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North Carolina QSO Party   2015   Mar 1   Comment Summary

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K9NW   SO CW LP   1,2502015-03-01 11:31:50
Had a short time to pass out some QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W4ODB   SO Mixed LP   1,8102015-03-01 11:56:18
good contest, great operators,and always a lot of fun to work the stations in
the NC QSO PArty each year. Couldn't work the entire contest period due to
herniated disk in lower back but hung in there for about 3 hours and managed to
clean sweep the bonus sations which were great to work. see you again next year.
AE6YB   SO SSB LP   1222015-03-01 16:54:39
Score includes bonus points.
N4YDU   SO Mixed LP   117,4302015-03-01 17:09:44
Started out slow but the last two hours were really nice from here. Special
thanks to the mobiles braving the questionable icy weather today. Very nice to
work W0UCE as N4C with K4QPL driving several times in the last hour.

Thanks again to the organizers!


W4NA   SO CW LP   7,5052015-03-01 17:10:25
Thanks nc for having some fun today
k3 and vertical/edz ant
AA4FU   SO CW LP   127,8022015-03-01 17:14:41
Missed Surry County for a sweep of the Bonus points. Thanks to N4E and AA4XX
for spending time on 40m early in the contest. The mobiles on 20m were just
barely above the noise floor and only managed to work a couple.

My QSO total was up from last year, but my multiplier total was down. I
thought it was going to be a really bad day. I had a glaze of ice on all the
antennas to start the contest and there was a light rain on and off for several
hours at the beginning. I also found out my 80m vertical was dead on Saturday.
Replaced the defective switch and was operational again on Sunday morning.

Alan - AA4FU
AA4NC   SO Mixed LP   252,7502015-03-01 17:26:49
(Score includes bonus for working the 6 bonus stations)

Computer gremlins started from the first QSO. There was sometimes a 2-4 second
delay after logging a station until it was accepted. Rebooted a few times to no
avail. This will definitely be my last contest using N1MM. Time to upgrade to

Contest was a lot of fun anyway. Great participation even though some of the
mobiles were weathered out due to freezing rain. Kudos to the sponsors who did
a fantastic job of organizing this one!
WB2RHM   SO Digital LP   7,5462015-03-01 17:55:50
SO1R! RTTY Only.
KF5WFL   SO SSB LP   1,2402015-03-01 18:09:33
TS-2000/END FED 59\' WIRE/AT-230 TUNER. Straight score without bonuses.
AD8J   SO Mixed LP   115,9852015-03-01 18:10:39
This year I didn't do my usual mobile operation as I just got a new car and
didn't wish to junk it up. So instead I operated my remote station which is
about 20 minutes away. I had a bit of trouble with the return audio so ended
up asking for more fills than I liked. Also have a dead rotor so the SteppIR
DB-36 was stuck north for the whole contest.
KEØG   SO CW QRP   11,6162015-03-01 18:26:29
K3/10 at 5 watts. Thanks for your great copy out there. Had fun chasing
mobiles/portables. C U next time, 73, Dan ke0g
WA6KHK   SO Mixed HP   14,6132015-03-01 18:27:13
Two new counties...6 left in NC and 47 left for all of the US!
W7KAM   SO SSB LP   2,4102015-03-01 18:29:24
Always liked to work this QSO party as lots of activity. I forgot about it
afternoon, so a late start this year. 100 watts into a G5RV up 20 foot.
N6ENO   SO SSB LP   1502015-03-01 19:41:26
score + Bonus
WB2P   SO SSB LP   12,9042015-03-01 19:47:17
Total score includes 250 bonus points. Conditions on 20m were not as good as
last year. Very friendly group of hams. See ya next year.
WA8HSB   SO CW QRP   1,1162015-03-01 23:08:45
A quick pass on 20m then a pass on 40m a couple hours later. Good level of
activity from NC - thanks to all the operators for the Qs!!

TS-850S @ 5 watts to attic antennas.

73, John
EA5DFV   SO Mixed LP   4,4422015-03-02 02:08:25
I put the 6el. 15m. monoband in the tower saturday morning just in time for test
it in the NCQP. It perform quite well.
I can be only on the upper bands and It was a pleasure check for all the bonus
stations, and meet a lot of friends. It was especially memorable both contacts
with Bill K4CIA. Thanks, Bill!!

