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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2006   February   Comment Summary

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VA3PC   Single Op LP   22,1002006-02-25 19:18:31
SNOW was used this year, because since groundhog day it hasn't stopped
Thanks for the contacts. 73 Paul
K6LL   Single Op LP   99,7662006-02-25 20:38:48
Great fun!

Took only a single half-hour break, and then 1.5 hrs at the end.

Thanks for the Q's.

Dave, K6LL
Yuma, AZ
NNØG   Single Op LP   41,6502006-02-25 20:57:21
I really need to tune my 80M vertical.
WØKCF   Single Op LP   19,4912006-02-25 21:08:10
20 and 15 were very sporactic, but when everything went to the low bands it
smoothed out.
WØYK   Single Op LP   77,1822006-02-25 21:28:15
Not good, not good. My SO1R stretch goal was 600 x 190. With 10 dead, much of
the shortfall is accounted for. However, the time NOT spent on 10 didn't
produce anything helpful on the other bands. If these numbers had been achieved
in five hours, instead of ten, it would have been a lot more fun!

You gotta love RTTY. We don't have frequency fights ... we have frequency
love-ins. I tuned across K6RIM on 80 calling a K9. No response after a couple
of repeat calls, so I dropped my call sign in, assuming 'RIM would just work me
instead. He demurred, but K6CTA dropped HIS call sign in. 'RIM couldn't resist
and worked 'CTA. Hmmm ... well, I tried again, but 'RIM still didn't pick me up
(it was our fifth band). Then N6RCE drops his call sign in the group.
Meanwhile the K9 is not to be heard. I figured the frequency needed some
organization, so I called CQ. 'RCE worked me, followed by 'CTA and then 'RIM
got the message and he worked me. Beyond those three quick Q's, it turned out
to be a great run frequency for another 20 minutes. Thanks, Al!

W7WHY   Single Op LP   3,2402006-02-25 21:37:18
Just a short time at the rig. Went to Salem, OR to see our new
great-grandaughter today. RTTY is fun, but not like holding that little 7 pound
bundle :-) Can't believe I am a great-grandpa and I haven't even retired yet!

TS-450SAT + Rascal

20 meter monobander (homebrew)
40 meter vertical
80 meteer zepp

N1MM Logger 6.2.6
W5KFT(K5PI)   Single Op LP   102,3842006-02-25 22:01:28
Nothing doing on 10M today. Rain was in the forecast, but it didn't come, so
the low bands were quiet.
N6RCE   Single Op LP   41,9432006-02-25 22:03:04
80-15m had some life each. Should have taken the 1st hour off. Took 02Z off.
Wasn't a good choice. Did get the rate meter up to 106/hr for 10 min period.
Lots of fun! Missed OK, NV, CT, VT, DE, HI, ND
KB1JZU   Single Op LP   29,5922006-02-25 22:06:22
Another snowy day in New England. Glad to have something to do.
N6WS   Single Op LP   7,5032006-02-25 22:14:09
Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV Field

Antennas : 10m-20m Cushcraft X-9
40m Cushcraft X-940
80m Quarter Wave Sloper

Soapbox : The Olympics were competing with contest for my attention, but I was
able to be on the air for about 5-1/2 hours.
Thanks for the Q's.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   56,5412006-02-25 22:14:41

N1MM Logger + MMTTY
FT920 (100w)
3 ele. CL33 @ 45'
2x40M delta loops (aiming E-W)
2x80M delta loops (aiming E-W)

Score history (claimed)

NAQP Qs Mults Score
2006 Feb 401 141 56,541
2005 Feb 420 142 59,640
2004 Feb 219 100 21,800
2003 Feb 191 87 16,616

Just couldn't quite match last year's totals. Shy by 1 mult and 19 Qs. 80M was
going like gangbusters in the early evening, then seemed like the antennas fell
apart or something -- just couldn't get many to hear me and the noise went way
up. Whole band went punky.

Left 80M and finished up with a few minutes on 40M as that's the only place I
could get callers. Not a lot of guys around but the noise was low and signals
pretty sharp in the late evening.

Kept my butt in the chair (except for a couple of trips to the antenna farm out
back to set up for the evening low bands), and had hoped to make a personal
best. I did my best, even if I didn't improve the score this time out --
sunspots must count for some kind of excuse.

