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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Call: W1GD
Operator(s): W1GD
Station: W1GD

Class: SO Unlimited HP
QTH: Jefferson, MA
Operating Time (hrs): 38
Location: USA

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Total:1377346Total Score1,425,174


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-06 06:12:14
Enough has been said about the conditions, so I won't repeat any comments here. Leading up to this weekend, we had days of high winds. On Friday at 1200Z, I got up to check that all the wires survived the night (they did) and found severe line noise on 10, 15 and 20. I'm on the air most days and this noise had not been there recently. Based on the beam heading (120 degrees), I identified the likely power pole. This pole had been a problem in the past. By coincidence, they came out and fixed this pole last year on the Friday before the 2016 ARRL DX Phone contest. The winds and temperature shifts must have loosened something up. The noise is worst on 15M, but is not as much of a problem when running Europe except when trying to hear the weaker stations. It did make it tough to hear the weaker stuff especially to the south and to the Pacific off the back. And, as W1UE reported, it did contribute to fatigue. I apologize for the coughing from the cold I had BEFORE CW weekend. One station improvement will be to wire in a "cough switch" like broadcasters use! Lots of surprise multipliers when running on 20M. A highlight was having Colin, MU0FAL, MU0WLV and Lionel, MU0GSY call in. I joked with Lionel about all the RF on Guernsey! Station Description: K3/P3 + Alpha 78 KT-36XA at 60 feet Loaded KT-36XA boom on 40M 2-element wire beam on 40M Double-Ls on 80M & 160M 5-element YCCC receive array