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50 MHz Spring Sprint   2015   May 9   Comment Summary

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K3TUF   Single Op HP   1,2762015-05-09 19:08:27
I know, I quit early. Got a late start too. Early morning.
Seemed like lots of activity, enough to keep me relatively busy.
Missed a few that I knew were on, like VE3ZV, but did manage up to FN44 and
down to FM26.
Nice break from working outside in the great weather we have.
Waiting for some Es
73 all,
Phil K3TUF
KF2MR   Single Op LP   212015-05-09 19:18:56
I am happy to have participated in all the Spring Sprints. Not so secretly
wished for a band opening, but got on the air regardless. Heard some very short
bursts, but not enough to copy any calls.
K7ULS   Single Op LP   92015-05-09 19:33:06
8000' Powder Mtn.
FT-897D (100w)
3 ele yagi @ 7'

AEØEE   Single Op LP   12015-05-09 20:02:11
Score adjusted upwards 1 point to allow submission.

100 W into a Moxon at 12' (and 20' below roofline), fixed SSE.

Only a three other stations heard on meteor pings, none long enough to work.
Not much propagation, nor many locals on tonight.
VA3ELE   Single Op HP   242015-05-09 20:12:43
Pretty quiet here. Did hear some nice pings from K1TOL, but not complete.
N6RO   Single Op HP   252015-05-09 20:16:09
Locals only, and very few of them. P3 display was flatlined for 4 hours.
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   52015-05-09 20:27:48
100W TS-2000X, 1/4-wave ground plane.
K7CW   Single Op HP   5722015-05-09 20:34:51
Plagued by grow-light noise and station running 500 watts on mountainside just
across the water from me. Heard only two out of area calls, N6RMJ and W9RM.
Longest QSO was to WB6FFC in CN82.
K1FJM/M(N6ZE)   Single Op LP   32015-05-09 20:50:17
1745pdt N7WLC dm04ne dm04ne
1748pdt WA6EJO dm04ne dm04jg
1755pdt KQ6NO dm04oe dm04ki

FT857 + 1/4 wave whip
N6ZE   Single Op LP   302015-05-09 21:14:31
09 50 2312 WA6EJO DM04JG 32
09 50 2313 N7WLC DM04NE 0
09 50 2314 AA6JR DM04 7.7
09 50 2316 N8DEZ DM04 40.7
09 50 2359 KQ6NO/QRP DM04KI 29.5
10 50 0013 N6RMJ DM14CP 111.7
10 50 0021 W6FM CM95QJ 208.8
10 50 0022 N6EQ DM14HI 139.1
10 50 0025 W6WE CM95RA 178.5
10 50 0032 WA6RIE DM04 0

SCORE = 10 X 3 = 30 POINTS OR 473.01 POINTS
N6ZE operated for about 2.0 hours from the Thousand Oaks, (CA) home QTH in grid
9 stations were worked on SSB; one station was worked on FM.
Best DX was W6FM (CM95qj) in Atascadero, CA (East of Moro Bay) at 208.8 km.
N6ZE did not observe any Sporadic E propagation!!
QSOs were made with 3 members of Ventura Co. Amateur Radio Society (VCARS) and
with 2 members of Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club (CVARC).
I continue to support and promote the VHF/UHF SPRINT Program as I have for many
years and I passionately encourage others, particularly HFers &
“Newbies”, to try VHF/UHF communicating without resorting to the use of
Rig: Icom 756Pro2: (80w) + 5 element M-2 horizontally polarized yagi ~ 17
foot above ground level. Operating location was at about 800 ft. above sea
NOTE: It is time for ARRL to again sponsor the Spring & Fall VHF/UHF SPRINT

Bt73Pete, N6ZE
N7WLC   Single Op LP   42015-05-09 21:42:12
Contacted N6ZE, WA6EJO, N8DEZ, and K1FJM/M.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,4442015-05-09 22:56:52
Quite a Sprint, with lots of activity in the Pacific Northwest. I did't hear
any Es or other long DX propagation, but I am told there was a brief opening to

I originally intended to fly to the Pacific Coast and activate the relatively
rare grids of CN76 and CN77 out of the Ocean Shores airport, and then fly back
and do 4 grids north of Seattle, for a total of 6 grids. But the airplane
battery was dead!?! A helpful pilot tried to hand prop the plane, but no joy.

So I unpacked the plane, threw the equipment back into the pickup and invoked
"Plan B", to activate 4 grids north of Seattle. The truck has a
hex beam on the front at 10' that can be rotated while in motion, and a stack
of two 3-element 6m yagis on the rear that can be deployed to 25' AGL at stops.
The only equipment problem was the TE systems 170w brick had something funky
going on with the power connector, so I turned the amp off and cranked the
Kenwood TS-480 up to 100w for the duration. I also had an FT-857 on 52.525
MHz. I called CQ occasionally on FM, but received no responses.

