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SP DX Contest   2014   Apr 5   Comment Summary

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K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOABMixed HP   36,7202014-04-05 22:01:21
Condx started out ok but seemed to deteriorate as the day went on. When the SP
signals on 20 started to show flutter on them I pulled the plug. Nice activity
from the SP ops....thanks!

73, Mike K9NW
EI3HDB   SOABSSB LP   94,4282014-04-06 06:16:26
antenna system broke after 12 hours with wind, 73 tnx all for qso 73 cu in 2015
AA4CF   SOABCW HP   1,6382014-04-06 08:11:03
Got 1 hour in for the SP DX contest!
UA4HTT   SOABSSB LP   135,1982014-04-06 08:26:41
Thanks for fun...!!

TS-570D 100wtts and Vertical (CB) + Delta Loop (80M)
QTH: mountain "Tip-Tyav" of 286 meters above ASL.

73! Slava UA4HTT
HA1AG   SOABCW LP   57,1202014-04-06 08:44:54
Great activity of SP stations!
OZ4CG   SOABCW LP   20,1602014-04-06 09:37:18
RIG: Kenwood TS590S (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8m
Software: N1MM Logger V14.3.1
VE9ML   SOABMixed LP   40,6802014-04-06 09:58:17
Due to an ice storm that almost wipe out my whole antenna farm,i was able to
fixed a few antennas so that i could participate in this contest.Had fun and
hope to get all my antennas up and running by summers end.
VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   38,5022014-04-06 10:28:38
Aargh :-(( The contest started out FB but there were really, truly awful
conditions on the low bands. In fact there was not much propagation to begin
with, and then crashes from electrical storms (somewhere)were a problem from
160M through 20M!

K3 + P3 + 160M dipole/window line feed

Gary, VE1RGB
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SOABCW HP   42,7502014-04-06 10:42:06
FT897 300w + wires and tribander.

73! Andy
N3QE   SOABCW HP   44,7362014-04-06 11:22:50
Saturday started off really well. 40M was hard going after sundown but was
better a few hours later. 80M.... wow, was 80M tough.

Next morning something had shut down 10M to EU but found many Q's on 20M then

Lots of fun! I had missed OK/OM contest last fall, this one feels a bit
similar, like it!
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOABCW LP   61,2002014-04-06 11:40:57
Rig: Elecraft K3 100 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr.
A very relaxed Contest.
Best 73 de OU2I Henning
SN2K(@SP2YWL)   M/S HP   861,3082014-04-06 12:58:34
Thanks to all stations for QSO.
Congratulations to SP8R team for breaking SP record an making huge score!
Looks like it will be first time ever, when station will have more than 1M
points in final SPDXC results.
IV3BCA   SOABMixed LP   92,3522014-04-06 13:00:00
Bad propagation on 15 and 10 meter
All zone of 80/40/20 meter
Vy 73 de IV3BCA Paolo
DH8BQA   SOSB/10CW HP   3,3602014-04-06 13:09:45
Elecraft K3 + KPA500 + 4 ele Yagi

Just playing around a bit. Due to my location right at the German-Polish border
there is no skip into SP at all thus all QSOs were done on backscatter. Condx
rather variable but Polish operators usually have very good ears. ;-)

A pity Single band categories are either CW or SSB, single band mixed would
provide a lot more fun. ;-) Although entering CW section I handed out just a
few phone QSOs as well (not calculated in results total).
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOSB/20CW LP   6,9122014-04-06 13:18:47
K3/100, 5 meter wire with ATU (CG3000)

Nice activities from SP side and I felt I did better than last year but not
15m was open to part of SP land, however, I did not hear any SP signal on 10m
despite I got several QSY requests.

73 Kazu
W1END   SOSB/10CW LP   7592014-04-06 14:17:01
I was hoping to make a few more 10M contacts on Sunday morning but Murphy had a
different plan. Thought I would do a single band effort as I had not much
time. Thanks to all. FTdx5000 and Butternut HF6V.

