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Oklahoma QSO Party   2017   Mar 11   Claimed Score

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Call: WØBH
Operator(s): WØBH
Station: WØBH

Class: Mobile Unlimited LP
QTH: 34 OK counties
Operating Time (hrs): 16.1
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:9145770Mults61Total Score252,156


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-17 09:27:46
Score includes 14500 bonus points. 2017 Oklahoma QSO Party by Bob Harder, W0BH Saturday As Lorna/k0why and I headed south on I-135 to the Oklahoma border on Saturday morning, we were both really happy that Connie changed the start time to 1500Z (9am) given the impending time change overnight. We had dry roads at first, but as we approached Oklahoma, a light drizzle started to come down and got heavier as we continued. The Astro van was in single-op configuration this time, and I hoped I had solved the front IC7000 feedback problem from the Texas QSO Party which made me move to the back for most of the party. In Texas, the front radio worked fine when connected to the engine battery but shut down when transmitting using an external battery. Extra grounding seems to have solved the problem. Our route took us west at first, then across the state to Tulsa overnight. I had a nice northern route planned for Sunday, but realized two counties were uncovered in the southeast, so I spent Friday night rerouting to cover Choctaw and Bryan. Lucky I did as you'll see later! We had 4 three-county lines and one four-county line scheduled for Saturday, so I was really anticipating that, but it had already been raining in central Oklahoma, so I had a backup plan if the roads got too muddy. They did. N6MU knows I always start out on 40m on 7037, so he was there and waiting for me as 1500Z arrived. I worked a few more on 40, but signals were way down for some reason, and I couldn't hear any of the other mobiles although I tuned around a good bit. After five contacts, I tried 20 and found it open but not loud either, so we were off to a slow start. The run-in to the first three county line is down a dirt road, but one look was all it took to see that wasn't an option. Oklahoma has red clay soil which turns into slick gumbo when wet. We've learned our lesson in the past, so we went to plan B without chancing it and stayed on the paved roads the rest of the day. We use two Hustler triples on mag mounts for 40-10 CW/SSB coverage and a separate mag mount for 80CW. All worked well on 40, then 20, but as I tried to go back to 40, the resonator showed a high SWR. It was raining, so I assumed the coil had gotten wet which is a known problem with older Hustler resonators as the plastic covering breaks down. I went back to 20 for a bit, but then we pulled over and changed out the old resonator for a new one (always have spares :-). I also made a minor tuning change and got wet in the process. That took care of the high SWR, and was the last of our equipment problems except when I accidentally kicked a computer power cord on Sunday. The drizzle continued for awhile, then let up as we got into the really dry western part of the state. As we headed to the Alfalfa/Woods line, a bridge-out sign appeared, so we took the detour which was fortunately only two miles out of our way on a well-rocked road. We tried another way back but had to retrace our steps, so we lost more time. I had an hour scheduled at the four county line which we skipped to make the rest of our counties. Fortunately, all counties were covered on the run-in and run-out to that line, but we lost lots and lots of contacts. I was making contacts on 40, but kept listening for OK stations there and just didn't hear them, even on the half hour. I finally worked K5YAA/m (I think he called me), and two other OK fixed stations. I worked a few DX early on, but later no luck, even though John said they were working the eastern mobiles. It must have been propagation. I was just too far west for a good bit of Saturday, I guess. Finally we got on the turnpike to our overnight stop in Tulsa, arriving at the hotel just as time ran out. I think I waited too long to put on the 80m antenna, because 80 was good the last hour. We ended the day with 1009 combined contacts in the log. The hotel even let me recharge a battery in one of their