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SPDX RTTY Contest   2016   Apr 23   Comment Summary

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AI6DO(@W6AGO)   SOAB HP   44,3122016-04-23 16:04:21
K3 w/ ACOM 1000 and 3-element SteppIR Yagi at 50 feet. 500 to 900W out but felt
like I was QRP. Most of the EU and ME stations I could copy well couldn't copy
me at all, or had a lot of trouble copying me even at 900W. Runs were very
unproductive with callers few and far between, and I spent entirely too long in
pileups for a few ATNO DXCC entities and never did make it through. 15M and 10M
were flatlined. Frustration and fatigue peaked quickly and I had to throw in
the towel by noon.
N4CF   SOAB LP   5,5082016-04-23 19:03:50
Good RTTY practice on my new K3s. N1MM+ and MMTTY and the K3s worked very well
NS9I   SOAB HP   213,8882016-04-24 04:37:36
Limited time but fun - tnx to the sponsors!
K2AL   SOAB LP   19,4402016-04-24 05:10:19
IC-746, 100 watts, dipole and 2 el mini-beam, MMTTY, W10, SignaLink.
Limited time available for contest- due to work schedule on Saturdays.
K2YG   SOAB QRP   16,0652016-04-24 06:59:19
K3 @ 5 watts; dipole & tribander
MØSDY   SOAB LP   57,3302016-04-24 07:10:54
G EU DX Points DXCC Prov Cont
20m 0 92 7 530 25 12 2
15m 0 11 0 55 5 7 1
Total 0 103 7 585 30 19 2

Score: 585*(30+19)*2 = 57330
N1IXF   SOAB HP   1,936,0002016-04-24 07:14:24
Nice to work some familiar calls and a bunch of new ones.

Thanks for the Q's
SV5DKL   SOAB LP   215,4752016-04-24 07:27:30
Part time participation just for the first 4 hours of the contest.
Still, it was very enjoyable!

Stathis, SV5DKL
WB2RHM   SOAB HP   179,8722016-04-24 07:29:06
SO1R! Tough bands. Couldn't even get 6 continents. Tnx to PZK & PKRVG. CU
in the BARTG75, hope the bands are better.
GMØFGI   SOAB HP   3,071,2502016-04-24 07:54:51
Conditions poor. Nothing heard on 10m, 15m was more like 10m with very few
stations, except for a strange period near end of contest when a number SP
stations heard/worked but very few other stations! Nothing heard from African

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.
Equipment: ICOM 7600 ACOM 1010 (300watts max), Hexbeam at 25ft, 40m quarter
wave vertical wire, 80m full wave loop
KE8M   SOAB HP   243,0802016-04-24 08:04:49
SPDXRTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-04-23

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : #
Gridsquare : EN81RG
ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5613.0

Band QSOs Pts DXC Prv Con
7 13 130 8 4 0
14 95 900 35 12 4
Total 108 1030 43 16 4

Score : 243,080
Rig : Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 400-500 W

Antennas :
20M - Hy Gain LJ 204CA @ 50 ft
40M - full size ground mounted vertical 120 radials
ACØMN   SOAB LP   27,4402016-04-24 08:26:23
Poor conditions near latitude 49N. 10 and 15 were no-shows and EU never showed
on 40. Very disappointed to hear several stations *running* within 500Hz of the
HC emergency frequency at 7060kHz!
K4GMH   SOAB HP   499,6002016-04-24 08:52:34
Thanks for all the QSOs. All are appreciated.

40 m conditions were okay and the noise level was down from the previous day
(storms out of the area).

Unfortunately, a problem showed up just after 40 m opened up to Europe from the
East Coast USA. During the exchange with 5B4AMM noticed the power had dropped
from 1500 W out to 2 W! When I stopped xmitting, the receiver's noise floor
also had drastically lowered. Found the problem after approx. an hour of
process of elimination trouble shooting, made the correction, and got back in
the Contest. Why couldn't the problem have shown up the day before the
Contest, or even earlier in the day when checking out the station prior to the
Contest? But, then, the Contest wouldn't be run under "contest"
conditions hi..