Some fun facts:
The QSO on CW with W4DW (maybe Bruce) at 21:38z, at 16:38 NC local time, WOW!
I was listening to Will AA4NC on 20m when a OM station ask him to QSY to 15m
and a quickly got him :-)
The marginal QSO with Nate on 10m, buff!

I hope all the rovers would drive carefully on the ice and return home safely.

Thanks for the fun.

73 de Jose
W1END   SO CW LP   11,1942015-03-02 03:43:18
Many thanks to the mobiles and rovers in this one. It must have been snowing as
it started here just before the end of the party. Great activity this year;
probably my best score in this one. Lots of fun hunting for new ones and
looking for the mobiles to pop up in a new county.
FTdx5000 (150w) and Butternut HF6V vertical.

Eldon - W1END
KV8Q   SO CW LP   27,3892015-03-02 03:55:09
Contest started with 40 & 20 meters but 20 went long from here after
the first few hours. Then, it was basically just 40 meters until the
sun started going down and we added 80 meters. Never heard SUR but
got the other bonus points with no problems. Rather slow at times but
lots of fun. Kudos to N4E, N4C. W4TMO & AA4XX. Hope to see ya'll
next year. 73 tom
KS4YX   SO Mixed LP   10,9352015-03-02 06:59:29
I had a grand time working my neighbors to the north.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SO Mixed HP   37,0822015-03-02 08:56:09
My first NC QSO Party.
Score included 500 Bonus points : K4CIA, NI4BW, W4DW, NC4QP, N4QM, AJ4TW.

Most QSO's with mobiles:
N4E 27/24,
N4C 14/14
AA4XX 11/7
NC4QP 9/6
KC3X 4/3
W4TMO 4/3

fixed: AD8J 8, W4UX 5, WA2BJN 4 (Thanks a lot Rich for QSY's)

I heard many stations and also new counties for me over the 7.200, but
unfortunatelly I can transmitt only till 7.200 ... :(
Thanks a lot fot thoose stations who come below the 7.200 and gave me schance
to made QSO.
Thank you very much for the nice QP. 73, Laci OM2VL
N4E   Mobile Mixed LP   214,8682015-03-02 12:24:43
Well another year has come and gone and what a difference a year makes. Last
year we had temps in the 70's with sunny skies and this year we had a thick
coat or ice of the antennas at the beginning of the contest. The weather report
looked bleat but we pushed forward to a rocky start. I knocked the ice off the
antennas about 10 minutes before the contest but as time would past and we
traveled the SWR would begin to climb. At our first stop there must have been
over a inch of ice on the antenna! As we traveled south the temperatures
finally went above freezing but our day ahead would be pouring rain. About 90%
of our trip was wet, cold, and ice.

I spent most of the day on Saturday preparing the "wife's" suv for
the trip. Running a power cable, installing the antennas, operating desk
modifications, etc... It took a good part of the day but everything worked
maybe a little to easy. ;)

Well just before the start of the contest we lost cw keying, $%##&! Reboot
and everything was working. Well for a while anyway. As it turned out we
rebooted a couple more times before I changed out the keyboard and a USB hub.
We didn't experience another keying problem so lesson learned. We had to
retune(ATU) our antennas every once in a while due to ice but everything worked
well. Our trip was shorten near the end of the contest due to darkness and
weather plus having to travel secondary roads didn't seem fun and we were
running short on time. But we did manage to hit 27 of our 29 planned counties.

Many thanks to Mike KA4RRU for taking part in this adventure with me. He's a
tremendous operator and a very good friend it was nice having another op and
driver along.

Elecraft K3, Hustler resonators.

Thanks everyone!!!!!
Kyle WA4PGM and Mike KA4RRU
W9QL   SO SSB LP   11,3222015-03-02 12:42:11
I always enjoy the NCQP. Propagation from here to NC is usually pretty good. The
bands were a bit noisy but still managed to better last year's score by a few
points and multipliers. It was good to work many familiar calls. Missed one of
the bonus stations, but had the other 5 in the first 30 minutes (score does not
reflect bonus points). See you next time.


