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All Asian DX Contest, CW   2007   Jun 16   Comment Summary

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WA6BOB   SOAB QRP   722007-06-17 09:50:41
Oh well, better conditions in the coming years.
K5NZ   SOAB HP   12,1602007-06-17 13:54:40
Was looking forward to another good 40m run Sunday morning but huge T-Storms
moved in just as band was opening...ended up having to pull the plug with only
2 new QSO's... Oh well.. :)
KØRC   SOSB/20 HP   6462007-06-17 14:09:30
Poor propagation into Asia from Minnesota this year.
DQ4W   M/M HP   6,5502007-06-17 14:21:02
Just for fun (at the same time to antenna work).

Age statistics:
UA9 (52 QSOs) average age: 48.7
JA (75 QSOs) average age: 57.1
All (138 QSOs) average age: 53.1

73 de DQ4W
(DK4YJ & DK9TN).
NN3W   SOSB/20 LP   1,4572007-06-17 14:52:04
Condx on 20 were great - a week ago. Things started going downhill last monday,
and by Friday, the SFI was below 70. What had been loud UA0s,UA9s, 4Ls, UN7s,
and EKs, was now little more than mostly whisper quiet signals with a few
louder stations...
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SOAB HP   24,0842007-06-17 15:21:40
TS850 - TL922 - 3el, Dipoles @ 25m

youngest operator worked: 13 (UA)
oldest operator worked: 79 (JA)

Age QSOs indiv. OPs
10-20 3 3
21-30 7 6
31-40 20 15
41-50 80 62
51-60 71 64
61-70 23 21
71-80 7 7

Average age (each OP only counted once, without 00 ages): 50.6

73, Fabian DJ1YFK
N2ZN   SOSB/20 LP   902007-06-17 17:28:00
Sure wish condx were better...
NA2M   SOSB/20 HP   7132007-06-17 18:06:40
Terrible conditions with SFI at 68. All signals that I could hear were weak.

Station: Yaesu FT-1000MP - Ten TEC Titan 600W
Antennas: 40M Delta Loop
20M Bobtail
K7QQ   SOAB HP   61,4642007-06-17 18:58:20
15 meters opened about 15 Minutes Sunday afternoon.
W6/VK2IMM   SOSB/20 LP   4162007-06-17 20:54:23
Rig: TS-440S, 100 W
Any: Vertical 12AVQ


No low power category for the stations outside Asia so this is not a
competitive entry from my side.

Not much to write about. Propagation was not be best I heard during last few
months. Might be seasonal also as the evening path to Asia would have been
better 2-3 months ago. Even big guns were not as loud. Missed about a dozen or
so contacts without a PA (I don't own one and tend to operate 100W).

On the positive note - good openings to South East Asia both mornings. Could
not get to Richard 9M2CNC working EU on Saturday morning although spent about
30 min calling on and off. With weaker signal on Sunday morning got a QSO and
quick chat on first call. 9V1YC was rather loud but had many local callers and
I could not get through.

Apart from myself heard one more West Coast station sending a number below 40.

Good short skip openings to W6 and W7. One station had clicks 10 KHz wide.

Many thanks for all the contacts,

Sergey VK2IMM
VE6CNU   SOSB/20 LP   1,1882007-06-17 21:00:30
Not much on the band these days - which is ok since I don't have much time to
operate contests right now. Heard mostly JA and a few Asiatic Russian
stations. Ran 100W to TH6 DXX at 13m. Plenty of times when JAs were loud but
couldn't hear me. Looking forward to better condx next year.


VA7ST   SOAB HP   2,6882007-06-17 22:00:37
* FT920 + N1MM Logger + SB220
* Mosley CL33
* 40M half-square
* Trapped all-band vertical

Congratulations to K7QQ on a strong score from WA, especially given the
propagation from the Pacific Northwest.

Not very often 40M outperforms 20M to Asia for me, but it was definitely the
money band under these conditions. Only put in 4.5 hours over the two days, as
there just wasn't much to find on 15, 20 or 40. Checked 80M a couple of times
both mornings and heard only stateside action.

