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Ten-Meter RTTY Contest   2015   Dec 6   Comment Summary

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GUØSUP   Single Op LP   1,5122015-12-06 08:32:49
Oh dear, the propagation gods did not play ball today.
It was hard to stay in the seat at times, as the rate was just so slow.
Until lunchtime, all I could hear was UA3 & UT.
Still, I was pleased to work W/VE later in the day, but for some, I had to use
ESP to get the exchange. This is when you notice that a small antenna, down
low, just doesn't really cut it.
Despite the poor conditions, I had some fun.
Thanks to all for the points.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
K8IA   Single Op LP   9202015-12-06 08:35:42
No real time for contesting this weekemd. Took a few minutes here to get RTTY
tweaked for ARRL RTTY Roundup next month. CU!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
K7ULS   Single Op LP   6,4352015-12-06 13:42:16
Powder Mountain 9000'
A-99 Vertical
Started out working a few JA's not too strong and a few PNW stations with the
band shutting down only after an hour. Back at it Sunday around 1600 utc to
many stations on the east coast with 4 or 5 a minute then in the afternoon
something happened and the band died then started geting a few 6 land
contesters until 2025 utc then only one VE1 then it was done so went home.
Looking forward to ARRL 10 next weekend if WX holds hope to use the 5 ele
73 de K7ULS
AL9A   Single Op HP   42015-12-06 14:10:08
The operating time is correct - 2 minutes! That's how long it took to work the
only two stations I could barely hear Friday night - 3D2KM and ZM2B. Rest of
the world was absolutely MIA. I really hate, loathe and despise those Coronal
Hole high speed solar streams.

NOAA SPWC refers to these as "Minor" geomagnetic storms. Let me tell
you at 61 degrees north a 'minor' storm is a really big deal on 10 meters!
N1IXF   Single Op LP   14,1242015-12-06 14:21:23
Bye Bye 10M... Took a lot to stay in the chair.
KT1I   Single Op LP   2,8352015-12-06 14:38:54
Well, conditions were not so good but I persevered. The new beam antenna made
the difference. Some nice 10 m. contacts and picked up a couple of needed
states on 10. Thanks to the sponsers for the contest.
EA8OM(DJ1OJ)   Single Op LP   11,1512015-12-06 14:45:10
Vertical (GPA-50)
only 3 hours
YV1KK   Multi-Op LP   40,3262015-12-06 15:00:00
Good Sunday with my wife YY1YLY Ok multi operator category

Not good propagation .

73 and 88 FROM YY1YLY Grecia and YV1KK Julio
W1ZD   Single Op LP   12,1552015-12-06 15:43:50
What a difference from last year ! Propagation has really changed for the
Thanks for the Q's.
K6GHA   Single Op LP   5,8752015-12-06 15:52:56
Interesting conditions, and seemed longer. Highlights included Fiji and
W4DXX   Single Op LP   14,1842015-12-06 15:55:01
Worked all I could hear.

Eric / W4DXX
WC7Q   Single Op LP   1,7602015-12-06 15:56:15
Very slow, poor condx for the Pacific NW.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   2282015-12-06 15:57:05
Virtually no band to work with here. Farewell 10M -- was fun while it lasted.
Will continue to pop in for this one each December, but no expectations for
activity any time soon.
NA6O   Single Op HP   6092015-12-06 16:01:14
TS-590s, KPA500, vertical, N1MM+

Busy with other things but managed to catch a couple of usable openings. Always
tough going with a vertical and all the local RFI. Good practice for RTTY
N6WM   Single Op LP   1562015-12-06 16:10:57
Totally swamped with stuff including Soccer Games and 160m test, but wanted to
show my support and get a quick feel for the contest. And test flex 6500
software, and testing flex 6500 behavior in RTTY contesting. (works really

30 minutes qrv from the little pistol stn and also worked 3d2 and 4a90iaru.

Flex 6500, N1MM+, Steppir Dipole at 30ft. at Fremont QTH.

73 and seeya next time

PP1CZ   Single Op LP   5,4572015-12-06 16:12:46
Poor propagation.
Toom bad, because it was a good chance to meet friends.
Thank you all for the contacts.

See you next weekend on ARRL 10 Meters Contest.

