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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2016   1900Z Aug 24   Comment Summary

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DJ1YFK   Single Op LP   362016-08-24 12:16:56
K2, 25W, Vertical
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   2252016-08-24 12:27:56
just making an appearance... back to work. 73s Dave WN4AFP
K6RB   Single Op HP   2,8092016-08-24 12:32:39
Mama said there'd be days like this...ouch! Dreadful condx. Thanks for the Qs.
Sorry for those I could not pull out of the QSB and noise cycle. See you at
NS8O   Single Op HP   4412016-08-24 12:33:20
Tri-Band Quad 20-15-10 meters, wires on 80-40m and tower on 160.
6 meter 4ele quad and 2meter 13 element yagi
IT9VDQ   Single Op HP   1002016-08-24 12:34:05
at home, bad conditions! just 10 qso!
NA6O   Single Op HP   4002016-08-24 12:43:21
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals (TX), receiving loop, N1MM+

Had a hard time being heard. But that's not unusual...
DL8PG   Single Op LP   882016-08-24 12:48:29
CWOPS Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-08-24

CallSign Used : DL8PG
Operator(s) : DL8PG

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : GERD 833
Gridsquare : JO30SR

Name : Gerd
Address :
City/State/Zip :

ARRL Section : DX
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5899.0

Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
7 3 3 0 1,0
14 8 8 8 1,0
Total 11 11 8 1,0

Score : 88
W6NS   Single Op HP   3422016-08-24 12:54:17
RIG: K3; ACOM1000. Antennas: C3E-20m; DP-40m.

OP form CA, grid CM95, San Luis Obispo county.

I guess I am on the bad side of "Sol" most signals were weak with QSB
= better check on my little tower trailer, maybe the little hooligans played a
trick on me. W1RM, Pete you were strong then disappeared never heard from
again; Will WJ9B, I put the amp in bypass for 40m so that was low power for the
Q. May the space weather improve before 03:00. Under the rock I go.
VA3SB   Single Op QRP   3602016-08-24 13:00:13
Giving out a few Q's in between conference calls. See you at 0300.
73 Serge
OH2BN   Single Op HP   4002016-08-24 13:00:30
73 - Jarmo OH2BN
CWops #135
K1EBY   Single Op LP   4,3472016-08-24 13:01:00
FT-1000MP Mark V, FT-2000
TH7DX, 80/40 Dipoles
W9ILY   Single Op LP   5,2142016-08-24 13:01:02
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
N3QE   Single Op HP   11,9792016-08-24 13:01:09
Without a doubt, my best 1900Z session ever! 20M was "good short"
which was huge!
N4AF   Single Op HP   18,0552016-08-24 13:01:27
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes
40CW 65 65 65 26
20CW 90 90 90 87
15CW 2 2 2 2

Totals 157 157 157 115

Final Score = 18055 points.
W2VM   Single Op LP   7802016-08-24 13:01:38
Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
7 11 11 7 1.0
14 19 19 19 1.0
Total 30 30 26 1.0
Score: 780
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
KE4S   Single Op HP   2,4642016-08-24 13:01:48
K3/P3, 4L SteppIR, 80M horizontal loop
W1UU   Single Op QRP   2,2142016-08-24 13:01:54
K2 5 watts to a 43 ft. auto-tuned vertical with 25 radials.
Super good condx. Everyone loud here!
Peter W1UU
AD5A   Single Op HP   8,4392016-08-24 13:02:00
I just can't seem to reach the 100 level at 1900z.
K1GU   Single Op HP   10,7672016-08-24 13:02:08
K1DW   Single Op LP   5,5482016-08-24 13:02:20
K4JAZ   Single Op LP   1,1882016-08-24 13:02:26
Wow! Had to really work for just about every Q this afternoon TNX
VE2FK   Single Op HP   7,5002016-08-24 13:02:29
20M was great with both short and long skip.
TU to K1ESE for making my QSO 100
73, Claude VE2FK
N3RD   Single Op HP   16,3022016-08-24 13:02:31
SO1R. Stayed on 20 until 1940Z. Turned beam from West to Europe and worked a
whole bunch of new guys to me. Thanks for the QSOs. See you next week.

73 - Dave N3RD
K1RO   Single Op HP   12,1772016-08-24 13:02:48
SO1R again. S&Ped 3 stations on 15, then ran 20 and 40. Lots of calls I have
not worked before, or have not worked very often.
N5ZO   Single Op HP   9,5952016-08-24 13:02:53
TNX for QSOs de Marko
K5AX   Single Op HP   6,5252016-08-24 13:02:57
Set my iPhone alarm for 1855 but I guess I was daydreaming and got sidetracked
working on my SB220 and missed the boat.