conference rooms overnight! Sunday Sunday was cool and partly sunny as we got an on-time start out of Tulsa with 13 more counties to cover. The "gang" quickly found me and most everyone figured out the system from yesterday, so short times in counties wasn't a problem. Lorna continued to have fun giving out contacts as well. She ended up with 133 Qs in her log which must be close to a record for her! She particularly enjoyed a short chat with Sandy/WA1SAY from CT, who found me in almost all of my counties and worked Lorna in many of them as well. Of course she also enjoyed saying hi to other ops as well, including a number we've met in person. Conditions seemed better today on both 20 and 40, but I still found few mobiles to work. I finally heard KK6MC/m loudly CQing and surprised Duffey with a call. Time went really fast on Sunday as we found ourselves approaching Choctaw county on the border with Texas. I started out on SSB and worked John for his second to last county. Laci/OM2VL really needed Choctaw as well, but once again, DX just wasn't coming in. It finally did later for a bit. Choctaw led to Bryan county, and we confirmed John/N6MU for another OKQP Sweep. It's becoming routine for him, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Congrats once again, my friend! My last four counties all went by in a rush. We ended up in Love County at Lake Murray State Park on the CAR/LOV line for about 10 minutes. Last minute furious action is always fun, but then it was over and time for a picnic lunch. This year, the OKQP started off my Spring Break from Hesston College, so we spent a few days in north Texas before heading home. I just finished cleaning the Oklahoma gumbo off the van and it's now ready for our next adventure! Stats We operated 16.1 hours, 1632 combined Qs (Lorna made 133 contacts), 358 unique calls, 8 dupes, 707 OKQP miles. States not worked : AK HI ND WY Canadian mults worked : AB BC MB ON QC OK worked : 7 counties : BEC LAT LOG TUL WAG WAT OKM DX worked : 4 countries : 9A DL OM ON Six-hour W0BH Rates (includes dupes) Note: 2017 was 1500-2000Z with 20 min stop to fix an antenna Block QSOs/hr -- 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 ---------------------------------------------- 1400-2000 355 = 76--79---95---104--51---119--66 (Sat) 2000-0200 596 = 99--87--108---126--97---104--78 (Sat) 1400-2000 547 = 91--98---97---101--71----82--79 (Sun) County Breakdown (in visited order) Saturday (414 miles) 01 KAY 29 Kay 02 NOB 35 Noble 03 GAR 38 Garfield 04 GNT 48 Grant 05 ALF 68 Alfalfa 06 WOO 46 Woods 07 MAJ 76 Major 08 WDW 53 Woodward 09 DEW 75 Dewey 10 BLA 62 Blaine 11 CUS 41 Custer 12 KIN 82 Kingfisher 13 CAN 56 Canadian 14 OKL 47 Oklahoma 15 LOG 58 Logan 16 PAY 24 Payne 17 LIN 52 Lincoln 18 CRE 41 Creek 19 TUL 15 Tulsa Sunday (293 miles) 19 TUL 11 Tulsa (again) 20 WAG 14 Wagoner 21 MUS 24 Muskogee 22 OKM 47 Okmulgee 23 OKF 32 Okfuskee 24 HUG 26 Hughes 25 MCI 41 McIntosh 26 PIT 52 Pittsburg 27 ATO 22 Atoka 28 PUS 45 Pushmataha 29 CHO 54 Choctaw 30 BRY 51 Bryan 31 MAR 30 Marshall 32 JOH 30 Johnston 33 CAR 41 Carter 34 LOV 25 Love Special thanks to my top scorers: 75: N6MU 62: K1RO 50: K4MM 47: N4PN 36: N2CU W4YWX 29: OM2VL WA1SAY 28: WZ6ZZ 25: W6OUL 22: WN4AFP 21: WB0PYF 19: N8II W1TO 18: N3RJ 16: K4BYN N6MA W1DWA 15: KJ4IWZ OK Mobiles Worked K5YAA/m (3), KK6MC/m (2) Bonus Counties 29 counties had 5 QSOs or more on 40/80 meters W0BH Award Winners ----------------- First Place - Very Honorable Mention ------ Most overall Qs - N6MU/76 ----- K1RO/62 ------ K4MM/50 Most CW Qs ------ N6MU/41 ----- K1RO/35 ------ N4PN/31 Most PH Qs ------ N6MU/35 ----- WA1SAY/29 ---- WZ6ZZ/28 Most counties --- N6MU/34 ----- K1RO/30 ------ WA1SAY/29 ------------------------------------------------------------- Afterwards Thanks to Connie/K5CM for managing this craziness (and congrats to Connie and Pam/N5KW on a very FB mobile run!). Since this weekend was the time change, the hour we gained back by starting at 1500Z was MUCH appreciated! Thanks also to the mobiles and fixed stations who put all 77 counties out there for everyone to work. The 2016 Kansas QSO Party is scheduled for August 26-27. With 105 counties, we need all the help we can get, so mobiles, head this way! Everyone else, thanks for the Qs in Oklahoma, and see you down the log in 2017 ... 73, Bob/w0bh and Lorna/k0why