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All Asian DX Contest, CW   2012   Jun 16   Comment Summary

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HL5YI   SOAB HP   31,8942012-06-17 05:51:59
cu agn next contest G,L de HL5YI chae 73...
VE1DT   SOAB HP   9,7442012-06-17 10:01:05
Started out great Friday evening on 15 meters. Needless to say, quickly down
hill after that.
N8UM   SOAB HP   13,2002012-06-17 12:47:03
At 3 pm local time on Sunday there are no signals on 20 or 15. 40 meters had
lots of flutter Sunday morning but signals were loud. I did manage to hear N6RO
and others on 10 meters but no Asia. Hope for better conditions in the IARU.
Good to work many familar calls this weekend.
AB1OD   SOAB LP   8122012-06-17 14:47:42
I should wait until the contest is actually over to submit my score, but
considering how dead the bands are right now, perhaps doing this will be enough
of a jinx to get the propagation fairies to flip the switch again. (It happened
in the VHF test last week, when 6 opened after I shut down for the night. It
could happen again. :) )

This was a very Dickensian contest ("it was the best of times, it was the worst
of times...") I'm sure the 3830 comments will be full of noise about the
impact of the geomagnetic storm on the last part of the test, so I'll focus on
the first part.

I'm aware that parts of Asia are always a bit of a challenge from this corner
of the world, but it's particularly difficult for me given an inconveniently
placed hill and antenna restrictions. Last year, I made just one contact in
this test.

This year, was a different story.

Friday night was phenomenal. 15 meters was open everywhere; it seemed even
better than the best of the conditions during WPX. I heard Europe, Africa,
South America, Australia, and Asia all blasting in. I know that my results
are nothing too remarkable, and I'm sure that others in New England will show
higher Q counts...but I'm still pleased. I worked two new ones, and finished

Saturday was perhaps a little better than average, but Sunday...well, I've
gotten plenty of chores done around the place. At least I'll have plenty of
slack to be able to play during Field Day.

I just hope the conditions next weekend are more like Friday than Sunday.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SOSB/15 HP   1,2802012-06-17 14:56:04
K3/ACOM 1000
ANT: 43' Vertical
K8IA   SOAB HP   453,9792012-06-17 15:47:25
Many thanks to JARL for sponsoring the All Asian Contests.

This was an intresting one until the double-CME hit, less than 10 hrs into the
contest. More struggle than not after that.

CU all in IARU HF Championship July 14-15. I'll be one of the 15 meter Ops at
W1AW/7, the twelve station effort of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club! Look for
us giving out the "ARRL" multiplier!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
KC7V   SOAB HP   5042012-06-17 15:47:43
Got home late Friday night from a business trip and missed most of the good
operating times.
NG7Z   SOAB HP   26,2802012-06-17 15:53:07
Thanks for another great contest. The big solar storm on Sunday effectively
ended it. Only 3 QSO's in 6 hours. Ugh.
W7ZR   SOAB HP   131,9282012-06-17 16:18:42
This was a test for me and for the station. A test of fortitude, patience and

While I was hoping to open on 10 for at least a half an hour for the double
pointers there were no signals to be found. 15 was quite good and the first
hour put 65 Qs in the log despite problems with N1MM and me. Tried the new
version (12.06.01) and battled my messages for way too long. ESM was not
working properly and I had to re-learn routines. A couple of hours later I bit
the bullet and loaded an older version (12.06.00) and then had absolutely no
problems with the program or me. N1MM worked great as it always had.

At the end of the second hour I had only 89 in the log and all on 15m except
for 6 Qs on 20m. I quit at 0224 with 96 in the log. Just hoping that the
morning would be better.

Having just installed a new 2 element 40 (M240M2L) I was anxious to see what
morning would bring. Got on at 1130Z and put 45 in the log by 1200Z. Things
were definitely going better. By 1300Z had a total of 226. The next hour was
mostly 20M and the rate was not there but signals were good. At 1630Z I took a
break with 335 in the log. Back on at 2030Z and finished day 1 with 413.

Still no 10M. Last day started 40M at 1130Z. Stayed on 40M until 1400Z. Q
count now at 555. Then the alarms went off on my HamCap program and now over
the next 7 hours I had 6 Qs all on 20M. Last QSO at 1710. Bands were terrible
but got a chance to clean up the shack. CU next test.
N9RV   SOAB HP   174,6662012-06-17 16:19:43
Fun start. Didn't make any plans for this one, so many breaks and sleep.
Didn't plan on losing an amplifier either.

The sun pretty much ended this contest!

