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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2014   0300Z Mar 20   Comment Summary

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WN4AFP   Single Op LP   4802014-03-19 20:59:05
Met a couple of new ones.. W0EJ, AF5DM..73's Dave
N3QE   Single Op HP   2,1602014-03-19 21:02:33
Seemed like a good chance to work on 15WPM with the straight key :-).

All the bands in really primo excellent condition.
WØUCE   Single Op HP   2,3202014-03-19 21:02:50
Thanks for the Qs.
K1DW   Single Op LP   1,1022014-03-19 21:03:19
Again a slow start but it picked up at the end. Tnx fer all Qs de k1dw
N1LN   Single Op HP   1,9892014-03-19 21:03:23
9 non-member Qs and 42 member Qs.

Bruce N1LN
NN4K   Single Op LP   3152014-03-19 21:03:49
Thanks for the Qs.
See you next week
73 Mac NN4K
W6SX   Single Op HP   1,5042014-03-19 21:05:21
Thanks everyone for being part of our slow-speed CWTs.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
VE2FK   Single Op HP   1,5842014-03-19 21:05:59
Great condx.
73 de Claude VE2FK
K7SV   Single Op LP   1,6502014-03-19 21:06:05
Quite good condx. Interesting, worked W0EJ in the earlier sessions and he was
sending Bill SD, but for the 0300Z he had is number 1269. That's great. Welcome
also to Ed K6HP. Fun fun fun! Is that okay Hank?
W7WHY   Single Op HP   2082014-03-19 21:07:00
Well screwed that one up. Got here at 7:00 local time and only worked 3
stations. Guess I wasn't the only one who got on an hour early :-)

Came down to check the bands and heard the CWT going. CRAP! 73
N5ZO   Single Op HP   1,6282014-03-19 21:08:32
I started hour early and was wondering why so few answers, until W0UCE told me I
was early...
Anyway when I got going at right time, half of my Qs on 20 were Russians and
others in that hemisphere, I just stayed there as they kept answering. I have
now new temporary tribander (2 els on each 20/15/10) up at 80 ft and inverted V
for 80, in addition to old antennas A3S at 30 ft and 40 m vertical. High 2 el
yagi seems to work bit better than old low A3S. But more importantly, I can
now do real SO2R between high bands.
73 & TNX for Qs, see you next week,
Marko N5ZO
N4FP   Single Op LP   1,2482014-03-19 21:08:43
Nice turnout. Flex 3000, 100 watts thru SG-237 at base of 22' flagpole. Next
week I need to go to antenna lot so Marty, WB2VYK can operate from home without
KØDTJ   Single Op LP   6722014-03-19 21:09:47
Love this slow speed CWT. My fingers were made to run a paddle not a keyboard.
Thanks to all who participated. Worked 5 non-members.
KC9EE   Single Op LP   7132014-03-19 21:10:06
Well, that was interesting!!!!! Second contact in was with a new EXTRA CLASS ham
for his first CW QSO. He wasn't aware of the CWT so had to explain that a little
so I could get the exchange. Lost about five minutes or so but it'll probably be
worth it. I'll have to follow up on that one. Then, bad RFI on 160.....sent N1MM
into random characters transmitting, even down to 30 watts. That has to be an
easy one, lol.
N6RO   Single Op HP   2,6882014-03-19 21:15:11
Speed was again painful, but snagged a few new guys, some who are not CWA
I didn't mess with 15m, but will be there in the real CWT next week. Several
EU, non-members on 20m. No sign of EU on 40m.
WØEJ   Single Op LP   4502014-03-19 21:24:33
Tnx for all the Qs. Exchange seemed odd not sending SD.... Tnx for the nods,
your support is most appreciated.
Good to work a classmate from CWA Ted KC7PM and good to work some new calls
this evening.
N7BVY(STEVE)   Single Op LP   122014-03-19 21:37:52
Thank you for the brief QSOs. I have been using an 1937 TR McElroy Key.....
been at it for about 6 mo and prefer it to electonic keyers. At times, it
sends faster than I can think! Hope to work more CW Ops in the future but
won't trouble you if you are working DX stations. 73s
WA6URY   Single Op HP   2522014-03-20 05:44:16
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan -remote in Tokyo
K2UFT   Single Op LP   4412014-03-20 08:26:31
Wonder who the op was with the drifting VFO? By the time he signed his call he
was out of the pass band but I did work N5XE and K6RO in the meantime - he
never returned to the freq.
KC7PM   Single Op HP   2882014-03-20 09:16:43
My first ever RUN (I have been an S&P kind of guy) at my home QTH. Wire
antenna draped over a tree in my back yard. I just completed the Jan/Feb CW
Academy with mentor Will WJ9B, who encouraged us to participate in this special
CWT. Can we have a QRS CWT once every month? I had a blast. I am grateful to
WJ9B and K6RB for the CW Academy!
JF2IWL   Single Op HP   642014-03-21 02:19:44
Condx of 20m seems to be not so good.
But i enjoyed
JF2IWL / Dai