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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2012   July   Comment Summary

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N5TIT   Single Op LP   3,9362012-07-21 20:43:17
Had a great time in my first RTTY QSO Party. Had issues with my 40M antenna.
Was able to grind out a few Q's on 40 but no one could hear me calling CQ.
Back to the drawing board for a new antenna.
K8IA   Single Op LP   24,8602012-07-21 20:50:30
A family outing and the much too usual summer monsoon storms gave me only three
hours available for this one. CU NAQP CW in a few weeks.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W3TUA   Single Op LP   3,3502012-07-21 21:04:42
This was a tough contest because of conditions. Not propagation but
physical--the central air conditioning is out in my shack and the day reached
over 110-degrees today. I could only stay at the radio for brief periods with
two fans blowing directly on me.

I had flashbacks to being in the heat of Iraq at times. The contest was still
fun and gave me a good idea of the challenges provided by my Kenwood TS-480SAT.
It's not a contest-grade radio, and I don't expect it to be, but can still get
the job done.

The name sent in this year's exchange was in honor of Chas Shinn W5PG (SK).

73 DE Korey--W3TUA in Wichita Falls, TX
W4DXX   Single Op LP   66,4022012-07-21 21:05:02
Just worked 3 bands. Activity seemed slow in 2nd half of contest.
Tnx to all for the Q's !
Eric / W4DXX
N9LAH   Single Op LP   53,0642012-07-21 21:08:34
Tried to play CQWW VHF in the right ear. Is there a check box for SO2C(contest?)
TG9AJR   Single Op LP   4,0562012-07-21 21:10:04
Thanks for the QSO, unfortunately only 15m since had some antenna problems at
last minute.

Elecraft K3 / P3.
N4ZI   Single Op LP   88,7042012-07-21 21:20:26
Conditions didn't seem that great - had lots of fun. Thanks
for the Q's

73 Bill N4ZI
W6SX   Single Op HP   78,6452012-07-21 21:21:14

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A and Matchboxes, MMTTY,
AB1OD   Single Op LP   28,6762012-07-21 21:23:49
Between this being my first time using N1MM's ESM functionality, and my dragging
from a very short night, this was not my finest showing.

Nice to see a little activity on 10. 20 was a jumbled mess, with both the NAQP
and the DMC tests running, and old Sol finally granting us a little DX
propagation. My high noise floor on 40 remains annoying, but 80 wasn't bad
for this time of year.
N5UM   Single Op LP   86,1542012-07-21 21:38:56
A most enjoyable RTTY contest. N1MM and MMTTY performed flawlessly as usual.
Rates were enough to limit my listening on 6M to the CQ VHF contest, although
there were a couple of great openings up there. Glad to hear decent activity
on 10M.

Rig: Icom IC-756 classic 100W
Antenna: Hustler 6BTV ground mounted on unknown number of radials (some have
fallen victim to the lawn mower...)

73 until next time...

WB4OMM   Single Op LP   39,1302012-07-21 21:44:44
FT-2000, A3S, 280' loop running 100W....and the XYL let me run the entire
contest! I had a great time....but conditions on 10M were again very
W7WHY   Single Op LP   19,9762012-07-21 22:00:56
Would have liked to put in more time but we had our local hamfest here plus a
wedding so took most of the day for that.

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT
Radio 2 TS-450SAT

80 meter dipole, 40 meter delta loop and vertical, HB 2 el 20 meter
mononbander, 15 meter dipole.

N1MM Logger
AA5AU   Single Op LP   164,8322012-07-21 22:01:16
After being pummeled by thunderstorms all week and more forecast for Saturday, I
was pleasantly surprised weather wasn't a factor. Really nice conditions early
on 10 and 15 meters. Didn't get the 3rd radio set up in time so just ran two.
Missed RI and SD. My brand new 80m inverted vee seems to work just as good as
the old one that was retired after 15+ years. SV2FLQ called me 80! I missed all
the W7 states on 80 except NV. I guess I should have taken a full hour for
dinner instead of 30 minutes. I was just starting to hear the west coast on 80
when I had to QRT at 0429Z.

Didn't realize the DMC RTTY contest (?) was this weekend as well. Gave out a
few serial numbers and appreciated the EU stations dropping in.

Thanks to everyone who moved to different bands for me. Worked N0AT, K0AD, and
N9CK on all five bands. There may have been others but those were the only ones
I noticed at the time.

Thanks to everyone who worked me. It was another great NAQP RTTY!

73, Don AA5AU
K9CT   Single Op LP   120,3652012-07-21 22:03:30
Nice to have all the bands open!

73, Craig K9CT
N1JM   Single Op LP   20,8262012-07-21 22:12:46
Darn CC&Rs. S&P really sucks. Could have done that score in at least half the
time with big antennas. Hi HI
But it was fun.

K3, P3, 14AVQ
N8HM   Single Op LP   2,4822012-07-21 22:13:27
Not many Canadians heard and even fewer stations from North American DXCCs
outside of W and VE. Increased participation from those areas would add a lot
to the contest and, as a resident of the District of Columbia, I dislike
sending MD as my QTH when I am not located in Maryland.

The conflict with the DMC RTTY contest also caused 20m to be quite full in the
afternoon and early evening. I noticed a lot of overlapping stations that I
could not decode between 14080 and 14090, yet there was plenty of room above
14100 (of course, I do need to help myself by purchasing a narrower filter).

Rig - Kenwood TS-440S/AT
Antenna - MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop
W6UX   Single Op LP   31,9202012-07-21 22:13:44
Rig: K3/100 w/MKII for FSK
Ant: Traffie Hex Beam
Log: N1MM

Worked 10 hours straight (1800 - 0600), mainly on 20, but spent about 90
minutes on 15. I checked 10 a few times and heard no activity, and calling CQ
for a couple minutes there resulted in no QSOs. Coverage on 15 and 20 was good
and I worked all corners of the country, various parts of Canada, as well as AK
and HI. Also worked a couple French and Cuban stations. I parked the Hex on
65 degrees the entire time.

The conditions weren't great, but I averaged about 40 Qs/hour. Next year I'll
string an end-fed horizontal dipole for 40 to get a few more points.

