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North Carolina QSO Party   2011   Feb 27   Comment Summary

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VA3GKO   SO SSB LP   1,1002011-02-27 14:03:20
Wish i had more time this year. Enjoyed giving out ON as a multi with 100 w. See
you again next year.
N4UC   SO Mixed LP   3,4362011-02-27 19:05:56
Bonus pts:
DARE county = 50
W4NC = 50
AA4NC   SO Mixed LP   160,0202011-02-27 19:21:55
Fun contest as always...

Noisy conditions and a lack of mobile stations really cut down on the number of
NC counties worked as compared to previous years. W4MY/m did a great job going
all the way from one end of the state to the other in the 10 hour contest
period. Nice job Marty and Paul (AA4XX)...

Worked Dare/Cherokee and W4NC/NI4BK for all of the available bonus points...

Used dipoles on 80-20 due to problems with upper 20m beam.
K6CSL   SO SSB LP   682011-02-27 19:55:54
This was an after-thought after I slept until after 14:00, recovering from being
up all night in CQ 160 SSB Contest. One of the 3 stations I worked in NC was
NI4BK, the battleship U.S.S. North Carolina, BB-55. So that was a double
reward, since I collect historic ships, QSL'S, photos, etc; Bert, K6CSL
AA4FU   SO Mixed LP   45,7472011-02-27 21:02:52
Too bad this contest doesn't have a CW only category. I had problems with N1MM
crashing at the beginning of the contest. I made three QSOs and then it
crashed. I had to make the next 15 Q's the old fashioned way with paddle and
pen. After that I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. I never
did figure it out, so I installed a new copy and went to the level I had used
last and that worked.
I quit at 7 to eat dinner and turn on the Oscars.
AA8IA   SO Mixed LP   4,9142011-02-27 21:03:59
I was glad to have some of Sunday free to do this QSO Party. Worked W4MY seven
times and AD8J once. Don't know if AD8J WAS mobile or not. Also got one of
the bonus stations for 50 points. Heard no other mobiles. I only spent two
minutes checking bands other an 40/80 since I figured it was unlikely to have
propogation to NC on any other.

Much more active contest than I had anticipated. Extremely high SWR on 75m
limited my ability to make contacts there. I worked what I heard when I
could. By the time I got around to 40m, it only a short amount of time before
the suggested phone freqs were overrun with broadcast stations. All of that
and the fact that I prefer CW resulted in more CW contacts than phone.

On 80m I did hear a lot of the NC stations running around working each other,
which unfortunately meant that many weren't available to be worked by me. And
in almost every case the NC station who didn't have the frequency was the one I
needed for a new mult.

26 out of 100 counties? Pretty bleak, but I guess alright for three hours of

Had a great, relaxing time. Thanks to all of the NC stations who were active,
and thanks to the sponsors!
N6AR   SO Mixed HP   3,0242011-02-27 21:14:58
Not much NC activity
WB8JUI   SO Mixed LP   1,2752011-02-28 05:57:05
Limited time available for this one. Activity seemed to be pretty decent in the
very short time I operated.

Thanks to W4MY and AD8J for multiple contacts.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
N8II   SO Mixed LP   29,4302011-02-28 06:52:42
Score includes 50 bunus points with Dare Co. (2 mobiles) and 150 bonus points
for NI4BK + W4NC. The bonuses were not very easy to come by for me. I was
walking the dog and double checking the rules after completing the thrilling
FASFA in hopes of getting a little help with my 2 girls in college before the
test, so ended up a whopping 4 minutes late getting on the air and assume I
missed W4MY in Cherokee for 100 bonus points; they were logged at 1704 already
in GRM. I only heard W4NC twice, both time on 80M. NI4BK was on 40 phone and 80
CW, but didn't hear them that often. It seems like activity/mobiles
participation is going the wrong direction in both the NCQP and MSQP. Perhaps
the summer like Wx cut down on activity a bit, temp here was over 60 F for
sveral hours Sunday and last vestiges of snow from a Monday storm are gone
except for large plowed piles. The condx on 40 couldn't have been better;
everybody was pretty loud. Condx on 80 were fine, but the QRN was 20 db over 9
but about 8 PM. Everybody seemed to migrate to 80 pretty early, sigs were
already strong from NC an hour before my sunset. There wasn't much mobile
activity except for the mountains to sea effort of Marty W4MY and AA4XX?; quite
a long trip to make in 10 hours and they made it to Dare Co in just over 9
hours! The distance is over 500 miles. Many thanks for their efforts. Activity
on 40 phone was good as the total suggests, only about 6-7 mobile Q's there.
After 8PM, activity really took a nose dive, so I was off and on after that.
All in all it was a pleasant contest experience, so low key it was pretty
relaxing. Around 4PM, I lost track of W4MY on 40 for a while. I don't think
they were skipping over me, but the skip zone did extend over most of NC by
shortly after 23Z. Thanks to the Forsythe ARC for sponsoring the NCQP and
thanks for the Q's.
W4GOV   SO SSB LP   3382011-02-28 07:55:48
Nothing fantastic. Jumped on to work a few and test a new antenna. Antenna
worked good and getting station ready for the next one.

