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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2016   0300Z Apr 28   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K3WWx 145100114,500FRC
KM7W(KL9A)x 139102114,178
WJ9Bx 13193112,183PVRC
N5ZOx 13688111,968SCCC
N3RSx 12494111,656FRC
W6SX  13286111,352NCCC
N4YDUx 12788111,176PVRC
N3BB  112981.010,976CTDXCC
K6RB  12283110,126
NSØR  1088018,640
AD8J  1058018,400SECC
K9MA  1058018,400
VE3KI  1077017,490CCO
K3WJV  957717,315FRC
K6NV  94721.06,768NCCC
K9OM  957016,650
N3AM  89710:546,319PVRC
VA7ST  776615,082Orca DXCC
W7WHYx 806114,880WVDXC
N5PHT  81574,617
WC7Q  746114,514WWDXC
K1GU  60600.53,600TCG
VE3KP  655213,380CCO
NJ8M  555538min3,025
N4FP  603912,340FCG
WT2P  48480.42,304SMC
W6KC  5044.62,200SCCC
N5IR  55391.02,145DFWCG
KL7SB  47400.751,880
W6NS  47391.01,833
NØTA  40400.41,600Grand Mesa
NA6O  4436.551,584NCCC
IT9MUO  37371,369ARIPA DX
WT5RZ  392911,131
VE3TW  35311,085CCO
N4DW  34300:281,020TCG
K4RUM  34291986FCG
NN6T  3130930
N6NC  2929.5841SCCC
AI6O  282828 MIN784SCCC
NN4K  2622:50572SECC
KJ9C  21210.3441SMC
WX7SJ  2121.75441
WU6X  12121144CWA
W6BK  11110.33121
G4NVR  10101.0100
N6ROx 1190.199NCCC
YO3GNF  224
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K7SVx 1058218,610PVRC
N5AWx 1038018,240CTDXCC
KØVBU  876916,003KCCC
NA8Vx 866215,332MRRC
W7OM  85625,270WWDXC
W5TM  72650:594,680
KG5Ux 805814,640CTDXCC
K1DW  604912,940Lou CC
K1EBY  565012,800YCCC
VE5SDH  574712,679
KØRFx 634212,646Grand Mesa
ACØW  5445.752,430MWA
WA9LEY  463711,702Metro DX
K5IX  44381,672
AC2KJ  423911,638
KM4FO  45351,575KCG
NT2A  413811,558
N5EIL  473311,551
KØDTJ  403411,360
KW7Q  4231:451,302
NG7Z  3832431,216AOCC
AF6GA  36291h01,044
KØTC  343011,020MWA
W9CC  343011,020
KA8HDE  3327891MWA
NØKQ  33261858NCCC
W7SAG  28281784
ADØLI  26261676
KM4OIX  2524:45600DpDxCC
VE2BZO  27211.0567CG Que
UR5MM  2221462UCC
N2WW(UA6HZ)  2121441
F6JOE  221900H45418
KA7T  201925m380
N5RR  20190:15380
N4ZZ  191900:10361
K1LB  1918342
WN4AFP  171720MIN289SFCG
W4TTM  16160.5256
NF8M  1715.5255MRRC
N1EN  1615240
AF5DM  1413182
IN3FHE  1313169
WH6YH  141240 min168SECC
K9SW  1211.75132
SM7CIL  111130 min121
KL3W  1010:50100
KC6SSE  66136
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  463711,702
KK7L  2626676
WA8HSB  15150.6225ACG
N8LA  11110.5121