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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2018   Mar 3   Claimed Score

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Call: W3HKK
Operator(s): W3HKK
Station: W3HKK

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5.8
Location: USA

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Total:149106Total Score47,382


Club: Mad River Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-05 15:01:14
Casual 5.8 hrs s&p'ing on all bands with my HP all-wire antenna station. Sigs not great. DX was more limited to the Carrib and western Europe than Ive seen in years, proof we are near the bottom of the ssc. Looking for new ones or at least semi-rare ones turned up just a handful. Nice to work KL7RA on 40 and 15. Really big sigs appeared to EU in the closing hours on 40m, and a modest opening on 15 helped keep interest off the floor. Not much from VK/ZL/Pacific other than the usual bevvy of KH6's. Maybe my timing was off, but Asia/Pacific/Africa were almost nonexistent. even the JA's, so powerful in the CW test were just spotty and much weaker here in central OH. I see the ionosphere was semi-disturbed by the solar wind, which may account for the big drop-off from the CW test.