Apologies to those I could not hear through the power line noise. It was severe
on 20M and I guess that's what I was hearing on 80M, too. Probably cost me 50 Qs
or more.

Enjoyed every minute of this contest, in memory of Larry W0ETC. LAR IA. He is
KØRFD   Single Op LP   59,0802006-02-25 22:18:48
Much more fun without the August thunderstorms.
WY3X   Single Op LP   16,4002006-02-25 22:29:27
10 never opened, 15 had some activity, 20 closed early, so 40 and 80 were the
best bands. Between refereeing kids and taking cold meds I struggled to make 200
Q's today.

Hope everyone had a good time.
VY2LI   Single Op LP   6,5522006-02-25 22:30:24
Grandson's visit cut into op time.Hope we got into your log.
WN1X   Single Op LP   7,5002006-02-25 22:46:06
Part time effort, but still a lot of fun.

Station: ICOM 746PRO (50 watts), microKEYER, fan dipole in attic
AK9F   M/2 LP   38,9612006-02-25 23:06:56
Actually operated Multi-single in order to introduce some old contesters to a
new mode. Had a lot of fun and found that a you can do a fairly good job with
low power and a single low wire antenna.
NA5U   Single Op LP   82,8992006-02-26 03:56:50
Lots of fun and thanks for the Qs.
VE1OP   Single Op LP   43,0762006-02-26 04:49:04
The noise (QRN) on 40 and 80 was hard on the head, so I gave up early after 6.5

Good participation early on, but it seemed to die off later on...Maybe I just
couldn't hear anyone...

73, Scott VE1OP
K4GMH   Single Op LP   82,5002006-02-26 04:53:22
Thanks to all who work to put on the Contest. Your efforts and time are

Thought the participation was down, but then I could be remembering the "good
times" of better propagation, especially on 15 meters. Still did better than I
in July, but just seems each contact was harder to acquire. And I do appreciate
each contact, thanks.

Surprised to have three European stations call on 80 meters; Z31MM, US0ZZ and
HB9ADJ. They had good signal strength.

Z31MM has exceptional good "ears" as he was able to copy my 40 meter, 70 Watt
signal off the back of the ant.
K4FJ   Single Op LP   42,1122006-02-26 05:27:50
Winds blew one half of my 80M wire loose and, of course, it found a guy wire to
wrap around. Part time effort, but fun.
N3NR   Single Op LP   6,4262006-02-26 05:33:37
Finally got my laptop configured for RTTY. Had to make some adjustments to my
interface circuits, but it all paid off in the end! I spent the first couple of
hours of the contest making sure everything was working. I'm happy to say that
this computer (HP ZE1210) runs N1MM and MMTTY a whole lot better than the old
300MHz Pentium II machine.

A very enjoyable light effort that really gave me a chance to test the new
computer setup.
W1ZT   Single Op LP   72,8972006-02-26 05:49:49
Nice to get back to some RTTY contesting and print many familiar calls as well
as lots of new ones. Activity and conditions continue to decrease from last
year which I'm sure is related to propagation. But I thought the operating
skill and efficiency of exchange buffers has generally improved. I only had a
couple occurrences of someone sending there exchange when they first call. And
only one reverse transmission but it did create havoc as he also wanted to send
the exchange at the same time. It stopped the rhythm for several minutes. It
was really nice to hear the DX station participants. Signals from CN2KD, Z31MM
and HB9ADJ were particularly good on several bands here. A snow storm here
created very high static crashes on 80m which were particularly devastating in
my last half hour of operation. Thanks to all for their patience to repeat
because the bursts seemed timed to ruin decoding of the normal exchange info.
And thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who make these QSO parties so
WM3T   Single Op LP   7,7912006-02-26 05:50:29
I had planned all week to get on early and make fairly serious effort. But the
XYL wanted to go out early in the afternoon and shop and have dinner. I figured
I had better be accomidating to her wishes.
NØAC(@NØNI)   Single Op LP   73,3202006-02-26 06:19:49
Thanks to Toni for letting me use the station again. I had some computer
problems on the run station, which caused me to reboot several times. I never
did get that problem resolved. It just didn't seem like I could get any good
runs going even on what I thought would be the money bands. I enjoyed the
contest and Toni's company.

