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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Comment Summary

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OG2P(@OH2PM)   SOAB HP   403,6762017-03-25 09:48:17
Just the 500 Qs for OH-marathon.

Thanks for the QSOs and see you again.

73 de Pertti, OG2P/OH2PM
ES5TV   SO(A)AB HP   62017-03-25 10:14:06
Worked 8P5A with inband antenna on 40m with some struggle after helping Kristjan
get up and running as ES9C (SOAB Assisted). This is a true unique for Tom:)

GL to all!

K4WW   SO(A)SB80 HP   23,6002017-03-26 04:16:05
Initially planned on making 100 contact, but changed to making 100 prefixes.
Thanks to all, for the contacts. To those I could not hear, I apologize.
W6RW   SO(A)SB40(TS) HP   12,2722017-03-26 07:24:53
Just had a little fun with S&P for multipliers only. Did not have the time
to do a full effort...but had some fun. GO ARIZONA OUTLAWS!!!
W1IE   SOAB HP   1,5252017-03-26 08:36:41
NAME: Gerald Knowlton
ADDRESS: 1113 Pinecrest Ave
OE3DXA   SO(A)AB HP   633,8752017-03-26 08:57:19
not the best conds, had to finish early due visitors, anyway a few nice qso's in
the log 73 Wern, oe3dxa
DH8BQA   SO(A)AB HP   617,2652017-03-26 10:08:40
Handing out a few points only ... 73, Olli
Z33C   SOAB LP   1,345,1122017-03-26 11:14:55
K7EG   SO(A)AB HP   69,4382017-03-26 11:19:47
Small contribution to WWDXC
AE7VA   SOSB80 HP   125,4422017-03-26 11:45:01
Thank you to everyone that worked me! I had a great time, hope everyone else
did as well. Sorry to the weaker stations that I just couldn't pull out of the
noise, I've got some powerline noise that crept up making working weaker
stations very difficult.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)AB HP   678,0002017-03-26 11:50:19
Condx about as expected - not great, not least 20m and down.

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
OF6MW(OH6MW)   SO(A)AB HP   1,593,4632017-03-26 12:19:57
Tnx and 73
S54O   SO(A)AB HP   180,7742017-03-26 12:42:34
Ts590 + 500W (IC2KL)
Dipole 160m
dipole 80m
vertical 40m
3el ECO 20 - 10m
K3NDM   SOAB LP   141,8142017-03-26 13:03:21
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1.8 5 8 3
3.5 90 239 73
7 97 359 78
14 45 115 39
21 4 10 1
Total 241 731 194
Score: 141,814
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's

Nothing but wire antennas
YT2AAA   M/S LP   474,6142017-03-26 13:07:22
ICOM 746PRO + wires
KT6V(MMØLID)   SO(A)AB HP   4,702,9362017-03-26 13:40:20
Well lets just say that was lots of fun.
There was serious concerns midweek on how the bands were going to be due to the
Geomag storms and bad solar numbers.
But boy did they come to life!

Unfortunately there was a catastrophic failure on the friday before the start.
A tree fell and severed the feedline for the 40m antenna and it was unable to
be repaired before starting.
So lost a lot of valuable points on there and reports seem that the band was in
great shape too!

Debated to go single band due to the issue, but in the end decided to go all
band minus 40. Happy with the score.

15m just didnt happen.. Caribbean was weak most of the time, not much from EU
and lots of calling with no response! 10 was dead most of the weekend with me.

All in all lots of fun and my huge thanks go to Mike W4AAW for hosting me at
the fine station once again and to Tom HP1XT/K6CT for the use of the fine call.
IT definitely attracted a lot of attention.

Thanks to all for calling and the fun.

See you next time around

73 Scott

W6SX   SOAB(TS) HP   16,5122017-03-26 13:49:03
There's no meters like fifteen meters, and I miss them.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
SP/LZ1ABC   SOSB20 LP   29,3252017-03-26 14:00:24
Was working portable on the field with 100w and 2el inverted-V (12m up).
Available switchable directions were NW, NE, SE, SW.
The new antenna behaved vy well and I was able to make DX stations with much
less frustration. Antenna Erecting/taking down took an hour.
More info on the antenna here:
F/B demo can be seen here:

- was able to work only two LZ stations (lz1nd and lz9w). Condx were not good
for short distance QSO's.
- Didn't hear a single South American station
- kt6v going crazy with another station, because he wouldn't copy his serial
KØAE(JOHN)   SO(A)AB HP   18,2282017-03-26 14:13:45
[log removed from comments]

NAME: John
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0
ZL4YL   SO(A)SB40(R) HP   865,8302017-03-26 14:34:12
Due to other school commitments on Sunday and school on Monday (contest goes
until 1pm local on Monday) I could only participate a few hours during our
evenings. So choice was to do 40m assisted HP and set a new ZL record.
cu in the WPX CW
73 Xenia
KSØCW   SOAB HP   5,1062017-03-26 14:39:24
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 12 18 10 1.5
7 4 12 4 3.0
14 23 51 21 2.2
21 12 30 11 2.5
Total 51 111 46 2.2
PJ7PL(WA1ZAM)   SOSB15 LP   253,7252017-03-26 14:40:41
in the 6 or 7 year we been coming down to Sint Maarten I have never seen bands
so bad I'm sorry for some of you that I couldn't pull out I never heard a
signal that was a s9 most were s1 to s2 station is a Buddistick and a k3s
with 100 watts
NA6O(@N6RO)   SO(A)SB20 HP   113,4002017-03-26 14:43:23
K3, ACOM-2000A, Yagi stack, N1MM+

Only had time on Sunday, so I dropped by to try and work some new EU on SSB.
Also did a short run of NA. Conditions seemed good. This is my first time
running SSB on 20 with Real antennas. Sure is nice to actually hear and be
heard! Still not a big fan of SSB... Thanks to Ken for use of the mighty
NN7SS(K6UFO)   SO(A)AB HP   2882017-03-26 14:53:56
Just a few Qs to test SSB still working through the remote.
K7ULS   SOSB10 LP   102017-03-26 14:54:07
8000' Powder Mountain
FT-897d Heil Proset4
Inverted V @ 20'

Only 2 qso's Saturday none heard Sunday
Mike de K7ULS
KE3X   M/S HP   2,3202017-03-26 15:06:53
We had 10 Boy Scouts from Troop 1946 complete Radio Merit Badge today, including
my 11-year old son Connor. The highlight of the day was watching the Base
Jumping video off the OH8X 160-meter 3-element beam (RIP) from 2011. The kids
thought that was highly cool.

Worked a bunch of Europeans on 20-meters to complete the 'On Air' requirement.

Thanks to 18-year old son Aidan, K3ADN for helping with this activity.


WN6K   SOAB LP   696,1802017-03-26 15:14:18
Goal was to approximate last year (with any luck) This year with it's diminished
SSNs, made that very difficult for me... Saturday morning opening to EU was not
very good as 100w was not getting 'over the pond' all that well.

Sunday morning seemed to be easier except, all the Big Guns (USA)with nothing
left to do were all over the available 200 khz with loud and wide signals.

Due to poor sleep management, my times were off a bit so had to hang it up just
before 2200UTC. It was ok though as I had not worked anyone in the last 15

I was short of 1 mult from last year and 22 less Q's AND the point quality was
down (about 400 less than last year. Those 3 things really hurt scoring.

Ten 'opened' for a tiny bit both days (1900 on Sat. and about 2030 Sunday) but
only a little T/E to SA and once you worked them there were no new ones found
or no new ones came to me.

WN6K, Paul

No Books, No 'real sleep' so going to sleep in tomorrow all the way till
N6HI   SOAB QRP   3,1502017-03-26 15:16:26
QRP, 5W to a 20 Foot End Fed Wire.
Band condx were not the best of course.
SSB contests are not really my cup of tea,
but I put in a few hours just to exercise the
station and earn just a few points for
the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club.
Thanks to all for the QSOs. It was fun!
PX2B(PY2LED)   SO(A)AB HP   2,530,9442017-03-26 15:35:04
First time contesting from home in Sao Paulo downtown due family compromisses.
What a powerline and elevator noise!!!!
I suffered a lot to make 1000 qsos and left a lot of calls due noise and qsb.
15m was THE BAND from PYLAND, 10m was very very poor.
See you in the next one.
WØPAN   SOAB LP   41,6582017-03-26 15:41:10
CG3IAE(VE3IAE)   SOSB20(TS) LP   217,8542017-03-26 15:59:55
A few QSOs made on 15 m were also submitted with the log but not counted towards
the 20 m single band entry.
K6LRN   SOAB HP   64,9702017-03-26 16:02:03
N7IR   SOAB LP   57,5402017-03-26 16:04:48
Tuned around the upper bands for a few hours both afternoons to get the AOCC
some points. Lots of north-south prop and a little in other directions,
especially on 20 meters.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
KG4IGC   SOSB40 LP   111,2402017-03-26 16:07:36
This was my first time in a SSB contest in quite some time. Decided at the last
minute to try a single band which is something that I have never done that I
can recall on SSB. No doubts about it, this was quite the challenge. I also
found that doing single band there was barely anyone to work during the day, so
concentrated on nighttime work. Got to work Dave WNAFP, and also had a nice QSO
about band conditions for a few minutes. There were Lots of stations from the US
and EU to work in the evenings but it seemed that everyone was right on top of
each other. Add QSB in there and it makes it double the fun! I did 98% S&P,
tried running a couple of times but wasn't making very many Q's. Worked several
EU and US stations from about 5 PM-12 AM both Friday and Saturday night. The
band opened up nicely to EU and Africa around 1:30 in the morning on Saturday
and To VK around 3 AM. Sunday morning around 2 AM the band conditions were fair
with openings the EU , but had a high S-9 noise floor and QSB. Worked several
South and Central American and a few Caribbean stations. Australia came in
around 4 AM, and EU completely disappeared. Shut down around 5:30, too tired to
do any more. Got on again around 4 PM Sunday, worked a few more stateside
stations and a couple of EUs before shutting down early.
W6SR   SO(A)AB HP   139,5282017-03-26 16:07:55
[log removed from comments]

Part time effort looking for the last few states on 80M for 5BWAS
CLUB: Northern California Contest Club
NAME: Rick Samoian
ADDRESS: 1186 Wilkinson Ct.
ADDRESS-CITY: Placerville
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0
KD7PCE   SOAB LP   35,2822017-03-26 16:08:09
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Willamette Valley DX Club
NAME: Stephen Davis
ADDRESS: 4842 S Santa Ana Ave
ADDRESS-CITY: Sierra Vista
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0
NA4W(K4WI)   SO(A)SB10 LP   1,5412017-03-26 16:09:56
Not much fun.... thunderstorms parked over head all day Saturday... total wash
out. Sunday very little activity and band was pretty noisy. Thanks!
K3MAW   SO(A)AB LP   24,0242017-03-26 16:10:49
Only had a couple hrs to work the contest, so I concentrated on multipliers.

100w and a wire.
K3PP   SOAB HP   2,263,2112017-03-26 16:14:43
I never broke 1 million in a WPX, mush less TWO million! I usually dabble in WPX
contests, but I'm making a concerted effort to do more contests this year, my
40th in ham radio and 25th in contesting! Participation is wonderful and I had
some nice surprises, like 5R8SV, HS0ZDX, and HS3LSE calling me during my 20m EU
runs! I also worked 7Z1CQ on 15m easily when EU wasn't coming in at all! Fun
contest! Thank you to all!
KB3LIX   SOSB40 LP   96,6002017-03-26 16:16:23
Operation during last hour interrupted by thunderstorm.
LY5W   SO(A)AB HP   397,5112017-03-26 16:18:57
My new neighbor must change his house LED lights,.......QRM ++++dB
Just few points ....
NE5LL   M/S LP   888,2642017-03-26 16:31:49
Station: Elecraft K3/100 @ 100W. F12 C-3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipole NS @50'. 160M
Inverted L 50' vertical 78' horizontal with 8 64' shortened elevated radials.
No receive system in use. WriteLog V12.13B.

Lost the early time on Friday to severe WX passing overhead. Later when on
80/40 first night storm static-crashes pretty well wiped the bands out.

Propagation was the main challenge. Set new "this location" records
for contacts made during this event on 160, 80, 40, and 20 that made up for the
contact totals lacking on 15 and 10 Meters. Here the central south area we did
not have the EU or AS openings last as long as they have in past years, so the
log has a LOT of 1-Point contacts, nearly 80% that reduced the point total to
less than the million points we have had in past years.

BIC time was scattered as Jim N1CC had a back procedure on Friday that helped
with the "pain" he has been having, but the recovery time did affect
his timing and operation. Linda helped more with checking what Jim was logging
- in case the "fat fingers of fate" got in the way!

Sudden fading, and on Sunday a period of echoes on many signals to the west
called for a lot of fills. Much of that period it looked like we had LP and SP
at hand from the degree of echo, making calls hard to pick out. Overcrowding on
20M was at a peak and along with that there was a good bid of jamming done to
many station, ours included.

We are ready for Cycle 25 to come into play! Thanks for the many contacts!
KP4/N6EE   SOSB15(TS) HP   108,3322017-03-26 16:38:32
Only had a few hours available so I operated a Remote Ham Radio station in Las
Palmas, Puerto Rico from home in California. No significant latency, drops,
pops, or other anomalies. Just like operating my K3 at home.

Propagation was pretty good at times with many S9+ signals from EU, AF, and of
course, SA, but not much activity other than SA.

Thanks for the Q's.
Ron N6EE
N4CF   SOAB LP   150,1362017-03-26 16:39:37
At last it's over. I have a hard time working up much enthusiasm for this
contest on SSB.
VE3VN   SOAB LP   299,8742017-03-26 16:44:24
Very part time.
NY7N   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   2,1082017-03-26 16:47:07
Just a few hours putzing around on the radio while I gathered a few things for a
camping trip next weekend.

All I have for an antenna at the home QTH at the moment is a 40m dipole fed
with ladder line strung around the eaves of my house at 9ft.

So I was pleasantly surprised to work EB8AH an hour before my local sunset on
40m. I know they have enough aluminum in the air to give HAARP a run for its
money, but that's still pretty cool.

Anyway, always fun to play radio, no matter how big the score is. Seeya next

73, Andy NY7N
W3TLN   SOSB20 LP   3452017-03-26 16:48:56
Just enough to keep me from developing alzheimer's.
WA7AN(K9DR)   SO(A)AB HP   25,2072017-03-26 16:53:10
Just a few points for the club
AD8J   SO(A)AB HP   340,4602017-03-26 16:54:14
Remote operation
TS-480 - Acom 2000A
SteppIR DB-36, 80 meter inverted Vee, 160 meter inverted L with elevated
AD4TR(N4UU)   SOAB HP   4,647,5802017-03-26 16:56:41
Have not had time to contest since WPX cw 2016. Nice to play again even if it
was phone. Thanks for the Q's.

73 Martin N4UU
KE4S   SO(A)AB HP   747,3542017-03-26 16:57:06
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
Ant- 4el SteppIR @ 17m for 20m thru 6m
80m horizontal loop and 40m delta loop on 40m
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L for 160m/80m
W7KAM   SOAB LP   15,3942017-03-26 16:57:23
Another part time effort. Tough going with only 100 watts into a full size
G5RV up 20 foot.
KP4RV(RAFAEL)   SOSB15 LP   750,3932017-03-26 16:57:42
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 4.1
NAME: Rafael Bonano
ADDRESS: P. O.Box 1772
WI9WI   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   28,0252017-03-26 16:59:19
Passing out the extremely rare and much coveted WI9 multiplier while watching
basketball on the tube.
NY6DX   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   1,448,0322017-03-26 17:00:32
Nice way to end the contest season. everything worked perfect except the
AA7CR(@W7VO)   M/S HP   1,475,4752017-03-26 17:03:25
Exactly what a contest is supposed to be; fun, exciting, challenging, and with
friends! I just wish Murphy had stayed home.

Broke in a brand new Extra ham and threw him into the WPX fray. He got to see a
side of ham radio that very few get the opportunity to, and I think he had a
great time. Now he can decide if he really wants to be a contester!

Broke the 40M/160M antenna switching late in the night on Saturday, had to be
inventive to keep the station on the air.

Less 10M and 15M contacts than last year, but more on 40M and 80M. Score
somewhat lower than last year due to poorer conditions.

Rig: FT-2000 and AL-1500
Antennas: TH6DXX at 60 ft for 10M-20M
Wires for 40M-160M
N6RV   SO(A)AB HP   490,3562017-03-26 17:03:42
Just fooling aroound with SOABHP. I wanted to see how the other guys live!!!
Back to LP for me and hopefully their is no lynch mob in my front yard!
K2RD   SO(A)AB HP   482,5512017-03-26 17:04:40
Thanks for the QSOs. Nice conditions on 40 and 20 to EU. Nice to hear EU on
any band!
W2IRT   SO(A)SB40 HP   485,5842017-03-26 17:06:01
Entering assisted, although I didn't use the cluster and ran 99% of my QSOs.
Very limited time operation. Next up for me will be IARU in July then CQWW in
October. 73 and GO FRC!
KBØEO   SO(A)AB HP   579,1612017-03-26 17:06:31
I always enjoy this contest, but it's hard to sit in the chair all weekend with
other activities on the schedule. I worked primarily 20 meters and 40 meters as
those bands were solid the whole weekend. As the solar cycle dips, contesting is
going to be squished into a couple of bands....just like this weekend - very

I ran most of the time just to get more practice at running pileups. I averaged
1.4 QSOs per minute for the contest - I had a few stretches where I was running
3-5 QSOs per minute.

I worked a few MWA members - tough conditions working in close this year.

73 and good luck!

Dan - KB0EO
Northfield, MN
NC8C(K8MR)   SOAB(TS) LP   10,1482017-03-26 17:07:15
Thanks for use of the North Coast Contesters club call to pass out a few qsos
and multipliers. The more accurate category would be "All Band - No
Beams"; antennas are 33 and 65 foot vertical wires, plus a 20 meter dipole
in the condo attic.

73 - Jim K8MR/4
OL9R(OK6RA)   SO(A)SB40(TS) LP   986,9102017-03-26 17:07:23
FT-1000MP MarkV Field, 100W, Vertical 20mH, Win-test.

See you in the CW part.

73 Vaclav OK6RA/OL9R
NN5O   SO(A)AB HP   448,4272017-03-26 17:08:48
Loads of fun, although I much prefer CW.

Thanks to not only the stations that gave me Qs, but also my fellow members of
the Deep Dixie Contest Club who agreed to make casual efforts this weekend.
All team members except one prefer CW, but we braved the SSB event so we could
encourage a fellow member who is almost to DXCC and does not do code.

I hope to hear many of you in a couple of months during CQWPX CW.

And, thanks to all members of the CWOps organization for giving me several Qs,

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O CWOps #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
N9GUN   SOAB HP   2,1702017-03-26 17:09:02
Too much work this weekend.

Small contribution to SMC

73 de Tom, N9GUN
NQ2F(@KD2RD)   M/2 HP   5,506,2962017-03-26 17:09:58
Good to have the gang together again. Great teamwork and contribution by all.
All segments seemed to cooperate, except for the oil burner....kept emanating a
wide-band noise I could not resolve in time. Result: cold house except for the
ham room (HI) Thanks Mike, Scott and Glenn for operating and bringing the beer,
food and other various items...Thanks to all participants for the contacts and
the great competition..See you in the next one!

John & Team
NV9L(@WB9Z)   M/S HP   9,136,3722017-03-26 17:10:59
Operation March Madness. And the contest lived up to the name. Compared to the
ARRL DX contest, it was nice to have some propagation and good rates again.
WZ4F(K4AB)   SOAB HP   4,187,4242017-03-26 17:11:03
Part time due to work. To show where we are in the solar cycle,
my best hour to Europe for the entire contest was 173....on 80!

I really enjoy this contest. Its tailored made for rate neurotics, me!

Larry K4AB (WZ4F)
YT5A(YU1AU)   SO(A)SB80 HP   1,824,0182017-03-26 17:11:10
tnx all for PTS
73 de YU1AU Miki
KØCN   SO(A)AB HP   204,9552017-03-26 17:12:13
All S&P for fun.
KL4SD   M/2 LP   607,6002017-03-26 17:12:25
No 15M gesh
K4AFE   SO(A)AB HP   224,6722017-03-26 17:12:32
Thanks for the QSOs. Had a great time!! I hope a lot of contacts use LotW so I
can finish a couple of DXCC categories!!

John McVey, K4AFE

Kenwood TS-590SG
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
AK1W(K5ZD)   SOAB HP   3,535,9922017-03-26 17:13:20
"Number again?" "Number?"

20 and 40 were the usual QRM-fest. Difficult to get a frequency, but fun when
you do.

Eu signals on 75m were very strong, but could not get any answers to CQ. Had
to call everyone.

Surprised to find a very good Eu sunrise peak both days. 9A1A was 59+20 on
Sunday. The band was so good I was able to call CQ and get answers. Worked 20
EU on 160m!

Never heard a signal on 10m.

15m opened both days, but only to south and not strong. Not much activity
there when it was open.

Only 1 radio. This was a casual weekend of operating. Love chasing prefixes!
K2YG   SOAB LP   35,2562017-03-26 17:13:38
All qsos except 4 were completed qrp. K3 @ 5 to 50 watts; dipole &
P44N(KW8N)   SOAB HP   13,270,5362017-03-26 17:13:42
Terrible power line noise. Had to use many tricks to be able to hear stations.
The tricks did help significantly. And band conditions were poor of course.
Tough without 10 meter propagation.
WV6I(N6WM)   SO(A)SB15 HP   448,9202017-03-26 17:14:15
Had a full house of kids at the house this weekend but wanted to put some on the
board for the NCCC so decided to take on 15 meters for a SB effort. Was not QRV
for all of 15 openings but most. Band is getting a beating as we drop in solar
cycle. Very little Europe, and what I got was on the fringe. Portugal made it
in the log.. No North or cental EU heard from my low angle qth. Pacific and
SA was very productive, and gracias! for all the various Argentinian prefixes
in play! Africa yielded a few good mults as well. Disciplined CQs into the
pacific yielded good mults and prefixes from Asia OC, particularly later in the

This can be a wonderful band, it was OK this time.. not great and I look
forward to getting some more EU in the log next time.

73 and seeya next time (CW!!!)

N6WM aka WV6I
VE4VT   SOAB HP   4,878,0812017-03-26 17:14:41
Saturday was like a spring sweepstakes, pretty much all NA.

Sunday conditions were much better with a final hour where Asia was strong on
20m and Europe was 20/9 on 40. Neither areas had the usual auroral flutter.
Great conditions just in time for the contest to end of course.

73 Ed VE4VT
K7ABV   SOAB HP   212,7962017-03-26 17:15:48
well I guess it was a good test, I found 20/40 the main bands, 15/10 mostly
ghost bands..not much use...I had fun, as usual no cq'ing, just s and p...old
man sun has it his way, so we just have to adjust...I only put 8 hrs in so I
can't complain...thanks to all for some fun and good to hear some old calls I
have been working for 60 years now...only time I hear them sometimes
for cw
K4PV   SOAB HP   2,430,1142017-03-26 17:16:41
I was amazed that I was able to pull in 206 contacts on 80 Meters SSB with only
a Dipole at 70 Feet. In the future I plan on some better antennas for TX and
Receive as well.
VC2W(VA2WA)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   9,727,0672017-03-26 17:18:13
E7DX   M/S HP   19,702,8152017-03-26 17:19:29
A fun-packed weekend with many an operator on site! The boys from Istria
heard that we have more fun down here and joined us for the contest. With over
dozen nerds on site, we celebrated 2 birthdays..had a forest fire threaten one
of the towers..spent day1 with our 15m and 20m antennas incorrectly
connected..fixed and re-fixed our interlock box 6 times. It must have spent
3hours on the bench being modified and botched!

Conditions were consistently poor throughout the weekend so the extra
was welcome to kill the boredom. Max rate reached an outstanding 152/hr :-)

Thank you to the Irish and Italians at EI7M and IR4M respectively, for keeping
us motivated throughout the weekend. Well done!

