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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2009   Oct 24   Claimed Score

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Call: LP1H
Station: LU5HM

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Córdoba
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: South America

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Total:5409143467Total Score9,619,090


Club: LU Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2009-10-28 06:14:50
This contest showed a bit of improvement in 10 m propagation, but the lower bands were though, at least from here. We believe the A index reaching sky rocket numbers did not help on 40/80/160. The station has been improved over the past year and now the two stations can operate comfortably without any RFI. A new 160 m antenna has been installed and we heard many stations but only could work a just a few. On Friday afternoon a tropical storm with (strong winds) broke the 80 meter tower. It's a huge crank-up Tri-Ex, so we had to take it down and operate with the yagi at 18 ft for the rest of the weekend. Nevertheless, no power outages occured throughout the weekend. Five minutes before the contest the main amp (QRO-Tech) went off. So we switched to one of the spare amps a home made (3-1000 Z) by LU7HE. The two nights were slow, signals showed high attenuation on the low bands, plus the thunder storm over our antennas did not help either. But anyway we all were enjoying the contest, we apologize to CR2X for not QSYing to 80 upon request, but we really could not hear anything at that time. The 30-40 db over S9 QRN only started to decrease during Saturday afternoon and it remained between S9 and 10 db over S9 till the end. The strategy outlined by the team seemed to work quite good in spite of Murphy's activities. On Friday our Team leader LU2NI discussed the different possibilities on how and where to start the contest, depending precisely on the QRN levels and the shape in which 15 m could be at the very begining. The ops want to thank Ramón LU5HM, Ramuco LU7HE and Monica for their hospitality throughout the weekend. BBQs Officers were: LU9HS (Sat noon), LU5HM (Sat night) and Santiago (Sun noon). That's 3 BBQs in a row!! :-) Thank you all for giving us a call, we really appreciate it. Thanks to those who kindly moved to other bands and accepted our skeds specially on Sunday aft'noon. Vy 73! The ops at LP1H: LU1NDC, LU2NI, LU3HY, LU5HM, LU9HS, LU5DX Rigs. 2 x IC 775 DSP + FT 1000 MP (Back up) Amps: Single 8877 and Single 3-1000 Z (Both made by LU7HE) Antennas: 10: M2 6L yagi 15: M2 6L yagi 20: M2 6L yagi 40: JVP 3L yagi 80: M2 2L yagi 160: Vert.