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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2016   1300Z Apr 20   Comment Summary

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NS8O   Single Op LP   1442016-04-20 06:15:51
Tri-Band Quad 20-15-10 meters, wires on 80-40m and tower on 160.
6 meter yagi and 2meter 13 element yagi
N4FP   Single Op HP   1002016-04-20 06:18:16
40 very poor. Thanks for the contacts.
AF5DM   Single Op LP   1212016-04-20 06:22:51
Minimum operating time as I had to get to work ASAP
W6NS   Single Op HP   1002016-04-20 06:35:46
Rig: K3 ACOM1000 Antenna: DP

Just 10 for the session. Back at 1900.
K1GU   Single Op HP   4,4642016-04-20 06:38:38
W6SX   Single Op HP   2562016-04-20 06:40:44
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
AE1T   Single Op HP   1,1222016-04-20 06:54:30
Papers to grade and students to advise...
73 all de AE1T
W4AU   Single Op HP   1,2602016-04-20 06:59:09
Wrestling with computer and software this morning as well as some antenna
work..., but it was good to get on for a little while even thought condx didn't
seem to be so hot.

tnx fer the Q's es 73 - John, W4AU
N3JT   Single Op HP   4,8002016-04-20 07:00:05
Horrific conditions!
W2VM   Single Op LP   5042016-04-20 07:01:00
Band QSOs Pts Mlt
7 15 15 15
14 9 9 6
Total 24 24 21
Score: 504
1 Mult = 1.1 Q's
OH2BN   Single Op HP   3612016-04-20 07:01:10
73 - Jarmo OH2BN
CWops #135
DL8PG   Single Op HP   1,5212016-04-20 07:01:18
CWOPS Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-04-20

CallSign Used : DL8PG
Operator(s) : DL8PG

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : GERD 833
Gridsquare : JO30SQ

Name : Gerd
Address :
City/State/Zip :
Country :

ARRL Section : DX
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5611.0

Band QSOs Pts Mlt
14 39 39 39
Total 39 39 39

Score : 1.521
W9ILY   Single Op LP   2,7142016-04-20 07:01:33
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
SM7RYR   Single Op LP   642016-04-20 07:01:40
DXexp qrm
K6RB   Single Op HP   10,6482016-04-20 07:01:44
Hurray. 20 meters is opening for 1300 on the West Coast again. Worked JF2IWL on
3 bands - excellent work by Dai.
NØAC   Single Op LP   2,9002016-04-20 07:02:00
I was surprised at the QSO total. Larry might operate the 1900z session.

Bill, N0AC
NS9I   Single Op HP   4,7582016-04-20 07:02:12
Nice condx this morning ... godd hrg the new ones on ... t u 73
K1EBY   Single Op LP   2,3972016-04-20 07:02:23
It certainly is not the peak of the cycle!
K1DW   Single Op LP   5,5082016-04-20 07:02:25
KE4S   Single Op HP   1,9272016-04-20 07:02:29
K3/P3, 4L SteppIR, 80M horizontal loop
K3WJV   Single Op HP   5,4122016-04-20 07:02:42
K3 & Alpha 89 - (On the workbench > Collins S-line SB221 DTR2000L)
2 el Hexbeam @ 24ft, 6 thru 20 mtrs (K4KIO)
3 band Fan Inv Vee broadside N/S @ 60ft - 40m/short 160m, 80m (Hy Power)
40 mtr sloper @ 60ft sloping north
200ft kd9sv RBOG rx ant - NE/SW
N1MM+ contest logger
DxLab as my master logger
N4AF   Single Op HP   12,4442016-04-20 07:02:54
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes
40CW 76 76 76 72
20CW 46 46 46 30

Totals 122 122 122 102

Final Score = 12444 points.
NA8V   Single Op LP   6,7202016-04-20 07:03:12
20 just didn't want to open today. 40 wouldn't quit!