Very fun first 20 hours.
F4DXW   SOAB LP   39,3602012-06-17 16:23:37
Good propagation on 21 Mhz.

Bad propagation on 21 Mhz (no qso's) and 14 Mhz.

Thank you from F4DXW Stéphane
K7JQ   SOAB HP   50,3672012-06-17 16:26:23
Started the contest on time, had some decent JA runs, but 82% of my Qs were in
the log by 1600Z(9AM MST)Saturday morning. After that, all downhill, and
operated in dribs and drabs the rest of the contest. At this QTH, the bands
pretty much shut down, so I was in and out of the shack occasionally to check
activity. Telnet spots disintegrated to practically nothing...showed a bunch of
Asiatic Russians, but I couldn't hear them, except for the few strong ones.
Nothing heard on 10M, and I didn't check 80M, as the screwdriver tunes so sharp
that I have to re-position it every few Khz, or the amp will fault...not good
for contests. Had a small run for a 1/2 hour on 40M early Sunday morning, but
the rest of the day proved fruitless on all bands. Spent about 1/2 hour total
listening on Sunday....frustrating, as I had a good (for me) start.

Fun while it lasted...hope for better condx next year.

Icom IC-7600; THP HL-1.5Kfx; ground-mounted screwdriver.

73, Bob K7JQ
K2PO   SOAB HP   298,9032012-06-17 16:41:24
The Sun giveth, and the Sun taketh away...

I logged one contact during daylight hours on Sunday (not for lack of trying).

I've listed my entry as High Power, since there is no LP class for entrants
outside of Asia. (My barefoot TS-850's strain to put out 100w.) Perhaps JARL
can make a low power class for 2013.



/Bill, K2PO
W6SZN   SOSB/15 HP   3,2342012-06-17 16:55:20
The bottom dropped out on Sunday--no QSOs. A real hoot to get age 8 from
JE7YSS--several exchanges so I hope I got it right. Highlight was working a
new one for the Diamond DXCC--he was not in Asia but some begging worked.
WN6K   SOAB HP   223,5902012-06-17 17:13:51
allasia 2012

XYL: Don't they know this weekend is Father's Day when they plan these
Me: (Sheepishly and with great caution) er no dear, it's just one of those
Hallmark American

Holidays the rest of the world knows little about.

That said I rolled up the sleeves and said let's get er done. Mr. Sun said not
till I am done

with you Hallmark Heathens and burped not once but twice on the bands so bad
that at times, I

couldn't even hear the dog bark in the back yard.

First day (Friday PDT was well let's make hay on 15 early lest something cruel
does happen - and

got a hundred in the log but I could tell it was like fishing for trout and
only catching

whitefish instead. The pickings and mults were thin.

Friday nite, I moved to 20 where it was at least semi-productive and about
1-1/2 before JA

sunset, i set the DB18 in that direction and began calling. First JA was a
QRPer who I had

worked on 15m so I thougt great there's is hope. In that I wasn't going to
battle (with a very

poor 80/160 alternative) in the low bands, 40 was going to be the basement as
it were. Although

noisey, the combinaton of ability of running the full 200w of the FT-5000
(there is no LP

category for outside Asia, so one doesn't have to watch the output so
carefully) and the gain of

having a second element that is very directional was going to have to be the LP
effort as it

were. Kept on 40m till even 14 toothpicks in both eyelids could not keep them
open and I called

it a nite.

Slept till 1030 local and showered and found that 15 had a little life to it
(nothing on 10m the

couple of times I checked [N0RR reported that Saturday nite about 2100 local he
did work a JA

who was calling CQ - but only one - while he was causually cruising 10.] Hung
with 15 till just

after sundown but could tell most of the time that the influence of the TWO
CMEs and flare/storm

activity on the Sun was dominating the picture. A quick look at the Solar info
on the packet

(yes Virginia, JARL says everyone can use packet without seperate status - no
Assisted) pretty

much told the continuing story of the weekend - SkyHigh A Index and
in"K"redable K numbers -

Worked 20m till hour before JA sunrise and then went to 40 as it seemed less
affected and stayed

there till a shot of $tarbuck$ was needed at our sunrise. Came back home and
scoured 40 a couple

of times to pick a few stragglers who never made it to my log.

Sundays are always "fun" anyway but with the bands being so what could one do.
Well XYL said

'bag it for a little while' and we headed off to iHOP with the daughter and
granddaughters. Upon

returning and finding only one or two that I had not already worked on 20, I
quit for the

morning. Showered and was watching the US OPEN a bit (hitting the greens at the
Olympic was

comparable to finding a mult on SUnday - next to impossible) when sleep
deprivation took over.

