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CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB   2018   Feb 23   Claimed Score

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Call: M7Q
Operator(s): G4PIQ
Station: G4PIQ

Class: Single Op Assisted HP
Operating Time (hrs): 9h 42m
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:QSOs505State/Prov12Countries54Total Score169,752


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-26 07:49:44
Came on Saturday evening with the intent of a little having fun running a pile for a few hours. After 4 hours and a little over 300 QSOs I thought I might just get up for sunrise and see if I could add a few more states. Did that & thought - this score isn't going to win anything - but I could just add a bit to make it respectable - so came back battled on with another 4.5 hours of the Sunday evening death throws of the event. With roughly 10 hours of operating, only the last 2 got rather tedious as I ran out of new meat. I thought conditions were relatively poor - and it looks like the first night was the better to North America when I was not QRV. No Asian DX worked - but some nice highlights of S01WS calling me and working PJ4G, YV1KK, TO3Z, KV4FZ. Surprised to see some of these folks were Low Power - given my poor Rx antennas. US conditions on the Sunday morning our time were odd - many of the more Northerly 'usual-suspects' were inaudible here, and, apart from Jeff, VY2ZM, the standout NA signal was from W8ALP, but VE3PN was also a decent signal. With no advance plans to have done the contest I had no Rx antennas - not great. I only used a low Inv-L and a low inv-V dipole. Interesting that the dipole was often better - even on the longer paths - especially around / after sunrise. At US sunset, the Inv-L was much better. Rig : K3 + Ten Tec Titan, 400W Ant : Inv-L @ 18m + Inv-V Dipole @ 18m 73 Amdy, G4PIQ