Thanks to all for calling and see you next time.


team E7DX

PS. as a sign of our support for real-time scoring, our log has been uploaded
already :-)
VA3WU   SOAB LP   451,3822017-03-26 17:20:06
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 4.1
CLUB: Contest Club Ontario
NAME: Rick Barron
ADDRESS: 8 Swayze crt
K1WDY   SOAB(R) LP   26,8852017-03-26 17:21:37
Rookie: First licensed (as KC1EOG) on 2015-10-19
WH6YH   SO(A)AB HP   138,3802017-03-26 17:22:51
K3, AL811 and a dipole @ 40ft. I didn't have a lot of time to operate as I had
other commitments so I truly appreciate the QSO. I hope everyone had as much
fun as I did! Thank you for the QSO. 73, Mike
AJ9C   SO(A)AB HP   278,4002017-03-26 17:22:52
Highlight of the contest was the last qso being called by 7Z1SJ at 23:59:40 and
getting it in the log at 23:59:55!
N5EE   SOAB LP   155,5582017-03-26 17:23:15
I'm not much of a phone operator but enjoyed picking up some new countries on
some of the bands. For me in my location, 15M was a pipeline to South America
most of the time with interesting occasional openings to Europe and North
Africa. Highlight for me was working CN3A early Sunday morning on 15M when the
band was just waking up. He was 40 over for me and I'm sure I was loud there
too. I never get tired of HF DX. Thanks for all the Q's in my short 10 hours
of work.
K1LZ   SOSB40 HP   5,258,7682017-03-26 17:24:42
First day the condition was not for east coast. I don’t believe I work on for
all contest. I started for casual operation on 40 m. My station need
maintenance. So the motivation come later when I realize that I can break 40
m USA record .
Thank for all the contacts. See you in the next one.
TNX -73’s Krassy K1LZ
I’m sorry I used DX log for logging software . The software was set up to
calculate points wrong. I had all USA stations count for 4 points so I submit
much higher score. It is corrected now.
W2DLT   SOAB HP   435,6022017-03-26 17:24:59
Not great conditions - b ut my personal best.
Always fun, worked a lot of old friends and new countries.
ZM4T(ZL3IO)   SOAB LP   2,092,2122017-03-26 17:25:33
This one was hard work from here.

No show on 10m.
Deep QSB on 15m. No Europe via short path and only a few EA's via LP on 15.
Missed 20/40 m prime time to let Xenia, ZL4YL access the station. We have only
one mic at the moment.

40m was a battle field and I could not hold a frequency here.

Much less NA worked than usual.
South and Central American/Caribbean stations don't seem to know that there is
life West of them and only beam North or NE...

73 Holger
TM6M(F1AKK)   SOSB40 HP   13,009,2742017-03-26 17:27:11
Usually we're not operated too much wpx ssb!

This year i've opportunity to do SB effort !

40m was the band to be i think but it was so noisy!

Hard to know when to stop run !

Lots of prefix on this wend i think maybe "1200" should be workable

Only one mistake with big gun WW2.. sunday evening around last hour of contest
who came less 1khz of my qrg and qsx down i asked him to qsy but he ignored
Except that it was a good wend!

Rig TS850 , 2el@28m (short boom)

Thanks all for qsos!

No more contest in coming months for me !
CF2CZ(VA2CZ)   SO(A)AB LP   2,114,8502017-03-26 17:28:09
I loved this contest !!!
WL7BDO   SO(A)AB LP   4002017-03-26 17:32:21
At home mostly dabbled as a check log. Hope to make a better showing at some
group at a multi station next year.
KØMD   SO(A)AB HP   336,9062017-03-26 17:33:31
Rigs: Icom 7800/7600
Amps: Acom 2000a + SPE 1.3k
Antennas: Yagi stacks and 4 SQR for 80
Comments: Bands were noisy, crowded and propagation was variable all weekend.
Tough conditions from the northern latitudes. Best openings were to Asia.
Loud Canadian and US stations, some splattering in my receiver

Happy with my 10-20 and 40 stacks. Very pleased with Acom 200a performance but
not pleased with SPE 1.3 performance. Not sure it is a good contesting amp.
W8MJ   SO(A)AB HP   4,418,2242017-03-26 17:33:52
Log has been uploaded to LOTW.
WN4AFP   SOSB40(TS) LP   95,7602017-03-26 17:33:52
40m only...really? I committed to doing the 40m only race and it wasa a
challenge. 40m was jammed between 7.125 and 7.200 with thousands of DX
stations. I missed my Sunday morning opening, so that really hurt my goal of
300Qs. I also had to take 6-7 hours on Friday and Sunday to watch my South
Carolina Gamecocks beat Baylor and Florida in the tournament. Can't wait until
the CW adventure in May.73s Dave WN4AFP
S58Y   M/S HP   4,404,6902017-03-26 17:34:03
Poor propagation on the upper bands, much better on the lower ones. For the very
first time we use one element delta loop for 80m. Other antennas were same as
last year: TH6DXX, two el. delta loop for 40m, dipole for 80m and INV L for

On 160 we lost amplifier due we worked barefoot, so that's why only 30 QSO's.

Next year we will try to improve station with new solid state amplifier and
with some monoband antenna ...

GL and MNI DX.
WT2P   SO(A)SB40 HP   304,6652017-03-26 17:34:50
Had a fun time this weekend!

- Best hour: 0000-0105Z, 96 hour
- A few hour runs above 60/hr
- 493 run Q's, 135 S&P
- Beat last year's score of 160,529

Nice to work a few SMC'ers this weekend. 40M was pretty weird but still very
fun to focus on.

TI5W(N3KS)   SOSB40 HP   11,452,7882017-03-26 17:35:28
Another fun contest. Seemed to me that 40m conditions started off relatively
poorly but got better each consecutive night. This was a year of single opping
at Ti5W, starting with WAE and ending at this contest for the season - many
thanks to the guys who came down here. And thanks to the operators around the
world who make this a fun facet of our hobby.
Kam N3KS
K7VIT   SO(A)AB HP   61,2002017-03-26 17:38:47
I think I'm convinced that I have some antenna work to do. Had fun and band
conditions were improved over some other recent weekends.

A big "Thank you" to Bill K2PO who invited me over to operate for
awhile in the AD7JP operation. In the middle of the contest, I got out of my
Chevy Malibu and went for a ride in Bill's Corvette (QTH). Zoom ... That was

Sure good to hear all the WVDXC folks on the air.
73, Jerry
AA1K   SO(A)SB15 QRP   12,0322017-03-26 17:39:04
K3 QRP, 4-el yagi stack @ 65/98 feet
Station details:
KG5LRP   SOAB LP   37,2782017-03-26 17:39:50
What a great contest. Wish I had more time on it.
Let's do it agin next weekend...

Have Fun,
CE7KF   SOAB LP   70,7822017-03-26 17:40:36
Chilean Pacific Dx Group SOAB LP
KH6EX(AB3WS)   SOSB20(TS) QRP   2702017-03-26 17:44:08
This was a good opportunity to put my new delta loop through its paces. Had a
tree come down in the middle of the test today, so that took away some time.
WP4PGY   SOAB(R) LP   1,844,9512017-03-26 17:44:39
Thanks to all who worked me, see you in the next contest.

best 73's Jose

N9NA   SO(A)AB HP   35,4622017-03-26 17:53:37
Ten Tec Omni 7, Ten Tec Centurion, Steppir DB-18e
VE3MH(@VE3XYY)   SOAB LP   105,4172017-03-26 17:55:46
Don't know what Prefixes are?
AI1W   SOSB15 LP   2,0302017-03-26 17:57:09
A small contribution to the club.
K6GHA   SOSB20 LP   278,9922017-03-26 17:57:27
Limiting my effort to one band make the weekend a bit more enjoyable. However,
it seemed that Europe didn't materialize until Sunday morning, and some funky
conditions added nulls throughout the day.
However, it was still fun, and even with LP was able to capture a few new
locations, and missed a few as well. But that's the challenge.
K7XC   SO(A)AB HP   43,1252017-03-26 17:59:44
Still out of sorts after a recent operation so not a full effort.
What operating I did do was fun, especially Saturday Morning on 40M.
Looking forward to the CW weekend!!
ED8W(EA8JR)   SO(A)SB20 HP   6,848,7682017-03-26 18:01:30
IC756PROIII, 4 element monoband yagi and 1KW.

Poor conditions in the mornings but lot of fun in the evenings with the USA's

Thank you very much indeed to my dear friend EA8DO, that gives me the
oportunity to use his excellent location and station.

Thanks to all for contact me and see you in the next contest.

WA2FZB   SO(A)AB HP   949,0652017-03-26 18:01:54
So far this is my favorite contest, at least on SSB. It is not likely that I
will try the CW version of this as long as it is on Memorial Day weekend. I
did better than I expected to, especially with the poor propagation on 15 and
10. I am already looking forward to next year.
K5VIP   SOAB HP   11,4002017-03-26 18:02:25
Had to do yard maintenance to keep "she-who-must-be-obeyed" placated.
Limited contest time to about 2 hours.
KR1DX(@K1VR)   M/S HP   6,190,2262017-03-26 18:04:38
(Marty Sullaway, KC1CWF here)

I had planned to single op this contest as a way to test out the antenna
switching rebuild that we are just rapping up now. (Look for an article or
presentation soon from myself and W1UE in the near future)

Things have been a little hectic in my life recently, so I asked Fred, K1VR
(and his SUPER KB station) if we could go MS. He obliged and we were off to the
races. I could only operate the first 20 hrs or so, and Dennis could only be in
and out for the first ~30 or so. Together it seems like we have around 30 hrs of
chair time +/-.

20 was great, and 40m produced to some extent as well. 80m was somewhat of a
disappointment. NO 10m at all though. The station worked well, and we have
plans for a 40m stack, and an 80m foursquare in the coming months.

Thanks to K1VR for the use of his AWESOME station, and we look forward to
working everyone in the Fall.

Marty, KC1CWF for the rest of the K1VR gang
N7RQ   SOSB15 HP   376,7392017-03-26 18:05:39
Missed Friday evening, but enjoyed a fairly steady stream of people to work on
15 meters, at least until Sunday afternoon, when conditions tanked except for
fairly decent opening to South & Central America (not a single JA, which

Saturday, I was surprised to see VK/ZL come in early afternoon and JAs a
hours after them. It's usually the other way around into Arizona. Delighted
assist some new hams & contesters (Tracy & Wes at KL4SD, woohoo!), and
worked some new friends, and cherished longtime friends, including the
ever-tenacious Linda N7LR.

Hubby and Chief Engineer Bob K8IA served beverages, lunch & snacks
throughout. Am I spoiled? You betcha.

We'll see if 15 meters survives another year during the current cycle. For
now, I still had fun. Go Outlaws!
KK9EJ   SOSB20 LP   1,3442017-03-26 18:07:21
Testing out the 20m configuration of my Buddipole for the contest, so stuck with
single-band. Mostly S&P for bandfills/new ones. Worked San Marino for an
WC4H   SOSB40(TS) HP   219,8302017-03-26 18:09:53
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 406 890 247 2.2
Total 406 890 247 2.2
Score: 219,830
1 Mult = 1.6 Q's

VA7ST   SOAB HP   1,027,9422017-03-26 18:15:07
18 hours on -- less than in recent years as conditions didn't warrant more time.
Ran far below last year's point totals and rates from the first hour onward. Did
have a few hours on 20M Sunday that were better than Sunday last year, probably
because last year I racked up twice as many Qs on Saturday than I did this

Had hoped for a lot more 15M contacts but they just weren't there either day.
No JA on 15M and very few on 20M and 40M.

Thanks to all the casual entries for keeping the contest going.

2017-03-26 SOABHP 851 433 1,027,942
2016-03-26 SOABHP 1400 651 2,521,974
2015-03-28 SOABHP 175 135 60,210
2014-03-30 SOABHP 1274 717 2,724,600
2013-03-31 SOABHP 1030 504 1,380,960
2012-03-25 SOABHP 1401 663 2,618,850
2011-03-27 SOABHP 907 527 1,482,451
2010-03-28 SOABHP 1172 570 2,014,380
2009-03-29 SOABHP 519 294 429,534
K1RCT   SO(A)AB LP   54,0402017-03-26 18:16:20
Glad I'm not the only one that thinks propagation sucked. 40M was a total bust
for me, usually my run band. My goal was to beat last WPX score (116k) which I
obviously did not meet. Wanted to spend 20 hours BIC but social and work
commitments prevailed. 15M was a disappointment too. Heard zip on 80M too,
usually my Caribbean night run band.

O well, scores seem to indicate a blah contest but I still had fun. Heard a few
home club members at least.
WA6KHK   SO(A)AB HP   353,9762017-03-26 18:17:42
Finally got openings to Europe 20 meters! Propagation still sub par.
4M6CQ(YV6BXN)   SO(A)SB20 HP   221,9252017-03-26 18:17:53
KDØPZ(@N6ZFO)   M/S HP   1,056,3032017-03-26 18:20:12
We could have used 1 more op! N6ZFO had a 5-hour program to run at the
Observatory on Sat night complete with a last minute juggle to replace a
speaker hours before. Stunning views of Jupiter rising over Mt. Konocti
prolonged the telescope viewing on a beautifully clear night.

Exceeded the 1M claimed point goal the in last 30 mins and spent rest of time
building a (possibly too small) error rate cushion. On Saturday there was a
productive 15m opening to SE Asia starting a 2220Z. On Sunday, when we really
needed it, the SE Asia path did not open until about 2340 and the 10-15 station
deep pileups of the previous day did not re-occur.

New "K7NV special" Innov-Force 12 multi-monobander performed
beautifully Most wire antenna damage from recent tree-crash has been repaired.

73 Bill N6zfo and Bill N0KQ
KF7WRS   SOSB20 HP   40,0502017-03-26 18:21:17
A single DiPole!
K4BAI   SOAB(TS) HP   2,308,2152017-03-26 18:22:43
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, tee vertical. 10M was
open only to South and Central America. 15M didn't open to Europe on Saturday,
but there were strong European signals on 15M about 1300Z Sunday for about 90
minutes, but most Europeans didn't seem to know it and activity on both sides
of the pond was light. 20M was good to most areas of the world except the far
east. Did work a few JA stations about 2200Z on Sunday. 40M was OK to all but
Asia and did work one JA on Sunday morning. 80M was too noisy to use much on
the first night and the same early the second night. There was a line of
storms approaching. But, surprisingly, the noise dropped signnificantly and
80M was quite good to NA, CA, SA, and Europe after 0300Z the second night. I
got a lot of calls from DX stations in responses to CQs on 80 (and 40 too),
which is unusual for me. Did work a few USA stations on 160M the first night.
Thanks for all QSOs. And apologies to those who called and I couldn't get their
calls correct or their numbers due to QSB, QRM, and weak signals generally. I
think most of those were in the USA. 73, John, K4BAI.
KG4USN(@WA3EKL)   M/2 HP   4,576,2342017-03-26 18:23:26
From the contest crew at WA3EKL : We had seven of our normal crew for this
contest. Five of which were pumped for this test, plus one new op learning the
equipment / programs and our culinary engineer. 80 meters was a surprise with
great runs both nights on the three element sloper system. 160 was even more
surprising. We sent out CQ and got a great response plus we could hear them.
40 and 20 were our volume bands with 80 close behind. 15 was disappointing
Sunday with minimal propagation which required the high beam most of the time
to work stations. We had no equipment failures and we all learned more about
the N1MM logging program as usual! The food was superb and the operators are
tired but looking forward to CQ WPX CW in May. See you all then.
W9AV   SO(A)AB LP   422,2612017-03-26 18:25:48
First night was noisy, but it quieted down nicely on Saturday. Lots of people
were struggling to copy the exchanges. It was hard to find a clear spot to run
with the daytime activity clustered on 20m and nighttime on 40 and 80.
KM4SII   SO(A)AB LP   94,8042017-03-26 18:26:33
14 y/o operator. Missed most of Sunday because my voice gave out. 40m was a joy,
but the high bands were very poor. No QSOs on 10m at all this contest :-(

57% of my QSOs were USA which is more than I would have liked, but oh well....

It was good to work familiar calls and to get comments on my recent TF/KM4SII

73 de KM4SII - Mason
A31MM(JA6WFM)   SOSB15 HP   1,032,6082017-03-26 18:27:42
Thanks for QSOs
Most of QSOs are JA,NA and OC.
IC-7300 is running well!
ALS-500M(300W), 6mH HB9CV and N1MM
Heil IC mic and QC-25
See you next contest
KØVXU   SOAB HP   116,6022017-03-26 18:28:04
K3/Tl-922A/Th6DXX/Sloping Vee/N1MM+

Very part-time effort...all S&P. Bands were very poor here Friday night
and Saturday. Sunday propagation was much better. Enjoyed QSO's with many
friends and contesters. Thanks for picking me out of the QRM. Great fun even
if only for a few hours. Maybe more time next year.

Russ - K0VXU
KD1YV   SOAB LP   1,8202017-03-26 18:29:03
Band conditions were terrible. Very discouraging.
LY27A(@LY4A)   M/2 HP   18,086,5402017-03-26 18:29:50
TNX for all for calling us...

This test we tested new equipment schematic so just only for 5 radios for this
moment so will be at CW part fully updated.

Have to join Dan PA7D in sunday for few hours, and Simas LY3EU in start of

So thanks again for all and of cource for team for hard works before the test
for make it posible to woork and make this result.

Equipment for this test.

5pcs of ICOM 775DSP
160m - GP
80m - 3el monoband M2 yagi / Dipole
40m - 5el LONG Boom Yagi / 2el Fixed to EU
20m - 6el Long Boom yagi / 4el to east / 3el to EU
15m - 6el Yagi / 5el Long Boom to EU
10m 6el Long Boom / 5 el Yagi

Also used for RX TH6DXX, 6 Band dipoles, and 3 beverages 320 to US, 320 to
Middleeast, 200 to east.

See all in WPX CW...

Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx

Social Network Automation Tool for your website
KL7RA   M/S HP   6,051,7082017-03-26 18:37:20
Life interfered with half of the team, which left Steve and Wigi to M/S it all
by themselves. Fortunately the propagation gods made band change decisions for
us... and we were able to focus on... well... 20 meters, for the most part.

We had fun, and we were fortunate to get some good EU and JA runs.

We're done with the contest season... repairs and upgrades, and fishing for the
rest of the spring and summer.

Wigi, KL0R
TI8/AA8HH   SOAB LP   110,8402017-03-26 18:41:51
Limited operation this year but still enjoyed the activity. Band conditions
were not optimal, but the activity made up for it. Working with 100 watts and
a vertical is a challenge to say the least.
KØDU   M/S HP   8,390,0302017-03-26 18:43:54
Last time we ran this was two years ago with much better conditions and much
better results !
We had a guest operator this year our good friend K0UK was not feeling well so
Phil N0KE came over and helped us out.... and he did a great job . THANKS PHIL
Larry always holds his own and did a great job as always . It was fun to get
together and light up the bands hi hi .
Thanks to all that gave us their time for a contact .
AJ4A(@W5MX)   M/S HP   6,500,3252017-03-26 18:47:23
We used Terry's call AJ4A for this one, better WPX than W5MX. Terry and I went
after a MS HP effort. Had a great time, station worked well with minimal
murphy. Can't wait to have real line power by next contest season, using a
generator is getting old! Very nice opening to South America on 10 meters
Sunday, with many very loud stations. Also had a decent opening to EU on 15
Sunday morning as well. 20 had some great, long openings to EU both days. With
the 6 point DX Q's on the low bands, 40 would be the money band from here,
to invest in more antennas for that band and will by next contest season for
sure. 80 was more difficult from here, although the big guns in EU were very
loud near their SR Saturday morning. I need a 4 square.
Thanks to Terry for coming over to operate and to all for the contacts. See
all in the next one!
Bryan W5MX
W4KW   SOAB HP   982,6482017-03-26 18:47:33
Better than last year, but not as good as some of the past years. Heard several
TCG Folks.
Thanks to all for the contacts and comments.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO(A)AB HP   589,0082017-03-26 18:50:17
K3 / Hexbeam / 43' Vertical / 80m "V"

Didn't start until Saturday morning. Conditions on 40m seemed very good other
bands not great but openings on 15m and 10m. One US station worked.

Hope all had fun.
WS9V(SKIP)   SOAB(TS) HP   1,907,4132017-03-26 18:52:13
Thank you to all that called

NU2Q   SOAB LP   131,7442017-03-26 18:52:35
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6071.0
N4LZ   SOAB HP   27,4722017-03-26 18:53:16
Tough conditions!
N3ZA   SO(A)SB15 LP   22,1722017-03-26 18:53:32
Band never opened to EU. Only a few EU's in the log and a few Africa. Rest of
the time everything south. Conditions just poor. Had 135K last year in about
the same amount of time. Oh well.
W4EE   SO(A)AB LP   375,9132017-03-26 18:54:03
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Q's
73/OJ, Jim
N4CW   SOAB(TS) HP   129,6452017-03-26 18:56:10
Tough slugging for these old CW ears! Delighted that I did as well as I did.
Thanks to CQ for sponsoring such a fun contest, year after year!
PP1CZ   SOAB LP   241,6472017-03-26 18:57:39
The worst propagation I ever had in a WPX, but as usual, I enjoyed the time I
spend on the air.
Best 73 and see you all in CQMM 15/16 April.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
N8SBE   SOAB LP   124,2642017-03-26 18:58:08
OK for a part-time effort, all search 'n pounce. Purposefully spent more time
on 15 and 40 to help boost my DXCC single band endorsements. Mostly state-side
contacts on 40, since I'm only using a ZS6BKW dipole up about 35 feet. I could
hear a lot of EU stations on 40, but generally couldn't make my 100 watts on
the dipole heard over there, especially over the din of the contest.
WØMB   SO(A)AB HP   593,4842017-03-26 18:58:46
NTS: TS590 Alpha 76A, PRO67B@60, Dipoles for 40&80, 40 meter vertical
w/elevated radials sfi:72,6,0 on 3/25 to 77,4,1 on 3/26. I had trouble tuning
the 80 dipole and just couldn't get into the test. I seemed like there was
pretty good propagation to Europe but noise at the same time. It got better for
me Sunday but just to late in the day to make up lost ground. Maybe next year!
we will see.
N4TOL   SO(A)AB LP   22,0902017-03-26 19:08:28
Worked 3 hours with Kenwood TS-130 and windom wire, just to see if the old rig
still worked.
VA7BEC   SO(A)AB LP   161,3522017-03-26 19:11:15
Too many things on the go this weekend. Radio was, unfortunately, not at the top
of the list. When I did manage to get on the air, I found CONDX -- at least from
my QTH -- extremely awful. But when antennas were pointed in my direction…
WOW! Amazingly crystal clear signals rising above the noise. Too bad that
doesn't happen much. I understand the reasons why. I just wish it weren't so.
Maybe because of CONDX, I found myself QRMed off my run frequency too many
times to count. Sometimes it was another op who suddenly started CQing, or it
sounded that way because he wasn't there when I started calling CQ, or else it
was ops responding to the other op. Even when ops were several kilocycles away
-- and yes, I know, there wasn't much room anywhere because the good bands were
full of CQing stations -- the splatter made CQing impossible for me. Very
Because of the above, I wasn't able to enjoy my usual JA run.
Didn't actually expect much DX in the log, either, so I was surprised that I
actually have some EU. My thanks to those ops who picked my callsign out of the
As always, regardless of the challenges and negatives, there were happy
moments, too. Great to put familiar callsigns in the log. Wonderful to say
hello to people near and far. Nice to have been spotted now and then, which
postponed the intentional/unintentional QRM for a little while. :)
Thanks to all who heard me. See you next time.
Rebecca VA7BEC
AF5Q   SOAB LP   161,5202017-03-26 19:21:07
Propagation was hit and miss here at AF5Q. 20M seemed dead on Sunday, with a
couple of nice 15m openings into South America. Third highest ever score
submitted for me personally. Looking forward to May for the CW WPX.
KW4AM(W4LT)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   1,102,5002017-03-26 19:28:20
Rig : Elecraft K-Line at 650w

Antennas : A3s at 40 ft, 2 half waves in phase at 38 feet, EFHW generally at 40
feet or so, GAP MonoGAP40 at 6 inches

Soapbox :

Thanks to Dave Novoa, W4DN, for the use of the call sign.