The first stop was Mt. Pilchuck in CN98 at a spot that sits at 3,000'. I was
five minutes late getting started, but the location proved very useful for
multipliers, providing 10 mults for the one hour stay. The big disadvantage
of this spot is that it takes an hour to the next location near the
intersection of CN98/CN88/CN97/CN87.

I hit CN88 next and worked very few stations. The location turned out to be
a dud. Likewise a nearby CN87 spot was quite poor. I knew the CN97 spot was
a good one, so with 90 minutes remaining, I made the 15 minute trip to the CN97
spot that sits at about 550'. That worked pretty well. For example, I worked
K7YDL in CN85 near Portland and WB7UZO in Neah Bay, WA close to the NW corner
of the Continental U.S.

With 30 minutes remaining, I made a 15 minute trip to an okay CN87 spot near
Lake Stevens. That last effort provided three new grids.

All in all, it turned out pretty well, considering I was doing "Plan
B," and was sort of winging it for a route. I ended up topped my Spring
Sprint QSOs (76 versus 65) and hit the same number of multipliers (19).

Unique calls: 38
4x4s: AC7T, AK7H, K7CW, K7IDX/7, KB7DQH, N7EPD

CN98: QSOs: 33, Mults: CN76, CN78, CN85-CN89, CN97, CN99, CO70
CN88: QSOs: 9, Mults: CN87
CN87: QSOs: 15, Mults: CN78, CN87, CN88, CN97
CN97: QSOs: 19, Mults: CN78, CN85, CN87, CN88

With the conclusion of this year's Spring Sprints, I thank all the terrific
hams in the Pacific Northwest who got on the air. And thanks to the organizers
for a marvelous series of events.
N2SLN   Single Op LP   1352015-05-09 23:14:04
K1TOL   Single Op HP   7822015-05-10 03:13:10
Great tropo at start of Sprint to NJ & PA areas. Es began 1 minute BEFORE
end of Sprint--kinda 4 hours too late, eh?!
K1HC   Single Op HP   2322015-05-10 04:20:05
2340 W1XM FN42 SSB
2344 W3EP FN31 CW
2349 K1TEO FN31 SSB
2352 K2SIX FN20 SSB
2353 K1IED FN31 SSB
2354 N1ZN FN31 SSB
2356 K1BXC FN31 SSB
2358 K1DAT FN42 SSB
0000 KW2T FN42 SSB
0006 W1QK FN31 CW
0010 AC1J FN42 SSB
0036 K1SND FN32 CW
0042 WA1MTI FN41 SSB
0051 N1JEZ FN44 SSB
0052 AF1T FN43 SSB
0052 KA1R FN42 SSB
0053 K1SZ FN41 SSB
0054 WA1TAC FN42 SSB
0108 K1TR FN42 SSB
0116 N2NT FN20 CW
0119 WZ1V FN31 SSB
0124 WA1T FN43 SSB
0127 K3GM FN32 SSB
0132 NZ3M FN10 CW
0140 KA3FQS FN20 SSB
0210 K3TUF FN10 CW
0209 N1KBY FN31 SSB
NZ3M   Single Op HP   6842015-05-10 04:40:21
K1SX   Single Op LP   402015-05-10 05:12:31
10w to 2el @ 20ft...tnx for ur patience!
AF6RT   Single Op LP   12015-05-10 05:36:34
10 50 N6RO CM97DX 70.5
W1XM(KB1CGZ)   Single Op LP   1822015-05-10 06:54:19
No apparent openings, lots of noise.
K3AJ   Single Op HP   1762015-05-10 07:01:14
K1TEO   Single Op HP   2,0462015-05-10 07:40:21
Just local stuff with one meteor scatter QSO with K2DRH. This sprint was
different than the others in that the use of the chat page made little
difference in the score. Other than setting up the try with 'DRH and 2 other
unsuccessful attempts, no other QSO's were initiated on the chat page.

On to the June test where we will learn a lot more about how the new
interactions on the web etc will impact operating in the contest.

Jeff K1TEO
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,0642015-05-10 08:06:25
Got on late but found decent activity, although propagation was dead.
I did work one station on scatter, K2DRH EN41 (sked via chat page).
Otherwise best was FN54 northeast, FN34 north, FN12 west, and FM17 southwest.
It was fun to work all the familiar voices as well as some new ones.
Thanks to the contest sponsors for continuing the Sprints!
-73, Ron WZ1V
KB8U   Single Op HP   7412015-05-10 08:53:43
No E-skip, but surprisingly good tropo. Best DX was about 390 miles.
VE3CRU   Single Op LP   542015-05-10 10:32:45
Prop was notably absent, not many heard that could not be worked. Use of cw
heard was rare. Only call heard steadily was W7JW in EN82.

