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WAE DX Contest, SSB   2017   Sep 9   Claimed Score

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Call: N2RJ
Operator(s): N2RJ
Station: N2RJ

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 25:45
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:811809195Total Score315,510


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-11 13:40:31
OMG!!! This is perhaps one of the weirdest contests I've experienced, and really, it goes to show that the most important factor for the operator in a contest is proudly wearing your iron pants, aka parking your behind in the chair. I started off figuring that I would run SO1R since I don't have a SO2R amp, just a manual Alpha 91B on loan from a very generous friend. Running the Flex was really nice though as I could keep tabs on several people and work them as I got freed up. So eventually I did a sorta SO2R on 2 bands but one low power, and also in-band SO2V. This strategy worked quite well as the band map quickly turned gray when I picked off everyone. I really enjoy the QTCs part of this contest. I used to not understand it but since N1MM+ makes it easy, I look forward to it. Last year I did a dry run but this year I made full use of it. The first part of the contest was really, really tough. I mean, I started off and not a single European to be worked on 40 meters. I called for nearly 20 minutes before an EA station called me! Nevertheless, I persisted. I just kept CQing over and over. This time I was determined to run a whole contest with mainly running and using only the 2nd slice (2nd radio) to pick up mults. I decided to call it quits around 0300z. I started working the band early-ish the next morning, around 1200z. I heard JA coming in loud and clear on 40m. Of course I couldn't work the JA for the contest so I just went to 20 and started calling... still a slog. Not much propagation to Europe. Struggling to work everyone! I just kept on. Around 4pm the Europeans began coming in fast and furious. I started working them left and right. Then I switched to 40 in the evening when the rate died on 20. My favorite band. I just kept on CQing and staying on a clear frequency. It was so much fun! Then late at night the Ethiopian shortwave jamming came on. Do I stay or do I go? I found that I was pretty much ahead of my competition so I could just go to sleep and pick up the next day? Well, I left for a while and decide to drop some filters on the jamming and work my way through it, because I figured I might as well. This late night strategy of just calling on "dead" bands is something I learned from Mr. Iron Pants himself - Bob, KQ2M. Eventually, shockingly, in the wee hours of the morning propagation began to pick up. I began working Russians, Ukrainians and assorted other Eastern Europeans as well as Italy who somehow seemed to always have propagation here. I kept hearing "good numbers!" from lots who I worked. One of my friends said I was the only thing he was hearing in EA. Eventually I quit around 3AM for some well earned sleep. Sunday got so much better. I worked lots of familiar stations that didn't seem to bother to work the contest on Saturday. But it began to slow down because frankly I had worked a lot of people. I even went on 15 to make a few contacts but it was a tough slog on 15. I just S&P there for one or two mults then promptly went back to 20. Then the CME hit Sunday afternoon. What? It's like someone pinned my coax!!! Yep. The band just went absolutely flat. I was only hearing locals N2MM and WA1J. Last contact I worked before the band died was DF0WRTC. With the band dead I took time off then and went with the kids to do some drawing and helping them with homework. I kept SmartSDR with my iPad open so I could monitor for when the band came back. Nothing for hours. I had left the contest for dead! It got so bad I figured I may as well just work a few QSOs in the ARRL VHF contest. I tried Andrea, K2EZ who was mobile but she was tough to get. I worked two locals plus I worked W3LL on FT8. Then I figured might as well just put the CQ machine back on 20, just because. Maybe I'll light up the ionosphere a bit and punch through the D layer. I first heard DF0HQ and then a few others. Then eventually some station from - you guessed it - Italy, came back loud and clear. Then I just kept pushing through and through. Milked 20 to almost the last hour then went on 40 for a bit. 40 was tough because apparently everybody had the same thought! I powered through it but I must admit it became a struggle at times. I struggled to dump my last few QTCs to maximize my points. Then eventually the contest ended. What a test. Not ideal conditions at all but good for me. Congrats to the Brazilians. Those guys are machines!!! Congrats also to KD4D and WA1J. Those guys wore their iron pants and just kept going and going. Thanks for all the QSOs! Hopefully better condx next time. See you in NJQP and the big one - CQWW! 88 Ria