It all started innocently enough to add some points to the club score. Ended
up using 10 hours each day. Very nice and fun pileup on 20m the first night,
and conditions degraded from there. 20 was the only band that I felt
competitive on. The rest of the bands were challenging to run in. I have never
heard the bands as noisy as I heard them today... Lots of hiss and crackle.
75m was quite a challenge!

My shack air conditioner died with a loud scream on Saturday during another 20
minute run, which busted that run. The guy who I was working asked if I had
stepped on my cat while hunting for the footswitch.

Lots of weird conditions, lots of ESP qso's. Great QSO with Tonga on 15 when he
was only signal on the band. Several VK's called in Long Path while running EU
on 20 at my sunset.

At least 40% of the QSO's on 15 and 90% on 10 were in Spanish. I was a
momentary "Big Gun" on 20 while the real big guns were doing
something else holding 14.169 for a while after working out a mutual
understanding with NR3T. I usually cant operate that low due to my station

This is one of my highest point totals from my own personal station.

73 and thanks for the points!

Lu - W4LT

CQ WPX SSB - 2017-03-25 0000Z to 2017-03-27 0000Z - 1233 QSOs
KW4AM Runs >10 QSOs: for computer named: CONTEST-1

2017-03-25 0029 - 0143Z, 14288 kHz, 190 Qs, 153.1/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 0411 - 0446Z, 3721 kHz, 35 Qs, 61.1/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 0510 - 0527Z, 7214 kHz, 25 Qs, 90.3/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 1349 - 1440Z, 14199 kHz, 100 Qs, 118.7/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 1722 - 1730Z, 14171 kHz, 14 Qs, 114.3/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 1747 - 1835Z, 14333 kHz, 79 Qs, 98.0/hr KW4AM
2017-03-25 2034 - 2136Z, 14337 kHz, 101 Qs, 98.3/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 0013 - 0037Z, 14326 kHz, 38 Qs, 95.8/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 0058 - 0149Z, 7249 kHz, 99 Qs, 115.2/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 0929 - 0939Z, 7144 kHz, 12 Qs, 67.2/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 1711 - 1715Z, 14308 kHz, 11 Qs, 163.0/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 1721 - 1744Z, 14343 kHz, 35 Qs, 90.8/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 2004 - 2017Z, 14289 kHz, 19 Qs, 86.1/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 2018 - 2025Z, 14288 kHz, 11 Qs, 101.3/hr KW4AM
2017-03-26 2032 - 2126Z, 14169 kHz, 86 Qs, 94.8/hr KW4AM
N2YO   SO(A)AB HP   109,4402017-03-26 19:30:41
Thanks for Qs.

73s de Chip N2YO
NDØC   SOAB QRP   232,8692017-03-26 19:33:03
This was another slog, but not quite as brutal as the ARRL DX SSB Contest three
weeks ago. Conditions seemed better and there was even a brief opening (for
just a few minutes from here) into eastern EU on 15 meters! And I was able to
hear and work a few JAs! On the other hand I never heard a single signal on 10
meters for the whole weekend, at least during the times I checked it. 15 meters
felt like 10 meters.

20 seemed much better to EU on Sunday than on Saturday. Due to church and
family commitments I had to miss about three prime hours on Sunday morning, so
don't know how good it really got. The typical big guns in EU were loud, but
with no propagation to EU on 15 to speak of, the pile-ups and QRM were pretty

40 meters was OK for me here (by my QRP black-hole standards with just a
dipole) and yielded quite a few mults. I was able to work into EU and AF as
well as snagging a VK on 40, so that was nice. The band seemed quieter on the
second night.

I like to check the number of total countries worked in DX contests and in the
past have worked over 100 in a weekend on QRP. This one was pretty
disappointing with a total of 64 DXCC entities. Only 10% of my QSOs were with
EU which hurts the mults and points. Another indicator of the challenge this
year is the average number of QSOs per hour. This was very low relative to
past years for the WPX. It was just very tough going - nothing was easy.

I still like the format of this contest and despite the slow going, I had fun.
As always I appreciate the very patient operators battling to pull my signal out
of the noise and QRM. A couple of the most common things I heard during the
contest: "You're right at my noise level" and "please repeat the
number several times". Ah, the fun of contesting with QRP!

Randy, ND0C

Yaesu FTDX3000 running 5 watts out
Cycle 24 TX38 triband Yagi at 40 feet; Cushcraft rotatable 40m dipole at 42
feet; inverted vee with apex at 38 feet.
NR6O(N6RO)   SO(A)SB160 HP   6,4262017-03-26 19:33:29
3 hours of futility Friday night: Rain quieted the powerline noise, but precip
static was worse. K3 blanker helped until atmospheric noise dominated. Could
only hear the big sigs in the east - K1ZM NO3M K3UL NV9L...

Better propagation and moderate powerline noise on Saturday eve. In 45
minutes, made double the QSOs of Friday.

K3EST made the big score at Radio Oakley in the contest on 40m: 2047 QSOs!
K9CT   M/2 HP   9,161,2532017-03-26 19:39:20
We need a new rule....if you choose to be in M/2 there will be at least two
bands you can run at the same time. Because there were many times we simply
could not run on two bands!

We had fun regardless of conditions but it was not like the old days. 15m was
not open to EU at all for us. Forget we waited and watched for any
opening to SA or CA.

Thanks for all the QSOs. Also, thanks to those that were patient while we
worked the calls and numbers through QRM and QRN and QSB.

We were a bit short handed this time but had fun with our team
regardless...just a bit more tired than usual. Anthony, AB9YC joined us for the
first time. Ed, KC9ZQC had been here a couple of years ago and was able to leave
his studies for the full 48 hours. He is graduating from Bradley University in
May. Nice to have a younger contester in the mix. He made the rest of us

See you for the CW version in May.

73, Craig K9CT
K4FTP   SOAB LP   51,4142017-03-26 19:40:36
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo 2.05
NAME: Forest Pavel
ADDRESS: 154 Brickhill Cir
ADDRESS: Savannah, GA 31407
PU2PSP(ENRIQUE)   SOSB10(TS) LP   36,1902017-03-26 19:43:19
NF3C(W4VIC)   SO(A)AB HP   160,3882017-03-26 19:51:05
Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, NF3C/W4VIC
KB7HDX   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   131,5562017-03-26 19:56:11
Weird to have both days with such great EU openings yet it seemed domestic Q's
were hard to come by. Off and on over the weekend. Good contest.
W1DYJ   SO(A)SB80(TS) LP   34,8232017-03-26 19:57:09
ANTENNA: 80, 30, 20, 10 - fan dipole at 30'
100% S&P
Logger: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log Version 4.2 Beta

With 80M being so bad lately, and 80M DXCC in my sights (and therefore
5BDXCC.) I decided to enter as 80M single-band. (I like challenges!)
At least I thought I would learn more about 80 Meters. I did learn
some more, never had to worry about being on the air before 7 PM,
and did garner one more country.

Saturday night was fun for a short period when I hit a peak of 40/hour.

Scott's (N3FJP) new band-map control-codes almost make "C&P" too
easy! Just ENTER the current contact and the next spot is loaded
and ready to go. (I did find many stations between spots as I still
believe in the "big knob.")

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
K4MM   M/S LP   1,517,6962017-03-26 20:03:21
FT-950 @ 100 Watts
A4S @ 40ft.
40M Sloper at 30ft.
80/160 Inv. L 30FT Vert 100FT Horiz.

Decided to do a low key Multi Single with my dad. Condx. were not that great
due to high A and K indexes going into the contest, but picked up nicely on
Sunday. Discovered an intermittent problem with the tribander which made 15
meters useless. (used the Inv. L and tuner). 20 and 10 had minimal effects but
I didi notice that on Saturday it had a higher SWR than usual and required a
tuner to get the SWR to an acceptable level...well it sure created alot of CQ's
in our faces and repeats, I climbed the tower on Saturday and shook the driven
element and checked the feed point connections to no avail..I did notice the
20M SWR got better on Sunday and was able to get most stations on the first
call and very few repeats.

10M - Found 10 open around 1530Z on Sat. and worked a handful of SA and
Caribbean stations. Sigs were generally weak and did not spend alot of time

15M - Had a high SWR issue with the antenna and used the Inv. L to work a
handful of SA/NA on Saturday, found a loud LZ5R when I checked the band on
Sunday morning and managed to work a handful of Europeans.

20M - Band was open before sunrise and few hours after sunset. Very crowded
with big gun stations across the entire band made it difficult to hear and work
other low power stations. Managed a few JA's and UA0's but no other Asians
heard. Even the Western Asians were not heard, A4,A6,A7,HZ,4L,4X,A9 were all

40M - Worked as many DX spots as we could with our 100W and Sloper. Did manage
to work JH4UYB....

80M - Friday night was very noisy and did not spend alot of time there. The few
Europeans that did make it through the noise CQ'd in my face...Saturday was a
different story. At 0230Z found a loud 9A7V and he heard me! Managed to work a
few more Europeans up to 0530Z. Did get KH6 and KL7, no Asians.

160M - Of course this band is not very productive in this contest, but since we
were doing a semi serious effort, I checked the band out at 0505Z on Sat/Sun and
found a loud (any European SSB station we hear in FL is considered loud) DL5RBW
calling CQ Contest and worked him on the first call, no repeat!!!WOW. also
worked II9P and OT5A over the next 20 min.

This contest was 90% S&P and 10% run. The few runs I tried only yielded a
few DX QSO,s but a nice number of USA Prefixes were worked...I think this will
be my last low power SSB Contest...Will need to repair the A4S for my dad
before the next Contest Season. 73's to all and thanks for all the contacts.
John & Tom
VA7IR   SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP   4202017-03-26 20:17:13
For me the band only opened to the south pacific and once in a while to the east
coast, band was long, long for QRP locals in N America didn't hear me.
Have to wait for more sunspots.
CE3AA(XQ4CW)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   484,0652017-03-26 20:18:35
I had bad condxs, I think this contest was for HP category, hard work for LP,
besides some problems with power supply so I had to pass from IC7410 to TS690
anyway, I was present and I did the best I Could 73
CG7CMT(VA7IR)   SO(A)SB160(TS) HP   3692017-03-26 20:21:46
Need a lot more antennas to play on 160 from my location in the middle of BC
AEØEE   SOAB(TS) LP   80,8832017-03-26 20:25:24
100 W, dipoles up 20-30'. Voice keyer used only while attempting to run on 10
and 15 meters (not much!).

Band conditions were not great. Mostly stations were not very loud, or there
was so much noise at the other end from the narrow window of available
frequencies that I wasn't being heard. However, I improved my performance from
the ARRL DX SSB contest (57 QSOs) to 68 QSOs with non-(US/VE) stations. It was
nice to be able to work other US stations, as it made things fun enough to keep
in the chair (somewhat) and probably helped keep the pileups on the DX stations
down a bit. As a 100 W and wires station, i need all the pileup thinning I can

I was pleased at how well I was able to do on the low bands, particularly 80
meters. Most of the progress there was from being able to run a frequency and
work domestically, but it was a thrill when EB8AH called in!

While I was hoping for a 10 meter opening, I didn't seem to get one. Even 15
was tough going most of the weekend. There were some openings, and it was fun
to hear so many EU stations coming through on 20 meters Sunday morning. It
would've been more fun if they could've heard me, but I was happy that
propagation was good enough that at least I could hear them.

While I didn't work any new ones this weekend, I probably added a few slots
toward DXCC challenge or Phone DXCC. Murphy stayed away, which was nice.

Although I didn't put in a full-time effort, I think I did pretty well on
performance given the conditions. I changed bands when I needed to, took
breaks as needed, and did a few things away from the radio too. Maybe I should
get another feedline for the 30 m antenna so I can take breaks onto that band
without going outside.

Overall, I feel good given the conditions. I had 39 DXCC entities, 250
contacts, and 80K points. While I tried to get entity 40 in there before I had
to shut down, E51 and P44 just couldn't hear me. Neither had SX2 or 7Z1 earlier
on 15 m during a very short opening. I'm looking forward to doing this again on
CW in a couple months!
CF7IR(VA7IR)   SOSB80(TS) HP   2482017-03-26 20:25:32
Still this year will be working on better antenna for 75/80 meters.
PJ4DX   SOAB(TS) HP   15,711,0812017-03-26 20:41:00
Was pleased to be sending serial numbers of over 4000 in 36 hours at this stage
in the sunspot cycle, although not quite 4000 valid QSOs after the Dupes were
removed. 10m was as poor as expected, but the other bands were actually better
than I was expecting.

Compared with last year, more QSOs on 20, 40 and 80m, but far fewer on both 15m
and 10m. My claimed score is about 9% down on last year's - only 74 fewer QSOs
but a massive 176 fewer mults this year compared with 2016.

I made a couple of tactical errors in choosing my off-times. I should have
stayed on 80 and 40m longer on Saturday night / Sunday morning, but went to
sleep only to get up before 20m had had opened properly. I lost maybe 100 QSOs
because of that decision. Also, towards the end of the contest I left 20m to go
to 40m but could not find a good run frequency and wasted 30 or 40 minutes
trying unsuccessfully to establish a run. I went back to 20m and found it was
still good. I was even called by a station in China, which is the first time
that has happened in over 3 years of operating from PJ4.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000, Acom 1500 amplifier, 1kW, to Spiderbeam at 35ft for
10-15-20m, 40m and 80m quarter-wave verticals.

Hope to see you next year,
Steve, PJ4DX
NJ6G   SOAB LP   86,3902017-03-26 20:43:18
Really tried to get some Q's, full effort Friday night and Saturday, some Sunday
morning. I'm just not being heard on either the doublet or the vertical. Great
hopes for the weekend. 100 watts and a 120' doublet, 43' vertical. Don't know.
When I tried running I'd go 20 minutes with no responses on a busy band. Need
to figure out what's going on.
W7SLS   SO(A)AB HP   4,1402017-03-26 21:01:01
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 5 11 5 2.2
7 9 15 9 1.7
14 33 66 31 2.0
Total 47 92 45 2.0
Score: 4,140
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
K6YK   SOAB HP   187,6802017-03-26 21:05:39
Condx better on Sunday morning.
Rig: ICOM756, 756PRO2, Clipperton L, ALpha 78, Tribander, dipole.
N7MZW   SOAB(TS) LP   273,9782017-03-26 21:27:51
Kenwood TS-940S, Heil BM-10 and a new WA2NAN 102 Ft. G5RV flattop up 40 feet,
running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation. A limited time effort due to other
commitments with 90% hunt and pounce. I had a few short runs on 40 and 80
meters that exceeded the 60/Hr. Q rate.Bands were marginal with rapid and deep
QSB at times and high noise on 40 and 80 due to QRN. 47% of contacts were on 40
meters, 30% on 80, 19% on 20, and 4% on 15 meters.My latest G5RV has double
insulated 12 ga. wire and tunes up quickly on 10-80 meters including WARC bands
using the rigs internal ATU. This G5RV is about 2-3 S units quieter than the
bare wire of my MFJ G5RV. Many DX stations on 15 meters who were only S-2
signal strength came back to me after my first call. Worked a lot of DX around
the globe with my 100 watts and a wire.I entered as AB(TS), but used only the
G5RV antenna. Wish there was a Wire Antenna Only category! Thanks for the Q's!
November Seven Many Zebras Walking.
AD7JP(@K2PO)   M/2 HP   2,599,1022017-03-26 21:30:26
Fun time - first Multi-2 effort at the station. We had a KPA-500 amplifier for
the K3, and occasionally ran a barefoot TS-850 barefoot as a second rig. All
antennas were on a common tower. (Friday was spent installing stubs...) Most
hours we were single-transmitter.

Jerry K7VIT and Jennifer K7NAA were first-time visitors to the station, and
joined alums Jon K7RF and Joe KF7FME to cover most of the contest hours.
(Jennifer drove out both Saturday and Sunday.) Joe put in the most hours of
visiting ops - including the tedious second night, after all the usual
have already been worked. (He'll recover quickly - 16 is such a better age to
contest than 60...)

Ten meters was a no-show at this northern latitude, and no European appeared
our 15m log.

After the US (with 868 QSOs), our next-most common country was . . . . wait
it . . . . Japan (230 Qs), followed by VE (54), VK (40), and PY (30). Then
followed the top two Europeans: Italy and Germany (both with 24). Then KH6
KL7 (both with 22) before another European (S5 with 15). Then ZL and YV.
'Doubtless a far cry from our brethren to the east.

68% of our contacts were by running; 32% by S&P. There's always suspense
in anticipating what you'll hear after calling CQ. Will it be another W7? Or
an interloper infringing on the run frequency? Or a 6W, 7Z, 9K, H4, or T7?
The latter were particular treats this year.

Thanks to all for the QSOs (and to the real AD7JP for use of the callsign)!


Bill, K2PO, for the AD7JP team
XE2B   SO(A)AB LP   452,3752017-03-26 21:38:13
Noisy conditions on saturday; lousy conditons and weird recording issues when
triyng by first time qsorder under WIndows10 (never had a problem with qsorder
under Windows7), got me distracted and out of focus.

Nevertheles, had moments of fun; 10M even showed signs of life!

Needed to shutdown two hous before the end of the contest due to family

EU and AS were mostly absent (only 2 JA's)
Very glad to contact my PY best friends Rafael PYN2NDX and Tom PY2YU.

I look forward to CU on the CW version

Radio: FT-1000MP
Antennas: ASL-2010+DX-A
Software: N1MM+ 1.061088.0
Dell Optilex 760 Windows10 64 bits 8GB RAM
Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0400 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0.2
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
1400 0 0 0 9 8 1 18 19 3.2
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 3.2
1600 0 0 0 0 10 11 21 40 6.7
1700 0 0 0 0 24 8 32 72 12.0
1800 0 0 0 0 74 0 74 146 24.4
1900 0 0 0 0 105 0 105 251 41.9
2000 0 0 0 0 25 19 44 295 49.2
2100 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 297 49.6
2200 0 0 0 2 11 0 13 310 51.8
2300 0 0 0 6 1 0 7 317 52.9
0000 0 0 0 28 0 0 28 345 57.6
0100 0 0 1 19 1 0 21 366 61.1
0200 0 0 7 48 0 0 55 421 70.3
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 421 70.3
1500 0 0 0 3 4 0 7 428 71.5
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 428 71.5
1700 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 429 71.6
1800 0 0 0 9 7 5 21 450 75.1
1900 0 0 0 10 10 3 23 473 79.0
2000 0 0 0 0 75 0 75 548 91.5
2100 0 0 0 10 33 2 45 593 99.0
2200 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 599 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 599 100.0
Total 0 0 9 150 390 50 599

Gross QSOs=600 Dupes=1 Net QSOs=599

Unique callsigns worked = 564

The best 60 minute rate was 112/hour from 1845 to 1944
The best 30 minute rate was 124/hour from 1902 to 1931
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 1922 to 1931

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSOs/minute 1 times.
4 QSOs/minute 6 times.
3 QSOs/minute 26 times.
2 QSOs/minute 89 times.
1 QSOs/minute 314 times.

There were 43 bandchanges and 7 (1.2%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 2
4 226
5 241
6 125
7 2
9 3

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 531
2 bands 31
3 bands 2
4 bands 0
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 0 8 126 359 38
KT4Q   SO(A)AB HP   1,315,6002017-03-26 21:51:49
It has been 8 years since my last WPX Phone. Only able to do this partime as my
daughter had a track meet most all of Saturday. My first Q on Saturday was a
4:40 pm EST so I missed the EU window during the day. I tried to make up for
it on Sunday.

I had a few runs on most of the bands except 160 and 80m. 10M was brief. I
was able to find and opening on 20M at 4:15 pm Sunday and ran solid until
contest close working 460 Qs. Averaged 125 Qs/hr during that time. I guess
the Condx were not so good except 20M. Usually I am very productive on 15M and
it was not very hot this time. 20M was extra crowded and was very hard to find
a spot to wiggle into. Once I did all was rocking. Worked a number of JAs,
VKs long and short path, and one China station (B1Z) who called me during the
final run.

Worked just a few FCG stations. Overall enjoyed the time I was able to play.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000MP
Amp: Alpha 9500 (1500W)
Ants: X7 Yagi at 60', R7 Vertical at 90', Carolina Windom Beam 80 at 45', Gap
Voyager ground mounted
S/W: Writelog

73 de Steve, KT4Q
KU6W(@K9YC)   M/S HP   980,2782017-03-26 21:52:30
This was a very part time effort for NCCC's club competition. I had volunteered
to do the music mix for a small jazz combo in which an old friend plays tenor
sax, and the session was Saturday afternoon. There was also preparation time,
and I wanted to have a good night's sleep before the gig. I started late, went
to bed before the JA and AS runs Friday night, slept in until the gig. W6GJB
came by for several hours in the morning, but his back doesn't allow him to
stay in the chair much longer than that.

I took a nap starting around 11 pm with an alarm at 4:30 am, hoping to run AS
for a while. For a combination of reasons related to station upgrades in
progress and storm damage to a couple of antennas, 40M wasn't working to AS
me like it usually does, so I went back to bed until about 10 am, in time to
work a bit of EU. The band seemed in pretty good shape for a while, and I put
some Qs and mults in the log.

Thanks for all the Qs.

One of these days, every station that says "please copy" is going
an NIL. And who started the practice of repeating the received exchange for
every Q? My rule is never repeat anything you're sure you got right.

73, Jim K9YC
N8BI   SO(A)AB HP   1,613,5922017-03-26 21:59:46
VVirtually half the score from last year. Poor conditions 10-15 along with fewer
Europeans and Asians. It could have been a lot worse. Need to improve my time
management and less S&P. Still a fun outing!
NC6K   SO(A)AB HP   671,9572017-03-26 22:08:41
The usual combination of family obligations and taxi duty for the kids only
allowed for about 20 hours OTA. I finally got the N1MM+ voice keyer working
fairly well - I thought the serial numbers sounded stilted, but I had many
fewer requests for fills with them than when I spoke the numbers, so I guess
equalization and a little compression works wonders.

Murphy visited as he always does during a contest. My trusty Alpha 9500 decided
to introduce infinite SWR on the way to the SteppIR, so I switched over to the
Expert 1.3K-FA and ran SO1R for the last day. Despite the usual doldrums on
Sunday afternoon, I had some intense runs (200+ Qs/minute for short bursts),
probably because of a relatively rare prefix and the fact that all the other
loud stations had been worked.

I didn't expect to make nearly as many Qs as I did, nor score anywhere near
what I did, so I can't complain. I don't like SSB contests nearly as much as CW
or digital due to the endless splatter and stations all over each other on 20
and 40 Meters, but this one was fun.
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   115,9772017-03-26 22:19:24

Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts.

10-15-20 Meters: 3 el Stepp-IR up 32 feet
40 Meters: DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet
40-80 Meters: Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials
So, just when it seemed conditions could not get worse, ...they did.

There was a point an hour or two after sunrise this AM where I tuned across 15
meters and not a signal to be heard.

10 M was restricted to 12 Qs Central and South America. And I worked hard to
get those.

15 M also allowed me to get into the Pacific region, but not a single JA! My
only Q to the east was D41CV. I never heard Europe.

20 M was very crowded by default, but I managed to get my only two Europeans
here: EI7M and CQ8M. I also managed a Zone 18 which is tough in good years. My
only Africa Qs were D4C and ED8W.

40 M got me 4 JAs and a couple VK-KH6

80 M yielded one KH6 and I was never able get a Q on 160, as usual.

My DXCC in this contest was the lowest ever at 39 (Normal 55-85) and WAZ was
also lowest at 21 (normal 24-31). My 295 Qs compares to 325 to 600 in the

Last year, 63% of my Qs in this contest were off the continent, and this year
only 32% were off continent!

