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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2011   1900Z Jun 22   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
F5IN  58553,190
SM6CNN  44391,716
EA1WX  423511,470CWops
DL8PG  37371,369RR DX
N3JT  40341,360
WØUCE  38351.01,330PVRC
GWØETF  343211,088
K1GU  33301.0990TCG
OH2BN  19191361
WØBH  1818.5324
KC4D  13130.25169PVRC
W6SX  1010.1100NCCC
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
USØMF  36341h1,224CWOPS
N5AWx 353211,120
N4YDUx 32301960PVRC
SI5Y(SM5BKK)  26251650
W4VQ  24241576
SK6HD(SM6FKF)  24231552Falkopings Radioclub
UR5MM  23231529
K2ZR  22211.0462WNYDXA
VU2PTT  20201400VU Contest Group
UA4FCO  19191361
SM4DQE  1919361TOEC
SF3A(SM3CER)  19171323TOEC
LY7Z(@LY2TA)  17171289
K4HQK  17161272
EA8AY  16160.5256
N1ZX  15151225
K4NP  1413182
LZ2FM  9981
WA3AAN  9981
SP7OGP  88164
W6KY  660.536SCCC
W6ONV  55.425NCCC
SM5CIL(SM7CIL)  17017
AG6V  4416NCCC
V31JP  44.516
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W7FB  1616256Kansas City Contest Club
WØEA  119199