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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2017   Nov 25   Claimed Score

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Call: 9A1A
Operator(s): 9A2EU 9A5E 9A5W 9A6A 9A7DR 9A7R 9A8A 9A9A IK2QEI IV3SKB IZ1LBG IZ8FWN
Station: 9A1A

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:12228192747Total Score20,564,100


Club: Croatian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-02 05:28:03
Although propagation on high bands was worse then previous year, we achieved cca 1M points higher claimed score then in 2016. Two reasons were for it. Firstly we had totaly repaired our beverage system, and they realy worked perfect, specialy on 160 and 80 m bands. Secondly we had enough operators. Four guest operators came from Italy, all of them experienced contesters, and we were able to cover properly all bands during 48 hours. We were very glad that for the first time our team member was one of CQ WW DX Contest Committee Members - IK2QEI. As usual all of us had a nice time on our contest location , with plenty of QSO runs and food & drinks. Thanks to all who called us. 9A1A team