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Georgia QSO Party   2017   Apr 8   Claimed Score

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Call: K3WJV
Operator(s): K3WJV
Station: K3WJV

Class: Single OpCW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Location: Out of State/Province
Radios: SO2R  

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:1610CW-Dig Mults80Ph Mults0Total Score25,760


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-09 21:51:11
Always try to make a few Q's in the QP's and help the guys (pse return the favor in the PAQP, hi) but lately I have been getting more involved. First time for the GQP, very enjoyable but hats off to the rovers for supplying all the mults! My dad (K3YQP sk) put our HW101 in his 61 Caddy and we got the Hustler mast with resonators for all 5 bands. The 1st Q was with a ZL on 20 ssb. We're talking 1965. It was a short stint with the rig in the car but I'd love to know what some of the rovers were using. I've been trying to tailor different sets of filters for the rbn I use but after much trial & error I found K4UGA and managed to set the filter to get a fair amount of spots. This telnet thing is a work in progress but I was trying to watch the Masters and play radio at the same time. Sunday things seemed to be clicking vy good. Condx though made for some lean hours. Hard to imagine GA to PA would be so difficult but N0G probably got through the most followed by KN4Y and N4N. I don't have analyzing software but the top 3 of QSO's were N0G-30 KN4Y-23 and N4N-23. I missed a lot of counties from N4N. At times I sat there and waited for the signal to come out of the noise floor. I hope I was louder than you guys were. It was like the early days of dx-ing, hi. Sometimes when you went to the next county you had a better signal g-spot. I know I left a lot of mults on the table but it was still a lot of fun. Tnx for the Q's. Just think of how much fun it would have been if condx were at a better point in the solar cycle and 15 was open, not to mention 10. Hope to cu agn next year. Will be keeping an eye on the contest calendar for the GQP. stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89 40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft Palstar HF-AUTO to add 15&20 stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A 2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron controller with G-450A rotor 3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40-80-trapped 160 Rx ant - pair of 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2 SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger