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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Jul 13   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K3WWx 171125121,375FRC
N3RSx 164119119,516FRC
K4ROx 164108117,712TCG
N3QE  130108114,040PVRC
K5CM  13798113,426OkDX
K3WJVx 130100113,000FRC
WJ9Bx 13395112,635PVRC
K3UA  122101112,322NCC
NA8Vx 12789111,303MRRC
AD5A  12093111,160CTDXCC
N8BJQ  1148619,804
KØHB  1009219,200MWA
K9ZO  1038418,652SMC
K6RB  1008340min8,300
CG3KI(VE3KI)  988218,036CCO
K4IU  967717,392MWA
NQ6N  937617,068SMC
WC7Q  927516,900WWDXC
K2SX  956616,270SECC
ABØS  877116,177
K8JQ  886715,896
F6HKA  757215,400
AC4CA  766615,016CTDXCC
WT2Px 786414,992SMC
VE2FK  69690:40m4,761CG Que
W6KC  6866.64,488SCCC
K1GU  63630.53,969TCG
K9CT  6856.53,808SMC
K4AFE  6657:563,762DpDxCC
WA4JUK  66571.03,762PVRC
NØTA  60600.53,600Grand Mesa
NY3B  655413,510FRC
N4FP  665313,498FCG
KJ9C  58492,842Big Sky Contesters
VE3KP  53510.92,703CCO
NN4K  46391.01,794SECC
KK7L  41401,640
AI6O  403850 min1,520SCCC
WA6URY  43320.91,376SCCC
VE3MA  35311,085CCO
KG9N  2727729SMC
K3PP  30240.5720FRC
WØXE  2323529KCDXC
W6SX  2422.2528NCCC
WH7W  23210.5483
AE1T  202000:17400
KØMP  2019.2380AOCC
K9OM  191910m.361SMC
DL6KVA  20180.5360BCC
4X6GP  16160.5256
N6RO  15150.1225NCCC
W7WHY  151512min225
EW1TZ  131335 min169
VK7CW  9945 min81
OH2BN  55125
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N4ZZx 13091111,830ACG
KG5U  787015,460TDXS
KE2D  815814,698FRC
VE3GFN  746214,588CCO
KØVBU  795814,582KCCC
N5AW/Ø  726314,536CTDXCC
K8FU  6660.9673,960Old Fart Contesters INC-LLC-LTD
W1QK  715513,905YCCC
W5TM  735213,796
K1DW  625413,348
N3AD  644612,944FRC
N5PHT  57512,907
VA3SB x524912,548CCO
K7QA  554055min2,200Big Sky Contesters
KK4XX  50412,050PVRC
W3WHK  464111,886Holmesburg ARC
KM4FO  49351,715KCG
NF8M  463711,702MRRC
VE2IR  414156 min1,681YCCC
VE5SDH  4339.91,677
W9CC  433811,634
KØTC  453611,620MWA
K3DMG  44351,540
K4ITV  412911,189
WA9LEY  363111,116Metro DX
AH6KO  343211,088
F6JOE  342900h45986
WU6X/4  31310.75961NCCC
KF7Z  30301900
W9ILY  32260.6832Metro DX
K4RUM  302730 min810
W7SAG  2828:45784
W6KY  27270.25729SCCC
ADØLI  27261702Grand Mesa
AA8TA  2626:45676DELARA Contest Team
IN3FHE  26261676ICC
W6TN  27231621
UA6HZ  2524600
UR5MM  2524600UCC
SM5IMO  22211462
SE4E(SM4DQE)  23201460SK4DM
KA7T  222020m440
SF3A(SM3CER)  21201420TOEC
K1YY  20191.380
VE3MV  20190.5380CCO
KT4XN  21181378
WØTG  1919361
NS3C  1817306
USØMF  17160.5272
AB7MP  1715.5255
AF5DM  1515225
NT2A  1515225
ADØBL  1313169
G4ILW  1313:45169
N3PDT  11111121
K5IX  10100:10100
NEØN  1010.25100
SA6G(SM6CUK)  101010 min100CDXC
K3ZGA  77149
W4WW  7749
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  503711,850
KE4RG  1515.5225
W4ER  15140.5210ACG
N4DT  10101100
N8XX  10100:45100MRRC
WD4EXI  66.3336
NA6O  331.09NCCC