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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2005   Nov 12   Comment Summary

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K9MUG/4   Single Op HP   371,2502005-11-13 09:59:35
Thanks to the sponsors and all who qso'd.
For me, this was another shake-down test of my 40 and 80 antennas. I am very
happy with 40, but still have work to do on 80m. Almost everyone has good or
excellent antennas on the higher frequencies, so obviously the area of most
payoff in antennas is on 40 and 80 and at this point in the sunspot cycle,
the payoff is even greater. This whole approach, however makes one a creature of
the night and I decide to throw in the towel just after 1200 UTC this morning.

VE3XD   Single Op LP   166,8802005-11-13 15:20:34
Too many other activities this weekend to give the WAE my full attention. Thus a
lower than usual score for me in this contest. Unusually difficult to find
stations to give QTCs to as the contest neared an end.
VE1OP   Single Op HP   1,380,0052005-11-13 15:53:32
Above mults are weighted...

Fun contest as always...Left a lot of QTC's on the table though, 20 closed to EU
early Sunday before I could get rid of them all...Spent most of Sunday morning
dumping QTC's on 15...Great opening to EU before the flare hit...

40 and 80 very noisy here both nights, but 40 opened to EU Sun afternoon at EU
sunset and things went well for a couple hours...10 was quiet all weekend,
except an hour or so Sat afternoon when I got most of the US area mults...

Thanks for the Q's...C U next year...Time to switch gears for SS SSB and

73, Scott VE1OP

Still lots of "SRI NO QTC's"...Seems less and less every year though...
VA3PC   Single Op LP   35,1002005-11-13 15:53:55
Shakedown cruise for new radio and interface and it appeared to work well.
Missed the first hour hooking it up and troubleshooting, and Sunday at work.
Hope to figure out what all the buttons do before the next contest... hi
Thanks to all for the Q's
AI9T   Single Op HP   800,4482005-11-13 16:05:06
Band conditions were sure not the best especially on 15 meters. Was hoping it
would have been better on Sunday but it never really did happen. Guess thats the
way it is in the Midwest. My second time with this contest. Took me a while to
get back in the swing.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all that worked me.

Steve AI9T
NB1B   Single Op HP   899,1602005-11-13 16:05:45
Funny condx all weekend- no 10M to Europe, 20M closed to Europe all day, a few
JAs on 20M and none on any other band, 40M quit early both days, started making
40M QSOs Sunday at 2:40pm local time! Was it crazy, or what?

As always, thanks to everyone for the QSOs. Was able to work KH6ND/KH5 on
20/40, heard him on 15M Sat but not Sun but never loud.

Dennis NB1B
W4ZE/3   M/S HP   838,7562005-11-13 16:06:32
UU7J   M/S HP   3,024,7182005-11-13 16:19:05
Thanks ALL! Full story after arrived to home I'll write in RTTY reflector.
73! de UT9FJ and company from UU7J club.
W3LL   Single Op LP   606,1192005-11-13 16:28:16
QTCS were the highlight, both sending and receiving.
KU5S   Single Op LP   223,7282005-11-13 16:35:46
Fun, thanks all.
K3SV   Single Op HP   463,2392005-11-13 16:37:19
Condition on Sat were horrible. Never could get things going on any band.
Finally on Sunday 20 opened nicely to EU and the QTC traffic heated up. Fun
contest with QTC's.
S56A   Single Op LP   90,7922005-11-13 16:38:09
Mainly played with new 3L20 wire Yagi and fixed 80/160 m trap dipole.
Time shared with OK CW contest and roof climbing. Poor WX and CONDX.
ZL4BR made my day on Sunday afternoon as 3rd QSO on new 20 m antenna.

73 de Mario, S56A
VA3DX   Single Op HP   266,6002005-11-13 16:53:03
I have no idea whether my score is correct or not...I use
WF1B Ver 5.02 and altho it works, it wont generate a Cabrillo file.

Does anyone know of such a thing to get my Cabrillo for submittal ?

Best 2 qsos were A45WD 0n 40 mtrs (wrk'd many times previously) and also
HZ1IK on 40 Rtty .....

Condx seems to be generally lousey !!! However lots of Hockey and
Football on the TV , to keep me occupied..

Cu in CQ WW CW... Glenn va3dx
K6OWL   Single Op LP   85,8142005-11-13 16:55:23
Last minute decision to participate with drips and drabs of time at various
points over the weekend.

Highlight was KH6ND/KH5 on five bands. Thanks, Mike!

73, Mark K6OWL

80m Summary

Call Areas
K0 K2 K4 K6 K7

40m Summary

Call Areas
K0 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8 K9

20m Summary

Call Areas
K0 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K9

15m Summary

Call Areas
K0 K2 K4 K5 K6 K9

10m Summary

Call Areas
DJ3IW   Single Op HP   551,0082005-11-13 16:59:40
Only handing out QSO points
VA7ST   Single Op LP   158,2492005-11-13 17:01:39
FT920 and N1MM + MMTTY
3 ele tribander at 45'
2 ele 40M delta loop beam (aimed E)
1 80M delta loop

158,000 on 452 Qs beats 84,000 on 311 Qs last year. Felt very good on 40M and
80M Friday night. Saturday night wasn't as good (and 40M seemed to go way long
early in the evening).

