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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2006   Nov 11   Comment Summary

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NB1B   Single Op HP   710,7392006-11-12 16:14:59
Was able to work into Europe on 40M at 1900Z easier than at 0100Z- all the
Europeans seemed to disappear after that. Had only a low dipole on 80M, so
couldn't tell if they all went there. Worked a number of Far East stations on
20M during the last 2 hours of the contest- never heard them before then.
FT1000MP, AL1500 (600watts out mostly)
Antennas: C3 at 20M, 40M G5RV at 15M, 80M dipole at 10M
Thanks for the Qs and the QTCs.

Dennis NB1B
VE3XD   Single Op LP   306,5282006-11-12 16:16:04
Writelog doesn't provide a points total in the printed summary which explains
the zero in that column.
K9MUG/4   Single Op HP   836,7662006-11-12 16:25:38
A tough and challenging contest! Thanks to all who qso'd and thanks to all for
your patience especially with the qrn and jammers on 40m and 80m. Special
thanks to LZ9R for hanging in there to make our qso --I asked for very many
repeats and he stuck with me. Everyone seemed to understand and I'm grateful.

With the QTC's, this is probably the most technically challenging contest of
the year and it's great fun! Thanks to the sponsors and if I recover, I'll see
you in the OK-DX RTTY contest.

AL2F   Single Op LP   19,9952006-11-12 16:37:51
This was my first WAE, it was a great time. Only worked one european, still fun
anyway. See you next week in the SS.

Kris in AK
VA7ST   Single Op LP   93,9582006-11-12 17:07:26
Brutal conditions till Sunday afternoon when things turned great(comparatively).
SFI=97 all weekend, after weeks of 74. Ap=22 until Sunday afternoon, when it
dropped to just Ap=9. K=4 or so till Sunday, when it fell to K=2.

Bands were noisy as hell here, until it rained on Sunday afternoon (I had been
praying for rain) to eliminate the power line noise. My rate jumped with the
noise gone.

Europe was marginally open Sat. and Sun. mornings for a couple hours around 8
a.m. Au was level 7-8 Saturday, and the polar path wasn't good, but Au was down
to 3 or 4 on Sunday, but it didn't give me much into EU. Maybe helped into Asia

The drop in the A-index made 20M sing for the final few hours.

Greatest surprises: ZD8A calling me on 20M Sunday afternoon with a huge signal.
Don't know what he's using for an antenna, but I want one. I had to ask QRZ?
just to make sure it wasn't KD8A.

Also was called by a huge signal from 9M6XRO -- he sent QTC and didn't miss a
character. Had so much fun working the big sigs down there, I did it again a
few minutes later with YB2ECG.

Slacked off on QTCs this year in general, due to band conditions. Made one with
SA, but it was sketchy so didn't try that again. The other four were with JAs.
Only 7 sets in total.

Biggest disappointment: 40M. Until Sunday afternoon I had just 30 Qs and 33
mults there. Got a few more in the final hour Sunday, as I couldn't stand not
trying for more there, with so many stations and mults not worked.

The 2-element 40M inverted-V beam comes down tomorrow (stat holiday) and the
delta loop 2-el. beam goes back up. Not going to throw away CQWW CW using a dog
on 40M.

80M was pretty good. Last year made 85 Qs for 56 mults with a full-sized delta
loop. This year made 54 Qs for 48 mults using an inverted-V.

Managed more Qs on 15 and 20 this year. Beat my multiplier total from last year
on both, too.

Lack of QTCs and poor 40M mult performance did me in score-wise though.

QSOs Mults
Band: 2005 2006 2005 2006
--------- ----------
80: 85 54 56 48
40: 126 51 75 42
20: 169 194 74 84
15: 60 62 42 44

Year QSO QTC Mults Score
2002: 251 40 186 54,126
2003: 113 109 120 26,640
2004: 311 117 198 84,744
2005: 452 159 259 158,249
2006: 431 70 218 93,958

Looking forward to CQWW CW in two weeks and praying for rain or snow to dampen
the noise to the east.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   25,2002006-11-12 17:20:58
Boy, were the bands cruddy or what.