FTDX5000MP with a G5RV at 35 feet
NN4K   SO Mixed QRP   11,4122015-03-02 13:43:21
Lots of fun and a nice QP. Thanks to NCQP for putting on the event. 20 meters
was going well and then suddenly signals were hard to find. Not sure what
happened but it didn't recover much during the rest of the contest. May have a
local problem that caused it. Thanks for the Qs and I was surprised how well my
QRP signal worked out. Of course I got crushed by the big sigs at times, but in
the open I was being heard well enough for a contact. Nice to work N4C (W0UCE
at the key)and another regular, Nate W4YDU.
73 Mac NN4K
WN4AFP   SO SSB LP   22,1322015-03-02 14:03:40
Final score includes 500 bonus points. This was my 2nd NCQP and I decided to
give the Phone only category a try due to my success last year with phone Qs.
Had a great time working my friends "North of the Border". I lived in
Wake Forest, NC many years ago, so there's always a personal reason for
operating this QP. The on-air activity for this contest was much higher than
last year. I worked many new contacts and a few old friends. Since I was just
40 miles south of the border, I spent a majority of my time "running"
on 40m. At one time my "run" rate was 66 per hour. I had several
opportunities to explain what the NCQP was to several non-contesters during my
"run". 40m conditions were excellent to the entire state during the
entire contest. Around 22:30, I went to 80m and my new G5RV performed well. I
worked KK4CLY's expedition but no mobiles. Thanks for al the Qs, it was a fun
ride. I look forward to next year. 73's Dave WN4AFP

Rig: Icom IC-730 40m dipole @ 20ft / G5RV at 25 ft.
W4UX   SO Mixed QRP   76,2282015-03-02 16:17:19
K3/5W - wire antennas
Intended to operate Expedition class from Yadkin and Forsyth but icy roads
early Sunday put an end to that. So I operated semi-Expedition. I used my
intended Expedition antennas (80M dipole and 20M dipole) from the driveway at
my house on my portable mast and my home 40M dipole at 65'. Maybe next year I
can operate Expedition. Thanks for all the QSO's. Thanks to Marty and his
committee for all their hard work.
My score does not include all the bonus stations.
W4ANT   SO SSB LP   12,0962015-03-02 16:43:43
Enjoyed the hospitality of the NCQP with 40 and 80 being the only bands usable
due to proximity. Found and worked all the bonus stations for the 500 point
bonus for a total of 12,596 points. Thanks for the Q's and we'll see you next
N4UEZ   SO Mixed LP   3,5482015-03-02 17:26:04
Yaesu FT-950 @ 100 watts
KN4Y   SO Mixed LP   10,5822015-03-03 06:40:49
What a great surprise, the Tar Heel amateurs on CW. Got home from church and CW
mobiles moving fast from county to county. I had more fun than the time the cat
bit its tail. Did not hear Surry County on CW missed a sweep by 1.
AE8M   SO Mixed LP   13,3122015-03-03 16:52:26
Fun contest with decent activity. It was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon
when the weather outside was lousy. I cannot remember their calls, but there
was a couple of SSB QRPers with decent signals.
N8II   SO Mixed LP   28,6232015-03-05 12:22:21
Wx was lousy, snow to sleet to freezing rain which never changed to rain as
forecast. I had some ice on antennas, but it was not a serious problem. There
was plenty of ice on the ground! I spent about 20 minutes or so shoveling crud
only to have the rain glaze over it all again. I forgot about the QP, and was
not really motivated to push it hard anyway, so first QSO was 77 minutes after
the starting gun. The K index was 2-3 as I recall and absorption was high.
There was a huge amount of activity on 20 I could not touch with 100 W on
backscatter, an amp with KW would have really made a difference, even on 40. I
heard N4E on 20 CW Q5 from a bunch of counties and could not be heard, and
don't think he was on 40 until evening. I could not run stations very well on
40 phone until 21Z when a large portion of the activity had gone QRT. I think
my audio from the TS-590 is not that great and it probably puts out less than
100 W also, both of which hurt responses to CQ's. One of my best hours was the
last one on 75/80 where I was able to run on SSB and even CW finally with about
20 minutes left.
So, it was a let down in many ways, someone else will get a chance to win the
honors. Thanks to the guys who answered CQ's and the mobiles (fewer than last
year). AA4XX was the most consistent on 40. I did not work mobiles KC3X or
W4TMO on 40 until the band opened well around 21Z; TMO was very weak here.

The snow is falling hard today, probably 8-9 inches deep now!

73, Jeff
WØBH   SO Mixed LP   3,1402015-03-12 21:33:30
Score includes 200 bonus points for SUR W4DW NI4BK and NC4QP.

Checked back in throughout the day and conditions seemed to be really good.
Wish I had more time to play. Great job by all!

73, Bob, w0bh