Never heard a real EU opening on 20M or 15M. Worked maybe 6 EU stations Saturday
morning on 20M and that was it. Missed many a mult without them. Still, my mult
count of 259 was up nicely from 198 last year, due mostly to 40M and 80M
performance with the delta loops.

The lid population was out in force this weekend -- CW jammers, etc.

Had big guns pull up a little too close a couple of times. Other times, I
couldn't hear a damn thing with overdriven amps churning up dust 15khz wide --
even the usually bulletproof cascaded InRad 250+400 filters weren't up to that.
I like to hear everyone, but not on a raspy spur. A great majority of the really
loud signals I heard were nicely run; a few need to adjust their sets.

Sure noticed the casual ops jumping in for a few contacts. Saw lots of low
serial numbers right up to the end, which was great. If an hour or two is all
you can squeeze into a busy weekend, thanks for getting in there and doing it.

Apologies to anyone I couldn't pull through the noise. Many times I heard folks
in there, but the power line buzz was too thick. 20M is the very worst, but it's
there on the low bands, too. One of these days BC Hydro will solve the problem,
and it will be like discovering ham radio all over again for me.

Woke up to a snowstorm Sunday morning (6 a.m. local) and found SWR on the yagi
over 2:1. Blamed the very wet snow, swore and grumbled about bad coax, then
discovered an hour later that a rope had blown out of a tree and wrapped around
the director tip, pulling it in toward the driven element as I turned the beam
("stuck" rotor got me outside to see what was wrong). Couldn't see that till
daylight. Took maybe 10 seconds to fix and I was back in action.

Without EU to share QTCs, I pushed traffic as much as possible with SA and JA
ops. Was great to have 10M strong enough to SA for QTCs a couple of times.
Wished there had been more Japan stations with QTCapability -- could have bumped
up our scores quite nicely. Only managed 40 more QTCs this year over last, due
to the non-existent polar path.

Only managed to work Mike KH6ND/KH5 on Palmayra Is. once -- and that was on 80M
of all places. Tried many times on 15M to no avail. He was weak everywhere but
80M here. Landed V6B (Micronesia) on 20M but nowhere else.

Must thank all those who threw out a spot... several times I noticed the run
rate climb for a few minutes, only to notice I'd been spotted. Guess the system
works, hi. I heard a few VE7s, so the mult shouldn't have been very rare.

Will spend next weekend on antenna work in prep for CQWW CW. Raising the beam a
wee bit, rigging a 40M rotatable dipole (gamma-matched yagi boom to supplement
the delta pair, BTW anyone ever tried loading up an 18' boom for 40'?), and
maybe going back to hanging a second 80M loop for a reversible beam E-W. Lofty
plan, anyway. Will see what two days with the XYL and kids out of town will get

Thanks to all for the great fun this weekend. See a lot of you in two weeks.
YBØDPO   Single Op LP   421,0082005-11-13 17:10:45
All QSOs included QTCs,thank's to all for the QSO's hope cuagn ,73 Dudy
KØHW   Single Op LP   165,1042005-11-13 17:40:50
Another good WAE contest, I expected more activity but it was really slow. I
always operate this contest low power and I am trying out a new horizontal loop
antenna. It is 500' long, hung between 2 towers and 2 trees at an average
height of about 42' feed with open wire line. It seems to work good but I was
comparing to the Hygain TH11DX and was thinking that the beam might be beating
it in some places. We had a wind come through here Saturday afternoon and it
was projected up to 50 mph. This morning when we looked up at the beam
the two longest elements were tilted at about 45 degrees. It looks like the
boom has come loose and it will require major work before next weekend if I
expect to use it.

I never ever got good conditions to stations I could send QTCs to so I was very
low in the amount handled. I sure wish it was the upslope of the cycle rather
than the downslope we are in. I should have spent more midnight oil on Friday
night / Saturday morning rather than waiting for Saturday night / Sunday morning
as the QRN was very high the second night.

I really enjoy the web site with the results and records for the WAE contests
and by looking back I did pass my results of 2003 even though we are 2 years
down the slope.

I will see you all next weekend in the ARRL Phone SweepStakes and the following
weekend in the CQWW CW DX contest. 73 Jim K0HW
WA6BOB   Single Op HP   112,6602005-11-13 18:20:22
Kenwood TS870 - 599zx, Collins 75S-3B Dovetron,30S-1, Writelog 10.55B
K4GMH   Single Op HP   999,3542005-11-13 18:42:52
Thanks to the DARC for sponsoring the Contest. Lots of fun.

This is the second try at a 3830 score submission. First submission got
rejected because of no "Pts". This one has a number that makes the sum of the
QSOs and QTCs multiplied by the "Mults" to equal the Total Score.

Computer hard drive crashed Monday evening. Took until 1900Z, 12 Nov., to get
the computer up and running, at least well enough to get in the Contest.