Eldon - W1END
N5UI   SOABMixed HP   2,6732014-04-06 15:18:40
Casual Effort. Was trying to capture all 16 Voivodeships (Provinces) but was
only able to work 12.
L33M(LU3MAM)   SOABCW LP   7022014-04-06 16:42:33
First SP DX! I hope to be next year
K2QO   SOABCW QRP   3,4802014-04-06 16:56:45
Need to put in more time for this contest. There were loads of SP stations on
but band conditions were rough. I gave the NR a good workout on the K3.

K3 at 5W, Force C4E at 55', long dipole up 40'-ish, Skookum Logger by K1GQ.

Mark K2QO
K2SX   SOABCW HP   35,9102014-04-06 17:10:40
Had hoped that condx would be good on 10M on the second morning but no such
luck. 15M wasn't much better either. Nice activity though. Thanks to those
that worked me.
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SO 3BMixed LP   108,2042014-04-06 23:06:59
Thank you all for QSO!

E.SOTB MIXED 80/40/20 - 647 QSO, Mults 108 = 86.508

73 de Jan sp5jxk/sn5j
TS-850S AT, Antenna: half sloper home made
SP4LVK   SOABSSB LP   22,7152014-04-06 23:53:12
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT:2el Delta Loop & Long-Wire(50m)
S56A   SOABMixed LP   16,3802014-04-07 04:06:28
My main activity was in EA RTTY as 10 m was closed for nearby SP. No overnight
work either.

73 de Mario, S56A
SP2LNW   SOABCW HP   510,6002014-04-07 07:54:43
Tnx for all Q's.
All banders are:
73 Slaw SP2LNW
OZ6PI   SOSB/20SSB LP   1,6502014-04-07 10:15:40
Just giving away points, thanks, 73 to all. Henry/OZ6PI
N8II   SOABMixed LP   72,1802014-04-07 11:51:03
There is always an amazing amount of activity for a one country contest in the
SPDX! 10 meters was not open very long and it was the first 100 minutes of the
contest, so those in Poland who maybe chose to run EU on 15 and 20 for a better
rate missed out on some NA QSO's they could not make later. 10 was basically
dead to EU on Sunday thru 15Z. As usual lately, by the time 20 was in good
shape to EU the activity had gone down to 40. 15 was excellent both days and
was surprised to log over 100 15 meter phone QSO's most of which were in run
mode with low power. 15 did open a bit late around 1245Z (sun rise about 11Z,
a few weak signals heard earlier), but was wide open after that. 40 and 80 were
nearly as poor as they could get with a disturbance during the NA evening. There
were 3 loud SP signals on 80 a SP sunrise, but I missed a booming SN9O while
waiting for the computer to slowly reboot. 40 had recovered slightly, but still
was poor. Many low band QSO's took many repeats of NR/call to complete.

Many thanks for all of the QSO's and excellent operating; the average SP
operator is better than the average USA operator I have to admit. I chose SPDX
over two state QSO parties for that reason and the excellent activity.

73, Jeff
W1MSN   SOABSSB HP   7022014-04-10 06:03:29
Poor propagation to Europe
R9GM   SOABCW LP   162,2702014-04-10 19:57:35
Thanks for all SP station for very nice activity!!! Good condition on all bands
during the contest.
TS-590 100watts ANT: Unsimmetrical dipole 10 bands tuning 25mh.
73! CU next year! Mike R9GM.
RA/KE5JA   SOABMixed HP   11,0492014-04-11 16:31:29
QTH is Sakhalin Island, Asiatic Russia
N7MZW   SOABSSB LP   4622014-04-15 00:43:42
Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil ProSet with HC-5 mic element, and "home brew"
G5RV up 50 feet running N-S from 6,053 feet elevation in Cheyenne, WY.
NA8V   SOABCW LP   34,6262014-04-23 17:30:02
great activity and lots of fun!

EB3WH   SO 3BMixed LP   25,2722014-05-02 05:13:59
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Thracian Rose Club
SOAPBOX: Great Contest and great operators, I have a lot of fun contesting. The

SOAPBOX: new diploma design seems excellent. Thanks for organizing it.
SOAPBOX: from Barcelona to everybody de Juanjo, EB3WH.