Extreme weather in southern B.C. this weekend limited my antenna options.
Couldn't crank up the tower up due to high winds and a few bands of thunder
storms. When it's nested <30', I can't turn the tribander very far from East
(nearby branches), so ran the ground-mounted all-band vertical on 20M. A little
high power helped to get through, but 20M isn't the same to Asia without some
gain. Still, glad I have the vertical as a go-to backup for times like this.

Intense rain for hours on end killed the chronic power line noise so listening
was a great pleasure this weekend. Could hear a PIN diode drop. With SFI=68
(about as low as it can or will go) and A=10>8, conditions were really lousy.
At times during Saturday and Sunday daylight hours I couldn't hear more than
one or two stations in the entire 20M CW band. One of these days there'll a
convergence of steady rain, sunspots, and a big DX contest.

40M half-square to Asia ran very nicely with HP, and seems a solid performer.
Needed to get up earlier than 5:30 a.m. PDT to take advantage of the 40M
openings to Asia -- got on for the end of them, I suspect, as the band died out
by 6:30 a.m. There must have been more JA stations on than the 44 who called in,
but spots suggested they were up on 20M working EU by that time of their day.
KØXP   SOAB HP   1562007-06-17 22:26:21
My most sincere apologies to N4KG, who apparently thought I was deliberately
QRMing him while calling someone, and subsequently cussed me out (on CW, yet)

On 20, heard several JAs, particularly JA3YBK, but could not be heard by them.
EX2M was way stronger than the UAs. Only ran across 5B/G3RWF for Asia on 40
although there were spots for many other Asians just the night before the
contest started, such as 7X, 7Z and 4X.

Intended to get up very early Sun morn for 40m JAs but overslept ;o(

Rig: TS680S
Antlers: Slopers on 20 and 40 toward Europe
MDØCCE   SOAB HP   3,6902007-06-18 01:42:33
Fun to make a few contacts, also chased some DX not in the contest, weaving it
all between picking up company at the airport and having a barbeque in the back
yard. Rig is FT2K, 400w and vertical on all bands. Thanks for the Qs!
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SOSB/20 HP   10,8042007-06-18 03:08:25
For me 40m to Asia was the poorest it has been in 5 weeks. Hope all had fun.
73, Art
SP2LNW   SOAB HP   28,9202007-06-18 04:38:32
Rig: TS-930S PIEXX, HM PA 500W
Soft: Win-test
Ant: Inv Vee for 160m, wire loop 20m, AV5-vertical
K3WW   SOAB HP   5,0492007-06-18 05:07:19
I think last year was the first time I listened and found NO Asians in the AA
CW, during the times I could be on. This year was much better, but the
openings were still relatively brief.
K7LAZ   SOAB HP   18,6762007-06-18 05:48:38
Fun,,,,lotsa good OM cw ops, where are the younger generation?

Hobby needs younger hams....on CW
K4BAI   SOSB/20 HP   1,4262007-06-18 07:50:07
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW output, TH6DXX. No signals from Asia heard on any band
but 20. 20 was fair to western Asia, but very weak to Japan. However, some big
signals were audible for many hours. Most outstanding JA signals were JH4UYB
and JA3YBK (who was also my only JA QSO from NQ4I on 15 CW in CQ WPX last
month). Thanks for the QSOs. Hope to work many Asian stations in CQ WW CW
from Bonaire as PJ4A. 73, John, K4BAI.
W1UE(@K1TTT)   SOAB HP   34,7682007-06-18 11:02:06
THAT was quite an adventure.

Never heard anyone on 10 or 80M.

15M: Tks to RK9CWW, RV9SV, JA3YBK, and JA7IC.
Also heard UA9CLB and JA7YRR, but they didn't hear me.
40M: East Coast USA to Asia propagation was maybe 3 hours a day.
HL2AEJ was S5 for over an hour Sat morning, but he couldn't hear me.
HS0ZDY had a BIG signal (if it was him) Sunday evening, but I think the
pileup got to him and he went QRT.

20M: The money band. It was open, on and off and kinda, all day long, with pee
weak signals. Even when the band was open, an S5 signal was a big one. The JA
openings at 2200-2359Z never happened; I worked 1 JA in that time spot over the
two days. A third of my QSOs were made at 1100-1159Z the two days, when we had
our only decent openings to JA.