cu in a few hrs,
K3SEN   Single Op HP   1,4762016-04-20 07:03:16
Got a stay from the governor. My antennas didn't come down yet so I get to work
CTWs today! Thanks for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN Elecraft K-Line to an IAC
Double Boozka Stealth Flagpole.
KMØO   Single Op HP   8,3642016-04-20 07:03:22
My first time with 100+ Qs. Yippee!
IT9MUO   Single Op HP   1,9362016-04-20 07:03:34
Poor propagation for US!
Only 44 Q's.
CU next CWT at 19z
73, Alf. - IT9MUO - #1569
N4ZZ   Single Op HP   8,4702016-04-20 07:04:11
Decided to try one radio. Tks for the Qs 73 Don, n4zz
K1RO   Single Op HP   11,3752016-04-20 07:04:12
Got off to my best start ever, but went downhill after about 20 minutes.
G4NVR   Single Op HP   2252016-04-20 07:04:20
Thanks for the Q's - See you at 19.00Hrs - 73 de Phil - G4NVR
KØRF   Single Op LP   2,4082016-04-20 07:04:36
Good condx this AM. Several stations picked me up for the first time from the
in-town QTH. Thanks.
KJ9C   Single Op HP   3,3152016-04-20 07:05:03
K3, KPA500,
NN4K   Single Op HP   1,4352016-04-20 07:05:14
Thanks for the Qs. 40m prop was fair with QSB. 20m was good at the around 1345Z.
73 cuagn at 1900Z. Mac
K1LB   Single Op LP   3062016-04-20 07:05:19
TU everyone from Woody K1LB CWA in NV
IN3FHE   Single Op LP   1212016-04-20 07:05:43
QRN, noise....waiting tomorrow.
Helga, in3fhe#1548
N5PHT   Single Op HP   5,3462016-04-20 07:06:03
Back home and scores reflect. 40 was great. 20 was just waking up. Thanks and
see you at 1900.
N5AW   Single Op LP   12,6482016-04-20 07:06:13
Slow start and slow ending but great in between! One of my better efforts.
Nothing heard on 15 meters though. Will miss 1900 session.
W4VQ   Single Op LP   3,0552016-04-20 07:06:21
K7SV   Single Op LP   6,3002016-04-20 07:06:22
40 was good this morning, 20 marginal and 15 out to lunch. No new non-members,
but pleased to work new CWOPS member Paul K7AZT! No SO2R yet. Messing with
parallel port on new computer! CU at 19Z
N5ZO   Single Op HP   11,4662016-04-20 07:07:01
80 was slow and 40 should also have been better this time but not, maybe summer
is coming. I was very sluggish this morning, sorry about fumbling. I still
don't feel wake ! TNX for QSOs de Marko
K3GHH   Single Op LP   1,1222016-04-20 07:07:20
Condx did not seem very good this morning. Several stations just seemed to
disappear... heck, maybe they actually did.
K4RO   Single Op HP   10,0922016-04-20 07:08:58
Squirrely conditions here this morning.
I5EFO   Single Op HP   1002016-04-20 07:10:30
Only 20m


73 Emil
KG5U   Single Op LP   6,9562016-04-20 07:11:52
Great fun. Shoulda CQ'd on 40 earlier, I'm sure.

Pity 15m didn't open after everyone vacated 40. It was so quiet there, I
thought my 15m feed from the antenna switch box was kaput. Normal 1.2 SWR. Just
nobody and/or no prop there!

Worked new members VA3PM, K7AZT, KE8G, K1EBY, K5EW, F5IN, N4DT, and visitors
W7SW, K1GQ, and K8NYG, most of whom are frequent 'visitors'. Glad to see you
all and come back often.

Thanks for the QSO's!

73 de Dale/kg5u

Ten-Tec Omni VI/VI+ (2)
AV-640 ground mounted vertical (10-15-20)
40m inverted vee at 65ft
80m inverted vee at 70ft
N1MM Logger software
IT9VDQ(@IB9T)   Single Op HP   5,7762016-04-20 07:12:29
@ contest QTH. wov! 3 JA in my log! :) USA signals had very speed QSB/fading!
73 de GiĆ¹, IT9VDQ, one of IB9T
SM7CIL   Single Op LP   5522016-04-20 07:12:30
Tnx for the QSOs!

HB9ARF   Single Op LP   7292016-04-20 07:15:55
Thanks to all for QSO and hope to hear some of you during the Helvetia contest
this coming week end

25.04.2015 from 13h00 utc to 26.04.2015 12h59 utc

CW / SSB / Digital (PSK31 + RTTY)

160-80-40-20-15 and 10m

HB send RS(T) + Serial Nr. + 2 letters Canton

non-HB send RS(T) + serial Nr.