Good participation in spite of the band conditions.
VE3GSI   Single Op LP   252,4082005-11-13 18:55:35
QTC's are a lot of fun. Glad more and more Ops are getting in to the handling of
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   661,1492005-11-13 19:30:13
1st time in WAE and had a lot of fun. Tried the QTC stuff and it wasn't as bad
as I thought it would be. Worked 3 new ones on RTTY! Many thanks for the QSOs
and my apologies to those I couldn't hear thru the noise. See you in the next


FT1000MKV at 75 watts
Butternut Vertical
Rigblaster & Writelog
AC4JI   Single Op LP   18,0432005-11-13 20:41:29
QTC TX: 0 QTC RX: 39
WD5K   Single Op LP   282,9602005-11-13 22:02:48
ft1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V

Writelog v. 10.48F did not show Points in the summary.
WBØDUL   Single Op LP   64,7112005-11-13 22:14:37
It was a lot of fun. Forty meters was dead for me as was 10 meters. Looking
forward to next years contest.
HB9DTM   Single Op LP   89,1782005-11-13 23:40:01
No more QTC for one full year !!! HI. See you in 2006.

73 PM
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   482,6322005-11-14 00:57:44
Strange conditions here, especially on 40m. Was working US stations not long
after our sunset, which isn't normal, and wasn't able to hear the usual G, ON,
PA etc.
Great fun, and the QTC traffic really makes for that extra bit of enjoyment.

Thanks to all for the points.

Log will be on LoTW shortly, but paper cards are also welcome.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
KN6RO   Single Op LP   18,6662005-11-14 02:57:32
Writelog v. 10.48F did not show Points in the summary.
KM4M(W3BP)   Single Op HP   1,599,4162005-11-14 03:56:11
Conditions on 80, 40, and 20 better than last year but 15 and 10 worse. Maybe we
are now at the bottom of the cycle?
QTCs make this a fun contest.
OK2ZC   Single Op LP   24,0802005-11-14 04:30:17

for fun
warm up before OK/OM

73 Ludek
F6IRF   Single Op HP   1,500,9402005-11-14 04:32:30
Station: My usual small domestic station

Good weekend despite poor conditions.
To be honnest my primary objective was to consolidate my leader place
for the DJ3NG's "top-ten trophy", nothing more...
( )
So I focused first on QSO's, forgetting abt QTC's on saturday.
When I passed the 1000-Qmark sunday at 08:35z with 24h of airtime, it was
clear that my primary objective was met... So I started to hunt the QTC'ers.
Once again noticed that as a EU-stn I would make very few QTC-points, if I did

not actively/agresively search for the QTC'ers...very few spontaneous offers
- except a few ones from Ukrainian stations, which I had to decline ;-)
But finaly the "non-strategy" payed; Far better score than last year,
despite smaller antennas (was at F6HYE stn) with much more QSO's and mults,
and almost the same nr of QTC's at the end ! Once again the SO2R-bonus is
obvious here, and QTC'ing only on sunday when the rate is getting low, may not
be that crazy...

10 and 15m have been the good surprises of the weekend, especialy 15m better
than 20 with this low SSN... 20m closed very early, especialy on sunday, and
central and west-US signals strongly affected by auroral flutter.
I suffered from noisy condx (high statics level on 80, local-line QRN on high
bands), making QTC-sending my preferred choice (thanks to all who accepted to
grab my QTC's).

Eqt-wise, some troubles with 2 N1MM serious crashes but fortunately without
major damages, except 10QTC's and a few minutes lost (next time will put a
recorder on a separate PC to recover lost QTC's).
Must also say that a few N1MM features need to be improved for this contest:
QTC's on main radio only, no QSO/QTC distinction, no "section summary",
saving of QTC's sometimes capricious, received NR's turned to 0, etc...
Anyway, it did not work that bad for me, I shouldn't complain...

Thanks to the DARC for organizing, to all for the QSO's and see you from CN

more stats, pictures,comments and infos soon at

Band QSOs Pts QTCs mults w-mul
3.5 256 256 0 50 200
7 290 360 70 65 195
14 335 595 260 75 150
21 337 717 380 76 152
28 60 60 0 29 58
Total 1278 1988 710 755 1500940


WAERTTY - 2005-11-12 0000Z
to 2005-11-14 0000Z - 2008 QSOs
F6IRF - Off Times >= 30 Minutes

11/12/05 18:05:23Z - 11/12/05 19:18:17Z 73 mins
11/12/05 22:52:01Z - 11/13/05 05:57:36Z 426 mins
11/13/05 20:19:20Z - 11/14/05 00:00:00Z 221 mins