N1MM says I was on for 6.97 hours, but it seemed longer than that. Never
worked a single Eu station here. I got up early Sunday and thought I'd work a
few before church, but nada. It was like a domestic contest. I think I had
more repeats than in any contest in a long time. Still one of my favorites
though. I really like the laid back operation in a RTTY contest. I can drink
and snack to my hearts delight and still keep operating. 73 See 'ya in the SS
next week.
AD4EB   Single Op HP   821,7442006-11-12 17:29:48
What a workout! Personal goal was to beat my last year's score of 781K, near
the end it looked unlikely. Then with one hour to go, worked some good mults
on 20m (9M6XRO and VR2BG), exchanged QTCs with JAs, and had a good opening to
EU on 80m for even more mults. Amazing what the last hour of a contest

Was SO2R at the start of the contest, but on Sunday one of my Centurion
amplifiers quit (suspect HV transformer).

As far as RTTY contesting goes, I think this is as good as it gets. Thanks to
the DARC for sponsoring this event.
KD5LNO/8   Single Op LP   42,7852006-11-12 17:31:17
First time ever operating RTTY. Fun mode and fun contest !
K4GMH   Single Op HP   1,141,1362006-11-12 17:35:52
Thanks to all who were kind enough to work me. All QSOs are appreciated.
Lower bands, 80/40, were very noisy first night. Better the second. Nice 15M
opening to Europe on Sat. and Sun. mornings.
VA3DX   Single Op HP   862,7762006-11-12 17:47:36
This is a close estimate score, counted the mult's and weighted them.
Dont think Im off by much.....
LA6FJA   Single Op LP   99,0502006-11-12 17:55:20

what a bad condition it was, I felt lonely at the bands here in Norway, the
Aurora kept up as high as K4-K5 long time before the contest :( and also during
the contest.... here you can see real time K indeks
for Scandinavia

Well, I had decide to work full time, but when contest started I monitored and
turned off the radio...I could just lot of calls at the screen, but they could
not hear me at all... so I went to my work instead.

Later at saturday I could give a try @ 20m I thougth, but 12 QSO after 1 hour?
noway...better go to bed...

When I woke up later seems that low bands kept into good shape, so I worked a
lot of european;) I heard only 8P2K calling CQ on my QRG once. I had a good
rate, I had one radio at 80m and the 2nd at 40m. Seems that I were the only LA
active into this contest, so I wanted to keep QRV to give a multiplayer.

Biggest Thrill:
20m Sunday: ZL2AMI Longpath 20m on my TH6'er just 15m above ground, and I just
had about 50 Watt from TX ;)
40m Sunday: Worked LT0H with great signal from nowere..hehe

Sorry for the conditions, and I have no HP station since both AMPS are ruined
after thunder strike this summer, so now I am agree "Life is to short for QRP"

Radio 1
Kenwood TS2000 50W microHAM MK WLOG+MMTTY, AMD Athlon XP3600+ 2,1 ghz
KLM KT34XA 6el @ 25m
Hygain LJ240BA 2 el 40m @ 28m
80m GP
Radio 2
Kenwood TS930SAT 50-70W microHAM MK WLOG+MMTTY AMD Athlon 3000+ 2,0ghz
80m INV-VEE @ 8m
40/80m GP
TH6DXX @ 15m

QSL for direct via WY4N
or via LA buro!

W5CTV   M/S LP   45,4892006-11-12 17:56:00
This was the first time operating this contest and the first as a multi op. My
sons ages 8 and 5 helped out and had fun.
KI6DY/Ø   Single Op HP   196,8502006-11-12 17:57:40
Limited effort due to other commitments on Sunday. Passing QTC's is tough when
most of the DX, excluding South America, barely moves the S-meter.

73 de Bob (KI6DY)
W7MRC(NG7Z)   Single Op LP   7,7602006-11-12 18:16:34
Just a few hours, mostly S&P playing in this contest. First time for any WAE
contest. Not sure about the QTC thing so didn't try. Using N1MM/MMTTY combo and
it periodically hung up because it thought the radio wasn't responding. I don't
use radio control though. Had too many other things going on here at home to
put in very much time. But it was fun to try it and see the QTC's flying
around. Will have to practice that with a dummy log.
73 and thanks for picking out my little pistol signal
Paul NG7Z (W7MRC)
KØTG   Single Op LP   37,9472006-11-12 18:17:36
I started out just wanting to make a few Q's here and there. So I just operated
from time to time over the weekend and had a little fun. Not much in the QTC
department as signals were not that good to stations that I could exchange
QTC's with. That seemed to improve toward the end of the contest.

