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North Dakota QSO Party   2009   Mar 21   Comment Summary

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K9NW(@K9UWA)   Fixed LP   5762009-03-22 16:03:43
In between the RuDX and OkQP I tuned by to check on W0AA's progress (13 of 20
Qs) from time to time. Found a few other ND stations out there in the

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WI2E   Fixed HP   82009-03-22 17:45:14
I worked the two ND stations I heard on CW while S&Ping up the band during the
RDXC. I was hoping that I'd see an ND station spotted on phone, but with
RDXC-related spots scrolling by fast and furiously, I missed whatever ND SSB
spots were made. Thanks to W0AA and K9NJ for the QSOs! 73, Joe WI2E
K2DSL   Fixed LP   252009-03-22 19:19:58
Thanks to all those ND ops that came out for this. Was hoping for a CW contact
to get confirmed via LoTW for the TPA but with all the other contests going on
this weekend I missed finding a ND station on CW. Guess i have to keep trying.
Thanks for the LoTW confirm for the phone contacts! 73 K2DSL
VE4EAR   Fixed LP   22009-03-23 04:59:30
Accomplished my goal to finally work a ND station on 20m! Being only 100km from
ND, this is one state that usually escapes me in most contests. I was able to
copy a couple of ND stations running SSB on 20m, but they were very weak here
and always had a large pileup of strong stations to work. Finally heard KE0A on
20 CW and through his great ears, made the QSO. WAS on 20m is finally complete.

Now to find ND on RTTY!
N2WN   Fixed QRP   5612009-03-23 05:40:04
Good start for this event... Not sure if I missed activity on other bands, but
didn't hear anyone on 160, 80 or 15 (which was probably dead anyway). Many
thanks to W0AA for "going mobile" wish we had connected more often, but we did
manage QSOs every time I heard you. Plenty of new ND calls, mostly as I don't
spend a lot of time on SSB. RTTY was down at my shack due to computer failure
and I still need ND for TPA. Maybe the next NAQP...

Congrats guys and hope you can build on this one!

KØRC   Fixed LP   772009-03-23 09:24:21
It's tough working ND stations when they are our neighbor to the west. I heard a
half dozen 20m stations but my signal would be buried under the pileup, never to
be heard! The 40m and 80m bands were better but I didn't find many HF operators
to put in the log. The only mobile I was aware of (and worked) was MWA member,
Mark WA0MHJ, who activated a number of eastern counties as W0AA/M.
WØAA/M(WAØMHJ)   Mobile LP   40,7102009-03-23 15:14:02
Thanks to North Dakota for letting me come over and play radio. It was tough
being a "black hole" mobile, with so much other activity on the bands. Thanks
to all who pulled my signal out.
I saw the beginnings of some major flooding. I felt as if I should be have been
pitching in with the sandbag effort. It amazes me that the national media
chooses to ignore these folks who just step up and take care of this on their
K4BAI   Fixed HP   282009-03-23 19:13:51
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 600W, zepp. Got one new all time ND county (CAV) thanks to
K9NJ/M. Sorry time was limited. Hope to work you all in GA QSO Party April
11-12, 2009. 73, John, K4BAI.
KN4Y   Fixed LP   1212009-03-25 08:28:43
Did not hear much CW activity, did hear two mobiles and one fixed station.
not exciting enough to send in.
AL7GA/WØ   Mobile LP   4,3462009-04-08 18:03:55
It was nice to be back in ND again (formerly WD0CQA - Devils Lake). I enjoyed
working the QSO Party with you, and have already uploaded to LoTW & E-QSL as
well as sent a specially designed card to 5 stations so far. Maybe I will plan
to visit my mother in Bismarck during a future NDQP! 73 Ken AL7GA