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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2007   Mar 24   Claimed Score

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Call: LT1F
Station: LT1F

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Rosario
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: South America

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Total:4881Prefixes1191Total Score18,558,162


Club: LUCG

Comments:     [email]     2007-03-30 20:41:14
Rigs: IC-775DSP (LU1FKR), IC-765 (LU1FKR), IC-775DSP with Inrad roffing filters (LU4DX) Amps: Drake L4B (LU1FKR), Ameritron AL-1200 @ 1000 W (LU8ADX). Antennas: 28: 6/6 el yagi (not in stack) 21: 6/6 el yagi (stackable) 14: 5 el yagi / 4 el yagi (not in stack) 7 : 3 el yagi KLM type 3.5: 2 el Delta loop aimed at USA (LU1FKR/LU5DX) RX: 600 Ft bev straight North Coaxial Stubs at the output of the array soulition 6 pack. Logging Soft: N1MM - 2 Pc networked via ethernet. Remarks: We really had a great time during WPX SSB. No equipment failures, no antenna issues, no interstation interference. Just Qs, B-B-Q, pizza and fun! Propagation was tough, specially during Sunday. 3300 Qs at halfmark, but only 1500 during the second day. The Delta loop was erected on Saturday it took 10 hours of work to get the performance we wanted. We tested it on Sunday morning and made 40 + Qs search & pounce, all the reports were really good. Everybody getting our callsign at the first shot. Altough the QRN level was high the was no need for the beverage. CU in WPX CW! THE LT1F Bad Boys: LU1FKR, LU1FAM, LU1AEE, LU4DX, LU5DX, LU8ADX