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CWops CW Open   2014   0000Z-0359Z   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N4AFx 36621478,324PVRC
AA3Bx 373201474,973FRC
KØRF  379196474,284Grand Mesa
N5RZx 341184462,744
N6ROx 349179462,471NCCC
K6RBx 328180459,040NCCC
K4ROx 326179458,354TCG
K4BAI  3201804.057,600SECC
AE6Yx 315174454,810NCCC
K3MD  28518051,300FRC
N3QE  305167450,935PVRC
W9REx 2981633.2548,574
N1RR(@K6ND)  275173447,575YCCC
N4GGx 264178446,992SECC
K1RO  283166446,978YCCC
N4PN  296151444,696SECC
WO4O  26215741,134
KJ9C  263150439,450SMC
N8BJQx 270144438,880
NS9I  2391393.933,221BzDXCC
K3WA  227141432,007SMC
N3HEE  221144431,680PVRC
VE4EA  2041343.527,202RadMan
W6SZN  19913226,268WWDXC
K4EU  201125325,125PVRC
WØUCE  2011253.025,125PVRC
K6MRx 206974.019,982NCCC
KL7SB  125112314,000
W6SX  134991.113,266NCCC
KI7Y  137933.512,741WVDXC
VE9AA  1251001.512,500MCC
AA4CF  127952.512,065SECC
N5IR  103691.211,868DFWCG
AI6O  1019239,292SCCC
W5ASP  104881.59,152
KE3X  89780:406,942PVRC
AL9A  78671:445,226SMC
K6DGW  5445??2,430NCCC
NA6O  484812,304NCCC
N5XZ  434300:321,849TDXS
VE1DT  31270:45837MCC
K4HR  2524600
N4DW  24220:25528TCG
ZL2B  17171:15289
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
KØADx 295168449,560MWA
K7SVx 294155445,570PVRC
WJ9Bx 283161445,563PVRC
N3JT  25015238,000
W1NN  263142437,346NCC
W3KB  254146437,084FRC
KG5Ux 221127428,067CTDXCC
NWØM  209131427,379Kansas City Contest Club
N4YDUx 201124424,924PVRC
K1DWx 1821243.022,568Lou CC
N1DC  174124421,576YCCC
N3AM  1701203.520,400PVRC
W2GN  182102418,564RDXA
NA8V  1531082.516,524MRRC
K9XZ(@WB9Z)  1361172:4515,912SMC
KIØI  14910315,347
AB9YC  1351112.514,985SMC
N4OO  14797314,259GaCG
NØTA  125971.612,125Grand Mesa
K2CYE  12089210,680FRC
K4HQK  12085410,200
VE7FO  11489410,146Orca DXCC
VE2FK  122832.3010,126CG Que
W5TM  109902:179,810
WB5EIN  112853:409,520Deep Dixie Contest Club
KU5B  1128419,408WWYC
K6RQT  100903.59,000
N1CC  1008228,200NTCC
W6KY  101752.07,575SCCC
WØEJ  85632.55,355
NN4K  81643.755,184SECC
W8CARx 766615,016NCC
K4IU  635013,150MWA
AA8IA  62503,100MRRC
AA2ZW  51511.02,601NFR
N5AWx 51470:242,397CTDXCC
HB9ARF  50462h302,300
WN4AFP  47471.752,209SECC
K2ZR  47470:452,209NFR
K6IFF  52402.42,080SCCC
WO1X  35342.91,190
N1SZ  16161256PVRC
DJ1OJ  141430min196BCC
KC9EE  1110.3110SMC
CR7AJL(@CS5NRA)  771.1549
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
NW2K  173110419,030NCC
N5RR  15480412,320
W6JTIx 12994412,126NCCC
KU7Y  91723.56,552AOCC
W7ZRC  85751:406,375
WB5BKL  51413:452,091CTDXCC
N8XX  26261676MRRC
VA3RKM  2523575CCO