Grids worked, in order are EN82, EN92, FN02, FN03, FN14, EN93.

K1TEO was heard briefly from FN31, regret no qso.

Thanks to Central States for sponsoring the Sprints and to Kent and Mike for
all the work they do in organizing them. Thanks also to all who participated
including those active to give out points only plus all who worked me.

73 de Bill VE3CRU
W9RM   Single Op HP   2252015-05-10 12:43:45
Contest started with a probable E-linked T-E opening to CE land. Worked 2 CE's
in first 10 minutes of test then nothing but meteor scatter and ionoscatter for
the remainder of the contest. Meteor scatter was OUTSTANDING on some paths, but
the number of QSOs available on that mode were slim. I worked several 1000 mile
contacts as fast as technically possible on WSJT - 2.5 minutes including 73's.

Also fun to work a number of meteor scatter Qs using "old school" CW
methods. I like and value WSJT, but I hope the old ways don't die. CW MS on
6M is a very viable mode.
NWØW   Single Op HP   252015-05-10 13:14:02
Heh, what do you want fer nuthin. No Es until last 4 minutes of the contest
followed by STRONG Es to W1 and VE9 for 30 minutes AFTER 0300z. Oh well. Fun
KA2KQM   Single Op LP   902015-05-10 13:41:49
Conditions in the Southeast were somewhat quiet. No Eskip. Little or no tropo. I
was able to work K4RW in EM92 and N4AAR in EM95 for my longest contacts. Heard a
fair amount of meteors but was not able to complete with anyone using MS.
Station here on 50 MHz is Yeasu FT-847 at 100 watts to 5 element homebrew
antenna. Thanks to all of you who participated. And, thanks to Bruce, WA7BNM
for hosting the Central States VHF Society Spring Sprints. Hope to hear each of
you and many more in the ARRL June VHF and up contest, weekly activity nets and
via random activity! 73 and Good Luck. Kent O'Dell, KA2KQM EM74tm
K7IDX/7   Single Op HP   12015-05-10 16:10:44
Locals were not giving 6 figure reports....questioned it?
So guess its for check log and "FUN"

operated portable from mountain top in Olympics at 3750'
with TS-570 and 4E yagi

don't know what Tot Dist(km) means or my claimed score
WD9DCW   Single Op QRP   12015-05-10 16:43:48
[log removed from comments]

CONTEST: 50 MHz Spring Sprint
CLUB: none
NAME: John Prange
ADDRESS: 515 Sunset Drive
ADDRESS: Elgin, IL 60123
K5TR   Single Op HP   1842015-05-11 05:31:27
dead band.

I did get to give the amp mods/updates a good test by calling a lot of CQs.
AA5AM   Single Op LP   362015-05-11 07:44:26
Wish I had a point for every lightning crash that was heard.
K1DAT   Single Op HP   2642015-05-11 11:00:19
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Ken Jones
ADDRESS: 84 Middlesex St.
ADDRESS: Millis, MA 02054
K7YDL   Single Op LP   1472015-05-11 13:16:26
21 contacts: 18 SSB, 3 CW , 0 FM
Grids: CN76, 84, 85, 87, 88, 97, 98

from my loc: CN85mj

Hoped for more from 6M - No E-skip
Barely beat my SPRINT score from 432 Mhz!
W8SPM   Single Op LP   9842015-05-11 17:20:32
Operated from Spruce Knob,WV FM08~ I am a rookie operating 6 meters in any
situation! I had issues in the 432 Sprint of unknown origin with small amp not
working correctly? In came to bear early in the 6 meter Sprint ! My IC-7000 was
shutting down and doing a reset many times? I switched radios with same result ?
I also changes power cord feeds to eliminate that possible issue ? Long story
short I shut station off more nearly half the Sprint ?
After returning home I took Astron Supply apart and found 100000uf capacitor
on + side stud was completely burned off ? I have never seen this happen before
? Guess you always need a spare when operating portable ? I have operated on
batteries for many years of portable operation and never used a gen set to
supply power to a DC supply!
I operated 3 of the last 4 Sprints and really enjoyed it ! The 6 meter
Sprint appeared to be poor conditions from my prospective ?
I want to thank those running the 2015 Sprints and to Kent KA2KQM for his
information to me! Hope to see you all in June ARRL Contest ? I hope to be on
2-6-432 either QRP or Single Op 3 Band Category ? Hopefully interest will
increase on the VHF- UHF Bands to the level I remember in the 1980's and 1990's
-My first trip in the early 1980's to Spruce Knob FM08 has really has defined my
life as a Ham ! The 6 meter Sprint was my 45th trip to the mountain and
hopefully I can be there many more ? Sam W8SPM
WB2JAY   Single Op LP   7652015-05-11 18:21:13
Mountain Portable from van. IC-551D. Freqtester Gamma fed loop. Approx 2000'
KQ6NO   Single Op QRP   82015-05-11 18:45:42
Distance is estimated
AF1T   Single Op LP   3632015-05-14 13:49:07
I participated with my Drake TR-6 (Original owner since 1969.) and home built 7
element yagi at 40 feet. There was no Es, but a little scatter at the end. I
nearly worked K2DRH in EN41, but the Sprint ended.

