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Marconi Memorial HF Contest   2017   Jul 1   Claimed Score

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Call: IZ3NVR
Operator(s): IZ3NVR
Station: IZ3NVR

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Southern Europe
Remote operation

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Total:305106Total Score95,930


Club: Worldwide Young Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-03 06:24:48
Didn’t plan to participate in this one but wanted to try a “remote” solution I was tinkering with since a few and gave it a go. Operated just for fun, not a serious effort at all (slept at night and stopped operating when things got too boring or too slow). The station worked fine but had a couple of audio hiccups that will have to be fixed. Didn’t really miss the real knob since it was mostly a click and pounce operation. Teamviewer for logging into the shack computer and audio routed through an audio server running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Even tried to put online the second radio to try a remote SO2R approach but that made the entire system crash. I will have to find another solution to this. The beam was stucked at around 30-50 degrees. While it was good for the eastern EU and AS, it didn’t help to rise any (but two) NA QSOs. FT-950 @ 5w 3 el 10-15-20m 40-80m dipole