Thanks for all the q's and see ypou all in the next contest!
N4JF   SO Mixed QRP   6,5962011-02-28 08:05:55
K4CIA   SO Mixed QRP   51,9462011-02-28 08:45:38
My first effort in NCQP since 1970 when the then new Raleigh Club (RARS)
sponsored the very first one.

Lots of fun doing it QRP as well. Should have spent more time on 20, but that
is hindsight.

Thanks for the great run by Marty, W4MY and Paul, AA4XX across the state..good
ears too!

W4MPS   SO Mixed LP   89,4952011-02-28 12:56:45
First QSO party since relocating from NJ. Great fun. FT-950 @ 90W to a W5GI
(wire collinear) at about 40 feet. N1MM logger. Big thanks to W4MY and AA4XX
for their mobile expedition. Couldn't get NI4BK (Battleship) on 20 M ground
wave but did work W4NC for 50 bonus pts. Didn't hear them on any other band.
73, Marc
W4UCZ   SO Mixed LP   7,3422011-02-28 18:33:45
Mobile participation seemed markedly reduced this year. Marty and
Paul (AA4XX) operating mobile as W4MY accounted for 19 QSO's and mults
and AD8J kicked in three more.

With fewer mobiles, my county mult count was down just a wee bit to 34
this year from 83 last year.

Very good participation from the fixed ops with 33 unique stations logged.
So, on balance, there was a whole lot of fixed station "steak" but very
little mobile station "sizzle".

Still one of my favorite parties and my thanks to the organizers and
all the Tarheel ops for a fun Sunday.

Mark, W4UCZ
WØBH   SO Mixed LP   3282011-02-28 21:08:12
A thunderstorm forecast meant really noisy conditions and the forecast was
right. My antennas were disconnected a good share of the time, and when I did
get on, it was a real challenge for me to hear.

Fun to work fellow NS-er N4AF (I think /m) with one minute to spare! Sorry I
couldn't put in the time this year, but thanks to those of you I did work.

73, Bob, w0bh
EA5DFV   SO Mixed HP   1,0082011-02-28 22:50:26
73 de Jose
K4BAI   SO Mixed LP   15,2372011-03-02 07:19:51
FT1000MP, 100W, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Not too many mobiles heard this
year. Otherwise, a very nice QSO Party. Thanks for all QSOs. Please look for
the 50th year of Georgia QSO Parties on the second full weekend in April.
Score includes 150 bonus points for QSOs with W4NC and NI4BK. 73, John, K4BAI.
W4APP(@WK4P)   Club SSB LP   65,2592011-03-02 17:01:00
Started off the morning testing N4RHC for his Amateur Extra, which I'm pleased
to report he passed. Then we sat him down in the shack and let him get a test
of contesting. We put the W4APP call to the test again this year and had a
great time. Activity was good during the day, but again was low the last
couple of hours. Perhaps everyone is putting kids to bed, getting ready for
work, etc. Hope to see everyone next year.

Peace and 73
Adam WK4P
Consul, Appalachian Contesters W4APP
NC4KW(@N1LN)   Club Mixed LP   143,0442011-03-02 17:47:35
Once again this year my wife, Laurie N1YXU, and I decided to enter in the Club
classification. We had a fun time the first 3 years and this year was no
exception. When the starting gun went off, I started calling CQ on 20 SSB, but
as the rate was slow quickly moved to cw. Soon it was Lauries turn in the chair
and the rate went right up. You know, it is true that the female voice is worth
at least 5db of signal strength. We each would operate for about 1 hour and
then switch. After the first 4 hours our Q count was in the mid 300s. However
the rate started to slow down and the QRN started to come up. That storm coming
across the country was really causing some issues, but on we went for the full
10 hours. Laurie made most of the SSB Qs and I made the CW Qs and a few on

When it was over the stats indicated we worked 44 countries, 51 states and
provinces and many DX countries, but only 1 counts for a mult. We never heard
or worked NI4BK and did not work any stations in Cherokee County, so missed out
on some of the bonus points. Also, last year we had 23 Qs with mobiles. This
year we had only 2. Maybe we did not search and pounce enough or perhaps there
we fewer out there due to the high gas prices.

Thanks to everyone for the Qs.

Thanks to the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club for sponsoring the event.

73, NC4KW North Carolina Kilo Watts
Bruce N1LN and Laurie N1YXU
AD5VJ   SO SSB LP   1,3942011-03-05 18:08:55
Worked both bonus stations and enjoyed the contest very much thanks to all for
the contacts.