Total Time Off 12.00 hours
Total Time On 36.00 hours


Cty Tot 3_5 7 14 21 28
DL 188 68 36 42 39 3
K 175 9 50 55 61
UA 108 19 26 24 30 9
UR 90 11 26 25 20 8
SP 70 16 11 18 20 5
UA9 59 5 10 22 16 6
VE 40 2 8 16 14
G 37 9 11 8 9
I 34 15 8 7 4
PA 29 5 8 6 10
OH 27 3 6 10 7 1
OK 26 7 4 7 7 1
YL 25 7 7 5 5 1
LY 19 3 4 5 4 3
F 18 9 3 4 2
JA 18 1 7 10
ON 18 7 5 5 1
YO 18 5 4 5 2 2
S5 14 9 2 2 1
HA 13 5 3 2 3
SM 13 1 2 5 3 2
LZ 12 3 3 3 2 1
OM 12 4 3 2 3
OZ 12 3 2 5 2
UN 12 3 4 5
YB 12 3 3 5 1
GW 10 2 3 2 3
HB 10 4 1 1 3 1
YU 10 3 2 2 2 1
GM 9 2 2 3 2
4X 7 1 1 1 2 2
9A 7 1 2 1 2 1
EU 7 1 1 2 2 1
PY 7 1 2 3 1
EA 6 1 1 1 2 1
SV 6 1 5
TF 6 1 1 2 2
Z3 6 1 2 1 1 1
7X 5 1 1 1 1 1
A4 5 2 1 1 1
ZC4 5 1 1 1 1 1
ES 4 1 1 1 1
GU 4 1 1 1 1
LU 4 1 2 1
T9 4 2 2
ZL 4 1 1 2
5B 3 1 1 1
8P 3 1 1 1
CT3 3 1 2
EA8 3 1 1 1
FR 3 1 1 1
KP4 3 2 1
OE 3 2 1
OX 3 1 1 1
TA1 3 1 2
YV 3 2 1
CU 2 1 1
ER 2 1 1
UA2 2 1 1
VR 2 2
XE 2 2
ZB 2 1 1
9H 1 1
9M6 1 1
CM 1 1
CN 1 1
CX 1 1
HS 1 1
HZ 1 1
LA 1 1
LX 1 1
VK 1 1
ZS 1 1
Tot 1278 256 290 335 337 60

Sec Tota 3_5 7 14 21 28
JA1 8 1 2 5
JA2 1 1
JA3 1 1
JA4 1 1
JA5 4 1 3
JA6 1 1
JA7 2 2
K0 7 5 2
K1 15 1 4 4 6
K2 29 3 9 6 11
K3 35 1 10 11 13
K4 45 3 12 14 16
K5 13 8 2 3
K6 5 1 1 1 2
K7 5 1 4
K8 7 1 2 4
K9 14 4 6 4
PY2 4 1 2 1
PY7 3 1 1 1
VE1 11 2 3 3 3
VE2 5 2 3
VE3 20 4 8 8
VE4 1 1
VE7 1 1
VE9 2 1 1
VK2 1 1
ZL2 1 1
ZL4 3 1 1 1
ZS6 1 1
OH2BP   Single Op HP   9462005-11-14 04:39:11
Exhanging the QTC's doesn't challenge me a lot, would prefer just to collect
many QSO's as possible and fast on all 5 band. I do know some of my fellow
competitors just doesn't agree. Anyway that's my personal comment /TNX.
K4RO   Single Op HP   215,5142005-11-14 04:44:06
Band QSOs Pts Cty
3.5 47 47 72
7 126 126 111
14 206 206 96
21 235 235 72
Total 614 614 351

Score : 215,514

N1MM combines QSOs and QTCs, and I don't know how to separate
them out. I think I had about 350 QSOs. I sent AND RECEIVED
a lot of QTCs as well. It was interesting to RECEIVE QTCs for
the first time -- you can only send them from the US on CW and SSB.

I badly bumbled QTCs with 9A5W and a few others until I figured
out that I could just point and click to copy them on the screen.
It still required solid print to do it right. I am impressed by
the FB CW and SSB ops who do this all by hand!

N1MM Logger worked pretty well for the entire contest.
I am still climbing the learning curve, but am slowly
learning the nuances of the program. I did have a lot
of trouble trying to get the PK-232 to work 100% of the
time. It flaked out often enough that I wound up using
MMTTY on one radio only. I guess I won't be able to do
SO2R RTTY with the PK-232 & N1MM, which is unfortunate.
I had one completely surprise self-reboot.

Good conditions on 15 meters Sunday afternoon.
Had fun on 40 meters where I compared my newly
created wire yagi with other reference antennas.
I think the yagi is ready for CQWW CW. It works.
Nice to work KH6ND from Palmyra on two bands also.

Missed printing the W0ETC call sign.


-Kirk K4RO
AA5AU   Single Op HP   34,3802005-11-14 04:53:55
Used the contest to try the "Katrina" yagi on 15 and it seemed to work quite
well on that band. 15 opened well into EU on both days and I was able to pass
quite a bit of QTC traffic there.

73, Don AA5AU
ON6NL   Single Op LP   746,5872005-11-14 05:29:15
80m dipole
40m deltaloop
10/15/20 KT34A

Did not special prepare myself for it so also some famaily obligations to
fullfil. Conditions were great even some 10m activity but no too much activity
so I think many station missed it. 100W is a handicap on 80 and 40 but some
nice surprises with my low (16m up) antennas. Hope to improve my 9th place os
last year!
73 de Anton , ON6NL
VO1TA   Single Op LP   25,6522005-11-14 05:30:02
First Attempt at this contest.Took a while to get it figured out. Blew the first
few qtc's Had to read the N1MM manual to figure out the keystokes. Once I got
that figured out Everything went quite smoothly. I am now ready for the next
one. Sorry to those that I messed up. CUL Wayne
AD4EB   Single Op HP   781,3622005-11-14 06:27:00
My strategy was to work as many stations as possible, and save my QTCs for the
last portion of the contest. Turned out to be a bad idea, since DX conditions
deteriorated on Sunday (C and M-Class flares). Left holding 654 QTCs, what a
waste HI.

