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   1,6152007-10-14 12:51:03
Brother, that was hard work!

I operated QRP, which I usually enjoy, and to evaluate
the antenna performance before making some changes. But
QSOs were very hard to come by, and even people I heard
well couldn't hear me. Sure, I would get beat out in a
pileup, but when they just CQ, CQ back at me it was
discouraging... My score is less than half what it was
when going QRP in March '05.

20m faded early (before the contest?) and 40m was all I
could use for hours. 80m was quite useless here in the
Pacific Northwest, since the sun was still up and little
could be heard - let alone worked at QRP.

Some surprising loud signals from K6TD (new antennas!),
W1UE (my only W1, W2 or W3!), and W0YK, but they were often
working more legal dupes than listening for a weak signal.
I hope the legal dupe rule goes away soon to encourage more
S&P and bring strategy in line with the other Sprints.
I heard several VE3's and the VE9 but could never get a

That said, it was still a pleasure to get a complete QSO-
dance performed, and the operators all seemed top-notch and
trying hard. Thanks for the QSOs!

NN7SS Burt (op K6UFO Mork!)

Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs turned down to 5w.
3-el SteppIR at 55'
Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50'
80-meter half-sloper
Writelog and MMTTY software

QSOs by hour and band:
80M 40M 20M Total Cumm
0000Z ---+- 8 19 27 27
0100Z 1 16 7 24 51
0200Z 4 10 - 14 65
0300Z 8 12 - 20 85
Total: 13 46 26
KE5OG   Single Op LP   4,8482007-10-14 14:30:47
It was tough night to be low power. After the first hour I only had 35 Q's which
was frightening. Twenty meters just wasn't there for me, I couldn't call CQ and
get a return. I only missed one mult that I heard (QC). It seemed to me like
participation was down. But it was great fun as usual. I enjoy the frantic
chaos of the sprint. Thanks for all the Q's.
K7OX   Single Op HP   3,6002007-10-14 15:14:13
Tough sleding up here in the PNW, 20 closed, or at least all the RTTY guys went
away within 45 mins. 40 was full of noise and static crashes and 80 was
impossible. Still had fun and easy to get out of "sync" with the QSY rule.
Thanks for the Q's

73 Gary K7OX
K7WM   Single Op HP   5,8762007-10-14 16:38:00
Good to see lots of participation and good to be back contesting..
KØHW   Single Op LP   4,4162007-10-14 19:23:30
Thanks to K6LL for letting me join the SWACC Team in this Sprint. I was fun
to get some solid operating time in the chair.
W1UE   Single Op HP   1,2962007-10-15 04:45:44
Propagation conditions made for a very uninteresting contest. 20M was terrible,
but there was no one on 40M to work. Working the same stations 20 times under
the Working Dupes rule just doesn't interest me- it was more fun to pursue the
county sweep in the PA QSO party (I did get it) or watch the Red Sox on TV. I
think the overload of RTTY contests on this weekend kept a lot of players out
of this one.

Thanks for the Qs.

Dennis W1UE