I had a number of Qs where ops could not get my serial number immediately, and
in the struggle that resulted I was never quite certain that they had logged
me. I couldn't hear the serial number on the next Q so I had to decide whether
to log it on not. QSB was so bad that I had a number of Qs where the op copied
my call easily but faded quickly and never got my serial number! One op
commented that it was like we were on 6 meters!

I did try CQing a few times and had the exhilarating experience of having one
station answer all my CQs!

Well, it's quite a challenge and I guess that's what keeps it from getting
boring ...ha! See you in the WPX CW!

Bill Parker W8QZA - W6QU
NJ8J   SOAB(TS) LP   32,6342017-03-26 22:28:50
Alinco DX-77T
LDG AT-11MP Automatic Antenna tuner

110' OCF Dipole fed with ladder-line

Logger: N1MM+

Managed to get in a few hours Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and a few
minutes Sunday afternoon.
WD5K   SOSB15(TS) HP   140,0682017-03-26 22:40:48
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50'

Very little propagation to the USA, a major bummer.
Worked KH2L Sunday, but never heard any JA's.
Just a sprinkling of Europeans both mornings.
VYØERC(VE3KTB)   SO(A)SB20 LP   156,5102017-03-26 22:41:56
Earlier in the week I was getting reports of 59 +10 and 20 db into Europe. Then
mid-week the Sun starts acting up. It started to get better, but Friday was
still a bust and Saturday was going okay until the surface weather started
going bad. So, I had to abandon the radio for safety's sake. I was able to
make it back up early afternoon on Sunday, but by then had missed several hours
of prime time into Europe. I still scored more qsos in that those last 7 hours
than in the previous 41. I had hoped to do something on 40m and 15m, but 40m
was tough and never a peep on 15m. And of course, the surface weather has gone
bad again and now I am spending the night in the lab. Oh well, contesting in
the High Arctic, eh!
EA5DFV   SOSB20 HP   2,547,9192017-03-26 22:47:37
Well, normal 20m. band for the bottom of the sun cycle: not strongs signals,
close early and very crowded.

Anyway, I got a lot of fun.

73 de Jose.
KA6BIM   SO(A)AB HP   2,767,7652017-03-26 22:52:38
Nice openings to Europe Saturday morning on 20 and Saturday afternoon on 40.
Sunday morning was not as strong. The toughest part of this contest for me is
figuring out which 12 hours to take off as a single operator entrant.
HB9AA(HB9ARF)   SOSB20 LP   87,7682017-03-26 23:29:17
Elecraft K3 100 Watts

Antenna Force 12 C-4s ( 2 elements 28/21/14 MHz )
K7HBN   SOSB20 LP   30,7712017-03-26 23:52:33
Using an SDR receiver with the 590SG providing a waterfall display I was able to
use a new "click and pounce" technique. Coonditions seemed pretty
fair in the few hours I was able to operate
de K7HBN
OH1ØTA(OH1MN)   SO(A)SB160 LP   1602017-03-27 01:36:03
Few QSOs for fun :)
M2L(MØBJL)   SOSB20 LP   393,3272017-03-27 01:42:03
Not a serious effort I'm afraid, thought I'd play Low Power and Un-Assisted for
a change and really enjoyed it. Some monster signals from our EU friends. Had
to QRT at around 1600 on Sunday due to family commitments.
Thanks to all those who called my 100 watt signal.
Shaun, M2L (M0BJL)
S56A   SO(A)AB LP   1,306,9752017-03-27 01:44:26
9A1A on 6 bands, sole 10 m QSO. I tried hard to have more contacts on 15 m than
160 m. Mainly PY with AD4TR heard. 40 m Moxon antenna is my savior. TH6DXX
with FT-1000MP feels weak under poor condx. I spent first two hours of my
birthday chasing hams on 40/80 m :-)

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
K6CSL   SOAB LP   6,6702017-03-27 01:57:27
Very poor conditions. Almost no opening on 15 and non on 10m. Probably the
lowest score I've had in several years. 73's to all, Bert, K6CSL
H2X(5B4ALX)   SO(A)SB20 LP   1,004,4152017-03-27 02:37:34
Half contest only during saturday, close the 1st day with high fever, so sunday
only 100qso, i dndt do more so sick... target of 1500 qso fial, will be the
next year
OL4A(OM6NM)   SO(A)SB20 HP   6,205,2082017-03-27 02:41:44
KH6BE   SOAB QRP   6,1102017-03-27 02:49:03
Beachside portable operation - Elecraft KX3, Buddipole vertical dipole, N1MM

3 sessions - local Friday afternoon (00-05Z), local Saturday afternoon
(02-04Z), and local Sunday morning (20-23Z)

Started the contest on 15 (signals on 20 were weak here), and did OK with
mostly Pacific Rim stations until the band went out about 0330. 20 opened on
similar paths from 0330-0500. I ended the afternoon on 40 just to pick up a
local AH7 mult who couldn't hear me on 15 or 20.

I had commitments until 02Z the next day, and couldn't operate until late
Saturday afternoon. 20 was the only open band for me. But outside of a handful
of big contest stations with great ears, I still managed mostly contacts on the
USA west coast and Pacific islands. I moved to 15 and worked one Indonesian
station before shutting down at 04Z.

I was hoping for better propagation on Sunday morning, but it never
materialized for me. Signals were all weak and muddy-sounding on 20 meters,
which is not a good omen for a QRP operation. 15 was the only workable band for
me, and contacts there were tough with marginal propagation paths - with
patience, I could get through to most stations that I could hear at S5 or
better. I heard VK/PY stations on 10 meters at 22Z Sunday, but the path was not
good enough for my 5W signal.

Although the propagation was disappointing, at least the WX was perfect here
for portable operation - sunny and 83F (28C) every day. Thanks to all who
struggled to pull me out of the noise! Hope to work you in WPX CW in May.

73 de Bob KH6BE
CQ3W(DF7ZS)   SO(A)AB HP   9,485,1902017-03-27 02:49:28
Thanks for all the callers.

Worst WPX entry from DF7ZS ever ever ever ... :(

No deep runs on 15m and 10m dead! With everyone only on 20m there was no space
on the band to develop any good runs. I was forced out of my frequency several
times by extra high power stations and jammed by IARU Band-plan warriors. Hey
guys ... IARU Band-plan is a suggestion and jamming is forbidden by hamradio
laws!!!!!! Great that these idiot's never identify with there calls!

No fun at all!

Some serious sinus infection problems and blocked ears did not let me go for
the full time. I missed 3 hours with an extra break when the ears got really

Missing 200 QSOs from my 2014 entry.



K1ZW   SO(A)AB HP   116,1272017-03-27 02:52:24
TS-990, Expert 1.3, T-8(10-20) Titan-40,Dipole 80
Really enjoyed the new Amp
UA9R   SOSB40 LP   573,0002017-03-27 02:56:47
TS-590S,ant-2el delta,H=18m
CG3HEU(VE3HEU)   SOSB40 LP   25,9862017-03-27 03:15:22
CQWPXSSB Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-03-25

CallSign Used : CG3HEU
Operator(s) : CG3HEU

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : #
Gridsquare : FN03HP

Name : Victor
Address : Carnuccio
352 Front Street West 1015
City/State/Zip : Toronto ON M5V 0K3
Country : CANADA

ARRL Section : ON
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 89 366 71 4.1
Total 89 366 71 4.1

Score : 25,986
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-03-26 Signature :
HG7T   M/2 HP   15,946,2452017-03-27 03:44:19
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
UW6E(UR6EA)   M/M HP   2,860,0002017-03-27 03:57:40
YO9HP   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,533,0872017-03-27 04:05:06
Started "just for fun" and ended "glued" to the chair as
long as the propagation helped me. I could not manage a decent run to JA, but
on Sunday I found a clear frequency and got a good pile of USA Midwest and West
Coast multipliers. Talking about multipliers, I took advantage of never ending
European prefixes, till the last minute of the band opening. See you soon in
the coming contests! 73, Alex YO9HP
Rig: IC-7600
Ant: Optibeam OB17-4/OB11-5
Amp: Expert 1.3K-FA
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO(A)AB HP   852,0242017-03-27 04:07:31
I caught a cold on Friday and did not feel very well during the weekend so I
just worked a few hours when I felt like it and the rest of the time I just
tried to rest. I hope to be able to participate full bore during the CW
weekend. The propagation on Saturday was not too good to the states and seemed
to improve a bit on Sunday. Too bad that I had to rest most of Sunday as I had
no strength to operate. 15m was almost non-existent. Unfortunately this seems
to be the new norm in 2017.
OF1F(OH1NOA)   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,177,9022017-03-27 04:24:03
FT1000D + Alpha 91b 1500 watts out
4/4el yagis + 4 el yagi

My first SSB contest since CQWW SSB 2015 and my first real effort single op SSB
contest since CQWW SSB 2014.

Propagation wasn't very good and it was up and down all weekend. It improved to
NA on Sunday: I worked 970 qsos on Saturday and 870 qsos on Sunday. I have never
had such a ratio between Sat/Sun on WPX ever. JAs were quite good on both days
but never heard any VK/ZL on Sunday. On Sunday skip also improved to Central
Europe, it was mostly IK/EA on Saturday.

Only 460 North Americans worked and eat this: the best hour was 116 q/hr (only
8 hours over 80 qsos)! Of course it didn't help to have time to time S7 QRN
from the stateside direction. Some wide signals on the band too: UA9MA on
Sunday morning had interesting over 35 kHz wide splattering signal.

ZB2TT   SOAB(TS) LP   479,1922017-03-27 04:54:58
As currently I am not a member of a contest team I only managed to have a play
around in the contest for a few hours from ZB with a very compromised setup.

Saturday was spent on 10/15, some massive signals out of South America and the
Caribbean. Managed to work a handful of US stations on these bands, but it was
far from wide open.

Sunday was spent mainly on 20m working EU, some great signals out of northern
Europe. With 20m oversubscribed and running only 100w it was extremely
difficult to hold a run frequency. On several occasions stations would just
start CQing on top of my frequency, that plus several instances of DQRM made it
quite frustrating. However I did manage to maintain a run for 2 hours Sunday

CW is far more fun this side of the sunspot cycle, hope to see you in WPX CW.
OE2E(OE2GEN)   SOAB LP   1,665,0002017-03-27 05:02:25
10 and 15 Meter total failure here.
To less DX.
Cu in the CW part.

73, Gerald
OE2GEN, ....
S57ØC(S55OO)   SOAB HP   9,714,9362017-03-27 05:09:35
TNX to Matija, S53MM to let me use his FB station.

YP7P(YO7LFV)   SO(A)AB HP   3,764,5082017-03-27 05:12:40
Lost propagation , I declare null.
I need more energy for future competitions .
OE1HHB   SOAB LP   603,6872017-03-27 06:00:56
QRV again from my city flat with antennas on the 6th floor balcony.

Rig: Kenwood TS590SG + Heil Headset
Ant 1: 4,5 m telescopic vertical antenna (MFJ-1979) + Chameleon Hybrid-Mini for
15-40m operation
Ant 2: 20 m wire vertical going down from the balcony connected to the
Chameleon Hybrid-Mini for 40-160 m.

As expected 10m was dead - did check the band many times but not one signal
could be heard. 15 m brought some Middle East, African and South American
Multipliers but the majority of the QSOs have been made on 80, 40 and 20.
The 20m wire vertical which I hang out from the balcony during night time
showed good results on 80 and 160m. Happy with the 52 QSOs on Topband.
DJ7WW   SOSB80 HP   1,285,4832017-03-27 06:06:02
Good US opening the second night, not easy to keep a run frequency, so mostly
TM5A(F5VHJ)   SOAB HP   3,694,1442017-03-27 06:11:25
Had plans to experiment with noise reduction antennas for low bands. Naturally
had no time to do it and suffered with too much QRN. Have all summer now to do
this project.
15 was dismal, and 10 was totally dead. This is a very bad sign for the future
as 20 was just wall to wall stations.
Nonsense proposal to have stations transmit on more then one frequency per
band would just increase QRM for everybody and give an advantage to just a
Many thanks to all who gave me a QSO from the home station.
ON6NL   SOAB HP   1,715,1122017-03-27 06:13:32
Part time operation. Celebrated the first anniversary of my granddaughter on
Sunday. 80 was great , 40 still my problem band.
CG3ABN   SOAB HP   85,7632017-03-27 06:21:14
I only had time to get on Sunday afternoon. With my low hanging dipoles up 5m
high, it was all S&P.
PR1T   M/S LP   2,525,6702017-03-27 06:21:41
PY6ZEV   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   46,2402017-03-27 06:21:51
ND9G   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   38,6742017-03-27 06:22:39
GAP Challenger DX vertical
ES6RW(ES5RW)   SOSB40 LP   1,044,9002017-03-27 06:40:56
Decided to experience something different and went for LP this time. Well,
expected it to be tough one and that was the case. Mostly S&P, it was real
tricky to keep a calling frequency but that was no surprise under these
overcrowded band conditions. Couldn't get any stateside into the log though
called several stations for quite some time, just 2 VE9's on Saturday. Luckily,
the 2 el quad lived up my expectations.

73, Rein
AC3U(W3UL)   SO(A)AB LP   2,5922017-03-27 06:42:21
Also spent some time at WA3EKL operating M/2
AC3U is still a good WPX call sign
Good conditions on the low bands
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
1.8 2 2 2 1.0
3.5 17 52 13 3.1
7 14 42 12 3.0
Total 33 96 27 2.9
Score: 2,592
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
W3LL   SO(A)AB HP   5,525,9362017-03-27 06:46:14
Quit when the QSO tally reached that nice round number.

Did the same at 2000 Q's last time.


Bud W3LL
CI2LI(VY2LI)   SOAB(TS) HP   813,4282017-03-27 06:49:50
Played a little on Friday night--it was my intent to mostly pass out the CI2
prefix and not get too involved.Well, as the weekend unfolded, activity ramped
up as a little more time became available.Began S & P, but enjoyed 2 or 3
good runs (for me) on 160(very noisy), 40 and 20.Really should have put in a
stronger effort, but chair time has become a challenge and I can't stay up late
at night any more! Thanks for the calls (many familiar).73,Bill

FT-950, Alha 374A (N4UQed), N1MM+
Wilson SY-1 Tribander, 40M DP, 80 Vert, 160L
SP7MC   M/S HP   1,367,2682017-03-27 06:55:15
Father (7DCS) and son (7MC) contest cooperation with modest equipment and good
fun. No 10m at all and more 160m qsos then on 15m - it says everything. Pity we
needed to shutdown station Sunday afternoon and get back homes early.

Equipment: IC746 + tribander + wires
YN2KW   M/S HP   3,113,2502017-03-27 06:56:47
Best runs on 15 and 20. Opened and finished with 20 meters for two hours, with
10-20 over 9 QRM. Best ever top band with 7. Team really happy with results
considering conditions.

Forgot to turn down power on Kenwood TS-480HX, so had to post high power

Thanks to TDXS for primary funding. Thanks also to LSDXA for additional
AD1C   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   273,0002017-03-27 07:05:00
Radio: Yaesu FTDX-5000, 100 watts
Antennas: Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical
1/2 size G5RV dipole in attic
Software: WriteLog for Windows

Highlight was hearing 9A1A out of the blue on 15m Sunday and working him. I
did not hear any other continental Europe on the band, other than CT/EA/F.

Lowlight was YN2KW arguing with me on 20m because his log said I was a dupe,
and I know for a fact that I did not log our earlier incomplete QSO. He'll get
a NIL. Shoulda just worked me and moved on. We'd both get the points and saved
some time.
NR3X(N4YDU)   SOAB HP   7,668,2162017-03-27 07:08:10
WP3C   SOAB LP   9,814,6302017-03-27 07:08:32

Another great contest weekend no matter that the propagation was very bad and I
had a thunderstorm by the North and lot of noise in 40 & 80, Was hard on
Saturday night.

Thanks everyone and 73

Alfredo Velez WP3C/NP4DX
KM4HI   SOSB20(TS) HP   1,001,3642017-03-27 07:21:01
Fun contest with 20m the money band. 20 is the new 15 these days.
Great activity from NA and EU. JA was in there but not at the levels
of previous years. Not sure if its me or the mic gain and/or
compression of many stations is way over driven and exchanges are
rushed needlessly causing more repeats. Thanks to all for the Q's.
73 - Jim KM4HI
Orion I, AL-82 @ 1.2-1.5kw, KT34M2 @ 43'
WR8AA(K3ZJ)   SOAB HP   1,129,1282017-03-27 07:29:22
Enjoyed operating even though not full weekend as planned due to car
transmission failure and associated hassles on way to mountain cabin QTH. Some
contest I hope things go as planned, but there are many additional factors with
a station at remote QTH instead of a home station. Thanks for the QSOs!
HI3K(HI3K/HI3CC/HI8EFS)   M/S LP   5,739,2002017-03-27 07:37:01

N4RV   SO(A)AB HP   2,866,4872017-03-27 07:45:31
Started out to do low key S&P operation. Got caught up in the test and
resist " running em " for a while on the low bands.
Lots of fun for an " old timer ".( Feel more like an " old, old
timer "..)
NN4RB   SOAB LP   14,0892017-03-27 08:02:11
Too many interruptions - family, dogs, problems, etc. Got into the chair five
times. I could hear more than I could work.


OCF at 45' with remote tuner
32' Vertical on metal building with remote tuner
TA33JR at 40'
OK7W(OK1CID)   SOSB40 HP   6,749,1462017-03-27 08:15:36
In contrast with ARRL SSB, in this contest there were finally good conditions on
40m, so I was happy I chose this band for SO HP category. The last night was
nice to NA - mny strong signals, even stronger than biiig QRM :-)
It was fun to compete with OK1NP and YT7A on livescore.
Tnx to OK1MU and OK2ZAW from OL7M team for great setup and food help
K4SBZ   SO(A)AB HP   409,6702017-03-27 08:18:40
My score is up from last year only because I worked harder and longer to make up
for the bands being worse. Still had a blast. My thanks to my XYL for giving me
the time.
K3UA   SO(A)AB HP   376,1302017-03-27 08:21:06
Mainly S and P except some CQing on 80M for awhile.

K3 with AL-82 to all band 80M dipole up 25 feet.

Always nice to say hello to everyone.
KM6I   SOAB HP   5,5082017-03-27 08:23:14
K3, KPA-500, dipole@60ft
S53K   SO(A)AB(TS) QRP   169,9202017-03-27 08:38:29
Thanks all for QSO and patients. It was a DXCLUSTER / S&P contest from my
office to # remote location :-) Some of you have a great RX systems, total
winners are at CN2AA,great job boys / otlichnaya rabota. CU all in CW part.


Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
1,8 1 1 0 1,0
3,5 161 346 123 2,1
7 94 253 71 2,7
14 39 67 29 1,7
21 19 51 12 2,7
28 2 2 1 1,0
Total 316 720 236 2,3

Score : 169.920
AI4QQ   SOAB LP   30,8752017-03-27 08:41:09
[log removed from comments]

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 30 129 22 4.3
14 77 165 67 2.1
21 14 31 6 2.2
Total 121 325 95 2.7
Score: 30,875
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: John Hale
ADDRESS: 2315 W Island Road
ADDRESS-CITY: Williamsburg
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0
ND4K(N4PN)   SOAB(TS) HP   4,716,2472017-03-27 08:44:20
Thanks to Dave, ex-N4VDL, for the use of his new call....worked well.
What a difference just a couple of years 2015, made 768 Q's on
ten meters...this year 11...15m was only 1/3 total Q's this year as compared
to 2015....Still lots of fun...Surprise was having 4 Chinese stations call me
on Sunday evening within 20 minutes....also, 2 - HS0's and Champ, E2A..
Took a look at 15m on Sunday station from Europe - 9A1A - 20db
73, Paul, N4PN
TH-5 @ 70'
Alpha-Delta for 40/80
Logging w/Win-Test
KZ5MM(W5PR)   SOSB10 HP   92,3022017-03-27 08:45:43
Started on 80m Friday night traded #1 with XE2X for the third contest in a row.
Thunderstorms knocked me off the air after about 3 hours and 139 QSOs. We had
several bands of t-storms coming through so I knew I wouldn't be able to get
back on until the next night. I decided to go to the Hamfest Saturday morning
and try 10 meters when I got home. First QSO on 10 at 1754 and SA was wide
open to here. 1800 hour was 61 Qs so I probably was about 2 hours late to the
party. Very few US/VE contacts and all, except locals, were on scatter.

No EU or AS at all in this one. One AF and a number of OC, surprisingly enough.
YN2KW, the TDXS team in YN called on scatter at 1914. Good work guys! Worked a
couple of ZLs at 2027 and 2032, but no more after. I realized I was not going
to work any VKs by 2200, but then between 2213 and 2313, I worked 11 VKs, with
8 in a row between 2242 and 2313! Only 3 locals after that.

Sunday morning definitely did not start off with a "bang." Sat in the
chair cqing for hours until a local mercifully gave me a Q at 1417 and then more
than an hour until a couple more locals came around. Finally a LU at 1541. Less
than 100 Qs all day Sunday. Ugg! Drat you missing sunspots! CT3 at 2042 and E51
at 2155 were nice on Sunday. Band totally died in the last hour with the final
PY at 2325. I wondered if I should have continued on 80, but having a good
night's sleep has its merits! I thought about 160, but I figured that, with the
mults not counting separately on each band, that there would be no good reason
for all bend entrants to spend much time on 160. Evidently 10 saw even less
time for them than 160...

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

SA 0 0 0 0 0 189 189 69.2
NA 0 0 0 0 0 69 69 25.3
OC 0 0 0 0 0 14 14 5.1
AF 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.4

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

CE 14 14
CT3 1 1
CX 4 4
E5/s 1 1
HC 1 1
HI 1 1
HK 6 6
HP 2 2
HR 1 1
K 56 56
KP4 3 3
LU 40 40
OA 1 1
P4 1 1
PJ4 1 1
PY 116 116
TI 2 2
VK 11 11
XE 3 3
YN 1 1
YV 4 4
ZL 2 2
ZP 1 1

QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-1700Z - - - - - 9/7 9/7 9/7 53
D1-1800Z - - - - - 61/29 61/29 70/36
D1-1900Z - - - - - 36/16 36/16 106/52
D1-2000Z - - - - - 22/10 22/10 128/62
D1-2100Z - - - - - 43/24 43/24 171/86
D1-2200Z - - - - - 13/5 13/5 184/91
D1-2300Z - - - - - 5/2 5/2 189/93 21
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 2/1 2/1 191/94 60
D2-0100Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0200Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 191/94 60
D2-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-1200Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-1300Z - - - - - - 0/0 191/94 60
D2-1400Z - - - - - 1/0 1/0 192/94 59
D2-1500Z - - - - - 3/3 3/3 195/97 23
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 7/3 7/3 202/100
D2-1700Z - - - - - 5/3 5/3 207/103
D2-1800Z - - - - - 9/5 9/5 216/108
D2-1900Z - - - - - 18/6 18/6 234/114
D2-2000Z - - - - - 14/7 14/7 248/121
D2-2100Z - - - - - 11/8 11/8 259/129
D2-2200Z - - - - - 10/3 10/3 269/132
D2-2300Z - - - - - 4/1 4/1 273/133

Total: 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 273/133
N8FYL   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   602017-03-27 08:50:52
It seemed like practically no one could hear me.
Operating became "not fun" so I stopped operating!
Time to check the antenna system I guess.
VA3SB   SOAB QRP   122,1482017-03-27 08:55:40
Just handing out some Q's. Wish I had had more time to participate.
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   1,662,2412017-03-27 09:18:32
Better than I expected. 40 was great. 15 opened to parts of Europe on Sunday
for 90 min or so. 20 was a mess most of the time. 10 opened to SA around 1900
on Sunday for an hour or so. Only worked 3 JA's and an HS. Did work 5 new
prefixes. The predicted T-storms never happened. Didn't break anything.

K3 & 756 Pro3
Dishtronix Amp
Several antenna - but never enough!
NK7U(@K7JR)   M/2 HP   1,504,8392017-03-27 09:26:16
Another relaxed operation by the Snake River Remote Contest Club. We opted to
use Joe's call NK7U for WPX not the club call K7JR for obvious reasons.