Worked many new US calls in this contest. Lots of 001 exchanges (19), and one
that indicated I was his 1st ever RTTY QSO. Larry, W0ETC, would have enjoyed
knowing this.

Thanks to the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club for creating this great contest.
AKØA   Single Op LP   43,2002005-11-14 06:50:05
Fun Contest, but not many Europeans wanted to bother with QTC's
WA2ETU   Single Op HP   1,183,7802005-11-14 06:50:44
This is the second year I have seriously operated this contest and I believe it
is now one of my favorites. There is a little different strategy involved with
the QTC's. Unfortunately, I was left with a lot of unsend QTC's due to the band
conditions on Sunday.

10 meters was open for a while on Saturday. I saw a little bit of 10 meter
South American activity on Sunday but they were the same stations there on
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   1,712,4462005-11-14 07:00:37
SO1R - No Spots - HP 500 to 700 Watts

Antennas - C/Craft A3S @ 50FT Titanex 160HD for 80m.

Tks to all at DARC for running the contest, and to everyone for the Q's.

The fun in this contest is sending and receiving QTC's, how come so many
competitors do not RX/TX QTC's. You are missing out gents.

Wish I could have sent all of mine !!!!!

Condx not brilliant, and didn't see many JA's they must have all been
doing the JIDX fone contest. Bad planning guys.

Hope to cu in the CQWW CW

73 Steve.
K3IXD/4   Single Op LP   58,4802005-11-14 07:06:32
SOAPBOX: The score is not accurate because N1MM Logger doesn't score WAE RTTY
SOAPBOX: correctly. I am getting a lot better at tuning in the RTTY signals,
SOAPBOX: but I had a little trouble with N1MM Logger. N1MM Logger is a great
SOAPBOX: program, however it takes a while to learn it. My biggest problem
SOAPBOX: was that I could not use the "ESM - Enter Send Message" feature and
SOAPBOX: automatically retransmit the serial number. So some of my number
SOAPBOX: are out of sequence when I manually sent an incorrect number. I was
SOAPBOX: surprised to work ZC4LI on 40m for totally new country. Also 7X0RY
SOAPBOX: was a nice new RTTY country. I could not break the KH5 15m pileup on
SOAPBOX: Saturday. I didn't hear them on the other bands. I am using 100w and
SOAPBOX: a SteppIR BiggIR vertical for 40m thru 10m and an inv v at 40 feet
SOAPBOX: on 80m. Thanks to the sponsors for this contest.
PS - Come January I will have a year of RTTY contesting under my belt. Maybe
next year I will try QTCs. Tnx QSOs. 73, Ed K3IXD
W2JU   Single Op LP   33,8922005-11-14 07:25:50
First WAE RTTY contest; nice to be able to receive as well as send QTCs, though
I forgot at first that the limit was 10 total per station, not 10 sent and 10
received. However, N1MM Logger was smarter than me, and kept me from exceeding
the limit.
SN5N(SP5KP)   Single Op HP   369,7982005-11-14 10:54:12
Very good contest, thanks for all.

VY 73 !


A45WD(YO9HP)   Single Op LP   1,342,5652005-11-14 11:46:31
There is balance in everything. I have not worked any JA on 14 MHz, but I have
KH6ND/KH5 in the log. Talking about Mike, althought the contest name is Worked
All Europe, looking to the times and bands he was QRV, I think his target was to
work mainly USA and Japan.
It was a nice contest, busy with QTC-s traffic, chasing a lot of nice
multipliers and saying a quick hello to the old friends.
Another successful WAE contest..
See you in CQ-WW-CW !
73, Alex A45WD-YO9HP-YR9P
W9ILY   Single Op LP   78,6742005-11-14 12:52:21
Fun, but not great condx, particularly on Sunday.
IV3SKB   Single Op HP   90,0002005-11-14 12:56:19
Only for antenna and propagation test! (bad condition)

Tnx All Andrea IV3SKB

see on CQWW CW (IH9P M2 from Pantelleria )
KØFX   Single Op HP   563,4002005-11-14 13:19:11
Thanks to the sponsers for another great contest. Enjoy the
QTC's, especially the received one's, lets you know all the
good DX yur missing. Again some very bad raspy signals, told
a few of them about it but I don' think it did any good.
Contitions to EU and UA9/0 were not good, only 6% EU. Only
one VK6 and one ZL4.
Kept hoping things would improve to EU but they just got wrose.
It semed difficult to get stations to take my QTC's.
Still lots of fun. Thanks for all the QSO's.

Equipment: IC-765 + HB amp at 400w, KT-34XA (10/15/20),
2 el yagi on 40m and 1/4 wave slopers on 80m.

see you in the next one.....73, Don, K0FX
W1AJT/VE3   Single Op HP   15,6402005-11-14 13:42:39
Station computer died so no real operating until a chore filled Sunday.
AD6WL   Single Op HP   333,9822005-11-14 15:19:20
Lots of activity. Worked over 20 new callsings not listed in the RTTY call
database. Nice openening on 10 meters but I couln't operate as much as I
ZL4BR   Single Op HP   425,1652005-11-14 20:03:22
Decided to be a bit more serious this year. Score was best yet, but could have
done better! Spent too much time chasing mults, old habits die hard I guess,
instead of chasing QTC's. Only a few stations offered to sent qtc's to me and I
ended up sending over twice as many as I received. A few stations declined my
offer of sending them qtc's, like the LU who said copy was very poor, then I
suggested he turn his beam to ZL, which he did and then reported that my signal
was now 10 over 9 !