Bill, N0AC
W3BP   Single Op LP   16,2962006-02-26 06:38:18
I thought conditions and participation poor.
Lots of new RTTY call signs. Thanks.
K4MA   Single Op LP   14,6082006-02-26 06:42:36
Fun when I had time to get on.

73, Jim K4MA
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   40,9502006-02-26 06:49:29
Noisy low bands but fun anyway. I was surprized at the DX that called, ZS2,HB9,
Z31 etc. Maybe one of these days I'll catch Scott VE1OP!! Tried N1MM logger for
the entire contest and found it very nice although I did hit the wrong response
button a few times! Thanks for all the Q's and see you in the next one.

FT1000MKV at 75 watts
Butternut 6 band Vertical
Rig blaster & N1MM logger
N1MGO   Single Op LP   59,4962006-02-26 06:50:22
First time I ran a full contest SO2R, with N1MM.
Contest was great fun, Thanks for all the contacts!
A snow storm, with cold air, caused a lot of static crashes late in the contest,
causing me to ask for repeats a lot near the end, sorry! It was worse than some
thunderstorms are in the summer!!

Wire antennas only, with all the static makes for a poor combination, and
learning to use new software caused me to make some mistakes and a few lost
Lots of stations on the air for this contest, missed just VT, ME and ND, very
unusual for me to miss VT and ME, especially on 80 or 40 meters!! DE was out in
force this time.
WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   25,2962006-02-26 06:54:52
Forced to take my breaks early due to call outs for work which turnout to be a
false alarms. Probably hurt the score on 20/15 some what but still managed a
full time effort. Thanks for the contacts and good luck all.
KTØDX   Single Op LP   62,7002006-02-26 06:56:15
Good to see both old and new friends in this contest. First time using MMTTY
and N1MM here and it worked great. In the past used WriteLog and a DXP38 but I
think I found a new friend in MMTTY and N1MM. 15 meters was a bust out here in
Colorado as well as 10 meters. 40 meters had lots of activity at 4 PM local
but something in the area was generating a lot of noise so had to work around
the noise burst. Runs on 80 meters was a lot of fun and thanks to all I was
able to work on this band

FT1000MP (filtered to the hilt)
TH6DXX at 70'
Force 12 vertical on 40 meters
Shunt feed 70' tower on 80 meters

N1MM contest program
AA5AU   Single Op LP   5,4062006-02-26 07:06:45
Only got to spend a couple of hours late in the contest. The weather was
terrible causing the low bands to be very noisy. 40 was long and midwest
signals were very low, but both coasts were good. 80 appeared to be very good
despite the static crashes.

I did work DE and WY!

73, Don AA5AU
K9MUG   Single Op LP   71,7122006-02-26 07:40:06
!5m not much, the skip on 20 was very long. I worked more DXCC countries than
East coast states! Longest was ZS2EZ-tnx, and a number of EU stns, many with
great signals.

40 and 80 were tough with rain noise and qrn, butthe signals were there. I'm not
particularly pleased with my effort, but not sure what I could have done.
Maybe I need an NVIS antenna for 20m! G3YYD and Z31MM had vy strong sigs on 40m,
and Gary,CU2JT, even called in on 80m! HB9ADJ was a 2-bander as was Z31MM.

Thanks to all.

K9SEX(DØGGY)   Single Op LP   29,5452006-02-26 07:54:34
NA4M   Single Op LP   4,7042006-02-26 08:15:21
NAPQ RTTY always fun. Only able to get on the air a bit before and after work.
WO4O   Single Op LP   33,2642006-02-26 08:22:35
Naming the TnCG Teams "LAR 1 thru 4" is appropriate to honor the late W0ETC
Larry who sent "LAR IA" in RTTY NAQPs. (Kudos to W4BCG Bill for serving as
'Organizer' for the TnCG NAQP RTTY Teams.)

TU fer Qs.

N3KAE   Single Op LP   23,2802006-02-26 08:23:44
I had no plans to operate, until 1700 UTC Saturday. I had fun and made 240 Q's.
However, I missed a bunch of primetime on 20 and 40 due to family obligations
and called it a day at 0400 UTC Sunday.
N6EE   Single Op LP   40,6102006-02-26 08:38:47
40/80 trap inverted-V at 40 feet tuned to SSB part of band just doesn't cut it
on 40/80M. Gotta retune that antenna before next RTTY contest. Amazingly,
CU2JT answered my CQ on 40M with a bodacious signal - you sure have great ears
Gary - Thanks!