PP1CZ - Leo.
N6RO   Single Op LP   3452015-12-06 16:15:40
Got on last 30 min. Looks like I missed a fun one!
W1LQ   Multi-Op LP   9,8912015-12-06 16:15:53
We (K6UFO and ND2T) operated remotely from San Francisco
to a station in Maine. Propagation barely showed up for
this year's contest. K6UFO got up at Sunrise in Maine 12z
to look for Europeans. Two hours later he had only worked
SEVEN stations. Finally some weak and brief openings and
we worked more than one-half of our QSOs and Mults in the
next two hours 14z and 15z. Then it was sunset in Europe,
and a long, long day of looking for NA/SA stations. ND2T
alternated CQing and S&P to stay alert. The Skimmer spots
were plentiful, but just not propagation from Maine to many
locations. The last couple hours 19Z and 20Z we looked west,
but never worked ZM2B. Tom received a prize with 3D2KM
calling him! Big point contribution was 91 USA QSOs, Thanks!
Also thanks to WW1ME for use of the callsign.

W1LQ, ops K6UFO and ND2T

10m: Log periodic, 42 ft boom at 114 ft.
Elecraft K3, 100 watts
Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone software
K3/0, RemoteRig and

QSO/Mults by hour
Hour 10M Cumm
12Z 3/3 3/3
13Z 4/4 7/7
14Z 28/14 35/21
15Z 31/16 66/37
16Z 21/7 87/44
17Z 26/8 113/52
18Z 13/7 126/59
19Z 20/1 146/60
20Z 10/2 156/62
21Z 1/1 157/63
Total: 157/63
3D2KM(W6ZL)   Single Op LP   3,9272015-12-06 16:25:34
Elecraft K3 @ 100W, Vertical dipole, N1MM+ Logger, MMTTY, Dell D610 Laptop

Better score than last year, but mostly weak signals. Thanks to all for the
contacts. Uploaded to LOTW.

Martintar, Nadi
Viti Levu Island OC-016
Fiji Islands
South Pacific
VE9AA   Single Op LP   5,0402015-12-06 16:27:44
Was this the 6M-RTTY contest?

My apologies to Don, AA5AU....I was S&P-ing this morning waiting for the
band to open to EU (which it never really did) and had just begun

to start CQing when he came along.
Of course, dummy me, I had forgotten to change my CQ from CQ TARA to CQ
10-RTTY, so on my 3rd CQ or something Don comes back to

me and we complete and he did not mention the "bad cq" (hi ).....I
only just noticed my goof on the next QSO. OOPSIE !

So the band never really opened to anywhere. The loudest station across the
Atlantic by far was TK5MH who was 5NN+10dB....
There were very few others that approached that but nobody that stands out in
my mind.

W1LQ was there nearly all contest from Maine. Call not familiar, but FB cpi on
TRopo, so someone's rental stn maybe?
from across the Bay of Fundy?

By and large most QSO's were made at S1-2 and even way way down into the

This is probably the hardest I have ever worked for 100+ QSO's in any RTTY
contest, EVER. I'm not really a RTTY "guy". For some
reason, RTTY upsets me. I am impatient. In a CW contest, less than 1/2second
(sometimes sooner) when I let up on the key, there
is the station I am working sending me something. In a RTTY contest, some many
seconds go by and nothing. I think "did they hear

me?"...."did they understand"......"hav ethey fallen over
in their chair"..."what the bleep is going on". I will probably
never love the mode for

that one reason. That and all the fluff a lot (not all) of the folks send.

I dare say next year (and for a few years afterwards) I will not reach the
minimum 100 QSO mark for a certificate up here. Too far
from the hot spots like W4, Carib, EA8, YV etc. I heard those guys giving out
some biggie #'s while I scraped and clawed for every single

QSO. I even went assisted this year. Made no real difference whatsoever. I
could only hear 10% of the stations running at times.

I fear the ARRL 10m contest will also be off the plate for a while.

No idea why but many RTTY ops are way to "wordy". I guess it's a new
thing (to me) but there were lots of strings of dots (what's THAT

about?) , dashes , slashes and sending of my callsign sometimes several times.
Like VE9AA VE9AA VE9AA de XX1XXX, you're 599 599 599
NUMBER 0$D 0e!
Yup.......better to send 599 044 044 044 . Straight and to the point. I'd ask
for the number and get the whole load of horse pooey all over

again. Nope, I'll never be a RTTY op......but I keep coming back for more.

