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432 MHz Spring Sprint   2016   Apr 27   Comment Summary

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W3KM   Single Op LP   782016-04-27 18:27:09
Just as I was starting the Sprint, the radio's dial started to squeak. After 1.5
hours it seized up.
KE4RGY   Single Op LP   82016-04-27 18:40:52
Thanks to KJ4QLP, WA4PGI, KJ4ZYB & KF4YLM for making this a wonderful
N2SLO   Single Op LP   1802016-04-27 19:46:57
Long day in NYC. Up at 5am, home at 9pm, finally on radio at 9.20pm
Plenty of activity- as many Q's as 222 and only in 1 1/4 hours. Worked FN12,
FN10, FM19. Tried EN92 and FM17 no luck tonight. Not bad.
W2SN   Single Op LP   1402016-04-27 19:53:15
W2SN's Contest Summary Report for 432 Spring Sprint

Total Contacts = 20
Total Points = 140

Operating Period: 2016/04/27 23:09 - 2016/04/28 02:43

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
70 4 16 0 20 100
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 4 16 0 20 100

Total Contacts by Grid:

Grid Total %
--------- ----- ---
FN20 6 30
FN30 4 20
FN31 4 20
FM19 2 10
FM29 2 10
FN10 1 5
FN21 1 5

Total = 7
KK4MA   Single Op LP   482016-04-27 19:58:12
432 PH 2016-04-28 0045 KK4MA EM92 KH6TY FM02
432 PH 2016-04-28 0049 KK4MA EM92 N4CNN FM03
432 PH 2016-04-28 0150 KK4MA EM92 N4TUT EL98
432 PH 2016-04-28 0204 KK4MA EM92 W4RAA EL99
KB8DGC   Single Op LP   62016-04-27 20:10:21
432.106 ww8m en72 cw
432.107 k8cc en82 cw
432.104 w8ru en82 cw

All stations 25w into A430S15 beam mounted 15' AGL - I'll take it!

73, all! Glad to see some people out there!
W3IP   Single Op HP   1,0582016-04-27 20:10:52
Missed a few due to a sticky relay. Activity seemed to be good, conditions just
so-so. Best DX was EN70 west, FN04 north, FN31 northeast, EM95 south.
K8MM   Single Op LP   1432016-04-27 20:32:37
There seemed to be quite a bit more activity than there was in the 222 sprint
last week.

PowerSDR froze a couple times in the middle of qso's, I'll have to figure out
what it's issue was.

Only running 30W tonight, my amp needs some work.

FLEX-1500 & Elecraft XV432 transverter feeding 30W to a homebrew 26 element
yagi at 110'
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,5082016-04-27 20:42:10
The APRS map looked like there was some signals coming up the East Coast, but
not to Maryland. But otherwise there was good activity in the region. Thanks
everyone for getting on. 73, Dave K1RZ
N6ZE   Single Op LP   1202016-04-27 22:30:35
SCORE = 20 X 6 = 80 POINTS
N6ZE operated for 2.1 hours from Clinton, WA (CN87tw), near the South end of
Whidbey Island; tropo conditions were not particularly good. QSOs were made
with 20 stations in 6 Grids. Additionally, one grid CN85) was heard, but not
worked. Many thanks to those who got ‘on the air’!
Best DX (166 km) was WW7D/R in corners of CN86/87/96/97. Most Northerly QSO
(154.5 km) was with VE7AFZ, near Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 16 QSOs were made on
SSB; 2 utilized FM. Two CW QSOs were also made.
Rig: FT100 + 11 element M-2 horizontally polarized yagi at about 500 ft above
sea level.
K6NE   Single Op QRP   12016-04-27 22:46:51
Yaesu VX-5R handheld, 5 watts, rubber whip antenna
WA6EJO in Ventura Q5 signal
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   392016-04-27 23:08:30
50W TS2000X 11 el M2. Some SSB, some FM.
WZ1V   Single Op HP   8102016-04-28 03:40:27
New England activity was down.
Never heard nearby FN41, FN43, FN22.
Best north FN34 & FN25, FN54 northeast,
EN92 west, and FM16 & FM17 south.
TNX to all who got on and the sponsors.
-73 Ron WZ1V
W9KXI   Single Op HP   4762016-04-28 04:22:23
Thanks to all that got on - would have loved to hear (and work) more.
Al - W9KXI
K3TUF   Single Op HP   1,1502016-04-28 04:38:25
Still operating from temporary quarters, but really enjoyed getting back on the
432 sprint.
Conditions seemed normal; experienced lots of local qrm. Forgot to look toward
the southern 432 net at 9:30, so missed all of the southern grids.
73, Phil K3TUF
K1TEO   Single Op HP   2,0522016-04-28 05:32:24
Good sprint on 432 last night with decent activity and so-so condx. Sigs were
genreally up and down with rapid QSB. Managed 54 QSO's in the first 90 minutes
which was great, and then struggled to put the final 22 in the log over a
couple more hours of operating. While activity was good to the SW and NW, once
again New England lagged. I had a total of 12 QSO's in W1 only working
FN31,32,42 and 54. Adjacent grid FN41 was missing, along with usually easy to
work FN33,34, and 43.