Conditions were well, were what they were. Kinda not so good for the high bands
which was expected. Odd propagation for the most part spotty and all over the
place. Lots of stations on especially 20m which was wall to wall and QRM

Kudos to Chris KL9A and the "Boss" NK7U for contributing the lions
share of the contacts this go around, and to Jon K7RF who manned two multi
operations this contest ours and at K2PO's station, way to go Jon.

Big thank you to all that stopped by and gave us a Q, and to Joe for allowing
SRRCC to indulge in this controlled madness.

For the Snake River Remote Contest Club

Hank / KR7X
W9QL   SOAB LP   263,0162017-03-27 09:31:05
Was able to get on part-time in between a major remodeling project and storms.
Spent most of the time later in the day on 40 and 80 as you can see from the
totals. Had fun on 80 especially, with some good runs with rates over 100. On
Sunday, while doing some S&P I heard N9LQ also working S&P just ahead
of me. It was funny that more than one person said "I just worked
you" when it was actually N9LQ. So, I started moving the other direction
to avoid more confusion! It was good to hear many familiar calls and more than
a few SMC'ers.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV@35 ft.
GW2X(GØDCK)   SOSB160 LP   2422017-03-27 09:32:43
under an hour of play time in daylight, 73 to all
PY2KJ   SO(A)SB10 HP   203,3202017-03-27 09:41:51
NF1L   SOAB HP   26,3202017-03-27 09:51:28
I tuned up my antenna before this contest and got better results.
WO9S   SOSB15 QRP   3772017-03-27 09:52:27
Dropped in now and then to see what openings 15 was offering.
Only Caribbean and a couple of 6's until just before the end,
when some nice gray line to SA.
KD2BGM   SO(A)SB20(TS) QRP   8512017-03-27 10:04:05
Just a few QSOs within terrible conditions

RTX: TS-590
Ant: 20m dipole at 125'
S5ØK   SOSB20 HP   5,246,4162017-03-27 10:04:24
Expected crowd on 20SSB, but not such dense. Lots of low level signals were
burried in all over qrm, not easy to dig useful signals out. Fair number of 46
VK and only 4 ZL this time, all LP with good sigs, also a few JAs LP. Nord was
calm this time, worked easily a number of KL7. In total 80 JAs, not a lot, and
1017 K. 33.4% EU and 51.2 NA.

Tnx for all calls and best 73s until next time,
Marko, S50K
N2CW   M/S HP   60,7432017-03-27 10:12:29
Elecraft K3
Elecraft KPA-500
80/40 1/2 wave Dipoles
20/15 TA-33 on 70ft Tower
N2CW operated from the famous W2GD/N2CW 160m Contest Site in West Creek, NJ.
Great location as always for any band on HF. We did just a few hours to warm up
the K3 and KPA-500 for a few hours but fun.

SJDXA Members sorted all BURO cards that we have obtained for two years and
finally have then all ready for final destinations.

Thank You to WYRS for the great location for amateur radio!!

YY1MTX   SOSB15 LP   351,7582017-03-27 10:13:06
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Jose Manuel Monaca
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6108.0
AC1U(N1UR)   SOAB HP   10,465,0002017-03-27 10:30:04
Well it was supposed to be a fully competitive effort but a last minute
schedule change for a business trip meant that I was pulling the
plug at 1730Z on Sunday. Ususally, the last 2 - 3 hours are very
productive. So I knew this would be fatal for a competitive
entry. I decided to do a pretty competitive entry anyway and
put in 34 hours. But for sure, 4 or 5 of those hours were not
when you would want to do it from W1.

Conditiions on 80M were excellent. With some good activity.

40M was excellent here from 21 - 01Z but then the MUF would
drop and on both days there was virtually NO EU sunrise recovery.
This happens when the SFI is really low and has been that way for
a while. Or when conditions are disturbed - which they were not
this weekend - finally....

20M was excellent - including Asia. Although it closes down to
EU pretty early with the low SFI.

15M basically sounded like 10M with E scatter opening to EU and
some of the USA (spotty - typical E prop). SA and Carib was
solid for many hours most days and provided some mult opportunity.

10M was "is my antenna working?". I heard no one on Saturday. I
heard and worked one LU on Sunday before shutting down and CQ'd for
about 10 mins to end the contest (for me) which netted other few
Qs with SA and some USA E scatter.

If you like running bucket fulls of Russians, Euopeans, and Asians
this is your contest. I had 6 BY stations and 10 YB stations answer
my CQs (all on 20M). I worked as many non-JA asians as JAs in this
contest, which is just unheard of from W1 in any other contest.

I thought there was an unusally high number of YL operators on the
air for this one as well. Great to see that.

See you in WPX CW.


LU1FKR(@LT1F)   SO(A)SB15 HP   6,236,1722017-03-27 10:46:15
Thank you very much to all...73 Kar
4X7R   M/S HP   11,675,0002017-03-27 10:55:38
DIFFICULT CONDITIONS, 3/4 numbers from last year.
KN5TX(WA5FWC)   SOAB HP   1,669,0172017-03-27 10:57:48
I want to thank all the guys that contributed to my score. I have just had major
surgery and it limited my time to operate. I have a ways to improve in my
stamia.There were storms in this area and this limited the low band scores as
the static was S9+. there was little propagation on 10 meters and 15 meters. 20
meters seemed to be the best band as it was opened early and closed late. 40
meters seemed to be open most of the evening and early morning.
PI4DX   M/S HP   14,378,3102017-03-27 11:08:49
Hello @ all Contest friends!

1st of all a BIG THANK YOU to Erik, PD1DX for his invitation to us
3 DL-OPs to come to him and do operate with our new PA-friends the WPX-SSB
Contest @PI4DX. We did not know each other before personaly, but only from
many radio contacts before and it was our wish to visit PI4DX for a contest
That is what ham radio makes so special... Erik just said OK,come over and do
the Contest together. Realy nice to meet new vy friendly people in person this
True ham radio friendship and fun!
We planed to do a M2 entry, but we realised, that interference from one band to
other was high and so we decided to go M/S.
We did a real oldstyle M/S. Only 1 Radio and some operators. No inband station
and other fancy stuff you need to be realy competive in M/S category nowadays.
But given the bad condx we had this weekend we are realy happy with this score
and we had a lot of fun.
many thanks to all for the QSOs and we hope everyone had as much fun, as we had
@ PI4DX.

On behalf of the PI4DX PA-DL-WPX team...
N3QE(@N3HBX)   M/S HP   9,234,1802017-03-27 11:23:43
Our usual multi-op leader KD4D was down for the count with the flu! So I stepped
in to put the band back together and see what we could do for WPX SSB.

We had a brief plan to enter M/2 but that fell apart as other operators came
down with the flu, or were unavailable, as well!

So it was M/S.

John N3HBX made several extra trips to help me get set up at the station before
the start of the contest, and operated at both run and S&P positions during
the days. Super thanks to John for all the effort he puts into building and
keeping his big contest station going!

Masa AJ3M was on in early AM each morning way before sunrise, operating through
early afternoon.

Vincent F4BKV was visiting New Jersey for work the week before the contest, and
was nice enough to come down to our part of MD for the contest. Not only did
Vincent run Europe and South America not just with style, but also with his
foreign language skills! He was our "ringer" :-).

I operated mostly the evening and a good chunk of each overnight.

From a Monday-morning perspective, some thoughts:

40M: Wow, I was amazed we did as much operating on 40M Friday and Saturday
nights as we did. Of course 40M is the money band to get the extra points for
working EU on low bands. But there's so much QRM! We camped on a run frequncy
for a whole hour before the contest started and Vincent managed to hold it with
style into the evening. Conditions on 40M each morning to VK/ZL were really
superb, and in the mix we worked several Foundation-class VK's.

80M was definitely in better condition to EU on Saturday night than it was
Friday night. Never got a huge run going on 80M on either night, but it was
very productive as some S&P relief from the cacophony of 40M.

20M was just superb from sunrise till sunset each day. I have operated at N3HBX
several times before and it's always a thrill to work a couple over-the-pole
Asian stations on 20M. But conditions and activity on 20M was much better than
I had ever experienced from N3HBX before. (Possibly in the past few years folks
would defect to 15M because it was open so spent less time on 20M?) When we were
done, we had worked 11 Chinese stations and almost 50 JA's on 20M. In addition
we had callers from Indonesia, India, and Pakistan!

15M only had the thinnest smattering of southern EU QSO's. The day crew tells
me that 7Z1CQ stood out loud and clear as did several other African stations.
The bulk of action was of course South America.

I had enabled live score reporting, and we'd occasionally peek there. Wow,
WW2DX really took off like a rocket and never ever slowed down. NV9L and K9CT
seemed more like benchmark stations for us, but they did not have the east
coast advantage of EU points that we did. WX3B was our "local
competition" and we would listen to them stir up action no matter what
band they were on. Congrats to all of them, watching them on the live score
server or occasionally hearing them on the air handing out big numbers, they
all kept us in Poolesville working hard!
KT4ZB   M/S LP   1,750,4762017-03-27 11:29:19
PV2P(PY2DY)   SO(A)SB15 HP   7,050,4612017-03-27 11:32:25


SN7D(SQ7D)   SO(A)AB HP   3,687,5992017-03-27 11:37:06
Good contest weekend. At friday I found that main antenna rotor needed to put
some weld due to mechanical stress. At saturday I had stacker malfunction -
lower tribander coax was disconected. Easy to fix with antennas and rotor on
trolley. Propagation as expected with better Sunday. Nice calls from far east
and Australia on 40m run late evening. Quite good so2r and over 200 multis in
log. At saturday my goal was 2 Mpts but finally it is over 3,6 Mpts. More
antennas - more fun.

Thanks for all qso's.
It was great pleasure to meet you all at WPX SSB this year.

Matt SQ7D/SN7D
GI4T(MIØSMK)   SOSB20 HP   3,407,6402017-03-27 11:57:16
Other commitments over the weekend so I dipped in & out as a part time
effort only. I was however kept v busy during the times I managed to get to
operate .... thanks to all who called for the points. Great contest!
NN1N   SOAB HP   543,0952017-03-27 12:00:00
I tried to stay away, but I couldn't. Band loading was at max.
ES2MC   SOSB20 LP   529,1112017-03-27 12:07:47
Mainly S&P practise... :)

73, Arvo
VA7VF   SO(A)AB HP   231,2902017-03-27 12:13:13
An all time best score and longest time in the chair. Europe was open compared
to a few weeks ago when nothing was workable. For me this was a fun contest
and the bonus was working an ATNO. I enjoyed watching the sun rise on Saturday
though not spending such a beautiful sunny day inside. Sunday was pouring rain
so a perfect day to work radio.
Margaret VA7VF
K9CS   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   100,9262017-03-27 12:18:30
Rig: K3 + KPA500
Ant: 10-40: SteppIR Big IR Vertical
OV3X(OZ8AE)   SOAB LP   237,9162017-03-27 12:22:10
Until saturday at 1400 I operated with 30 watts only. Then I went QRO = 90 watt
into G5RV antenna - ZS6BKW design - and supplied with an old TH3MK4 at 10
No condx above 20 meters on saturday. On sunday 15 meter woke up - making QSOs
to middle East, Africa and South America. - 20 meters was better sunday and had
At 1800 UTC the path to NA shifted on 20 meters. My beam had to be pointed
towards SA or West to have the best signals from NA. - At 1900 UTC 40 meter had
a lot of background noise. - however at 2200 utc 80 meters was fantastic. A very
good band with a lot of activity. - Just popped in now and then, testing out my
new headset given by XYL for my 70 Years birthday. Worked perfect. - See You on
the preferred mode - CW in the WPX CW leg. 73 to all
AB4B   SOSB80 HP   588,5882017-03-27 12:31:15
Part time effort though wish I cud have gone F/T. Activity was high and for most
of the weekend the QRN was tolerable.

Thanks for the Q;s es looking forward to the CW event in this series in a
couple of months.

Tim , AB4B
" just a boy and his 4sqr "
KK7PW(@K7RI)   M/S HP   3,195,1802017-03-27 12:32:06
WC1M   SO(A)AB HP   739,0242017-03-27 12:36:50
Very limited effort, but had good fun.

Conditions were non-existent on 10. 15 was South only. As usual, 20 and 40 were
loaded. 80 sounded pretty good on the first night, but had some static on the
second night. Didn't spend much time on 80 either night and only did S&P.
Didn't try 160 because my antenna is out of whack in the Phone portion of the

It was really a practice run. Doing RDXC last week convinced me that I need
more practice in Phone contests before trying a full effort in a major one. I
think it's been about four years since I've been behind the mic. I used to
operate Phone at multi-op stations in CQ WW and ARRL DX, but those stations are
gone or much reduced in size, and the 2+ hour drive each way getting old

I started doing Phone at multis because it wasn't a good mode for me at home.
When the kids were younger there was too much ambient noise in the house.
Before I built the big tower I didn't have the antenna power to consistently
hold a frequency on a crowded band. And I never really got reliable and good
audio out of soundcards. Well, the kids are older or out of the house, my
antennas are better, and now I'm using DVKs in the K3s. I still don't like
Phone all that much. The QRM is maddening and way too many stations
over-modulate to the point of being unintelligible. But it can be fun at times
-- especially when running at really high rate.

When I did my first run this weekend, it was evident that I've lost some mojo
on Phone. But after an hour or two of running I got used to talking fast and
handling a phone pileup. My 10-minute rate never got above 204, so not sure I
can handle really high numbers yet. That rate was the result of turning the
beam west and running USA stations when the EU rate dropped way down on Sunday
afternoon. Not even close to running USA at 350+/hr from the Caribbean in CQ WW

Went Assisted because it made the few hours I could spend more relaxing, and
this is one contest where it wouldn't make much difference if SO and SOA were

Spots can make a rate difference when you do dedicated S&P, but that's a
losing strategy in WPX -- you should never stop running. So the S&P rate is
very limited by the run rate, and because at least 1/3 of the QSOs are new
mults, you just work everything you hear on the second radio -- when and if you
can. It doesn't take the same kind of tune-and-listen skills, knowledge of
propagation and strategy that you need in true mult-based contests like CQ WW,
ARRL DX, IARU, etc. In other words, you don't find mults -- they come to you.
It's almost as mindless as clicking on spots.

Perhaps there would be a slight overall rate and mult percentage advantage for
Assisted, but not that much. The winners will still be the ones with the best
run skills, best knowledge of propagation, best antennas and most

I've done very well in CQ WPX CW operating unassisted over the years, but it
wouldn't bother me at all if the categories were merged. I'd appreciate the
lower fatigue level so I can keep doing serious efforts as I get older. I hope
no one take this as heresy!

Hope to get on for a full effort in WPX CW. If so, see you then.

73, Dick WC1M
OF1TM(OH1TM)   SO(A)AB HP   298,4942017-03-27 12:43:44
Part time operation, 500 q's for OH contest marathon.
EA4TD   SOSB20 HP   886,5592017-03-27 12:46:11
As was to predict the very harsh conditions, but fun ;-)

Oscar, EA4TD
KM9P(KØEJ)   SOAB HP   1,133,7812017-03-27 12:47:38
Got in the chair just before sunrise Saturday and quit as the sun was setting
with only a short break to eat some lunch. Thanks to K4JNY and the Ringgold
Contest Club for use of the callsign.

73, Mark K0EJ
W9ILY   SO(A)SB15 HP   22,9602017-03-27 13:14:51
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m
KU7Y   SO(A)SB20(TS) QRP   22017-03-27 13:37:28
One contact for the club! It took over 30 minutes to figure out how to set the
KX3 to do SSB. Hehehehehe Ron, KU7Y

KX3 @ 5w
3 ele yagi at 50' for 10, 15 & 20
IR1Y(IK1HJS)   SO(A)SB20 HP   4,223,4892017-03-27 13:39:16
Enjoyed the contest.
Thanks to Flavio IK1YDB (IR1Y) !
PA9M   SO(A)SB80 HP   1,563,0232017-03-27 13:39:29
Nice weekend, good run to state side.
My station is portable, starting 2 days before the contest to prepare
Than contest. Afterparty on monday.
cu next contest.
K7HKR   SO(A)AB(R) LP   23,3312017-03-27 13:41:36
80 watts into 5-foot (75/40/20 meters) and 3-foot (20/15/10 meters) diameter
magnetic loops from AZ.

Only 18 entities as opposed to 28 in ARRL DX and two-thirds of my QSOs were
lower 48. Five continents, but Europe was hopeless with huge pileups on the
stations I heard. Being very new to this, I still picked up 5 new entities and
a big boost towards WAS and was happy to reach 100 prefixes. Plan to upgrade to
Extra before the next major contest, so that will help.

All S&P; with my boring prefix and a lot of frequencies in use, I didn't
bother calling CQ. 40 was my best band with less competition in the wee
hours. I went Assisted mainly to check for spots on 15 and 10, but did pick up
a few on 40 from spots. Never heard anything on 10. Always glad to get
anything on 75 as my loop should only be a few percent efficient there.

I wish I could have worked the last 3 hours of the contest because I was doing
well on 15. Had a report from Virginia of "big signal" which sure
doesn't happen very often! (He was +30, so there was a good pipeline at the
time.) As always, thanks to all of the good ears who picked me out.
KH6CJJ   SOAB(TS) LP   549,8362017-03-27 13:42:05
This has always been a difficult contest for me and this year was no exception.
The poor conditions coupled with my low power, low antenna station made for a
lot of time spent with a low score to show for it. I often heard WH6R, only
100 miles away, running stations that I could not even hear. Shows what power
and big antennas can do! Having only six Europeans and only a few JA stations
in the log, really held down the multipliers.

There was not much incentive in this contest to try 10 meters, but I tried for
the fun of it. Saturday, about 2200 UTC, the beacons from the Mainland US were
strong here, but I only ever heard two stations. W6CWM was strong and easily
worked, while KZ5MM was weak and never heard me. On Sunday, KA6BIM and I moved
from 15 down to 10 and eventually made contact. I heard him right away with him
running power and a big antenna, but he could only hear me during the peaks of
QSB cycles. Much of each day, I could hear and work a few stations from South
America, with PS2T being very strong much of the time.

Notwithstanding the poor conditions, I still had fun chasing like minded
friends from all over the world! Thanks for the Q's.

Aloha, Kent
RU1A   M/S HP   14,404,4702017-03-27 13:44:08
Congratulations to the winners !

The last thing to complain about life, but the realities are killing.

In the last 4 hours we did not have electricity, although, in principle, this
does not change anything.

We're diisapointed. We have nothing to add.

We really have better setup on 40 meters compare with EI7M, E7DX, IR4M as a M/S
stations which ahead of us in current contest, but we're to far to East and in
deep hole to US propagation. It's unreal to achieve such result as they did on
this band in sunspot minimum.
- 7 el yagi @ 40 m up, fixed to JA on two separate towers, boom length 60
- 3 el yagi @ 27 meters up, rotary, 16 meters boom length
- 5 el yagi @ 40 meters, rotary, 25 meters boom length and when this antenna is
fix to USA East Coast, we can add additional 3 el yagi with 22 meters boom on
separate tower, and get 61 meters boom !

Since that huge system was installed in October 2016, just one time (out of any
contest period) we were able to see the advantage of this. In other contests US
propagation were out of us.

For your understanding on 20 meters, we have 12 elements @ 60 m on 45 meters
boom fixed to East Coast, H-Frame 4x5 el fixed to West Coast and 4 different
rotaring big yagis more.

The same huge setup we have for other bands as well.

We don't care more. We're tired to find the way how to improve the our setup
and the main question is what for ?
What else we have to do...
Seems nothing... Small improvements will be unable to change the picture.

Just will be wait for propagation changing. Seems, it's only the way...

Few pictures for your understanding !

I don't understand what support I can get from you ..
"The rich also cry".

On behalf of RU1A, de RV1AW
PY2SBY   SOAB HP   281,3362017-03-27 13:47:08
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   47,0802017-03-27 13:51:42
Just a G5RV laying on the roof of the house until spring.
3V8SS   M/S LP   4,891,7302017-03-27 13:59:25
Ludo HB9EOU has arrived Thurday noon to Monastir Airport. The rest of the team
composed of Ahmed 3V/KG5OUE, Oussama 3V/KD2LQM and Ali 3V/F4HJD joined us
Friday afternoon after we finished setting up an Inv-L for 80m. Ali networked
the laptops. By 10pm local time, the station was ready with 1 Run and 1 Support

The first four hours were terrible with almost 60 QSOs in total. We figured out
later that RUN radio has some TX issues that necessitated settings reset to be
sorted out.

As expected, 20m was the main band where 67% of the QSOs were made. 15m was
tough, we barely could have some few minutes runs.
Low bands were better on second and third night.

Thanks to the team for the great effort and fun time!


PJ2DX(PT2IC)   SO(A)SB20 HP   7,442,0202017-03-27 14:17:07
I would first like to thank Geoff (PJ2DX / W0CG) for giving us the opportunity
to operate a great station.
The on-air conditions during the contest was not the most inviting. Few
European stations in the log and a Sunday afternoon with low activity.
Curaçao is a wonderful island. Here you can enjoy good food, great dives, PJ2T
and the great Geoff company.
KL7XU   M/S HP   2,293,2062017-03-27 14:31:56
We had a good contest weekend.

Ran 20 meters on one antenna only, TH-11.
Opened the cabin "shack" up to any ham that wanted to operate. non
hams interested came by as well.
Kl7KY came by, ran for a while and hit "10 last Q" @ 313 Q/hr. Wow!
Kept the BBQ gril runnning and cooked up burgers and bratwurst for all.
Finished the contest early when the rotator malfunctioned and locked South.
Another fine contest weekend in Alaska for the KL7XU non-contesters.

Thanks to all for the contacts and the spots.

IO5O   M/S HP   19,385,3852017-03-27 14:38:44
Tnx to all for qso.

73 de IO5O
VE3LVW   SOAB LP   149,6722017-03-27 14:56:46
706 points * 212 = 149,672 total points
VE6FI   M/2 HP   3,039,8552017-03-27 15:15:58
Run on Solar power back up by a Diesel Genset.
No Europe on 15m and very little on 40m. The Chinese must have a high noise
level as they have trouble hearing us.
It was an enjoyable contest
Denis Ve6aq
K6KNS   SO(A)AB HP   103,2062017-03-27 15:31:14
Couldn't put in the time for this contest as I would have liked because other
things got in the way. Enjoyed hearing many fellow club members chasing points

Kenwwood TS-990S / ASL-600 / Hex beam / 40/80 Inverted V
WX3B   M/M HP   13,637,0832017-03-27 15:40:53
What a fun-filled weekend with old and new companions on the radio. It never
ceases to amaze me how we renew friendships with many individuals from around
the world each year and the cheerleading of our operation is
infectious. This year there are two local cheerleaders repeatedly spotting
WX3B: Tim N3QE and Dave KE4S. This made a huge difference in our runs.
you both for your outstanding efforts!

My daydream of having 15 meters spring back to life turned out to be a false

At the end of the contest the brutal truth was: we worked 23 Europeans. We
did get spotted by a half-dozen EUs however that did not help much. The band
was good to the Western USA, US, VK, ZL and the Pacific. On the subject of 10
meters, we gave up on that band after last season. We did manage to snare a
few new prefixes, mostly from short South American openings.

The good news was that 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters were FUN!

Pete, W3GVX made his debut performance at WX3B, and he landed on 160 meters.
see Pete was successful in making QSOs and hearing Europeans. He and Ted
cranked out almost 200 QSOs and got spotted in Europe several times during the

Gary, WR3R made his first Japanese QSO on 75m SSB. He was thrilled!
result on 75m may have been our best result to date.

Here are Gary’s thoughts:

First, thanks to Jim and Elizabeth for hosting all the old hams, new hams and
non-hams, to their Taneytown, Maryland QTH. You know you are out a ways when
you can step outside at night to get some fresh air, and you hear NOTHING. It
is truly an amazing QTH, and the antennas are not too shabby either. And best
of all were the food and drinks! Both were amazing. The only problem I now
have is to go home and work off the goodies that you two serve. The food
is worth the drive; the heck with operating!