Got back on with 2 hours left to the contest calling on 15 and only 2 new
stations called - 2

others who called were dupes but one is happy to know that the watts is goin
somewhere's eh?

Oldest 'number' was 91 from 7J9AAD and youngest was 21 from Ja1ZFP.

That's All Folks - (Oh I wrote most of this while the CQ machine was
'exercising Sunday')

WN6K - Paul
AL9A   SOAB HP   36,8012012-06-17 17:46:51
A index = 25 to 39 = :(

CME's, the bain of my existence!
N7IR   SOAB LP   24,7082012-06-17 17:58:56
Put in a few hours Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. Almost half
of my total contacts were made in a single hour and 10 minute run on 40 around
local sunrise. That was fun! 20 and 15 were very unstable later in the day so
I called it a contest at the 24 hour mark.
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
KS4X   SOSB/15 HP   1,5542012-06-17 18:10:25
15 meter Band was dead Sunday.
W7RN(W1UE)   SOAB HP   642,5422012-06-17 18:37:06
Even with the propagation disturbance, it was a great time!

Started out on 15M, and had a first hour of 99. I had heard that the
disturbance was coming, so I wanted to get as many Qs on the high bands as
quickly as possible. I kept returning to 15M off and on until the 07Z hour,
when it finally petered out. 40M played well, and even 80/160 got into the
act. Between running, duel CQing, and pouncing for mults, I went into my first
sleep from 14-16Z Saturday with 696 Qs in the log.

When I got back to the radio at 16Z on Saturday, things didn't sound the same.
Stations were still there, but they were weaker and even strong stations had
some minor flutter. I kept working the 2nd radio for mults, duel CQing at
times, but things just weren't the same. It wasn't easy like the first day had
been. Still, when I went to my second rest time from 02-06Z Sunday there were
864 Qs in the log, so I felt that things were going well.

When I got back on the radio at 06Z, 20M was still the place to be. After a
couple of hours, I started in on 40M and then 80M. Qs kept piling up; I didn't
think about it at the time, but perhaps the geomagnetic disturbance drove more
stations to 40/80M because the high bands were so bad? There seemed to be more
stations on 40/80 on Sunday, and I was able to add about 100 Qs every two hours.
When I finally went to my third and last rest period, I had 1254 Qs and a score
of 642K already in the log. Visions of 750K total score were now in my head!

Well, if you've seen my final score, you know what happened. When I got back
from the rest period with 6 hours left in the contest, I didn't work a new
station. I tried; I called CQ and tuned the bands intermittently for the next
6 hours without even one Q being produced. My last QSO in the contest was made
almost 10 hours before the contest ended. Still, it was a satisfying contest.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Tom Taormina, K5RC/W7RN, for the use of his
great station. I thoroughly enjoyed my contest and his hospitality here.

Dennis W1UE
W4QN   SOAB HP   7,4402012-06-17 18:53:54
Short time, conditions poor in Florida, and 40m echo made copy very difficult.
We are becoming an aging group- where are the youngsters?
VR2/VO1AU   SOAB LP   18,8792012-06-17 19:01:17
I ran 100w and a Buddipole on the balcony of a cheap hotel in Mui Wo village on
Lantau Island. My oceanfront location was great to the south-east, but in every
other direction, the horizon was blocked by very steep hills.
N6RO   M/M HP   1,119,4922012-06-17 19:29:46
Our objective was to try to break the 20 year old NA MM score record by VE7SV.
With condx similar to WPX CW, we accomplished that in the first 15 hours,
thanks to great condx and more mults available now. Exceeded the QSO record at
the 24 hour mark. Then the sun had it's way, A index went to 39! 8 QSOs in the
last 9 hours, all on 15m at JA sunrise.

This was a great team effort, with many having other obligations and last
minute issues. We kept the four stations active for most of the contest with
only a few lapses during the 15m openings. K3EST gets the 'iron man' award:
operated the first 17 hours on 20m non-stop, then back at it Saturday eve.,
Sunday AM. K1GI/JN3NFQ did two 9 hour overnight shifts on 80/40m plus late eve
15m. N6WM led off on 15m with a 103 first hour. WT6K put time in Saturday on
the high bands getting most of our 10m Qs on Saturday in a 30 minute opening.
WA6O led off on 10m, then 15m, then all night Friday on 40m. K6AW spent 7 hours
CQing on 20m on Sunday with no Qs - he gets the 'frustration' award. RO did the
usual 160m chores, with no signal more than 2 dB out of the noise (Saturday AM)
- without diversity RX on the K3, I would have had 2 Qs! Also did Sunday AM
SO2R on 80/160m, but nothing happened on 160 - should have done the TBDC; but
80m was great to JA Sunday AM, so concentrated there; heard but not wkd on 80m:
HS0, BY, HL, RT9.