JA3YBK was the only station worked on 3 bands.

2x FT1000MP
2x Commander Amps, 1500W out
Antennas: 40M- 4el at 60M
20M- 4el at 60M, 4/4 at 40/30M fixed on Europe, 4el at 20M
15M- 4el at 40M

Thanks to Dave K1TTT for the use of his KB station. Thanks to all the Asian
ops that dug my signal out of the noise.

Dennis W1UE
F5UKL   SOAB HP   6,4892007-06-18 11:48:47
Really poor propagation. Very deep qsb and hard to work.
But glas to meet nice people. See you next year
Andre - f5ukl
HG4I   SOSB/20 HP   33,1702007-06-18 12:40:23
I didn't have enough time to work....
Maybe next time.
Thanks for all QSOs.
73! Tibor
HA2MN   SOAB LP   14,2402007-06-18 15:54:52
Unexpected poor propagation surprised me fairly. I had been convinced that it
should be a routine contest but it did not. Especially 20 meter proved to be
fully messed e.g. I can not recall UA0 and JA Qs to complete one hour before
sunrise. I am sure that fast changing signals needed heavy efforts to complete
a Q on both sides. Despite complaints 20 m was the working horse for me with
some great opening.
Thanks for Qs and see you next year!
ZL1AIH   M/M HP   147,6202007-06-18 16:23:01
Conditions were so bad that Murphy stayed away.
Always an enjoyable contest - the Asian operators' manners set a good example
for us all.
SP4JCQ   SOAB HP   26,1962007-06-19 06:14:18
Rig: FT920 100W
Ant: X7, dipoles
HG8Z(HA8UT)   SOSB/40 HP   7,8002007-06-19 13:54:27
Rig: IC781 Kenwood TL-922 Inverted Vee
S56A   SOAB HP   42,4202007-06-20 02:35:22
It was so nice to call CQ at midnight on 20 m and get answers from many two
letters JA stations with op's age over 70! Also enjoyed short UK opening on 6
m. Not many WWYC in this contest but I am definitely above average age.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU, age 62
F5IN   SOSB/10 HP   6162007-06-20 19:35:15
9M2CNC   SOAB LP   108,8602007-06-21 08:43:31
Station: IC-756 Pro I and Force 12 C3-S at 12m

Sadly due to work I was unable to be QRV for all of the contest. However, as
this is one of my favourite contests I spent as much time as I could on the
air. It is always interesting to find out the age of fellow contesters - I am
now 41 years old although not 4A years old as some others are :-)

Conditions were poor. As my amplifier is being fixed this was a 100 W entry and
with the poor conditions rather difficult at times losing my run frequency to
QRM. However, despite the poor conditions congratulations to the east coast NA
stations who heard me over the pole only running 100W - W1UE, VE1AL, K1KI,
VE3UTT, N3RS and K3ZO.

Next contest from here will hopefully be IARU, LP again.

Thank you for the QSOs and QSL via G4ZFE.

73 de Rich, G4ZFE/9M2CNC/HS0ZGZ
VE2FU   SOSB/20 LP   8882007-06-21 11:57:03
Nice to pick up new countries with 100W. Was often hard to get around the north
pole from up here, very short opening path.
73' Thank you for all QSO.
Phil VE2FU
NEW Card Ready.
G4FKA   SOAB LP   1,8152007-06-21 13:31:57
Casual S&P during the daylight hours. Signals variable but pleased to work a
few. One station on 5 bands and a handful on 4 bands.

IC756ProIII, mainly worked on 10m vertical with one 80m QSO on an inverted V

Good to give away a few points.

Geoff G4FKA
VE7NH   SOAB LP   17,2962007-07-03 07:11:09
Less Noise on 40 and band fair. HF bands poor
UT4UZ(VE3DZ)   SOAB HP   1,4882007-07-30 21:25:29
Made few Q's while visiting Nick, UT2UZ. Last 9 QSO made using PA, the rest - LP
with bare radio. Nick's antenna farm is amazing.