And thanks to all for the Q's - another fun RTTY contest.
Ron N6EE
AD4EB   Single Op LP   72,2782006-02-26 08:40:10
Conditions were not good, very noisy and signals were often weak. Bands seemed
to be long, and had a tough time getting stations to the Northeast.

Did not score as well as last year, but still enjoyed the contest.
K8JWT   Single Op LP   10,1502006-02-26 08:54:33
Had hoped to match the WV record from a few years ago by W8PT which I know
personally and he has moved away but missed it so better luck next year.
WX4TM   Single Op LP   85,8002006-02-26 09:36:27
Many tks to all for the Q's. Exceptional good runs on 20, 40 and 80M but made
tactical error of going to 80M too early when rates began falling on 40 and
didn't check 15 until it was really too late to do too much good. 20 was long
with lots of EU and surprise call from VR2XMT late in afternoon but no ZL or
VK's. Was also surprised to get a call from VE8NSD Garth for my first ever NWT.
There's something about MT and ND because I seem to miss these two so often.
Since moving my QTH summer 2004, I've been rebuilding my antennas and I've
learned alot from my friend K9MUG especially about effects of high and low angle
antennas. I have a 48 ft tower with a 5 ele tribander and a 86 ft tower with
identical 5 ele tribander. The lower ant works best for high angle, rather close
in work, while the high ant is best for DX, the NE and far western states. I
started off with the high beam pointed NE and the low beam NW. Late in the
afternoon, I reversed these positions. I have an 80M L and a full size 40M vert
at 50 ft, both great low angle ants, complimented by an 80/40M fan dipole at 65
ft. Again the low angle ants work best for dx and east/west coast while the
dipoles work best closer in. This was the first contest that I think that I was
'almost' proficient at quickly changing antennas as the need arose - a whole lot
of switching back and forth. Was a good learning experience and great fun. I'd
been sick the last couple of weeks and didn't know if I'd be able to 'go the
distance'but felt pretty good during the enduro with only one half hr break
before my time ran out. As Darrell K9MUG mentioned, we had a good bit of rain
qrn and both 40 and 80 were pretty noisy early on but got better
late in the evening. I didn't equal my score from last year but chalk that up to
propagation, rain qrn/noise and the error mentioned above about going to 80M too
early. All in all had a great time. Again, thanks for all the Q's.
WW4LL   M/2 LP   102,3962006-02-26 09:38:26
Charlie, KI5XP once again bailed me out (AGAIN) about an hour and a half before
the contest with a computer issue. Thanks Charlie!!

Rigblaster Pro on right radio crapped out but was still functional passing audio
thru it so that we could complete the contest. LEDs were faint in strength,
getting dimmer and dimmer as time went on. I thought it was the wall wort but
after changing it out, found that it wasn't and is a problem inside the

Bands were not real good for us propogation wise. Glad we got a few on 15, K4EA
moved us to 10 for 1 Q, 20 was slow at times, 40 as always is our money band
though it was noisey, and I was pleased with the low power performance on 80.

Still a lot of fun and a big thanks to all of the operators who QSYed to other
bands for us. We are most appreciative of that. Next one for this group is

Tnx & 73'.....Fred WW4LL
VE3GSI   Single Op LP   42,3362006-02-26 10:12:01
The 15 meter band sounded quite good when I started but a half hour after the
start there was no new stations to be found. Both 80 and 40 meters were noisier
then usual especially towards the end of my 10 hours. I spotted everyone I
worked hoping that the mutli-stations could take advantage of them. Thanks to
NCJ for this fast paced fun contest.

Hope to see all your Q's in LoTW,
W6WRT   Single Op LP   34,3852006-02-26 10:51:44
Made a tactical error by hanging around 7040 too long. When I finally realized
this is basically NOT a DX contest and moved to 7080 the contest was nearly
over. Missed a bunch of QSOs for sure. Next time. older and wiser.
K7RE   Single Op LP   23,1342006-02-26 11:04:09
I only put in a bit less than 6 hours, condition here were p
retty lousy. Thanks to all of the stations that did manage
to show up though.
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   Single Op LP   149,7872006-02-26 12:39:31
The morning started off as usual before a contest, a phone call from Fred WW4LL,
who'd managed to mess something up again, and I had to bail him out, again. :)
Just kiddin' Fred, anytime buddy!