As in the WPX CW, we had poor results into central Asia, only about 20 Qs total
in zones 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. But the JA participation was great- tnx for the

Setup: five K3s, AL1200s, Alpha 76, Alpha 70 modified with air-cooled tube (by
Stacked yagis on 40 thru 10m, wire 4 SQs on 80 and 160m
N1MM logger - worked great. Tnx to N6ML for network setup coaching.
DU3BC   SOAB LP   65,9652012-06-17 19:34:08
A nice contest this is.
Given my basic station I think the result is not unreasonable.
EIRP on 15m was not great with a VSWR of 1:3 and the ALC kicking in)

Interesting to see that 90% of all Qs are with JA.

Next year I promised myself a more serious set-up.

FT-857D, abt 50W
40m dipole at 9m
WT 4.8.0

73s Ron
K7WP   SOAB LP   9282012-06-17 20:12:03
FT1000MP/ Force 12 6BA @ 45'/ N1MM
VA7ST   SOAB HP   15,7472012-06-17 20:33:17
2010 SFI=140 A=20 K=4
2011 SFI=104 A= 6 K=2
2010 SFI= 69 A= 2 K=1
2009 SFI= 69 A= 0 K=0

Lots of fun on 20M even in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but Saturday was
lost to family time (a net gain, I guess).

On Sunday, other than a few JAs on 40M around sunrise, there was no Asian
activity to be heard on the high bands from here.

Score is down from last year, despite what I think were much better conditions,
at least for the first half of the weekend.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Mult Score
2012 181 87 15,747 HP 4 hrs
2011 217 118 27,258 HP
2010 127 83 10,541 HP
2009: 110 56 6,048 HP
2008: 119 68 8,092 HP
2007: 64 42 2,688 HP
2006: 74 51 3,774 LP
2005: 23 20 460 LP
2004: --
2003: 49 36 1,764 LP20
2002: 87 63 5,480 LP
W6SX   SOAB HP   3,0872012-06-17 20:45:52
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A and Matchboxes, N1MM.
K5GN(@W5KU)   SOAB HP   58,6802012-06-17 20:50:42
The best and then the worst - Saturday to Sunday. Lots of tower work done, too.
Nice to see so many JA friends.
ZM1A(ZL1AIH)   SOSB/15 HP   78,7362012-06-17 21:23:52
Very enjoyable contest, as always.
Eldest in my log was 88 years, youngest was 11.

K3, HB amp, 2-el quad.

73, Ken ZL1AIH
W7YAQ   SOAB LP   33,5362012-06-17 21:29:08
Condx not as good as expected on 10, but enjoyed working JA and other Asian

VU2PTT   SOAB HP   111,9402012-06-17 23:32:51
I was able to put in only about 7 hours with breaks in between due to several
family commitments. Just ran most of the time and with the conditions what they
were, worked mostly JA for about 55% of the contacts.

A big signal from PY4RGS on 10m who called in to my CQ and then a big signal
from LW0F on 20m were interesting to note. This was off the side of my beam and
at times when I would not expect such big signals from out there. Probably side
effect of the weekend solar event.

First contest in a long time when EU QSOs were below 40% of my total count.

73 de Prasad VU2PTT
K6MM   SOAB LP   34,0802012-06-17 23:41:44
Busy weekend. Had just a few hours for this one. Not much activity on 80M or
160M. Thanks for the Qs. CU next time. 73, John, K6MM
KH6LC(NH6V)   SOAB HP   452,7062012-06-18 00:00:02
I didn't arrive to Lloyd's station until the first 26 hours of the contest had
elapsed. I've now been reading reports on 3830 that conditions were "fantastic"
during the first day, prior to the occurrence of the solar flares. I had been
thinking that the conditions I was experiencing were just normal for the
weekend. I had absolutely no idea that everyone else was experiencing a big
slowdown. I just wasn't around!

Got off to a great start at 0200z Sunday with big pileups on 15m. Took a break
for "happy hour" (sashimi and beer) at 0400z. Afterwards, I enjoyed my best
hour on 20m, with 130 Qs between 0621-0721z. Then, I abruptly put an end to
that fun with another one hour break for supper. Obviously, this was not meant
to be a serious effort!

Only 100 contacts were made during the final 7 hours glued to the chair, with
only about a dozen on 15m and finally, with just 10 minutes to go, got JE1CKA
on 10m for my one and only 5-bander!

