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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2008   May 24   Claimed Score

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Call: WA6L
Operator(s): WA6L
Station: WA6L

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Alpine, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: USA

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Total:473Prefixes252Total Score198,324


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-05-26 07:07:50
GOOD NEWS: I had plenty of time to prepare for the contest. I created band plans, tweaked Writelog, and even took a nap on Friday afternoon. BAD NEWS: Everything quickly went to hell in a hand basket. First, my microKeyer stopped working. I switched to an external keyer, but it was awkward and I was losing track of serial numbers. So I ended up tearing everything apart and using a direct serial cable to the K3. That worked great but I lost a lot of time. Then the rotator only rotated in one direction. Within no time, I managed to have the antenna completely clockwise. As you can imagine, that limits its usefulness. It turns out that while moving the desk to fix the keyer problem, I had stressed the connector on the controller. It was 5 minutes to fix, but 30 minutes to find the problem. GOOD NEWS: The K3 performed magnificently in its first contest. The 400 Hz filter turned any signal into an easy copy. I set the DSP bandwidth to about 1200 Hz while searching, and then twisted the dial down to around 400 Hz when pouncing. Immediately, it was the only signal on the band – sweet! BAD NEWS: Doesn’t anyone know how to zero beat a signal anymore? While running, I had to remember to open the bandwidth up to about 2000 Hz. If I forgot and left it at 1200 Hz, I would miss calls or just barely hear them above the threshold. Good filters work both ways. GOOD NEWS: There was a great opening to Europe on Saturday afternoon, and a decent one on Sunday. I had a nice run on 10 meters on Sunday with about 50 contacts. BAD NEWS: Where was Japan? They have a gazillion prefixes and I have about 10 JA’s in the log.