I never planned on having great conditions. Although 10m would bring new mults,
I didnt plan on working much there. I figured a start 15 and 20 would do the
trick, and that I'd try to play 15 completely out. I think I stuck around just
long enough. I played 15 until the mults dried up, and at that point figured it
was time to move to 20/40. When I got to 40, it was chock-a-block, everyone had
already moved. I got worried that I was late!

This contest, with the mults per band, is so fun to change bands in! When I got
to 40, its like a kid in a candy shop. Knocking them down one after another,
yellow everywhere! To me, the real excitement comes when that callsign comes
across yellow. As I scrolled up 40 meters it seemed all of them were yellow,
total bliss!

Speaking of yellow, one callsign stands out. K1DAN, man, he'd always appeared
at the right time with that yellow callsign! I'd get into a rythmn working some
on a run and up pop's good ole' Dan, with his yellow callsign! Just caught me
each time.

I didnt see as much DX as the rest of you guys have reported. I got really
nervous reading Bill's comments about 7.040, I never ONCE thought about going
down there, and no telling how much I missed.

Like George mentioned, I only worked a few guys off frequency, and I'd send them
a note in my qrz to check their afc. However, I did pull a good way off
frequency move myself. When I switched the left radio to 40 from 15, Pat
usually works CW about .12 off. Well, after calling a few stations and not
having anyone answer (except for 1 or 2 of you guys, sorry about that!), I
realized I was still .13 off, and hit the RIT clear immediately. Amazing how
much easier it is to work someone on frequency.

Next bonehead move was the IPO. I worked the first two hours of 15m time with
the IPO turned on, which for you non yaesu guys, that means that the preamp was
OFF. Nice move knucklhead. So if I asked for repeats on 15m, it wasnt you, it
was me, not paying attention. I didnt notice until about 2 hours in when I
switched to 10m and didnt hear anything..nothing, not even our electric fence
next door. Looked up, IPO. Nice. I managed another 2 hours out of 15 after

I took an hour off in the middle and began to worry that I'd made the wrong
move. During that time, I read Ty's Feb05 comments that he worked 10 hours
straight, boy, at about 8 minutes into the break, I almost went back. Im glad I
didnt though. 80 was tough later on around 10:00. But I swear, at 10:15, it
just took off. I actually maintained a run on 80m, I dont think thats happened
before. You guys just kept coming and coming, and that makes it really fun!

I dont know how many of you guys counted me for La. but I can tell you, without
Don, it was HARD working my own state. Thanks to N5MEG who showed up (with a
big long RYRYRY!) and let me move him to all bands (lone 10M qso). I ran into
Don late on 40 and I think he asked to move, I was cq'in on 80 at the time in a
run but never got him there.

Thanks to all for the contacts and as usual, thanks to Pat W5WMU for the camp.

W4GAC   M/2 LP   74,9342006-02-26 15:48:15
The RTTY crew at W4GAC had a great time. Was a little late in getting station
2 on line due to computer problems. Lost the DC power supply to station 1
4 hours remaining. Used the internal supply of the FT-1000MP MVF to finish.
Need to come up with a better 80 meter antenna. Our line noise was low for a
change which helped a lot.

Look for us in the next NAQP RTTY test.
NG7Z   Single Op LP   46,0682006-02-26 16:04:44
What a fun contest that was. First time on RTTY for NAQP. Also first time using
N1MM. Wish my rig had an operating CI-V interface but its not working anymore.
Got a quote of $800 to replace the main board but it's not worth it. It's an
original Icom 756. Antennas used were a Traffie Hexbeam and an 80M delta loop.
CU in the RTTY Sprint is a couple of weeks.
W6KY   Single Op LP   20,4482006-02-26 16:55:56
GAP Ground Mt Challenger
KØHW   Single Op LP   48,8752006-02-26 18:23:35
My goal this year was to exceed my score from last winter NAQP RTTY, I failed
to get it done. I need to figur out a better way of sitting and CQing on a
frequency. I always want to move to other bands too soon and this time I went
to 40 and found nothing early and a solid wall on 20. I am not sur why but you
can work most of the USA on 40 during the day so I am not sure why the RTTY
contests move there later. I would rather have the stations spread out than
all on 20 in that wall. I never saw much on 15 meters and my score reflects
that. I had most of my luck in the S&P mode on 20 in the wall. I will try
again this summer.