Information submitted by KA2KQM.
KF7PCL   Single Op LP   242015-05-15 18:28:15
[log removed from comments]
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   1,5392015-05-15 20:27:59
A decision to operate from near a grid corner in the 'flatlands' appears
to have been a good choice for conditions which were, appropriately,
'flat' (though there might have been a little bit of a tropo duct to the
east) and activity which was quite good for a 50 MHz Spring Sprint around

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately
fromeach grid-4 visited and add them up. Eight unique grids worked.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 17 7
EN52 15 8
EN61 12 6
EN62 13 6
Tot. 57 27 = 1539

Total DX - 5516 km

Seven more QSOs than Spring of 2014 but NINE more multipliers.

Of the 57 QSOs, there were 18 different calls, all fixed stations (no help
from grid square dancing with another rover) and TWELVE of those 18 stations
dug my signal out of the noise from all FOUR of the grids I visited, which
really helped my overall multiplier total.

Four contacts completed with Russ, KB8U, were my longest path lengths of the
evening based on Russ's EN71rx location: 290 km each from EN51xx and EN52xa
and 283 km each from EN61ax and EN62aa. (175-180 miles) Thanks Russ.

Other longER paths were to KF8QL (just 1 Q at 226 km for EN72), N9DG (4 Qs
ranging from 214-222 km for EN53) and K2DRH (4 Qs ranging from 182-190 km
fof EN41). Thanks Dave, Duane and Bob.

A slight surprise was not finding a 'local' station on from EN61 (most of
the City of Chicago is in EN61 as well as some close in suburbs). Fortunately,

a station from the NE corner of EN61 over in Michigan was on and we made
contact from two of the Grids I visited (just over 150 km each) or EN61 would
have escaped MY log. Thanks Dave, KA8TBW. Several stations mentioned that I
was the only station THEY had heard/contacted in EN61.

EN52 was my most prolific target with 26 of my 57 QSOs, 9 of the 18 calls I
worked and 5 of the 12 fixed stations that I worked from all four of the grids

I visited. The path lengths for my QSOs to EN52 ranged from 5-155 km.

Thanks also to ALL who were on, active and participated in the 2015 50 MHz
Spring Sprint. Continued thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their
work as the Spring Sprint hosting team and to the Central States VHF Society
for their sponsorship of the Spring Sprint series. Thanks also to Bruce,
WA7BNM, for providing the 3830scores web page and for supporting both the
Spring AND Fall VHF & Up Sprint events.

73, JK
W2JEK   Single Op LP   1442015-05-17 18:08:46
Used ft-840 with ten-tec#1208 transverter at 8 watts out to dipole at 25 ft. My
distance calculations came from distances to the stations I worked shown on
QRZ.COM. Best distance was K1TR at 308.5 km. Used both ssb and cw modes. Will
send copy of log via snail mail. Was a lot of fun

73 Don Younger W2JEK
KE7MSU   Single Op LP   242015-05-19 15:22:30
Parking lot near top of Mary's Peak
N9TZL   Single Op LP   42015-05-20 08:25:33
Antenna was only a single loop at 20 feet so not the best. Conditions were not
good and there did not appear to be many ham's operating the contest. Oh well,
better luck next time.
Thanks to the sponsor's and the data compilers.
KJ4QLP   Single Op LP   1922015-05-23 13:48:41
[log removed from comments]

SOAPBOX: Had new ham with me, KM4KAL, Chris. He mostly observed and
occasionally called CQ under my call (not rookie class).
SOAPBOX: Operated from Butt Mtn, Giles County VA, 4200 ft. AMSL. Times listed
in UTC.
SOAPBOX: Icom-706mkiig into squalo mounted on mast about 15ft above bed of
N8XA/P   Single Op LP   1302015-05-26 18:12:45
No opening but good tropo. Poor activity. Portable in EM89. 10 watts and 7
elements. Data entered by KA2KQM.