It is a fun contest and I will have to do it again. My last WAE was in 2004.

73, John K0TG
W4RK   Single Op HP   79,6482006-11-12 18:23:22
Good participation and lots of fun. Thanks to the sponsor for running a great
AD5VJ   Single Op LP   22,5702006-11-12 18:25:49
Great contest this year although band conditions were poor due to magnetic
storm, but enjoyed it just the same.

Thanks for all the contacts and to N1MM for making it once again EASY.

73 fer nw es gud DX,

FISTS: # 12637
10X# 37210, FP#-1141
SMIRK#-5177, RARS #-149
W4GKM   Single Op HP   456,4002006-11-12 18:26:29
I always enjoy this contest but every year I don't start sending QTC's early
enough and always end up with lots left to send. It's really a fun contest for
me and I always have lots of fun with this one.

I started out to work full time but my XYL's mother had to go into the hospital
so I was busy with that and didn't get to spend as much time as I had planned.

Thanks to all that worked me and the sponors.

Nick W4GKM
NA2M   Single Op HP   76,6652006-11-12 18:27:27
First WAE contest that I exchanged QTCs in. Sorry I lost QTCs from HA5LI.
N1MM would not log the RQTCs. Probably due to my being a novice at doing QTCs.

Station: Yaesu FT-1000MP - Ten-Tec Titan Amp 600W output.
Antenna: 80/160M Inverted "L"
40M Delta Loop.
N3VOP   Single Op LP   1,5502006-11-12 18:34:47
This was my first RTTY contest. The one thing I learned, is that I have a lot to
learn about this type of contest (QTC's). All in all - I had fun and look to do
better next time.
KØRC   Single Op LP   18,2072006-11-12 19:51:18
Rig : Icom IC-756 Pro III @ 100 Watts

Antennas : HyGain TH-11DXX @ 22m
Telrex 1e 40m dipole @ 20m
Wire slopers for 160m, 80m, and 40m

Soapbox : I put in a few hours between other tasks. I did not pass any
QTC traffic. The bands seemed to be loaded with RTTY signals for this contest.
DR5X(DL8LAS)   Single Op HP   404,6622006-11-12 23:13:49
Station Info:

ACOM 2000A
Optibeam OB12-6 for 10/15/20/40
Titanex V160HD for 40/80M
N1MGO   Single Op HP   42,7502006-11-12 23:32:24
Lots of fun! Had only a few hours to operate. Conditions looked better on
Saturday than Sunday. Thanks to all that worked me, and a special thanks to
DARC for sponsoring the contest!

Gordon - N1MGO
JJ1WWL/1   Single Op LP   1,7082006-11-13 01:18:06
FT-857M(50W) + ATAS120

(In the regulations of Japan,
the output of the potable(mobile) station is up to 50W. )
YU1RP   Single Op LP   87,1922006-11-13 04:46:45

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is correct
and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the
decisions of the Awards Committee.

GUØSUP   Single Op LP   310,0772006-11-13 06:14:20
Oh dear! What happened to the conditions on the first day?
I had hoped to make a big effort, as this is probably my favourite contest of
the year, but after an hour or so, I began to wonder if I had the antennas
connected, or whether I was transmitting into a dummy load!
Loud EU's weren't hearing me on 40m, yet ZL2AMI and TI2KAC both got me first
As a result, my score is much lower than expected.

Log will be on LoTW shortly.