I think the ON4KST chat page saw as much action as ever so it seems like most
ops have figured out where to hang out during a contest. My sense is that it is
a net plus, keeping more ops active longer and helping align sharp beams on 432
for longer haul contacts.

Tnx to the sponsors and for the QSO's. Also to VA3ELE and K2EZ for heading out
to rove. Hope to be on a little bit early in the microwave sprint.

Jeff K1TEO
W1ZC   Single Op HP   842016-04-28 06:16:37
About 2 hours operating time. Condx fair to good. Did not work my own grid.
Still fun!
VE7AFZ   Single Op LP   242016-04-28 06:32:51
Was able to work my own grid (CN89) along with CN88,CN87,and CN85.

Discovered that one of my radios doesn't seem to work with my 70 cm amp. It was
nice to have an opportunity to try out the roving / portable gear at home.

Sort of heard a station in CN86 (WW7D/r ?) but couldn't complete. Heard a
CN88 station working a several other CN87 stations but was not able to hear
them in CN89. In general signals seemed weaker than last year. The other
station I worked in CN89 commented on the high noise level which seemed to be
the case for me as well.

Thanks to all who participated.
WA2FGK(K2LNS)   Single Op HP   1,4842016-04-28 07:54:40
With my antennas only at 25 feet, it keeps signals down a bit, but surprised how
well they worked at long distances. Wanted to get on and give out my grid.
Enjoyed working old friends and new. Not much activity from New England. Could
have been my antenna height. I'm about 300 miles from the Boston area
73's Herb
K7ATN   Single Op LP   22016-04-28 07:58:57
Very quiet. Only heard two other stations that apparently couldn't hear me. (20W
to 11el Cheap Yagi.)
Next time antennas may be outside the house!
W8RU   Single Op LP   12016-04-28 08:25:01
Got on late and made some noise. Best DX was WA2FGK in FN21. Thanks for the QSOs
and 73! Ron (W8RU).
K8CC   Single Op LP   2082016-04-28 09:03:34
Station: FT-847 (50W), Cushcraft 19L Boomer @ 75'

First try at the 432 Sprint. Enjoyed myself but it would be nice if there were
more people to work. Only missed a couple of stations that I heard, but
couldn't get to before they disappeared. Was surprised to easily work a number
of stations right at the noise level, despite my power output of only 50W.

I sure missed my K1FO 8874 amp. Gotta get that fixed and back on the air :-)

Congratulations to everyone who got on, and thanks for the QSOs.

I plan to be back next time.

73, Dave/K8CC
VA3ST   Single Op LP   4182016-04-28 09:10:19
Decided to work unassisted again, as in 222 sprint.
Conditions good. Best DX - FM07, EN51, FN31.
VE3IQZ   Single Op LP   722016-04-28 10:18:49
We are located in FN04, north of Cobourg, Ontario.
Remember to look North in our direction.
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   4322016-04-28 12:32:26
VERY light activity, rainy in the Chicago area and no enhancement noted.

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately from
each grid-4 visited and add them up. Four unique grids worked.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 6 4
EN52 8 4
EN61 5 4
EN62 8 4
Tot. 27 16 = 432

Total DX - 425 km

Just over half of 2015 QSOs and 80% of Multipliers, netting less than
half of last year's final score and a quarter of last year's total DX.

