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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2008   February   Comment Summary

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KI9A   Single Op HP   2,9002008-02-09 19:58:08
Didn't expect to get on, had babysitting duties for 2 yr grandson. Was able to
sneak a bit of seat time in.
K6LA   Single Op HP   9,3312008-02-09 20:04:17
That was PAINFUL. Lowest QSO total ever in a phone sprint. Worked all mults
heard except SC.

Guess lotsa sprinters were doing RTTY.

73, Ken, K6LA
WW9R   Single Op LP   5,6402008-02-09 20:04:52
Wow, tough band conditions. Mt thanks to all the "fills" See you in the next
WW9R in WI
W6OAT   Single Op HP   5,6242008-02-09 20:07:06
Terrible conditions.
NS3T   Single Op LP   1,2752008-02-09 20:10:12
Hit the same number of QSO's that I made last week in the CW Sprint and decided
it was a good time to do something else. Fun as always. Thanks to everyone
for all the contacts...and thanks to those who had nice words about my contest
news website. I'd love to have some Sprinter photos to use, so send some in if
you have a spare one on your computer, send it to!

73 Jamie NS3T
Your home for ham radio contest news
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   4,3702008-02-09 20:13:08
Condx seemed ok.

73, Mike K9NW
KCØNOX   Single Op LP   2,8132008-02-09 20:15:02
First full run at SSB Sprint. A great contest. Joe, Raytown Amateur Radio Club
(#1 2A Field Day 2007!)
W7WHY   Single Op HP   8602008-02-09 20:15:39
Well, I fought the flu and the flu won!!

Was planning on doing this Sprint, but came down with the flu bug Thursday and
didn't feel like operating a radio. Came out to make a few Q's before it was
over, but my heart just wasn't in it. OH well, guess there is always the next
one. 73
VE6CNU   Single Op LP   1,5502008-02-09 20:17:48
I'm starting to think of myself as a masochist. First, I did this contest while
recovering from laryngitis, so that didn't help. Then I notice that the band
conditions are even worse than last week's CW sprint. At least 20m stayed open
an hour last week, but I only got half an hour this time. So it was on to 40m
which had constant S7 noise. It died after about half an hour but 75m was so
dead that I was forced to stay on 40m for another half hour or so, until it was
completely dead. When I finally got on 75m the noise level was 20db/S9, which
it has been pretty much for the past 6 months. I kept hearing only 2 stations
on the band, VE6EX, also in Calgary and K7LR, in Washington state. Having only
100W certainly didn't help matters either. I made a total of 5 QSOs in the last
hour. Also, I forgot to reset my radio in N1MM at the beginning of the contest,
so my first 15 QSOs on 20m were all marked with the same frequency. I hope this
doesn't count against me, as the exchanges were all correct. The rules doesn't
say anything about the frequencies needing to be correct. Hopefully the other
logs will confirm my following the sprint rules of QSYing.

The whole contest I couldn't nelp thinking that I wouldn't make it to the end.
And the end didn't come fast enough. And one minute before the end I heard my
first VE7, but of course, he QSY'd and I lost him. Maybe I should go back to
playing Bluegrass Banjo.


K6LL   Single Op HP   12,8382008-02-09 20:19:21
I was pretty deaf on 75, with huge qrn in the neighborhood. My apologies to
those who tried to answer my cq's. I stuck mostly to S&P on that band.

40 was pretty good, with a lot of non-contesters answering my begging. There
were quite a few mults from non-contesters too.
KØUK   Single Op HP   9,4052008-02-09 20:20:23
NX9T   Single Op HP   10,3842008-02-09 20:25:08
Things started out pretty good for the first half of the contest then things
started slowing down. After about 30 minutes on 80m it was down to a
crawl...not sure what happened! :) It's always a lot of fun to run in to so
many folks in such a short time.

jeff NX9T
WØETT   Single Op LP   5,8502008-02-09 20:32:15
Condx were rough and it seemed like a lot of regular contesters must have been
over on RTTY for WPX test.

Glad to work other GMCC Snow Flake members: KO7X, K0UK, and W0RIC.
VA3NR   Single Op HP   6,5942008-02-09 20:34:30
Mk-Vfield, Al-811 400watts, DX-CC dipole at 35', HF6V vertical.
Tnx QSOs. 73, Chris.
KØOU   Single Op HP   6,8642008-02-09 20:39:14
Took time off the sprint to watch KU basketball. Heard some mults I didn't work,
like KL7, MT, SC, and NM. I'll do better next time. Hope to hear everyone in
ARRL DX next weekend, when I'll be in that rare mult of AR in a multi-multi.
73 de K0OU Steve in MO
W4UDX   Single Op LP   2,9702008-02-09 20:41:16
No sunspots, lots of noise, LP into a G5RV. I'll sure be glad when I get my 40M
beam up...
K7RL   Single Op HP   11,6842008-02-09 20:45:47
Another strong wind storm earlier this week damaged my top 40m yagi, making it
completely useless. The risers that hold the linear loading wires broke and
are now resting on the boom. Not a very nice thing to discover two hours
before the contest!