Writelog, AEA PK-232, Icom 756 PROII, Dipoles on 40 & 80 and HyGain TH11DX
KTØR   Single Op LP   42,7052006-02-26 19:15:01
Had a good time. Part-time. Had the kids basketball games on Saurday and a few
other things going on Saturday. Finally got the SO2R going.That was fun. Problem
was nerver really had more than one band open at one time. 10 and 15 meters was
a bust. Heard W6YX everywhere ! Great signals.

Still a fun contest and thanks to all that called in.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
KØTG   Single Op LP   3,2122006-02-26 19:19:16
Just had a short amount of time. Was hoping to get back on later in the evening
but did not get back home before the end. Glad to get on even for a little bit.

73, John K0TG
ABØLR   Single Op LP   65,6102006-02-26 19:28:53
Hello and thanks to all for the contacts. I started off with N1MM but for some
reason I could not get it to save my contacts. So I played around with it for
about 15 minute or so then I went back to writelog. All and all I had fun. See
you all in the next RTTY contest.

Working station equipment

Software == Writelog
Interface = RigBlaster Plus
Rig == FT 1000MP MARK V (Back up rig is TS2000X)
ANT == 10m - 20m Force 12 C4 up at 73 ft
ANT == 10m - 20m TH6 by HYgain up at 40 ft
ANT == Mono band 40m dipole home made up at 65 ft
ANT == Mono Band 80m dipole home made up at 65 ft
ANT == Butternut HF2V(40&80) ground mounted abt 5"
WN6K   Single Op LP   48,3392006-02-26 20:24:21
Thanks to local, Art - W6KY for the only alband sweep...

Still managed to find a couple of states that were needed in the RTTY WAS quest
but missed CT,VT,NV & ND in this one.

W1BYH   Single Op LP   25,7642006-02-26 21:56:50
Very busy weekend contesting ! Between the RU PSK contest, the CQWW 160 SSB
contest and the NAQP RTTY contest (not to mention taking the XYL out for a
Birthday dinner on Sat nite) not much time on this contest. Conditions not
great and lots of noise with snowstorm on the wire antennas !
Thanks for the contacts ! Very 73 to all, Norm W1BYH

(6.25 hours operation)
K3GP   Single Op LP   44,8502006-02-26 23:03:52
10 Meters totally dead this year.

Thought I had busted a call when W0HW called me immediately after K0HW!
W6YX   M/2 LP   163,1842006-02-27 00:45:48
Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs and the moves to other bands!

What a difference a year makes. Last year we had 100 more QSOs and 45 more
mults. We had 69x25 on 10m last year, and 205x50 on 15m. We knew 10m would be
marginal, and tried a new strategy. During our 15m and 20m runs in the first
two hours, we asked at least 50 stations to check 10m at 20Z. Unfortunately, at
20Z, 10m was dead... dead dead... except for a few local CA QSOs. Even the
South American CW beacons were inaudible. Later, a loud K4EA asked us to try
10m, so we did. We listened for his CQ and never heard it. We also tried
calling CQ, but that also didn't produce any QSOs.

15m was fun while it lasted. For us, the band was open to all of the US except
W7. Strangely, MN was loud for hours on 15m. Our VE mults included ON, AB, BC,
and PEI (VY2LI). We also had a fair number of NA DX mults (HI, HR, KP4, PJ7,
and XE). By 2230Z, 15m had essentially closed to stateside. After that, we
still made a few DX QSOs with JA, PY, and VR2BG.

20m and 40m were very productive bands for us. We beat last year's QSO total on
20m, as well as the QSO and mult totals on 40m. Our best hour on 20m was in the
20Z hour, but we kept making QSOs there until the 1Z hour. We managed to
contact some JAs in our last hour on the band, and finished with a BY QSO.