I mostly operated 80 mtrs this time. 80 was clearly open both nights, but the
first night, the QRN made it a real challenge. Fortunately, the 2nd night
QRN subsided, and the signals coming from every direction were much more

I know I missed some EU some stations, but when I had a several coming back to
my CQ and I could pick no one out, I used the K3AJ technique (at lease Tom is
the first one who told me about this). I would just pick out a letter like an
R, and ask for a station with Romeo in their call to come back. It often
worked! One station with an R in their call would all of a sudden come back,
and I would be able to make the exchange, and move on. This technique didn't
work 100% (some cultures have their own rules), but it really helped.

Anyone that is on 80 mtrs and does not have good listening antennas, should
and find out if you have any options that could work for you. Without the two
beverages allowing good listening to the NE, NW, SW, and SE, I probably would
have had half the contacts the 1st night with all the QRN. The second night
the beverages were very helpful too, allowing me to pull out weaker stations.
This included two JAs that I could hear quite well on the beverages, but not
all on the transmitting antennas. I managed to work one of these JAs, a first
for me ever on 80 phone. Throughout both nights, I was constantly switching
listen on the various beverages. Some stations would go from either
or Q3 to a strong Q5 with the right listening antenna. I appreciate all the
stations who hung in with me and repeated their call while I switched these
antennas, since it allowed me to find the right beverage for me to hear them

Many, many thanks to all the many stations who took time to spot us. More
often than not, when the band would change from slow to a pileup, it was
clearly because I was spotted. I got better the 2nd night spotting others; in
one case I spotted VK4KW who I think had just come on the band and was CQing
with a very nice signal. I then continued listening briefly and could hear
pileup grow. Spotting is really is a great tool!

Thanks again for allowing me the chance to get together and contest with this
great group. One should never miss an opportunity like this with a great
group of hams!

73s, Gary WR3R

Dennis, N8IVN got some prime time operating time during his Saturday shift.
Here are some of his thoughts:

I was happy to be back and see the team. It (WX3B) is my contesting home.
always great to spotted and see the rates run up to the mid-100! And, those
contacts w/ the Philippines & Cyprus were the high point of my Qs. It's
always fun (& good eating) while contesting w/ Team WX3B! My only regret
was not having an exchange w/ GW4BLE. (Author’s note: Steve GW4BLE was a
great radio friend that recently became a silent key).

John, AK3Z was welcomed back to our team and he operated Friday night to dig
for Pacific stations on 15 meters. John says it was the first time he has
actually operated in a long time! For those that don’t know, John actually
put his antenna back in the air and is HF ready.

Sid, NH7C was pleased to have company on the low bands this year.
Sid also brought two first time visitors to WX3B: his brother Ted, KC9QJS and
nephew Ethan, KC9QJR, hopefully they were left with a good impression about
contesting. They enjoyed taking turns on the open bands. Sid commented that
he enjoyed having a full house Saturday night, usually he has to hop-scotch
around the low bands by himself.

I had my first ever walk-in visitor during this contest. Bob, KC3GUA is a
neighbor who has known about WX3B for some time, and is friends with KC3BWA
KC3EMA (other neighbors). Bob just received his license and wanted to see
WX3B is all about, and he should be building his first station soon.

Ted WA3AER arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed until the end of the contest,
gaining both low band and high band experience.

Ted enjoyed operating on 160 meters and has the following comments on the

Tnx for another great contest adventure, Jim. I enjoyed having the opportunity
to work 160M when 20M went to bed Saturday night. There was a short opening to
EU with easily readable signals in spite of them not being all that strong. I
kept hoping for more! Stateside offered a number of contacts that boosted our
Saturday evening start from about 70-75 to our finishing total of 186.

10M late Sunday afternoon around our grey line only yielded 2 contacts to
Central America. There was nothing we could hear from SA. And there were but 3
or 4 total spots, those from southern US.

Big surprise Sunday afternoon was when EU started booming in on 20M: LZ7Y and
were on the EXACT same frequency, forcing yet another move up band. That
fine because the new CQ Freq. was cleaner and we had many calls from the mid-
and western- US. Unlike Saturday evening, the luck working JAs was not in
evidence. I believe I managed only 1 on Sunday in comparison to at about a
dozen on Saturday. The Indonesian stations spotted Sunday evening were either
not hearable or did not hear us, and the one was loud here (he must had had
either a very high noise floor or much QRM).

Team WX3B's best kept secret is our food! As Tom and I opined last year, we
best not let that secret out. Kudos to Elizabeth again and again.

Evan KC3BWA has been busy at school and this was his first radio event in some
time. He was one of the souls that got stuck on a fairly quiet 15 meter

Jay KC3EMA (Evan’s Dad) is very excited about contesting and getting his
wet. He as observed twice at the WPX contest this year. Credible rumor
suggests that the KC3EMA/KC3BWA Father/Son team may be getting a tower
installed soon!

Rob K1RH was on duty for the high bands Sunday. Rob took turns running 20,
babysitting a quiet 15-meter band hoping it would open.

Ted and Ethan, KC9QJS and KC9QRJ are Father and Son (and Sid’s brother)
visiting Sid. Their experience was a good one and I hope they continue their
pursuit of contesting.

Ed K3DNE made his return to team WX3B after a very long absence. Ed’s last
contest with the team was at the old Manchester, MD QTH where we had to use
Armstrong method of rotating the 10 & 15 meter directional quads. Ed
there were more sunspots and noted that 20 & 40 meters were crowded! Ed
pulled the first shift on 40 and did an excellent job keeping the rate up.

Tom K3AJ was our fresh relief operator on Sunday mid-day. He immediately sat
down and enjoyed a sustained run on 20 meters giving the station host
a chance to do some much-needed clean-up from the weekend activities. Tom
dug every last QSO possible out of 15 meters, until the very end of the
Tom was fresh off the plane from his vacation in TF land, and I heard him
that to a TF that called in.

A hearty congratulation go out to Ray W2RE, Lee WW2DX, Noah K2NG and David
NA2AA for their stellar multi/single performance using the newest remote ham
radio site in Eastport, Maine. This multi-single team beat our multi/multi

I want to thank my wife Elizabeth again this year for preparing most of the
meals and serving them, and supporting us throughout the weekend. She also
ran 120 US stations at the beginning of the contest to get us started out on
meters on the right foot!


Jim Nitzberg WX3B
K3EST(@N6RO)   SO(A)SB40 HP   4,746,8722017-03-27 15:55:53
A great 40M contest. Very poor to Europe but fantastic to the Pacific Rim.

A summary shows approx. QSO #s.

W = 934
Pacific Rim = 792
VK = 73
HL = 20
DU = 24
ZL = 11
BY = 19
9M = 19
YB = 79!!!!
JA = 530
UA0 = 7
V8 = 2
XX9 = 1
VR2 = 1
E51 = 2
HS = 4
H44 = 1
KH2 = 1
EU = 53 almost all on Sat nite only 5 Euros Fri nite....(:!
VE = 71 (MORE YB and VK than VEs)

Lost about 30 min during good JA run QSYing to work a rare IOTA on 40 CW.

Thanks to Ken, N6RO for his usual great hospitality and Gary, NA6O for keeping
me company for 1 hour on Sunday morning before I went to bed.

Thanks to all who called.

73, Bob, K3EST

Day Hr 7 Tot Accum
2017-03-25 00 70 70 70
2017-03-25 01 121 121 191
2017-03-25 02 138 138 329
2017-03-25 03 119 119 448
2017-03-25 04 101 101 549
2017-03-25 05 72 72 621
2017-03-25 06 43 43 664
2017-03-25 07 104 104 768
2017-03-25 08 103 103 871
2017-03-25 09 107 107 978
2017-03-25 10 54 54 1032
2017-03-25 11 100 100 1132
2017-03-25 12 60 60 1192
2017-03-25 13 45 45 1237
2017-03-25 14 56 56 1293
2017-03-25 15 18 18 1311
2017-03-25 16 2 2 1313
2017-03-25 23 21 21 1334
2017-03-26 00 34 34 1368
2017-03-26 01 47 47 1415
2017-03-26 02 40 40 1455
2017-03-26 03 71 71 1526
2017-03-26 04 44 44 1570
2017-03-26 05 42 42 1612
2017-03-26 06 25 25 1637
2017-03-26 07 59 59 1696
2017-03-26 08 55 55 1751
2017-03-26 09 35 35 1786
2017-03-26 10 28 28 1814
2017-03-26 11 47 47 1861
2017-03-26 12 39 39 1900
2017-03-26 13 52 52 1952
2017-03-26 14 48 48 2000
2017-03-26 15 8 8 2008
2017-03-26 22 17 17 2025
2017-03-26 23 22 22 2047
Total 0 2047 2047 2047
W7CAR   SOAB HP   238,6802017-03-27 16:20:09
Tough Band conditions. Only RUN was about 15 minutes on 20 meters only losing
frequency. Operated 99% Search and Pounce. Main Europe was mostly Italy. Did
manage a few New DXCC Band Q's. Hope to have better antennas next year.
W4ML(W4MYA)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   3,558,5402017-03-27 16:23:06
Tried to "run em"
VA2EN   M/S HP   3,562,1462017-03-27 16:50:38
Very tough conditions with no 10m activity and a lot of power line noise on some
Thanks to all who called us!
V3AYR(VE3AYR)   M/S LP   3,4782017-03-27 17:04:30
David is my eleven year old grandson who is on the road to getting his licence.
ZX5J(PP5JR)   SO(A)AB HP   16,535,9862017-03-27 17:05:23
Thank you very much to all that support to put the station, almost complete, on
air again. We had very serious damage in last september.( we lost 10 antennas
and 2 towers,)!Very hard wind!
Wonderful job of the waller flag antenna from N4is, makes the difference in
the low bands. Very difficult on 40 m , big noise from europe, i can image
inside the continent! Good openings on 15, but for us 10 is almost dead.
Amazing signal from K1lz on 40m !!!
Very nice to work py5zbu after many years!
See you in the next one, thank you very much for all that are in my log.
Sergio pp5jr zx5j
W6ABM   SOAB LP   17,3842017-03-27 17:20:24
Casual operation with other activities that I had to attend to over the weekend.
Well worth the time to add a few countries on 40.
KS9K(N4TZ)   SOAB LP   1,407,3282017-03-27 17:35:59
After one of my remaining Orions died during ARRL DX CW, I tried to get my
backup Eagle to work with the last of the Orions in the ARRL SSB. No luck.
So, I bit the bullet and bought the closest thing to an Orion -
a Yaesu FTDX500MP, my first ever non-USA rig. Lots of learning curve
to go through, and less than perfect integration in to the station,
but seems promising. Found out Saturday that my DXDoubler has
been contributing to some long-standing SSB problems - transmitting
on the left radio puts audio onto both microphone connectors! So,
mainly used the left radio for spotting band openings on 10 and
15 meters, since the exchange radios command which has worked
perfectly for many years with a variety of TenTec radios turned
out to be a one-way transfer with the Yaesu.

I had already taken down the 80meter 4 square so was using
35 foot high inverted V on 75meters, so left a lot of potential
QSOs there.

Still had a lot of fun.
KQ4LA   SOAB LP   251,2302017-03-27 17:36:39
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.8
NAME: Jeffrey Swain
ADDRESS: 1684 Sheppard Ave
NX9T   SOAB HP   19,9802017-03-27 17:42:04
A couple quick runs up the band....maybe more next year?
Jeff NX9T
VE9CB   SOAB HP   11,717,1602017-03-27 17:43:47
What a difference in a year. Ten metres was completely dead, and 15m was only
good for a very few QSOs, so most of the action went to 20 and 40m and stayed
there. The crowding on 20m was the most extreme I have seen in years. Space
was short and so were tempers. While I made over 1100 QSOs on 10 and 15
combined last year, this year I made zero on 10 and less than 100 on 15m. All
that traffic had to go somewhere.

In spite of the crowding, I was thrilled that two BYs, several JAs, one HS and
two long-path VK2s found me and I was amazed that I could hear them.

I replaced my single 40m vertical dipole with a switchable array of four
vertical dipoles, and it is working well. I more than doubled my QSO total on
40m, and thereby took myself out of the TS sub-category.

My claimed score dropped about 20% from last year's effort, but I feel very
happy with the result.

I did a little SO2R. While running on 20m, I tuned 15m to find new QSOs and to
search for the great opening to Europe (or anywhere, really) that never came. I
did interleave several dozen 15m QSOs while running on 20m.

Stn 1: FTdx-5000 + AL-80A amplifier (800w out)
Stn 2: TS-590 (100w out)

10/15/20m: X-7 tribander at 22m
40m: 4-square of vertical dipoles
80m: Quad loop
160m: I once heard someone say "If you're on 160 in WPX, you're
NB1N   SO(A)AB HP   2,209,7952017-03-27 17:45:15
Rig: K3
Amp: KPA-500
LP-PAN 2 Panadapter
Ant: All wires
20m and 40m ZS6BKW
15m Delta Loop
80m Dipole
160m K2KQ
RX: homebrew K9AY

Lot of S&P and limited amount of running. Had a couple of good runs on 40m
and 20m but mostly S&P. Max rate was 240 per hour, best 1 hour rate was 88.
I entered assisted for the first time, but the spotting network did not proved
to be useful. I have much to learn on how choose the right cluster and how to
set the right filters. Most of the sports were either busted or I did not hear
the station that was spotted, and/or showed up too late to the game. 80m was
surprisingly good, the conditions on 40m was very challenging, so little usable
bandwidth and so many stations. Found very few that was working split, not like
in a CW contest which could have provided a few more multipliers. 20m was the
go to band, Sunday stayed open all day. I found very little activity on 15,
especially on Sunday. I think I will do more phone in the future even though
it is a lot more work. Thanks everyone for the Qs, but most of all my wife for
keeping me on life-support throughout the contest with fresh Java, apple pie and
good home cooking, that afforded me the extended BIC.

73, Sandor - NB1N
V31VP(@V31DL)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   5,774,2522017-03-27 17:47:06
This was my third trip down to operate from the fine shack at the Maya Hill
Lodge in Blackman Eddy Belize. A big thanks go to Andre and Monika for their
hospitality. When I arrived Thursday night the Station Master Deluxe was
showing an error message. Fortunately Andre (DL1AS) who was in Germany at the
time did his remote access magic, reprogrammed it while I slept and all was
ready to rock at 0000Z.

And boy did things rock! I started a terrific 450 QSO 2-1/2 run on 20m that
just wouldn't quit including 218 QSOs in the first hour! Being able to sit
here at an optimum standoff range from the rest of North America does have its
advantages (along with a rare prefix).

As many have noted, this was largely a 20m and 40m affair, although 15m played
here better than most places I think, as the great 15m run I had on Sunday
afternoon will attest.

Although I ran assisted, most of the time I was able to just run. However,
when the runs dried up and/or my poor brain was sufficiently fried that I
wanted a little slower pace I shifted to happily clicking on the nice red spots
in N1MM+ to add to the mult total and make other folks happy by having the mult
come to them. I even worked a few South Americans on 10m solely by search and
pounce mainly to help out the guys down there who bravely may have entered the
SOSB10 category in the current crummy conditions.

Thanks to the US guys who stood by while I called for Europe or JA during the
relatively narrower propagation windows for them. Later, one discontented soul
told me in the midst of my 15m run to the US Sunday afternoon that he would not
work me because I wouldn't work USA guys on 20m for a while on Saturday (I only
asked exclusively for EU for a time). He didn't volunteer a callsign, but
hopefully my explanation about limited propagation windows provided a
"teachable moment". He made his point, I made mine and we both left
it at that.

I used K3IT's QSOrder program for the first time in a contest, not that I
expect to score high enough to need to submit recordings, but just to get
familiar with it and later post them on the internet so that people can hear
how they sounded down in Belize. Most, but unfortunately not all QSO's got
recorded, due to either a technical problem or human error on my part. After I
get the recordings posted to the internet I'll put a blurb on the V31VP
page with instructions on how to listen (I have to figure this out myself

Thanks to the contest sponsors for promoting and organizing these great
contests . I would also be remiss if I didn't also express my appreciation to
the N1MM+ team of volunteer software developers for the fantastic work they do.
Their efforts in what can only be a labor of love have revolutionized

73, Victor V31VP (WB0TEV)
KB9OWD   SOAB(TS) LP   73,1442017-03-27 17:49:27
Rolled into town on Friday after a week long family trip to St. Louis. Had to
work all day Saturday and tired from a week on the go. Very limited time on
for a few short chunks (a couple hours Friday evening and a couple again
Saturday evening, about 1/2 hour Sunday late afternoon).

40 seemed to be in decent shape with some good runs, including a 100+ hour
Saturday evening. Thanks for all the QSO's!!


N4DU   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   73,3922017-03-27 17:55:07
A3S Tri-bander up 45 ft. and 160M Inverted L up 60 ft.
WB9KPT   SOAB(TS) HP   199,7502017-03-27 17:56:08
Missed 200K points by one contact! Worked more stations on 15M than I expected,
should have spent more time on 80M.
WA6URY   SOAB HP   102,5892017-03-27 17:58:12
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
VE3WG   SOAB LP   122,2572017-03-27 18:43:31
40/80 antenna died Saturday evening.
AA4LR   SO(A)AB LP   1442017-03-27 19:59:16
15m shunt-fed tower (80m)

Elecraft K3/100 with KAT3


Too busy this weekend with TKD Referee seminar to spend much time on the air.
Got on briefly Friday night and tried to work a few spots on 80m.
W6US   SOAB LP   178,1802017-03-27 20:55:05
10M never opened...
W4GE   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   42,8002017-03-27 20:56:53
Had to leave for the weekend for future granddaughter's baby shower. Fun while
it lasted!


Rig: K3,P3, KPA500, KAT500, Acom 1500, XMatch
Ant TX: OCF, 1/4 wave 80m Vertical, Hex at 35ft
Ant RX: Pixel Loop, Pennant, RBOG N/S, RBOG E/W
KM5VI   SOAB(TS) HP   3,368,9862017-03-27 21:22:47
I got off to a late start Friday waiting for a line of storms to finish moving
though the area but I still had a lot of fun. The multipliers were down this
year - probably should have run across the band more but I was lazy and just
sat and ran frequency most of the weekend. My rotor indicator stopped working
Saturday afternoon but at least the antenna would still turn even if I wasn't
sure of the direction. Ditto on all the propagation comments... propagation
to Asia was generally poor, 15m was open into the southern hemisphere only
except some sporadic openings into southern EU Sunday morning, not enough
activity to justify hanging out there. 20m & 40m were both in good shape.
80m was good Friday night despite the departing storm system but I had a lot of
trouble being heard on Saturday night.

73 to all.
B4T(@BI4SSB)   M/M HP   2,078,1402017-03-27 21:44:05
Could not get 2 or 3 stations working at the same time due to poor
conditions,it's indeed a Multi-Single operation instead of the Multi-Multi

Had Southern Asians' QSO's far more than any other areas of the world during
the entire contest.

Not a single NA were heard on 15m!

All Europeans had to S&P on 20 and 40 either,could not run them at all,very
DQ5M(DJ8OG)   SO(A)AB HP   6,745,7742017-03-27 23:02:15
TNX to all of you for this weekend.

Was looking forward to this one but when I saw the CONDX and looked out the
window it was really hard to stay in the chair inside :-) but finally did and
I'm glad I did. Sunday conditions got better and so the fun.

Had some bad experience but what you keep in mind is always the fun. Station
worked fine and without a single failure.

Thanks to Phil for his call, after WPX RTTY it was the second time we had it on
air at DJ6QT station

Hope to catch you all next time again,
Vy73 Matt - DJ8OG
D41CV(IZ4DPV)   SOSB15 HP   9,006,2942017-03-28 03:08:43
Very nice contest but no JA stazion whit 12 sun spot!!
Tnx for all station, cu next time from monteverde contest team D4C.
EB8AH   M/S HP   45,777,5342017-03-28 03:13:59
Thanks to everyone for QSO!

We had a good fun, within 48 hours of the contest, 2 weeks before installing
all those antennas, equipment and 2 days disassembling it.

See you next contests from Montana de Guia.

On behalf of EF8R/EB8AH team,
Andrei, RA6LBS
K1DJ   SO(A)AB LP   155,2322017-03-28 04:13:03
Pretty good fun for a phone contest! K3S (100w) into SteppIR 3-el with the
30/40 meter rotary trombone element. Mostly S&P with some C&P (tried
to spot at least as many as I found thanks to others' spots). Highlights were
working three Japan stations Sunday early evening, New Zealand, and several
other new phone countries. An advantage of rarely using phone is that I still
have many "new" phone countries to work! Perhaps I will make phone
DXCC some day? 73 - Rich, K1DJ
K8AJS   SO(A)AB HP   25,8722017-03-28 05:52:51
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 18 82 16 4.6
14 64 174 56 2.7
21 18 52 12 2.9
Total 100 308 84 3.1

Thanks to all for the contacts!

Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antennas: 204-foot G5RV, 3 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6108.0
WP4X(NP4Z)   SOAB HP   11,505,1122017-03-28 06:27:29
Had fun on the low bands, with 15 meters being very limited of EU.. I don't
remember the last time it was so bad.. I could hear 8p5a working eu that i
couldn't hear and YN2KW working USA that I couldn't hear.

THe station worked well... Many thanks for all qsos and to Edgardo for lending
me the WP4X call sign...

Cu on the next one...


Set up:

10/15/20/40 stacks
80 mtr K8UR 4 sq
160 2 el phased vert.
Acom 2000/AL-1200
W1GD   SO(A)AB HP   214,4522017-03-28 06:44:24
Just a few hours here in there during a busy weekend.
YT7A(YU7GM)   SOSB40 HP   7,289,1852017-03-28 06:45:37
Thanks to everyone who worked me. Also thanks to OK7W and OK1NP for nice virtual
fight on livescore and congratulate him for nice scores.
After seeing score from TM6M it was clear that when work any station from
France we can not chase first place in Europe.
This is not only in CQ WPX, this is situation also in CQ WW and ARRL.......

Equipment used> FT1000MP, 3el. yagi 30m, 2el. yagi 24m, 3el. rotary Cubical
Quad 24m, 320m Rhomb 10m, Beverage to USA.

73! CU Ivanko YU7GM
W3TB   SOAB LP   108,5012017-03-28 06:46:30
Single Op not-assisted, subcategory of tribander/wires.
VP5P   M/S HP   5,083,7552017-03-28 06:50:54
Thanks for the great contest. Approx 130' ASL SteppIR 3 elements 20-15-10 on 35'
tower, fixed North/South, Dipole on 40-80 @ 35'. Flex 6500, KPA500 @ 500 watts.
NM2O   SOAB LP   13,6012017-03-28 07:12:26
Lost my good wire antenna due to ice storm earlier this winter. That antenna is
still under 2 feet of snow. Got a FD antenna out of storage; clip leads came in
handy to make the connection at the antenna. Worked a few. Several big gun guys
said "Thanks for new mult."

Got mixed up with KM2O once. The big-gun thought I was a dupe, but was happy to
get a new mult at the end. I'm sure there aren't many new mults worked at 2345
the second day.
CX2DK   SOSB15 HP   6,869,3902017-03-28 07:20:56
Hi guys!

Another great contest @ Una casa con 10 pinos.
Fair conditions without QRN.
1 JA via LP and 30 via SP.
3 VU when my antenna beam to North!

Strong signal from China and neighbors without rx.

Congratulations Max IZ4DPV for your amazing performance, nice job!
Parabens PW2D, excelente station com score muito bons!

Very happy with the station performance and multipliers...
I see you soon


Marcelo CX2DK/CW4MAX
PS2T(PY2ZEA)   SOSB10 HP   309,8142017-03-28 07:49:25
After half a century of various contest experiences,
I wanted to try something new.

That was entering 10M monoband during a sunspot minimum,
with a miserable propagation forecast.

About 8000 CQs by F1 gave 400 Qs.The remaining 80 were by S&P.
First day 300 Qs, the second day 184 Qs.