Congrats to some of the big scores heard back East, like W9RE and KA9FOX. And
thanks to all for another fun four hours!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
N5DO   Single Op LP   7,4622008-02-09 21:39:21
One of my worst ever in the Sprint. 20M seemed fairly good, but there was
quickly no one to work. 40M went well for about 30 minutes, then my 402CD
began to act up, with wildly fluctuating SWR. The power out would go from
about 80W down to 20W about halfway through a transmission, making it difficult
for people on the other end to copy all of my exchange.

Thanks to those who got on for this one.
W9RE   Single Op HP   13,8242008-02-09 21:48:53
Activity was very low, I received 25-#1's. Had less couplets then ever before
and thus ended up calling CQ more then ever. Worked all the mults heard and
got 2 mults in the last 3 minutes (VE9 and VE7) thanks. Missed-DE, MI, ND, SD,
WV, RI, VT, VE2,4,5,8 but got an XE and V4.

Got distracted a few times watching Purdue beat Wisconsin on TV. Was calling
CQ and turning VFO at same time while no paying attention.

Thanks for the Q's and see you in the next one.
W6NL   Single Op HP   11,0742008-02-09 22:15:54
Tough condx, S9+20 line noise, rebuilt storm damaged 80m antenna this morning
(tnx N6KT & K6BL!), first time with Win-Test, still great fun.
AL7IF(@KL7RA)   Single Op HP   5,2802008-02-09 23:32:23
I seem to be going in the wrong direction... this is my third sprint, and the
score gets lower each time. Perhaps it was condiditions... perhaps not?

Either way, it was a lot of fun. 20 was loud, and pretty easy to work, but the
rest of you all bailed to 40 before I had propagation. By the time 40 came to
life for me, I am sure a lot of you were off to 80. I switched to 80 for the
last hour or so, but it was just as productive (perhaps moreso) for me to
hammer a CQ and move on 40 as it was to break in on 80. There were lots of
signals on 80 (and mults that I missed from the middle and eastern parts of NA)
but apparently YOU guys like the easy 20 over folks to the 55 in-the-QRN guys.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   8,3852008-02-10 04:58:33
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW output, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee.
Got off to a bad start on 20. Figured out after 12 minutes that was because I
was using my 40M dipole. Not surprisingly, 20 closed early. 40 was the best
band for rate. Skip was relatively short. 80 was pretty good except only the
strongest west coast stations could be copied. It became noisy during the last
hour and I listened a lot on a quieter receiving antenna. Activity seemed low.
Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
NA4BW   Single Op LP   6,8002008-02-10 05:15:05
Decided to opt for LP v. QRP this time. Don't really know how much it helped.
Heard 1 station on 40m that kept running w/o any QSY. Lots of # 1's and thank
goodness for that, because the normal sprint pool was very shallow this time.
Great to see everybody again! 73 Brian with an I.
NA4K   Single Op LP   6,6802008-02-10 08:02:28
Nice to work Mark, K0EJ from V4 land on 40 meters
with a nice signal. Hope you do well in the ARRL DX test.

Activity was down due to the RTTY test no doubt.

Steve NA4K
W6SX   Single Op HP   8602008-02-10 09:04:08
Omni VI+, AL-1200, 80 meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TRLog
VE6EX   Single Op HP   5,2912008-02-10 09:36:27
Hi All:
Well the prop will call the shots every time. I was hoping for a ~200q
effort with my baby amp, and many others stateside did'nt break 200.
I did a few q's on 3 bands, but I guess we all did the contest the best we
could and the best I did was put in full time trying hard.. If 20 and 40 prop
had done a real hour the numbers could have been really better in AB.
At any rate Jerry VE6CNU and I got ~200 Q's out there; the best we could for
8 hrs of pounding HI!.
I left 40 when the band seemed to be empty and 80 did'nt seem to happen at


I knew where it was supposed to be but no signals; not even big guns!!! So I
started CQing like crazy and got a call from WA. Things improved as the band
filled/ or time went on HI!
VE6EX was: SO1R!!!
TS940sat into Home built 3-500 amp @ 500w or so.
2 el loops on 20 @ 60'; quarter slopers off the tower for 40, 80. TRLOG
flawless logging. Love those colours!!!
Thanks for the calls, I did the best I could with local noise/ prop.
Dan VE6EX..
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   13,0192008-02-10 10:26:05
Participation seemed down, maybe more Sprinters doing WPX RTTY? Less couplets
meant more CQing. Received many QSO #1's, and fortunately some of them were
good mults! No SO2R yet. 1 radio, 3 band changes. I actually set up a second
radio, but when I went to use it, high SWR (turned out to be a bad coax patch
cable, lesson learned -- test things before the contest!!).