With 15 closing early, we were forced to go to 40m by 22:30Z. That's much
earlier than we would have liked, and experienced the usual: for stations east
of the Rocky Mountains, we heard and called lots of you, but except for some
stations with good ears, we couldn't raise your attention. K5AM and W7 stations
were loud. By 23:30Z, east coast stations could consistently hear us, and then
the fun began. We started to run stateside reasonably well beginning at 0Z. 57
mults on 40m was beyond our expectations. The only states we missed on 40m were
CT, VT, and HI (we never contacted them on any band). I was surprised by the
number of unique stations who called us on 40m - stations that we had not
contacted earlier in the contest.

With 20m closed early to stateside, we had to start on 80m at an ungodly early
time - 01:30Z. Our first QSO was with K5AM at 01:40Z (he was also our first QSO
on 40m). We worked hard on 80m, where it was a struggle the rest of the
evening. We experienced high SWR on our 4-square, so we mostly transmitted with
the Inv-Vee. We heard many of you in the midwest and east coast, and called
some of you for hours, but a few of you just could never hear us. Many thanks
to those of you who stuck with us and made the QSO! We didn't have much success
CQing, except for the west coast, so most of our mults came from S&P. By the
time 80m was getting good for us, it seemed the activity was low.

When we looked around on 40m in the last hour of the contest, we found some
stations that would be new mults for us on 80m. After they called CQ multiple
times without any answers, we asked if we could try a QSY to 80m. Most people
either ignored us or declined. I'm a bit puzzled at the reluctance when the
stations had no pileups.

I saw more frequency fights and LID name calling in this NAQP RTTY than I
remember in prior runnings. Maybe it's because everyone was crammed onto 20m
and 40m. There was a particularly obnoxious case on 40m where we moved to a
frequency for 5 minutes and had worked several stations, when a 599+ SO2R
station tried to drive us away by CQing 200Hz away from us, and continued to
inch closer. It's hard to understand why this was necessary, as there was
plenty of space to spread out on the band. We finally gave up and moved to a
frequency just 6kHz away, where we continued a good run.

Despite the lack of 10m, we had a lot of fun in this contest, and appreciated
all your QSOs and QSYs!

-Dean - N6DE
W4NZ   Single Op LP   6,2642006-02-27 04:05:23
"Lar TN" in memory of Larry W0ETC who passed away recently. Larry was a
long-time TCG member and avid RTTY contester.

73, Ted W4NZ
N4ZZ   Single Op LP   73,9312006-02-27 06:16:21
Thanks for all the repeats. Power line noise still a problem here. They are
working on it so keeping my fingers crossed that they will find the problem. 73
Don n4zz
K4RO   Single Op LP   29,6102006-02-27 07:14:45
Used name "LAR" in memory of W0ETC. Larry was Tennessee Contest
Group's first out-of-state member, and he was a very big supporter
of the NAQP RTTY contest. We miss you Larry.

I used IC-781 + PK-232 + TR-Log software. Pseudo-SO2R operation
using IC-765 and MMTTY (as a receiver only.) It was kind of fun,
but not as good as a real SO2R setup. (N1MM-Logger no longer works
on my computer due to DLL-related problems, unfortunately.)

Pseudo-SO2R worked like this:

While running on band A, find a station on the 765/MMTTY
(receiver only) on band B. The 765 is interfaced so that
TR-Log knows which band that radio is on for a dupecheck.

When the timing is right, hit the TR-Log "SWAPRADIOS" key to
swap bands between radios A and B. Auto-switched antennas and
band pass filters follow the radio's band change.

Work the station on the 781/PK232, then hit the SWAPRADIOS key
again to swap the radios back to their original band.

Keep running on band A.

It worked fairly well, except when "SWAPRADIOS" failed, and put
both radios on the same band. Good thing I've got those receiver
protectors inline on both rigs... I also found it was important
to put the run frequency in a memory in case things got messed up,
which happened frequently. It was a fun scramble, but I don't
think it is a very competitive setup. Only operated 8 hours total.
We had a guest for a late brunch, and I thought I had taken a full
half hour off. On my second break, I realized the first break was
a 25-minute break, and I'd have to count it as operating time.
So I played lightly and enjoyed our company the rest of the contest.
(My ham shack is in the middle of our living room...)