Continent distribution:
NA 56 %
SA 30 %
EU 8 %
AF 3 %
OC 2 %
AS 1 %

Nothing from Russia and the ex-Soviet countries.
No JA, no VE, no DL.
Just EA CT F G EI SV I ZB2 9H from EU.

The short US "pile-up" with rates up to 80/hour
lasted from 19Z to 22Z

I screened the WPX SSB 10M results for past decades:
It seems that the propagation in 2017 was the worst since 1986.

The highlight of this contest was the five-star service provided
by my host Atilano, PY5EG, and his wife Marcia. This included
full breakfast, tasty lunch, and delicious dinner served with red wine.

The rig: Yaesu FT-2000 with amp, 1 kW
Ant: Two 6 el monoband yagis up 22m and 12m plus a SteppIR up 40m,
allowing simultaneous beaming in 3 directions.

73, Ville PY2ZEA OH2MM
K4VBM   SOAB LP   7142017-03-28 07:55:50
Not much time available this weekend, but managed to get on for just a short
time here and there. Happy to finally get John K4BAI in my log on 80m!
FY5KE(F1HAR)   SOSB15 LP   3,544,5602017-03-28 08:38:34
Another remote activity from FY5KE.
Sorry for the traditional time delay.
Thanks all for Qso.

CU in the next one.

Marc F1HAR
AH7/K8PGJ   SOAB HP   2,974,6402017-03-28 08:45:15
SO HP for the first time away from Home QTH. Heard 1 station on 10 and worked
them. 20 was the Money Band. The 40M band was packed and difficult to get in
but is finally opened long. 15 had burst of openings both Saturday and Sunday.
Difficult to S&P with a long call sign.
Aloha from the Big Island and Thanks for the shack from KH6RC and for the
operators that struggled with me.
ES9C(ES7GM)   SO(A)AB HP   10,360,3202017-03-28 09:11:15
So there I was, listening others having US pile-ups on 40 and on 80. I worked a
few on 40 and zero on 80. That pretty much sums up the propagation that we had
up here. Otherwise enjoyable contest with some more or less decent 20m runs. 15
was was interesting - stations literally booming +20 or whispering in the
distance. And as we all know 10 meters decided to take a break.

Station was working well, minor antenna rotation problems but nothing too
serious. Saw my whole life flash before my eyes while setting up the station. I
created a short circuit by mistake which led to a power loss. For the next hour
there was a blind spot in my eyes while blinking. I've never seen and heard
anything like this in my life.

But overall a nice weekend!
73! ES7GM
KD2FIX   SOSB40(TS) HP   10,8772017-03-28 09:54:31
IC756PRO3, AL-1200, DIPOLE @35'
WN2O(N2GC)   SOSB80(TS) HP   204,9602017-03-28 09:57:57
IC756PRO3, AL-1200, DIPOLE @35'
EU4E   SO(A)SB80(TS) HP   981,7832017-03-28 10:52:01
TX: GU74b
ANT: Folded GP 16 mh

IT9DGG   SO(A)SB20 LP   66,7852017-03-28 11:00:18
good contest
EF9R(EA9LZ)   SOSB40 HP   20,615,1142017-03-28 11:03:14
As always, fun is what I looking for and fun I found, all we know about poor
conditions but this is part of the game.
OptiBeam 3 elements full size
Luso Tower 48 meters rotary.
Kenwood TS990S
OM amplifier stack match.
powered by Wintest.

Thank you to every body for calling me and of course really very sorry for my

73s, Jorge EA9LZ (EF9R)
OK1NP(@OK3RM)   SOSB40 HP   6,318,2912017-03-28 11:34:12
With 2el.(NOT fullsize) + dipol from Center Europe i think nice result.

At first my big thanks to Zdeno OK3RM for his excelent support (his soup was
amazing and it was both days right start to the next stage) :)).

I would like to say few words about QRM, IC-765 must have a excelent output
signal, because there was a many events when some station like US.. or LY...
sit e.g. 800 Hz from me and both were at me 9+30 dB with 10db ATT. You must
admit that read weak signals is then impossible. You hear that something
calling, but is real impossible read it. I was really frustrated at times.

But i had great time, i enjoy the contest and it is more important than results
and records :))).

Thank you all stations in log and see you later ;).
Thank you too OK7W and YT7A for nice virtual fight on

S56M(@S5ØG)   SO(A)SB80 HP   3,213,9202017-03-28 12:11:38
Tiresome, to all of us, I guess.

Thank you for your patience, my friends.

CU in next one.

73 de Vito, S56M
RW9USA   SO(A)SB20 HP   5,134,8552017-03-28 13:01:25
Terrible noise from streetlights.It was very difficult to read a signals after

73 to all!


ANT: 7/6/6 yagi.
OT6M   M/S HP   5,409,3002017-03-28 13:58:08
This edition of the WPX SSB was the first M/S entry from OT6M. That means we
didn't have a real goal what to aim for or what would be possible.
With 4 operators (Frank-ON9CC, Rens-PA3FGA, Claudia-PD5AX and Aurelio-PC5A) we
started and also ended the contest and were able to man the dual transceiver
setup (inband) always with two op's. The setup changed compared to the RDXC by
swapping the good old ORION (565) with the ORION II (566), thanks to a very
generous offer of the 5th core team member Mark-PA5MW, who had other
commitments for this contest.

TRX: IC7800 and Orion II (interlocked)
PA: ACOM2000
TRX: dipoles for 160m and 80m, OB2-40, OB11-3, 3 el.SteppIR

Frank and Aurelio started the contest on 40M, after having drunk a nice cup of
Dolce Gusto coffee and eaten a piece of a home made pie (something with
chocolate, cherries and whip cream). The band sounded kind of weird, the
loudest signals from the US were just making the S-meter move a bit... When we
QSY'ed to 80M things were much better with some nice EU runs. 40M remained poor
for cross continental QSO's. After the first 6 night time hours only 340 QSO's
were made. Even without any reference score we felt this was kind of poor... We
hoped daytime propagation would compensate that.
Well, it didn't.. 15M was really bad... and we couldn't get anything going on
20M either. This all changed when around 17Z (still daytime) we moved to 40M
where we had the 3 best hours of the contest with 136, 147 and 96 Q's per hour.
It helped bring the total at half-time to 1400Q's. usually you can multiply this
QSO number by 1.5 to arrive at the final QSO count, which would mean around 2100
Q's. But then the bands would have to remain in the same shape.
Day two was comparable with day one except that 15M brought in some needed
multipliers. That band never opened to North America. In fact only 5 stations
from NA were worked... Are we in the solar minimum already?

So we set a benchmark for next years, had a wonderful weekend and just enjoyed
the great radio-sport.

Some things we noticed
- the ORION II did not produce a spike on the ICOM when the ORION II stopped
transmitting -> one problem solved!
- every time we tuned above 7.200 MHz we heard a lot of stations calling CQ but
none of them had to the idea to listen SPLIT, between 7.060 and 7.200 MHz... a
- the K9AY we used on 160, 80 and even 40M proved very effective.
- 40M proved to be the bread-and-butter band, thanks to the new 2 EL 40M yagi.
- far less stations tuned across the band compared to RDXC. If you were not
spotted it was very difficult to get any runs. At least we tried to help the
others though... and placed about 380 spots our selves (eh.. it helps to have a
2nd station that can actually tune across the band, while the other tries to get
a run going, hihi).
- a tip for N1MM users: you can switch on the option "SPOT ALL S&P

On behalf of the team at OT6M
-- Aurelio, PC5A
IW2HAJ   SO(A)AB HP   6,530,0482017-03-28 14:44:29
Thank you for all for qso!
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SO(A)AB HP   233,2662017-03-28 15:15:06
This was a mixed-emotion remote operation from NX6T's contest in Fallbrook, Ca.
Due to weird audio-routing problems I got a late start (02:00z) with more
problems surfacing a half hour into the contest.
Equipment-wise Station #1 consisted of an Elecraft K3 running into an ACOM
2000a amp to the tune of about 800 watts (keeping the amp heat and the shack
down to 40-deg c)into a C-31XR tri-bander for the high bands, 2-el on 40 and an
80-m Inverted Vee.
Overall Saturday ran rather well altho throughout the weekend Auroral flutter
made voices sound strange; sometimes resulting in 2 copies of the same signal
coming at me simultaneously - very strange indeed.
I mostly ran frequencies interspersed with S&P thanks to spots on the band
40 meters brought a bunch of EU and even some AF QSOs - very nice for us Left
Coast operators. Surprisingly, 80-meters yielded a dozen SA stations; not bad
for an inverted Vee.
On Saturday 10 meters yielded only 2 QSOs (@23:00z) even though a I called CQ
throughout the day.
The BiG disappointment came (@19:20z) when a power failure occurred in the NX6T
shack with no human operators present to restore the power. For WQ6X, that was
the end of the contest. The hoped-for 2nd shot at 15 & 10 meters never
An upside of this disappointment is that I learned how to program the K3's
voice memories remotely, allowing me to run the contest largely with function
I also made extensive use of an EASY Button ("That was Easy") when
pressing F3 to send the "Thank You" message.
Did YOU hear the easy button?
AI4WU   SO(A)AB HP   289,8722017-03-28 15:57:44
SOAPBOX: Due to a number of factors only 9 hours of operatation were
SOAPBOX: possible this year. Had a great time for those few hours though!
NA8V   SOAB HP   720,9002017-03-28 16:00:56
Passing out the multiplier.....
N8SK   SOAB LP   33,9842017-03-28 16:22:01
N8SK's Totals: #QSOs = 124; #QSO Points = 288; #Prefixes(PXs) = 118;
N8SK's Total Score = 288 QSOpoints x 118 Prefixes = 33,984;

NAME: Tony Hackenberg
ADDRESS-CITY: The Villages
SOAPBOX: OP (N8SK) TIME about 15h 17m 01s
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   20,506,6892017-03-28 16:57:54
Been a busy contest season but still wanted to make time for WPX SSB as it is
one of my favorites.

As reported, conditions were challenging. With little propagation to
participation-rich Europe on 15, and none on 10, my QSO count was down about
1100 from last year.

Managed about 250 more lowband Q's this year to help the score, despite 80 and
40 being much noisier than usual. Also, serious line noise toward Europe has
developed, impacting all bands. The K3 noise blanker did a good job blocking
the pulses, but distorted the receive audio in the process, especially on
crowded bands like 20.

Despite it all, there were some memorable moments where the QRM parted and
there was a great opening behind it. Some fun runs on 80, 40 and even a brief
one on 10 are what keeps me coming back.

Had to replace a rotor before the contest that had an indicator problem. Also
the usual intermittent connections needed to be sorted out. A few hours before
the contest I was doing a final audio check when I noticed interstation
interference on 80 when transmitting on 40. It did not happen when
transmitting with the other radio/amp. I had been operating with the Solid
State amp cover off since I had repaired a part at home and when I went to
install it, I was missing a cable. I made a replacement but it interfered with
the cover and I did not want to stress the cable. Believing that the absent
cover might be the issue, I decided to put it on. In the process, I shorted
the 50V to ground. A spark and a bang resulted. Usually it takes 30 hours
awake to display such bad judgement, but this proves I can do dumb stuff fully
rested as well. Fortunately, the power supply had overcurrent protection and
came right back with a power cycle. The amp, and the rest of the station
worked well the rest of the weekend. Found the interference problem after the
contest, replaced a coax cable but may have just been a loose connection

A fun weekend, but hard work

Thanks for all the Q's and again to my wife Kathleen whose help remains

73, Tom W2SC

QSL via LoTW or NN1N
KG5HVO   SOAB(R) LP   194,7282017-03-28 17:40:10
Yaseu FT-900AT, Homebrew vertical

Hello fellow contest operators!

Thanks for all the QSOs in the contest! I had a pretty rough start to begin
with. My main antenna, the dipole, failed during an intense thunderstorm 3
hours before the contest so I was forced to my homebrew vertical which is not
my best antenna for the high bands.

I started on 40m which was good because I picked up my first QSO at 00:27Z and
followed with many more QSOs on 40m. I went to 20m to see if the band was open
and was quite surprised to see how well the band was. I worked lots of SA and
some NA. KL7RA was booming in. I went back to 40m to pick up my rate doing
S&P. I went to check 15m at around 0300Z to make sure the band was asleep
but I ran into ZL4AS! I then went back to 40m which I stayed on the band the
resty of the night.

Next morning I woke up at about 12:45Z to try and catch some JAs on 40m. No
JAs but plenty of lids!! I heard a station call a contest staion using the
callsign of SH1T! SH1T, SERIOUSLY!!! I have some words for you lid! GROW

10m was on fire Saturday afternoon!! It was open to SA most of the time with
some Carrib. stations poking for some action. Please stop trash talking the
10m band, it was great Saturday afternoon and Sunday scoring me 40 Qs even at
PW2F(@PY2EYE)   M/S HP   11,839,3342017-03-28 18:12:14
Rig: FT-2000 + TS-850S
Amp: Alpha 91b + Hallicrafter HT-33B
Ant: 10/15/20 - TH7DX
10m - 5 el. Yagi Monoband
40m - 2 el. Yagi monoband
80m - Inverted V

Hi guys,

It was a big party. We did during the contest some maintenances in the station
and also lots of beer and barbecue (as usual).

The propagation was bad as everybody could experienced during the contest. 10
meters was an inexistent band, even that we can manage 322 QSOs. The best band
for us was 15 meters.

Our station is small, so it was hard, we don't have THE "signal" on
mid / low bands, so it make all worst.

Great battle with PQ5B friends in Getscores. Thank you guys!

Highlight of this contest is to PU2XDX, João with 11 years old. His first
multi-single contest.


PU2XDX - João Pedro
PY2EYE - Nilson
PY2NA - Mark
PY2NDX - Rafael
PY2YU - Tom
AF6SA   M/S HP   38,6562017-03-28 18:40:12
Limited time S&P as M/S with my son Alex / KK6VIX.
K1HG   SOAB LP   21,0872017-03-28 18:55:37
Limited operating time. TS-570SG / G5RV@35FT / 100 WATTS
K5FUV   SOAB LP   519,5892017-03-28 18:58:28
Unusual contest. I've never had a contest in 40 years where I was totally
blanked on 10 meters. Thunderstorms took out Friday night on 80 for the most
part, and I really didn't feel like slogging through 40 all night.

While I truly believe the an all band effort in WPX can be competitive using
only two bands, this weekend took it to extremes. 20 was the only band open to
EU on Saturday (at least from here) and 15 meters to EU was spotty at best.
Sounded like 10 during marginal years, first one area, then another, with SA
always there.

At least I was able to improve substantially on last year's score. Weekend
wasn't a total waste because I got to catch my son's gig with Randy Brecker and
Marvin Stamm on a livestream on Saturday afternoon.
VE3WPV   SO(A)AB HP   20,7482017-03-28 19:41:27
Was only able to participate for an hour each on Saturday and Sunday. Was my
first CQ WPX Contest.
VE4EV(VE4DRK)   SOAB LP   118,5552017-03-28 19:43:45
decent opening on sunday. operated sporadically. not sure why i had a few
calls indicate I was already logged - i wasn't that tired.
only heard a couple local callsigns - seemed quieter. 73, Dan ve4drk
AA4NP   SOSB10 LP   1,6562017-03-28 20:18:04
10 m was very tough this year. The one bright spot was working VK4KW on Sunday

TS50, 100 watts

Inverted L antenna
VC6V(@VE6SV)   M/S HP   8,625,1202017-03-28 20:24:08
This was really a single band event for us. Like everywhere else
in the world we also had no 10M and 15M propagation.

We continue to struggle to make 40M truly productive. To be somewhat
competitive we needed to put 1000 Qs in the log on 40M, just could
not make that happen.

A lot of stations asked us WHY VC6V does not show up in the QRZ database and
I mean a lot! Kind of slowed the rate down as we explained why.

20M had some interesting prop performance on Sunday with the stack split
between Europe and Japan/Asia it was exciting to have the run interleaved
with Qs from both regions for about (3) hours.

Still can not get adjusted to the 10 band changes an hour, we miss the old
M/S rules. Marvel at the big guns in M/S that interleave Qs on the same band
and other bands. One needs a large operator team and more hardware, which
seems to elude us.

WA8WZG   SOAB HP   700,4472017-03-28 21:08:03
Good opening on 20 from Arizona into EU most of Sunday morning, was better than
I would have guessed with the low sun numbers. 20 meters was good most all day
both days in general but at SR in Arizona, was EXCELLENT to Asia. The storms in
the eastern part of the US on Friday night, made 80 and 40 a real challenge, but
there was good activity and some strong signals. 10 meters never developed for
me the whole weekend , 15 was good into SA and some AS, late Sunday
afternoon,but not much activity.
CV7S(CX7SS)   SO(A)SB15 HP   3,627,4072017-03-28 21:17:00
TMØT(F4HQZ)   SOAB HP   14,452,1022017-03-28 23:00:33
Following the great storm Zeus during the ARRL Phone contest, I had to roll up
my sleeves to repair the damage in order to be active in the CQWPX phone
Contest (SOAB). I did not expect to beat the previous record in that category,
due to low solar activity (worse on 15-meter band than during the ARRL
Contest). My higher QSO rates were better on 40m (166 QSO/H)than on 20m.
Propagation was so poor on 15m that it did not pay off with the NA Continent

There is still much work to be done before being fully operational, but once
again I enjoyed this weekend. I’d like to thank you all for calling, and
sorry for those I could not copy.

73 de Gildas, TM0T (aka F4HQZ)

Icom 7800 + HB linear amp.

160m: 18m vertical T with elevated radials

80m: Top-loaded delta loop

40m: 4 el. DXBeam @ 27m

20m: 5 el. DXBeam @ 24m

15m: 6 el. DXBeam @ 22m

10m: 7x7 el. DXBeam @ 18/10m

Beverage antenna on receive

OK8WW   SOSB80 HP   2,247,8502017-03-28 23:09:43
Some Murphys activities, but I enjoyed contest a lot. Thank you all for QSO.

73 de Rich OK8WW / OM2TW
KA9BBQ   SOAB LP   2,5502017-03-29 00:55:12
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 1 1 1 1.0
14 25 57 25 2.3
21 8 17 8 2.1
Total 34 75 34 2.2
PJ2HQ(PY4LH)   SOSB15 HP   2,774,4032017-03-29 08:05:37
I loved to participate CQWPX in the Curaçao, besides it is logical to know its
beautiful beaches. I want to thank my friends Geoff (PJ2T), Julio (PP2BT) and
Stephano (PT2IC).
WW2DX(@W1/EASTPORT)   M/S HP   13,661,3012017-03-29 08:13:38
Lets do WPX.

It’s hard to believe that its been close to 3 years since WRTC 2014 and that
was the last time myself and W2RE have operated a contest together. Like all
contests, there is a fury of activity just before the start to make sure
everything is in order for the test. The big issue this time around was
locating the 4O3A lockout box which was found less than 24 hours before the
contest that was buried in a box and collecting dust. After wiring up the foot
switches, testing the station for full operation we were ready to make a go at
it. This is the first time we have tried a full remote M/S event. The location
of the actual operators was at our RHR office in Pawling, NY. The office space
is new, warm and walking distance to most anything we need. W2RE posted on
Facebook Thursday looking for any ops who would like to join our team. Luckily
Noah K2NG and Dave NA2AA both replied and said they could join us!

The setup.

We had two K3/0’s setup in the office, one was the run radio and other was
for chasing mults. Unfortunately, the station in Eastport has been initially
built for DXing so there are no filters installed at the station yet. This
caused a lot of hash on the 2nd radio and removed the ability to use the 2nd
radio on the same band so we were limited to about 5 mults per hour to keep in
with the 10 band change rule. We also had some sort of audio issue on the mult
radio which we ended up solving by replacing the wall wart power supply.

During the battle.

The first night is always a grind. We used the built in score reporting tool in
N1MM+ to post our real time score to which worked flawlessly. The
first night it was clear everyone was dealing with the same conditions and slow
rates. At 4:45am EST the game changed for us, this is when the first EU contact
was logged on 20m. After that point we were off to the races and rate kept
climbing and we clearly watched our score start to pull away from the rest of
the pack. Miraculously we were able to keep this lead for most of the remainder
of the contest but more on that a little later.

Saturday night we had a great opening to Asia on 20m, really loud JA’s and
another nice run of BY’s, HL’s and YB’s. What a rush it is to see just
about every qso logged show up red in the entry window! Although a nice run to
Asia we logged very little VK/ZL during this time, we even spent some time
becoming directly to the VK/ZL but could not stir up any takers. The only
station problem we had all weekend happened around 2am Sunday morning the tower
would not rotate CW. We could move CCW and we did a few times in short
increments to see if we could get it to swing back CW but no deal. After trying
everything we could being over 500 miles away we just had to deal with it. The
stacks were pointing to 29deg and we were nervous come the 20m opening. We
feared being that far north and the narrow beam width of the stack would surely
kill our advantage during the 20m opening, we were wrong. We ended up getting a
huge run of asiatic russians with all kinds of unique prefixes which we would
never have worked with the wall of central and southern EU! I guess a blessing
in desguise which worked out for us and we were able to sustain our lead.
Without any explanation we tried the CW direction later in the morning and
things were working as expected. Gremlins. We ended up spending more time on
80m since the band was not as crowded as 40m while still being able to sustain
a EU run. Another nice advantage of being that far north and east.

Station performance.

Operating this station for the past year and it never ceases to impress. You
can listen to EU around the clock on 40m.

We recently had fiber installed at the site and you would simply never know you
were operating 500 miles away from the transmitters with perfect and flawless
connections, still seems like magic. Sure beats the 18 hour round trip drive!

Some pics of the station and the operators.

This is going to be close.

Wow, what a rush it was watching the scoreboard! To be honest I thought the
half a million lead was going to be easy to sustain, well it wasn’t. Truth be
told, one of the big advantages we had was 15 meters never really opened. If 15m
opened the numbers would have been much different. The first 45 hours of the
contest everyone was basically on 1 or 2 bands but the last 3 hours more bands
were open and that's when our lead was quickly closing directly in front of us,
every 5 minutes of the refresh the gap was getting closed. The WX3B team did
tremendous job hammering away at the last 3 hours of the test. I bet if we
listened really hard we could hear Jim cracking that whip! Within the last 10
minutes the WX3B team had just edged ahead and we were in adrenaline mode, I
think W2RE lost his voice from the last hour of the contest! It was also great
to see a young M/M team at K1TTT (NE1C) who did a great job!

Finishing up.

Thanks to Noah and Dave for joining us last minute, we enjoyed their company
and their operating skills! Congratulations to all the other operators who
toughed it out over the weekend. I’m proud of all the hams who through the
decades have pushed the envelope further and further in technology. We had four
guys sitting in a warm office in NY playing radio with absolutely no issues
operating a station over 500 miles away just like we were sitting at the
station. Exciting times for the hobby.

73 Lee


K3’s + Expert 1/1.3K Amps

10m - 8/8/8
15m - 4/4/4
20m - 4/4/4
40m - 3 elements
80m - 4 Square
160 - Inverted L
CS9/PD3EM   SOAB LP   2,065,0142017-03-29 08:20:19
Operated from the same shack next to CQ3W (Helmut DF7ZS) on second-best-band.
Although the conditions were poor, I still had a lot of fun during the contest.
HG8R(HA8JV)   SOSB160 HP   595,2322017-03-29 10:58:26
Thanks for all calers! RUN/SP 616/38, 33*DX.
Setup: FT1000D,HMPA,1/4L vertical, 3*beverages(SW,NW,NE)200-240ml,K9ay.
See you in the next one!
73 DX Pali HA8JV/HG8R
CG4JBB(@VE4EA)   M/S HP   2,082,2952017-03-29 11:19:13
This was Jessy, VE4JBB's first taste of RadioSport. Hopefully, there will be
many more such events and weekends. Jessy is just one example of what we can
do to help encourage HF activity and mentor new generation of licensees.

We decided to use the CG4 prefix, in celebration of Canada 150 (Confederation
in 1867). Props to all those who got it right, the first call.

After several months of drought, propagation was relatively good from Manitoba.