73 for now

WØLSD   M/S HP   643,2102006-11-13 06:34:13
Really tough conditions in CO. Sure hope we are past the bottom of the cycle.
Listened a lot on 10 for 13 Q's! Thanks to all for the repeats on the QTCs. It
seemed like participation was down from past contests??
WB2RHM/4   Single Op LP   251,2292006-11-13 06:36:40
I really like this contest and the Makrothen. - Ben
VA1CHP   Single Op HP   888,0632006-11-13 07:01:26
Fun contest!! Lots of activity. Lost a few QTC due to Op error with first time
using N1MM logger in this contest. Prop to EU was strange on Sunday on 40
meters. I went there at 1800 and found many strong EU sigs. Had a blast getting
many Mults. I think this along with the Makrothen contest are my RTTY favorites.
Thanks for all the Q's and see you in the next one.

ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   1,464,1202006-11-13 07:10:31
Antennas:- C/Craft A3S Titanex 160HD
Amp:- ACOM1000 with 750Watts
Rig:- IC756

Thanks to DARC for running the contest and to everyone
for the Q's
A few points down on last years effort 300K ish due to
lack of Q's and mults on 10M
Condx were pretty good all round, bit noisy on 80m but
Best hour was 76.
My software WF1B V.5 played up again on day 2 as last year
and started to resend the Qtc's from Nr 1. Luckily I spotted
it this year, but had to send 620 Qtc's to myself to get back
on track.
Peeves:- The guys putting out 10 megawatts who work you
then move 15hz away and start CQing, blasting u
off air !!!!!
And my old favourite, guys who persist in sending
yours and there own call numerous times when once
is usually good enough !!!!

Apart from that a most enjoyable contest, the Qtc's are good
as you can get a bit of a break when sending.
Watched 4 soccer matches and 2 films on the telly as well, so
all in all a good weekend.

73 Steve.
AD6WL   Single Op HP   342,4322006-11-13 08:03:24
Between bad band condition, Murphy beating me up and falling asleep, it wasn't a
bad contest. I worked out the bugs with the microKeyer2R+ and Writelog, but now
I have some EMI/RFI issues to deal with. The computer kept freezing up at high
power, especially on 80 meters.
K4HAL   Single Op HP   30,6002006-11-13 08:57:38
Part time effort, just played around with it. Band was kind of poor toward

N1MM would lock up every time I tried to do a QTC, got to look into that. First
time I have used it on RTTY, Works OK on CW.
KH6GMP   Single Op HP   59,4002006-11-13 08:58:59
Had low band problems. 40m found I have RFI bigtime and xmtr wouldnt unkey in
Writelog, found that after my one S&P QSO so didnt do any 40m after that. And
never heard a single RTTY signal on 80m, listened about every hour all night
both nights and the band was in because I heard SSB and CW signals, thats a
mystery to me but had lots of fun, and was happy to see the brief 10m opening
to JA (gives me hope for the ARRL 10M Test in December. Thanks to all for all
the QSOs.

About 6 hours after the end of the test, we had another quake that was pretty
strong, 3.8 and about 18 miles from here, the shack was rocking and rolling but
no damage this time. Still trying to get the structural damage to the house
fixed from the Oct 15th quake.

SN5N(SP5KP)   Single Op HP   458,1282006-11-13 09:50:56
VY 73!

Krzysztof "Chris"

KSØM   Single Op LP   18,0702006-11-13 10:05:01
My QTC program was not working. Found out it was a N1MM bug. Downloaded new
version N1MM 3 hours before end of contest. I was able to receive only one QTC
from LT0H. Propagation was poor in Central USA and many EU calls could not copy
me. I will be back next year.
W1BDC(@K1ZZ)   Single Op HP   1,071,5952006-11-13 10:11:52
Rough estimate of QTC and mults from SH5 Cabrilo processing.
Enjoyed WAE outside of EU with good condx on Sunday.
Lot of aluminum and borrowed AL-82 helped a great deal.
Used N1MM Logger with MMTTY on relatively slow Win98 PC.
Didn't use second RTTY window of FT-1000 on small screen.

W1BCD is Michael Pupin Memorial Club callsign linking USA and Serbia.
My first club operation in 1962 was at YU1BCD in Pancevo, Vojvodina.