As expected 40m was the best band for qso's but not for qtc's, with good runs to
Eu, NA and JA. 15m after sunset was good both evenings to Eu but the rest of
time it was slim pickings on that band and 20m.

I'm starting to seriously believe that maybe there are just not enough stations
active in this contest for it to warrant being a 36/48 hour show and maybe 24
hours would be long enough. Okay I realise that according to the 2004 results
2532 stations were in 636 logs, but it would also appear from the results, that
70% of them are running low power, which on RTTY probably means 25-50 watts,
that together with the fact that a good percentage will be using simple wire or
trap vertical antennas on the high bands means that they don't work many non-Eu
stations, especially when propagation is poor. So whilst 36/48 hours might suit
Eu's, it probably doesn't make a lot sense to non-Eu stations, unless your
callsign starts with 7X, H2, ZC or CT3.

TS-2000 & AL-80B, running around 600w
3-el tribander at 10m
40m GP at 6m

73, Frank ZL4BR
ON6LY   Single Op LP   16,2182005-11-15 00:30:35
just for fun
73 francis
DL8MBS   Single Op LP   167,3002005-11-15 00:52:59
Second RTTY-Contest at all. With my XYL working the whole weekend I was "Dad on
duty" for our two YLs (3&6). So I operated in a lot of short time-bits. But RTTY
showed to be very family-friendly being much more forgiving to distractions and
family-QRM while receiving...
With low power and wire-antennas I had to wait with QTC mostly until Sunday when
the DX-Stations sat on too big QTC-staples to choose only strong stations as
Noticed some nasty wide signals only in the the last hours. Annoying were some
(perhaps) SO2R-stations not listening on their run-frequency and CQing me and
other callers in the face. Then at a sudden they responded to the calls again.

Rig: IC 718
Ant (all strung the two days efore the contest):
Inv L with tuner at the feedpoint for 80 and as endfed lw on the higher bands
40 m wire vertical
15 m wire vertical
40m-doublet on the stateside-side of the house
N1MM + MMTTY with only operator induced faults.

73, Chris
N6QQ(@W6KGS)   Single Op HP   15,6602005-11-15 01:11:40
Elk's Lodge -- Garden Grove, Ca

TS-940 KT34A at 30 feet
7XØRY   Single Op LP   1,779,1202005-11-15 03:49:19
See you in CQWWCW...

9A5W   Single Op HP   2,062,3002005-11-15 04:27:23
Having problems with high VSWR on my 40m yagi and fixed (instead rotary)
upper 20m yagi I spent cca 1 hour on antenna tower (35m), but could not fix it.

Any way WAE with QTC was again high adrenaline contest.

Congrats to ZC4LI for excellent score.
W7LD   Single Op HP   148,8442005-11-15 04:59:09
F4JRC   Single Op HP   213,1952005-11-15 05:02:51
Country 7 MHZ 14 MHZ 21 MZH 28 MHZ
4X 1
5B 1
7X 1
8P 1
9A 2
A4 1 1
CM 4
CN 1
CT 1
CT3 1
CU 1
DL 104 31 3
EA 1
EA8 1
ER 1
ES 1
EU 1
F 11
G 16 3
GD 1
GM 5
GU 1
GW 2
HA 6 2
HB 3
HZ 1
I 16
JA 2
K 159 1 1
KP4 1
LA 3
LX 1
LY 4 3
LZ 4 1 1
OE 3 1
OH 20
OK 8 2
OM 4 2
ON 7 1
OZ 3 2
PA 9 4
PY 5 1
S5 10 1
SM 4 1
SP 38 4
SV 5 1
T9 1
TA1 1
TF 1
UA 34 2 1
UA9 13 3 1
UN 4 1
UR 28 3 4
VE 19 2
VK 1
VR 1
YB 1
YL 8 1 1
YO 4
YU 4
YV 2
Z3 1
ZB 1 1
ZC4 10 1
ZL 1
Total 608 75 13 3
W4UK   Single Op HP   293,2662005-11-15 05:04:45
Wire dipoles only.
I2DMI   Single Op HP   925,9922005-11-15 10:48:27
I have yet to check log, dupes a.s.o. Total score can be modified. I am very
happy for 862 QSO (less 10 Dupes, but very tired at 33rd hour of activity!
73 Frank I2dmi
DL6JZ   Single Op LP   684,7802005-11-15 11:32:33
The WAEDC RTTY became my favourite contest because ot the QTC traffic. It is a
joy with a good receiver and the appropriate software. For a good result it is
more important to chase for QTCs than for mults, I think. The conds were not
good but could have been worse too. Thanks to all the hams who worked me and
exchanged QTCs with me.
LZ2BE   Single Op LP   1,260,1752005-11-15 11:47:15
Thanks to all for this nice contest!
73 CUAGN Boyan
KE3D   Single Op LP   36,2882005-11-15 18:32:09
Great Fun! Finally starting to get the mystery of QTC. Actually exchanged some
this test. Hope to see you all next time!
LTØH(LU3HY)   Single Op HP   684,0452005-11-15 18:39:36
ON4ADZ   Single Op LP   1,287,1202005-11-16 05:23:38
This event is one of my favourites due to the strategic decision to made during
the contest (rest period - qtc), the weighted multi's on the lower bands and the
very nice feedback from the organisers. It is also non 48 H contest wich is
for, a getting older, single operator an advantage.
The previous years I was qrv for only 200 qso's due to several reasons but this
time I even got a day off before the weekend and plans where made for a +30 hour