Ran out of BIC stamina after a total of 8 hours of operating which was a bit
after 0200 LT.

The two continent multipliers missed were Oceania and Asia. Suspect
propagation contributed to not being able to work an Asian station during the
Europe - NA 40 m opening. The Oceania mult. was missed due to my being in bed
instead of my BIC.

Got all the Poland provinces except for L on 40 m. Thanks for all the mults.

Mike, K4GMH
W9ILY   SOAB HP   879,2552016-04-24 09:13:51
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
K7WP   SOAB HP   16,2242016-04-24 09:32:15
FT450D/ AL811H/ Force12 6BA/ CL33/ 40m Dipole/ HF2V/ N1MM

Fun 5 hours (off and on)...thanks for the copy/Q's...73!

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws
GØURR/P   SOAB QRP   72,7202016-04-24 11:59:13
My usual portable set up in the New Forest, South Coast of the UK, but with a
new Spiderbeam at 30ft on a spiderbeam 15m mast. Not been brave enough to put
the mast right up yet. Very happy with its performance and my 5W output.
Thoroughly enjoyed the contest, thanks for all the Polish stations that were on
and giving away multipliers.
W3FIZ   SOAB HP   932,4002016-04-24 12:08:29
Ok its always fun but its not a lot of fun when the condition's SUCK.. All
Equipment worked well. GL to all and we will see ya in the next one.
W6SX   SOAB HP   45,8102016-04-24 14:11:04
Spent a lot of time listening to east coasters work Europeans I couldn't even

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY,
2Tone, N1MM+
WN6K   SOAB LP   19,0962016-04-24 14:33:30
I did this one BEFORE the "four hour cruise... and I got shipwrecked on a
deserted isle....." (BARTGG75)
SZ1A(SV1BDO)   SOAB HP   6,039,7262016-04-24 14:41:25
Poor band condx, 10m was dead.
VA7ST   SOAB LP   16,8522016-04-24 15:48:38
Low power, just under 4 hours in the chair while distracted by amp repair needs
on the bench beside me.

20M polar path wasn't good -- heard quite a few SP stations but couldn't get
their attention with 100W.

Listened on 80M but heard nobody even after 40M went quiet. Missed OC and AF.
W1TO   SOAB HP   236,8042016-04-24 15:48:45
Where were the EA8s?
W3HAC   M/S LP   115,2902016-04-24 23:23:56



LZ7AA   SOAB HP   3,094,2802016-04-25 01:34:25
Very nice and dynamic contest. I really enjoyed it.
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SOAB LP   5402016-04-25 10:39:10
This was a last minute remote operation of NX6T as WQ6X while I was on business
in Westminster, Ca. By the time I hit the scene, 40 meters was the only RTTY
band happening on the waste coast. It was fun while it lasted.
SN1Ø5ØLVK   SOAB LP   378,4202016-04-25 12:37:26
RIG:FT-950 PWR:20 ANT:2el DeltaLoop & LongWire
AI9P/2(N2NF)   SOAB LP   90,3042016-04-25 16:03:13
Terrible band conditions. Nothing heard on 15 or 10 meters.
AB1J   SOAB LP   80,1042016-04-30 08:00:51
Testing two things:

Integration of GRITTY into N1MM+: Looks good except GRITTY doesn't seem to pay
attention to my tone settings in the INI file, but that's easy to set, just an

80m pseudo antenna: It works well too, considering. If I can work a few EUs on
RTTY with it I'm happy since my main concern is just working other NAs in
everyone-works-everyone contests.

Ken, AB1J
W4UK   SOAB HP   306,7042016-05-01 07:09:49
Writelog didn't track continents for this contest. Entered fake 10 because 3830
robot insists on a number.