73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
W1AJT/VE3   Single Op HP   10,0622006-11-13 10:15:21
I like the WAE contests just not much time available with putting together a new
W1BCD(@K1ZZ)   Single Op HP   1,071,5952006-11-13 10:15:39
Rough estimate of QTC and mults from SH5 Cabrilo processing.
Enjoyed WAE outside of EU with good condx on Sunday.
Lot of aluminum and borrowed AL-82 helped a great deal.
Used N1MM Logger with MMTTY on relatively slow Win98 PC.
Didn't use second RTTY window of FT-1000 on small screen.

W1BCD is Michael Pupin Memorial Club callsign linking USA and Serbia.
My first club operation in 1962 was at YU1BCD in Pancevo, Vojvodina.


73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
RW4PL   Single Op HP   869,4002006-11-13 10:23:01
Hi guys! Thanks for the QSO`s and QTC`s.
It`s my first RTTY WAE and I will play in future if I can.
The Aurora put down conditions and northpath was closed..

Radio: ICOM-765 FSK ,PA 400w
Antennas:20-10 "Spider"@8m of roof(48m of graund),80/40 "W3DZZ" dipole@40m

CU next contest !
73 de RW4PL,Andrey.
ON4CT   M/S LP   262,1042006-11-13 11:32:26
Nice contest but difficult condx.

Thanks for the qso and qtc.

eq.: Mark V at 100w,cushcraft X7 and inv v for 40/80m at 24m.
software: n1mm and mmtty.


ex on4adz
G4FKA   Single Op LP   8322006-11-13 11:56:50
Just time for a couple of hours operating on Sunday afternoon.

IC-756 ProIII, 100w, MFJ auto-tuner, 10m wire vertical.

Geoff G4FKA
DD1LI   Single Op LP   86,0332006-11-13 13:02:00
First time Participation but I think it won't be the last ........... !!!!
DJ6TK   Single Op LP   171,5342006-11-13 13:47:44
it was my first WAEDC RTTY from my new Location in Flensburg with low power.
Vy 73 es gl,
Wilf - dj6tk -
NO2T   Single Op HP   626,1642006-11-13 14:18:58
Had problems receiving QTC's on Radio #2. Essentially operated as SO1R for the
remainder of the contest. Wish that I could spend more time in the chair.
Enjoyed myself very much. Thank you all for the QSO's and sticking with me for
the repeats. 73 de Jerry
K9HCK   Single Op LP   8,9102006-11-13 14:23:47
Good condx on Saturday, not so good on Sunday. Saturday night 40 was as quiet
as I have ever heard. Only stn I heard was 8P2k.
VA3PC   Single Op HP   54,0002006-11-13 16:26:25
Writelog does not score points..
73 to all, Paul
VE9DX   Single Op LP   127,4202006-11-13 17:43:26
Just giving out points. Hope I was of some help.
73 Andy (VE9DX)
VY2LI   Single Op HP   50,3362006-11-13 18:13:11
With company all weekend,time only for brief spurts here and there.90% S & P
operation but liking this contest better each time.Thanks to organizers.Hope we
got in your log.73,Bill
DL5NAM   Single Op HP   951,1692006-11-14 00:04:13
My first WAE RTTY
Murphy wasnt here - he was away with 10m band.
Was also first try with new microHam MK2R+ - full success !

Have improve my 80m antenna. Only a dipole is little bit less.
Will see what Santa will bring.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

AS 11 13 53 25 0 102 11.1
EU 262 61 167 47 0 537 58.2
AF 2 2 6 5 0 15 1.6
NA 11 16 166 43 0 236 25.6
SA 0 3 7 10 0 20 2.2
OC 1 0 6 6 0 13 1.4