73 de Mike VE9AA IC7410 & A3S
NN6NN(W6XK)   Single Op LP   4,0002015-12-06 16:41:17
GOAL: 100 QSOs
N2NF   Single Op LP   2,8802015-12-06 16:41:31
Very limited effort. Terrible band conditions.
K6LRN   Single Op LP   6302015-12-06 16:59:45
Hope condx a little better next weekend.
K6LL   Single Op LP   17,6702015-12-06 17:19:49
Zero Europe, 28 JA's.
K2YG   Single Op LP   1,2722015-12-06 17:26:40
K3 at 5 watts to Tribander
N6HE   Single Op LP   992015-12-06 17:26:51
A portent of 10M to come, I'm afraid....
WØLSD   Single Op LP   10,7732015-12-06 17:28:09
Contest started out with decent stateside propagation for where we are in the
solar cycle. On Sunday the last 5 hours I made 25 Qs!!! Once the east/west
propagation died, it was only SA. Kept waiting for the JA opening and it came,
20 minutes before the end of the contest!
KC4HW   Single Op LP   1,3422015-12-06 17:34:18
FT-2000 (100 Watts)
Cushcraft 10-4CD @ 78'

Just got to this one for not quite an hour this morning and about a half hour
this afternoon. Conditions seemed OK. Came back around 4PM and worked a
number of West Coast stations with pretty good signals. Worked KH6 on first
call. Although I worked AA5AU in LA with a lite signal, we exchanged report
with no problem. I never heard any other stations around the 1k miles range.

For the most part the band was very long. Actually I printed the VK4 at dark
but he could not hear my 100 watt signal.

It is hard to know with this short sample size, but it could be pretty thin
next weekend during the 10m contest, but on the other "ole sol" could
fire up and it might be good. Probably a crap shoot, who knows.

Nevertheless, I will try to give some time as I am sure many other Alabama

Thanks for the QSOs! Roll Tide.

KX7L   Single Op LP   1702015-12-06 17:44:05
Pretty uncooperative ionosphere at this location - a couple feeble openings to
South America was about all I was able to enjoy. Maybe things will be better
next week...
AB4SF   Single Op LP   5,2032015-12-06 17:47:35
On Saturday evening and for the last hour or so Sunday I couldn't tell the
difference between my antenna and dummy load -no signals anywhere- but thanks
everyone for the Q's we did make. See you next time!
K8AJS   Single Op LP   1,5002015-12-06 17:50:15
Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 100 watts
Ant: 4-el Quad
Software: WriteLog 11.23L
KØOO   Multi-Op LP   402015-12-06 18:18:29
Just trying to shake down the station for next weeks 10 contest.

Welcome adventure.


Pat K0OO
W6JBR   Single Op LP   1,5002015-12-06 18:34:42
KA4RRU   Single Op LP   5,5462015-12-06 18:54:49
Nice to get going with N1MM plus on RTTY!

73 de Mike - ka4rru
W6SX   Single Op HP   2,1122015-12-06 18:59:12

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2Tone, N1MM+
K5TU   Single Op LP   1,2392015-12-06 19:56:32
FT450D running 20W with attic dipole fed with ladder line. N1MM+. Heard some
western EU early, but too weak for me to work. Fun contest.
K7XC   Single Op LP   9722015-12-06 23:46:02
Handed out NV to those needing it in the time I had available. Dead tired from
the 160M Contest which just ended 1600Z Sunday. K3, 100W, Th3 @ 43'.
9A2EU(@9A6B)   Single Op LP   1922015-12-07 01:40:16
Very poor conditions. I was only active for very short periods of time around
noon and around our sunset. Only using vertical antenna so all signals were
very weak, but some stations copied my weak signal. CU next time!
N2WK   Single Op LP   10,6602015-12-07 02:37:49
Sunday morning the K index was 5 and I knew I was in for a long day. QSO rate
was so low that I was in and out of the shack numerous times just to find
something else to do but kept coming back. I got to watch football so that
helped. W6WRT was my last QSO and threw in the towel with 1.5 hours remaining.
29 was my best hour. Thanks for all the Q's especially the weak ones that hung
in there. Had several quit on me after just 2 tries??? No patience I guess.
CW5W(W1UE)   Single Op LP   53,4852015-12-07 03:19:01
First time in this contest. Really didn't know what to expect.