So I prepared me well, set goals and hung up temporaly extra antennas for the
lower bands.

The condx where better on the first day, happily I exchanged a lot of qtc.
On sunday the condx where not so well and I chased for multi's.
I checked regulary 10m and went early to the lower bands.

The participation was good, the qtc game is played by more operators.

Boyan, LZ1BE, is claiming about the same points. It is up to the logcheckers
for the final result.

Thanks for the qso and changing and repeating qtc's !

I had a very good time with a lot of excitement.

Eq : yaesu mark V at 100w max. in so2v mode, with roofing and inrad filters,
writelog and mmtty combo : flawlessy
ant : th6dxx at 24 m , delta loop at 24 m for 80 + lower dipole
2 el wire delta loop for 40 m (swithable dir/refl) at 24 m + lower

No Murphy, he was visiting some else.

on4adz dot dirk at fulladsl dot be
HG4I   Single Op HP   586,3912005-11-16 10:59:22
It's remaining here 263 QTCs to send!!!!! It was a tactical mistake by me this
time. Maybe in next year - with a little better condx!
N7OR   Single Op LP   26,1902005-11-16 17:40:57
Used the free N1MM Logger
Worked flawlessly for both sending and receiving QTCs.
N1MM N2AMG and rest of team have made RTTY contesting fun.
Free SW with the kind of support and development
the pay SW wishes they had. Can't beat it. Try it.
73, N7OR
S53P   M/S HP   792,7982005-11-17 12:57:36
Worked with:

AMP FL-2277 (500W)
ANT 3 el. 3 band BEAM, FD4 dipol

TNX for nice contest!
Vy 73 de S53P team

Alex, S50DX
YB2ECG   Single Op LP   45,2922005-11-17 19:38:09
This is my third WAE RTTY contest, and now I have worked with QTC.
Thanks for Phil, GU0SUP and Rizal, YB5BO to promote me to try the QTC.
Thanks for all the stations who sent me the QTC, and also for stations that I
could worked for. See you next year, 2006.
8P2K(8P6SH)   Single Op LP   1,388,2542005-11-18 15:55:13
Warning - Comments are lengthy --

I am going to start my comments with a suggestion to the contest sponsors to
consider allowing the passing of QTC traffic to anyone outside you multiplier
area for RTTY rather than outside your continent. I will elaborate on it more
substantially, but it would remove any geographical advantage for non-EU's and
promote more use of the QTC which is absolutely brilliant and unique as far as
contests are concerned.

I had decided this would be a very serious effort, after pulling down the
station to help with 8P9R multi-multi effort a couple weeks ago during the CQWW
SSB contest. In the rebuilding, we made use of a couple stackmatches, to provide
direction-switching and stacking on 20m, and for the 40m and 80m antennas.

After reviewing last year's and several year's results, I decided on a goal of 2
million points, for which I needed 1300Q's, 2000 QTC's and 600 mults. The final
result shows that I fell short of my QSO plan by 84 Q's and only achieved about
half of the planned'd QTC's. In contrast. I was able to exceed the plan on
multipliers, due in part to moving stations from band to band and also better
than anticipated conditions on 10m and 80m.

My plan was to use a very aggressive SO2R strategy to not just move mults, but
since I would be a mult to everyone, to actually move stations for QSO value. I
counted about 50 successful attempts at moving stations from band to band and a
total of 12 stations worked on all bands. These stations were VE1OP, VE3GSI,
VA3DX, W3PT, W3LL, PY2NY, AI9T, W4ZE/3, K9MUG/4, WB2RHM/4, K8UT and N2BJ. Many
others were missing either a 10m or 80m contact for the clean sweep.

When I reviewed the results, I concluded that there was a real possibility of
breaking the 1 million point barrier, and even to 1.5 million points, based on
my recent LP experiences. The keys would be performance on 40m and also on 15m,
along with getting everthing possible out of 10m and getting as many mults on
80m, which is really the easiest way to accumulate mults quickly. As it turned
out, by using clear frequencies on 40m, and sticking it out, we broke through
the 300Q barrier there, but we were short on the 15m total by about 150 Q's.