Congratulations to VE4VT/VE4EAR for a stellar effort.
Thank you to all for the fun and contacts

Jessy and Cary

TH7 @50ft
XE1AY   SOAB LP   1,2642017-03-29 11:19:35
I was with many friends in Uruapan, Mich in a meeting and they install a dipole
20 and 40 m and 10 m beam, working with a TS-440S and they saw how a contest is
EA7EU(@ED7O)   SO(A)AB HP   3,094,0142017-03-29 13:05:23
Hello guys!

Terrible propagation during all the weekend but specially the first evening.

Pretty poor score but for sure will be much better ther next time, we need to
be positive!! :-D

On ED7O this time I cant use the station stacks because we are working on
better desing,but soon will be ready. Also working on new antennas for 40
meters and 160m.

I was very lucky to have ready the Beverage fixed to USA on time, amazing

Just one radio used.

Stuff here:
Radio: TS590SG
Amp: OM Power OM2000A+
Antennas: Momobeam MB12 (10-15-20m) and MB1 (40m), Vertical 80m

Thanks to everybody how call me back.

Hear you soon!

IY4FGM   M/S HP   4,679,2562017-03-29 14:49:43
We decided to activate IY4FGM again, this time with a new setup and new
antennas. Unfortunately, propagation has not been on our side, but we had a
great time anyway, as new and old friends met once more in that very magic
place where the Radio initially began.
On behalf of the whole team, thanks for the QSOs!
IR6T   M/2 HP   22,482,4202017-03-29 15:09:21
We planned this contest to introduce some new operators to the wonderful world
of contesting. Due to the high number ops available and to have more fun we
decided to take part in the Multi Two category. Our main goal was to have fun
and teach something to new operators, so we started the contest very relaxed.

The 40m system worked excellently for almost 48 hours, that was the key of the
contest considering that the high bands were apparently dead. Good opening on
Sunday afternoon towards North America with huge signals on 15m, unfortunately
only a hundred of station came to contact us. On 80m and 160m we used
a full-size vertical and a dipole respectively. We experienced some problems
on 20m to contact europeans, sure we need to check the system and make some
improvements to cover higher take off angles. The rest of the setup worked
smoothly except for the inband which is still almost deaf. This not helped
finding and working mults, by the way the mults resulted in a good number.

The last hours we checked on cqcontest and tired but well motivated we pushed
more the score reaching 22.5M.

After all it was a nice weekend with good food brought by Sal IK8UND and good
company. The newbie were happy and, at least for this point, we accomplished
our mission. Still a lot of work needs to be done and they have to take part
in a lot more contests.

Hope to see you in the next contests.

On behalf of IR6T
KK6P(W7IV)   SOSB80 HP   77,6142017-03-29 15:30:29
Just wanted to jump in and up the NCCC participation numbers. Saturday night
only. I was going to stop at 100, but just kept going. Took a nap and didn't
wake up until after the band was closed.

Only real DX I managed to the East was CT and CN. I plan to have real antennas
by next contest season.
YV1YL   SOSB10 LP   194,3702017-03-29 15:36:26
NØOST   SO(A)AB HP   453,2282017-03-29 16:27:45
Storm moved in at the start of the contest so lost a few hours there. Rest of
the weekend was off and on rain. Conditions however were better than expected
on 20 and 40. Still had a good time, gotta get something better on and 80 and
put something up for 160. Thanks to all for the Q's. 73. Jeff
K5VV   SOAB HP   215,4242017-03-29 18:52:39
Had fun, lots of activity. Wish I could've worked a bit more.

Also picked up San Marino (ATNO), 7 new countries on 40m, 2 new on 15m, and 3
new on 20m.
AD5XD   SOAB(TS) HP   1,880,6702017-03-29 20:34:20
Rig: Elecraft K3
Amp: Expert 1K
10/15/20 Mosley CL-33 at 10m
40m Inverted V at 8m
80m End feed long wire

A big thanks to the stations that worked me through the jammer on 7165.7
23:30z on the 25th. He went away after no one payed attention to his little
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SO(A)AB LP   3,668,1682017-03-30 00:06:23
No USA on 40m. Only few on 80m. K1ZM loud on 160 but did not hear me.
10m totaly dead. Only 6 JA QSO's in the log. Modified 160, 80 and 40m
antennas paidoff. Only once above 100Q/h.
Average 2.12pts/QSO.



73! Andy
N3HEE   SOAB LP   26,2082017-03-30 01:40:12
Just a few Q's for club effort.
EC5AN   M/S HP   2,485,1242017-03-30 08:48:20
Thanks to EC5CR support

Thanks friends to Hambuy visit the station
DJ1YFK   SOSB20 LP   722017-03-30 09:25:29
K2, 10W, Vertical

Fabian, DJ1YFK
HB9CA   M/M HP   1,839,9722017-03-30 10:04:58
Used the WPX opportunity for SO2R training purposes: Andrea HB9DUR surely had
fun, I for once took it really easy and slept a lot ;-)
Marco HB9CAT
KE1S(KB1RFJ)   SO(A)AB HP   492,0162017-03-30 10:33:43
My first contest "all by myself"! Yes - I do sound like an excited
56-yearold child! I had a lot of fun - looking forward to the next contest!

I would like to thank John Spigel (W1AN) for his hospitality in "lending
me" his station. He is quite the ELMER. John is an example of what makes
Ham Radio click! Thanks again!
F4FFZ   SO(A)AB HP   2,017,4782017-03-30 12:11:03
10/15/20: SPIDERBEAM @14
40 :GP1/4 2 ELTS
80 : GP1/4
KC9EOQ   SOAB HP   1,2102017-03-30 14:01:24
Sorry it couldn't be more. I had broken my left arm, and had only been home a
couple of days. Hard to type with a sling on. About an hour of search &
pounce was all I could do.
D4C(SQ9D)   SOSB20 HP   14,135,0492017-03-30 14:19:01
Great contest. TNX to all for all the fun, especially Amir 4X6TT.

Was my first time in SOSB at D4C and (hopefully) not the last one.

73! de Piotr, SQ9D
WP3R   SOAB HP   963,2482017-03-30 15:17:48
Spare time fun! Also, keeps call in the databases!
KB2HSH   SO(A)SB20 QRP   722017-03-30 16:33:49
LOUSY CONDX, and no time at all due to a father/daughter dance to attend with my
9 year old. Meh, better luck next time!!

73 de KB2HSH
KEØHQO   SO(A)AB LP   104,6652017-03-30 19:02:32
My second contest!
TM3Z(F4DSK)   SO(A)AB HP   4,713,2242017-03-30 21:57:26
Poors conditions on high bands so the others bands were very noisy.
Had to change my break time plan due to extreme fatigue (hard work period
during the weeks before contest) so had to do a 6 hours break during the second
night (the paying time on 40m :-( ) and then after that when I switched the amp
to operate I had a tube shorts. Fortunately I've an old 3-500z, very tired like
me, lol, but still working, so still able to operate HP but with 250w HF only...
Hard to run with this power on bands overloaded like this year.
Anyway a great pleasure to do this contest

Rig : Kenwood TS-950SD
Amp : Ameritron AL80B
Ant : Optibeam 11-5 (3el/20 - 3el/15 - 5el/10), DXbeam 2el 40, inv. V dip 80
& 160m

73 de Dimitri TM3Z (aka F4DSK)
EI7M   M/S HP   20,939,6042017-03-31 00:17:59
We had an intense battle with several stations through the weekend, including
E7DX and IR4M on "live scores" which adds another exciting dimension
to the contest! It was a difficult weekend with poor propagation and very
crowded LF bands, but we had a good strong finish on 20m.
IR8P   M/S HP   6,731,0402017-03-31 10:15:43
some problem during test with a rotator of 1 tower crashed!
Prop not so good but lot of fun same!!
tnx all qso
see in cw test

Pet IZ8FWN for a group IR8P!!

special thank's to my brother Costa IZ8epx that during test sleep only 3 hours
SP4Z   SO(A)AB LP   16,2722017-03-31 11:15:27
73 Wes SP4Z
CN3A   M/M HP   59,268,5342017-03-31 13:18:41
Another great contest from Morocco, first time ever in a M/M setup from CN3A.
Conditions was really limited 20m only during light hours, 15m short opening to
Europe and USA, almost no 10m only south america.

Special thanks to ARRAM
LZ9W   M/M HP   24,945,1202017-03-31 13:49:12
First time ever since we started operating M/M in 2003 we made more QSOs on 160m
than on 15 m band.
It was a 4 band contest this time.
Most of these operators did a part time job, but it was nice having a party
with so many participants :-) Good to see young ops willing to learn.

See you all in WPX CW. Let's pray for better condx.

73, Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M contest team
WP3EF   SOAB QRP   5,8222017-03-31 14:44:35
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 4.1
NAME: Eddie Figueroa
K3CCR   M/S HP   513,8352017-03-31 16:17:24
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. It was
clear that 2017 WPX SSB would be part-time for us. W3GB planned
to be away for the weekend, and besides non-radio priorities N3UM
was away from the 0Z start till 15Z Sat. Starting then he tried
and could not run, but got 72 Qs in 1.5 hr C&P (Click & Pounce on
spots) for 48/hr on 20 and 15 m.

After lunch N3UM got brief runs on
20 m. for 24 QSOs plus 32 more C&P in 1.4 hr. After supper till
bedtime 40 m was good for 110 Qs, 54 of them 00-01Z, the best hr.
yet, 1/2 running. Got 41 Qs on 80 m.; about half were 6-pointers.

Sum. AM 14-16Z N3UM got 52 Qs on 20, all but 13 C&P. In 3 hr.
Sun. PM he got one good run on 20 m, 67 Qs in 1 hr 1750-1850Z,
plus 70 more C&P, 14 of those on 15 m.

Then W3GB came in, unexpected; he had caught an
early plane. He took over for a last 2 hr. on 20 to go over 500
Qs and over 500 K claimed score. We were pleased with that since
we were only able to get on for 13.2 hrs. total.
WP2Z(K9VV)   SOAB HP   5,051,9042017-03-31 17:00:38
Tnx to WP2Z trustee for use of call.
VA3MW   SOAB HP   568,8932017-03-31 18:30:29
Remote operation with Flex 6300 and Maestro. Flawless operation.
VU2KWJ   SOAB LP   206,5502017-03-31 20:38:12
Working Condition : ICOM IC 7000 , Barefoot with home brewed Cobweb Antenna.

See you next year.

Jatin Shah , VU2KWJ
Mumbai (MK68jw)
9A1A   M/M HP   29,386,8842017-04-01 00:05:43
Very poor CONDX on higher bands. We had great pleasure to be host to
Stefano,IW2MJQ. We had great time with him during his stay on our contest
Also we had again two young club members in our team.
Mihaela,9A7MIM in age 20 and Domagoj,9A7CDZ, in age 18, worked like other older
and more experienced operators.
We shall continue to involve our youngsters in 9A1A contesting activity.The
only problem is to choose who will come to Kozjaca because of limited capacity
of room on our contest location. Now we have at least 10 of them for successful
particiation in SSB contesting and for RTTY more - cca 20.

Thanks to all who called us.
9A1A team
OM7M(IT9RGY)   SO(A)AB HP   12,345,4642017-04-01 02:50:59
Finally after an hard week of work I can write about my contest!
We planned to go MS but due to low number of operators the Team let me use the
station to compete for a SOAB!
I started the contest without any target but strategy was obviously to keep low
bands runs.
EF2A and TM0T were running tons of USA that I couldn't heard. I used to monitor
their frequencies by cluster spots and there was no way to keep running as TM0T
but was nice to compete online on with Jon EF2A and my old friend
Kris @ES9C!
I am really happy for the result, sure could have been better but it's enough
for a SO1R :) Even adding some MULT the score not improve Significantly.
I want to thanks again OM7M team for this amazing experience!!
See you soon, Gabry IT9RGY
IZ3NVR   SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP   11,6002017-04-01 06:28:41
(SB 15 score only)

It has been an hard one. Didn't want to do a full SOAB entry due to the
restless working weeks and other tons of things happening in my life lately so
decided well ahead of the contest weekend that I would have gone Single Band.

15m has always been my favorite one so I figured that it would have been fun to
do a SO15 in this contest. I was wrong. At least, it has been somehow fun but
mostly a pain with such conditions. Deep QSB and very few stations
heard/worked. Added some more Qs on the other bands in some boring periods just
to give out some points.

Ended up with 68Qs in 15m that are honestly not too bad given conditions but
could have been better too.

Some of the QSOs were pretty interesting like: 5Z4, V5, ZS9 (pretty rare from
here) and 5H3.

I enjoyed using the mod I did to my FT-950 to have panadapter capabilities. It
is much easier now to tune on the signals on the band. It is even better than
being assisted.

Next time I definitely hope to do better.
WØZP   SOAB LP   152,0822017-04-01 10:26:42
Very Fun ! 100w only, wire anta, tnx to many for patience with my little signal
! 73 , Wayne
KQ2M   SOAB HP   12,084,7232017-04-02 07:32:57
WW4LL   M/S HP   5,354,3702017-04-02 09:46:05
Sri for the late post, but work and lack of sleep got in the way. Thanks to
everyone that worked us and congrats to those at the top of the heap for some
very big scores. See you in WPX CW.

73'...Fred, WW4LL
IR4M   M/S HP   17,633,3552017-04-03 01:01:30
Poor conditions on 15m and no QSO on 10.
Sunday morning we discovered by chance that the 20/40m rotator control was
pointing 100 degrees off the real antenna heading... we don't know when it
happened, but that may have caused some QSO loss... still to investigate.

It was fun to follow the EI7M/E7DX battle on cqcontest board, our
congratulations for your great score in such bad conditions.

See u next!
KT8K   SOAB QRP   1,4562017-04-04 15:27:08
Hard to stay in the chair when conditions are so bad. I averaged 6 or 7 QSO's
per hour, and spent a lot more time screaming into the microphone and not being
heard than N1MM+ apparently believed. I hoped conditions would improve but ...
they did not, and Sunday actually seemed slightly worse. Throughout the
contest I could hear the DX big guns but hardly anyone could hear me.

Hopefully the CW version will see greatly improved propagation.

72 de kt8k - Tim

station equipment:
- Tentec Orion, MFJ Grandmaster Memory Keyer with Bencher BY-1 paddle
- XP laptop running N1MM+ (and nothing else!)
- homebrew RS-232 to keying interface (thanks Dan KB6NU - catch his blog!)

- 20/40/80m multi-wire dipole at 30 feet, fed with RG8x
- 10/15/20m vertical trap dipole fed at 35 feet with RG8x
- 40/80m wire vertical fed with TV twin lead and LDG Z-11 autotuner, feed point
at 12 feet above ground, 2 radials per band

Thanks for enjoying my ham radio (and other) songs:
"I Want a Big Tower"
"If You Ain't Runnin', You Ain't Winnin'"
All this and more at "I LIVE for those
hits!" (and QSO's)
VU2DED   SO(A)AB LP   77,6792017-04-05 07:09:32
Working conditions: Icom IC-707, barefoot with trap Dipole antenna, 40M through
10M and Yaesu antenna Tuner FC-700.
See you next year.
Mumbai MK68jw
S55T(S57AL)   SO(A)AB HP   10,628,2952017-04-08 11:28:11
Only one comment;

If you run SOAB, stay there!

CU in CW.

73, Ivo S57AL
CF7RR(VA7RR)   SOSB20 HP   3,631,3202017-04-09 11:20:52
Many, many thanks to Allan, VE7SZ, for hosting me for the contest weekend.

So-so conditions here in the Pacific Northwest.

Conditions were better, though, than either weekend of CQWW last fall, and
Sunday was better than Saturday into Europe. Was able to run EU for about an
hour and a half, and was able to S&P both days, but so so many EU and over
the Pole mults were not available in this part of the world.

Lots of USA to work made things more fun and interesting, but at 2 points a
contact it did not help the points-per-qso number.

Thanks to all for the Qs, and will see you in May for the CW weekend.

Gary VA7RR
KT5J(K5TR)   SOAB HP   8,121,0602017-04-22 21:49:02
I got off to a great start first hour was 266 contacts (with a few dupes).
And had some really good hours during the first 24 hours despite the fact that
there was not much DX for me to work - that kept the score down. Worked 40
meters hard both nights and did well to Japan, YB, VK and ZL.

2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot)
2x AL-1500 amp
trlinux -
- 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- SAL-30 RX array - NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

- Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'
- SAL-30 RX array - NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

- 4 element yagi at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'

- 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

- 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

- 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE
- 6 element yagi at 120'

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes

160SSB 4 4 4 0
80SSB 69 69 152 10
40SSB 1831 1771 5233 443
20SSB 1782 1746 2552 451
15SSB 141 141 389 62
10SSB 9 9 25 6

Totals 3836 3740 8355 972

Final Score = 8121060 points.

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 4 48 1029 1257 10 1 2349
VE calls = 0 8 90 136 3 0 237
N.A. calls = 0 3 34 37 11 0 85
S.A. calls = 0 4 35 29 44 8 120
Euro calls = 0 0 137 178 65 0 380
Afrc calls = 0 2 7 5 7 0 21
Asia calls = 0 0 15 8 1 0 24
JA calls = 0 1 261 79 0 0 341
Ocen calls = 0 3 163 17 0 0 183

Total calls = 4 69 1771 1746 141 9 3740

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ----- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
0 --- --- --- 263/157 --- --- 263/157 263/157 0.05M
1 --- --- 74/31 117/50 --- --- 191/81 454/238 0.16M
2 --- --- 176/69 --- --- --- 176/69 630/307 0.32M
3 --- 7/0 133/40 3/3 --- --- 143/43 773/350 0.47M
4 --- 8/2 89/26 --- --- --- 97/28 870/378 0.59M
5 --- 2/0 85/26 --- --- --- 87/26 957/404 0.70M
6 --- 4/2 55/19 --- --- --- 59/21 1016/425 0.81M
7 --- 3/1 62/22 --- --- --- 65/23 1081/448 0.98M
8 --- --- 93/19 --- --- --- 93/19 1268/507 1.58M
10 --- --- 59/14 --- --- --- 59/14 1327/521 1.74M
11 --- 3/1 63/17 --- --- --- 66/18 1393/539 1.92M
12 --- --- 62/17 16/7 --- --- 78/24 1471/563 2.14M
13 --- --- 31/7 89/30 7/5 --- 127/42 1598/605 2.47M
14 --- --- --- 118/26 1/0 --- 119/26 1717/631 2.69M
15 --- --- --- 109/23 12/6 --- 121/29 1838/660 2.93M
16 --- --- --- 29/4 12/2 --- 41/6 1879/666 3.00M
17 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1879/666 3.00M
18 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1879/666 3.00M
19 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1879/666 3.00M
20 --- --- --- 2/2 --- --- 2/2 1881/668 3.01M
21 --- --- --- 145/26 1/1 --- 146/27 2027/695 3.29M
22 --- --- --- 115/15 2/1 --- 117/16 2144/711 3.50M
23 --- --- 1/0 121/13 9/5 --- 131/18 2275/729 3.74M
0 --- --- 3/0 131/14 --- --- 134/14 2409/743 3.94M
1 --- --- --- 132/15 --- --- 132/15 2541/758 4.16M
2 --- --- 140/10 22/1 --- --- 162/11 2703/769 4.38M
3 --- 5/1 101/21 1/1 --- --- 107/23 2810/792 4.69M
4 --- --- 67/23 --- --- --- 67/23 2877/815 4.99M
5 --- 7/1 55/8 --- --- --- 62/9 2939/824 5.16M
6 --- 3/1 65/10 --- --- --- 68/11 3007/835 5.36M
7 4/0 12/1 59/2 --- --- --- 75/3 3082/838 5.61M
8 --- 4/0 52/5 --- --- --- 56/5 3138/843 5.83M
9 --- 11/0 30/3 --- --- --- 41/3 3179/846 5.99M
10 --- --- 46/8 --- --- --- 46/8 3225/854 6.21M
11 --- --- 60/6 --- --- --- 60/6 3285/860 6.43M
12 --- --- 16/0 --- --- --- 16/0 3301/860 6.46M
13 --- --- --- 104/41 --- --- 104/41 3405/901 6.97M
14 --- --- --- 41/9 42/15 --- 83/24 3488/925 7.33M
15 --- --- --- 8/0 49/25 --- 57/25 3545/950 7.67M
16 --- --- --- 55/3 5/1 --- 60/4 3605/954 7.77M
17 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3605/954 7.77M
18 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3605/954 7.77M
19 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3605/954 7.77M
20 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3605/954 7.77M
21 --- --- --- 88/7 1/1 9/6 98/14 3703/968 8.04M
22 --- --- --- 37/4 --- --- 37/4 3740/972 8.12M
D1 0/0 27/6 1077/347 1127/356 44/20 0/0 2275/729
D2 4/0 42/4 694/96 619/95 97/42 9/6 1465/243
TO 4/0 69/10 1771/443 1746/451 141/62 9/6 3740/972

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 263 0 0 263 263 7.0
0100 0 0 74 117 0 0 191 454 12.1
0200 0 0 176 0 0 0 176 630 16.8
0300 0 7 133 3 0 0 143 773 20.7
0400 0 8 89 0 0 0 97 870 23.3
0500 0 2 85 0 0 0 87 957 25.6
0600 0 4 55 0 0 0 59 1016 27.2
0700 0 3 62 0 0 0 65 1081 28.9
0800 0 0 94 0 0 0 94 1175 31.4
0900 0 0 93 0 0 0 93 1268 33.9
1000 0 0 59 0 0 0 59 1327 35.5
1100 0 3 63 0 0 0 66 1393 37.2
1200 0 0 62 16 0 0 78 1471 39.3
1300 0 0 31 89 7 0 127 1598 42.7
1400 0 0 0 118 1 0 119 1717 45.9
1500 0 0 0 109 12 0 121 1838 49.1
1600 0 0 0 29 12 0 41 1879 50.2
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1879 50.2
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1879 50.2
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1879 50.2
2000 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 1881 50.3
2100 0 0 0 145 1 0 146 2027 54.2
2200 0 0 0 115 2 0 117 2144 57.3
2300 0 0 1 121 9 0 131 2275 60.8
0000 0 0 3 131 0 0 134 2409 64.4
0100 0 0 0 132 0 0 132 2541 67.9
0200 0 0 140 22 0 0 162 2703 72.3
0300 0 5 101 1 0 0 107 2810 75.1
0400 0 0 67 0 0 0 67 2877 76.9
0500 0 7 55 0 0 0 62 2939 78.6
0600 0 3 65 0 0 0 68 3007 80.4
0700 4 12 59 0 0 0 75 3082 82.4
0800 0 4 52 0 0 0 56 3138 83.9
0900 0 11 30 0 0 0 41 3179 85.0
1000 0 0 46 0 0 0 46 3225 86.2
1100 0 0 60 0 0 0 60 3285 87.8
1200 0 0 16 0 0 0 16 3301 88.3
1300 0 0 0 104 0 0 104 3405 91.0
1400 0 0 0 41 42 0 83 3488 93.3
1500 0 0 0 8 49 0 57 3545 94.8
1600 0 0 0 55 5 0 60 3605 96.4
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3605 96.4
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3605 96.4
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3605 96.4
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3605 96.4
2100 0 0 0 88 1 9 98 3703 99.0
2200 0 0 0 37 0 0 37 3740 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3740 100.0
Total 4 69 1771 1746 141 9 3740

Gross QSOs=3836 Dupes=96 Net QSOs=3740

Unique callsigns worked = 3095

The best 60 minute rate was 263/hour from 0000 to 0059
The best 30 minute rate was 284/hour from 0016 to 0045
The best 10 minute rate was 300/hour from 0001 to 0010

The best 1 minute rates were:
7 QSOs/minute 3 times.
6 QSOs/minute 14 times.
5 QSOs/minute 48 times.
4 QSOs/minute 140 times.
3 QSOs/minute 336 times.
2 QSOs/minute 574 times.
1 QSOs/minute 679 times.

There were 200 bandchanges and 89 (2.4%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 16
4 1017
5 1446
6 1225
7 6
8 17
9 11
10 2

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 2489
2 bands 569
3 bands 35
4 bands 2
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 1 22 1189 1181 89 7