Number of unique stations: 718

Median age of operators (not of QSOs): 58

The last time I operated seriously in All Asian was about 35 years ago, as a
teenager, operating Dave Rowley's station, N6RZ (SK).

73 & aloha...
Rob, NH6V
YT2AAA   SOSB/20 LP   6,0902012-06-18 00:38:22
IC-745, GP 2 elevated radials
S56A   SOAB LP   52,1162012-06-18 00:41:27
Weak but workable AS signals. Lot of Old Farths over 60 like me :-) Only
Chinese have younger ops. It was fun with Yagi fixed East.

73 de Mario, S56A
USØHZ   SOAB HP   37,0522012-06-18 01:01:40
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
F5IN   SOSB/15 HP   71,5502012-06-18 01:08:03
Powered by Win-Test 4.9.1

IC -7400 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
ES5RY(@ES6Q)   SOAB HP   407,9252012-06-18 02:28:06
First day 700 qsos second day 170 qsos!
Aurora says all and bad luck with propagation.
No more comments.
73! de Tom
SP3POZ   M/S LP   110,7502012-06-18 02:41:05
Propagation poor on 10 and 160 meters. We lost few hours during contest because
QRN storm - tonders make neccery switching off all equipment for 5 hours.
Nice contest and many old timers was oportunity meet them again on the air.
In next year we will take part in this very nice contest.
Sincerly, two old timers Andy SP9ADU age 71 yrs & Julian SP3PL age 80 yrs.
VY 73's es DX from contest group SP3POZ
MMØLID   SOAB LP   2,1282012-06-18 03:08:15
What The Hell Happened There ?

Conditions Were Awful! Only 3 JA In The Log.
All QSO's Were S&P From Sunday Morning

Couldnt Be Active On Saturday As Had Other Commitments.

Thanks For the QSOs

See You In The Next One
NW2K   SOSB/15 HP   2,6102012-06-18 03:45:56
500W, 40M dipole at 50'
HG7T   M/S HP   709,4122012-06-18 04:03:26
73! Tibi HA7TM
HL1VAU/QRP   SOAB QRP   38,1602012-06-18 04:05:28
Having fun with my QRP toys and vertical..! Yes, it is time to enjoy QRP because
life is too short wait next solar cycle maximum..
15m was great and 20m also had a value to try. Some Es and tropical path
available on 10m but extremely difficult with 5 watts.. :-)
Over 90% of QSO archived by S&P and thanks to great operators who picked my QRP
signal with kindly patience.
AA hasn't the QRP category so will submit a log as SOABLP.

72/73 and CU next contest..!
K6CSL   SOAB LP   1,6772012-06-18 04:07:31
This year was 3 QSO's and 7 Mults better than last year. The highlight was a new
DXCC Country, 9V1, Singapore, never before worked by my station. The only other
non-JA QSO was RT0C. This was 397 points more than last year, an increase of
24% over last years score. I went to bed for 4 hours sleep at about daylight.
It was a terrible disappointment to get up Sunday morning and find the bands
essentially dead. I spent 6 hours with nothing. I could hear N6RO and a couple
of other big guns calling and calling. I wasn't hearing them working very many
stations if at all. I figured what ever they were working was due to their
large, high antennas. I had figured I had at least another 6 hours to really
boost my score, but no such luck. I did hear a couple of HL/DS stations and a
couple of BY stations but it was obvious they weren't hearing me calling them.
I did hear a few JA big guns that I had already worked. I guess the CME, (I
believe on Friday), really messed up the bands. I don't think I have ever heard
such a bad Sunday, after such a good Friday and Saturday. I was only hearing a
few of the biggest guns in the South and Mid-West US. Where on Saturday the
stateside QRM level was high. I had also been hearing Europe, Africa, South
America, New Zealand, Oceana and Australia working the Asians. I heard none of
that on Sunday. A very, sadly, rare experience. Bert, K6CSL
OH8X(JK3GAD)   SOAB HP   495,1962012-06-18 04:07:34
I set up quite optimistic score target as propagation was similar to WPX CW on
Friday just before the contest. Win test graph shows I was ahead of 250+ QSOs
at 12Z even very aggressive level then it fell off quite quickly into Sunday.
At the end deficit of 400+ QSOs. I made 1000 QSOs on saturday and only another
100 on Sunday. Good competition in Europe kept me awake almost 45 hours even
if rate was less than 5 most of the day on Sunday.

Thanks to Radio Arcala team for a lot of work to maintain this superb station.
See you all on the band in September SSB contest.