My biggest frustration was the issue of QTC's. I guess I have a lot of respect
for ZX2B (I believe PY2NYL is the op.) who is able to consistently geherate a
very very high QTC count. He has a geographical advantage, since he can exchange
QTC traffic with both NA and EU, which generally will have very strong signals.
With 8P being in NA, my main QTC sources are SA and EU. There isn't high
activity in SA, so that leaves EU, which means I have about half the QTC sources
he has. The other issue is the very large number of stations that were not
either taking or sending QTC's. I asked nearly every non-NA QSO for QTC's once
the signal was good and I only got 68 stations to send (7 non-EU) and 38 to send
QTC's to, of which just two were in SA (Brazil). This may be an area where the
rules could be reconsidered for RTTY - allowing QTC traffic outside your
multiplier area - That is - if you're a W1, QTC's could be exchanged with anyone
outside the W1 call-area, if you're ZX2B, you could exchange QTC's with anyone
outside PY2 and if you're G0AAA, anyone outside of G would be valid for QTC's.
That might be worth trying, especially now that trans-atlantic openings are few
and tough to work. It would also allow JA's to turn in decent scores since they
could exchange traffice between call areas.

My biggest error in this contest was losing an hour to a bad time calculation in
which I woke up a couple hours late on Sunday morning. It meant I had no time to
spare in the event of a really bad band, or to have lunch with the XYL. As a
result, I only logged 12 stations during the 1400Z hour, while helping with
lunch preperation - there are some traditions not worth breaking if you want to
keep an XYL supportive of our crazy hobby.

Overall, the station worked well and the MK5's continue to perform well along
with the great International Radio 250Hz filters and roofing filters which have
been added to both rigs. Writelog continues to work well, and using a single
computer for SO2R seems to be my new preference, after being forced to do so
when I had a laptop die a few moths ago. MMTY with two soundcards (a la WA9ALS)
is working very very well indeed. Still can't figure out duelling CQ's, but
maybe one day.

A final comment regarding SO2R. Could I have made this score as SO1R -
absolutely not. There is nothing like being able to move stations seamlessly
from band to band, check whether bands are open and even listen to other
competitors without compromising your score. I'd love to pioneer SO3R - but that
would require resources I just don't have. It has set a new bar with regard to
what's possible, and I'm still learning thanks to great ops like AA5AU who
worked me on three bands in about 2 minutes during the contest - 10, 15 and 20.
I still don't know if it should be a seperate category, but it makes it's mark
felt the most in RTTY. I also do SSB SO2R and from Barbados, the second rig is
mainly for working needed mults - but in RTTY, I can really milk the bands with
the two rigs. It does call for practice and patience, but anyone can do it. Most
alreadu have most of the stuff that's necessary.

Congrats to ZX2B who seems to have put in another outstanding effort and to all
the great ops who make it a pleasure to be involved in RTTY contesting.

Here's the station description:

2 FT1000mpMK5's
Microham Microkeyer
AMD Athleon 2.3GHz computer w/ 2 soundcards
Writelog v10.54c
2 MMTY instances
WX0B Six-pak
F12 C3E tribander (3 feeds)
F12 C3SS tribander
F12 XR5 multi-monobander
Phased F12 Sigma 40XK (40m)
Phased Butternut HF2V's (80m)


Dean - 8P6SH / 8P2K
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   583,1002005-11-20 07:58:49
TS850SAT 100w A3s 3el yagi 1/2slopers in the backyard

Was very tired for this one due to intensive traveling in the weekend
prior to the contest so decided to stay at home and not going to the
contest site.My target was to be in the top ten for third time in the row
but as I see postings this will be impossible.
Had no sleep at all into start so at 0300z I make first rest for 4hours.
At saturday evening make another rest and finally I was only 28 hours on the
air. Bad s9+20 QRN killed me on low bands when street lights turns on.
Only possible time to work on 40/80 is between 21z and 03z and then after 07z.
Iam sure wich one lamp do this miserry and for sure I must pay to
neighbours kids for quick "repair" :)).

Good news is that Iam changing my work and after LZ DX will work for
leading GSM operator as Field Maintenance Engineer.
Bad news is that Iam not sure for possibility to work in WWDX.
Hope that I'll be at contest site for CQ WW CW and CU then.

All written QSL's are sent to bureau.
Just received another 600 incoming QSL's. Thanks to all and will
replay to all untill New Year.

73 Nasko , LZ9R (LZ3YY)
VE3ESH   Single Op LP   164,1602005-11-20 17:37:14
This is my second WAE RTTY contest and I love the QTCs, this is a great part of
the contest. With my peanut whistle station it makes for hard work but alot of
fun, see you next year
IKØXBX   Single Op LP   32,7082005-11-22 02:54:56
Just few hours of fun, nice to send and receive qtc with N1MM.
In my declared score qtc and qso are both in same column.
CU next contest
HZ1IK   Single Op HP   96,5442005-12-05 01:47:52
Saturday / Sunday weekends are work days in HZ-land. Therefore, it is not much
fun to participate in a contest after coming home from work. The conds on the
higher bands die quickly. So the only remaining band is 40m (80m is not

I used my normal logging software (Logger32) to run a couple of RTTY qsos and
when other hams started asking for qtcs I transferred my (Logger32) qsos to N1MM
logging program. But it just did not want to accept the transferred qsos for qtc
traffic. After the contest was over and no qtcs had been sent / received I
finally discovered the little secret how to validate the transferred qsos in
N1MM. Next year I will be able to exchange qtcs....

73 from Riyadh
de Manfred, HZ1IK (qsl via DK7YY)