73 Chris DL5NAM
WA2ETU   Single Op HP   421,7432006-11-14 07:39:26
A partial effort due to company and a lack of interest if I couldn't put in a
full effort. The hours I did work were not solid. Conditions were poor here
on the first day but seemed improved on Sunday.
AA8LL   Single Op HP   284,6482006-11-14 12:06:21
Great Fun
New Computer, Software (WriteLog), and Interface (MicroHam Digikeyer)
Unfortunately a few qsos were lost due to operator error.
Thanks to AA5AU web site for great tutorials
PY2BRZ   Single Op LP   6,2702006-11-14 12:59:03
why I have that to send qtc for another station?
LZ8A(LZ2BE)   Single Op HP   1,754,6402006-11-14 14:25:58
It is one of my favourite contests due to the uniqie possibility to exchange
QTC's. It takes 1 minute at good condx to gain 10 points more. Unfortunately
there were non-EU stations (even top-scoring) who doesn't know EU's may send
Condx was relatively good with some good openings on 15m to JA/W/Far East. 10m
was dead, even I had few QSO's, most of them with stns who I asked to move
there - thank you guys!
Congratulations to German friends - You realy did that contest with your
activity (over 350 Q's in my log)!
N1NQX   Single Op LP   63,0992006-11-14 18:32:20
More DX than U.S., but not a lot of strong stations. Computer crash early
Sunday afternoon ended it for me. Fun anyway.
7L4IOU   Single Op HP   259,6162006-11-15 00:06:50
Thanks for all the QSOs, CUL in OK RTTY
W1TO   Single Op HP   307,8272006-11-15 07:48:02
My score is what N1MM reported. The multipliers has the bonus built in I think,
not the actual number of multipliers.
VE2FBD   Single Op HP   552,5942006-11-15 08:27:33
My favorite contest!! Nice to see u all, you great bunch of guys. Tnx for the
Q's, the spots and the fun. Bad cndx for us up-here but just plain fun all the
way even the major computer breakdown on saturday morning hihi. It happens...
CU-ALL next year. Special tnx to the organizers for putting together such a fun
package. Long live WAE.
73, Fabi ve2fbd
F5PHW   Single Op LP   10,0282006-11-15 14:39:45
Had fun with my poor 100w and GP.

VE1OP   Single Op LP   269,6672006-11-15 15:53:11
Operated mainly in the mornings local time to exchange QTC's with EU and a
couple hours in the evenings...Always enjoy QTC's...Good to see more stations
accepting/sending them...

73, Scott VE1OP
VE3WDM   Single Op LP   40,6002006-11-15 16:07:45
Was tracking the propagation the week before and all seemed to be going
well..then the roof came down during the contest. Over all good contest though
KØHW   Single Op LP   110,2142006-11-15 18:19:48
I was not able to get the allowed time to operate but I did what I could.
80 Meters was bad on Friday night but much better on Saturday night.
I was not able to get many QTCs passed but I did what I could. I really
like this contest so I plan to be there again next year.

Writelog, PK-232, ICOM 756PROII, HyGain TH11DX and Dipoles
DG7RO   Single Op LP   337,8752006-11-16 06:29:12
who has stolen the 15m band? First contest for me which has more QSOs on 80m
than other bands.
HZ1IK   Single Op LP   118,2852006-11-16 12:09:55
I had to do the qtcs manually. Quite a tough job. But the contest was fun as
usual. See you in the next contest.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   4,8972006-11-16 16:23:29
Not familiar with N1MM programme, but had to use it as N3FJPs software does not
support this contest.
LTØH(LU3HY)   Single Op HP   885,2562006-11-17 18:43:10
Tnx to all QSos.-

Pse QSl via EA7FTR

73┬┤Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
Z37M   M/S HP   2,076,6692006-11-18 07:03:39
Good fun again, exept the not so good condx as they were in JARTS. Few hours
with out of electricity sunday morning, but in any case we are glad to have
our best score this year in WAE RTTY contests. Congratulations to UU7J team,
they were everwere HI. Thanks to all for qso's and qtc's. See you in the next
one !

73's Z37M crew

Radio: FT 1000MP + FT 920
PA's: 2 X 500w.
Antennas: TH6DX and Delta loops
8P2K(8P6SH)   Single Op LP   1,051,3082006-11-18 14:02:50
Station Description:

FT1000mp MK5 - 100w
FT1000mp MK5 field - 75 watts
Top Ten Devices DX Doubler
Top Ten Devices Band Decoders
Microham MicroKeyer
Homebrew FSK/Serial adaptor

Homebrew Pentium Cmputer with dual 17in LCD's
Writelog 10.61E

Dunestar & ICE bandpass filters

80m - toploaded Butternut HF2V
40m - modified HF2V (coils removed) - effectively a 1/4 vertical
20m - C3E 2-Stack & Phased Sigma 20 1/2 verticals
- All fed through a Stackmatch to select any one or all 20m antennas
15m - C3E
10m - C3E & C3SS

This contest was the first time in months that the station was put through the
paces on all bands. I have been focussing on 20m singleband efforts on most
modes recently. Most things worked well, but I think the 10m stubs have a
problem and were badly mistuned,

Just before the contest, I realised that I'd need a 40m antenna since for my
SO2R I need to have dedicaated antennas, The stubs at the Six-Pack SO2R switch
don't allow antennas to be shared. I looked over the junked aluminium heap and
settled on an ancient HF2V which had been junked after many years in a salt
environment had corroded it badly.

