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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Aug 10   Claimed Score

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Call: K9ZO
Operator(s): K9ZO
Station: K9ZO

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): .75
Location: USA

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Total:88Mults75Total Score6,600


Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-09 21:54:26
Missed the two earlier CWT today due to tower and antenna projects. Previous antennas were: 80; vertical wire in tree 40; inv vee at 34 ft. 20, inverted bee at 34 ft. Spent two days with the "A Team" from Tower Works (Maple Park, IL). We raised the tower from 34 feet to 84 feet, added mast, rotor, guy wires, tensioned and plumbed tower, put up DB18e, 6M7, inverted vee, 12 ground rods, and CAD welding. Those guys know their stuff and work non-stop. I am months ahead in building the station! There may be time for the big verticals on 80 & 160 this season. My sons sent over equipment for about 200 feet of trenching which arrived perfectly for the work on Day 2. The weather was excellent both days. I got my exercise, but look forward to the gym. I have a new excuse for starting late (started on 20) -- so tired, two charlie horses when I got up from the couch to go to the shack. Had to reboot everything a couple times to resolve the "Flex 6000 series on COM 7 is not responding" error which has started to surface when I add things to the shack network. Coaxes are still outside the window, but I had one jumper for the SteppIR. Too timid to turn on the amp. My next work will focus on getting cables permanently inside the shack, surge protectors, insulating the ceiling, and working on intermittent problems. I felt really loud and 20 was so much better than with the inverted vee. It was easy to hear the weak guys. I will have to figure out which way to point the antenna, or go bidirectional. The 40 meter inverted vee will move to the other side of the property once I locate a lot of feedline! Sincere thanks to N7MB for helping to get ready for the tower days, KE9UA for helping raise the antenna, KJ9P for all the planning and diagrams, AC9S for inspiration, K9CT for helping figure out what new technology to use, and K3WA for testing and figuring out software, and hanging in there when things did not work and the clock was ticking with a man on the tower. My wife said the tower is barely noticeable, and wondered why it was not taller, commented on Facebook that it's like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday all rolled into one. Yea! (Just wait, honey, there is more to come!) No concerns about trenching across the front between the house and shack (needed for ethernet and RG6 cables [Maestro, streaming video & remote beverages]) One neighbor graciously let me pick some sweet corn for the tower guys to take home with other veggies from the garden. Another group of neighbors came by to see how things were going and thought my projects were pretty cool. I have been working for months to get to the point of getting the house in shape and finally getting to focus on building the station. It has been about 18 months since I had a yagi, but the move has been good.