K1DW   Single Op LP   66,1382012-07-21 22:15:07
Lots of fun.... 10 M opened up !
KY7M   Single Op LP   87,8922012-07-21 22:16:28
10 meters was open, but it seemed like a lot of folks gave up on it. I worked
east coast and midwest the first few times I went to check it on the hour. Big
surprise was finding HQ9R there all alone late in the afternoon. Good activity
level overall, I was rarely without someone to work.
KB9OWD   Single Op LP   18,2452012-07-21 22:27:34
Had no plans at all to operate this one, however things on VHF got pretty slow
come evening so jumped on about 0100 Z and operated about 3 1/2 hours between
there and the end. An 80 hour to start. Kept one ear on VHF until things
totally died out. Was going to go until 0600Z however things got REALLY slow
on 80 and after getting called into work last night and going on 2 hours sleep,
I'm falling asleep at the rig! Thanks for the QSO's!


N3QE   Single Op LP   76,5262012-07-21 22:41:19
Very nice condx on all bands. I think 10 could've given more but there weren't
many there.

40 and 80 were particularly low noise for summertime. Oh, that's so nice.

A number of mults picked up on 80M in the last 20 minutes largely while
running: NH, AB, MB, HI8, CO, XE, QC, MO, and finally BC.
K4RO   Single Op LP   127,7642012-07-21 22:50:01
Thanks to everyone who got on the air for the party. Good fun here, since the
lightning stayed far away (unlike last weekend.) RTTY operators are getting
faster and faster, and the fun factor continues to increase. Thanks to K6UFO
for managing this fine event. See you next time.

73, Kirk K4RO
W7RN(WK6I)   Single Op LP   156,1072012-07-21 23:02:43
10m was open here at the start and stayed open just enough to entice. Hope I
didn't stay there too long.

Thanks as always to Tom K5RC for allowing me to trash W7RN with all of this
RTTY crap...

- jeff wk6i
W2AJW   Single Op LP   3,6192012-07-21 23:04:17
First time operating in a RTTY contest. Aside from a couple minor software
issues, everything went pretty well. Monsoonal thunderstorms and household
duties kept me off for a while. Fortunately I timed them together.
WF2S   Single Op LP   38,0552012-07-21 23:06:58
Why do I hear RTTY diddles in my sleep after a contest ?? Needed CT, RI and VT.
Propagation just did not work for me - blame the sun !! It was a fun day- xyl
let me playall day long..6
KU5B(@NX5M)   M/2 LP   256,5002012-07-21 23:08:02
Back in January KU5B said; “I am going to set up RTTY on station four”. I
was like “go for it tiger”. As time went by suddenly there were two
stations set up for RTTY. OK, so now we have two radios to use so perhaps we
will do our first RTTY contest since the station construction began. Twelve
years later
it happened as we entered, for the first time, in the NAQP RTTY contest.
Obviously the antenna and band switching had to be totally overhauled and it
took some time....although temporary just for this contest and not worked.
The entire team was basically new to operating this contest mode but I think we
caught on pretty quick. We spent almost the whole time picking at eachother
which is something that we do not get a chance to do in any other
contest mode so that made it even more fun.
As I sit here typing this, the contest is not over. KU5B and I had to head on
out and start disconnecting equipment as we have thunderstorms knocking on our
door to the north and northeast and still moving in this direction. Still
hoping they fall apart before they get here and will allow us to finish the
last 30 minutes of the contest.
80 is quite noisy but N5XJ is sitting there working through it with great
patience know full well that the noise is causing a few qso to not make it into
the log. KJ5T is finishing up 40 but spending more time pushing buttons on his
phone than buttons on the computer.
Coming into this we did not know what to expect. How many qsos and mults
should we shoot for? We set a reasonable goal of 1000 qsos and 175 mults. We
exceeded both of those, especially the mult total, therefore we met our
objective and then some.
Personally, I do not think I could dial around all that much and work people.
I commend those who do and hand out all the qsos to the rest of us.
See you all in the August NAQP's. CW weekend is somewhat questionable but SSB
weekend is a given.

W1UJ   Single Op LP   93,5552012-07-21 23:09:09
Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
1800 0 0 0 14 14 4 32 32 5.7
1900 0 0 0 23 35 0 58 90 15.9
2000 0 0 11 5 19 5 40 130 23.0
2100 0 0 7 32 16 1 56 186 32.9
2200 0 0 0 8 6 2 16 202 35.7
2300 0 0 16 24 4 1 45 247 43.6
0000 0 0 36 29 0 0 65 312 55.1
0100 0 0 9 5 0 0 14 326 57.6
0200 0 16 12 35 0 0 63 389 68.7
0300 0 28 32 5 0 0 65 454 80.2
0400 0 18 51 2 0 0 71 525 92.8
0500 0 15 25 1 0 0 41 566 100.0
Total 0 77 199 183 94 13 566

Gross QSOs=573 Dupes=7 Net QSOs=566

Unique callsigns worked = 354

The best 60 minute rate was 74/hour from 0347 to 0446
The best 30 minute rate was 92/hour from 0155 to 0224
The best 10 minute rate was 108/hour from 0215 to 0224

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 1 times.
3 QSOs/minute 21 times.
2 QSOs/minute 117 times.
1 QSOs/minute 265 times.

There were 271 bandchanges and 133 (23.5%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 288
5 207
6 63
7 5
8 2
10 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
CA 0 1 18 22 13 1 55 9.7
TX 0 1 11 14 9 0 35 6.2
TN 0 5 9 10 8 2 34 6.0
IL 0 5 9 8 5 2 29 5.1
OH 0 5 8 8 2 1 24 4.2
WA 0 0 10 10 4 0 24 4.2
AZ 0 0 10 6 5 1 22 3.9
NC 0 3 8 4 2 0 17 3.0
AL 0 2 5 7 3 0 17 3.0
MN 0 1 5 9 2 0 17 3.0
IN 0 3 5 3 4 1 16 2.8
CO 0 0 8 7 1 0 16 2.8
GA 0 3 4 5 4 0 16 2.8
OR 0 0 6 8 1 0 15 2.7
MA 0 5 2 2 3 2 14 2.5
PA 0 7 6 1 0 0 14 2.5
KY 0 1 3 3 4 1 12 2.1
ON 0 2 5 4 1 0 12 2.1
NY 0 6 6 0 0 0 12 2.1
BC 0 1 5 5 1 0 12 2.1
MI 0 1 4 3 3 0 11 1.9
SC 0 2 3 2 4 0 11 1.9
VA 0 2 5 4 0 0 11 1.9
WI 0 3 4 2 1 0 10 1.8
FL 0 1 3 3 2 0 9 1.6
NM 0 1 2 3 1 0 7 1.2
LA 0 2 3 2 0 0 7 1.2
AR 0 1 3 2 1 0 7 1.2
IA 0 2 1 2 0 1 6 1.1
OK 0 0 2 2 2 0 6 1.1
CT 0 3 0 1 1 1 6 1.1
MO 0 0 2 2 1 0 5 0.9
NV 0 0 2 2 1 0 5 0.9
UT 0 0 3 2 0 0 5 0.9
ID 0 0 2 3 0 0 5 0.9
MD 0 2 2 0 0 0 4 0.7
NE 0 0 2 0 1 0 3 0.5
XE 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.5
DE 0 2 1 0 0 0 3 0.5
SK 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.5
HI 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.5
NJ 0 2 0 1 0 0 3 0.5
MT 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0.5
VP9 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.4
MS 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.4
CM 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.4
AB 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.4
TG 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.2
SD 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
MB 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
ND 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
KS 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.2
AK 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.2
DX 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.2
QC 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
NT 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.2
Total 0 77 199 183 94 13 566

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 56 9.9
1 25 4.4
2 21 3.7
3 20 3.5
4 121 21.4
5 65 11.5
6 61 10.8
7 72 12.7
8 36 6.4
9 47 8.3
Total 524 92.6

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 215
2 bands 82
3 bands 43
4 bands 12
5 bands 2
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 28 88 76 23 0
KL7RA   Single Op LP   40,5002012-07-21 23:12:41
July doesn't work for Alaska as we have too much daylight for a decent score
with 40 and 80 not open well enough to run before the contest ends. Had a nice
run on
15 for awhile but no signals heard on ten meters. Lots of activity for the NAQP
and I'm sure all 50 states were on at some point. Even I almost got them all.

73 Rich KL7RA
WW4LL   M/2 LP   166,0642012-07-21 23:19:08
Lot's of fun. Thanks to those that moved for us. NAQP always one of my
favorites. Missed ND, VT, RI. Thanks to everyone and good to see some fresh
faces on RTTY.

73'....Fred, WW4LL
WB6JJJ   Single Op LP   1,9982012-07-21 23:19:28
...Low power can still be fun...
I got on late this evening and was glad to not hear a lot of noise on the
Just a few contacts but it was fun. I was nodding off near the end from lack
of sleep. I pulled an all nighter and finally was able to drive home late this

K7ON   Single Op LP   19,0442012-07-21 23:19:56
1st contest in a long time. New install of Writelog/MMTTY. Used a single wire
antenna, end-fed longwire, SGC tuner on 80-10m.
K7WP   Single Op LP   36,4142012-07-21 23:20:41
FT1000MP/ Force 12 6BA @ 45' (tower down for summer monsoons in AZ)/N1MM-MMTTY

Had to miss some crucial hours due to other commitments, but always a lot of
fun. Ran the ole' MP (1996 vintage) @ 50w...amazing what 50w can do in this
mode. No 80m antenna this time around. Thanks for all the Q's, and see you in
the NAQP CW.

73, John
Arizona Outlaws
KM6I   Single Op LP   8,3202012-07-21 23:21:53
K3, dipole @ 60 ft
K6LRN   Single Op LP   54,9372012-07-21 23:23:54
Usual complaints, gripes, excuses, reasons, rationales, etc. Temperature in
shack was 93 most of the day.
WU6W   Single Op LP   31,9282012-07-21 23:24:08
Fun Contest
AL9A   Single Op LP   18,9422012-07-21 23:26:38
Don't ya just love the new improved propagation from this awesome solar cycle?
Aurora absorption was brutal until late this afternoon on 20M. Couldn't get a
run going until a lot of folks cleared off 20M and went to 40M and then it was
short lived. Did manage to up my score a bit from last year so that helps the
ruffled feathers!
N6RO   Single Op LP   139,2702012-07-21 23:30:48
Did not plan to do this seriously, fearing bad low band condx with 2.5 hours of
darkness and 101 F - shack A/C not too cool. But it wasn't that bad, wish now
I had gone full bore instead of watching golf and bike racing on TV.

Best rates were when dualing CQs on two active bands (mostly 15/20).
Had one minute with five Qs, 162/hr in 10 min., 126/hr in 60 min.
I'm starting to get the hang of this mode.
NQ6N   Single Op LP   6,2502012-07-21 23:40:54
Probably the most fun I've had on RTTY so far. Finally getting the hang of
using CRLF in my macros and finally started using VOX on the K3 for keying,
which seems to make T/R switching occur more quickly.

Anyone have tips for dealing with multiple callers calling at the same time and
garbling each others' signals? RTTY seems harder than CW in this respect but
maybe I'm doing something incorrectly.

Also, anyone have tips on MTTY settings aside from the defaults with N1MM? Not
sure I have everything optimized.

Thanks for the Qs. Going to leave the station set up like this and try to make
the RTTY NS on Thursday.

Matt NQ6N
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   49,2752012-07-22 00:10:02
Still learning RTTY Lost first hour due to QLF.
40 was a mess here, never did get a run frequency.

73 Bill N6ZFO
K4WW   M/2 LP   26,0002012-07-22 02:02:03
For many reasons, this was only my second RTTY contest of 2012. Certainly, it
wasn't an "in it to win it" effort, just wanted to see how many contacts it
would take to reach 100 multipliers. Participation seemed good. With increased
participation, comes increased SO2R "newbies". On several occasions, I had
excessive "wait time", while a SO2R "newbie" completed a contact on their other
radio. I fully understand "wait time", when QSB, QRM, etc., causes repeats, but
this wasn't that. IMHO, causing another station to wait, for more than what is
a "normal" exchange time, is completely inconsiderate. It gives me the opinion
that my contact is less important than the other one? I also realize that a
RTTY contact takes more time than a CW/SSB contact, but I've experienced
considerably more "wait while I complete a contact on my other radio"
situations with RTTY contesters, than CW/SSB?
Regardless, I'm at the point where I operate the ones I want to, for as long as
I want to, without any "in it to win it" consideration. Not really sure where it
falls on the "fun things to do" list, but it's on the list.
N4PSE   Single Op HP   11,4002012-07-22 02:53:10
Had fun with new amp- big improvement!
VA7ST   Single Op LP   43,5422012-07-22 04:26:55
Second-best ever outing for July here thanks to some great 20M and 40M activity,
but not nearly what I'd aimed for.

10M and 15M were dead or flat, and disappointing.

20M was the same old workhorse, and 40M was outstanding.

80M was a regional band even through the final hour -- I could hear the east
coast loud and clear on the Beverage, but nobody beyond WI and MN heard me.

Thanks for the contacts.

-- Bud VA7ST
N1MGO   M/2 LP   102,2262012-07-22 04:31:37
Great fun! Bambi was on the hunt again! Missed just VT and RI. 15 and 10
were not as good as expected.
We had no equipment problems, just a few operator problems and lots of fun.
Equipment used: Elecraft K3 and Icom 756P2 with writelog software. All
antennas are wire dipoles in the trees.

Thanks for all the fun,

Gordon and the "BAMBI" group.
VE3UTT   Single Op LP   30,7022012-07-22 04:35:50
First time SO2R in a very long time thanks to new filters (by VE3FF & VE3EY)
K3/ICOM 756 ProII, Optibeam, Vertical
Great fun quotient even without spots R1/R2 272/69
N6ERD/1(@W1AN)   Single Op LP   52,6622012-07-22 04:46:22
Had fun, never quite figured out how much time to spend on each band - went from
big runs to not much! One of my goals was to try out a few things even though I
didn't expect lots of big runs with a 100W contest and was pleasantly
Thanks again to W1AN for use of part of his station (he was working the VHF
contest from the main radio!).
N2CU   Single Op LP   5,5002012-07-22 05:17:22
A couple hours on a day filled with "honey-do's".

K3/100, TH6DXX 48', 2x40m slopers, N1MM, MMTTY, GHE Radio Boss

Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
VA3PC   Single Op LP   41,5002012-07-22 05:25:04
Not as many off frequency signals when running this contest as in the past.
Thanks for the Q's
NC5O   Single Op LP   29,8352012-07-22 05:29:33
Had a lot of fun, Used Chas(SK)name.
K4MGE   Single Op LP   25,9002012-07-22 05:31:53
My writelog shows 296 QSOs but on the summary only shows 259 and I don't have
but 4 dups and 22 out of country??? Had a good time learning how to use SO2R
for the first time. Going to take a little more practice but had fun.
N4ZZ   Single Op LP   142,3102012-07-22 05:41:38
Thanks Dave for the invitation to play on your SWACC #1 team!

73 Don n4zz
KCØW   Single Op LP   12012-07-22 06:00:35
Yes, you copied the call correctly, KC0W on RTTY!!!

Dusted off MMTTY and gave it a whirl this weekend. Sure glad I did because I
had a blast, the last time I used RTTY must have been 3+ years ago. I
discovered one hiccup using N1MM & a K3, probably an easy fix for any of you
digi mode guru's out there. If anyone can assist me in this PLEASE email me & I
will promise to give you some ND mult's in the next RTTY 'test, hihi.

Spent time in between this 'test & the 6 meter contest. A real radio filled
weekend so to say.

As in the all contests where individual states count as multipliers, I gotta
admit I'm sitting mighty pretty operating from North Dakota. I had to press the
"CQ TEST" button literally less than 10 times during the entire contest. Once
the boys find/spot me I'm off and running.

My next adventure is to program some better macros. I decided to jump into the
ruckus 20 minutes before start of the 'test & had to do some real quick
refreshing on how to use MMTTY & RTTY in general.

Pretty good antenna system here which tends to help out. Can't wait for the
next big RTTY contest in which running some power is allowed. The Alpha 77SX
should loaf along all weekend at 1.5 kW.

Please check out my bio regarding the big station I'm constructing
here. It's for all amateurs to come & stay and use 100% free of
charge................Again, if anyone else is using a K3 & MMTTY and can help
me out with one small issue please email me.

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

************ I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ************

Tom KC0W (on RTTY this time none the less!!!)

NØTA   Single Op LP   53,5992012-07-22 06:08:15
First time out with SO2R, which I hope explains some of the weird stuff some of
you heard!Thanks for the Q's. K3s, doublet & vertical, and N1MM.
W6NF   Single Op LP   8,3842012-07-22 06:09:19
Conditions seemed pretty poor in the first couple of hours and got dramatically
better later. A nice 42-minute run on 20 at the end of my 4 hours accounted for
1/3 of my Qs.
VP9/WA4PGM(@VP9GE)   Single Op LP   22,7702012-07-22 06:17:12
Even though:

(1)I got off to a ruff start
(2)Computer locked during a nice pileup
(3)I forgot to send VP9 in the exchange DOH!!!
(4)I'm a rusty rtty op
(5)6 meters never opened for the CQ VHF contest. :(

Now the best part:

Pam and I have had a wonderful honeymoon. I'm certainly blessed to have such a
beautiful lady in my life. She supports me and my hobbies 110%. So I'm the big
winner in the contest of life. :)))

Thank you all for the contacts during this trip.
73 Kyle
AA8R   Single Op LP   75,8312012-07-22 06:20:01
ICOM 7700, A4S and Dipoles.

I need to get a better set up for the 80. The dipole is 30 feet off the ground
in trees. I enjoyed the contest and look forward to the next one.

Thanks for all the contacts.
WØAG   Single Op LP   13,0722012-07-22 06:21:03
First time ever on RTTY and real learning experience! Lost first 1 1/2 hours
due to operator inexperience and incorrect filter setup, but you gotta learn
K5DU   Single Op LP   120,1092012-07-22 06:27:40
I should have done more on 80.

Susan K5DU
K7QQ   Single Op LP   65,5122012-07-22 06:33:32
Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 41 41 17 0
7 93 93 37 0
14 165 165 46 2
21 121 121 37 4
28 11 11 9 0
Total 431 431 146 6
Score: 65,512
W5KFT(K5PI)   Single Op LP   115,0052012-07-22 06:33:48
I lashed up an SO2R setup, but then couldn't really use it. For some reason,
MMTTY would keep the PTT closed for 4-5 seconds after sending a message. Maybe
it was Windows 7? I tried flipping a bunch of switches in MMTTY, but no luck.
I tried both a PCI serial port and a USB serial port -- same results. I think
I made about a dozen contacts -- if I worked you this way, thanks for your

So this was just a boy-and-his-radio event for me, but I had a good time. Ten
meters was in fine shape during the first hour. I came back to 10 a few times
during the afternoon but only picked up a few more QSOs. Twenty was very
productive, so I didn't hit 40 until 0100Z. When I got to 40, it was pretty
slow going that first hour or so. Eighty was really noisy here, even though
there were no storms in the immediate area.

I didn't try to move an awful lot of people, but I did have some success.
Thanks especially to VE4EAR who called me on 80 in the last 10 minutes of the
contest. I moved him to 40, no problem. He seemed surprised when I suggested
we try 20 as well. No problem -- decent signals there, too. So Ed suggested
we try 15, too! No luck there, but thanks for trying, Ed!

Rig: TS-850, DXP-38 (and occasionally K3 with MMTTY)
K4FJ   Single Op LP   74,2452012-07-22 06:34:12
Activity low on 80M.
K5ZD   Single Op LP   14,7002012-07-22 06:34:41
My station is falling apart... starting to show its age. Beautiful weather
outside also competed for attention!
VE3HG   Single Op QRP   6,4662012-07-22 06:39:31
Great conditions and thanks to all who heard my 5 watts of RTTY. New G5RV-JR
worked very well in this N.A. contest with Explorer at 16 meters and various
other dipoles and end-feds.
K4AMA   Single Op LP   4,0892012-07-22 06:41:49
First RTTY event with the new K3... very much enjoyed the hunt and learning the
K3 with RTTY... had limited time but worked what I could.

Thanks for the Q's and looking forward to the next one. 73, Tony

K3 and OCF dipole at 30 ft
N2FF   Single Op LP   21,6202012-07-22 06:49:10
A great deal of fast fading signals.
N2WK   Single Op LP   6,3002012-07-22 06:58:18
No time for radio this time. Wanted to see how long it took to work 100 Q's
mostly S&P with one radio. I did call CQ for 15 minutes on 80m, but very slow.
Thanks for all the Q's,

K5NA   Single Op LP   812012-07-22 07:01:57
I made a few QSOs using the paddle input to a K3 and the antenna was a 160M
vertical for all QSOs. Susan was using all the other good antennas.

Congratulations to all who were able to copy my slow, hand-sent RTTY.

73, Richard - K5NA
WA1FCN   Single Op LP   27,3062012-07-22 07:04:09
Just a part time effort to represent the ACG.
I wish I could of done a full time effort. Wifey's
birthday takes precedent !
WN6K   Single Op LP   25,0562012-07-22 07:17:53
Nursing a nagging back problem for the 2nd week, I could not muster enough BIC
time at the right times I think and had to work hard to get to the 25K point
level. Conditions were not the best and there were a number of 'lost' signals
that just faded into the jumble - 15 seemed awful and 20 was not much better -
just may have grabbed the wrong times to stiff it out I guess.

Thanks for the Qs and those that stuck it out.

WN6K, Paul

40-10 DB18 @55ft.
Ft-5000MP @100w
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   49,7942012-07-22 07:30:02
Major delays and interruptions kept me off the air for much of this one. A three
hour delay getting started meant I probably missed any significant gathering on
10m. By the time I started 10 was open via sporadic-e to quite a few locations
but no one was around to take advantage of that. Same story on 15m.

I found 20m packed and after sweeping the bvand looking for a run freq, foundd
I was working many close in stations. WI, MN, ND SK etc are all difficult
normally on 20m. The band was literally open coast to coast which allowed me to
have a great 90 minute run. This ended when unexpected company arrived removing
another 3 hours from chair time.

40m wasn't in bad shape and I found a spot and had another good run. With my
local noise level, I dread going to 80m and this evening was no exception.
Spent the last 90 minutes on 80 with poor performance. The noise made running
difficult as decoding was not reliable. Propagation wise the band was not in
bad shape and I found even with 100W people were hearing me far better than I
was hearing them. It hurts to be receiving a 10 over 9 signal and have to ask
for repeats because you can't decode it.

Final Murphy attach was when N1MM went into transmit and would not unkey. How
embarrassing. The only recourse was quitting N1MM and restarting it. This never
happened before!!

Thanks for all the Q's and patience on 80m.

N2EIK   Single Op LP   12,4622012-07-22 08:02:39
KG9JP   Single Op LP   12,3202012-07-22 08:44:32
Had to shut down once for lightening. However, not a drop of rain like other
areas surrounding me.
N4XL   Single Op LP   2,6222012-07-22 08:45:39
Just playing around and giving SC to a few.
NA2M   Single Op LP   10,6582012-07-22 09:05:39
Rig: Elecraft K3 85W
Ant: Cushcraft R5
4-el 15M colinear
W4MYA   M/2 LP   97,6082012-07-22 09:09:07
Thanks for the contacts.
We enjoyed it.
Take care
Erick and Bob
K7IA   Single Op LP   56,4482012-07-22 09:11:47
It's a humbling experience indeed to not "feel" loud for the first three hours
of a 10 hour (single op) event, but such was the case on 20-10 meters
yesterday. I even went outside and eyeballed the antennas, regardless of what
the LP-100A was telling me. 20m ultimately improved a bit, but despite
numerous QSYs back to 15, most of the signals heard there were ESP. There was
a lot of QSB on 20, which slowed things down--many thanks to the guys who hung
around to give their exchanges after the sigs came back up (quite a few moved
on, though).

With ongoing threats of thunderstorms here in NM, my only strategy was to keep
working continuously as long as Erin heard no thunder. I was lucky--the thick
dark clouds were silent, keeping the two hour required break in the bank

I found myself looking forward to darkness and low band activity and even began
working 40m long before the greyline was even a hint. I wasn't the only one to
do that, judging from the activity, but only the strong eastern stations could
copy my New Mexico signals. That's when I took a 1.5 hour break for supper and
a re-run of Clint Eastwood's "Rawhide."

As darkness approached, 40m became crowded, and both S&P and Running were
fruitful. Quick checks of 80 found lots of summer QRN and a few signals in
neighboring states. Later, near quitting time, running on 80 produced more
distant Qs, but the rate was paltry. In between hops between 40 and 80, I
cruised 20 and picked up a handful and two mults: KH6 and KL7.

Despite early discouragement, I managed to just beat last year's Q-count (by
2), but thanks to the mults, the score is considerably better.

Thanks to all for their patience with band conditions and for digging out a lot
of QSOs that might have been skipped in a "brute force" high power event. I'm
off to read the Archives to verify that condx put all of us into the same boat
this time...

73, dan
W1SRD   Single Op LP   26,9822012-07-22 09:17:24
Finally go my Hexbeam raised to 30' from 15' just in time for contest start.
Made a big difference. Could actually hold a run frequency on 20!
Thanks for the Q's.
N6HE   Single Op LP   20,1522012-07-22 09:18:23
Low power, low wire antennas, wonky bands (is THIS what we've been waiting
for in the current cycle "upswing"?). But being on the air is always fun,
yes? See you in February for the NAQP RTTY from Catalina Island as K6PV/6!
Had to reload logging software 30 min before start because duping function
was kaput - jeez! Always fun to work all the RTTY contest regulars.
Ten-Tec Omni VII, OCF dipole at 25 feet.
WØRAA   Single Op LP   21,0152012-07-22 09:31:19
Band conditions were pretty good for this one. I wanted more of a full time
effort, but that was cut short by a surprise visit of my granddaughter and her
family from Carlin, NV. I got back on a little later in the contest and found
an open spot on 20 meters and called CQ. The resulting run was the best I
have ever had. At one point I was at a rate of 120 per hour. Then things
slowed down and the rate dropped off quite rapidly. It was so warm in the
shack that I finally gave up and shut things down. All in all it was fun. Ten
meters was open for a whle, but I just couldn't seem to get anything going on
that band. I'm happy with the 20 & 15 results. Looking forward to the next
one. Thanks to all who gave me a contact.
N4KG   Single Op LP   59,7362012-07-22 09:36:33
N4KG MACRO Suggestion to ALL participants:

Put a SPACE Before and After Each Macro to avoid run-on confusion with other
signals transmitting on the same frequency. It is Especially Important to
isolate Your CALLSIGN with spaces before and after!

Unfortunately, I am still using one computer to run MMTTY and my favorite
(small and easy-to-read) laptop to LOG in NA10.53 After some bad experiences
with N1MM, I have been reluctant to embrace that program but see no good
alternative, especially for RTTY. I guess that will be my next Learning Curve
to climb... Worse yet, was the fact that the PTT output from my old MMTTY
computer had ceased to function so EVERY transmission required pressing the PTT
switch on a hand microphone!

After finally upgrading to a High Speed Internet Connection and Windows
computer, I was finally able to upload the last 2.5 years of Contest Logs to
LoTW and discovered that I qualified for the ARRL WAS Triple Play but needed a
Bunch of States on 10 and 15M, especially RTTY, so that's where I started this
event, chasing multipliers and new states. Still need GA to complete 20M WAS
RTTY. NEVER heard WW4LL except on 80M :-(

I'm still recovering from tree and tornado damage so was limited to:
ONE Radio - Icom 746 with 250 Hz filter at 9 MHz (500 Hz filters set up for
ONE Tribander - TH7 at 40 ft (ALL 10/15/20 monobanders broken 40M Coax fell
ONE 40M Inverted Vee aimed N/S at 53 ft
ONE 40M Delta Loop E/W, fed at North Corner at 45 ft (bottom wire at 3 ft)
ONE 80M Elevated GP - 40 ft tower with TH7 Top-Load 7 radials at 15 ft

Missed MS RI VT VE1,2,8,9 VO VY
Only worked ONE other ALabama station - where were my teammates???
Can I count myself for 5 Band Multiplier ? :-)

de Tom N4KG in North Alabama
W1BO   Single Op LP   10,4402012-07-22 09:43:20
FT-950/160m Windom/100 Watts/Signalink USB - Conditions were pretty horrible for
me yesterday a lot of lulls in activity as I was primarily working in the run
mode and didn't seem to ever drum up the amount of business that I really
wanted to. Made the decision to move up to 15m a little late as I was expecting
it to be longer than it really was and I was right made a few contacts up there
and then went into run mode for a while and nadda.

Not having the beam hurt me big time on this one as only running the wires. The
extra 6 db gain was missed. :)

Enjoyed the run and looking forward to the next go round!
K5RZA(@N5RZ)   Single Op LP   81,5062012-07-22 09:44:23
Had a great time! Thanks to all for the contacts! 73 & 88! Deborah
W9RE   Single Op LP   8,1842012-07-22 10:00:19
About the first time to enter a contest using RTTY. Had to use 1 keyboard to
log Q's in TR and another keyboard to enter the call for the radio. For the
first S and P Q's I didn't send the other station's call sign which I now
realize is proper protocall. I did for the last 100 Q's or so. I did call CQ
but it required 3 button pushes just to send the CQ and then entering the call
twice and again several button pushes but it almost was fun.

Nice conditions and hope they hold for the CW and SSB portion.
AB4SF   Single Op LP   22,6012012-07-22 10:05:17
Right on cue a thunderstorm moved in at 1800z so I did something else for the
first hour of the contest, otherwise had fun and found conditions to be
VY2LI   Single Op LP   1,4702012-07-22 10:06:31
Not much time to help the Aurora Busters.Ed,VE4EAR, the only Buster heard but
not worked.73,Bill
K5WO   Single Op LP   33,9152012-07-22 10:52:17
Nothing much going on 10 meters, and 15 was pretty dead here early on but got
better as the afternoon wore on. I spent most of my time on 20 and then later
on 40. Couldn't get my backyard stealth vertical to load on 80. Thanks for all
the Qs.


Bob K5WO

Ant: 24' vertical fed by remote autotuner
Rig: K3
SW: WriteLog & MMTTY
K3TN   Single Op LP   23,3202012-07-22 10:53:17
K3 to Windom OCF dipole at 45'

It rained all day here, thought I would spend more time in this one. But
conditions were pretty poor and just ended up playing around a few minutes at a
time. Nice to hear lots of new calls, RTTY contesting may be the new on ramp to
contesting vs. something experienced contesters add to their repertoires later
KE7AUB   Single Op LP   5,7502012-07-22 11:03:33
I started late since I did not hear much early on - so it was time for a cat
nap. I got on about 22 UTC and 20 at least sounded respectable. 10 and 15 were
like a waste land to my ears. I did some S&P and some running and managed 115
Q's in 6 1/2 hours (probably less as I took some breaks less than 30 mins).
Later on 40 while running - more like crawling in my case, stations seemed to
hear me better than I could hear them - that's pretty unusual for me.

Thanks for all the Q's. The highlight may have been, getting a call from a
station for its 2nd ever RTTY QSO. Hopefully the station enjoyed itself enough
to become a regular to the NAQP RTTY, as well as all the other RTTY contests
most of us seem to be addicted to - bands conditions being nearly a non-factor.
K7HP   Single Op LP   53,7952012-07-22 11:24:16
Wish ARRL 'Spectrum Defense" would defend us aginst pulse duration drive washing
machines S7-S9 every 18 khz , under cabinet switching mode driven lamps every
12 khz , and what the heck are the nice T9 cw carriers every 4 khz across 40
and 80 , to say nothing of the TV set 3 khz wide rough signals on another 18
khz spread .

That and power company S7 db noise in 300 cycle BW filter when pointed NE thru
SE (sorry for all the repeats of stations east of me on all bands)
N6EE   Single Op LP   65,5402012-07-22 11:43:50
Conditions very poor first few hours made it rough going unitl 15 and then 10
opened. But by then most had moved down to 20 so there wasn't all that much
activity on 15 or 10 in spite of the good opening. Fortunately, conditions
improved tremendously with 20 and 40 lots of fun. My 80 meter compromise Vee
just doesn't cut it and the band was noisy so couldn't get any traction there
the last hour.

But I sure enjoyed this contest. Thanks a lot for all the Q's. Boy, some of
you guys and gals have great ears! Very very few requests for fills.

K3, SteppIR DB18E at 45 feet, 80M "perverted Vee".

Ron N6EE
K3MJW   M/2 LP   63,9732012-07-22 11:55:05
Used this contest to prepare our Skyview Team for the CQ WW DX RTTY contest in
September, which we will be operating from PEI.
W6YX   M/2 LP   234,9232012-07-22 12:06:34
We were pleased to break 1,000 QSOs! The first time for anyone in the July
contest This is also our Highest July score ever!

Having 10m open at start was wonderful, and we kept one transmitter there for 2
hours, before moving to 20m for a solid 7 hours.

The second transmitter had great rates on 15m for 3 hours, and then fading
rates for 3 more hours. We struggled when we went to 40m with 3.5 HOURS before
sunset. Finally, by one hour before sunset 40m was moving well.

Our sunset was not until at 03:30z, and we went to 80m to work single-ops who
may be stopping at the 10th hour Finally, an hour AFTER sunset we could work
people, and then we only had 30 good minutes until the contest ended.

Compared to last year, we greatly increased QSOs and Mults on 10m and 15m. We
lagged in QSOs on 20m, 40m and 80m.

Lots of nice DX along the way, thank you to the CM, FM, HI, HR, JA, KH6, KL7,
PY, TG, VP9 and XE operators.

No major equipment issues. One 10m yagi was missing from the switchbox. Had to

get up and walk around the left operator to get at the rotator control for the
C-31xr. The P3 panadapter for the K3 had a big display and made spotting
stations easier. (Thanks to Rebar N6DB.)

Lots of yelling in the shack to coordinate between the spotting and running
stations - but it's part of the fun. We had 5 people available throughout the
contest, so no staffing problems. Everybody performed well and kept our average
rate between 113 and 61 per hour. ND2T and K6UFO gave us a rocket start. W6LD
and N6DQ then relieved us on operating. Master spotter N7MH made sure we
increased our Mults on 10m and 15m before he had to leave. K6YL and KZ2V
arrived later to provide fresh eyes and dinner pizza. Maybe we could increase
speed and efficiency, but over 1,000 QSOs is good enough for this July's

Thank you to all the stations who participate - thanks for the contacts!

...for the W6YX team, de K6UFO

W6YX Stanford University equipment:
Tribanders: Force 12 C-31XR at 60ft, Mosley Pro-67 at 50 ft
10m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft
15m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft, 5 el yagi at 25 ft
20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft, 5 el yagi at 36 ft
40m: 4 el at 60 ft, inverted vee at 50 ft
80m: inverted vees at 50 ft
Beverage receiving antennas
Yaesu FT-1000MP,MkV, MkV, Elecraft K3 and P3 Panadapter
Writelog and MMTTY software

QSO/MUL by hour and band
Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm
18Z - - - 63/32 39/20 102/52 102/52
19Z - - 16/11 61/10 22/2 99/23 201/75
20Z - - 36/18 37/7 13/2 86/27 287/102
21Z - - 75/13 37/5 - 112/18 399/120
22Z - - 72/7 41/1 - 113/8 512/128
23Z - - 53/4 23/1 - 76/5 588/133
00Z - 6/5 45/3 10/0 - 61/8 649/141
01Z - 30/23 33/2 - - 63/25 712/166
02Z - 49/11 45/0 - - 94/11 806/177
03Z 14/8 59/7 20/0 - - 93/15 899/192
04Z 40/12 57/5 - - - 97/17 996/209
05Z 33/9 34/3 - - - 67/12 1063/221
Tot: 87/29 235/54 395/58 272/56 74/24
W7ZRC   Single Op LP   44,0422012-07-22 12:24:11
I had expected to do better than this, but had some interuptions and equipment
problems. Anyway, lots of fun even with the noisy band conditions on 80 and 40.
Was very difficult to get many of the callers to print. I may get used to this
and RTTY contesting some day (grin). 73 and thanks to all! Rod/w7zrc
W4SDJ   Single Op LP   4,5602012-07-22 12:59:56
This was my first RTTY contest. I had a blast!
W1ZD   Single Op LP   50,5402012-07-22 13:14:47
Things were going great until the dust storm arrived, followed shortly by a
t-storm. Lost about 2 hours of operating time. Still, lots of fun!
Thanks for the Q's.
73, Lock
KB4KBS   Single Op LP   29,4252012-07-22 13:20:46
My personal best score ever. Period.