Thanks for the Q's
W6TN   Single Op LP   2252016-08-24 13:02:58
Thank you for all Q's. 73, Trung W6TN
WJ9B   Single Op HP   10,9892016-08-24 13:03:09
...worked a few on 40m at 1900z!
73, wj9b
K3SEN   Single Op HP   1,7162016-08-24 13:03:09
Thanks Florida Power and Light(Plunder and Loot). Had a power failure at the
half-way mark! Thanks for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN Elecraft K-Line/MyAntenna
EFHW-4010 in an inverted V configuration at 23\'.
KG5U   Single Op LP   3,4162016-08-24 13:03:24
Rough...lots of noise and QSB. Hopefully, 03z will be better.

73 de Dale, KG5U

2- Ten-Tec Omni VI\'s
Ant: AV640 (10-15-20), 40m inv vee, 80m in vee
S/W: N1MM Classic (Plus is too buggy at KG5U)
AD8J   Single Op HP   9,4602016-08-24 13:04:11
Almost make my 10K. Thanks to all that called in.
W5/MMØLID(@KJ5Y)   Single Op HP   9,8012016-08-24 13:04:20
Much better session for me this time!just shy if the centuary...
A lot of regulars not in the log this time, guess ill have to add some S&P
into the equation instead of running all the time.

Thanks for the Qs. Will see you at 0300z. Hopefully ill get on anyway.

73 cu
Scott MM0LID
K1SX   Single Op QRP   7002016-08-24 13:04:20
Genesis G11 SDR, fan dipole at 50 ft. tnx all!
KE4D   Single Op LP   252016-08-24 13:04:22
Still pretty fast for me but coming along. Comes from many years of not running
CW enough. Looking forward to the CW Academy Level 2 class in a couple of
K5CM   Single Op HP   2562016-08-24 13:04:24
Seven minutes better than nothing hi hi..
Connie, K5CM
K9MA   Single Op HP   9,9512016-08-24 13:04:38
Just couldn't seem to keep the runs going....

No sign of life on 15 before 19Z, so never tried.

K3, AL-82, SB-220
TH7 at 21 M
A3 at 15 M, fixed SE
40 M rotatable dipole at 23 M
Shunt fed tower on 80 and 160
KØVXU   Single Op LP   1,2252016-08-24 13:04:49
Just hopped in for fun. Great time. Hope to make 0300Z.

Russ - K0VXU
CWOPS #836
K3WJV   Single Op HP   8,7722016-08-24 13:04:49
well I broke 100 but had a problem with the available Q's & mults in n1mm.
was wrkg fine then all of a sudden when I clicked a call it kept putting it in
my other stn window which isn't operational yet. I must have wasted 4 or 5
minutes clicking and not hearing anything, hi. I'll get it figured out. tnx for
the Q's, cul

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
FT1000MP 2nd radio when so2r gets operational, Alpha 89
2 el Hexbeam @ 24ft, 6 thru 20 mtrs (K4KIO)
3 band fan inv V broadside N/S @ 55ft - 40m/short 160m, 80m
40 mtr sloper @ 55ft sloping north
RX ANT 200ft kd9sv RBOG - NE/SW
N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
HB9ARF   Single Op LP   4402016-08-24 13:05:14
Thanks to all for QSO's

Phil - HB9ARF
I5EFO   Single Op HP   6252016-08-24 13:05:43
tnx to:
N5AW, N5ZO, K0VXU, (NR4M 19:01Z !) and Europeans

73 Emil I5EFO (1486)
N5AW   Single Op LP   11,9002016-08-24 13:05:47
Strange conditions - many USA signals were weak but worked UR5MM, I5EFO, and
F6HKA on 20. 40 back to it's normal midday propagation from here - poor.
K7SV   Single Op LP   8,7002016-08-24 13:05:54
Typical 19Z for me. Broke 100 Qs anyway! New non-members worked - Matt AA1CT,
Eliot W1MJ and John WA8YWG. CYA AT 03Z.
K4AFE   Single Op HP   1,6652016-08-24 13:05:59
Not as easy this afternoon. A lot more noise. Thanks for the contacts.
K1ESE   Single Op HP   8,4842016-08-24 13:06:05
After years of trying I broke 100 for the first time!! Many thanks to all that
gave me a call.

Ran the whole time. Started on 20m and ran until the rate meter dipped below
100/hr. Went to 40 and managed to build the meter back up. VE2FK made 100 and
K4BAI put me over the top.

