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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2011   Dec 10   Claimed Score

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Call: G3TXF
Operator(s): G3TXF
Station: G3TXF

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Devon
Operating Time (hrs): 25
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:1848147Total Score1,086,624


Club: Chiltern DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2011-12-12 02:47:31
Great to see 10m waking up again after it has been asleep for so many years. G3TXF operated full time CW-only on both days. On Saturday the band opened about an hour earlier than on the Sunday, however on Sunday 10m stayed open to the USA for nearly two hours longer than on Saturday. The first QSO (OL7M) on Saturday was at 0625z and on Sunday it was 5B/RN3QO at 0727z. The last USA station on Saturday was N2IC (NM) at 1803z. Whereas N7AT (AZ) at 1951z was the final USA station worked on the Sunday. The very last station audible on the band after 20z on the Sunday was PJ2T whom I had not worked, but who gracefully sank into the noise as 10m fully closed by about 2015z on the Sunday. Just as with CQWW CW two weeks earlier, there were times when "everything nearby had massive multple echos", which made copying even loud stations quite difficult. And also just like in CQWW CW there was no substantial opening to JA from G, although there was one massive JA (JH3AIU) on the long path, who despite being very loud was difficult to copy because of multiple echos on his signal. Several other Asian stations (BA7NO, VR2ZQZ/p etc) were also coming through on the long-path (South-West from G). The antenna was a single 4-el yagi at 80ft (which had been put up for the CQWW CW Contest two weeks earlier, but which was taken down after this ARRL 10m Contest). It was great to get all the 48 mainland States (with ND being the last one to make it into the log), however nothing heard from either KL7 or KH6. Also nothing heard from VO1, VO2, VY1, VY0 or VE8 in Canada. The Mexican Provincial Multiplier listing on my log remained virtually empty, with only three XE QSOs/provinces worked. Ten metres is certainly getting back to its old form again. But we just need a few more sun-spots so we can get those huge 10m DX openings (eg JA and USA/West Coast) of previous sun-spot maxima. Operated on CW-only for nearly 25 hours in the ARRL 10m Contest and enjoyed every minute of it!