73 Kazu. JK3GAD, M0CFW
SP2LNW   SOAB HP   252,9802012-06-18 04:28:25
Big black hole in Sunday.
Tnx Anatoly RC9O for all bands.
73 Slaw SP2LNW
ZL3TE(W3SE)   SOSB/20 HP   72,4712012-06-18 04:38:20
In a word - FUN !

Great conditions on Sunday afternoon and evening.
430 JAs in the log this time, nice turn out.

TNX for the Qs

Wes, W3SE / ZL3TE
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   36,0362012-06-18 05:00:05
VE3TA   SOSB/15 HP   5,3302012-06-18 05:10:06
Also 10 QSOs on 20M not claimed for credit
OZ5E(OZ1BII)   SOAB HP   191,6882012-06-18 06:02:22
550 Q's saturday and 83 sunday. The long and winding road to every QSO sunday.

I was visiting the danish conteststation OZ5E and got a nice experience
saturday with all the great gear and the well placed QTH.
Thank you OZ1ADL and OZ1XJ for your great service.
I look forward to see you again.

Thanks to all the stations that gave me a call!
See you in the next CW contest!
Best 73
OZ1BII/OU2I Henning
DL7BY   SOAB LP   15,8732012-06-18 06:21:13
With limited time and the "help" of the sun more QSOs wasn't possible. No more
comment. All was said before.



hpe to cu in the IARU (with fantastic condx!!!)
K7QQ   SOAB HP   133,2002012-06-18 06:44:31
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 1 2 1
7 140 140 50
14 196 196 85
21 254 254 89
Total 591 592 225
Score: 133,200
K1LT   SOAB HP   39,6212012-06-18 07:03:54
Conditions were significantly different than last year. 15 meters
seemed to be open almost 24 hours a day while signals on 20 were
generally much weaker. A geomagnetic storm erupted early Sunday
morning which made 40 meter signals very weak and severely fluttery
(so that they were very hard to copy) and 20 and 15 were completely

Worked more Far East stations and fewer Middle East stations. The
Chinese stations were more evident this year. I must be looking at
the wrong time for 40 and 80 meter stations.

Equipment: K3, ETO 91B (thanks, K8ND), X7 at 19 meters, WriteLog
ancient edition.
K4BAI   SOAB HP   23,3182012-06-18 07:56:12
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole. Conditions for the first half of the
contest were very good on 40, 20, and 15. After that, the bands went to pot
except for the 11Z opening to Asia on 40. Thanks to James, 9V1YC, for working
me on that band for a new all-time country on 40. After 12Z on Sunday, I heard
and worked only two more Asian stations on 15M and none on the other bands. Did
hear 9K2RA on 20M during this time, but he QRT just as I prepared to call him.
Congrats to K4AB in AL for a FB score! Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
OH8L(OH8LQ)   SOSB/15 HP   120,5102012-06-18 09:31:52
VE1AL   SOAB LP   6,2302012-06-18 10:28:16
What started out to be potentially a high scoring weekend sure went downhill by
late afternoon Saturday (local time) due to the double CME whammy. Next year?
VU2CDP   SOAB LP   37,8002012-06-18 10:57:14
200 net QSOs (minus dupes)

My first time in this contest after missing the earlier editions. Operated
whenever I could get time from family commitments. Some nice Qs given the good
condx on Saturday; we all know what happened on Sunday!

Had a couple of good runs and was glad to be called by CE2/VE7SV and FM5CD.
Biggest thrill was completing the contact with KH6LC on 40m after multiple
attempts. He must have great ears to hear my crappy signal.

Thank you for all the contacts.

73, Deepak VU2CDP
T6MO(K9GY)   SOAB LP   331,0802012-06-18 11:26:18
Glad to beat my score from last year (in less than eight hours). Happy that I
brought back a tuner that tunes 15m much better now. Guess I won T6 again, hah!
Frequently had QSB happen right when stations sent their age, ugh!

582 unique calls worked
63 DXCC worked
Best hourly rate 88
Best 10m rate 144/hour
EU 81%, Asia 16%, NA 2%
EuRussia 19%, Germany 9%

Yaesu FT-857D
RadioWavz 40-10m OCF dipole at 30 feet
WriteLog software

Hope to work you next month in the IARU!


Best of health to all,
N9AUG   SOAB HP   11,8442012-06-18 12:15:46
FTdx-5000, VL-1000 RUNNING ABOUT 700W TO A3S UP 10 METERS, G5RV FOR 40 UP 13
K7SS   SOSB/10 HP   22012-06-18 13:17:05
Worked ONE JA Saturday afternoon. JO3JIS
Heard two others: JA7OWD and JE1CKA both right at the noise level and could not
raise either.
Missed Sunday JA sunrise, was at a Fathers Day gathering...but from what i hear
I didnt miss any action. Thanks to the All Asia organizers.