According to Jorge CX6VM, 10m opened to Europe waaaaay late- first European was
almost 1200Z. I did have a very nice run to JA the first 3 hours of the
contest; its nice to hear JA coming through without all that flutter!

6el OB-DES @ 200ft
5/5/5 on USA
5/5/5 on Europe
K3 barefoot

Continent breakdown:
NA 352
Asia 107
Eur 80
SoAmer 15
Africa 5
Oceania 4
Total 563

A big thanks to Jorge CX6VM for the use of his great station. Hope to see
everyone next week for the ARRL 10M contest.

Dennis CX/W1UE
VY2LI   Single Op HP   2,2802015-12-07 06:08:12
Oops, should always check the rules. Since this wasn't going to be a serious
effort other than to pass out PEI, I decided to run HP since condx didn't seem
that great. Consequently, this will be a checklog, but I hope I still helped
out with the VY2 mult in a very limited way. Merry Christmas, Bill.
K7JR(K7ZO)   Single Op LP   3,9222015-12-07 06:09:41
Clearly not the greatest of conditions. The band was reasonably open mid-day
Sunday but was very long. Most stations I worked were up and down the east
coast with the mid-west largely absent. Still fun to get on for a couple hours
here and there.

A totally remote operation of the K7JR - Snake River Remote Contests Club

W9ILY   Single Op HP   2,5202015-12-07 08:56:10
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals.
WB2RHM   Single Op LP   5,4282015-12-07 09:10:40
Fun Contest, Thanks Don&Ed. Poor band conditions, had to stop 2 hours
early, due to heavy QRM from Panthers fan also living in the house ;)
NJ4F   Single Op LP   1,0802015-12-07 12:18:24
SteppIR beam
N1MM Plus
S&P only
N8OXC   Single Op LP   8142015-12-07 15:45:33
Band not very good and some computer problems, but had fun anyhow!
K7VIT   Single Op LP   3082015-12-07 15:56:23
Limited time due to family activities. I played a bit in the TARA RTTY Melee and
saw pretty good band conditions. During times I was active for the 10m-RTTY
test, band conditions were pretty rugged.

I apparently need tutoring on propagation. One propagation map was showing
transcontinental contacts via E-skip and supposedly F-2. On the other hand, 10m
QSO's at the same time were like pulling teeth. We'll see how it goes next

Thanks to all who answered my calls.
73, Jerry
KS7S   Single Op LP   1,9082015-12-07 16:13:32
Elecraft K3/100W MicroHAM MicroKEYER Cushcraft R7000
AA5UK   Single Op LP   1522015-12-07 17:44:36
Operated two hours on Sunday. First hour was a blast and fun. The second hour
was rough only three contacts! Still I had fun and hope to operate longer next
N1JM   Single Op LP   542015-12-08 06:30:18
TS-590SG, 14AVQ (new)
F5RD   Single Op LP   2242015-12-08 12:06:07
Transceiver - FT-897D 60 Watts
Antenna - Center-fed 2x20m or 2 ele HB9CV
Software - N1MM Logger+ V1.0.5334.0
32 contacts this year, it's all !
I participated only during one and half hour Sunday morning.
with a propagation no in great shape.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernar
NN4RB   Single Op LP   3382015-12-09 09:33:47
Short time. Band was going up and down. I would make a contact or two and
return to reloading the OS in my wife's PC. Had trouble with N1MM+ digital
window only to find out that it had not been revised.

(20, 15 and 10) Mosely TA-33jr, Ham IV @ about 40'
80/10 OCF dipole at about 44' - Center fed for 160 M with Kat-500 at base
35' vertical on top of metal storage shed - Remote tuned TMC_ATS-2_Antenna
Tuner at antenna
450' Beverage
K4SBZ   Single Op LP   5442015-12-10 09:50:57
I was able to get in a few hours just before the band closed.
W4JAM   Single Op LP   8362015-12-10 09:55:06
Showed a old ham a new mode. Helped put up a tower.
K7MKL   Single Op LP   2702015-12-10 11:30:16
Very poor conditions. My OM commented it sounded like a 6-meter contest with
short, spotlight, openings and otherwise signals right at the noise.