A few pieces of aluminium were missing from the top of the antenna -- I
replaced those with some tubing from Force 12, part of the C3E's original 10m
drivers which I had replaced. A look in the juck box showed I had lots of F12
rivets. I riveted this new top section to the original Butternut with a few
rivets and for good measure, drilled three new holes at each junction on the
old antenna and pulled new rivets there. The antenna had spent many years on
the Atlantic coast and each aluminium tube had been totally corrosively bonded
to the other over the years.

I dumped the coils and used two scrap pieces of aluminium to create a single
radiator of about 33ft in length. I fed this with a F12 Balun and 4 1/4 wave
verticals from about 5ft above ground. A quick SWR check showed it was pretty

I will have to take down this vertical since it's too top-heavy. The aluminium
F12 uses is thicker than the original antenna, so it's likely to break in a
high wind.

I used Writelog and MMTY and two soundcards for a single computer SO2R. It gave
some trouble and maybe twice, I had to exit the software after it stopped
copying - in the middle of receiving QTC's everytime.

My goals were to basically equal last year's effort but shortly into the
contest it was obvious it would be tough going. Low bands were noisy and the
high bands were opening later and closing earlier.

Propagation was pretty rotten all week-end. Never heard a squeak from JA or
anywhere fancy. In fact over the entire week-end, I only worked a single VK and
a single ZL - despite aiming the stack that way for hours. Even stations out of
South America were not as strong or as plentiful as usual.

Also wasn't much out of the Caribbean - No FM's, ZF's, KP2's, P40's, HC8's, and
just a single station logged from Cuba and another from KP4.

This is the first contest using Writelog's %Z variable - this sends the
transmit frequency of the rigs - Z1 - rig 1 and Z2 rig two. I set up two
messages directing stations to the other rig's frequency. Without this, it
would have been a tougher week-end. Nearly all my 10m Q's were completed by
initiating contact on either 15 or 20 and directing station to the 10m

There were no less than 50 QSO's using this technique successfully -- possibly
more. It must be said that it only rarely resulted in mults, but I bellieve it
helped to keep the rate up while on marginal bands like 10m and tough bands
like 80m where you could move stations from an easier band like 15 or 40.
Thanks to those stations who were kind enough to move - a couple to two other

A number of stations made it into the log on all bands including - AB4EB,
W0LSD, ZX5B, VE3FW, VA3DX, AI4FR, N4KG, W1BCD, N9CK, W3PT and NB1B (11
altogether) - an even higher number madie it into the log on 4 bands most
missed me on 10m while some missed me on 80m.

Thanks to everyone for another great contest and for the organisers who sponsor
it and keep it interesting.

Areas of improvement -- Have planned a 40m and 80m upgrade to use Comtek's
PVS-2 for a phased two-vertical array. I'd planned to start with 40m, but
having seen what it has done with a pair of 20m verticals, I think I will try
this array on 80m. With any luck, I can have it in place for the CQ WPX Rtty
Contest -- if not, I will have to get at least a passive array for 80m -- need
lots more tx and rx umph on 80m.

QSL's are via KU9C.


Dean - 8P6SH / 8P2K
GMØOPS   Single Op LP   57,2882006-11-27 15:45:28
Well another good weekend but was dragged out to do some early xmas shopping. I
really have to get the QTC things sorted.

K6XT   M/S LP   16,3832006-12-02 23:05:45
SOA. 80 ground plane, GAP titan, long wire ants.
LY2IJ(@LY1PM)   Single Op HP   1,860,2272006-12-05 13:30:45
Congrats to RD3A!