Conditions were strange. I started on 40 to work the close-in stuff, but they
were already watery and weak. But then when we all went to 40 an hour later,
those same guys were S9+. The band got shorter?

Congrats to W9RE for the big score! Mike definitely deserves to win this one
and it's looking good so far. Maybe I need to start doing those Thursday night
practice sessions. :-)

Sure love the Sprint... always great to work so many familiar contesters. With
family and work commitments, the 4 hour format sure works great for me... can't
wait for the next one! Thanks for the fun!!

I pulled some extra statistics out of TR-Log this time around, hope they are
useful to someone.

73 - Scott KA9FOX


Rig: FT-1000MP
F12 C4XL @ 95ft (2 ele on 20m & 40m)
F12 EF180C @ 100ft (rotatable dipole on 80m)

Pictures at:

ID, MI, ND, RI, SD, VT, WV, VE2, VE4, VE5, VE7, VE8

DX MULTS WORKED: V4 (tnx Mark!), CM (DX window on 80)


---- ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
0 0 18 67 85 85
1 0 70 4 74 159
2 56 10 0 66 225
3 52 0 0 52 277


1. 19 Band change from 40SSB to 20SSB at 00:11.
2. 90 Band change from 20SSB to 40SSB at 01:08.
3. 170 Band change from 40SSB to 80SSB at 02:13.


1. Ca 41
2. Wa 17
3. Il 15
4. Wi 15
5. Fl 14
6. Tx 12
7. In 11
8. Ny 9
9. Nc 9
10. Co 8
11. Tn 8
12. Oh 7
13. Ga 7
14. La 7
15. Mo 7
16. Mn 6
17. Pa 6
18. Al 6
19. Nj 5
20. Nv 5
21. Md 5
22. Va 5
23. Ma 4
24. vE3 4
25. Ky 3
26. Ms 3
27. Az 3
28. Sc 3
29. vE6 3
30. Nh 3
31. Ar 3
32. Ks 2
33. Ut 2
34. Or 2
35. Ct 2
36. Wy 2
37. Ok 2
38. Ne 2
39. V4 1
40. Me 1
41. Ak 1
42. CM 1
43. Ia 1
44. Nm 1
45. Mt 1
46. vE1 1
47. De 1
K8MR   Single Op HP   2,2442008-02-10 11:04:09
A few qsos to the deserving...
WX5S(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   9,4172008-02-10 11:58:44
This one was painful! Conditions were pretty awful in N. CA.

Oh well, they'll be more Sprints!
Many thanks to my host N6RO!
WØBH   Single Op QRP   3,4242008-02-10 13:11:07
Don't worry, running QRP in Sprint is not something I'm going to make a habit
of doing! I noticed that Kansas needed someone to establish a QRP SSB Sprint
record, so decided to give it a try. Also wanted to experience QRP from the
other end for a change and it was certainly a learning experience.

Band conditions were actually quite good on 20 from Kansas with lots of loud
signals from both east and west. It was great for QRP. After the initial
flurry, I got answers to CQs on the second radio while I S&Pd 40. A pleasant
surprise. 20 seemed to be a pipeline to IN and OH as W9RE and KW8N just kept
getting stronger and stronger and were still heard on 20 two hours into the
Sprint. 40 was better than 80 for me with best success right below 7200.

Mults not heard: ID ND SD KS MI KY WV DE VT NH / NT SK MB QC MAR

Mults heard but not worked: AK NV MT NM MD NJ MA ME / BC
(AK was loud on 20 but always too many callers)

A few observations:

1. QRP is all about patience, timing, and attitude.
2. QRP is a great for SO2R practice. It's less intense with lots less
interference between radios in an imperfectly filtered environment.
3. QRP means I don't have to dig you out of the background noise!
4. QRP tells a lot about the operators who hear you. Responses ranged from
(most common) to "Real light, you'll have to work with me on this one"
(success) to "BH, you're really light, call me back later" (op perhaps
needing the KS mult since the next time I heard him he was much weaker)
to "I think I heard ##, thanks, QRZ" (you missed the number but I couldn't
get back in to correct you even if no one answered your QRZ).
5. QRP means lots of ops need a repeat (see #7) but my request for a repeat is
generally not heard.
6. QRP is all about "number". Few needed a repeat on "Bob in Kansas." I did
start repeating the number several times even if your signal was really
7. QRP means you get hoarse from yelling even though you know it's not going
8. It helps if you tell other ops that you're running QRP. If nothing else,
get sympathy!
9. Only one op whose call I didn't recognize gave up on me. Ironically, he
all my information correct.
10. Hearing "QSL" takes on a whole new meaning!