Log must be send to contest(at)USKA(dot)ch
(Deadline: 15 days after the contest)

We will be qrv with the call HB20AA for the 20th anniversary of our club

Phil - HB9ARF
VE5SDH   Single Op LP   2,1422016-04-20 07:16:23
busy 40M and 20M bands this morning :) thanks everyone!
73 Summer
NG7Z   Single Op LP   2,5202016-04-20 07:17:58
K2-100 vertical. I haven't been on much lately. Battling food allergies. But
today no hives so got on. Did quite well considering my HOA limited antenna.
Thanks for the Q's. Paul NG7Z
F6JOE   Single Op LP   5292016-04-20 07:19:04

73 Jean - F6JOE
WJ9B   Single Op HP   7,5752016-04-20 07:20:19
73, wj9b
NO5W   Single Op LP   4,0602016-04-20 07:20:44
K3/100, HI-Q 4/80, 2002 Pathfinder, CQ/X

A "balanced" attack on 20/40 although the 34 Qs on 40m seemed a whole
lot easier than the 34 on 20m. All in all a good session. Nice to work
Craig-W2VM and Woody-K1BL from the CW Academy. Also got a chuckle working two
Dwights in a row, KM4FO and NS9I, on 40m.

Not sure I will be able to make it to the 1900z session. Have fun and thanks
for the QSOs this morning.

KC4D   Single Op HP   6762016-04-20 07:28:26
JF2IWL   Single Op HP   1262016-04-20 07:29:13
NA is open at last on 20m
N3RS   Single Op HP   8,8742016-04-20 07:37:25
Came down to the station late. Started up the computers and launched N1MM+,
which asked for an update. I launched the update, only to find that the pause
button was not working properly. Had to scramble to get an older version from
the N1MM+ web site, only to find that my security system would not allow me to
download the file. Long story short, I got off to a very rocky start and was
never able to catch up. Of course, having my 20M atation receive antenna set
to my Hi-Z 4 SQ for the first 20 minutes didn't help. I apologize to those who
called and had me CQ in their face. UGH!
K4BAI   Single Op HP   7,1042016-04-20 08:04:01
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Still having
trouble with F Keys using N1MM Plus and apologize to those whose QSOs weren't
as smooth as they should have been. 80M a bit weak and not much activity
there. 40M was quite good to all of the country, it seemed, but 20M was good
only to the west coast and a few in Europe. Ran out of new QSOs toward the
end. 15M was dead. Went back to 40M for a few stragglers at the end. Rate
was good up until about the last ten minutes. Hope to work you all again at
0300Z, but got a head cold and sleep may take priority tonight. 73, John,
W1TEF   Single Op QRP   362016-04-20 08:20:38
New radio, new screwdriver antenna, have to get used to everything. Took me
longer to set it up than it did to operate, but I finally got it on the air for
10 minutes - still working on operating the radio - SDR menus drive me nuts.
Still, it was fun to get back on the air from the car. Thanks for the six Qs-
hey, at least it was something. It will be better next time. Best regards, Tom
VE9AA/M   Single Op LP   1002016-04-20 08:57:36
Only time for the usual "coffee break 10".....from the MINI.

Some really loud signals..........split 50-50, NA & EU

dit dit

Mike VE9AA/m........
KE8G   Single Op LP   2,4502016-04-20 09:12:55
Band QSOs Pts Mlt
7 47 47 47
14 3 3 2
Total 50 50 49
Score: 2,450
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
F6HKA   Single Op HP   5,3292016-04-20 10:25:11
Thanks for the QSO. 73 and CUL Bert
N3AM   Single Op LP   2,0212016-04-20 11:14:52
Limited time with lots of interruptions, but good activity. Never got to check

John, N3AM
KBØR   Single Op QRP   3802016-04-20 11:37:29
Back in MN, using mobile antennas
WA8HSB   Single Op QRP   1002016-04-20 12:48:31
Almost forgot about getting on; out doing early morning yardwork. Thanks for
the Qs!

Elecraft K-1 @ 5 watts to attic antennas

73, John
AB5OR   Single Op LP   2,2002016-04-20 14:58:09
Really screwed up this morning.... I had my RIT on, so I am certain I stepped
all over a few folks on 40, and I apologize. I didn't know what was wrong
until I saw the K3 yellow light for RIT. SO sorry... and a stupid mistake.

K1SX   Single Op QRP   1002016-04-20 15:41:07
tnx all!
K5WK   Single Op HP   6,3362016-04-20 21:05:18
Fat fingers. Mistakes typing. UGHHH. Also QRN tonight.