Barely made 50 miles for longest path - 3 in the 65-80 km range, 7 in the
11-19 km range and the rest (17) under 10 km.

Only 4 different calls worked, two of those rovers and, thanks to one of
the other rovers visiting near the grid corner, I was able to log all 4 of
the local grids from all 4 that I visited for 16 total mults.

Thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued efforts to
conduct the Spring Sprints and encourage participation in them. Thanks also
to the Central States VHF Society for their sponsorship.

Thanks also to ALL who were on and participated in the 2016 432 MHz Spring

73, JK
WB2RVX   Single Op HP   8202016-04-28 13:10:11
Condx seemed fair but there was a good amount of activity. Highlight was wrking
Bill K1DY in FN54. Tnx for the sponsors having the event es catch U in the
microwave sprint.
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   1202016-04-28 13:52:16
Due to a class I am taking I was only able to operate for the last hour and
operate from less than optimal locations from just two grids. Locations were
much further west than the 144 and 222 MHz sprints. I was pretty happy with
the pace of contacts and total despite being low wasn't bad given how much time
I spent in transit during the whole operating period.
WA3GFZ   Single Op LP   1612016-04-28 15:37:54
Had Fun. Heard a VE on CW but couldn't make contact. That was exciting. My
first one.
KA2BPP   Single Op LP   202016-04-28 16:29:15
WW7D/R   Rover LP   6602016-04-28 16:48:36
Pretty good turnout in the Pacific Northwest. Once again, I worked near the
CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 grid intersection, doing

Most (41) QSOs were SSB, but there were 11 CW and 8 FM QSOs as well. Twenty
unique calls were worked. Both K7YDL (CN85) and WA7ZWG (CN88) provided the only
QSOs from their grid...twice each.
VA3ELE/R   Rover LP   1,8622016-04-28 17:33:54
Thanks to everyone I was sble to work and especially those that put in effort in
the last hour to stay on and work me with just a measily 20watts after my
amp/preamp quit.
I can't have a good rover score without all you great base stations.

Thank uou ann andvtge organizors for putting on a great contest.

See you sll in the microwave sprint, I will likrly be operating from home in
FN03dm on 902, 1296, 2304 and MAYBE 10GHz.

73 de Peter VA3ELE/R
N7EPD   Single Op LP   2162016-04-28 19:31:03
Really good tropo last night.
Going to miss the microwave sprint in favor of the 7QP contest next Saturday.
VE3CRU   Single Op LP   3642016-04-29 07:19:26
I entered this contest as a Hilltopper ( presently does not exist, should) and
will be entered under SOLP to qualify under the present rules. Brought VA3NW
and VE3IQZ with me, to enjoy the location and examine it as a possible FD site
for their club. Both had a lot of fun in the farmer's field at 720 fasl. Being
100 feet apart, splatter and receiver desensing was anticipated, blocked some
good qso's, and I am pleasantly surprised at my final score. Managed to work
VA3ELE/R in all 4 of his grids, the last 2 being without the 100W amp, was 20W
and still good copy 200 km away. Best odx was W3IP at 556 km. Breakdown:

2 at less than 100 km, actually 100 feet
10 from 100 km to 200 km
6 from 200 km to 300 km
1 at 300 km to 400 km
3 at 400 km to 500 km
5 at 500 km to 600 km.

Setup: 910H at 75W to usual 22 elmt K1FO up 10 feet, elev 720 fasl

Could hear VE3YCU working K9IYV but unable to get his attention. No others
heard west of EN92vw, and to the east K1TEO FN31jh was LOUD at 501 km.

Thanks to Mike and Kent and the Central States VHF for their sponsorship of the
Sprints. Thanks to all who participated, and who worked to FN04xa.

I will be a Rover in the Microwave Sprint. Peter VA3ELE will run from home.


Bill Burgess VE3CRU .......... often /R
N2SLN(@N2SLN/P)   Single Op LP   802016-05-01 06:31:56
AA5UK   Single Op LP   242016-05-01 12:20:21
Happy to give out some points to the local rovers and fixed stations.