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SPDX RTTY Contest   2017   Apr 22   Claimed Score

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Call: K4GMH
Operator(s): K4GMH
Station: K4GMH

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 2
Location: USA

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Total:3425Continents3Total Score21,975


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-23 12:33:12
Mother nature dumped some lousy propagation and local weather on this part of the USA. After a couple of hours of trying to get enthused to stay with the Contest, I threw in the towel and went back to the work bench to finish up a project. (Even before the Contest knew I only had a limited time to participate.) Several times, at least half dozen, I couldn't get through to an European station that was calling CQ. The station would be plenty loud on my end, send my call at the end of his CQ and immediately have him start sending CQ once more. New the propagation was bad and I was running low power (still haven't fixed the amp.). What finally told me to hang it up, was when I heard Steve, NR4M, searching and pouncing. Earlier I had worked him and, at the time, he was running European stations - Steve has big towers, long antennas and 1500 W RTTY. Must be my low power as the reason for not getting through to the CQing stations. However, about 20 minutes later heard Steve S&Ping so knew it was not due to my having 12 dB less power. I figured he definitely would be running if the rate was good. By then the weather had turned bad with rain and sound of thunder in the distance. Disconnected the antennas and other lines coming into the shack. Went back to the work bench and finished the project. As it turned out about an hour later after quitting the contest, the power to the house went out. Fortunately, for less than 30 seconds, just long enough to have the computers and digital clocks to act up. Maybe next year the propagation and weather will cooperate. 73, Mike, K4GMH