Dan, K7SS
DF6ØJFA(@DL7UGN)   M/S HP   174,9002012-06-18 14:33:56
DF60JFA is a special callsign for celebrations of 60 years radiomagazine
FUNKAMATEUR. QSL via Bernd, DJ1TO or DARC bureau.
Operation in All Asia CW contest 2012 take place in Weigersdorf a tiny village
in Saxonia in south east Germany.
There is the weekend place of Michael, DL7UGN.
Thanks for all QSOs, also in the sun storm on sunday.
VE7CC(@VE7SV)   SOAB HP   535,5532012-06-18 14:50:31
6 contacts in the last 12 hours of the contest!
Huge echos on most signals on 40 and 80 on Sunday made contacts difficult.
N5AW   SOAB LP   51,2162012-06-18 19:11:48
Had 201 Q's after 4 hours operation. Then the solar disturbance hit and the next
5 hours operation produced only 84. The ten meter opening Saturday afternoon was
rather strange. All QSOs were with the first JA call area except one JA3. None
very strong but JK1YMM was in for over 2 hours. Heard and called several JAs on
80 but none could hear me. Usually I work JAs easily on 80 if I hear them.
Perhaps the summer QRN in JA was bad?

I always enjoy this contest but I still cannot understand why there is a low
power category for Asia but not the rest of the world. I don't own an amp so
100 watts is the best I can do.
W1FJ   SOSB/20 HP   2,7002012-06-18 20:07:43
Absolut wipe out Sunday, not one station heard
UP4L(UN7LZ)   SOAB HP   1,649,2162012-06-19 00:16:14
At the beginning of the contest it seemed that contest will be cheerful, because
15M was great. But I was wrong. 10M on Saturday did not open, and in Sunday due
to prolonged sun "festival" I have been able to rest more than usual. Total 34
hours over 44 hours last year.
Thanks to all who have heard me, called me and told me.
CU next one!

73, Valery UN7LZ aka UP4L
SP9LJD   SOAB HP   242,4502012-06-19 00:32:56
Great race with SP2LNW, finaly he is bettter congratulation to you SLAWEK.
Tnx for every QSO I did more than double points like in 2011.
N8BJQ   SOSB/15 HP   37,9082012-06-19 06:27:51
15M was very good on Friday night for many hours. 20M was decent but did not
hear as much activity. After midnight on Saturday I only managed 8 JA contacts
on 40 - nothing heard the rest of the day on the high bands.
NN4MM(K9MUG)   SOAB HP   7,8212012-06-19 07:39:31
15 meters was great the first night. Still didn't get my 20M antenna up.
Propagation was ok on 40, but qrn overwhelmed most signals.

Thanks for the qso's.
9K2RA(9K2RR)   SOAB HP   2,548,1982012-06-19 08:03:46
this is my first All Asian Cw contest.
first day was great but second day was very bad.
wish to thank the technical team in Kuwait amateur radio society that make the
station ready for the contest.
great contest looking forward to work it next year.

73's de
Faisal Alajmi, 9K2RR
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SOAB HP   776,8722012-06-19 09:08:35
On Saturday FB condx - made 1114 QSO, but on Sunday was very poor condx.... :(
only 271 QSO.

Thanks for the nice QSOs!

73 Laci
DL8DYL(@DFØSAX)   SOAB HP   387,5042012-06-19 12:26:43
Beginning of May I decided to participate again in the All Asia Contest from our
clubstation DF0SAX. Quickly we found out, a lot of maintenance work needs to be
done before I can start. Unfortunately we had some unwanted visitors at our
station, too. Thanks to all, who helped to get the station in a good shape,
installed a 4-Array for 40m and even lent me some parts.
Starting at my sunrise I quickly moved to 15m, where I stayed till evening. 10m
wasn’t really open and 20m performed not very well. According to my schedule I
tried later to get more Q’s out of 40m compared to 2011. But that wasn’t as
easy as thought. Got a lot of QRN in the night due to lightning. I jumped
between the lowbands to find some stations I was able to hear trough the QRN.
Later I decided to pause and hoped for more QSO’s / Mult’s on Sunday. But
the condx were really bad, when I started. No Japan on any band workable. Only
a few BY’s and closer Asian stations made it in my log. Very late in the
afternoon 20m opened to Japan again. So I skipped my plans to stop the contest
just before the evening. I also asked to have the 4-Array on 40m for sunday
night too. The array helped me a lot digging for some more Asian stations. I
ended up with a slight improvement on 40m compared to 2011. Around local
midnight I called the contest finished and we started to disassemble the
4-Array. Many thanks to Dietmar, DL3DXX, and Ralf, DL9DRA, who did most of the
job and to Robert, SP5XVY who lent we some equipment.