While I feel like I've come a long way from the days of 10-12 Qs/hr, I'm not
sure I should rest my laurels on 27-29 Qs/hr either. I feel like I am fast
approaching the point where I am only limited by my station, yet I know that I
could still make great improvements in my operating practices, especially
regarding when to switch bands, when to abandon a band, and maximizing the
resources I have.

Kenwood TS-450SAT
RigBlaster Plus
MFJ 949B
G5RV at 30'
No Spotting Help

Thanks for all of the contacts,

Scott, KB4KBS
Roswell, GA
KE5OG   Single Op LP   64,9602012-07-22 13:47:05
Thanks for all the Qs. It was fun but tough going. There wasn't much
opportunity for runs and, at least here, the bands were pretty noisy.
I was hoping for a 15 like last weekend but it was not to be.
KD8IGK   Single Op LP   6,4412012-07-22 13:51:40
Part time effort (447 minutes). It was a lot of fun and was the first time I
worked a contest in Run mode and not just S&P. Sorry I could not work the whole
contest time window. I keep learning more every time as I work the contests.
K2DN   Single Op LP   1,9082012-07-22 14:40:21
Only was able to operate for about 1.75 hrs.
Had a good time though.
W5AP   Single Op LP   8,1922012-07-22 15:33:43
W8BAR(W1TO)   Single Op LP   86,0192012-07-22 17:13:21
Thanks to Dave K1TTT for the use of his fine station. Thanks to the Tuckers
Creek ARC for the use of the club call. One contest a year is not enough for
good SO2R skill building.
KEØG   Single Op LP   2,8862012-07-22 17:29:52
K3/10 running 10 watts to two switachable 74' dipoles up about 50' and fed with
ladder lines and Johnson Matchboxes. Had a good time, thanks everyone. Lots
of activity on 20 and 40. C U next time, 73, Dan ke0g
K7AKP   Single Op LP   4,9002012-07-22 18:35:42
CLUB: None
NAME: Richard Edwards
ADDRESS: 11687 SW Jamaica
ADDRESS: Wilsonville, OR 97070
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V11.12.1
W4UK   Single Op LP   14,9602012-07-22 19:40:10
Wire dipoles only. Discovered 40 M antenna dead just before contest!
KL7/DM5TI   Single Op LP   1,0082012-07-22 22:31:53
It was interesting to take part a vacationeer in the NAQP RTTY Contest.
Operation took place ftom a hotel room with a K3 and a simple wire antenna.
Propagation was non existent to poor. Each QSO was a struggle. Now I know
what being in the black hole really means. I will never again complain about
propagation from my home QTH, but I still had a lot of fun to make some QSOs.
NR4J   Single Op LP   1,0502012-07-23 04:27:09
I had fun in the contest. Took a break for birthday dinner.
N2BJ   Single Op LP   32,4212012-07-23 04:45:38
My STUPIDITY NEVER tried 15M or 10M . Assumed the bands were broke but I was
wrong and loat out on a few hundred Q's!

Pretty idiotic for not even checking!!
WT8C   Single Op LP   43,2502012-07-23 08:27:59
Never heard VT or RI. Heard DE twice but he was doing S&P. Did not work MI, Oh
or WV until late in the evening.
Used N1MM and MMTTY and FT-2000.
AA4LR   Single Op LP   3,6962012-07-23 08:33:38
R7000 at 3m high (10-40m)
80/40m trap dipole at 3-4m high (80m, 40m)

Venerable Kenwood TS-430S w/ AT-250 running 75-80 watts


The IARU began with my K2 acting up with an INFO 080 problem. I made a brief
attempt Saturday morning to diagnose the K2, but despite the boards I removed,
it acted worse and worse. It would NOT recognize the KPA100, and intermittently
would give "not instd" on several other options. Needless to say, I had to fall
back on the old TS-430S.

This rig was never designed for RTTY and lacks computer control. It was the
later Kenwood progeny the TS-440S that had these capabilities. An old rig is
better than no rig.

I was delighted to find signals on 10m. Worked everything I could hear (at
least that could hear me). This contest was purely an S & P exercise. Most
stations could hear me, but a few CQed in my face. Tried CQing a few times on
15, 20 and 40m, but no dice. I'm now contemplating moving the R7000 up the hill
behind a tree, or just hanging some real antennas in the trees.

Due to other commitments, I had to QRT at 2110z. Plenty of fun. CU in the next
W4VIC   Single Op LP   12,4802012-07-23 09:22:34
Afternoon and early evening electrical storms are taking a toll on contesting
efforts. Probably the best 5 hours of the entire event were lost because of
storms. Good fun once able to get it going. Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic,
W4GAC   M/2 LP   94,4162012-07-23 13:01:34
K7VIT   Single Op LP   6,6672012-07-24 20:28:47
From my QTH and limited time on, it seemed as though I (we) took a pretty
sizeable step backwards in band conditions this weekend.

As always, thanks to all who answered my calls.
KØTG   Single Op LP   5,7752012-07-26 19:31:27
I was able to get on a little here and there for the effort. It always seemd to
be at the wrong times for any rate. Always fun though.

73, John K0TG
W6KY   Single Op LP   12012-07-30 16:16:21
Blew up N1MM B4 the contest started.
Used MMTTY engine. No sections, so
no score...
Not the fault of N1MM. For testing I
imported a 5 year old contest file and
N1MM went berserk.
73, Art

GAP Vert
MMTTY Engine
WQ6X   Single Op LP   9462012-08-05 15:19:44
Schedule conflicts relegated me to 5 hours operating time using a Kenwood TS-450
from the 2nd floor of a lodge in Hayward Ca. using a jury-rigged dipole made
from 2 MFJ 40-m hamsticks and an MFJ Apartment antenna for vertical