I found this to be a really fun contest, with a relaxed pace and
99% very courteous operators. Don't be afraid to sperad out a little
in the NAQP. Frequency allocation should not be a problem. I QSYed
frequently (73 band changes) and never had a problem finding a clear
frequency to run on.

See you next time, hopefully full time and full-SO2R.


-Kirk K4RO (RIP OM Larry)
VE3ESH   Single Op LP   29,7842006-02-27 08:14:54
10 m was dead, 15 was very poor for me and even 40 was hard work from my
location. This all meant a much lower score than last year, I am looking
forward to the solar up swing. See you next year
K7WM   Single Op LP   77,7152006-02-27 08:17:37
To much S&P'ng.
KJ7NO   Single Op LP   23,2142006-02-27 08:44:49
Thanks for the contacts! I was not able to work the contest as needed. Family
committments at night prevented a lot of critical points from the low bands.

CU Next contest!
KØRC   Single Op LP   41,4002006-02-27 12:04:56
I CQed 28.085 every half hour or so but never heard a peep. We should all listen
there for a minute or two at the top of each hour. (At least between 0600z ~
1200z) If you bag some contacts on ten, it's usullay a "two-fer"... a Q and a

80m was a work horse band for me. I have two slopers so I could switch
directions if necessary. It seemed to help pull marginal signals out of the
noise some times.

I'm still learning the N1MM software and trying to undo some old habits. This
product is so feature rich it's overwhelming.
W1AJT/VE3   Single Op LP   14,1102006-02-27 14:09:21
Missed almost all of the productive time on 20m. Great fun anyway.
K4EA   Single Op LP   49,0002006-03-01 07:56:58
Participation was low.
VE3RZ   Single Op LP   7,0402006-03-01 17:14:24
Not much time to play but a few points for CCO
PJ7/ND5S   Single Op LP   2,6002006-03-04 16:45:31
Wanted to hand out some mults from my low power station on St.Maarten. Software
recognition would pick up ND5S and a lot of stations came back with that call.
I would repeat my full call several times before it was recognized by some
operators. Had fun for the short time I was in there.
VA7IRL   Single Op LP   4,2502006-03-04 22:30:32
This proved to be a bit of a slog - I have an infuriating and intermittent S7-S9
noise problem at my QTH that seems to be connected to a switch in my chair. It
started about 5 minutes after my lunch break and quit about half an hour before
supper, pretty much wiping out the entire afternoon. Once I came back to it in
the evening, 40 and 80 were noisy and quiet at the same time. if you know what I

Still, contesting beats not contesting, and it was a great opportunity to pilot
an all-Mac OS X setup, using the peerless (and free!) cocoaModem RTTY program
with the equally peerless MacLoggerDX logging program. There were a couple of
fat-finger moments early on (apologies in particular to WB9Z who worked me twice
in 10 minutes - and kudos to him for blithely answering the second time!), but I
quickly established a rhythm. I will be attempting a phone contest next,
followed by CW, once I can get the keying interface figured out.

Thanks for the QSOs - logs will be uploaded to LOTW and eQSL once the contest
log entry deadline has passed.

See you again soon!

UE ;-)


Cushcraft R7
Homebrew 40m and 80m cloud-warmers
AA4LR   Single Op LP   1,6802006-03-05 19:35:04
A3S/A743 at 15m (20m/40m)

K2/100 w/ KAT100 running 50 watts (with additional cooling fan)
CocoaModem 1.15 on PowerBook G4
N1MM on ancient Toshiba laptop

Just had a couple of hours after 0000z to get on and play. Ran briefly on 20m,
then moved to 40m for more activity. Thanks for the Qs!
W6RKC   Single Op LP   2,6652006-03-05 22:44:32
Did not think I'd be able to get on for this one. Found a mod on the WEB to add
FSK keying to a rigblaster. Worked as advertised on the OMNI-VI. Much better
than constantly adjusting gain for AFSK when changing bands. I may try this
again as it was fun using N1MM & MMTTY.


Rick, W6RKC
NB1B   Single Op HP   5,1902006-03-11 20:00:27
A quick 4 hours. Condx not as good as last RTTY Spring. 20M closed early, 80M
was too early, and 40M was the money band. Oh, for a 40M beam!

Thanks for the Qs.

Dennis NB1B