Thanks to all for calling! See you next time in the WAEDC CW in August - this
time I will be operate from KC1XX SOABHP...

73 Irina, DL8DYL
CR6K(CT1ILT)   SOAB HP   44,5402012-06-19 15:37:51
Always very though to work Asia from here but still had fun with JAs and BYs on

UA8A only one worked on 5 bands...

Filipe CT1ILT
VE5KS   SOSB/15 LP   1,0362012-06-19 17:28:49
This is a difficult contest for me to work as it is hard to work JA's from this
location (for me anyway), had a great time until the propagation did a turn for
the worse. My only regret was not being able to work any of the BY, HS, and XV
stations, had fun anyway.
NN7SS(K6UFO)   SOSB/15 LP   1962012-06-19 19:24:54
Just an hour of fun at the start of the contest as I tried
to adjust the settings on a new radio. Nothing heard on
10m, so 15m was next.

NN7SS Burt WA (K6UFO op)

C-31XR at 71ft
Kenwood TS590s
Writelog software and microHAM keyer
NQ6N   SOAB HP   7822012-06-19 22:50:51
I could hear many stations just below the noise. I was the youngest op I heard
during the contest.
KM6I   SOAB LP   2,1842012-06-19 23:28:43
K3, Dipole@60ft.
JK1YMM   M/M HP   1,955,1842012-06-20 05:08:27
Thank you for nice QSO in AA contest. Best 73!
LX7I(@LX2A)   M/S HP   606,2402012-06-20 06:46:34
The first time we entered the contest.
Beside working on the new antennas, we operated the contest.
Pile-ups does not realy exist in this contest.
Thanks again for working us.

We put up on sunday a new 6el 15M monobander and will see how it works compared
to the very small 5el XM515 cushcraft.

Look for us in the contests.

We will be active as LX75HQ during the IARU HF Championship 14-15 July 2012.

73s de Philippe LX2A / LX7I
KP2/K3TN(@KP2M)   SOAB HP   16,5872012-06-21 03:32:49
We had just arrived for vacation in KP2 on Friday, and at about 0130z or so I
got a chance to get on 15m and experience the DX end of a pileup for the first
time. Having the AA CW contest be my first experience at that was interesting -
I quickly had an enormous pileup where 99.9% of the calls began with "J". It was
a real relief when a UA9 or RA0 would call in.

I settled down and had a 120 hour before the band petered out. I wouldn't have
much operating time during the day on Saturday, so I was really looking forward
to some great running on Saturday night - but Sol had other plans. The CME
really wiped things out, even from KP2. After that it was mostly S&P on 20 and
40 to work the loud JAs for a bit, as this was a family vacation with some
radio thrown in.

The KP2M station ( played fanstastic. Outside the contest I
had JAs booming in on 18M when I was running EU. During the AA one BY didn't
seem to grok my long KP2/K3TN call and kept saying "No No" when I answered his
CQs, and would then resume calling CQ AA.

The downside of this contest is how few exchanges begin with 2, 3, or 4 - I
thought Asia would have more young contesters.

John K3TN
3V8BB(KF5EYY)   SOAB LP   33,2012012-06-23 02:13:20
73 de Ash KF5EYY
XE2B   SOAB HP   1,0442012-06-23 09:51:42
Despite limited time and bad condx, managed to get some contacts.

Thanks for the Q's!
JF1SQC   SOSB/15 HP   221,8982012-06-23 16:52:00
Enjoyed gud condx on Saturday and made 850 Q's.
But very sorry that made only 39 Q's on on Sunday :-(

IZ1LBG   SOAB HP   76,3832012-06-24 01:06:33
Just few hour on Saturday, I decide to operate a little bit more on Sunday but
propagation didn't help

cu on IARU HF

Filippo IZ1LBG
RY9C   M/S HP   2,232,9602012-06-25 01:01:21
73! Good contest! Many stations on all bands from all continenets.
YL1ZF   SOAB LP   313,4922012-06-25 23:23:32
Just for antenna testing :)
YUØT(YU1WS)   SOAB HP   189,0602012-06-26 12:41:11
Active only on Saturday, 12h.

73 for all !! Dugi
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SOAB HP   231,1982012-07-18 04:11:30
Most of the QSOs were made on Saturday. On Sunday only 45 QSOs were logged
because of the poor propagation. I enjoyed 15m as long as it lasted.