K3, KPA500, 2 doublets.

John K1ESE
NA8V   Single Op LP   3,5282016-08-24 13:06:26
my computer locked up right at the start when i tried to reset the clock, never
had that happen before. once i got going, the operator got out of sync and
never really came back.

There's always 03z?

thanks for the contacts,
NN4K   Single Op HP   2,2882016-08-24 13:06:40
Thanks for the QSOs. Lots of activity and conditions were mixed here. It's a lot
of fun when I just plunge in and don't worry about conditions. See you at
73 Mac NN4K
G4NVR   Single Op HP   3242016-08-24 13:07:26
Thanks for the Q's - 73 de Phil - G4NVR
WB5EIN   Single Op LP   492016-08-24 13:08:04
Well, I didn't make enough Qs to even qualify for participation this afternoon
(9 Qs in 6 minutes).

However, after switching to 20m and working Rob, K6RB, my phone rang. It was
one of my consulting clients (U.S. Air Force) and that just HAD to take
priority. They pay more than CWT does. Ha!

Thanks for the fellowship.

Now, back to work.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
N2SO   Single Op LP   1,1842016-08-24 13:12:59
Elecraft K3 100W to OCF Dipole up 35'.
N5PHT   Single Op LP   1,1842016-08-24 13:14:16
Thanks for the Qs. Interesting session. I simply was not being heard very
well. I think this hole I am in at this campground is quite pronounced at
times. Many stations were loud enough but it took me 4 or 5 times to get
through and often I gave up and came back later and tried. Should have went to
40 sooner. Hope to cu at 0300.
VE9AA/M   Single Op LP   4002016-08-24 13:14:44
Big signals this afternoon. Thanks for driving home with me.
Mike motoring in the moving MINI !
WU6X   Single Op LP   7842016-08-24 13:15:26
Better than 1300z for sure!
K4BAI   Single Op HP   7,7522016-08-24 13:19:34
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp. Got home from a 2 1/2 day judges'
seminar in time for the 1900Z CWT. which is unusual for me, as I am usually at
work at that hour on Wednesdays. 20M was very good. W1RM was very loud on
15M, but no other signals heard there and no answers to CQs. I guess New
England stations missed a few QSOs there. 40M was pretty weak, although QSOs
were possible as far north as VE3/2 and as far west as N5AW. Many, usually
strong, signals were pretty weak and I suspect long skip for no QSOs in GA, SC,
AL. Did work K1GU in TN and AD8J in NC, but they weren't very strong. Hope to
be QRV again at 0300Z. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI
AE1T   Single Op HP   2,4302016-08-24 13:20:40
School starts next week. CU in the AM CWT, if not before.
73 de Peter, AE1T
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   3,1202016-08-24 13:30:28
Thanks for the Q's
W1QK   Single Op LP   3,1802016-08-24 13:33:33
12V DC power supply failure - lost time switching to backup.
Thanks for the contacts.
73-Dan-W1QK #1506
I5ECW   Single Op LP   2402016-08-24 13:35:29
hI,just to check the NIMM.great fun in the contest!see in the next sessions.
73's vanni I5ECW
KC4D   Single Op HP   5,3902016-08-24 13:54:42
W6SX   Single Op HP   2,4012016-08-24 13:57:34
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
AF5DM   Single Op QRP   1442016-08-24 14:29:23
Minimal contacts as I had to get back to work ASAP. Operating from parking lot
at work, 5W QRP using FT-817 to 20m cartop hamstick.
WB5BKL   Single Op QRP   2562016-08-24 17:46:54
K2/10 @ 5W to various wires. Late getting home. Had fun anyway.
VE5SDH   Single Op LP   2,2092016-08-24 18:30:23
better than this morning :) managed to hear one EU station at the end yay!
thanks everyone :) 73 Summer
N4FP/M   Single Op LP   9922016-08-24 19:57:07
Thanks for the contacts. Flex 6300, Flex Maestro. Hustler 40, 20 meter antennas
atop 3 ft mag mounted mast.
F6HKA   Single Op HP   6,7242016-08-24 22:16:44
Thanks for the QSOs. 73 Bert
W3WHK   Single Op LP   2,1422016-08-25 15:52:15
Good condx today, or maybe I'm just getting more proficient. This is the first
score that I'm not too embarrassed(or lazy) to report!
N8LA   Single Op QRP   2562016-08-26 08:32:46
KX-3, 5W, 200' Dipole @ 35', J.H. Bunnell Western Union 2A Legless Hand Key.