Favorite comment after mentioning that I was running QRP (NA4BW): "Don't worry,
I can hear you!"

Thanks to all who found me and took the time to put Kansas in your log. I hope
to be a bit louder next time!

73, Bob, w0bh
W2LC   Single Op HP   7,6022008-02-10 13:19:08
An hour into the contest the snow static started, so if I could not hear you on
40m or 80m now you know why ! Part of living in Central New York. Gotta fix
the beverages.
W4AU   Single Op HP   3,9202008-02-10 13:19:11
Was only able to get on part-time and missed 20 almost completely. Lots of big
signals on the air, but also a lot of noise and QRM, especially on 40. I bet
the central and western U.S. don't miss hearing the SW broadcast signals on 40!
I surely like the CW Sprint better, but other things took priority for that
contest in February this year.
K7SS(@K7RI)   Single Op HP   10,9512008-02-10 14:47:05
Don't know how, in good conscious, we can call this one a SPRINT!.... more like

a JOG with rest stops. Boy o boy... lowest ever Q total in a SSB sprint, but
whining, everyone had the same condx. And the guys up north in VE and KL7 had
it even worse. Usually there's enough of a pool of players, that speed becomes
a big factor. It wasn't this time. Location, and signal strength, and grit,
were the main ingredients. Congrats to big scores from FOX and RE and KW8N and
K6LL..SSB Sprint is usually a West Coast advantage contest, especially if 20
stays alive. But this time it bailed early, leaving 40 as the main playground,
and no geographic advantage this time out here.
40 died early as well, leaving only whispers of stations calling...and a few
big guns who had already been worked. Many 40m Qs were in the mud, and took
lots of repeats. So 40 dead...time for 75. Went there at 0220, with more than
90 minutes to go...and the few signals just 3 or 4 very weak big guys from N
CA,including W6NL, W6OAT, WX5S, and W6TK. So for the first time in recent
memory the sprint trickled to a jog, then a walk, then a dead stop. NO WHERE TO
GO ! 0220 to 0300 was a unreal.. reminded me of 3 in the morning during poor
condition DX contests, tuning up and down the band looking for anything that
moved. Wound up having a few nice slow ragchew Qs with some guys waiting around
for traffic nets. "Hey Bob, can I put you down for serial number
1?....."..."sure...why not!".. and so on. Hahahah LOL ! Well in a few years
we wont even remember this one, but today its still fresh in memory.
See you guys in September. Im taking bets now that it will be 100% better. Come
on spots !! Thanks as usual to K7RI for use of his fine city lot station. And
Kudos to the guys in WWA who hung in there for the this contest.. Congrats to
W7WA, K7RL, W7TMT, W7OM, K7PVV, K7IDX, and N7LOX. 73 de Danny, K7SS
KC5R   Single Op QRP   4,5882008-02-10 17:19:25
Spent the day playing soccer, and arrived back sore and sunburned at 2340.
Everything started out great on 20 (unlike CW), but after about 2 hours I had
80 QSOs and then had to fight for the last 2 hours to get 44 more. Just too
much competition for new stations the later it got. At 0410 I went to bed.

Many heard but not worked, including OR, ID, SC, NM, BC, and AR. Also, never
worked LA. The XYL tells me after the contest that a ham buddy from down the
street called me around 0200 and she told him I was on the air. Too bad she
didn't get him to scan the band for me. Next time I'll make sure she knows....
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op HP   8,9762008-02-10 19:26:33
Thanks for the QSOs. I Agree with Danny's description of walking. It's hard
to sprint when there are so few stations to work. Poor conditions don't
I struggled to work K5ZD on 20 at 0210Z. Eight minutes later he was 20 over 9
on 40.
Best QSO was with KE7RDM in Scottsdale, AZ. Keep an ear out for Peter. He
just got his ticket in mid January. He is eager to learn the contesting game
and even talks about learning the code. Way to go, Pete!
73, David N6AN
N4OX   Single Op HP   9,2252008-02-11 17:20:46
V44/KØEJ   Single Op LP   3002008-02-19 19:39:57
had just arrived on island late Friday and had limited time to play on 40M at
the start. FD-style setup with an FT100D to a low 40M dipole. Those I called
seemed happy I did.

73, Mark K0EJ